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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> the guy had a gun. >> let them know that. brad: one week to the hour after rioting touches off in baltimore, police find themselves in a tense standoff with an angry, cursing crowd. one young man clutches a rock. another approaches a police line screaming believing an officer has shot a man. >> i did not see any blood. but then you saw him starting to foam at the mouth. we're told he was really hurt. i didn't see any blood. brad: police say via surveillance cameras they did spot a man carrying a gun walking down north avenue. officers approached. there is a brief chase. the man throws the gun down. nobody is hit. a high-ranking officer actually approached those yelling to explain. >> the gentleman had a gun. the officers were approaching him to try to arrest him for having a gun. he tried to throw the gun away and the gun went off. e was throwing his gun down and the gun went off. no police officer shot anybody.
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brad: we can see what police say is the suspect's gun on the sidewalk. we are told he refuses medical treatment but is checked in an ambulance and is uninjured. the crowd slowly disburses. on a day when the national guard is pulling out of town, when executives are deciding whether to reopen burned drugstores and the mall where the rioting started has reopened, it is clear that the tension remains. >> i just wish everything to go back to normal. brad: now an hour and ten minutes ago this entire area pennsylvania avenue and north avenue, the place that has become familiar for the center of the worst of the rioting and lotting the other night. this entire area was covered with police. the crowd disbursed. everyone calms down. the police have once again disappeared in the background. but leon it was an extraordinary, tense scene out here a little while ago. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: i can believe that, brad. that's for sure. alison: moving on now to new
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information tonight about a deaf man jailed for six weeks without access to a sign language interpreter. a judge said the man can proceed with a lawsuit against the arlington county sheriff office. we told you in march about his arrest. police believed he had stolen an ipad. but the owner later found that device and no charges were ever filed. leon: not much to complain about with the weather but it could heat up pretty quick. doug hill is standing by in the weather center. doug will check on the forecast for us. can we keep it like this for a while, doug? doug: temperature wise more or less the west of the week and into the weekend. we are in a positive pattern temperature wise. low to mid-80's commonplace around the area. 83 at reagan international. air is being slightly cooled as it comes across portions of the potomac river. it's warm. early summer temperatures indeed at the moment. many areas have hit 85 already.
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some reporting stations. we kind of look back to see and it has been last september, the last time we hit 85 anywhere. we are close in spots. 82 in gaithersburg. 84 degrees at menasis. beautiful weather for the nats at the stadium at the park. first pitch is sunny. temperatures in the upper 70's. we'll slowly drop during the game to mid-70's. overnight cooler but these are mild temperatures. 58-65 for the low. plenty of sunshine on tap for the day tomorrow and maybe a few afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. we will look ahead with for details in a few minutes. alison: gorgeous outside today. as the weather warms up, more people head outside. but in adams morgan police are looking for four men who attacked a woman early sunday morning. it happened at the 2200 block of 18th street across from the marine reed elementary school.
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we spoke about the investigation that has the neighborhood rattled. reporter: in the last half hour the police say they are investigating this and adding yes, still waiting for additional details on exactly what happened here. now what we know at this point, a woman was walking early sunday morning in this block when police say she was grabbed from behind and attack ed. along 18th street northwest in adam's morgan, residents are concerned about safety and security. >> it's disconcerting. it doesn't make me happy. i had no idea it happened. reporter: after police say a woman was attacked by four men. >> that is just awful. awful. it's kind of scary. reporter: police say it was just before 3:00 a.m. sunday morning when four men approached a woman walking along 18th near wyoming avenue. the police say two of the men assaulted the woman and tried to sexually abuse her. police say the woman was also robbed during the attack that happened in a section of adams
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morgan just down the street from popular bars and restaurants. >> you never know who is here. >> jennifer walks through the area often and late at night. at times she feels unsafe so she always walks with someone else. >> especially as a women in this area you have to keep an eye out for yourself. reporter: others say despite the crime they feel safe in the neighborhood. >> it's never great to hear these things but i generally feel safe around here. you have to be careful late at night. reporter: still no information about whether or not the woman was injured in all of this. a vague description was given about the four men involved in this. they are asking anyone with information or who may have been in the block late saturday night or early sunday morning to give police a call. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: we turn now to a developing story on capitol hill where a democrat new york senator kirsten gillibrand is again pushing to tighten u.s. policy on military sex assaults. she says the number of sex-related crimes in the military is far greater than
