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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this street corner screaming yelling at police. police held their ground. at least one man was pepper sprayed. now we saw the suspect's gun lying on the ground. and we were there when police approached with their hands behind their backs. in a submissive body posture to tell this crowd what they say happened. it actually did diffuse some of the tension that was going on at that very moment. but what this speaks to what this incident which flared up and then has settled down showed is that there is still a lot of tension in the city. a lot of anger. people happy that there were charges brought against the six police officers. but they are on edge and ready to accuse the police of just about anything if they get word of it. i mean they are screaming and yelling, there are shirts, profane shirts that people are wearing, you know, with profanity directed at police. just standing there giving them the finger.
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there were young men who had rocks in their hand ready to throw them. they put them down. the good news is the scene has diffused for the most part and traffic is now flowing on north avenue again. back to you. leon: all right, brad. you got it. we will get back to you in a bit now. now turn to the weather here. we change gears here. the calendar says spring. it feels more like summer outside, though. alison: it does. leon: a very warm day outside today. many of us putting the a.c. to good use today. alison: more like june than may. >> big changes are coming as always. chief meteorologist doug hill is here to explain those. doug: every few years we have a chilly early spring. just like that we jump into a summer pattern. that is what we are experiencing right now. let's get to the sums to tell you the weather -- summer and tell you the weather story. 82 degrees at reagan national. gusty breeze from the south. it's 83 in washington-dulles. 83 in baltimore.
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we will have an enjoyable evening here. the temperatures weather wise drop to the 80s and 70s with plenty of sunshine. in the next couple of days we will stay fairly warm. drop to 65 at night. back to lower 80's at times but the weather pattern will be handled and pretty much directed the next couple of days by the cold front to the north and west of the area. high pressure to the east over the ocean is responsible for the warmth of the sunshine. the front in the next couple of days could give us pop-up afternoon thunderstorms. but through this all, it will stay well above average. we will look forward to the weekend in a few minutes. leon: you got it, doug. in the meantime, we move to new development in a shooting at texas that left two gunmen dead and the security guard hurt. the investigation is now spanning all the way from texas to phoenix. abc's marsy gonzalez explains why this could be considered a possibly terror attack. >> reporter: wearing body armor, two men were intent to
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attack an event in texas where performing arts artists gathered for the award to depict the prophet muhammad. after they shot unarmed security guard seen here on facebook in the leg, another officer returned fire, killing both suspects. >> there were a bunch of gunshots. reporter: later learning a suspect convicted in the 2010 investigation tweeted this with the #texasattack a half hour before the attack began. alleged members of isis sent messages to call for attacks against the contest hosted by american freedom defense initiative known for its anti-islamic views. >> this is an assault on the freedom of speech. very much like the jihad slaughter. reporter: the f.b.i. spent the day confirming there were no
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bombs in the suspect vehicle and searching in the apartment simpson and the other suspect shared in phoenix for evidence and any indication of a terror connection. the f.b.i. believes the other suspect was his roommate in the phoenix apartment complex. agents and the bomb squad spent the morning searching their home with the investigation ongoing there and at the scene in texas. marcy gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: the state is reviewing virginia alcoholic beverage control board today. a 20-member panel held the first meeting in richmond to examine the abc law enforcement activity. the panel was put together after arrest of johnson in march. johnson ended up with a bloody head wound after being arrested in charlottesville. leon: five new speed cameras up and running in the district. there is now a 30-day warning period. you will slide for the next 30 days but after that the violators will be ticketed. they are in the 700th block of
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maryland avenue. 2600 block of wisconsin northwest. 4400 block of reservoir road near northwest. 2400 block of 18th street northeast. and 3000 block of pennsylvania avenue southeast. be careful. alison: well, you can add two more names to the growing list of candidates running for white house in 2016. carly fiorina and dr. ben carson formally announced they are joining the race. our political reporter is live with a closer look at the candidates. hey, scott. scott: these are two interesting additions to the race. for significant reasons. neither ben carson nor carly fiorina have ever held elected office. but that does not mean that they can't play significant roles in this upcoming election. here is why. despite the fact that the polling is currently low dr. ben carson of course, the retired famous neurosurgeon now the only african-american candidate. he adds instant diversity to
