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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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bered her as "a wonderful co-worker and dedicated employee." 23-year-old emily selke seen in this photo attended woodbridge senior high school where she graduated suma cum laude in the class of 2010. she went on to attend drexel university in philadelphia where she was on the executive board of a sorority. today, her sorority sisters posted this photo on their facebook page writing "emily always put others before herself and cared deeply for all those in her life." >> i'm still kind of shocked. i'll still kind of shocked. we're just a small little community. kevin: and today in a written statement, the selke family said our entire family is deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily. two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. at this point, it is still unclear why mother and daughter were on board that aircraft
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traveling from spain to germany. in nokesville kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, kevin. we have breaking news this hour coming in. u.s. military officials have just announced that bowe bergdahl will be discharged with desertion and mistreatment with the enemy. he was returned to the u.s. as part of a prisoner exchange last may. alison: for the first time today, we heard from the wife of a man found murdered in a d.c. hotel last month. and new details about the person of interest that police want to talk to. brianne carter is live in northwest with the new information today. brianne? brianne: alison new tonight, police are confirming the person seen here in this flyer described as a person of interest is in fact, a woman. one captured on this video here in this hotel behind us on 14th street northwest. now, this also comes as we're
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hearing as you mentioned for the first time from the wife of the man that was found dead inside this hotel room. today, speaking through tears, kim vuong spoke out about her husband, david messerschmitt. messerschmitt, a lawyer in d.c. was found dead inside the donovan hotel last month. shortly after his death, police released the video of the person they believe is a person of interest. today, messerschmitt's wife urged people to once again take a look at this video as she and her family tried to find out what happened to their loved ones. >> my husband and my best friend in one day i lost the most important person in my life. and the man that i loved so much. and i have no answers. brianne: police telling us today they are in fact continuing to search for answers in this case. they say this is a very active
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investigation. now, coming up today on abc 7 news at 5:00 what police also say they are looking into in this case. something new we've learned as they are trying to rule whether or not that was part of all of this. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: good question. national park service is blaming a federal funding shortage for neglect of the trails roads and visitors centers according to a report from the agency this week. the national parks center put off an estimated $11 1/2 billion worth of maintenance last year. the mounting maintenance concerns comes as the national park service is getting ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary in august of 2016. alison: let's turn to the weather now. we had another cool day out. but get ready we've been talking about this all week. we have a big warmup on the way. leon: enough talking about it. i want to see it. i think we all do. alison: we want to feel it. leon: doug hill talking about the 70's? doug: it's a possibility. i mean if i would ask you to line up behind me everybody that is sick and tired of the cold
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the line would go for miles. you're right, we have 70's in the future for a while. in the moment we're stuck in the 40's and low 50's outside of the belfort furniture weather center. let's show you a look at the numbers right now. 54 at reagan national. that sotherly wind will become our friend tomorrow because it's going to help boost temperatures. look just to the west. 65 degrees in petersburg west virginia now. only 52 at culpepper. 51 near andrews and 54 degrees right now at reagan national airport. for the evening, we'll be about 50 and get some sunshine in and out of the clouds. light south, southeasterly wind. tomorrow, everything changes for one day. we'll start the overnight or early morning hours with a chance of a little fog. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 clock in the morning. all this warm air to the west it's currently 73 in charleston. 77 in knoxville, tennessee. that warm wedge of air is headed here and we'll enjoy it in the afternoon. but by evening, another cold front could bring showers and maybe thunderstorms. a very busy weather forecast coming up for the next few days and i'll share it all with you
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in minutes. alison? alison: we'll see you then. thank you very much. it's no surprise of course to see pictures taken at all the various tourist attractions around the district. but one particular photo at the vietnam women's memorial is receiving plenty of criticism today. horace holmes is live near that memorial in northwest to show us this picture in question. horace? horace: alison if you haven't been down here this is the vietnam women's memorial. you can see it's very beautiful and very moving. now, let me show you the picture in question that was taken by the cleveland photographer matthew munson while he was on a visit here to washington, d.c. it shows children climbing on top of the memorial. well, we talked to a lot of people down here today and there are a lot of people across the country who have been reacting to this after he posted it on facebook. and we asked people today, do you think this is disrespectful or not to have kids climbing on the memorial? it's not unusual to see kids down here.