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the defense department as publicly reported. however, the defense department says it is making progress. it estimates that sex crimes are decreasing and victims are more confident that offenders will be held accountable. leon: new developments tonight in the fight over building standards over abortion clinics in virginia. today attorney general issued a ruling that contradicts his predecessor and takes a strong stand with abortion right supporters. jeff goldberg is in the newsroom to explain this. jeff: we have been watching this for month. in a written opinion, the attorney general saying that the board of health does not and did not have the authority to ask the state abortion clinic to retro actively conform to building requirements for new hospitals. supporters and opponents of the decision of -- of the decision, rather come as no surprise for those who have been watching the attorney general closely. the attorney general has not been shy in presenting this decidedly left-leaning legal
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opinions on gay marriage and immigration, followed now by abortion. >> we are ecstatic that this has happened. >> the executive director of pro-choice virginia a group not only applauding herring's ruling to exempt abortion clinic from tighter building regulations but one that strongly opposed the rules in the first place. >> was certainly designed specifically to close down these facilities. jeff: the standards passed in 2011 and backed by former republican attorney general and former republican governor bob mcdonald would treat the state's existing 18 abortion clinics like hospitals. when it comes to factors like the size of closets and hallways. the rules would essentially close most of the older clinics. >> he continues to act as if he is a one-man legislator in virginia. jeff: republican delegate marshall of prince william county say patients at the facility would be better protected because of the standards.
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>> which were devised not by religious zealots but by public health professionals in the american institute of architects. what is his problem? jeff: late in 2013, governor mccllough asked them to review the rule. one month from today on june 4 the board of health is said to make a decision on the new proposed changes. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: jeff, of course, abortion is always a big issue in any presidential election. and today, two more candidates threw their hat in the ring for the job come 2016. kellye lynn has a look for the race for the white house and how it is shaping up today. kellye: dr. ben carson announced his campaign today. and former hewlett-packard executive carly fiorina made the same announcement on "good morning america." carly: we need to return to a citizen government.
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this is a pivotal point for our nation. i think it's totally reasonable to look outside the political class that has been in washington for a really long time. >> i think it's time for the people to rise up and take the government back. [applause] kellye: both carson and fiorina have no political experience oppose same-sex marriage and abortion and embrace a small government. they have to potential to help the republican party attract a more diversion group of supporters in 2016. back to you. leon: not much room left in the race. alison: a lot of people. all right. thank you. still to come here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- three days after the collapse at the watergate complex, hear what residents and business owners say they are still waiting for tonight. >> how could parking along wisconsin avenue help protect designer stores like louis vuitton? i'm kevin lewis in friendship heights. i have the answer coming up. leon: later, tied up at one. we will take you live to
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verizon center where they are ready to rock the red in the first home game against the rangers. >> here is a question for you. what do you think would use more electricity? this home in one month or fedex field in a redskins football game? i'm
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leon: tonight trying to get answers for charles county man hit with a huge electric bill. alison: that is right. the i-team investigator reports the one-month bill was for more than $130,000. >> i need to get an advocate and get some help. i said i'll have to call "7 on your side." they said you do what you have to do. reporter: this man had a conversation with a customer service representative. he has spent the last few weeks disputing a bill that didn't seem quite right. >> i'm just thinking pepco is doing something wrong at my house. reporter: he lives alone in a modest home and according to the online statements uses 685 kilowatt hours a month, or $85. in march what was an $85 bill became $130,000.
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in that time pepco said he used nearly a million kilowatt hours. so how much energy is that? put it this way. in the last year's super bowl held in the stadium about the size of fedex field only 187,000 kilowatt hours was used. so according to pepco in one month, he used the same amount of energy as five super bowls. >> that's when i was questioning -- reporter: after he made phone call and messages, his $130,000 problem has not been resolveed. rite now he has to pay it. we received this statement -- there was an error we discovered to display an abnormally amount of usage. the account is currently under review and we will reach out to can customer with a status update. >> i can't pay $130,000 electric bill.
