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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 26, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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us. good morning, america. breaking news jihadi john revealed. the of course maed man in those isis videos showing the gruesome killing of hostages including at least three americans now known identified by friends as a young man from london from a well off family. the hunt right now to find one of the most wanted men in the world. happening now, winter storm emergency. record snow falling in the south hitting the coast this morning. cars sliding over icy roads. this massive 75-car pileup on the highway. and arctic air spreading again. windchills plunging as low as 35 below zero. >> superbug scare. the urgent new warning about the deadly bacteria found in medical offices sickening hundreds of thousands and blamed for almost 30,000 deaths a year. ♪ can't touch this ♪ >> hands off, lebron james telling colleges to stay away
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from his son. the fourth grade wowing them with his skills. lebron says it's too soon to make him heir to the throne. and we do say good morning, america. on this thursday morning, a lot to get to including two major developments in the war against isis. three big arrests in the u.s. men pledging their allegiance to the terrorist group in custody this morning. >> breaking overnight the executioner known as jihadi john has been identified. he's been the face of so many of those vicious isis videos. abc's brian ross with what we know right now. >> good morning, george. he's been the most wanted and reviled man on the planet. a senior u.s. official involved in the search for yahoo! this morning confirms to abc news that his name is mohammed emwazi. the bbc and "the washington post" are reporting this morning that emwazi is a native of
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kuwait who grew up in a well to do family in west london currently in his mid-20s has a degree in computer programming and went to syria to join isis just three years ago. emwazi is seen in one horrifying execution video after another including those of at least three americans two britons and two japanese who were beheaded by isis. authorities have analyzed his facial and voice characteristics to determine his identity which had been kept secret until this morning as u.s. british intelligence agencies sought to track him and his relatives in hopes he could be captured or killed. this morning british officials declined to comment on the reports about emwazi but according to people we talked to involved in the search they have known who he is behind that mask for several months. >> they've known for several months. how does this affect the hunt? >> this complicates it because they lost the element of surprise in trying to track him but turns up the heat substantially on isis and mr. emwazi. >> thanks very much.
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let's turn to that other big terror story. three new york city men in custody this morning charged with conspiring to aid isis with evidence they wanted to join the terror group and launch attacks in the u.s. abc's pierre thomas tracking the latest from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. my sources are deeply concerned that these arrests give chilling evidence that isis is effectively using social media to pose a direct threat to the homeland. authorities say they've arrested and charged three brooklyn men with plotting to travel thousands of miles to fight under the banner of the islamic state. two of the three suspects new yorkers of uzbek and kazakh descent expressed a willingness to attack and kill at home. to assassinate president obama, to bomb coney island to join the military and kill soldiers and to murder police and fbi agent agents. >> if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here handguns a machine gun and seek to attack
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very specifically police officers. >> reporter: the men also discuss hijacking a commercial aircraft so the islamic state would gain a plane. one of the men arrested wednesday trying to board a plane at jfk that would take him to turkey and eventually syria. a new york travel agent who did not want to be identified booked the flight. >> i'm totally shocked right now. my hand are still shaking. >> reporter: it began after the fbi discovered online postings of one of the suspects on a known isis website. i am in usa now he wrote but is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs while here to shoot obama and then get shot ourselves? >> the isis capability on social media is nothing short of remarkable. >> reporter: on the day of arrest the fbi director provided evidence of just how real the threat of home grown radicals really is. >> those people exist in every state. >> reporter: and the past year alone, 22 people have been arrested trying to travel to
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join isis. despite the fact that it beheads victims and sets people afire. they just don't understand the lure. >> chilling absolutely chilling all right, pierre thank you. to the weather and that southern storm moving to the mid-atlantic dumping nearly a foot of snow creating dangerous morning commutes while another bitter cold palace moves into the northeast. our rob marciano is in for ginger going to be tracking all this. good morning. >> good morning, robin. you said it southern snow the end of february. hard to believe these numbers in many cases record-setting. nearly a foot in grant alabama. troy mississippi, 9.5, huntsville alabama, 8.1. the snowiest on record. more snow across richmond and in d.c. a messy commute for the washington, d.c. area. could see another couple of inches before this is done and another cold blast behind this as we get towards friday and saturday. single numbers in detroit and boston as we get towards saturday morning. so cold this winter yeah some ice on the hudson some drone
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video for you across the lower hudson especially near manhattan, we've got frozen chunks of ice there and that's not going to be melting any time too soon but the big story is the southern snow and live to calhoun, georgia, where steve osunsami is. good morning, steve. >> reporter: a very good morning to you, rob. a state of emergency is still in effect here in georgia and take a look. this is what's passing as a snow shovel this morning. there's a run on those at the hardware stores because we just never need them this badly. [ sirens ] >> reporter: this morning, time to hold on tight to the steering wheel. dangerously icy roads in the north and the south. >> oh hit the telephone pole. >> reporter: millions of drivers are slipping and sliding. >> everyone just started run nothing each other. >> reporter: the snow led to this in maine, a 75-vehicle pileup on interstate 95. tow trucks working through the night separating cars that looked like crumpled aluminum
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foil. at least 17 were hospitalized. many with broken bones. overnight in alabama the driver of this semi lost control crashing through the guardrail and into the woods nearby. here on interstate 75 in georgia, traffic backed up for hours while crews used chain saws to try to clear this jackknifed semi off the road the snow fell fast. we shot this time-lapsed video overnight in adairsville, georgia, nearly 4 inches in just 4 hours. in shreveport louisiana, truck has to pull off the road trying to to avoid what happened to this suv. more than a thousand schools closed in three states all of this is expected to melt today and then refreeze george. >> oh, boy, okay steve, thanks very much. we turn to health news and that new warning about a superbug lurking in the offices of doctors and dentists. a new report from the cdc reveals it is responsible for nearly 29,000 deaths in the u.s. every year.