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this is what one person had to say. >> could just feel it walking through. see how much they had for all this and i don't think it's right. but kids will be kids. horace: like i said it's not unusual and we have a little group here that's stopped by to take a look at the memorial. for people to come down here and take pictures. coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll explain the circumstances behind that photo what led up to it. you want to hear that. we'll also hear what the parks service has to say about this and we'll hear more from people who have been visiting down here. reporting live at the vietnam memorial downtown horace holmes, abc 7 news. alison: ok horace. we want to know what you think about that photo. you can comment on our abc 7 facebook page. leon: a break in last month's shooting at frederick high school. police announced two arrests in the shooting that wounded two teenagers. john gonzalez has more now on
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the investigation. john: this afternoon, frederick county police say these are the young men who caused so much terror here at frederick high school back on february 4th. that night, there was a shooting out here in the parking lot while a basketball game was going on inside. police and school officials made the big announcement just moments ago and the commander-in-charge made it very clear this investigation is not over. they still want to do some follow-up interviews and there are possibly more suspects and more arrests. but today these two men are behind bars facing a grand jury indictment. 21-year-old brandon taylor and 19-year-old chandler davenport both live here in frederick. police say tyler was the shooter that night. davenport a co-conspirator who actually went into the school and lured students out. clearly, these students were targeted. police say they knew their attackers. two students were struck by gunfire. two school employees were forced to run and seek cover from the
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gunman. >> if you get involved in this criminal activity you can guarantee that we will aggressively identify and prosecute. john: the gun used in this shooting has not been recovered and police have reason to believe this was gang connected. we can tell you, school officials believe that their schools are safe in the county saying this afternoon "gangs are not school issues. they are community issues." in frederick, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. alison: police have filed charges now in a fatal stabbing in prince george's county. patrick hunter is being held without bail. police say hunter stabbed another man in the neck multiple times. it happened last night in an apartment on edundson road in greenbelt. the victim died at the hospital. his identity has not been released. leon: sweet briar college says its president and board members are not going to resign.
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they said allegations against the board were unfair and wrong. an alumni group called for jones and the board to resign on monday. they're trying to block the board's decision to close the private women's college at the end of this academic year. alison: switching gears new to a little bit of excitement. basketball fans around here still rooting for the only home team left in the ncaa tournament. leon: all of our hopes now are firmly placed on the shoulders of maryland women playing in the sweet 16. tim here with more on this. tim: sweet 16 indeed! neil sedaka style. it's even more than the sweet 16. it's duke and believe me when i say the rivalry is still alive and well. both teams are talking about it. they know the history and so for the 80th time it's duke and maryland for a big, big prize. the terps practiced in college park this afternoon and showered and headed west for spokane, washington for the game. the blue devils are number four seed and terrapins number one seed. duke holds an edge in the overall series.
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devils handed maryland their last acc regular season loss last year in the acc although the two teams had met only once in the 2-a tournament it was the national championship game which maryland won beating duke. >> a team that we're excited to play. we know very well. thrilled that we get to go across the country and play them on a neutral court. so that will be a nice thing. >> when i got recruited here all we heard about was the maryland-duke rivalry. it's adding so much intensity for this game. we're trying to get this win come saturday. tim: you know they know it duke. this game by the way is 4:30 saturday afternoon on espn. will be special! remember the national championship game? maryland won it with a three-ball at the buzzer. leon: oh, man. alison: wow. leon: don't jinx them ok? tim: no. are you looking at me? leon: i'm looking at you. tim: don't go to any nationals
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game this year. leon: tell obama not to pick them. alison: that's more like it. leon: all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 crackdown on capitol hill. why capitol police want you la lawmakers to cut down on the partying. >> his target was to kill me, i believe. alison: we are hearing from that woman shot in the head during a road rage incident. her message to the gunman who has not been caught. reporter: it's time for pothole palooza in d.c. this year, it promises to be smoother and faster. i'm stephen tschida. in a minute, i'll tell you in.