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reporter: chris papst abc7 news. alison: thank you. new survey by the american association of state highway and transportation finds clearing roads this winter took a big toll on state budgets. survey of 23 states reported spending combined $1 billion on winter maintenance operation from october to march. cost to taxpayers could be higher if you factor to the states that did not respond to the survey and the cost on all local municipalities. leon: we go from snowplow to the sun. alison: beautiful. leon: gorgeous. doug: very warm. warm week and possibilities of thunderstorms tomorrow am and wednesday afternoon. but looks like a good week. on the warm side. coverage of a time lapse. this begins after sunrise from the boardwalk in delaware. low cloudiness early. the skies clear and turned into a beautiful day. a lot of people on the boardwalk for may 4, monday. the temperatures got up to 70 there. of course, here, far away from
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influence of the cooler ocean water very mild. in the 70's by midday to the low to mid-80's now. beautiful on the shore. 86 degrees as we speak. stafford. 85 in chantilly. 84 in fort washington. winds out of the south or southeast helping bring in the warmer air. high pressure off the coast of north carolina out over the atlantic and that is pumping up the warm air to the area. 86 in fredericksburg now. 82 in winchester. in the evening, we will see a slow and steady drop of temperatures. but tonight we expect to be 71 in the city. 66 at 3:00 a.m. 63 in metro washington. upper 50s in suburban areas so that is a mild start. another day tomorrow will put us well in the 80's. right now we are in the 80's through the mid-atlantic. even north burlington, vermont, 83. 79 in car boo. a long time since we have been that warm up north. temperatures across the mountains in the 80's.
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we're confident the warm weather will continue for a week or so at least. but every now and then the features will affect the sky cover, whether we have cloud cover and showers. tomorrow and wednesday are two days we have a frontal system to get close enough for chance of thundershowers in the afternoon. we have a 40% chance. it looks like by thursday and friday we will be dry again. as we head to the weekend. questions. the questions essential -- questions stem from a subtropical low pressure off the east of florida. this is set for 7:00. still clear skies but as the front gets closer there will be a chance of scatter showers and thundershowers. we will repeat the process on wednesday. late wednesday and thursday we will pay attention farther south because we think by then we may see the initial development of area of low pressure that may by friday move to the south carolina coast with a lot of rain. won't be a tropical storm but may have characteristics. whether or not it gets this far north for the weekend, too early to tell. the hunch is probably not but we will keep an eye on it. tomorrow tempera 60s.
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86 in the afternoon for a high. 40% chance of showersderstorms. cooler on wednesday. change in the wind direction. a chance of showers or the storms in the upper 70's. thursday and friday look delightful. the weekend back in the 80's. we'll call it partly sunny for now and 30% chance of a shower on saturday or a thunderstorm. if that southern system comes north. i don't think it will. we'll see what happens. alison: not a bad looking week. doug: it's only monday. things change. alison: they do. leon: see that, you get your hopes all up and all of a sudden it's only monday. doug: things can change. alison: all right, doug. thank you. leon: don't let mother's day sneak up on you, folks. it's this sunday. still ahead here, a look at what are spending to say thanks to mom. alison: but first -- >> it empowers you and gives you confidence you might not have had before. alison: the exercise that is making a difference for some parkinson's patients. leon: now here is a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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"7 on your side" with a workout to help fight the effect of parkinson's disease. a new boxing program aims to help patients keep moving. the moves are supposed to build back balance and coordination for those suffers from that disease. >> those with parkinson's know there is usually a parkinson's side. like the right or the left side. when you box you have to use both sides. >> you feel kind of rejuvenated i would say.
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kind of gives you a break from the everyday aches and pains department. alison: several gyms across the country are offering this program or something similar. experts suggest, though, you check the american parkinson's disease association website to find one near you. we have a link to that at leon: well, finding a place to park can feel like a long drawn out battle in parts of our area. but in friendship heights new meters could make shopping more convenient and safe. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis live to explain how and why? kevin, what's the word? kevin: the county, montgomery county is planning to install 100 parking meters on three roadways in friendship heights including wisconsin a. it will cost $2 an hour to park here now. the county says it will promote business while also safeguarding high-end retailers like cartier and
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dior. >> working
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you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: fire and construction crews still on the scene of a garage collapse at the watergate in northwest d.c.
