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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tennessee, southern west virginia that we expect to develop late tonight and overnight and push moisture into our area and that's going to fall in some areas in the form of snow. south of the metro area, rain. in areas north and west of metro washington, they're increasing chances of cold enough air to have snow and the winter weather advisory posted from before sunrise until 2:00 p.m. north and west of the city. pink shaded areas, winter storm warnings where there could be significant effects of the snow. three to six ifrnlz or more in spots. however, most of the area, metro area especially will get up to an inch of grassy areas. roads should stay wet and maybe a little more in the northern and western suburbs and out past the blue ridge. mainly on grassy areas. mostly rain in southern maryland and i think pretty much that will be that with precipitation beginning as he remember as 5:00 a.m. changing all to rain before lunch time and ending tomorrow afternoon. brighter, warmer days for the weekend? we'll find out in the seven day coming up in a few moments maureen? maureen: see you then. the director of the secret service is on the hot seat tonight. this time explaining why security video is missing from
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the night two senior agents were suspected of drinking and then driving through a crime scene at the white house. senior political reporter scott thuman is in the newsroom with new information. scott? scott: director clancy down played part of that incident that they allegedly hit a barricade with their car. they said it was one to two miles per hour. they didn't even knock it over. because other officers let them go home, there's a lot of curiousity now over what the videotapes will show. however, director clancy facing some tough questions today as our camera caught him arriving for this here on capitol hill. clancy admitted while some of the incident was caught on tape the recording before that main white house camera at that location, no longer exists. it has been recorded over and here is how he explained it. >> i know i've seen reports that the tapes have been erased. that is not the case. we don't have a system where someone can erase tapes, put their finger on a dial and erase it.
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but they are, by practice, 72 hours taped over. and i know that's a concern. rightfully so. scott: so the director said his staff has reached out to the manufacturer of that surveillance system to see if they can retrieve the images working with his top forensic cyber people and he insists it's not some part of a cover-up but the way the system works. it leaves many critics to wonder why someone didn't change it initially when someone predicted it may be a problem. the office of inspector general investigating right now, those two agents have since been reassigned. maureen? maureen: thank you, scott. the terror group isil is claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack on a museum in tunisia. the u.s. state department says it cannot verify that claim. 23 people are confirmed dead. dozens more wounded in the shooting of the national bardo museum. two gunmen were killed in a shootout with police. nine people have been arrested accused of helping to plan the attack. we checked with smithsonian institution to find out if any
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changes are planned at its museums. a spokesperson said strong security is lace and no changes are necessary. join us next tuesday for a roundtable discussion for isil and the new terror threat. you can watch the countdown tuesday night at 7:00 on our sister station newschannel 8 and it will be streamed live at a d.c. police officer has been ordered held without bond on sexual assault charges. officer darrell best was in court today on charges he abused two teenaged girls. prosecutors say best assaulted one girl at police headquarters. and the other at the church he pastored and they say there could be other victims. today, we learned best was demoted from sergeant following a 2008 sexual harassment case. the man accused of murdering three alexandria residents in their homes was back in court today. a judge agreed to delay a
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competency hearing for charles severance until next month. severance is accused of killing nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato over a 10-year period. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty. the man caught on video intentionally ramming a dump truck into two prince george's county police cruisers is not competent to stand trial. that revealing came today from the judge presiding over the case of the dean brandon jr. he's charged with attempted murder and assault. police say brandon accused two police officers of killing his brother moments before turning his dump truck around and ramming their cruisers. brandon is being committed to a mental health facility for treatment. now, to that developing story at the university of virginia. tonight, we're learning more about that video and the young man the abc agent pinned to the
