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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> this is a severe weather alert. >> first at 11:00, a winter weather alert. by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, it will be snowing. by the time it is over, 4-8 inches of snow and up to 10 inches in some areas. fairfax, loudoun and prince
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george's county will all be close. we are waiting on decisions from the federal government. a complete listing is scrolling on your screen. we have a look at the timeline of all of this tomorrow. >> a lot of people are looking outside and wondering why it is raining on the porch and deck. temperatures are above freezing. it is 41 in frederick and martinsburg. west virginia is finally beginning to feel the colder air. we'll show you the satellite and the radar. the moisture lifts off to the north and the east. there is a heavier rain across winchester and into martinsburg. all of this moves out. the colder air funnels out from the north and west. that will give us the changeover from rain to sleet to snow. many of you will wake up
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tomorrow inside the capital beltway before changing over to sleet. it would change to snow and we will look for accumulation. we have the winter storm warning and we will show you the updated snow total map in just a few minutes. >> we will see you then. the snow sent a lot of people scrambling. in the district, a slow -- a snow emergency goes into effect tomorrow. jay korff is live in chantilly tonight. what is happening out there? >> we are under the canopy of an overpass. the rain is the issue right now. we have seven trucks on standby and two more across the road. we have the issue with the rain and these trucks are on standby.
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whatever they do would just wash off the road. when it sleeps and snows, they can get sand and salt down. they were out and about making sure they were getting ready for ice melt and snow shovels. we know we would get hot -- get hit hard. we have trucks staging in northern virginia and the thing that transportation officials urge everyone to do is stay away from them so they can do their work tomorrow and during the re-freeze over the next few days. stay off of the road. it will be treacherous.
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>> piles of hardened snow and ice will be adding driving dangers out there. aaa says they will be hard to spot. >> call the department where you live if you see that kind of ice. negotiate the intersection with extreme care. >> you should make sure that all the snow and ice is off of your car before you drive and avoid using cruise control. leave enough room to stop, in case you slide. >> metro is planning ahead for the snow. access is suspended and bus service is on a moderate snow plan. metrorail lands to operate on a moderate schedule and warns that the delays are possible. >> a unique way of looking at this story. this is the view of traffic.
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google uses gps and cell phone information to track how fast cars are moving. you see the red and yellow? that is where the cars are moving the slowest and where the storm is heading. >> incredible perspective. stay with abc seven as we track the weather. jacqui jeras will have an update for you at 4:00. you can stay updated on facebook and twitter. >> moving onto other news. we have this in for montgomery county. a pedestrian is recovering after being hit by a bus. it was an out of service metro bus. the man was hit at wayne and ramsey avenue. he was conscious and breathing when he left. the investigation is underway. >> a woodbridge high school student is in custody, accused of helping someone join i still -- join islil.
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the teen was suspected to be an extremist. >> this all started on friday when the teenager's home was raided. he lives in woodbridge and goes to osborne park high school in manassas. a fellow student had concerns about the student in the past. >> a student who asked not to be identified said the suspect often talked about his support for isil. he said, he really believes that is right. the student even said that he wanted to go to syria after graduation. in the meantime, abc is concerned that he used online context to help make his way to the country to fight with isil. the suspect is a juvenile. online records indicate he was
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interested in bitcoin and had taken math and science classes where he worked on a robot. he is very smart. he became very aggressive about his islamic faith. he was always really passionate about his religion. we all knew that. it wasn't until junior year that he tried to convert me to islam. he would say my religion was false and it hurt. senior year, i thought he had stopped. he and the fbi believe the team became more discrete. prince william school tells us they are not aware of any potential threat to the school community. now, abc has confirmed a washington post report the teenager is being charged as a juvenile right now. prosecutors want to have him charged as an adult. reporting live in the manassas, i am tom r >> the u.s. ambassador
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to south korea is recovering after a man attacked him with a razor blade before a lecture in seoul. he was cut on his cheek and wrist. he was rushed to a hospital and he is in stable condition. witnesses say the attacker screamed about reunification and the end to war. the man is in custody. >> and unemployed prison guard arrested for firing a gun on a busy highway. he is charged with attempted murder with the first shooting. ballistic evidence may tie him to gunfire in a movie theater and near the nsa building. no one was seriously hurt in the accident's. his family is struggling to believe it. >> he is a good brother. >> this guy has some other issues going on.
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our detectives are continuing to follow up on it. >> he is hospitalized and under police guard. the police are try to determine if he fired shots into a walmart this week. >> a woman is dead after being struck by a car. the accident happened around lee highway. the police tell us that she died from her injuries this evening. officers are investigating what led to the crash. the driver has not been charged. the howard campus is on alert after a stabbing nearby. the police tell us the attacker had a child with him along six street and northwest. grant was pushing a baby stroller and struck a woman in the neck with a knife. she was taken to the icu. grant is in custody tonight. >> new development.
