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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer. announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: the head of d.c.'s 911 center stepping down. we are learning more about the resignation of jennifer green. our bureau chief joins us now from the district with details. sam: jennifer green, the director of the unified communications center, also known as 911 her resignation
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came abruptly and has all the signs that she was pushed out. she was named head of the 911 center by mayor vincent gray. she moved to unified communications. a number of recent events including the dispatching of units to a fire inside a metro station raised questions about the unified communications. asked about the resignation meir bowser used the phrase they are moving in a different direction. mayor bowser, we are moving in a different direction. we have had months to evaluate the safety cluster. we decided to move in a different direction. sam: this comes as the new fire
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chief took over yesterday. a number of these high profile issues have involved the fire the harmon and the office of unified communications. an acting director has taken over and place of director green. jummy: responding to rising tensions between police officers in the community. mary shea wants to change what it means to assault a police officer. she is introducing a police reform bill. when it could mean for the community and for officers. sam: good afternoon. the bill as a way of reforming the criminal justice system to improve public confidence in our local law enforcement. it is spearheaded by mary cheney. she wants fairness and transparency when it comes to complaints of assault.
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she has a four-part plan to make that happen. >> one is to change the definition of what assault on a police officer is. it is far too broad. it increases the level of discovery between both sides when there is a criminal prosecution. it provides a greater protection against skewing an eyewitness projection. sam: she says the plan was in the works long before the riots last week in baltimore. the situation in baltimore will help fuel the bill into law. she says the introduction to city council is the first of many hurdles before this would be signed into law. that should not happen until after summer recess. reporting live, sam sweeney.
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jummy: loretta lynch is in baltimore today to look at the situation in the city in crisis. she will meet with baltimore officials and faith and community leaders. she has been monitoring the unrest in baltimore following the death of freddie gray in police custody. six police officers are charged in connection to his death which has been ruled a homicide. a mass is getting started to honor police officers and firefighters across the country. this is a look at the 21st annual blue mass in northwest washington. representatives from law enforcement and public safety agencies are in attendance to remember those who lost their lives while serving their communities. 117 officers died in the line of duty last year. the man wanted in a brutal
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attack at eastern market is now under arrest. eli zhou smith is due in court in a little more than an hour accused of beating a 69-year-old man. it was caught on camera. he may be connected to a high profile assault last year. >> police say the same young man struck again almost exactly a year later. it was here at the top of the escalators where police say a elijah smith used his fists as a weapon. it was around 1:00 in the afternoon. smith and a 79-year-old man began arguing. it looks like he spits on him and begins punching the victim relentlessly. police received several tips
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after we aired pictures of the suspect. police say he has been a menace to society. he is on probation for a high profile assault last year in silver spring. you will probably recall a local actor was nearly killed after being robbed and beaten leave in the -- leaving the theater. >> maybe he will be reformed. you don't know. >> you do not want to be in a position where that person goes after you. it is hard to intervene. >> he pled guilty to theft. this afternoon, he faces a brand-new charge of felony assault. jummy: the man charged and accused of killing hannah graham
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will be in the court today. last month the judge granted a request to postpone the june 29 trial. he is charged with first-degree murder and abduction with intent to defile. stay with abc seven news on-air and online for continuing coverage of this story. a d.c. officer could face new charges. they found photos on his phone and plan to file federal child pornography charges. he is accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl three times. he sexually assaulted a second victim in d.c. police headquarters. stepping outside, a beautiful afternoon in the nation. keep the umbrella handy.
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eileen whelan has a look at the forecast. going to head out to lunch after the forecast because it is beautiful. eileen: the temperatures are above average. it feels good. the possibility exists for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. at reagan national, 78 degrees. we are well above the average. at cooler -- a little bit cooler along the bay. going through the next several hours, highs topping out in the lower 80's. more clouds over the next several hours. starting to see that looking outside the window. some showers and thunderstorms possible later today. keep an eye for that. it is warm and muggy. the showers and storms
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associated with the cold front sinking farther south. we will talk about the upcoming chances for showers and storms. we will go into detail coming up. jummy: we want to tell you about a big fire in montgomery county. it forced a family out of their home. it started in a first floor bedroom. smoke detectors alerted the homeowners and they were able to get out. firefighters are searching for one cat this afternoon. the home suffered major damages. no word on what caused the fire. also, an investigation under way for a hazmat incident. firefighters say the hazard is contained to a lab. the building was evacuated as a precaution. we are following new developments from texas.