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ground. the video has created a firestorm at the university of charlottesville campus and demands for answers. right now, we're waiting for a live news conference from the attorneys of that young man. martese johnson. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. suzanne kennedy is in charlottesville with where things stand right now. suzanne: has students at the university of virginia protesting about racism. >> i wasn't talking to you! suzanne: here you see the third year student martese johnson pinned to the ground wednesday morning at the hands of virginia alcohol beverage control board police. he was arrested after trying to get into a bar despite being under age. this afternoon, johnson's roommate said his friend believes he was targeted. >> if you watch the video, he was yelling as he was on the ground. he was yelling, you f-ing racist. so i do believe that he feels it was race fueled. suzanne: today students rallied
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against racism saying it's a prevalent problem at this university. >> festering undercurrent here and in order for it to be eradicated, it needs to be exposed. suzanne: johnson spoke out in a campus rally last night. >> please respect everyone here. we're part of one community. suzanne: the virginia governor terry mcauliffe said he was disturbed by the video and is ordering a state police probe. >> as a parent of a son and daughter both of the same age in college, every parent sees those pictures, you're obviously very concerned. suzanne: on campus today, students are trying to sort out their emotions about this incident. >> we don't know the facts yet. everything is premature. >> i feel like he was flung to the ground and his head was -- the force was unnecessary. suzanne: and administrative review is under way by the virginia state police and the local prosecutor's office has launched its own criminal investigation. authorities are now looking for any witnesses who may have seen
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what happened here very early wednesday morning. in charlottesville, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. maureen: coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, how this winter is affecting d.c.'s cherry blossoms and what the trees look like right now. plus a high speed motorcycle chase with the suspect taunting police. what the suspect said moments after he was arrested. and 7 is on your side answering questions about disputes between tenants and landlords. call the help center right now. 703-236-9220. we'll check in with horace holmes there ahead o
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maureen: when d.c. firefighters responded to a fire, they found a man shot to death inside an s.u.v. it happened just before 7:30 this morning at livingston road and atlantic street in southeast. firefighters found 30-year-old milton flinton of fort washington with burns and a gunshot wound. his death has been ruled a homicide but so far, police don't have any suspects. newschopper 7 captured an unusual sight today while covering a brushfire along the i.c.c. in fairland. our cameras were rolling as firefighters arrived to find a woman trying to stomp out the flames as they spread from the side of the road to the
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backyard. a minute later firefighters douse the flames with water quickly knocking out the blaze. no one was hurt. dangerous moments caught on camera in a high speed chase outside of l.a. during the chase, a suspect riding a motorcycle can be seen several times standing on the seat of the bike. that chase at times hit 100 miles an hour before the man eventually pulled into a gas station and surrendered. afterwards, he apologized. >> i want to say i love my family and i know i disappointed them. maureen: the chase began when officers tried to pull over the rider for reckless driving. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- horace: i'm horace holmes in the abc 7 on your side help center. our lines are open. 703-236-9220. about 20 more minutes, landlord tenant issues. give us a call. maureen: and looks pretty nice outside right now but wintry weather is coming back. chief meteorologist doug hill
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updates us on when and when we'll see. tim: coming up in sports, take you to columbus, ohio for the latest on the maryland terrapins. georgetown plays tonight and how about the upsets this afternoon. buzzer-bea
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horace: welcome back, everybody to the "7 on your side" help center. boy, have we been busy in here answering your phone calls on landlord/tenant issues. i'm with one of the fine people that have come in to be one of our experts today. what kind of calls have you been getting? >> we're taking calls from tenants who are having problems with their landlords, specifically landlords who are not making repairs after the winter that we've had to damaged units. we've even had landlords call us with information on how to evict tenants. horace: thank you so much for being in here. 703-236-9220. that's the number to call. send it back to you right now. maureen: thank you, horace. we have more on that controversy in charlottesville where an