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leon: your trips through the district are about to get a lot smoother. a campaign to fix the city's growing potholes launched today. stephen tschida is live in southwest washington with what this year's pothole palooza is all about. hey, stephen? stephen: hey, leon. it is pothole palooza and officially launched today. this is what it's about. you can see we're right in the thick of it. we've been following a crew through southwest d.c. as they patch an array of potholes. now, this year why it's supposed to be smoother and faster, they are using new technology to better track the
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crews and pinpoint the potholes and they're also promising to get these potholes filled within 48 hours. not the usual 72 hours is what it usually would be the average amount of time before one was reported until they got it filled. this year, they expect it to be a bigger job than usual. we checked in with mayor muriel bowser and she explained why. mayor bowser: i've been the mayor for 10 weeks. i think it snow or rain or sleeted every one of those 10 weeks so we've attacked those weather incidences by treating the roadways. and we know that the cold to warming up to back to cold has wreaked havoc on the roads. stephen: we can see some of the results there. the effort to fill in the small ones and the big potholes. just in the past two weeks, before pothole palooza got under way, ddot filled more than 7,000 potholes and they expect to fill about 12,000 by the time they wrap things up.
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reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. and let's go ahead and get a check on the traffic situation at this hour. jamie sullivan is here with more. hi jamie. jamie: couple of problem spots and i want to focus in on what's adding to our congestion. we'll start off with actually the delays. mostly on the inner loop on the top side of the beltway, we average about 21 miles an hour through college park. here's what we've got a disabled vehicle adding to your normal afternoon congestion. as far as crashes, we did have one. this is good news. it was blocked all lanes. now we've got the two lanes blocked. 295 northbound. but a lot of our traffic in the afternoon is heading outbound southbound. so we're ok. it's just if you're trying to get into the district. as far as our volume yes we're seeing a lot of the afternoon delays. outbound on 395 we got a yellow line. same thing on 66 and that's through mainly the area arlington continuing to before the beltway and we're even seeing it as we push out past that. i want to focus in on this area
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for you, cabin john it is slow. we're only averaging 18 miles per hour on the inner loop. give you a good idea of how it's going to be. keep you updated on those crashes. that's a look at traffic. over to you guys. leon: thanks, jamie. alison: doug is here now to tell us about this nice warmup we've been anticipating. john: i have been whining nonstop about the cold and the damp. just tired of it! tired, tired. we get a break tomorrow one day and then it's going to get really cold by the weekend again. alison: one day. doug: that's it. let's get you started with the time lapse from the high school in aldi. if you live south and east of metro washington it's plenty of sunshine this morning. and the area of showers moved through. you can see it reflected on this portion of loudoun county and the skies brightened after a few sprinkles. fair amount of cloudiness around
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many parts of the area. 50 degrees in winchester. 49 in ashburn. only a couple hundredths of an inch of rain reported this morning. this is the deal. it's chuly out there this morning still. given the average high is close to 60 48 in gaithersburg. and 54 i'm sweating, at reagan national airport. our friend steve rudin is live at the tidal basin and has a springtime update on the cherry blossoms and where some springlike weather is happening. steven? steve: getting closer and closer to that peak bloom. right now, it's projected around april 11 to the 14th. when peak bloom occurs at least 70% of the thousands, actually 2,000 cherry blossom trees will be in bloom. before that, once we see at least 20% in bloom, that's when we'll call it the blooming time. look at the florets right now they're right over here. the buds are just beginning to form. about another 2 1/2 weeks to go before we see these really erupt. if your allergies are bothering you and a lot of folks already
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suffering from the tree pollen. now, in the high category you can see no need to worry about the mold. no need to worry about grasses and weeds. at least not yet. parts of the country dealing with severe weather. the mid portion of the country, missouri yesterday, they were looking at get this, golf ball sized hail. severe thunderstorms. and fortunately, most of this has now fizzled out. good news for us though, we're not going to look for anything really severe for the day tomorrow. we have a chance for thunderstorms come later in the day. more on that head back to doug hill. doug: thanks a lot. what we're looking at is very warm air west of the mountains. 73 in charleston west virginia. 75 in nashville. so that warm air will spread over our area tomorrow. as it approaches the morning, maybe a few patches of light rain. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and then the sun will shine. look at how much colder it is in chicago and minneapolis. cold air will come in and likely give us heavy downpours and maybe a few thunderstorms. our futurecast shows the timing here at 6:00 in the morning and