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dr. richard besser here with more and, rich the bug is called c-diff. what do we know about where it comes from and what we can do about it. >> the most common infection picked up in hospitals and the thing about this infection is you can pick it up and it causes no problems then you take an antibiotic and it takes over and can cause severe infection and diarrhea and in 29,000 people it can be deadly. >> talk about had link between c-diff and antibiotics. >> this bacteria lives in the environment and we have good bacteria that provide protection. when you take an antibiotic it kills off those bacteria and allows the dangerous germ to take over and cause these very severe infections. >> how do we prevent the spread? >> one thing they found not all are being picked up in the hospital. 0% who don't get it in the hospital have recently visited a doctor's or dentist's office and lives on surfaces. it's not killed by alcohol sanitizer. you have to use soap and water. so use that soap and water and doctors need to be careful about prescribing those drugs. >> once you get it you have to
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be careful about taking any antibiotics at all. >> very carefu >> okay rich besser thanks very much. now to an urgent warning about safety in the skies. united airlines sending an unusually blunt message to its pilots alerting them after several serious incidents caused by errors in the cockpit and david kerley has the latest and joins us from reagan national airport. good morning, david. >> good morning, robin. you're right. blunt and very straightforward. a warning to united continental pilots that a series of incidents required immediate communication, a memo, a safety warning. united airlines issued this stern warning to pilots after mistakes in the cockpit put passengers in potential danger. a spate of what were called safety events and near-misses. the memo seen by abc news and first reported by "the wall street journal" says one crew had to make an emergency pull-up to quote, avoid crashing into the ground. another crew landed with fuel below the minimum reserves. the note sent out early last month admitted it is brutally
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honest and points out that all the incidents were preventible. it also mentions this crash. this wide body u.p.s. jet. of a u.p.s. jet in birmingham alabama, in which the crew didn't realize it was too low. the united safety officials saying everything appeared normal on that flight until just before impact at the airport. this as we learn southwest airlines which missed an inspection of a backup system on a fifth of its fleet has now quickly looked at two-thirds of those planes. >> every major airline has lapses at times. it's whether they have a system that will catch it in time is the pose important question and here that's the way it worked. >> reporter: now the united officials mention that because of the merger a null of pilots are moving into other aircraft and need to be vigilant and also this generational shift that's taking place. older pilots retiring newer pilots coming in and really need to be careful and, robin, that's an issue for the entire aviation industry. >> it really is. david, thank you very much. now to amy with the other
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top developing stories right now. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the drama unfolding in washington just one day to go before a deadline that could result in the department of homeland security losing its funding. the senate is now moving closer to approving a bill to fund homeland security but it's unclear how the house will vote. an earlier version of the bill had linked the funding to a repeal of president obama's executive action on immigration. well a stunning ruling in the case against the man known as mastermind of the september 11th attacks. khalid shaikh mohammed. the proceedings against him at guantanamo bay halted by a military judge who ruled pentagon officials have illegally tried to speed up the case which has been stuck in pretrial motions for years. well a desperate scene after heavy snow triggered a string of devastating avalanches in afghanistan killing at least 168 people. there are fears that the death toll could rise as search teams scramble to reach victims still trapped in the snow.
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well a new discovery h astronomers shaking their heads. it's a black hole that dates back to the dawn of the universe and it's gigantic. the size of 12 billion suns if you can get your head around that. scientists say the discovery could change their theories about how the universe began. recreational marijuana use became legal in washington, d.c. overnight. anyone over 21 is now allowed to possess up to two ounces of pot. it must be smoked on private property and it cannot be sold. the new law was approved by d.c. voters but two congressional republicans have threatened the mayor with jail time if she allowed it to take effect. police in phoenix are investigating how one act of vandalism was able to knock out internet and phone service across an entire section of the state. someone cut a fiber optics line causing the outage across northern arizona for much of the day wednesday. people couldn't use their cell phones or land lines. businesses couldn't process credit cards and atms didn't
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work. police have not yet identified a suspect. and finally, two brothers from new jersey have re-created their childhood portraits with incredible attention to detail. take a look at what matt and evan breslow looked like in their younger days and a helmet to make up for the lack of hair. it matches perfectly their expressions. here's one of my favorites because they didn't leave out the awkward teenage years complete with -- we'll get to it in a second -- '80s style acid washed denim jackets. breslow brothers that is totally rad. by the way, they spent $300 on the whole project. i say in terms of our reaction, priceless. >> well worth it. >> that was so fun. >> very creative. >> i think my denim jacket bled into the '90s. >> acid washed jeans, what's wrong with hose. >> thank you very much. we haven't said this in a while. too soon? too soon. >> no i don't think so. do you?
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look he's a dad. well let's explain much they say it's good to be the king and if you're lebron james' son it's good to be a kid. his 10-year-old, already being recruited by colleges well dad, he doesn't like it. "gma's" weekend anchor paula faris is here with more and we wish you good morning, paula. >> good morning to you, lara. lebron james jr. is a fourth grader who happens to be really good at basketball and whose father just happens to be one of greats but his father king james, is asking college coaches to back off and let his kid be one. >> frozen ahead to james. >> reporter: this morning one of basketball's biggest stars, lebron james is playing defense against a different kind of opponent. all to try and protect his 10-year-old son. >> apparently some colleges are trying to recruit him. >> reporter: the star baller
7:15 am
speaking out amid reports that three division 1 colleges already are trying to recruit lebron james jr. who is only in fourth grade. the 11-time all-star telling cbs detroit, yeah he's already got some offers for college. it's pretty crazy. you shouldn't recruit a 10-year-old kid. a sentiment the court of public opinion seems to agree with. >> he has enough pressure being the son of lebron james. come on now. it's like people have no shame, man. i mean my god. >> reporter: james, who himself never went to college, has been known to put his fatherly pride on full display sharing highlight videos like this one of his son with his 19 million twitter followers. but recruiting 10-year-olds he says it's not just wrong but, quote, it should be a violation and turns out it is. according to the ncaa's own guidelines college coaches typically are not allowed to
7:16 am
recruit players until ninth grade. >> kid 10 years old, leave that boy alone. >> reporter: a basketball dynasty. >> knocked away by james. >> reporter: -- that will just have to wait for its next heir to the throne. and this morning, no word on which schools may have already offered lebron yan those scholarships but do know ohio state is one school that says he will be quote, on their radar when it's time to recruit but really the most of any school should be doing right now is observing -- we have seen kids get recruited and offered scholarships, seventh, eighth grade -- >> what do you offer them some skittles and -- >> lebron tweeting this to his 19 million followers. i remember when this was released my 5-year-old saw it and was mesmerized and my son who coached basketball this kid is really good. >> good skill. >>s i think it might be in the genes. >> all that time that lebron spent driving his kid to
7:17 am
practice. now lebron doesn't have to pay for college. >> exactly. >> boy, that's a load off. thanks. so some real dangerous travel in the rockies. >> jackknifed trailer and then some. out of vail you think oh goodness i hope nobody was hurt and exactly what happened no injuries there. but i-70 closed down for quite a bit yesterday afternoon. and we have more snow coming for the colorado rockies. they will take winter storm watches posted and winter storm warnings drifting down south into parts of new mexico could see several more inches actually several more feet of snow had kind of a slow start to the year the ski resorts will take this across the san juan and mountainous north in new mexico. looking for the pacific northwest to get more of a direct hit. you've seen dry weather. 52 in portland 53 in seattle and some will sink down to the south in through parts of los angeles. dry in l.a., 69 degrees in orlando.
7:18 am
jacqui: gd morning washington. snowow continues t to come down, heaviest east of i-95. we will coinue to see snow showerers through the mid to late morning hours, and thehen a pk of sunshine by noooon. a few showers p possible this ternoon, expecting oneo three ines across tro.o. three inch or mo fromm fredericksburg through lexington pa.