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three days after it happened. people living in one building are telling abc7 that management tells them it could be before the end of the week before the hot water comes back on. diane cho live in foggy bottom to look at the impact at the businesses in the historic complex. what are you hearing there? diane: we'll get to that in a moment but first firefighters say that crews were able to shore up the area just enough so that firefighters could conduct a primary search on sunday and no one was found under the rubble. we are told they are still working today to try to do one more search of the area so they are certain no one was down there. [sirens] three days after the collapse from the watergate parking garage, the owner of the water gate pastry says he is finally able to get back in the shop. >> luckily we didn't have wedding cake, since it's wedding season. diane: he says the staff will have to carry the pastries to
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delivery truck. >> a big loss. we do wholesale. for those expecting a delivery every morning this is complicated. we have an opportunity to lose that business as well. diane: on the south end of the complex at the capono restaurant they never had to close. >> when the garage collapsed everybody came over here. diane: d.c. department of consume iraffairs say the library and the post office are the only other places allowed to reopen in the watergate mall. >> so it will be inconvenient for a while. diane: sherry kelly lives in the west building. >> the air conditioning came on last night for the heatwave today. diane: but they are now told it could be several days before they get hot water back in the unit. >> i think i am going to call my daughter. and say help. diane: d.c.r.a. spokesman tells us the other businesses in the watergate mall aren't able to open yet for a number
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of reasons from not having water, flooding issues or because of the proximity to where it happened. he says they aren't sure just yet when they will be allowed to reopen and they likely won't have an official cause to release for two or three weeks. we're live in nothing i go bottom, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: thank you. one week after the devastating earthquake in nepal, crews pulled a 101-year-old man from the rubble over the weekend. police say they have no idea how he survived after his house collapsed. only one airport in nepal is capable of handling the large planes trying to deliver aid to that country. more than 7300 people died in that 7.78 magnitude quake. leon: checking tonight's top stories now. d.c. police are looking for four men accused of attacking a woman in adams morgan. this happened around 3:00 sunday morning across from the marie reed elementary school. the woman told police she was robbed and two men tried to
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sexual assault her. anyone with information on the case should contact d.c. police immediately. alison: tensions remain high in baltimore today as police chased a man with a gun this afternoon. the gun went off after the man threw it on the ground. no one was hit but for a few minutes an angry crowd thought police shot the suspect. the incident happened as national guard troops continued their withdrawal from the city. leon: from withdrawals now to entries. two new contenders have entered the presidential race today. dr. ben carson formally announced his candidacy at an event in detroit. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina made her announcement on "good morning america." so now there are five candidates seeking the republican nomination as of now. alison: "7 on your side" with this consumer alert today. gas prices climb even higher in the area. according to triple-a, we are paying 7 cents more than a gallon of regular unleaded today than we were just one week ago. that brings the average for the entire washington area to $2.70. prices were up 8 cents the week before that.
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the national average is now . now .$2.62. leon: okay. we'll see how much idling is going on this evening with jamie sullivan. hey, jamie. jamie: there is a lot of it. i want to give you an idea on the outer loop of the beltway. you see a heavy thick red line. that is traffic on the inner and the outer loop. i want to take a live look on the american legion bridge some of the congestion. working your way on the outer loop continuing toward leeberg pike. that is where we have an accident. this will give you an idea of how heavy we actually are. as we move back to the map i want to focus on what we've got as far as still the closure. this is going to be on virginia avenue eastbound between rock creek parkway this is at the watergate complex. that is because of the garage building collapse that happened last week. so from new hampshire aver to rock creek park bay, that is the stretch blocked now. we have the traffic flowing but slow on the freeway.