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some showers around the area. as we get through the day tomorrow, skies will brighten up considerably. by the afternoon, we should be partly sunny and breezy and warmer. here comes the cold front with showers and isolated thunderstorms. they'll move out and take good, old sweet time through the evening. friday morning, there could be a few lingering showers in the area. that too, will clear and mighty chilly air moves in for saturday. here's the next seven days for you. got to keep yourself safe looking at these numbers up and down. 74 and 54 for the friday. but i think it will clear on friday. saturday, it is going to be really cold. temperatures only 44 at best. we get through saturday night and sunday we go below freezing in many areas. sunday, only 50 with sunshine and then slowly start to get it back to make more sense here by monday, tuesday and wednesday. back to the 60 degree mark. alison: we're on that springtime roller coaster. doug: getting tired of it too! i'm whining again! alison: coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 "7 on your side" with a consumer alert today about a common item in home. how thieves are targeting
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victims through the yellow pages. reporter: we're in western maryland in garrett county and we've been invited along today with the department of natural resources. we got to show you what's going on down here right now. there is a mama bear a sow is what the scientists call it. she's been tranquilized and pulled out of her den. she had three cubs and what's going on right now she's being checked by a veterinarian from the maryland zoo in baltimore. she's got to get fixed with a new radio collar. we'll have a complete story on this coming up a little bit later on. you're going to want to see these bear cubs three of them about 2 months old at this point and just under eight pounds. we'll have that story coming up. leon: we're counting down to the start of the nats season. we're less than two weeks away from first pitch. stay with us!
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alison: we're back with a "7 on your side" consumer alert today. let your fingers do the walking. it's one of the best known slogans ever but the f.t.c. is warning that con artists are illegally billing under the yellow pages logo. as kimberly suiters found out, small businesses, churches nonprofits can all be tricked into paying money they don't owe. for 33 years, a specialty pet supply where you can find soul food for dogs.
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organic catnip. and made in america chew toys. >> they are the backbone of the country. kimberly: they support the independent store. a true mom and pop and son bombarded. by false claims from fraudsters. impersonating the power company, credit card company and most recently the yellow pages. >> $495.95 and that's a scam. kimberly: obviously because the fake yellow pages letter to the pet center in arlington, virginia to send money to outsource billing in a tiny town in bulgaria. that from google's street point of view. could use the cash. the second reason green said he suspected it was a scam, it's been more than 10 years since he paid $1,000 a month for yellow pages ad. ever since his customer said they could easily find him on the internet. but he found out some small businesses have fallen for it.
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>> people have paid the bill as a mistake where they passed it along to the person who pays it to take care of this. kimberly: and the bills are getting bigger, demanding thousands of dollars. that a small shop can't afford to lose. >> thank you very much! kimberly: in arlington, kimberly suters abc 7 news. alison: "7 on your side" reached out to the yellow pages spokesperson who called the situation "frustrating." he says they're alerting customers about the fraud. yellow pages, though advises you to check every invoice really carefully. they say bills will never come by fax. and they want you to report any suspected fraud to the f.t.c. leon: a special honor for a local county. which location topped the list of virginia's healthiest counties. alison: close call for a child after a car slammed into an apartment narrowly missing him. hear from his mother about this wild scene. reporter: is there too much partying going on inside the u.s. capitol?
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police seem to think so. they want to crack down on it. we'll
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alison: well u.s. capitol police have a message for lawmakers. this is somewhat unusual. not what you're expecting. and it's this. cut down on the partying at the capitol? leon: here's what the deal is. police say they're seeing growing numbers of parties around memorial day and the fourth of july.