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i sold -- isil is claiming responsibility for an attack in texas. they said the gunman identified are the group's brothers. one says they were -- one of the mother says they thought it was a way of life and should be a way of life for most to a. >> simpson was on the no-fly list. his messages revealed he planned to travel to syria to join isil last month. according to court paperwork a woman tried to get past cia officers.
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she grabbed for a gun but missed. she threatened to have everyone there killed. she is scheduled to appear in court in alexandria at 2:00 this afternoon. coming up, vote 2016. the latest in the people running for president. what officials are doing about --. the best and worst states for working mothers. eileen is tracking our chances for thunderstorms when the latest
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at noon. jummy: staggering numbers about babies in the district. the capital is the most dangerous in the developed world to be born in. jeanette reyes has the latest on the study. jeanette: the numbers are staggering. the mortality rate is a problem. babies in the poorest neighborhoods are tend times likely to die over babies born in ward three. this is according to a new study .
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experts say there is a lot of work to do. >> there has been a long-standing issue with higher rates of infant mortality. historically, it has had higher than national averages. >> we need to do something. at children's national, we cannot do this alone. it takes partnership. reporting in southeast, jeanette reyes. jummy: financial analysts have rated the best and worst states, along with the district of columbia, for the working mothers. vermont is the best and louisiana is ranked the worst.
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the district of columbia has the highest child care costs. protecting babies is a very expensive thing to do. this is startling news for mothers. >> i think it is for all of us. you post something on ebay or try to sell something at a yard sale if the baby equipment has been recalled, it is illegal to try to sell it. >> she bought a crib from you and you took it back and you did not give her back her money. >> that is not true. >> a seven on your side view were -- a 7 on your side
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viewer reported this. we talked to the consumer product safety commission. >> we have done thousands of inspections. that being said, we do not want to put stores out of business. when we find a violation, we go back and back again. jummy: you can find the information on the back of carl
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seats. when something is on a hand-me-down, it is sometimes hard to find the labeling. in this case, there is a do not use after date. this car sheeat should have been thrown away last month. jummy: we look forward to that report. thank you. i am sure are a lot of mothers will grab the strollers and go for a walkeileen: it is really nice. after about 3:00 or 4:00, we might see those pop. gorgeous sunrise from our weatherbug camera.
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a lot of sunshine mixed with a few clouds. temperatures in the upper 70's. we are well above average. what a great day to be at the golf club and enjoying some of the weather. it does feel like summertime. you can see a few scattered clouds. comfortably warm. 75 degrees is our temperature. pollen count is looking high. i am sure you notice if you are an allergy sufferer. those showers and thunderstorms will help wash some of the pollen count down. we have a front off to our north . starting to see a few showers developing. as it sinks farther to the south, we will see more widely
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scattered showers and storms. it will may be impact some of you grabbing the kids from the bus stop. you can see these showers and storms, it is not an exact location of where the storms will be developing, but it is that time frame. showers possible. all of the moisture will move out. the front is draped right over us. there may be a few scattered showers. bring the umbrella with you, even though it will not be raining all day long. a few evening thundershowers.
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you will notice the humidity. tomorrow, highs a little bit cooler. friday, 82. saturday the race for the cure happening downtown. mother's day looks lovely mostly sunny. 83 degrees. by next monday, you are probably loving this kind of weather. jummy: any time you see the weekend looking good. another candidate jumping into the race for the white house. this is the second bid for my cup to be. he announced his candidacy and hope arkansas, the same place that launched bill clinton's political career.
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he is the sixth republican to enter the race. coming up, new details and the death of a top
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jummy: we have learned david goldberg collapsed while exercising on a treadmill and hit his head before his death. it happened on friday at a mexican resort. he died at the hospital. he was the ceo of surveymonkey and husband of sheryl sandberg. 19,000 people go to the emergency room every year from treadmill injuries. scattered storms in
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day ahead.
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jummy: a sunny day, but showers. eileen : doug hill wi
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