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same thing outbound on 395. single digits averaging about 9 miles per hour. we will take a live look on 95 as you continue heading further south to stafford county and fredericksburg. this gives you a great idea of the pace. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. you got it. we're covering metro tonight and a three-year long project to replace the escalator at the van ness metro station. i began today and when it's finished the station will have four new escalators. the west entrance on the station is closed for some of the work. coming up at 6:00, find out about another project that could have people crossing a second time along that stretch of connecticut avenue. all lanes of columbia pike in arlington are back open after being closed more much of the morning after a tree fell. the tree as you can see there tack down wires -- doak down wires with it. stay a step ahead of problems on the roads by signing up for wjla text alert. we will send you a message
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about traffic problems when you sign up at alison: a note from a kansas waitress is trending today. her name is chloe and she was working her last day on the job at a topeka restaurant when the kansas governor sam brownback came in and sat down at one of her tables. she figured she wouldn't have another chance again. so when it's time for the check, she crossed out the tipline and wrote in tip the schools. she posted it on facebook. it took off from there. >> i think education is the foundation for a better country, more progressive society. alison: so governor brownback signed a bill in march that changed the way schools are funded there. chloe said she has received thank you notes from teachers and administrators all across the state. he tipped her anyway. she received 10% tip from the governor. no word on if anything was given to the schools. leon: 10%? c'mon, gov. 10%? c'mon, you are the top guy in the state. you can do better than 10%.
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15% is the minimum. alison: that is the standard. leon: maybe he didn't like the barbecue. i don't know. coming up on the "abc7 news at 5:00" -- making the message clear. how one local school system is working to get out the word about the dangers of texting and driving. alison: "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new plans for the senior center torched in last week's riot in baltimore. what the future holds ahead at
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alison: we all know parking is a struggle in the d.m.v. but many of you tell "7 on your side" that tow truck companies have an advantage in this fight. it's a legal one. after hearing your complaint about spotters the team went undercover. we are live in arlington with what they found. joce sterman? joce: allyson, this is one of the last we monitored at the westmont shopping center in arlington. it seems clear-cut when you pull in. a big sign. but there is a secondary sign. 20-minute parking. this one here says parking for customers only. so we have a little vagueness here that has created confusion. with a spotter lying in wait we showed footage to a northern virginia delegate who says our show something that is legal but it doesn't mean what is being done is right.
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>> that is outrageous. i wasn't aware of the magnitude of the problem. joce: northern virginia delegate reacting to a "7 on your side" i-team investigation you will see tonight at 11:00. our hidden camera caught cars caught in 60 seconds thanks to a towing practice we saw that is perfectly legal. it's called "spotting." it stations people in a private lot to call in a tow truck as soon as you step away. but what about if there is confusion? it's illegal in maryland. but tow companies can do it in virginia. we took our cameras to show how fast it happens and how lawmakers are considering changes after seeing the tape and hearing complaints from some of you. >> it feels so wrong to me. i know that i'm not one person that this happened to. i know that this is happening over and over again. joce: the sign says you could be towed at your expense but you have no idea how quickly
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it will happen. for many people we saw it happen in under 60 seconds, guys. as soon as you walk out of the parking lot, the spotter calls the tow truck and boom, your car is gone. coming up tonight we will talk to you about the brit mchenry video from a couple of weeks ago. it went viral hours after we asked the company involved in our investigation to comment on what we have been seeing. you will see that tonight at 11:00. live in arlington, joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: all right. we'll be watching that. very interesting. leon: absolutely. thank you. 60 seconds? alison: yeah. leon: amazing. alison: it is. amazing. leon: all right. it was a mission that captured the world's attention. alison: still to come here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the payoff for the payload. >> i'm at the verizon center. the caps-rangers, game three. i have the latest coming up in sports. >> countdown to the cup brought to you by --
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leon: "the avengers" movie did well this weekend, won the box office earning more than $188 million. the second largest opening for a film in north america. alison: wow! leon: not bad. seeing closed captioning on the seen is pretty standard when watching tv these days but what is far less common is that aid for visually impaired viewers. alison: one marymount university student recently decided it was time for a change and took action. bureau chief jeff goldberg has the story that would make any superhero proud. jeff: if you are impressed by the rich description and detail -- >> he turns to her. face down. jeff: you will want to hear the story of ryan dick. >> i just felt like i could help people. jeff: a freshman at marymount university in arlington couldn't wait for the premier of the netflix series "dare del." but after watching he found out netflix did not provide aid for the visually impaired
5:46 pm
for the show, which is about a blind superhero. >> if you look in the dictionary it's right there. jeff: dick connected on facebook with a group working on affines and then created a petition of his own. after quickly gathering more than 3,600 signatures he got more help from with speed and efficiency that would impress even the avengers, the collective work caused netflix to add the new audio setting to "daredevil" and 49 other shows. >> it's amazing. i didn't think the petition would go anywhere. jeff: many people we spoke with here were not familiar with the technology. let alone had used it at all. we wanted to ask what did you think? we asked mary and caroline to close their eye and listen. >> shuffles to the kitchen. >> it was more than i expected. >> pretty descriptive. you could see it in your head. pretty cool.