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senior political reporter scott thuman is live at our capitol hill bureau. we assume he's not partying and he'll explain to us the reason for this request. scott, what's the word? scott: a little early in the day for that leon and alison. look, this is the letter that we're talking about from u.s. capitol police and the sergeant-at-arms among others that went out to top leadership here on the hill. what they're saying is those parties that you referenced that take place during and after big events like the memorial day concert and fourth of july day concert and the added screening that has to take place are really causing too many numerous challenges. now, essentially we're talking about a complaint in this letter and it's citing too many people that are difficult to keep tabs on in various parts of the capitol on those nights. there's a security issue and safety concern and police so blunt to say what's going on now could potentially prove embarrassing for congress. among the recommendations, move the parties that typically take place after the concerts on the west terrace and put them at the
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botanic garden which would be much easier for police to screen. and also limit who can get inside the capitol and bring their guests. they want to make sure that the only people that can get in are those who actually have offices there. not working around the capitol. those are just two of the recommendations. so how is this going over with the lawmaker and how much overtime is capitol police spending on just those two events alone? we're going to talk about that coming up tonight at 6:00. leon alison? leon: good deal. thanks, scott. alison: all right. leon: tomorrow folks are going to get a break finally from the coats and jackets but maybe not the umbrellas so much. alison: that's right. doug hill is here with details on this warmer weather ahead one day only right, doug? doug: we will take it. maybe a few showers in the morning and thunderstorms in the evening. during the day, a little feel and look and taste of spring. let's get you started here with a little look at the weather bug and live camera. this on the rooftop of allegheny high school. a lot of clear skies right now. as a matter of fact skies are
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clearing. that's only temporary. 48 degrees in gaithersburg. 52 in manassas. 54 in fredricksburg. fredricksburg, quantico and stafford right now, few light showers. explore those later. they're very temporary. big weather story is the temperatures. 54 in washington. 46 in charlottesville but in the lower 70's from charleston lexington, bristol, tennessee at 75. that's the warm area of weather that's coming here tomorrow. right behind it is the cold front. that's going to bring showers and thunderstorms. our visible satellite and here's the black background that gives you the best contrast. where you can see black off to the west is clear skies. so we've got some clearing. the day may start with a few showers early and then break into sunshine. hit 66 by midday. maybe 73 in many areas by afternoon. and then showers and storms. we'll talk about those timing impacts when we join you in the studio in just a few minutes from right now. alison? alison: see you then doug. thanks. it was a terrifying close call for a family in montgomery county. a car crashed into an apartment building narrowly missing a
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sleeping child. it happened last night in germantown. and jeanette reyes spoke with the child's mother. jeanette: glass and other debris is strewn across this area after a car jumped the curb and headed straight towards the bedroom window. a picture like this is worth 1,000 words and at least a few questions. around 10:30 last night montgomery county fire and rescue responded to a call involving a gold sedan and a damaged apartment building. her 12-year-old son was sound to sleep in the bed next to the window when suddenly he felt a loud crash that sent chips of paint flying into his face. the impact was strong enough to jolt him out of bed. bright car headlights shone into the room. everybody was shaken and confused.
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>> that car would have gone over a little bit more, i don't know. jeanette: the woman behind the wheel stopped by and apologized repeatedly to the mother but offered no explanation. she and the child were not injured in this accident although there is an ongoing investigation into what caused the woman to lose control of her car. reporting in montgomery county jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. leon: one person was killed in an accident in prince george's county. firefighters say a dump truck, s.u.v. crashed at branch avenue and moors road in brandywine around 10:00 a.m. one person was ejected and died at the scene. crews were called in because a fuel tank ruptured. branch avenue was shut down while police investigated. alison: about half-hour ago, we learned that the university of oklahoma has now agreed not to expel anymore students following the fallout of that racist fraternity chant caught on video. this comes as a former student caught leading that chant is
4:35 pm