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the g.o.p. options. an outspoken critic of president obama. that is one area his voice will carry a lot of weight. carly fiorina, the former hewlett-packard executive can more easily and more comfortably perhaps attack hillary clinton than a male candidate might be able to do. both of them saying they might lack the political experience but that is a benefit, because that is not, they claim, what people want. ben: i'm probably never going to be politically correct because i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. politicians do what is politically expedient. and i want to do what's right. carly: somehow we have come to a place in the nation's history we think we need a professional political class. i don't believe that. i will tell you as i have been out there across the country people don't believe that either. scott: the roster gets a lot bigger. tomorrow we have another candidate jumping in the race. we will tell you who that is
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and how he has had quite a bit of success in the past. so he shouldn't be overlooked. leon: all right. thank you, scott. all right. we'll see. it will be really interesting now. something else getting interesting. hockey fans. all right, folks. getting ready to turn out to the verizon center tonight right now big-time rocking the red. tonight will be the rule of the evening here. the rangers coming to town for the first of a three-game series in washington. alison: this is a big night. the sports director tim brant is live at verizon with a look ahead. hey, tim. tim: absolutely! the phone booth takes center stage tonight in game three of the best of seven series between the rangers and the capitals. the caps took game one. what a donnybrook in game two. the series tied at all one game apiece as they come to the verizon center. tonight should be special. >> guys are excited. tim: the capitals are back on home ice thins the thrilling
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game seven win over the islanders. >> it will be nice to get kind of in our atmosphere, comfort zone and stuff like that. come out hard. tim: the capitals one game one at the rangers only to have new york then prevehicle in game two -- prevail in game two. >> it gave us a good understanding. if we lose a game, we need to get the next one. tim: now a sense of -- >> desperation. i'm not wanting to lose two games in a row. >> the caps are calling on you, the fans, to make the phone booth shake. may madness on ice. >> everybody going to the game knows how important they are and how much we need them to get us going. we feed off of good energy. the louder, the better for us. tim: playing with a sense of urgency. desperation is a key tonight. game three is apy to game. home game for the caps. they are trying to take the advantage in the series. back to you. leon: okay. all right, man. fingers are crossed. alison: yep!
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exciting. thanks, tim. leon: see you in a bit. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a verdict in the trial of a police officer caught on camera assaulting a high school student. the ruling issued today and what is next for the officer. alison: "7 on your side" consumer alert coming up as well. thieves finding a unique way to affect your computer to try to get hundreds of dollars from you. what you need to know to keep your electronics safe. >> that is so cute! leon: okay. we are finally learning the name of the newest royal baby. alison: i've been waiting. leon: i know you have. here are some of the reactions that the local viewers posted on social
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leon: check out that scene. taking part in a london hyde park in a gun salute for the newest member of the royal family. charlotte elizabeth diana born on saturday. alison: her name wasn't announced until this morning. we explain why some say the baby's name is very special. reporter: the guessing game is over. her name is princess charlotte elizabeth diana. for the royal buzz out there
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her official title is your highness princess charlotte of cambridge. >> [screaming ] >> that is so cute! oh my gosh. >> a beautiful name. >> yes. charlotte elizabeth. >> reporter: it's true in naming the new royal, they are sticking to tradition while playing tribute to william's late mother diana. elizabeth is of course after the queen. charlotte is the feminine form of charles, her grandfather prince charles. >> it's super cool. a new princess for the family. it's a nice moment. reporter: the new baby is fourth in line to the throne. seen here over the weekend while visiting the little princess for the first time, much like his dad's visit 30 years ago. uncle harry, by the way, in australia, congratulated william and kate on the phone saying in a statement, "she is