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african-american university of virginia student was hurt. his forehead split open after a confrontation with police officers. you're looking at a live shot of attorney together speaking for the student. the student's name is martese johnson. let's hear what the attorney is saying. >> martese presented a valid illinois state identification card issued in 2011. the employee then asked martese for his zip code and he recite his mother's chicago city zip code at her current address which is different from the chicago city zip code on the identification card that was printed almost four years ago. at no time throughout the encounter did martese present as -- excuse me at no time throughout the encounter did martese present as has been reported by some in the immediate why a fake i.d. nevertheless, virginia abc officers who were present on the scene questioned my client about being in possession of false identification. the conversation resulted in my client being thrown to the ground, his head hitting the
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pavement. the officer's knees pressed into his back. his face and skull bleeding and needing surgery. all this over two alleged nses. one, a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice without force and two, profane swearing and/or public intoxication which upon conviction requires only the payment of a fine. martese johnson is an upstanding young man with a bright future. he grew up on the south side of chicago. raised by a single mother and now in his third year at the university of virginia on a full scholarship based on financial need. he has worked hard to become a well respected leader on campus and to make a difference in this community. martese is a member of the u.v.a. honor committee and has no criminal record whatsoever. martese has worked hard to ensure his bright future and we intend to fight the criminal charges against him with the upmost vigor. our primary goals are to make
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certain he receives due process under the law and to protect his good name. this afternoon, martese and i spoke briefly with virginia state police as part of its investigation into this incident. martese, his family and i also met with university of virginia president theresa sullivan and the conversation was very productive. president sullivan expressed her remorse regarding this terrible situation and told martese that he has her support. to that end, martese has received an outpouring of encouragement and remorse from professors, administrators university officials, students, community members, and even perfect strangers. walking on the ground with him this afternoon we were amazed and touched as people approached martese numerous times and offered pats on the back and well wishes. martese and his family -- excuse me, martese and his family intend to take the next few days
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to continue to recover in thoughtful prayer and contemplation contemplation. i will close with a statement that martese prepared. i stand here -- i'll read it. i stand here today as a member of the university of virginia and charlottesville community. i'm shocked that my face was slammed into the brick pavement just across the street from where i attend school. three officers then pinned me to the ground pressing their knees in my back while blood flowed freely from the gash to my head. as the officers held me down, one thought raced through my mind. how could this happen? my head lay bloody. but unbowed. i still believe in our community. i know this community will support me during this time. i trust that the scars on my face and head will one day heal but the trauma from what the abc officers did yesterday will stay with me forever. i believe we as a community are better than this.
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we cannot allow the actions of a few officers, excuse me, we cannot allow the action of a few officers to ruin the community of trust we have worked so hard to build. thank you. maureen: that was martese johnson and his attorney at a press conference just finished at the university of virginia. the young man was injured when he was in a confrontation with abc police officers and as you heard the story is not over yet. let's go to doug hill and see what's going on. we've got a little more winter on the way. doug: snow and rain in the morning to deal with it. tell you our weather story. clouds rolling across the nation's capital and our high temperature today at that level of 52. few degrees below average. still holding well above freezing. it's going to be a drop in
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temperatures tonight into the 30's. i don't think we'll go below freezing tonight so snow that falls will pretty much melt in most of the areas. really cold air is well to the northeast. we'll keep our eyes on things. steve rudin will be watching the updates and the computer models tonight. for the moment, most precipitation is well south and east of the area moving away from us. more areas developing out in the midwest. those are the areas of precipitation that we expect to move into our region probably 5:00ish in the morning. because there's a chance we'll get some snow, a winter weather advisory posted north and west of the city. specifically, it's northern faquier county, northern loudoun county, northern montgomery county, frederick and all areas in purple and the areas in pink are winter storm warnings at higher elevations where it will stay colder for nger. those areas may pick up some significant snowfall. now, as far as the timing, this is just a simulation by one of our in-house computer models. doesn't mean it's going to line up exactly like this but the general theme is that the rain and snow will move into the metro area between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. as we get later in the morning, the snow will continue.
