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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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through the evening and nighttime hours. as far as the bigger picture there is a cold front to the north with slight movement to the south, some troughs of storms coming out of the appalachian mountains. when you see is what you get. warm temperatures now, we will drop through the 70's, and be clearing overnight. tomorrow, the weekend the weekend, that forecast ahead. alison: right now we have some breaking news we are following. this is from the jesse matthew case. charges have not been upgraded from first-degree murder to capital murder. this happened in a charlottesville courtroom. his attorneys were arguing for pushing back his trial. we are in the courtroom with our reporter, and we will have a live report on the details in just a moment. we're also following a developing story of d.c. were the director of the city's 911
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call center has resigned the jenniferd. jennifer greene has been under scrutiny since a previous incident. we will have more on this developing story coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. leon: a man being at the top of a metro escalator just a few hours ago. the one who is punches made his first appearance in court. we were in the courtroom and joins our reporter life. >> holds happening a few hours ago. that man is just 19 years old and now held without bond in this case. 19-year-old leisure elisha smith is in jail for allegedly
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attacking a man and a metro station. authorities say he punched a 59 euros after an argument. information from court records released today saying that he push the man so hard he fell and lost consciousness. also new tonight, court documents that claim he talked about the incident on social media. his response on twitter was because of his disrespect and he swung first. he then went on to talk about his probation. court records show he pleaded guilty to theft charges, and police say he was robbed and beaten as he left the round house theater. >> back to the case happening
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here he is being held without bond. alison: a baltimore city teacher is facing charges of possessing and distribute child pornography. the 50-year-old dan scott was arrested after detectives seized various pieces of computer equipment and discovered the images there. and search warrant with issued at his home last month. mdc officer ed pastor could be chart facing charges. he is accused of sexually abusing a six-year-old girl while working at a church in southwest d.c.. a second victim says he sexually assaulted her and d.c. police headquarters. he is active back in court on
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june 2. leon: the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch visited baltimore today. she pledged to work with and renovate the police department. maryland chief brad bell has some developments in the gray case. u very -- what are you carry? hearing? >> it is going to be very complicated legal battle, the prosecuting and defending will have many motions filed in court. the first of those has happened, and it is one of the officers claiming that the arrest of freddie gray was legal. not a legal as the state's attorney has contended because of the knife he involved. there will be more details
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coming out and we will have them as they come available. but today the talk around town was the visit of the united states attorney general loretta lynch, just two weeks on the job. she chose to come to town to deliver several messages. first and foremost, that the federal government is watching. attorney general loretta lynch arriving at the university of baltimore today. freddie gray's mother and stepfather getting their moments later. the ivy league for about 30 minutes. the family lawyer calling the meeting emotional. >> she sent her condolences to the family, and her empathy for the tragedy of freddie gray. >> the attorney then spent time elected visuals, clergy, and young people. students are hopefully help. >> hopefully it will transition every police department in the
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united states of america. >> you have to address baltimore. >> pag's next apples was a visit with police officers on duty during the right. she met officer hit by a throne brick, stressing that they are not cap -- not anti-cop. >> thank you. you are representing all of law enforcement when you're out there. you're helping people. you become the face of law enforcement. >> you're looking at city hall in baltimore the mayor's suite of offices. that was another stop on the two our. she did not take any reporter questions, and she had private meetings and let some sound be overheard by the press the question is whether they will
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pursue any civil rights prosecution of these officers the decision on that will not be made until well after the state's case has been disposed of in court. leon: thank you. one member of the d.c. council says there will be major reforms in the police department in the wake of what happened in baltimore. we will hear more on that at 5:30 p.m. and a look at what events in places like baltimore and ferguson actually mean, and what it means for recruiting new police officers. alison: we already have three new candidates for the republican presidential race. >> for arkansas governor microscopy huckabee is running for the presidential nomination. he views himself as an economic offer list and foreign affairs half who is conservative on issues like abortion and gay
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marriage. he announced his candidacy in his hometown of hope, arkansas. >> it seems perfectly fitting that it would be here, that i announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. [applause] >> huckabee thinks that he is the republican best equipped to challenge democrat hillary clinton. retired johns hopkins neurosurgeon ben carson and hewlett-packard executive carly victorino announced they are also seeking the presidential nomination. leon: the more the merrier. alison: coming up, welcome to d.c.. find out how much visitors helps to a list of the boost the bottom line last year.