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absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to meet her." the new parents, now that the world met the little one they plan to spend quiet time in their country home where the queen is also set to meet the princess for the first time. in new york, abc7 news. leon: do you approve? alison: i love it. beautiful. leon: no chance of there ever being a queen shaniqua. alison: you don't know that. leon: i lost the pool on that one. shortly after the princess' name was announced many of you weighed in on the abc7 facebook page. alison: we asked what you thought of the name. a lot of you approve saying --
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alison: you can join the conversation going to the abc7 facebook page. leon: performed by a lightsaber, that would be appropriate. alison: bad image. leon: you don't like that? alison: no. speaking of children today the usda released money for cost of raising a child. leon: for 50 years they have tracked housing, food transportation, and clothing. the agency says the total cost increase each year and now tops $245,000 from birth to age 18. alison: economists say child care pushed the total significantly. when the study first took place it accounted for 2% of the cost of raising a child. now it's up to 18%. jamie sullivan, you are about to get married. you have to think about these
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numbers. jamie: i will think about the wedding first. those numbers are coming back. i keep doing the morning thing. this afternoon i want to focus on something we had this morning. i'm tying it in. this morning we had the issue right near the water gate complex so virginia avenue blocked off because of a building collapse that happened last week. it's in this stretch on virginia avenue between rock great parkway and new hampshire avenue. it was blocked off earlier this morning and it continues eastbound that it is blocked off. we move the focus on 66, the commute in right now, a little bit congested on the eastbound stretch just before lee highway. the issue is an accident. we have a lane blocked so you can see the yellow starting to build. move to take a look outside, i will show you what we have on 66. the commute closer to west moreland street. this is congested heading outbound. let's move to talk about 66 closer to the vienna metro. it's typical for the congestion heading out of the city. no issues to worry about on
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the g.w. parkway. an earlier crash cleared away. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: good deal. we will check back with you and see how it's shaping up. alison: picture-perfect day. gorgeous. >> some times we're shivering and other years we're in the 80s. we will see plenty of day in the upper 70s to low 80s. what you see right now is a live look at the chesapeake beach resort on the bay. a little breeze up there in the bay. you can see the movement there along the docks. the fishing boats in for the day. going go out again in the morning, i'm sure. it is that season. low 80s to middle 80's ray cross the region. 86 is a warmer location. winchester at the moment. i don't know about that 88 in frederick seems a little warm. 83 at reagan national and andrews air force base. southerly winds are strong. these are sustained winds. gusts are higher. but a breezy and warm and
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sunny monday around the entire region here. as we get through the rest of the an and evening, we will hang on to mostly clear skies. fair weather clouds out there. they will dissipate tonight. high pressure offshore pumping in the warm air providing the clear skies. this frontal system is slowly going to work south and east for the next couple of days to set the stage for isolated showers or thundershowers tomorrow afternoon and early everything. then again on wednesday. as we get through thursday and friday all the attention is dropping to the south. this front will become a nonstarter and wash out. it will still be warm with a chance of afternoon shower or tomorrow. as indicated here and on wednesday. we get through wednesday night and thursday, computer models suggest it's a decent size storm center to develop off the florida coast and drift to the south carolina coast. not a tropical system but potentially a lot of rain. the thinking is it will stay in place or dissipate as the high pressure comes back from the north. a lot of questions. so the next few days, three or four days look pretty good. beyond that, we are going to
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take a wait-and-see attitude to see what happens down there. but for tomorrow it looks beautiful. sunshine through the day. we get to the late afternoon and evening. isolated showers and thunderstorms in the middle 80's. upper seventies for the day on wednesday. 40% chance of shower or storm. for the moment we go dry weather and cooler. upper seventies to near 80. then warmer over the weekend. slight chance of showers saturday afternoon. alison: we'll take it. leon: looking good. alison: thank you. still to come on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 is on your side" with health matters about your skin and the sun. a local dermatologist is here with how to stay safe outside. leon: sign up to receive text alert about weather, traffic breaking news. go to enter your cell phone number there. we'll keep you posted on everything that we learn here. "abc7 news at 4:00" will be right back after the
