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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  April 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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make those mistakes. in the penalty. >> and put one of the best free-throw shooters in the game on the line. green, his first personal. green green, a really talented defender. that time, not a smart decision. >> you're fighting for your lives and need extra effort plays. how about griffin attacking the offensive boards. upset. matt barnes felt like it was contact and it certainly was. diaw grabbed the right arm of blake griffin. >> paul 8 for 8 from the line. 26 points 6 assists. what a big bounceback game for chris paul. clippers have made their last ten free-throws. mills to green.
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leonard. green, a three. griffin rips down his 15th rebound of the game. danny green has struggled tonight -- or this afternoon. 0-5 from downtown. paul a crossover. pulls up puts it in. chris paul giving the clippers an 11-point lead. >> great shot by paul and excellent screen by davis to force the switch and allow paul to get the separation. >> davis guarding duncan. draws the foul. duncan's shot misses. and he'll shoot, too, with 4:13 remaining. >> just an outstanding screen. forces the switch. great crossover. a little stepback by paul. well documented. how good a mid range shooter he is. >> with his fourth foul.
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davis's numbers he only has two points. >> he's played great. doc rivers has gotten great play from his bench. austin rivers jamal crawford and glenn davis. his defense against tim duncan and energy and effort has been stellar. >> from back in their days in boston together. as davis spent four years playing for the celtics. nine-point clipper lead as we get to 4:00 remaining. what a critical game for l.a. chris paul again! 30 points for chris paul! >> just not fair. handling the basketball and getting to his spot and making big shots. >> patty mills pulls back a three pointer and griffin again, another rebound. >> as a coach, you don't need anything fancy. put it in your best player's hand and let him do what he does
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best. >> j.j. redick from downtown. it's a 14-point lead. largest of the game. >> it is the chris paul show right now. >> duncan finds diaw. quick shot. misses. diaw gets it back as davis couldn't handle it. belinelli. griffin again hauls one in. fouled by duncan. 17th rebound for blake griffin. 20 points and 6 assists. >> you look at chris paul getting into the seams, making plays. help comes. redick knocks down the shot and time to dance. the look away shake move. mama there goes that man. >> that man also you saw him getting out his teammates were throwing in some off words not afraid to get after them as griffin will go to the line. duncan picked up his fifth foul.
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paul was playing with five fouls down the stretch. >> what a critical game for the l.a. clippers to try and even this series up at two games apiece. deandre jordan played well. but because the hack-a-shaq strategy right now on the bench. >> two all-stars, griffin and paul coming up big here this afternoon. still 3:08 remaining. what a difference a game makes. >> yeah. down 14. puts both point guards in. >> griffin misses a pair. leonard fires a three. leonard. that cuts it to 11.
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griffin can't get it to paul. he got bumped by his own man. it was davis who bumped into him. patty mills to matt bonner. back out to mills. extra pass. leonard again, back to back threes for leonard! and it's an eight-point game. 26 points for leonard. griffin to redick. >> you don't want to try to milk too much time. you got a good opportunity take it. >> paul. soft touch misses. duncan to rebound. two minutes remaining in an eight-point game. leonard, two-pointer. line drive short.
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griffin with yet another rebound. 19 boards for blake griffin. and they foul chris paul who has not missed a free all afternoon. trying to tie this game series. >> announcer: espn's nba playoffs on abc brought to you by we're back. and michelin a better way forward.
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and we'll cut your rate plan in half. switch now and we'll pay whatever it costs for you to come to sprint. to win a tough game on the
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playoffs you need your two best players to have an impact. blake griffin. beautiful bank shot. keeping the ball alive. matt barnes with the finish and it's been the cp-3 show. certainly has been aggressive. dancing with thebasketball. that's indefensible and make plays for your teammates. that's how you make guys better. j.j. dynamite over the play making ability of chris paul. >> paul coming off his worst playoff performances in game three. seven points six turnovers. so unlike a player who leads the nba in assists to turnover ratio. he's been perfect from line. seven assists and two turnovers here this afternoon. and it's under 2:00 so doc rivers inserts deandre jordan back in. blake griffin will most likelyuarding
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leonard who is at the four now for the spurs. >> lead back to 10. patty mills fake finds leonard. leonard back another three. duncan tips it. rebound, redick. redick throws it out. nearly saved but right to duncan who puts it up and in! crawford, good hustle to save it but threw it right into the paint of the spurs. it's an eight-point game. jordan has got to get rid of it for the clippers sake. they don't want a foul ball. griffin finds jordan wide open. seventh assist for blake griffin. and a ten-point game with just over 1:00 left. >> good job by deandre jordan putting himself in position for the catch and finish. >> leonard back out to green.