5:47 pm
jeff: ryan dicks thinks so too. and the thought of more change -- >> people will start to catch on. jeff: -- is music to his ears. in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: gud for him. so, may the fourth be with you. anybody said that today? it's the annual celebration of all things "star wars." te vent is even bigger this year with the upcoming release of the seventh film this december. to mark the occasion, "vanity fair" unveiled photos, interviews and videos from the set. may the fourth be with you. dressed in a "star trek" uniform, astronaut samantha became the first person to brew that expresso in space. she tweeted this of her taking a sip over the weekend with the caption "to boldly brew." the espresso machine arrived on a supply mission to the international space station two weeks ago. leon: may the froth be with you. [laughter] alison: i'm glad it finally made it. we covered out so much.
5:48 pm
like it was a crisis. leon: the world's most famous espresso machine. your mom may love coffee but is that the best present come mother's day? we can't tell you what to buy or where to buy it, but tonight we can tell you how much folks are planning to spend ahead of mother's day. people will spend average of $172 each on their moms. that works out to $21 billion in all. a third of those asked said they would just be buying a card. two of three said they would be buying mom flowers. alison: those are all good ideas. speaking of moms, and the new mom here, by now you may know that the royal baby is named charlotte elizabeth diana. charlotte was the most popular name with bookies since the duchess of cambridge gave birth saturday morning dropping in the odds to 3-1. but in the last few weeks it had been beaten out by the name alice instead in all the odds. better to have placed money on charlotte as soon as
5:49 pm
buckingham palace announced kate was pregnant are getting a pay-out at odds of 25-1. leon: she looks likes a lanesha to me. not going to happen. new at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- how an influx of new candidates may impact the race for the white house. plus, a major construction project begins at a metro station. why some passengers say it's more than an inconvenience. it's putting their lives at it risk. brad bell has details on an arrest that sparked tensions in baltimore. stay tuned. we have it right here. alison: but first get a check of the weather on a perfect spring day today. right, doug? doug: yeah. temperatures in the 80's. sunshine all day, a nice breeze. we are in good shape here. as we head through the evening it will stay mild. at the moment it's 83 with clear skies and sunshine at reagan national. 86 in fredericks and fredericksburg right now. 82 in winchester. they were 86 a couple hours ago. 83 officially for washington. a mild night. we will drop to the 70's at
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the ballgame. overnight 58 to 65 will be the range of temperatures with clear skies. the warm air and clear skies caused by the big blue h in the atlantic area, the area of high pressure. it will move out of the way to allow the cold front through the lower lakes to slowly drop in our direction setting the stage for the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and again on wednesday afternoon. the future cast shows fairly clear skies in the morning tomorrow but then showers and storms popping in the afternoon. scottered here and there. we will replay the pattern as we go through the day on wednesday. so just to give you a typical may pattern here with the sunshine that warms up to the mid-80's in the afternoon. you get a couple of showers and thunderstorms. that is the tuesday weather. wednesday much the same but cooler. thursday and friday mild with sunshine returning. sunny and warm back in the 80's over the weekend. right now we see a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm on saturday. see you at 6:00. back to you. leon: all right. good deal.