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leon: now with "7 on your side" health matters. we have a long stretch of nice weather coming your way. today is known as melanoma monday. today is which awareness is raised about the deadliest form of skin cancer. alison: we can't to sit outside and feel the sun but we need to feel about the best ways to protect the skin while out there. joining us is dr. elizabeth
4:23 pm
tamsy. a local dermatologist. in addition to that you are a two-time melanoma survivor. you can really speak to this topic. what is your biggest piece of advice for everybody heading into the sunny months? doctor: as we head to the sunny months it's important to note, the effects of sun are cumulative. you want to not only protect yourself with sun screen and protect your family but also you want to be thinking about wearing sun protechtive clothing and getting in the shade. sun screen is good but it's not 100%. in may we designated as cancer awareness month. today is melanoma monday. we want to highlight this is the deadliest skin cancer. leon: what is sun protective clothing? doctor: spf 50 or above. you can put it on and wear it all day -- leon: like flanel? doctor: there are great fibers. they're cute.
4:24 pm
they look like lieu lie -- lululemon. i wear them all the time. the key is not only prevention by avoiding exposure but it's cancer causing it's a carcinogen. you need to protect yourself from the sun. but early protection is important. as dermatologists we talk about get familiar with your skin. you need to be looking at it on a regular basis. if you notice moles that are changing in size, shape or color you want to get them checked out by a board-certified dermatologist. alison: you are a doctor and you said you had no family history of melanoma and yet you had two different occasions you were dealing with it. doctor: i had no family history. but my risk is i went to tanning salons when i was younger. that is a key bit of information we as dermatologists try to get out there as well. there is no safe base tan. tanning salons are not safe. we know now they cause skin cancer. they are to skin cancer as cigarettes are to lung cancer.
4:25 pm
we need to get the point out there. leon: yeah. but would you give me the same advice you give her? because brothers and sisters? we feel like we are protected. we are built for the sun so this doesn't happen for us. right? doctor: you have a lower risk of skin cancer than caucasian skin it's not zero. we do recommend full skin exams because sometimes it can happen on the feet, on the fingernails. there are different areas that skin of color can get it. it's important. on the feet. leon: how? doctor: it's not sun-related. it doesn't have to be sun-related all the time. it's important if you notice any lesion changing size shape, color on your fingernail, toenail, anywhere. it is important to talk to a board certified dermatologist. alison: there you go. we learned something on mel knowna monday. -- melanoma monday. leon: now i'm terrified. alison: nice to see you. leon: i appreciate that. alison: good to see you. leon: still ahead here at 4:00, a police officer caught on camera assaulting a
4:26 pm
student. we learns his fate in court. learn what is next in the case for him. alison: an emotional day in court for the boston bomber. learn what brought him to tears. we'll be
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00" on your side. leon: a prince george's county police officer has been found guilty of assaulting a suitland high school student. officer charles pickard will be sentenced in july. john gonzalez shows us the
4:29 pm
surveillance video that played a role in the case. john: we received the video this afternoon and want to show it to you. prince george's county police officer charles pickard found guilty. the judge saying that the officer was stupid and had an error in judgment. this stems from an incident in 2013. officer pickard working at a resource officer at suitland high school is seen on the surveillance video punching the student in the hallway just as classes were letting out. the judge saying he carefully went through the video frame by frame. during the trial, the officer claimed the 17-year-old student had a mask on, was carrying marijuana and threatening him. at one point in the video, you could see the officer get down in a prayer formation. the judge believed all of that was false. in fact, the only thing that the teen had in his pocket was earbudds. the officer recklessly put his police belt with his gun and baton on the ground during
4:30 pm
school hours and then lays out the teen with one punch to the head. >> i want to just thank the state and the judge for making a good decision. i want to thank everybody for believing in me. >> what in our mind is most egregious about the assault in this case is it occurred in a school. this young man in our mind was a child. he deserved to be protected. we are really satisfied that the officer in this case will be held accountable. john: again, officer pickard found guilty of second-degree assault which carries at least ten years in prison. he will be sentenced july 2. in upper marlboro, john gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: we have new details this am about an overnight shooting in southeast washington that killed a virginia man. police identified the victim of michael marshall jr. of fredericksberg. they say he was shot on ridge road after midnight.