claiming to meet with black civic leaders to personally apologize. state senator anastasia pitman says sigma alpha epsilon fraternity member levi petit called her to apologize and asked to meet. she arranged for him to meet today with black community leaders and to speak at a baptist church. leon: as police departments across the country find themselves reacting to accusations of racial bias a tulsa police officer is taking a proactive step to strengthen relationships there. bert mumalo explains what the officer calls an e racism program. reporter: like shock waves from an explosion of anger, the fallout from incidents such as ferguson have been felt all across the country. >> seemed like more and more people were just hating me because i wore a uniform. reporter: officer mike miller is a second generation cop and that hatred took a toll. >> it was really bothering me and i took a few days off
4:36 pm
because i needed to kind of figure this thing out. reporter: what he came up with was a bridge building program. >> got a couple of minutes? don't mind talking to me? reporter: where he randomly selects folks on the street. >> you are not in trouble. reporter: and simply talks to them as people. >> what i'm trying to do is create an environment where people don't judge people just because of the way they look. and maybe we can mend some of this hate. and move forward with more positive interactions. reporter: at the end of it, he asks for a souvenir. >> do you mind talk a picture with me? reporter: and those are posted on a facebook page. the name of which was thought of by a friend. >> he called it erasism and everybody seemed to like it. reporter: hate cannot drive out hate. only love can do that. a prescription from dr. king to be dispensed by anyone willing to try it. >> we all just took this job to help people. i know that sounds corny but it is for me. leon: during a ride-along, some
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members of the community were trying to see what was wrong when officer miller was talking to people. everything turned out ok. alison: in a "7 on your side" health matters now, arlington county has been ranked the healthiest county in all of virginia. that is according to a report that was based on factors including education, housing, and then of course diet and exercise. albemarle county came in second followed by fairfax, and york. counties that ranked lower have more smokers and more alcohol related deaths. leon: house republicans are proposing a new certification for foods that are free of genetically modified ingredients or g.m.o.s. a volunteer label would be similar to the organic label though they wouldn't be required to emphasize themselves as non-g.m.o. the proposal is part of an attempt to block a mandatory g.m.o. labelling effort under way. alison: it looks like d.c. is really becoming a hot spot for dogs. that's the word from the city's financial blog called district
4:38 pm
measured. it found that in 2014 d.c. issued double -- >> there was a big boom noise. alison: she says she is bruised but not broken. you'll hear from a woman shot in the head during a road rage incident as police search for the shooter. leon: and "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about telemarketing calls. why you can expect to get more of them this year than last year.
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alison: we are now hearing from a woman who was shot in the head last week in a road rage incident in houston. leon: police are still looking for the shooter. >> i'm still working on my balance and vision a little bit. and reporter: she's out of the hospital. she's bruised but not broken.
4:42 pm
>> trying to figure out was he mad before? i mean what did i do that honking at him you're cutting me off. i mean his target was to kill me, i believe. reporter: the horrific moments friday morning replays in her head over and over again. it was 7:00. she was on interstate 45 headed to work. >> the car cut me off. and i immediately out of reaction honked my horn. he pulled up on the side and he was coming in to pull over roll my window down when i sped up he sped up and maybe about 30 seconds later, there was a big boom noise. reporter: and then that man fires a shot right into kay's passenger side window. >> first, i blacked out. i got a little bit of sight to feel for my phone. reporter: thankfully she had just enough strength to call 911. kay hopes guilt is eating up the gunman. her message to him. >> i'm living here to tell people that i survived.
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and i'm sure it's probably killing him that i'm still alive. that's enough for me. for him to have that anxiety that it didn't work. leon: at this point, police don't have much to go on. let's stay outside for that one. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, an alarming study about teenage drivers. the warning that triple a wants parents to hear tonight. alison: and what's old is new again. new feature on facebook that will give you a glimpse into your past.
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alison: the wife of donald sterling is starting a new legal battle tonight. he was the owner of the l.a. clippers, of course, that was forced out of the organization after making racial slurs. now his wife shelly is going after the $2 1/2 million in gifts her husband gave to his girlfriend. she is accusing her of befriending and seducing sterling into giving away community property. leon: bad news about telemarketing calls. you should expect to get more on your phone this year than last.