7:19 am
>> it is not a tropical picture but it's certainly one that will warm you up. lubbock, texas. craig patterson showing us that lovely sunset. our picture of the morning and anything -- i'll take anything to warm us up. >> it isn't white. >> exactly. >> agreed. thank you, rob. coming up here on "gma," the desperate search for a serial shooter terrorizing a major city. apparently targeting people at random. also ahead, hidden america, one-on-one with prisoners sharing their stories with diane sawyer sawyer. germs on your gloves. what you can do. why james bond's new love interest is grabbing so many headlines this morning. we'll tell you all about it when "good morning america" returns. ♪
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so go ahead, get close revlon. love is on. . just ahead on "gma," the hunt is on right now for a serial shooter on the loose in houston. and madonna falls on stage at a big awards show last night. but the material girl is -- ooh. what she's now saying about age and her rivalry with lady gaga. all that ahead only on "gma." [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do biness travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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jummy: good morning. i'm jummy olabanji with your winter weather alert. school delays and closings. scrolling is about a bigger screen. first things first, we will go to jack taylor. jack: it has not been all that bad. if you're traveling northbound 395 and 95 heading to the district, a live look at the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. interstate travel has been moving very well. if you are trying to move in on south capitol street the suitland parkway, you are ok. sounds like there may be a broken down vehicle as you approach the 11th street ridge. a live look in montgomery county on the beltway near colesville road, a little more volume. roadways for the most part are just wet. if you have to get out over the next hour or so, just be really careful as you drive. do not overdrive the conditions. jacqui jeras, what is our timeline?
7:28 am
jacqui: we have another couple of hours. by 9:00, 10:00, this should be over with. the worst of the snow is along east of i-95. new numbers in with .9 inches at reagan national, and 1.3 inches at dulles. the pink areas where we will see the heaviest accumulation. temperatures this morning are just below the freezing mark. 31 downtown, 30 and manassas, 30 degrees in lexington park. by noon, cloudy conditions and even peeks of sunshine later today. here is the latest snowfall forecast map. we have been holding steady over the course of this. one to three inches across metro, three to six inches in places like fredericksburg through spotsylvania county and into southern maryland. jummy: we want to see how things
7:29 am
are looking in your neighborhood, so we will head to mike conneen life -- live in northwest washington. mike: here in adams morgan, we have gotten about an inch of snow. the snow is coming down at a good clip, but smaller flakes than earlier this morning. the sidewalks here are completely coated in snow. the roads have been pretty well treated, and not a lot of accumulation. not a lot of foot traffic this morning with the federal government on a two-hour delay. d.c. public schools on a two-hour delay. we are told that the d.c. government will be opening on time today. we have all been information on our website, it is kind of a mixed bag, so we encourage you to check that out online. as far as the snow conditions, it is not as powdery as what we saw in the last storm. a little bit of a winter, compacter snow.
7:30 am
a lot of icy conditions on side streets and sidewalks, so take precautions. that is latest in d.c. jummy: thank you for watching this morning you can get more news, we a dark
7:31 am
suv tried to shooting at a 21-year-old college student. the gun jamming and the victim run ago way but just half an hour later 34-year-old pack ho is shot and killed nearby. alive just long enough to tell police about a dark suv. three hours later, another
7:32 am
attack. >> pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: sarallis holmes sees a black jeep cherokee and shot near the thigh. >> a thousand things going through my head. am i losing too much blood? >> reporter: hours after the holmes attack a 50-year-old man is shot at a bus stop 15 miles away. he survives. then just this week yet another attack. monday 7:30 a.m. a person shot in the arm and stomach also survives. >> everyone that has been attack attacked thus far has been a pedestrian. okay. walking alone. >> reporter: the suspect is believed to be in his early 30s with a stocky build, a light mustache and a beard. a face sarales holmes will never forget. >> people like that i'll continue to pray for them. the monster has to be stopped some kind of way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. >> thanks to gio for that. now it is great to welcome diane sawyer back to "gma." this special on tomorrow night. a nation of women behind bars on
7:33 am
"20/20" and this is an eight-month investigation. you go into prisons and for you and your team went into four different prisons and comes for a time when there's more calls for reform. >> something isn't working and this is really an amazing journey. we go cell by cell to find out what's happening because america incarcerates more women than any other country on earth longer sentences on average and it may surprise a lot of people as we traveled around. the fastest growing population in the female incarceration, white women who were driven there, many of them by prescription drugs and i want you to meet one of the women we met in a cell. >> watching you on "good morning america," i was thinking about that today. i was like every morning. that's who, you and charlie -- that's who i watched getting ready for work and getting the kids' lunches packed. >> reporter: a loving husband, three kids a good job as the manager of a car company. she was a little league mom.
7:34 am
one day a painful car accident and oxycontin prescription and when those pills got too expensive she turned to something cheaper, heroin. >> it just happened. it just -- >> what do you mean just happened. how does it just happen? >> it was for pain and then i realized it made everything so easy. you're not doing it anymore. you're done. you're done until the next morning and you start feeling sick. >> reporter: she stole checks to pay for drugs. >> i've read 26 people all told. >> hit me that i did that i had forgotten about. >> reporter: today nicole koester has a sentence of 0 1/2 years. she's only seen one of her children. her eldest son. >> out of the three kids he's the only one that talks to me. i mean i've ruined their lives and i'm not different than any other woman. none of them. >> again, she asks the question,
7:35 am
could it be anybody? could it be any person on the street in the suburbs? the real question 13 1/2 years for her but you'll meet other women whose stories simply confound you because you walk in thinking one thing, you walk out having to think deeply about something else and we're going to be raising these questions. also "orange is the new black" as we know and you will see what it is like inside prison. you will see this incredible daily duel about contraband getting it in and how they get it in. >> i think people will be surprised how young these women are and you found the youngest woman on death row here in this -- >> they pose these youngest women on death row, we have a third youngest and the youngest pose really difficult questions about what do you do with a life? you can meet them now. >> do you call it death row? >> no we call it life row. >> it's life row. >> life row. >> why? >> because we're not dying. we're living. >> do you ever think i might
7:36 am
never leave here? >> no. >> do you ever think i might be executed? >> no. you can't have that mentality because that means you've accepted it. >> you've already died. you're already dead. >> you can't have that mentality. >> again, you'll hear their entire story tonight and think about what you would do about them as well. >> they talk so freely and openly and seem like they want to share their ory, let people know what it's like. >> i think they want to raise a lot of questions and asked direct questions of me which took me by surprise. >> they definitely did. we want to see a lot of that tomorrow night, hidden america special, a nation of women behind bars, "20/20," 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. good to have you back. rob, what do you got? >> another picture of a frozen waterfall. pretty much every state has one of these. this is keokuk iowa. check out some of these dangerously cold windchills mine nis 18 in minneapolis. the actual high temperature in des moines today will be a startling 9 degrees so that's not going to melt that waterfall.
7:37 am
north wind off the lake. so on top of that snow you have some lake-effect snow to deal with. 78 in phoenix. oh, that's good. 65 in san diego. but a pattern change later on this weekend. jacqui: snowy conditions continue across the d.c. metro area. our impact for today, one to three inches across metro between now and 9:00. a disrupti >> this weather report brought to you by usaa and the snows continue into washington, d.c. this morning. >> rob, thanks very much. coming up here some royal news just breaking. the big change coming for will and kate and the grueling test just passed by the prince. "gma investigates" putting your gloves to the germ test not your hands, your gloves. what you can do to keep that from spreading in winter. come on back.
7:38 am
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♪ we're back now at 7:41 with "gma investigates" and this morning the germs on our glove, it turns out winter clothes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, especially on our gloves and abc's becky worley has the details. >> reporter: they hold railings open doors, push strollers and sometimes they do that. so what germs are on our gloves? we took to the snowy envierons to swab gloves. i'm serious. we tested for bacteria and viruses. how often do you wash your glove ideas. >> never. i mean i just never think about it. >> scary. >> reporter: we even swabbed some of our fellow abc news employees. >> i have a cold. i'm kind of scared to see what will happen. >> reporter: you're holding your own gloves.