4:31 pm
marshall died at the scene. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a teenage boy is being treated after being struck by a car in montgomery county this morning. it happened around 8:00 a.m. in front of holy cross hospital on forest glen road in silver spring. a fire spokesman said the boy was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. leon: all right. turning to the weather now today. i must say this is the first day that i actually really thought about summer. alison: around the corner. leon: we have been waiting for spring. we got it. today is the first day i thought about forget spring. time for summer. alison: it feels like it today. unfortunately, though, we have to get the umbrellas ready to use soon as well. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the forecast. hi doug. doug: he low. low to mid-80's. the average high is 72. we have temperatures now reminiscent of late june in the area. showers/thundershowers possibility late afternoon on
4:32 pm
wednesday. take a look what we have weather wise around the area. 83 at reagan national airport. 87 in fredericksberg. 84 in downtown baltimore. now as far as the numbers go, we just took a look at when the last time we hit 85. we couldn't do that at reagan national today. it was last september. september 27 at reagan. 11 ath b.w.i. 11 at dulles. it is possible to hit the 85-degree mark. we will be close to that as well for the next couple of days. this evening is warm, comfortably warm with a bit of a breeze. the nats' first pitch will be close to 80 degrees and it will slowly fall through the 70's. tomorrow a beautiful day but by mid-to-late afternoon warming up to perhaps as high as 86 degrees. there is 40% chance of showers or thunderstorming popping we could replay the scenario on wednesday. we look to the rest of the week and the weekend in a couple of minutes. alison: see you then doug. a virginia lawmaker is
4:33 pm
considering changes after a "7 on your side" i-team hidden camera investigation exposed a legal but stunning practice involving toe -- tow truck drivers. leon: our investigator joce sterman is live with what they found when they went undercover. tell us about it. joce: we want to show you how it works. i'll start a stopwatch. we are at zero. this starts with this sign that says you have to be parked in the shopping center or you might be towed. the problem is there is a lot of confusion about the lot. people park over here when they are really headed to this building down the way here with the bricks on it. they take a little bit of a walk. maybe a hundred yards. while they are heading this way, talking with their friends, planning their lunch there is a guy back in the parking lot. they call him a spotter. the second you get off of this property, he is going to flag the tow truck and he will be in here in just a matter of moments. we have not only heard about
4:34 pm
this from you the viewers we have also seen it ourselves with the hidden camera investigation. we know how quickly it can happen, guys. once you get to this point right here, that spotter will make a call. the tow truck will roll in. it happens as fast as 52 seconds if you can believe it. we showed that to a northern virginia lawmaker. now he is calling for changes. >> but this clearly tops the cake. i have never seen anything this bad and this does seem to be something that the state ought to look into. maryland has already looked to this and made spotting an illegal process but it's being fought in court. now the delegate is considering something for the legislature. we have to wait to see what happens. but we have another twist on the story. the video of britt mchenry, we asked the towing company to respond and minutes later the
4:35 pm
video went viral. we will tell you about that at 11:00. alison: we'll see you then. thank you. boston marathon bomber showed emotion for the first time today. this is as his relatives testified at his trial. five of dzhokhar tsarnaev's relatives from russia are here in the u.s. to show a different side of the convicted bomber. his aunt was the first to take the stand and that caused him to cry. his cousin said he was a warm child. she categorically rejects what he did but says he is part of the family. a jury will decide whether he faces the death penalty. a new york city police officer shot in the head in an unmarked car over the weekend died. brian moore has been in a coma. black has been arrested in the shooting and is facing several charges including attempted murder. leon: two former aides of new
4:36 pm
jersey governor chris christie pleaded not guilty in federal court today. they were accused of creating splitticly motivated traffic jam on the george washington bridge. that incident known as "bridge-gate." former important authority official implicated them and if convicted they could each face 20 years or more in prison. alison: coming up at 4:00 -- an alert for metro riders today. the major project that will affect one station for years. >> i am your virtual assistant. leon: well it's something that many of us hear every day on the iphones. but now find out about the woman who is the voice of
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leon: despite the text buzz the apple watch is on track to be the company's second flop in a row. they cut the shipping estimate by 23% to only 31 million sold. the initial interest in the new apple watch is only 20% of what the initial interest was in the iphone. that is the second straight early flop for the company following apple pay last year.