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by 11:00 a.m., most of the snow will be north of washington and rain elsewhere and then a rapid change for most of the area. lingering light snow or mixed rain north of the city but by 5:00 or 6:00 in the afternoon, it should move out of the picture and skies will clear. we'll be in good shape. number one question is how much and what will it do for the morning rush? i think for the morning rush hour, it mostly will be wet roads. they'll be treated and temperatures will be above freezing and that's what we'll deal with it. on grassy areas, maybe some areas up to an inch. maybe an inch or a little more north and west and especially to the blue ridge. once more, in the highest elevations out west where it can have a significant impact. here's the good news at 6:45 tomorrow evening, it is officially springtime. and saturday's weather will start to feel a bit like it. snow early in the morning mixing with and changing to rain. rain in the afternoon when it ends. highs to 40 degrees. as we get through the next seven days, some improvements. on saturday, 59 degrees with
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partly cloudy skies. by sunday, a bit cooler in the 40's. 40's as we head through monday, tuesday and wednesday. warming a little later. and because of the snow and the rain and the mess, special start 4:00 a.m. for "good morning washington." jack ji -- jacqui jeras and the team joining you then. maureen: some surprises at the start of -- some surprises at the start of march madness. tim: this has been an incredible day to start the tournament. folks, it is fantastic so far! march madness has become march mayhem. let's start with the upsets. take a look at the video. georgia state has biggest upset of the day. number 14 seed got this three-point shot from the coach's son with three seconds left to beat the number three seed baylor 57-56. now, earlier in the day, another 14 beat a three seed. william lee scored the final four points and u.a.b. university of alabama birmingham upset ninth ranked iowa state.
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final there was 60-59. it has been a wild weird day in the ncaa. meanwhile, robert burton is in columbus, ohio with the maryland terrapins. what are the terps doing, robert? robert: well, let me start off by saying this first my photographer heard you reading the highlights and said, well, there goes my bracket. when he heard about all the upsets. a lot of 14s upsetting some threes. valpo will try to do the same thing against maryland tomorrow which is a fourth seed. they'll take on a team that's 28-5 overall. 13-3 in conference play. so don't let the 13th seed fool you. it's march and anything can happen. they'll be counting a lot on freshman melo trimble. the junior and most importantly senior dez wells. try to get the terps back to where the terps used to be. things like back-to-back final four appearances in the early 2000s, for example. earlier today, i went one-on-one with one of the big three, that's junior jake lehman. >> every team is in the tournament for a reason.
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and because they're all good teams. and i mean, we watched film today. they're very solid defensive team. rebounding team. their best player is the guy that you have to look out for. so yeah, i mean, we'll definitely be prepared for what's ahead. it should be a fun game. robert: if the terps lose then, i'm on a plane out of here by saturday morning. however, i want to enjoy my hotel room a little bit more. so let's hope the terps get the win. tim, back to you. tim: all right, robert. room service, baby! hey, meanwhile, georgetown plays the very last game of the day one. it will be tonight, the hoyas against eastern washington. 9:57 p.m. that game in portland, oregon. and for hockey fans, the caps play the wild in minnesota tonight while in baseball, geogonzalez and anibel sanchez each pitched two hit baseball today and each looked sensational. nats and tigers played a scoreless 10 inning game and in spring ball, that's it. it's over.
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scoreless tie. maureen: more to come. doug: here's an update on the advisory areas north and west of the city from before sunrise to 2:00 p.m. pink area, winter storm warnings. expect precipitation to move in the form of snow. early in morning for the rush. changing to rain during the day and ending. maybe an inch or so. grassy areas but roadways for the morning commute should remain just wet. a little more snow on the grass north and west and a lot more up in the mountains. steve rudin will be watching the latest computer model graphics. if anything, i think we'll maybe call for less than more. i think we're on target. i don't think it's going to be a big deal. but he'll have that and the updated snow prediction map when he joins you tonight at 11:00. maureen: maybe this will be the end of it all. doug: last snow of the season? i'd be a very happy boy. maureen: we all would be. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next.
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tonight, breaking news. the outrage on campus. the student claiming police went too far. his arrest caught on camera. his face bloodied. don't tonight, protests. students demand justice and the governor demands answers. bracing for impact. 40 million americans facing a major snowstorm. rob marciano here with the new warnings. museum massacre. isis claiming responsibility for that deadly terror attack. we are on the scene. tonight, security tightened at some of america's most famous museums. danger in the sky. a high-flying chase at 1,500 feet. two helicopters closing in on a drone. the federal government now on the case. and aabc news investigation. recalled cars with potentially dangerous defects sold to you unfixed.


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