7:43 am
>> i know. >> reporter: the results, 26 of the 27 samples we tested were positive for bacteria while most are harmless nine of those tested positive for bacteria like staph and mrsa which could be harmful if they came in contact with an open wound and one with the coronavirus. >> that makes me want to wash those gloves or throw them away. >> had staph. that's scary. >> i think i'll be more conscious about my gloves where i put them. >> every time your glove comes in contact you're taking away some of the bacteria that was on that surface. >> reporter: but here's the good news. doctor whittier says an gloves bacteria and viruses may not last very long. in some cases maybe just hours or minutes. >> it's not going to be alive on the glove for very long because it has nothing to help it survive. >> reporter: experts say don't keep your gloves balled up in your pockets. let them air dry, wash them often and dr. whittier says you
7:44 am
can use a disinfectant wipe for certain fabrics but -- >> the number one rule be conscious not to touch your face. >> ew! i'm not doing that ever again. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley abc news new york. >> she went there. we've all done it. we've all done it. >> absolutely have done that. >> becky worley we love you. on that note, cheer, everybody. coming up madonna falling offstage last night and what the material girl is now saying about sexism in this country. why james bond's new love interest is generating so much buzz this morning and don't call her a bond girl. >> huh-uh. ♪ have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us.
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♪ james bond's new movie is shaking things up and amy is going to tell us why. she's over there in the social square. amy. >> that's right. italian beauty monica bellucci has been turning heads for years and now she's turning what it means to be a bond girl upside down. the news that she's the new movie love interest for james bond is trending big this morning because she's older than
7:49 am
ovment 007 himself. meet bellucci monica bellucci. she will be james bond's newest and oldest love interest when "spectre" hits theaters in november. but don't call the 50-year-old italian stunner a bond girl. in a new interview with "the daily mail's event magazine she says "i'd prefer to be called a bond woman or perhaps a bond lady". the mother of two steamed up screens in the matrix trilogy and she's honored to join the ranks of ursula andress. and halle berry. >> magnificent view. >> i have so much respect for all those actress, beautiful and talented talented since 1962007 has liked his martinis -- >> shaken not stirred. >> reporter: and his femme fatales strong and almost always such. >> such a thing is not meant to last. >> reporter: bellucci is two decades older than the average bond avj age of 30 and tells "vanity fair italia" it's
7:50 am
finally clear a mature woman doesn't lose her charm. it comes at a time when 60 looks like the new 40. christie brinkley wowed the world with this "people" magazine spread at 60. and 69-year-old helen mirren is the new face of l'oreal. >> a perfect age is now. >> she's so hot. >> i'll have what they're having. >> and the ho e is the choice of bellucci as bond woman would bring a whole new audience for the spy series and true sexies in is in the mind the imagination, not in the age of the body. amen. >> i think with experience comes sexiness as well and that's what she's going to bring to the table. >> i love this choice. >> bringing a lot to the table. >> that's right, george. i notice you're being silent over there rob. coming up the most popular dog in all of america revealed and the one breed that is breaking new ground. coming up "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america.
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7:56 am
announcer: now and abc 7 news update. jummy: good morning, i'm jummy olabanji. your time is 7:56. we have a lot of school delays and closings this morning because of a winter weather alert. all that information is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and on we heard from montgomery county police. road conditions are starting to deteriorate, especially up county.
7:57 am
as you leave the house, be careful. we send it over to jack taylor at wtop's traffic center. jack: we have folks staying home, so if you have the ability to postpone your departure please do for the next hour or so until the snow blows out. we will take a live look in virginia on 395 north of springfield, headed up towards the 14th street bridge, passing king street. a lot of volume and then down toward prince george's county toward reaching marlboro road, traffic earlier. south capitol street, suitland parkway toward the douglas bridge, be careful even though all travel lanes are open. a vehicle on the inner loop tipped over on its side. vdot is with it at this time. jacqui jeras, when will the snow blow out of here? jacqui: it is starting to blow
7:58 am
out of parts of the viewing area already. look at the shenandoah valley. we will watch this line progressed from west to east this day. we have the darker blues east of i-95. that is where the heaviest snow will continue to come down. we are seeing a couple of pockets into montgomery county as well. new numbers for you. snowfall totals just in. take a look at maryland -- an inch and a half. a report from burke at two inches. reagan national coming in just shy of an inch at this time, but it is still coming down. temperatures right at 32 downtown. it is a chilly morning and it will feel like teens at times this afternoon with the breezes. the snow should come to an end by mid to late this morning. by lunch we are doing pretty good, and the sun should peak out this afternoon. possible overnight tonight or early tomorrow morning. keep that in mind.
7:59 am
here is what we expect for the final numbers. a traced to an inch in the northern zones. 123 inches across the metro, and to areas of the south, three inches plus. back to jummy. jummy: now we want to continue stormwatch coverage. jeanette reyes is live in mobile track seven in fredericksburg near the historic area. how does it look down there? jeanette you said it earlier. the road conditions on -- in some areas are starting to deteriorate. take a look at this. the roads are completely blanketed in that snow. in fact, we are having trouble in some areas, slipping and sliding in some parts. keep that in mind if you must go out today. of course, vdot crews and vdot are asking you to stay home if po as jack mentioned, delay travel for another hour or so until this blows over because conditions are certainly very treacherous. we saw several cars stuck in the
8:00 am
snow trying to get uphill, and it is hard to do if you have a small vehicle. it will certainly be a treacherous one. you want to go well below the posted speed limit, that is if you are able to move at all. if you do go out, give the plow truck's room to do the best they can treating the roads, which they are trying to do as best they can. if you can stay home, that will certainly help the crews out. jummy: thank you for watching this morning. the news continues live right now on newschannel 8. jihadi john
8:01 am
8:02 am
who was heard speaking english in those gruesome isis execution videos has now been identified as mohammed emwazi. a native of kuwait who grew up in london with a quiet well-to-do family. we're told he has a college degree reportedly in his late 20s. disusual itting new reports about the terror group's brutality. activists say isis has now abducted at least 220 christians in northern syria. here at home three new york city men accused of trying to help isis while plotting attacks against police officers even president obama. the men were tracked down through social media. one suspect was arrested trying
8:03 am
to board a plane heading to the middle east. the other big story this morning is the record winter storm hitting the south. some areas getting nearly a foot of snow making for treacherous travel. about 200,000 power outages have been reported from alabama to virginia. hundreds of flights canceled. federal offices in washington delayed their opening by two hours. we'll have rob's forecast in just a bit. turning politics. republican senator rand paul says he will make a final decision about 2016 presidential run this spring. but in a new interview with yahoo!! global news anchor katie couric he is attacking his potential rival hillary clinton. he blames clinton for the 2010 attack in benghazi which killed the ambassador and three other americans. >> she said she never read the cables. absolutely it's inexcusable that she never read the cables coming from benghazi and i think that should preclude her from being considered. >> clinton has agreed to testify before a house committee
8:04 am
investigating the benghazi attack. head to yahoo!.com to read the whole interview. a bus crashed into the building in the downtown area in miami. called appliance world of miami. some injuries reported there on the scene and we'll have more details as we get them. in the meantime, the supreme court is indicating it will side with a young muslim woman in her lawsuit against retailer abercrombie & fitch. the woman showed up for a job interview at a store wearing a black head scarf and filed a religious discrimination suit after she failed to get the job allegedly because she didn't fit in with the company's signature look. abercrombie says she never mentioned in the interview she wore it for religious reasons. prince william is in japan embarking a week-long trip that will take him to china. the prince was greeted by students after arriving in rainy tokyo without kate who is due to give birth to their second child in april. it comes as the plaskon firmed that william has qualified to work as a pilot for an ambulance
8:05 am
service after passing a grueling set of exams. and finally, bulldogs are breaking new ground. sure labrador retrievers are the most popular, german shepherds second golden retrievers third but the american kennel club says bulldogs are now number four. their highest ranking in popularity ever. beagles round out the top five and, you know i got to do it, go dogs! >> woof woof woof. >> i love my bulldogs. >> all the way with you. >> can't get away from that story. >> got to bring a bulldog on set. >> that would be fun. i'm in. >> "pop news" and weather coming up. now lara with the "morning menu." >> that was well done by the way, right now a look at what's going on on our "gma morning menu." lady gaga has a big new role. we will check in with mother monster and find out what's going on. the material girl expressing herself.