4:40 pm
hard to think a flop is 31 million. alison: isn't it? in their standards it is. leon: what you would wow you do with 31 million? we'd take it. one thing most apple products have in common is siri. alison: right. now we meet the woman behind the original voice. we found out interesting things about the voice so many people hear every day. reporter: this is susan bennett. she records voices. >> you have to convey everything you are trying to convoy with just your voice. reporter: one of the voices has been heard by millions. >> i'm siri. your virtual assistant. >> so you are the voice of siri? >> yes i am. >> recorded the famous voice in 2005. >> the ratting redding rudding, rotting. >> constant nation is combining the sentencing and phrases to get all the sound combinations in the language
4:41 pm
possible. >> it's tedious stuff. reporter: initially she didn't know where the recordings would end up. after opening the e-mail, she was surprised. >> a friend said we're playing around with an iphone app. isn't this you? i went really? i went to the apple site and listened. that's me! reporter: she kept her role as the iphone personal assistant a secret for two years to make sure it didn't impact her voice career. with the encouragement of family -- >> my husband and my son both said this is so cool. you just really need to do it and run with it and see what happens. >> i am the voice of siri. reporter: it went public. >> for halloween one year a neighborhood kid came up and say my neighbors say you are the voice of siri. i said yes i am. he said you don't sound like siri. i said how about now? he went ahh, took candy and ran. >> i'm the voice of delta airline gate worldwide. >> which includes the first class cabin may now board through doorway --
4:42 pm
>> making her the voice -- >> please stay on the line. we'll be you soon. >> i'm on a lot of phone systems. reporter: we won't soon forget. >> at this point in time, you really can't escape me. [laughter] leon: that kid is still having nightmares. trick or treat? siri. that was casey scott reporting. when siri rolled out, the late steve jobs had several eggs -- easter eggs, that are hidden objects and texts and apps. some are pop culture. some are subtle. see if you can find one in the new siri. alison: she seems to be having fun with it. leon: you don't think? all the way to the bank. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the story behind a disturbing breach of airport security. details on the man accused of stealing a small plane and taking it out on a joyride. alison: the search for a lottery winner that won a lot more than he originally
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alison: a major escalator project begins at the van ness station. it is expected to impact commuters for years. >> it is hard to miss this station like this one warning commuters of what say head. the $6.5 million project that will shut down the west entrance for three years. eventually they will move to the escalators as well. now they are about 35 years old so this is really all about reliability. but there is an inconvenience to the more than 6,000 passengers that take the metro every day besides the west entrance being shut down crews can only work on one escalator at a time and only when this is closed to customers. now that is for safety reasons. each unit will take about 40 weeks and the bro ject itself a total of -- project itself, a total of three years. elevators will be available at all times but upstairs there will be an increase in pedestrian traffic. that is where the problem comes in according to the residents here.