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alison: seven is unrefine\on your side tonight. a story in first low back in march has come to a resolution. we have the update. >> this is what we have been waiting years for. >> last time abc 7 spoke to kendrick williams, his mood was a bit different. >> pretty much just put a big burden on my life. >> but this is him now. >> i have a new opportunity and a life. >> we told you how for the first 19 years of his life, he shared his social security number with this man. when mistake was discovered, he
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got a new number, but since he held it first, his request was denied. for the next six years his lifestyle. inevitable look red flags that he could not get a loan or credit card. thousands of dollars of debt that social number was not his. he finally got a new number. >> feels like my world has been lifted off my shoulders and i can breathe easy now. >> it turns out days after our initial story here, the social security administration contacted him. >> they realize this was something they needed to look into, so the car in contact with me. >> we reached back out to the social security administration who says that now that he has a new number, the task begins of trying to figure out what wages associated with his old number be to be transferred to his
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new want to make sure he gets the future benefits that here. -- that he earned. leon: the city of los angeles is suing wells fargo bank over alleged misconduct. they say they encourage its employees to open up off rise -- unauthorized accounts for clients and damaged their credit in the process. the lawsuit is seeking up to $2500 for every violation and restitution for the customers that were harmed. alison: the mayor of d.c. honored some special teachers today. teacher appreciation week, she gave a hateful teachers to banks including $100 gift cards as well. -- a handful of teacher's bags included $100 gift cards as well.
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leon: congratulations. alison: when you look outside and conceive is about to rain. doug: those storms we have been tracking are inching closer to washington right now. let's show you the location right now on doppler radar after we get you up to date with the towns we have picked out. this is so typical it has been our around here today. lots of sunshine in fairfax, and through the afternoon a few fair clouds and skies is starting to darken. we're getting ready to rain here, and the good down for is getting ready in centreville. a number of showers have dumped anywhere from eight cents to 2/10 of an inch of rain. this is what you get when the showers move through. it also drops the temperatures from the mid 80's to the 60's in a heartbeat definitely a change maker for the showers and storms.
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as you get back over a little further to the south, the whole area is under the gun. moving through the leesburg into western sections of loudoun county there will be more and more showers andd storms. the guidance last night suggested that there would be west of the metro area that has come to pass. temperatures still in the low 80's, the metro area dropping into the 70's. and some 60's now with the rain. we could have a shower or a rumble of thunder by 870 5 p.m. in nationals park. but whatever shower activity is coming will dissipate and moved out and we will stay mild in the 70's through the late night hours. a big difference when you are south of the cold front versus to the north.
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53 in detroit, 53 in chicago. some chilly air there. we have a frontal zone kind of swooping down. it will push south tomorrow and tomorrow i can and as it does it will instigate activity in the atmosphere and we will see a little area of showers start to flare up on the eastern slopes of the appellations. that will push you tomorrow afternoon. the cold air is never going to make it that myself so, it may cool off a couple of degrees with drier air moving in. but it will be back in the 80's showers and thunderstorms with the possibility by sunday. there is high-pressure to the north, more humid weather to the south, and is begun tomorrow afternoon more pop-up shower thursday friday we will still see a coastal storm. our hunch is that will move out of the state and our next chance of rain will come sunday and the, and tuesday with a cold front. we have a early jump on the summer pattern here still in the
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middle of spring. there you see the forecast tomorrow, warm and humid after the shower thunderstorm possibility. up to about 77, 80 degrees in that range. pleasant, warming up over the weekend, and in fact warm and muggy weather with a chance of showers and storms. alison: looks pretty good. thank you. we want to remind to you can always stay the weather by staying caught up with our alerts. leon: it is like having doug hill in your pocket. police this weekend. we will see how recent incidents involving officers across the nation are taking their toll.