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6:00 sounds like a good time to start rocking. alison: big night tonight. tim brant is at verizon center as we get ready for the caps and the rangers, game three. tim: how are you doing? game three is always important but this is it folks. game three in a best of seven series with the rangers. they want the place rocking. they want the walls of the phone booth shaking and ice trembling. washington won game one 2-1 on a last-second goal by joel ward. they lost game two in what has been a very, very physical series. listen to this. the rangers won 11 straight game threes on the road since 1992 in the playoffs. but washington knows this is a huge game tonight. >> carl: if we win this one going up 2-1 against the best team in the league it would be pretty good for us, good for the feeling in the dressing room. if you win the next one you are in a pretty solid spot. so we're happy with where we are right now. i wouldn't say pivotal but a
5:52 pm
very important game. tim: very, very important game. all right. let's go to basketball. how about the wizards, they won yesterday in atlanta taking game one. this has been a sensational run. they are now 5-0 in the playoffs this year. as a matter of fact if you look at them, they continue to move. the wizards became the first team ever to win four straight playoff games. game ones on the road. as they head to game two tomorrow, john wall and bradley beal are expected to play. beal's sprained ankle is better today. he loves the group of guys he's with. >> we have a different approach. like i told you before we were just happy to be in the playoffs happy that we moved on. we didn't really have any high goals after the first round. but this year, we expect more out of ourselves and beexpect to get past the second round. we definitely have the same desperation we had last year and in the previous round. we can't worry about last year honestly. tim: go to football. redskins wrapped up the draft yesterday. general manager seems very happy with what took place. he turned the seven picks into
5:53 pm
ten picks like he said he would do. he likes the group he got. as a matter of fact he is very very happy with the best athletes he thought were still available. >> the character off the field plays into a player being going from good to great and great to special. it was very important to me especially my first draft to let the redskin community and fans and everybody out there know that we all take pride in this and we take ownership in it. we got better because of that. >> got better because of that. don't forget the caps-rangers game three tonight starting at 7:30. face-off time here. over at the ballpark you have the nats are home against the marlins at 7:05. back to you. leon: all right. you got it. here we go. rocking the red tie. here we go. alison: very nice, very nice. leon: all right. now folk if you see a teacher this week, tell them good job. alison: it's teacher appreciation week. but today, some local students were learning a tough lesson outside of the claroom. >> they call it teen drive
5:54 pm
365. putting young people through situations where they have to decide whether to text and drive or focus on just
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
leon: you know 40 years ago three times as many teenagers died in car wrecks each year as do today? that is according to numbers from the insurance institute for highway safety. that is an amazing improvement but still not good enough. sam ford shows us how safe teen advocates stop bid the high school today to talk about texting and driving and other distractions. >> you want to be like me. >> where are you going? sam: at the high school today they lined up to get in a car with a distracted driving simulator. the students got hooked up to start their virtual drive while conversations, phone and text alerts sounded in their headphones. this is what they were looking at and crashes were common. >> what did you hit? >> i hit a taxi.
5:58 pm
they were talking about the text messages and stuff. sam: this went on all day. beware of texting and driving or talking too much and driving. >> because they have an immature brain and they don't have experience behind the wheel. so distracted pedestrian, additional passengers in therca, mobile devices, these are all extremely dangerous when it comes to youth. sam: national organizations for youth safety say auto accidents are the leading killer of teens worldwide. they have teamed up with toyota teen driver 365 for may global teen safety month for schools. >> they want to be safe. especially with prom time coming up. >> i drive. that's how people get killed. >> if the phone rings? >> let it ring. sam: the hope is that young people as they are going through this particular experience will think about it as driving around the city and avoid such things as texting and driving. reporting from washington sam ford, abc7 news. alison: something you know a lot about from your drive to
5:59 pm
stay alive campaign. leon: that's right. pay attention. texting and driving is four times worse than drinking and driving. you can see the numbers. alison: a lot of good lessons there today. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". leon: now coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- keeping the calm. >> no police officer shot anybody. leon: a gunshot followed by an arrest in the same spot where riots erupted one week ago in baltimore. what really happened and how the crowd responding. alison: plus, what a firefighter said twice that landed him in police custody. leon: and why some metro riders say a construction project is putting lives at risk. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. now "abc7 news at 6:00" on your side. tense moments in baltimore this afternoon after police arrest a man they say was armed in the same neighborhood
6:00 pm
rocked by riots a week ago. complicating things, many witnesses heard a gunshot and thought police had shot the man. maryland bureau chief brad bell arrived on the scene minutes after the arrest. he is here with what really happened and how the community is recovering from a week of tension. brad? brad: maureen, this happened on north aver, the same spot where police started chased freddie gray. that led to the death of the young man that touched off the tension. people thought officers had shot a man. that was not the case. it touched off an angry mob on a day they hoped would get back to normal. the only soldier we see on the street is taking pictures. a once looted mall is crowded with


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