8:06 am
what she says about ageism and sexism and then we're going to the dark side. darth vader on the hunt for rebels here in times square. hear that breathing. we'll bring you an exciting "star wars" sneak peek. get over here. look at this gorgeous girl. one of our favorite the woman who stole the show wink wink at the red carpet on the red carpet at the oscars talking about a new movie. we'll talk fun, fashion, all girl things have a lot of fun on "gma" coming up in times square. are you a "star wars" fan? come on. see you later. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. the pain reliever that is built to be as fast as it is strong. ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ou the healing sleep you need helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. you guys gotta see this. how have you not seen this?
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katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ applause [applause] ♪ >> what a wonderful crowd we have at times square including students from charlotte, north carolina. wow. nice to have them here and nice to have a little "pop news.." >> there's a reason we were playing a lady gaga song fresh off her terrific "sound of music" tribute at the oscars we find out this morning the hills are alive with the sound of screaming. >> "american horror story," season five.
8:12 am
>> mother monster. >> pretty inspired cast. >> will be joining the cast for season five. "american horror story hotel." no word on whether her character or what her character will be but the newly engaged gaga will be busy. production starts in july and premieres in october and a wedding to plan. >> she's trying everything. >> and doing it all well. congratulations to you, gaga and really to me one of the moments of the oscars was that -- >> oh, by far. >> wasn't that magical? >> really good. ♪ are a few of my -- >> sorry. also in "pop news," you think being president of the united states was time consuming enough but as "house of cards" president frank underwood says i've always loathed the necessity of sleep, like death it puts the most powerful men on their backs and that seems to be -- >> wow! >> was that all right? >> it was really good. >> thank you. that means a lot coming from you. we think that might be kevin's
8:13 am
philosophy in real life. the actor will receive an olivier award, the british equivalent of a tony this for his stewardship of the old vick theater where he has run the show for the past 11 years and pace is is credited with reviving the once again legendary theater which i have just learned is 197 years old. it was apparently on death's door and it is now thriving and for that spacey we thank you. meanwhile we thank you for this. "house of cards" begins streaming tomorrow. i know what i'm doing this weekend. wild weekend for the "gma" gang. once again. and then finally love this story. hope you do as well. one little girl getting creative with her celebration of black history month dressing up as important figures in african-american history every single day this february. 5-year-old aafia noelle rogers from st. louis has dressed up as oprah, as michelle obama, as
8:14 am
elizabeth bessie coleman. >> oh yes. >> the first african-american female pilot. she's also dressed up as robin roberts. >> oh that's so great. >> so sweet. >> really special. >> her parents say they wanted to teach their little girl about black culture and african-american history and if fun, positive meaningful way. what little kid doesn't love playing dress up? >> taking selfies. >> yeah. >> creative way to teach her about her history. >> she'll never forget those moments of the it's all in the way -- i think just think any great educators, put a fun spin on it. we'll never forget those pictures. >> thanks for that. >> thank you, lara. "heat index" coming up. outside to rob for some weather. >> hey, george, windchill, 16 degrees. you're missing all the snow in -- >> i did. started as soon as we left. >> so charming your choice there. let's go to d.c. where a famous texan used to live at one point. some snow there.
8:15 am
inch and a half and still coming down. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings posted for the carolinas where they saw several inches of snow and nearly a foot in some spots acro there is your double-barrel low sliding offshore and diminishing quickly after we get past the lunch hour. in new orleans, 55 and drier there. mountain snow you'll take it in the colorados. northwest rain. enjoy it in phoenix, 78 degrees because you got a big pattern change coming up this weekend with cool rains a-com jaui: goomorning, washshington. livetormtch 7 doppleler raledar shows an e endf the e snow c comingg to the shendoah h valley. it t troubles west to east throughout the morning hours. you can see the progression, and the storm system is exiting very quickly. new numbers, just shy of four inches in callaway. an inch in gaithersburg.
8:16 am
the snow should be ending by late thimorng. the e lunchour looks c cloudwith fe peeeee >> some people will do anything to get on television. what's up man? >> what's up. i feel incredible. i'm just excited about coming to america to the u.s. >> there you go. and check it out. thailand. come on. you wanted a warm spot. let's go to phuket. >> the crossroads of the worldment you never know what you'll see in times square. topping our "heat index" this morning, madonna. yes, the queen of pop opening up in a brand-new interview with "rolling stone" magazine setting the record straight about her rumored rivalry with lady gaga and saying sexism is still very much alive. abc's linsey davis has that story for us. >> reporter: madonna cloaked in a dramatic armani cape taking an unusual misstep during
8:17 am
wednesday's brit awards. swiftly recovering later posted my beautiful cape was tied too tight but nothing can stop & love really lifted me up. i'm fine. ♪ let down her guard i fell into your arms ♪ >> reporter: despite the fall the 56-year-old is still on top releasing her new album next week gracing the cover of "rolling stone" and setting the record straight on her rumored feud with the other queen of pop, lady gaga. the singer definitively expressing herself saying gaga blatantly ripped off one of my songs with her hit "born this way" ♪ i am on the right track baby i was born this way ♪ >> reporter: madonna says there's no feud between the singers and she's embracing other females who are doing what i'm doing. >> i think that she was irritated at what she perceived as a ripping off of her song but that she made a point of saying
8:18 am
that lady gaga is very talented. >> reporter: while madonna has been coy about this rumored rip-off in the past -- >> it feels reductive. >> reporter: fans have taken to youtube to create mash-ups like this. ♪ don't go for second best ♪ highlighting the similarities. i don't think she wants my crown. there's room for other queens." and in typical madonna fashion, she still is it pushing the envelope but in this clip from the "rolling stone" interview ysys she's unfairljudged by her age. >> it's still the one area where you can totally disdiscriminate against somebody because of their age. only females, though. >> she would love it if she showed women in their 50s and 60s and beyond they can still be sexy. >> in an ironic twist at the time of the fall she was performing her song "living for love" which contains lifted me up and watch me stumble and took me to heaven and let me fall down. as for lady gaga madonna tells "rolling stone" one day everyone
8:19 am
will shut up about it. you'll see. i have a plan. >> ooh. what they are plan may be. she is resilient. she bounced right back up. >> if it were me i would have still been laying on the floor. >> glad she set the record straight. people are trying to get a catfight between the two and, hey, look she's not taking my crown. respects her. >> says she's actually very talented. she just had a beef because her song sounded a little too similar. >> we've heard that a time or two. always great to see you. george. >> next up in our "heat index" a story we first saw in "redbook" explaining how a spouse's weight gain can put strain on your marriage. t.j. holmes with that report. >> my clothes. >> reporter: a complex subject many married couples struggle with. weight. just like in the movie "this is 40." >> will you stop eating cupcakes please? >> reporter: "redbook" tackles this in an essay called could your weight be messing with your marriage? the author was shocked by her
8:20 am
husband's reaction. well why don't i pay for you to get a permanent trainer. it will be a birthday present. he goes on to say you'll feel better and i'll enjoy looking at you. for parents cara and chris whiteley weight has been an issue of contention during their ten-year marriage even if rarely discussed. >> it's something that i carry with me every day and so it's hard to find just the right time to talk about it. >> reporter: cara weighing 360 pounds at her heaviest says she swallows her feelings with food rather than discussing them with chris, a marathoner who has never struggled with weight. >> it's really a difficult subject for me to bring up with mie husband about how i'm really feeling and how i'm really doing. >> reporter: chris says it's been a learning process but now they know how to talk about the taboo topic. >> we've become better communicators over time about it. >> wow. >> okay, we've already started the discussion. t.j. is back at the table. wendy walsh relationship expert. no question this kind of change can really affect a marriage.