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green, a contested three. won't go. jordan to rebound. spurs really need to foul down by ten. you've got three of the top free-throw shooters in the nba on the floor in crawford paul and redick. duncan has just fouled out. >> this was a great response by the l.a. clippers. you know sometimes teams beat themselves like -- but san antonio did not beat themselves tonight. they were outplayed by a tremendous team who played with an incredible edge. >> desperation right from the opening tip. obviously not wanting to fall behind. three games to one which would put them in a spot where they're beyond the brink of elamimination and have to win three straight just to keep their season alive as crawford hits the free-throw. thursday espn begins coach of the nfl draft from chicago. it begins thursday at 8:00
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eastern. the nfl draft presented by bows. >> mike it started with chris paul. after game three, his approach, he owned the fact he had to play better. he's got to be more aggressive and set the tone. your best players when they put the pressure on themselves it makes life easier for everybody else and he has responded. >> another made free-throw back up to 12. joseph out to bonner. belinelli is fouled. can't believe the foul on belinelli's attempt. >> if you're the clippers the worst thing you can do is think going back home it's going to be fine. the spurs are coming after them. >> i think so muc is made of we're going to go home and have our fans behind them. well that may help you down the stretch of a game but you got
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to do the work. just like they didtonight. they did the work. and even when the spurs got ahead, you could see that they were playing with a great spirit and san antonio is a five-time champion because they too, will respond and i think play well, but if the clippers play like this and chris paul is this good and blake griffin is this good it's going to be hard to beat them. >> how about the contributions of austin rivers? with 16 points in 17 minutes off the bench. he was 7-8 from the field. a bench that has struggled at times this season for l.a. paul again putting on the finishing touches of a masterpiece. 34 points and 7 assists. after two bad defeats they let one slip away in game two. got hammered in game three. the clippers respond with a
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terrific team effort. as spurs won't coming off their worst playoff loss in franchise history, the clippers respond with a critical victory and this series tied now at two games apiece. a magnificent performance from chris paul. >> blake griffin also huge with 20 points 19 rebounds and seven assists. deandre jordan had 14 rebounds and 4 blocks. as we mentioned, austin rivers with a big performance. right now chris paul with lisa. >> thank you, mike. chris, how much did your son's assessment of how you played friday night impact how you played tonight? is. >> he would probably take the credit when i get home. you know this was a total team
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effort. game ball goes to austin rivers. this is his first playoffs. what he did out there, it really just motivated our team. it's a hell of a game by austin man. >> what was the difference tonight? what was different about this game? >> our tempo. our defensive pressure was a lot better. started with our first unit and a tough place to win. it's good. now we're coming back home. we're going to need all our clippers fans on -- what's today? sunday. tuesday we need you all. >> what was different in your game? >> a little bit more aggressive. all my teammates, my brothers and dad have been telling me how passive i've been. >> now back to l.a. you have got home court advantage back. who has the momentum now? >> nobody. it's 2-2. that team doesn't matter if they play at home or on the road. they're going to play the same way. we got to be ready for another dog fight on tuesday. >> congratulations on the win.
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mike. >> this one will go at least six games. so they will return to san antonio. paul mentioned they'll be back at the staples center tuesday night. golden state, memphis will try to go for a sweep as houston will tonight. the clippers and the spurs in what is the most compelling first round matchup all tied at two games apiece. a superb response with a 114-105 victory. for producer tim corgan and mark jackson and our entire abc crew thanks for watching here on abc home of the nba finals. stay tuned, the studio up after th
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♪ ♪ when the los angeles clippers have been down two games to one they have n
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come back to win that series. 0-7 in franchise history. what do you always say. it's got to happen some time right? we shall see. the most important game in clippers franchise history was game four. the clippers got it done. this thing is all tied up. welcome back to our nba studios in los angeles. let's recap this game quickly starting with the man that chris paul gave the game ball to austin rivers. became to play for his father. has taken criticism but he showed up. >> he has and he's going to be the headline and rightfully so. the story are the pillars. that's chris paul and blake griffin. chris paul they both have single digits in scoring. you knew they were going to come back and erupt today. the way he was able to control the game constantly with his penetration. the best mid range shooter we have going in the league.
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a passer. how about he's the only player in the history of the nba to average 20 points and nine assists for his playoff career. you knew that guy was going to show up and he did leading the way. >> you hear me talk about the nba and being a first quarter game. the clippers won the game because their bench is not playing from behind. they're play with the lead. the last two games they got behind. today it was tied at the first. that quarter gave the bench a chance to be successful. they weren't playing behind. so big baby comes in and knocks down the jumper. plays good defense. jamal crawford the give and go there. the foul. he had 15. austin lives, here he goes he had 16. 33 points for their bench. 39 for san antonio. minus six. that's a win for the clippers because they have been outscored by 67 points from their bench. kudos. i'm with you. the tone was set by chris paul. >> on the road versus the
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this was the scene in boston involving the injury to kevin love. about 5:30 left in the first quarter. he gets tangled up and sprints off the court. a dislocated left shoulder. going back to cleveland with his arm in a sling. we'll get more images on monday. right now with the dislocated left shoulder doug and jaylen, chances of him playing in game one or even further in the series? not good.
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how does this act the team. >> big time. let's say they're playing against chicago. they play kevin love as a five. as a stretch four and lose rebounding. a big loss. >> they do not beat the chicago bulls without kevin love. this is major for the cleveland cavaliers. >> will we see kevin love back in a cavs uni? >> i don't think so. stay tuned. >> a big injury. we will see how it plays all out. "world news" or your local news is next except on the west coast. thank you for watching. we will see you next sunday.
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kellye: peaceful protests, and now the celebration of a life. the hundreds that turned out for freddie gray's wake. a grisly find on a golf course. the information that the police need to uncover after finding a body inside of a burning car. and a huge weight lifted. the d.c. man with ties to nepal and how he cannot be happier now. the news at 6:30 starts now. >> now abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. kellye: last night, the storm today the calm. in baltimore, 33 people were arrested. the inner harbor


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