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leon: right now seven is on your
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side with the consumer alert. consumer equipment that is expected to protect your baby but is expired or recalled. plus there is a huge second hand market out there for new mothers. >> swings, strollers, car seats. >> i would never sell something that i know is then recalled. >> do not use after may 2014. >> items meant to be safe, but dangerous if used after a recall. >> it scares me for a first-time parents because i did not know. >> chiffonade paid $98 for a drop-down crib like this.
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the shop owners like to get back, but did not give the cash back. >> you took it back, but did not give her her money back? >> that's not true. they confirmed the story. the wife never think of. >> i would never sell something that i know has been recalled or is damaged. >> the crew to use older is damaged. >> if i go to a yard sale or threat summer, and i choose to buy something, it is on me. >> that is not true, according to the consumer product safety commission. >> whether you are resale store post on ebay or on a yard sale, it is illegal to post products past the expiration. >> nobody can check everything
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at the moment. she will have her money back. >> he made good on that promise. >> i'm very sorry. >> she is also counting the hours till her planned c-section. >> i really appreciate this. >> it is something you have to do together. >> you can always check online if it is under recall. now cursing some very helpful information and do have a do not use after date. i know a lot of people are pulling a car seats out of the car to make sure it has not expired. the rule of fun, is in doubt throw it out. >> can people be arrested? >> i asked that, and their
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biggest authority that they have is that they can be fined. they just want to educate them and i know you're worried about the mom, and she does not have a crib, but she is a little bassinet that she's keeping the baby in. alison: that is good. leon: a lot of us keep hand-me-downs and the family. alison: still to come, having a family can put a strain on your work and life balance. find out what lengths some families are going to to make things work.
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alison: getting back to our breaking news that we told you about the top of the hour. prosecutors have upgraded the charges against jesse matthew from first-degree murder to leon: that means he could face the death penalty if convicted of the murder of anagram. jeff goldberg just got out of the courtroom and is live with us now. >> we can tell you we just heard
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from the attorney who told us there is new forensic evidence that came to light in this case that made this case eligible for a capital murder case. what they done is taken the first-degree murder in the objection charges as well and upgraded them, making this case eligible for capital murder. that's a new forensic evidence and they were not discuss what that is. jesse matthew was was in court today, and grandparents were also in court today. he is being charged in the murder of anagram, she disappeared in december and her remains were found five months later. again, a very interesting development in this case.
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>> if this does not go to trial and they will seek the penalty. there is always this something that could happen in the interim. >> you never know what could happen but this case will be moving forward. she will seek the death penalty if and when it does go to trial. the next hearing in this case is on june 26. we do expect that jesse matthew will be having a date for trial. after the sexual assault charge trial they will be back in court for this capital murder case. we will have much more coming up at 6:00 p.m. alison: thank you. one week after those rights rocked baltimore, district lawmakers are launching an
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aggressive effort to reform police practices in the nation's capital. the degree sweeping measure today and we break it down for you now from the wilson building. >> recent events will give this proposals of had a decent council member who drew this legislation says it has been in the works for months. rage over alleged police brutality sparked riots and left baltimore bruised and charred. >> this would narrow the scope of the statute. >> one week later at 40 miles away, the d.c. city council is taking a sweeping reforms for washington's police. >> we are going to change the assault on police officers statute, make it more precise. >> this calls for more clearly defined as demeter assault on a police officer, making it more difficult to be cauguffed right now can be considered assault.
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taking steps to prevent officers from influencing witnesses. making more information to the officer police complaint requiring them to turn over the information published brutality or excessive force. and expand prosecution making more evidence available to the defendant. >> we checked with the local police union, and that your assessment it comes to defining what constitutes the salt on an officer, he is all for the amount that he thinks when it concerns allegations of excessive force or police recounting of the should create a fully empowered police commission. alison: the hospitality and tourism industry confirmed that 2014 is the fifth consecutive record-breaking year for domestic visitation, a
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destination. they talked more than 18 million visitors according to a new report, more than 6% over the 2013 number. you about $7 billion that they spent about $7 billion. they want the faa to stop adding flights at national, saying it takes business away from the list, becoming marshall and maryland. leon: seven is on your side of the consumer alert before your next flight. it just loses it is teaming up with amazon to give passengers more entertainment options. they will begin to stream instant videos for amazon prime members without extra charge.