8:21 am
>> the important thing to understand weight gain or loss is never intrinsically something carried on its own it's connected to self-esteem and emotions and that affects the relationship. >> a study found that if the woman in the relationship is overweight that they tend to argue more than a healthy weight couple and more so if the man is overweight. >> well you know we give men a hall basspass. when men choose a partner they choose youth and beauty. below that youth and royalty. women choose resources then intelligence and kindness and looks are down number four. we let you get a little paunch but don't lose your bank account. >> you got a pickle. we're in a no-win situation. you can't say -- you can say you're supposed to have this conversation. i can't go home and tell -- this sounds fine in theory at this table but at the dinner table i can't say, i'm not attracted to you really because you put on some weight. we cannot do that. >> that is the thick you should
8:22 am
not say but like any sticky conversation in a relationship you have to make a communication sandwich which is a layer of love a layer of something hard to chew on then another layer of love so it's honey, i love you so much and you brought the most beautiful children in the world and you are the sexiest woman but i think we need to be healthier as a family and work out together because you are hot to me and i want you always to be hot to me. >> and eat healthy. >> that's as good as it gets. i'm still not sure what to expect. >> andrew gave me a trainer and i was not offended. excited about it. something i wouldn't have done for myself and he did it for me and did it in the right way. >> how did he do it? >> he said i know you really want to get back into the gym and here's a way to do it. >> okay so -- >> i actually did say i wanted to get to the gym. >> he listened. >> you don't have 30 pounds to lose either so a safe conversation. >> that's amy, okay. you can do that. this is just a little extra
8:23 am
something. >> better than a vacuum cleaner. >> if a woman notices that her husband is not quite as healthy might have been same conversation. >> the conversation should be about couples getting healthy together as a family. because there's also some research to show if only one partner suddenly loses weight and gets in shape divorce rates go up because -- >> that's got to be a family project. >> and about health. >> even if one is fit and one is a little overweight it still needs to be a family project. >> you need to support your partner. >> even when you use the code word healthy -- >> i wouldn't put these on it. >> you know it starts with conversations about the feelings always. what is causing the weight gain? what is going on in the relationship? it's not just about butter in the fridge and tv shows and you sitting on the couch but what's going on in the relationship that's causing people to eat. >> communication. >> yeah couples that work out together stay together. >> all right. >> everybody good? >> yeah. >> hardly. >> yes, we are. >> moving on.
8:24 am
finally in the "heat index," the hot new trend is eyebrows because -- >> great transition. >> after you get healthy your brows need to look fabulous and bold is back and better than ever. abc's paula faris found out how to get the latest look. >> reporter: say bye-bye to overlucking, big bushy brows are back. sofia, kim and cara are all sporting sexy bold brows. think brooke shields in her calvin days. >> you want to foe what comes between me and my calvin's nothing. >> i can grow a unibrow if i don't pluck. that's not in? >> no. >> reporter: how can you plump up your own? enter build-a-brow. essentially extensions that can fill in hoes or increase your breadth going from this to this. >> once you have thick eyebrows you don't need much makeup. >> reporter: it happens inside blink inside saks fifth avenue.
8:25 am
mary lazaro was squeezed in last night. when you first looked in the mirror after you had the treatment done what did you think? >> i said whoa. this looks so much better. >> shirley chang also wants to go from bare to big. >> i have really fine hair so i want to go for something different. >> reporter: here's how it works, first existing eyebrows are cleaned up then dyed darker to stand out then extensions of sickle silk hairs in a color close to the client's are glued on. took a painless 40 minutes. oh wow, they look great. the brows last about three weeks but they're not cheap. the initial extensions run $170 and fill-ins for maintenance are 60 but for some there's no price on putting the bigger back in your brow. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> thank you, paula. coming up here "deals & steals," and they're really good.
8:26 am
8:27 am
announcer: now, and abc 7 news update. jummy: good morning. i'm jummy olabanji. the time right now just a run 8:27. we are on a winter weather alert. numerous school closings and delays across the region this morning. we have that information scrolling at the bottom of your screen and always on our website, the view jail right now we head over to jim lavin -- our website, right now we head over to jim lavin. jim: you can see the pickup truck overturned, but they have righted the vehicle now and they are working on getting the winch
8:28 am
set up so they can get it on the flatbed. it is holding people up on the ramp. in my memory southbound 270 looking -- in montgomery county, southbound 270, we just got a call and the roads are starting to deteriorate a little bit in upper montgomery county. use caution. this is 355 at gunners branch road. the snow is starting to pile up in the center of the roadway. jacqui, are things going to deteriorate? jacqui: look at northern fauquier it and enter frederick county. light snow developing their. south of d.c. along i-95 and everybody east of there is still getting heavy accumulating snow. they do expect some -- they do expect some improvements in montgomery county shortly. we are chilly.