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a ferguson police department worker is fired and others are on leave after a scathing report that finds patterns of racism in the department. the investigation did not end in new charges for darren wilson, who shot the unarmed teenager. >> we should tell you that we have been watching live pictures coming in from ferguson. a number of people have gathered at the police department and are standing around. we do not know what is being said. we have seen three people taken into custody. all this is a reaction to the department of justice report that outlines what the agency and attorney general call illegal and misguided practices by the police. >> emotions boiled over and thousands around the country took to the streets of ferguson
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missouri after the killing of michael brown. it caused the department of justice to investigate. the agency did not find reason to prosecute the officer. >> the evidence of racial bias comes from statistics, remarks made by police and court officials. >> they cultivated a pervasive culture of racism targeting the town's african-american community. there were a series of offensive racist e-mails. >> this type of behavior will not be tolerated in a department of ferguson. >> the naapb -- the national association against police brutality. >> we have been rallying against this for years. false arrest, harassment by the police. i imagine if the doj did other
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investigations, they would find similar things. >> the department is expected to have a conference. it is expected tomorrow. >> you see them all over. k-cups. the inventor says he is sorry he ever made them. what he says he wish he never made them. >> cabin fever. cyclists are taking action.
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>> new at 11:00 no sweating on capitol hill was the decision by the capitol police board. families should be able to enjoy america's front yard. opponents brought up safety concerns. >> a consumer alert and bad news for k-cup users. the inventor says he is sorry. he says he does not use the product and it contributes to
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waste. he says to make drip coffee. keurig says it is working to make all of the impacts recyclable in the next five years. >> some of us are trapped inside and the only exercise is on a treadmill or stationary bike. one cycling group decided enough was enough. the inside option. >> i do not know about you. i am ready for spring. >> athletes competed in an unconventional environment. >> we all have cabin fever >> they transformed the bottom level of a parking garage into a subterranean racing course. the winter-weary cyclists.
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>> it is not safe to ride outside. >> they were thrilled to test their fitness underground. >> you are not worried about wind or the cold. >> the corners sneak up on you a little bit. >> it is not exactly ideal. it does beat the above ground alternative. >> it was fun to see someone put this together. >> the race will continue every wednesday for the rest of march. >> it is a long winter. >> i don't know. the surface looks a little slick. >> tight turns. >> rebut he looking for a change of scenery. >> no snow down there. >> that is how desperate we are. >> big changes on the way. we had fog out there earlier. the advisory has been canceled. look at the weatherbug network.
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six inches of rain. -- over 6/10 of an inch of rain in frederick. this would have been a mega-storm. that will not be the case. it moves through the daytime hours tomorrow and one degree shy of the average for this time of year. we are now looking at 46 at the airport and 41 in gaithersburg. off to the west, the colder air is out there. it is to the west of us. this is the cold front he high does. the single digits and look at raleigh. they are at -- you can see springtime moving from the south. it will take some more time. on doppler radar, you have the
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pennsylvania and maryland border with a lot of rain and a little bit of sleet. we will transition from rain to sleet too slow -- to snow in the early morning hours. everything shaded in pink, this is until 9:00 tomorrow night. i expect this to cancel out as the system moves out. here is the timeline. at 5:00 in the morning, it looks like the transition will just begin. the temperatures are still a bit warm out there. it will pile up and change over to snow at 7:00 in the morning. it looks like things will settle down to the north of montgomery county. not so fast. the snow develops and we could see heavy snow by the new time hour. this is 3:00 in the afternoon and everything should start to wind down at a dinner time hour. colder air will file in and
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temperatures will be in the teens. here is the projected snowfall and we have taken into consideration the amount of sleet we will see. 3-7 inches around the capital beltway and north, 6-9 inches. some areas may even see 10 inches with lower amounts for maryland. keep in mind the snow will become heavy. the temperatures will rebound into the lower 50's by monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> we are ready for the 50's. thank you. >> i was just about to say baseball will get your mind off of this snow stuff. a-rod makes his debut in florida. singing in the rain or
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>> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> george washington and george mason. they came in with nine wins on the season and it is about pride. look at porter get the oop. it did not stay closed for long. cory edwards cannot connect. colonial is off and running. he throws down the flush and has 15 points. gw gets the win. in women's hoops, they try to be mother nature by leaving today instead of tomorrow for the big ten turner meant. -- tournament. everything is done in the regular season. it does not matter anymore.
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>> you go into this turn them in time and it is 0-0 and everybody is undefeated and everybody's record is the same. it is a clean slate. we have to play even better. all the teams coming after us are going to give us their best shot. >> the grapefruit league starts tomorrow for the new york mets. meanwhile, all eyes on alex rodriguez in tampa. he had his first at bat and it looks like he did not miss a beat. he singled and finished 1-2 with a walk. ladies and gentlemen, a-rod has returned to the game. the white sox and dodgers. a fly ball to right. a great doctors catch. he drives. it result in a win and the white
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sox go on with the final of 6-4. it will take more than rain and cold weather to keep united off of the field. darrell gets it to go. they go on to win the match 2-1. -- match, 2-1. it looks like it was a cold and dirty night. ray allen announced he will not play for anyone this season and made it clear he will not retire. he is taking a year off. >> can't blame him. >> enjoying the sunny weather. >> we know several parts of the country allow marijuana use. will we see it in desert? which [ female announcer ] business
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travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. >> marijuana is legal in the district and several states. the food industry wants in. marijuana ice cream may be in the future. the cofounder of ben & jerry's says he is open to the idea and it makes sense. both ben and jerry are on board and said that others in the company may disagree.
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he says it would be an ability to combine the pleasures. >> had you keep the
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>> snow is on the way. this is what the projected snow totals look like. you could see more of that north in montgomery and frederick county. some areas to the west may have 10 inches in the snow. how about temperatures in the 50's next week? it will be cold. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ncicrg] jacqui jeras will keep you updated.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- vince vaughn, and mike tyson. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here forward, here's jimmy kimmel challenge! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, host of the show. thank you for watching, thank you for coming.


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