4:47 pm
why? consumer reporter john materise shows you the reason and what you can do so you don't waste your money. john: the no call list is supposed to make telemarketing calls a thing of the past. since then unwanted telemarketing calls have gotten worse. thanks to robocalling and what's known as caller i.d. spoofing. you know the routine, your phone rings. >> hello? john: and it's an automated telemarketing call to sell you something you don't want. john: the federal trade commission says robocall complaints have skyrocketed lately receiving 300,000 complaints a month. >> it was one of those stupid robocalls. john: the f.t.c. blames technology for the surge of calls. at once over internet lines at virtually no cost. and from doesn't that stink file, the other trick that makes
4:48 pm
it easier is caller i.d. spoofing. that lets the callers hide the number on the caller i.d. or use a fake number. if you pick up and find it's a marketing call you'll say doesn't that stink? worse, if they call your cell phone, you use up minutes and could end up paying for the call. in the end, you may have to fall back on the tried and true idea of screening your calls. don't answer that way you don't waste your money. leon: 25 recordings have been added to our nation's audio legacy at the nation of congress. among them, joan baez's first solo album. the righteous brothers single "you've lost that loving feeling" and steve martin's wild and crazy guy comedy album. the best existing recordings of the songs will be preserved in a bunker. if you want to see the rest of the list head to our website at alison: facebook is giving you a glimpse into your past and the
4:49 pm
social network is rolling out the "on this day" feature. it lets you revisit old photos and status updates that you've shared with your friends. any content published on that date in the past will appear and users will have the option to reshare it once again. leon: ok. let's get back to our question of the day about a photo that's gone viral and sparked quite a bit of reaction. it shows children climbing on the vietnam women's memorial. alison: we want to know what you think of this picture and many have commented on our abc 7 facebook page. debbie sherman said they shouldn't be allowed to climb on any memorial. come on parents. leon: another took it easy on the parents. kids will be kids. chill out. alison: finally donna wrote disrespectful to all of us women who served. you can continue to join in on that conversation. just go over to our abc 7 facebook page. leon: all right. here's what's coming up next hour on abc 7 news at 5:00. virginia's governor takes action after the photo of a u.v.a. student left bloodied after
4:50 pm
being arrested by alcohol beverage control police. alison: why is brad bell cuddling up with a bear cub? we want to know that. pretty cute picture there. we'll explain what's going on there tonight at 5:00. leon: animal attraction came over him. doug: i'll guess the bear's mommy wasn't close by. alison: i hope not! leon: bad pheromones. doug: still excited about the possibility of hitting the lower 70's tomorrow. it's going to happen with some sunshine but then by tomorrow evening, we get our first round of showers and thunderstorms caused by a cold front and warm air. spring thing. see it a lot in the spring and summer. take a look at the u.s. naval academy weather bug h.d. camera in annapolis on the scenic river. a little view of sunrise. many people enjoyed some sunshine for a while this morning. cloud decks rolled through with the upper level disturbance, a little rain, few sprinkles and a few showers. it cleared out in some sections during the afternoon. most areas have a fair amount of cloudiness and even some patches of rain redeveloping and
4:51 pm
sprinkles, our live doppler radar shows a few showers north and west of the city. and back south of town moving through stafford county across the potomac into charles county. a few quick little splash and dash downpours and that's about it. tomorrow morning, we can see the same general area. metro area pick up a few patches of light rain in the morning and then we'll break into the sunshine. let's talk numbers. it's 50 in frederick. 48 in hagerstown and gaithersburg. just have the little shower. 53 in fredricksburg so the temperatures are well below average for late march. we will see the warmer air move in from the west. it's on the way. the leading edge of the warm air, maybe a possibility of a few showers in the morning. then we'll break into partly sunny skies and the winds will get gusty out of the south and that will literally transport the warmer air in. we'll climb lower 70's and then by tomorrow evening, the cold front attached to the system will come to pay us a visit. whether that -- when that does we'll see the showers and storms. a very warm wedge ahead of a
4:52 pm
cold front. we'll experience that tomorrow. look at these numbers. pretty impressive. 74 degrees in some spots. tomorrow afternoon but then 90% chance of evening showers and isolated thunderstorms. just a few leftover showers friday morning clearing late in the day and turning much colder on saturday back to winter time temperatures. even colder saturday night and sunday. sunshine and 50 and then dry weather with a modest warming trend monday tuesday and wednesday and i will take that. alison: modest warming is better than no warming. leon: we'll get a look at the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has more on that for us. hey, jamie. jamie: we're not seeing anymore problems than we're used to. through montgomery county typical with our slowing. this is the beltway near connecticut avenue. i want to talk speed. let's move to the maps giving you an idea through this stretch mainly through bethesda we're averaging about 19 miles per hour. as we continue on the inner loop a little bit closer to college park. earlier disabled vehicle just added to our afternoon
4:53 pm
congestion. right now, averaging about 14. let's move to d.c. so a crash had all lanes blocked. d.c. 295 northbound suitland parkway, everything now open. but you know, northbound is not where we typically see these delays in the afternoon. it's everyone heading out of the city so as you can see, we're still on the brakes. 395 heading out of the city same story for you. but i want to talk 95. so basically from the beltway continuing to the occoquan, you're going to average about 23 minutes. again, that is typical. let's take a live look for you on 66. show you what we've got heading out. this is near 123. congestion both sides but mainly everyone trying to get a little bit closer towards centreville. earlier crashes and disabled vehicles that we had gone. if you travel metro rail an earlier signal problem on the silver line. that's been wrapped up but residual delays near mclean. over to you. alison: thank you very much. speaking of driving, coming up next here at 4:00, important new study for parents and their teenage children who are drivers.