8:29 am
all of the snow is hitting and sticking, so they will have to remove it or treat it throughout the day. temperatures will be steady overall. we expect this to wind down in the next hour or so, and the snow should be over with before the lunch hour. temperatures will be and the low 30's but feeling like teens at times. some peaks of sunshine and a couple of flurries overall. your snow reports are still coming in. here are some new numbers. callaway, around four inches. two inches in burke and spotsylvania. one inch in gaithersburg. we will keep you up-to-date and see you again at about 8:55. follow us on twitter. jummy: thank you. the snow is starting to taper off in parts of the area. let's head to john gonzalez. he is live in mechanicsville this morning. john? john: it is a winter wonderland in mechanicsville, maryland. here in st. mary's county, where
8:30 am
it has been snowing relentlessly, since about 4:00 this morning. hundreds of salt trucks and plows have been coming through. this is route 5 trying to clear the main thoroughfares. but it is getting very treacherous out here. we have heard of a number of accidents. there was a fender bender up the road. this woman driving this pickup truck was going down a hill. she told us moments ago that there was a car behind her that could not stop and slammed into the back of her. this woman is going to be treated. we also talked to a utility company and they tell us, they have also gotten a lot of reports, a lot of calls from people crashing into utility poles. you can see what was once a very wet snow is now turning more fluffy and it is still coming down at this hour. jummy: thank you, and thank you for watching this morning. you can get more news, traffic and whether updates on our sister station, newschannel 8.
8:31 am
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8:34 am
all slashes by at least 78%. they're all $15 to 19 bucks. >> a tremendous savings. >> i've been looking forward to this. >> you have from roomy and we asked the viewers on twitter to tell us if they wanted to send us their pictures and they did and so these are all viewer pictures we'll send lamar hanna and stacy all of theirs. super fun. normally $40 and slashed by 67% and come with the magnet as well $17. you want to see your name or pictures or anything in future "deals & steals" you can use # #gmadealsandsteals. >> thank you, tory as always. thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. get the links and codes for all of these deals as we say plus two more exclusives. this woman does not stop on our website, on yahoo! amy. >> all right, robin. look who i'm here with ryan
8:35 am
phillippe, he is the star of the new abc drama "secrets and lies." he plays a married father of two who discovers his young neighbor's body while out for a run. take a look. >> how did you know? >> know what? >> that tom was dead. it was dark and wet. when did you first realize that he was dead? >> i felt the back of his head. >> you moved the body? >> i tried to resuscitate him. >> after you felt the back of his head. >> before. i saw him lying there and i shook him and he didn't respond. >> do we believe you or not, ryan? >> i mean that's the whole thing, right? did he or didn't he? >> your character ben crawford seems like an everyday good guy, the neighbor who might be next to you, a loving father. we know your marriage is a little bit in trouble but there's a lot more to ben crawford isn't there. >> there absolutely is and that's uncovered throughout the course of the season. one thing that drew me to it was
8:36 am
that every man aspect. imagine if your father or husband or boyfriend came across the body and immediately became the prime suspect and what does that do to your life to your family to your friends, yeah it's pretty compelling i think. >> tell us about working with juliet lewis. i know you have worked together before but, man, does she have it out for you. >> she really does. she's really turning the screws and gets deeper and heavier each episode. we all foe her from "natural born killers" and california and here she's playing this conservative tight sort of focused -- it's interesting to see her play so far against type and she and i worked together 15 years ago on a movie so it was cool to kind of reconnect and fall back into it. >> the dynamic between you two is very intense. you can't take your eyes away. something else that happened was watching your character shield his children in the media attention as you become the suspect in the story as it builds, the drama bills.
8:37 am
that must have struck a cord with you as a father a famous father. >> it did and, in fact one of the reasons why i ultimately took the job is reading what the kids go through as a result of his being under suspicion and you do think sometimes when you choose a public career what are you doing to your children in terms of how that can be disruptive to them and but thankfully i've never been accused of murder. >> thankfully. >> it's a different kind of attention and -- >> everyone knows who you are but some of us have a hard time pronouncing your last name. it was mispronounced for know song it was parodied on the show "girls." did you see this? can we take a look. >> she probably -- ryan phillippe and they're probably engaged. >> by the way, it's phillippe. i heard it on "extra". >> it's definitely phillippe. >> it's 100% phillippe. >> i read his autobiography so i think i would know. >> you don't have an autobiography. >> i wish i did but i love 100% phillippe. that's funny to me. >> it's 100% phillippe.
8:38 am
that's how i knew i was 100% right saying phillippe. thanks for being such a good sport and the show is incredible. i can't wait to watch the next episode. >> awesome. >> we should mention you can watch the premiere of "secrets and lies" sunday night at 9:00 eastern,:00 central right here on abc. don't miss it. all right, let's head over now to rob with a final check of the weather. >> all right, amy. we're just trying to stay warm out here especially from louisiana, what is your name. >> alexia from baton rouge. >> what do you think about bangkok? >> polar bear. i'm a polar bear. >> she's looking for polar bears. further north but still glad you're here. check out this shot. this is nice. ft. lauderdale 75 degrees by the sea there looking good. it's going to be toasty across parts florida. 110-degree difference between key west and crane lake minnesota. my goodness. pretty big difference between miami and orlando where the cold front lies and locally where the front is you can see an inch of rain or snow. the arctic blast, snow is cross
8:39 am
d.c. will exit later 78 in phoenix. enjoy. we have chillier weather coming for the weekend. jajacqui: good morning, washshingtonon. annch ofof snow w on the ground in d.c. it i is coming to an e end in our western suburbs already. a winter storm warning is in effect for the seven counties. >> are you a fan of "how to get away with murder"? >> i am. >> big abc show. you'll love this. it is thursday that means it is tgit so here again we have a special sneak peek at tonight's thrilling episode of "how to get away with murder." take a look. >> my phone died. >> nobody in the library had a charger. >> i'm sorry, okay. i'm sorry.
8:40 am
>> oh yeah we can't wait to see what happens tonight on the thrilling two-hour episode 9:00 eastern and 8:00 central right here on abc. for the full clip and vote for the best tgit head on to on yahoo! back over to you, robin. >> we're not ready for it to be the season finale. we're not ready for it -- >> i was hoping he was going to say midseason finale. >> no, no. we're not going to be able to make it we like it. will smith's on-screen love interest margot robbie here live. this "how to get away with murder" sneak peek is brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. take charge of your allergies and muddle no more.
8:41 am
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our next guest margo rockby had a starring role alongside leo dicaprio in "wolf of wall street" and now in "focus" she's setting her sights on stealing will smith's heart by showing off some special skis. take a look. ♪ ♪ do my thing ♪ ♪ but i keep on doing wrong ♪ ♪ i do my thing ♪ >> sorry. my heel caught. you didn't see the lady. sorry. all right.