4:47 pm
people crossing a busy connecticut avenue. one resident tells me it's not only inconvenient but it's unsafe. >> we thought they would at least wait until the construction of the street is open and the sidewalk is open. >> the escalators break down all the time. but i know they have to do something because it's not safe. reporter: this is one of the traffic signals pedestrians home they will extend to give them time to cross. we put in a call to see if that is the case. jeanette reyes, abc7 news. alison: metro says it will have transit police, emergency management and rail supervision and escalator technicians all at that station throughout the project. a former student pilot out in las vegas is facing felony charges for stealing a twin engine airplane saturday and taking it for a joyride. during the incident, he spoke to an air traffic controller. >> i have already committed my
4:48 pm
felony. i can't believe i will never be able to do it again. >> you will. >> kept me company. make it easier to come down. is there police waiting for me down there? alison: yep. probably. 27-year-old evan grant was arrested after an hour up in the air. the incident is now raising federal safety concerns about the use of small planes as weapons. >> tour bus on fire, no victims. leon: well, now we are getting word now of a massive fire that destroyed a double-decker bus in california. smoke from the incident could be seen for miles. the tour bus in san francisco went up in flames sunday morning. bystanders rushed to the scene to help. [sirens ] >> i have never seen a tour buzz catch on fire. this is a first. i climbed up the ladder and the people on the top deck started to exit. leon: everyone was able to exit that bus safely.
4:49 pm
some with only seconds to spare. firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. alison: well the search is on today for a california man who won $75,000 in the lottery. unfortunately, though, he only took home $75 of that prize. the gas station clerk initially read the prize incorrectly. after realizing his mistake he went on a search for the man and he is trying to get the surveillance video that you see here out so that he can find this guy and he can come and claim his real prize. leon: i cannot believe he walked away -- >> what city is that in? leon: where have you been? alison: yeah, maybe. it doesn't look like you though. were you in disguise? all right. weather wise, we couldn't ask for more. doug: no. it's beautiful. real taste of summer. the weekend was great, too. summer is actually going to come. we will probably have the days that get chilly for a couple of days but we're over the
4:50 pm
hump and on to summer here. get numbers and the information for you to start you off on monday afternoon. this is a time lapse of the weather camera in charles county. that is at the center down there, the environmental studies center. it is just beautiful. look at this. it's this way all across the region with bright sunshine. a few fair weather clouds. they will dissipate tonight. we will have a clear night. with southerly winds, i won't get chilly. the overnight lows will hold in the 50's to lower 60's. 83 in reagan national and andrews. 87 degree reading in fredericksburg. by tomorrow morning, we think the numbers will look like this according to the computer forecast. 65 for the morning low in washington. 64 at quantico. 59 at washington-dulles. 60 degree low by morning in gaithersburg. temperatures on a broader view, similar air mass across the region due to a large area of high pressure off the outer banks. so that is keeping everybody high and dry and sunny and warm and beautiful. but the north and west there is a cold front. not quite to columbus yet but
4:51 pm
on the way. that is the one that is slow to approach the next couple of days. as it does, it will give us a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and wednesday afternoon. by late wednesday the front will wash out. but then all the attention will shift south to look for the development of a storm center. somewhere just south of south carolina border. in fact, it may try to take on tropical characteristics. we will take a close look all week at that. in the meantime, it looks beautiful tomorrow. 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. middle 80's. cooler western with the afternoon shower and thunderstorm chance clearing back out thursday and friday. the next chance of showers coming your way over the weekend on saturday. but saturday's temperatures still in the lower 80's. good ten degrees above average. alison: very nice! we have been waiting for this. doug: yes, ma'am. leon: finally it feels like summer is around the corner. alison: thank you. doug: you're welcome. leon: get a check of how it's shaping up around every corner here. traffic wise with jamie sullivan. hey. jamie: leon, we are starting
4:52 pm
off with metro rail. you may experience some delays. we have a medical emergency outside of capital south. this will affect you on the orange or the silver line. let's focus in on the downtown area. we are slowing on the freeway. we had an earlier crash. still come congestion. for you near the area of the water gate complex. still eastbound on virginia avenue. behind this point is closed. last week we had a building collapse at the watergate complex. so we'll see congestion for this because you cannot turn from rock creek parkway to virginia avenue. pulling out a little bit talking 66. so your commute right now eastbound. right before lee highway. congested. accident we had blocking a lane. everything has been moved to the side. look at the beltway in the delays. okay in maryland. we have heavy traffic.