4:54 pm
how distractions play a much bigger role in teen driving accidents than previously thought.
4:55 pm
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leon: a new study finds that distraction behind the wheel plays a greater role in teen driving accidents than previously thought. alison: triple a wants the new study to be a wake-up call to teen drivers and their parents. reporter: the number one cause of teen deaths in the u.s., car accidents and these dash cam videos shows some of the possible reasons. these teens texting. putting on lipstick. adjusting the radio. a new study from the triple a foundation for traffic safety looked at nearly 1700 videos that captured teen drivers who knew they were being filmed just moments before a crash. it found in nearly 60% of the moderate to severe teen crashes they saw the distractions played a role. that's more than four times the rate that officials previously
4:58 pm
estimated based on police accident reports. >> we're hearing that our central findings of the study will make parents more aware of the magnitude of the problem and the potential for disaster. reporter: 44 states including massachusetts and the district of columbia banned text messaging for all drivers. but it's not just cell phones or technology that can be a distraction. officials say even just chatting in the car with friends can make a teenage driver lose focus. >> when you get two or three, especially three teenagers in the vehicle at the same time, bad things tend to happen. reporter: traffic safety groups say this new study should encourage states to consider laws restricting the number of passengers in cars driven by teenagers. as well as tougher laws on teenage drivers cell phone use. karen traverse, abc 7 news washington. leon: as investigators gather black boxes and the passenger list from that doomed jetliner reveals a local connection to the disaster and -- >> i don't think it's right. but kids will be kids.
4:59 pm
leon: what's wrong with this picture? a great deal when it's at the vietnam memorial. and time for a checkup. >> these animals are tolerant of people if we can learn to be tolerant of them. leon: the department of natural resources in a mission in the maryland mountains. brad bell goes along with the annual tagging of the bears. alison: tonight, french investigators are trying to get some of the audio from the cockpit voice recorder of that plane that crashed in the alps tuesday. as we learn there were two northern virginia women on board. leon: 150 people died when germanwings flight 9525 from barcelona to dusseldorf crashed into a mountain. they all hailed from at least 15 different countries. bulk of them 72 from germany. another 35 were spanish. four countries had three citizens on board including the u.s. kevin lewis live in prince william county tonight where yvonne and emily selke lived.
5:00 pm
kevin? kevin: well, leon and alison this international story has become very local. very real for residents along this wooded cul-de-sac. the long black top driveway behind me leads to the selke family home. tonight, there are a number of cars parked near the garage. loved ones grieving inside at this hour. yvonne selke worked at booz allen hamilton for the last 23 years. she was a government contractor assigned to the national geospatial intelligence agency. her daughter 23-year-old emily selke seen in this photo attended woodbridge senior high school where she graduated suma cum laude in 2010. she went on to drexel university where she was on the executive board of the guama sigma sigma sorority. today, her sorority sisters posted this photo writing "emily was an integral part of our growing chapter. she always put others before herself and cared deeply for all in


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