8:44 am
thank you boys. ♪ i'm doing the same old thing ♪ >> really? >> congratulations, you're a criminal. >> so you noticed. so happy to have margot with us and legitimate i you were pickpocketing on the set. >> yeah they knew they were being pickpocketed and paid extra. >> if you wanted to do it in real life you do have the skills. >> i would technically know how to do it yes. >> and that would be because of a gentleman known as the gentleman pickpocket apollo robbins hired to train you guys. was it hard to learn the skill? >> it was pretty hard then half of it is having the guts to actually go ahead and steal. like i said it's a lot easier on a set where you know you're not going to get in trouble but he asked me to do it to actual people sometimes and it was terrifying. >> including the assistant director? >> yeah one of the office p.a.s came in for paperwork and he's
8:45 am
like, take his phone and i was like -- he caught me with my hand in his back pocket. >> which can be -- >> mildly. >> yeah yeah. it could have been a lot worse. >> so the premise, of course, is that you guys are thieves but one thing that is undeniable as you watch the journey that is this film is the chemistry between you and will. >> yeah. >> was that immediate? >> yeah as soon as -- i don't think anyone was expecting it especially not me but when we walked in the room we got along immediately and had this great rapport and improvised and it was, yeah it was just like there already. it wasn't something we had to really work at which is good. >> he is such a funny guy. so personable but really a phenomenal actor and you said you really got a chance to see that range. >> yes, yeah i mean we would do take after take and john and glen the writer director would have us do a totally different objective and will could have you tearing up in one take and then hysterical in the next yeah he can flip it back quickly. >> ad-libbing. >> yeah ad-libbing anything,
8:46 am
yeah of course he did heaps of improvising. >> he said in terms of the pickpocketing he was into the psychology of it. >> yeah. >> you were really into the physical -- >> hands-on. >> hands-on. that's my girl. >> hands-on down to the back pocket. >> let me ask you about other things coming up. well first i want to say it was great to see you on the oscar red carpet. >> you too. >> so nice to spend time. >> the three minutes we had together. >> look at the picture right there. you looked absolutely stunning. the dress by st. laurent and let's talk about the gems. >> i know.. >> thas a very special necklace, i didn't realize the history of that. >> yeah i was getting quizzed on it earlier but it's -- yeah it's like a museum piece. i don't know why they let me wear it. i'm very grateful they did. >> to give you the heads up. tassel up close was like -- >> functioning zip, as well. if you zip it all the way up it becomes a bracelet. >> commissioned in 1938 for the
8:47 am
duchess of windsor. van cleef & arpels estimates its value at 1.5 million. do you get nervous when wearing that. >> i didn't know how much i was touching it the whole night but i didn't know it was worth that much when i went to the oscars and had a great time and then got home the next day and everyone was like you were wearing $1.5 million on your neck oh dear god, i was. >> sometimes that's terrifying to know. share with everybody your next project. you haven't started shooting yet but there's already a lot of buzz. >> for a film with will. >> yeah. >> round two. >> a buzzy role. >> no it's big shoes to fill. i want to make everyone happy all the fans and stuff out there. >> yeah great to see you. thanks for stopping at the red carpet and thanks for stopping by here. "focus" is really great and opens nationwide tomorrow. margot robbie. great to have you with us. coming up here a day in the life of the 12-year-old dancing sensation in sia's music videos.
8:48 am
you know who she is. stay with us on "good morning america." the new "it" girl coming up.
8:49 am
8:50 am
taking a look at the newest it girl and at 12 years old maddie ziegler is still a girl but making a big name for herself going from hit reality show to music video star. mara schiavocampo has her story. ♪ i'm the one good time call ♪ ♪ ring on my doorbell i feel the love feel the love oh ♪ >> reporter: maddie ziegler is the pint-size dancing sensation in the multiplatinum hit "chandelier". ♪ i'm going to swing from the chandelier ♪ >> reporter: and budding artist sia's alter ego with that signature platinum blond hair. >> i want to work with you. will you be in my video?
8:51 am
none of us thought it was real. >> reporter: in just one, two, three, the music video with its magnetic choreography rocketed to viral success launching the 12-year-old into stardom. >> i thought it will be just a tiny video. nothing would happen to it. i didn't think it would blow up. >> that was your fault. >> reporter: for years maddie has been a budding star on reality tv's "dance moms" but "chandelier" is responsible for a swinging new life into the tween's career with big performances on "dancing with the stars" and "jimmy kimmel live." what's been the best part? >> getting to pursue my dance career and my favorite working with sia because we're like best friends and we love each other a lot. >> reporter: it's clear the feelings are mutual. maddie took the lead again in sia's latest hit "elastic heart" starring alongside actor shia laboeuf but her biggest audience to date, the grammys.
8:52 am
♪ >> there was a lot of celebs that actually knew my name and like sam smith came up to me and told me he was a fan. i was striking out because i'm his biggest fan. >> reporter: now maddie is stepping into new shoes taking her talents to a different stage. the runway as a fashion correspondent for >> i'm just watching the shows and giving my feedback to them. i've been to so many different amazing shows and i'm really loving fashion right now so it's so cool. >> reporter: we got exclusive day in the life access into her new role at designer j. mendel's fashion show. you're doing so many things but sounds like dancing is till your first love. >> it is. i've been doing it since i was 2 years old and i want to be a professional dancer when i grow up so that's definitely my number one. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. ♪ on for tonight on for tonight ♪ >> i think we'll see a lot mor
8:53 am
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>> crisis avoided. >> yes. broke the mirror. whoa. >> it was a good look then robin. >> thank you. tomorrow we have good luck. we'll "shark tank" your life with damon -- >> looking forward to that. thanks for watching abc news we're always online at at yahoo! >> have a great day, everyone. >> see ya. announcer: now, and abc 7 news
8:57 am
update. jummy: good morning, it's 8:56. i'm jummy olabanji with your winter weather alert. there are a lot of school delays and closings. we have all that information scrolling on the bottom of your screen and on our website, there have been a few issues on the roadways because of all the snow that has fallen. we will head over to jim lavin. jim: in some areas diminished drivability is key. in germantown, at middleburg road, it does not look too bad from -- middlebrook road, it is not to baghdad. here is an area where things are running very well. across the 14th street bridge, everything running very smoothly. the left side of the roadway the exit to gw parkway, you will find a little bit of snow but not causing major problems. the red line delays from
8:58 am
bethesda to dupont circle, because of brake problems. metro buses are experiencing system-wide delays due to snowy conditions. you can expect up to a one-hour delay if you are headed out on metro bus. jacqui: it is looking better in a couple of spots. a live picture from reagan national airport. you can see overlooking the potomac -- tough to see. the snow is coming down at a moderate pace. heaviest southeast of d.c.. heaviest snow continues to come down and a himalayan east of i-95. look at fauquier and frederick county. you folks are pretty much done with the system. we have some new snow numbers. fredericksburg, virginia, with four injuries. bush would, three inches. boston just over two inches. around two inches in burke virginia. snow showers will taper off from
8:59 am
west to east. we should be done with this by lunch, and that is when the advisories will be done with. we will even get a peakek of sunshine or two. our final numbers look really good with what we have been seeing on the ground with one to three inches across the metro area and three to six inches in southern spots like fredericksburg and spotsylvania, over toward lexington park. a snow day, not big numbers but what a big impact we have had today. timing is everything. jummy: a lot of folks who may be heading to work as the federal government had a two-hour delay. eileen whelan has a look at conditions in ballston. eileen: the snow continues to fall, but it is more of a wet snow as temperatures have climbed a little bit. i am on one of the snow banks from all the snow we had saturday. we have a nice fresh coating on
9:00 am
top of it. you can see all of the snow. let me show you what road conditions are like. arlington county schools are closed. the main thoroughfares are ok but it is a very wet, slushy snow. in fact, as you get down here more on my level, you can see this slushy mess. think about it. your tires have a hard time getting traction with all of the slush. here in arlington outside the ballston metro, we have about an inch and a half to two inches so it is a snow day for folks in arlington. hope you can get out there and enjoy. almost a little too wet for good snowballs. jummy: thank you for watching this morning. the


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