4:53 pm
this is southbound continuing a little closer toward dell city. that is a lack at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you, jamie. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" consumer alert about your computer. we will explain the way hackers are targeting
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
alison: customers aren't loving the golden arches these days but the mcdonald's new ceo hopes to turn it around. in a video presentation, steve easterbrook said the fast food giants recent performance have been poor. they are looking to new menu items, franchising more of the restaurants. leon: we have a warning now about one of the most dangerous computer viruses out there that could be infecting your p.c. if this one hits you, paying the hacker may be the only way out. alison: consumer reporter shows what to watch out for.
4:57 pm
reporter: thousands of people turn on their computer to see the screen locked. you need to know about it before it happens to you. john danielles hopes the experts can rescue the laptop from someone trying to extort thousands of money from him. he was searching travel websites and the p.c. locked up. >> it's held ransom. reporter: the laptop was taken over by a virus. >> if i don't pay within a certain amount of time it will go to $1,000. reporter: i.d. expert says this is no joke. >> it encrypts the files with a bank level security. there is no way to break the encryption. reporter: he says it comes in through infected e-mails. if your computer gets it, you need to act fast. >> usually it gives you seven
4:58 pm
days to pay the ransom. if you don't pay in seven days the amount doubles. reporter: it's sometimes impossible to restore your locked files. in that case your options are -- >> forget about them. leave them encrypted or pay the ransom. reporter: how do you protect yourself? don't open suspicious e-mail. be careful opening e-mail attachments and back up your files and photos to the cloud or an external hard driver. daniel has most of his files back but said it was harrowing. another tip, shut down the computer immediately so it can't encrypt all the files. once encrypted it may be impossible to restore them. abc7 news. just as baltimore begins to return to normal, tense moments at north and pennsylvania when a gun goes off. >> scary. >> safety and security concerns after a woman is attacked. >> you never know. what the victim endured at the hands of four men and a
4:59 pm
homeowner gettings a supersized electric bill and no help from pepco until he says four simple words. >> i will have to call "7 on your side." make sure you do what you have to do. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: tense moments in baltimore once again today after a gun went off near north avenue this afternoon. reports spread on social media like wildfire that police shot a man in the back and then maced the crowd. abc7's bureau chief brad bell is there to tell the story. what happened there? brad: the important thing is the police did not shoot anybody. a man was walking on north avenue and spotted by the security cameras police have downtown a network of 600 of them. look up here. that is one of the cameras. police were able toe use that to spot the man walking down the street with a gun.
5:00 pm
>> the guy had a gun. >> let them know that. brad: one week to the hour after rioting touches off in baltimore, police find themselves in a tense standoff with an angry, cursing crowd. one young man clutches a rock. another approaches a police line screaming believing an officer has shot a man. >> i did not see any blood. but then you saw him starting to foam at the mouth. we're told he was really hurt. i didn't see any blood. brad: police say via surveillance cameras they did spot a man carrying a gun walking down north avenue. officers approached. there is a brief chase. the man throws the gun down. nobody is hit. a high-ranking officer actually approached those yelling to explain. >> the gentleman had a gun. the officers were approaching him to try to arrest him for having a gun. he tried to throw the gun away and the gun went off. e was throwing his gun down and the gun went off. no police officer shot


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