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let's get a check on your roads. >> here is a look at 66. this is right here with brake lights. that is your commute. just a reminder, even though it is still light outside, you need these headlights on whenever it is raining. if you're getting ready to leave that help on the road, make sure you turn in them on. we have this heavy traffic and the rain mixed in definitely add to it. listed a look at 95 in virginia to give you a different perspective. this is your commute heading southbound on 395. we are about nine minus are hour. -- miles per hour. quite a bit of congestion as well. here is the map to give you bigger picture.
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the beltway is slow, we're seeing the heaviest traffic near the american legion bridge. please be careful. alison: thank you. a bride and groom were enjoying their picturesque wedding when they were caught off guard by a surprise wedding crasher. there was a climber on a cliff in the backdrop of the beach wedding, and while declining -- and it had a problem. the rescue helicopter had to be called in. >> i see the nose of a helicopter coming around the site of a cliff, i grabbed her hands, and i said you have to be kidding me. >> it was a funny situation. some people like freak out, but i had no control about it in the air. it was just funny at that point. >> the climber was rescued, and
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then he apologized to the couple and offered to buy them a gift. the couple says they have a wedding story they will never forget. >> an extra dinner at the reception? >> they handled it well. leon: coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> such a gift and a pleasure. leon: a tale of two moms pushing for more family leave in the united states. alison: coming up, a woman
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leon: the daily grind can take a toll on our list. a third of full-time workers say it is hard to get the balance between work and life these days. nearly 9700 people took part in a study, and found that people are working longer hours for less money and less stability. managers say they were more than 40 hours a week. the lineal generation says they would take a pay cut to have more flexibility, and 39% say
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they or their spouses. working to take care of children. they say they would pack up their families and leave the u.s. for a country with better options. alison: more than the women -- half of the women in the u.s. service the primary breadwinner's in their home. >> erica is soaking up every second she gets with her four-month-old. after delivering on new year's eve she returned to her defense department job in late march. >> i was exhausted. >> she was given 12 weeks of unpaid leave. which is able to get most of it paid for by tapping into her future sick time, a move made possible by presidential memo in january. the confusing leave policy can
5:41 pm
make this stressful time more stressful. >> when i think to do if i'm not saved a bunch of leave? >> president obama is calling on congress to pass a law for federal employees which apart requires six weeks of paid administrative leave or . >> it is time we stop treating childcare as a side issue. they say their benefits are giving time off. >> workers are happier, that is a good thing, because happy workers doing a better job. there is less turnover more effort. there are positive benefits for employees. >> happier, like attorney and christine. her employeeer was recognized as a family-friendly firm. >> attorneys are offered 18 weeks unpaid leave, or eight
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weeks. leave. the ability to be able to take over for months to focus entirely on being a new mom, it was fantastic. >> president obama is also pushing for a law giving millions of americans up to seven days a year of paid sick time as well. leon: from baltimore, the ferguson police officers have spent a lot time in the news over the past year. alison: still to come, the toll that could be taking when it comes to new recruits.
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♪ [taps] alison: police officers and their families were among those who packed the jews today. the annual blue mass honors
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those who gave their lives in service. we saw all the scenes baltimore last week. officers doing what they could to protect the city from rioters. but with all of the recent focus on conflict, they are asking if men and women still are willing to sign up to serve. >> we ask tv stations to check with local police department to see if the number of people applying for jobs is up or down. we looked at police departments in 14 states for our unscientific survey. overall we found a decline in police were recruits that started before the unrest unfolded. it is a worrisome trend. >> it has reached a crisis. >> in five cities law
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enforcement agencies reported a combined loss of 1147 potential police officers, starting in 2012. >> we make exceptions for people who may have had a problem early on in life. >> if we're talking about felonies, the answer is absolutely not. >> it is always been difficult there is always is a small group of candidates. >> there has never been an easy time for small groups and salary. ? >> we believe it is under the budget constraints we are under. >> some saw the number of
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applicants rise by a combined 462 candidates in 2013. alison: switching gears to a much different note. today zynga demaio. contrary to what you might think of it is not mexico's equivalent of independence day. today celebrates the battle of politicaluebla. it is considered a celebration of the underdogs execute troops went into battle fastly outnumbered and with little training. while americans make it a big deal, and mexico people just celebrate with their families with dancing and plenty of food. a little history lesson for you. if you have done too much celebrating tonight given the national alcohol program will be offering a right service for you.
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you can get a free account right up to $30. it will ride on all the way to 4:00 p.m. leon: trending now ryan gosling ease serial. -- eats cereal. there's actually more to this story. for years, and manage ryan mchenry made many video saying that ryan gosling does not eat cereal. ryan mchenry died on sunday, and when ryan gosling heard the news, he posted that video of himself eating cereal as a
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tribute. alison: let's talk about the weather. it really does feel like summer out there. doug: the rain is starting to come down all or good reason. there are areas of showers we have been watching for the past couple of hours. you can see just across fairfax that is another area of heavier rain. that will cross over into western charles county. this is holding on to the tender ds far as the heavy lightning in the slowly moving off to the east. that is what we are keeping an eye on here. there is a second line back to the west and that will pretty
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much washout. we will watch this first line as it makes its way south and east of the area and it will be our story tonight, and tomorrow we can do it all over again. 81 right now in dulles manassas, the district and will are with rock to the west. -- with cooler weather off to the west. tomorrow we do it all over again, partly sunny with afternoon showers and arms. we will check out a weekend and beyond in just a couple of tenants. -- minutes. leon: we have been on a roll this week. >> this is the second straight year that the wizards have held a series lead over the top seed in the playoffs. that is why i believe tonight's game is the biggest game of the playoffs. we are going to find out tonight how much the wizards have changed as a team.
5:52 pm
can they take advantage of the banged up, being down hawks? they will try to go with a sprained ankle, but how effective can he be? he will try to play despite a sprained wrist. this is about maturity goals and confidence. we will hear about sports at 6:00 p.m. leon: they had made everyone giddy with their 2-1 lead in the rangers series. they have done a great job of keeping the pressure on but the key to this series is braided. they have been held to know more than one goal in the last five games. the caps, wizards, and even the mass are playing at a very high level. come on, let's not forget about d.c.. the best start in franchise history.
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there are 5, 1, and two overall. one thing is for sure, the head feels that the local teams are starting to eat off of each other's successes. >> it is just good stuff. it seems like a great group of energy, and less night was awesome. i have kids that are growing up and saying that they have are jerseys. >> that is good stuff. leon: you are right. >> this is the best game of the season.
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. leon: more testimony in the penalty phase of the best in marathon mopping trial -- boston
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marathon bombing trial. also today a psychiatrist who went straight to their father talks about this country than that family -- dysfunction in that family. a jury in colorado heard emotional testimony from a survivor of the aurora theatre shooting. alison: this came hours after the first look at the video of his first interview with detectives. what he said to police. >> can you tell us your name? >> james. >> played for the jury, shortly after the emitted killers shooting rampage inside was colorado theater, he asked the deked is about the victims. the six euros was among the 12 people killed in 2012. 70 others were injured.
5:58 pm
>> i remember thinking theis sounds like a war movie. >> she was shot been lost a portion of his life. >> i kept quiet, because if he were to go up the stairs, i wanted to pretend like he i was dead. >> police call him a killer. these photos show the intricate wires and flammable with inside tied to a tripwire. >> if you went in, it would cause the whole apartment to explode or catch on fire. >> he even went and put air fresheners around the home to
5:59 pm
mask this sense of gasoline around inside. alison: that is it for the news at 5:00 p.m. leon: we have breaking news coming in from charlottesville. a major development in the case of a man accused of killing a student from our area. alison: plus charges against police officers. leon: abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. start right now. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> we began on storm watch. we go to doug hill in the storm watch weather center. doug: we of been watching this area of showers just west to the metro slowly pushing towards the city.
6:00 pm
in an update of where those are. we get a picture from belle haven country club. the rain is getting ready to come through this portion arlington right now. a little bit south and west of the district toward prince william county. it is moving east southeast. inside the beltway over the west side of town, some very heavy rain and downpour. a second line behind it looks like it will follow part. -- fall apart. maureen: now to breaking news in the kidnapping and murder of hannah graham, a university for virginia student. in the past hours prosecutors


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