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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking alert. >> in the last hour, we have learned that a firefighter died after battling a two alarm fire at a high-rise apartment building in northwest. three other people were also hurt . >> we are still receiving
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details on this tragic fire. lieutenant kevin mccrae has died after battling the blaze at this high-rise apartment building. it started on the ninth floor and the 10th floor sustained damage. we are on the 1300 block of seven street northwest. that fire broke out around 8:00 this morning. it was under control in 30 minutes. four people were taken to th hospital with serious injuries. one firefighter was in critical condition. he later died at the hospital. the other firefighter is expected to be ok. we did talk to a young woman who said she talked to two elderly women who lived in the apartment unit where this all began. >> she is elderly. she looked like she was
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shaking. i would want somebody to do that for her if she was my grandmother. >> we all sustained damage. it messed up a lot of my stuff. >> over an hour ago, very emotional for the firefighters. we saw a couple of them with their heads down, some look like they were praying. also tragic for the residents. that gentleman lost everything. he was very grateful to get out alive. red cross is here on the scene to help what might possibly be 10 residents without a home. jummy: we should also point out that lieutenant kevin mccrae was stationed at engine company six on new jersey avenue northwest. this is a live look at that station as fellow firefighters are inside mourning the loss of
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one of their own. our breaking news coverage continues -- sam ford is live there this afternoon where we just got an update from muriel bowser. sam: obviously, very sad. at the family was here. a number of family members. they were the first crew to alive and start finding that fire -- arrive and start fighting that fire. he collapsed and they tried to save him but they were not able to do that. he was brought here to medstar and the doctor here said they tried as hard as they could to resuscitate him but they were unable to.
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family members were called in, as well as the head of the fire department, the mayor. the city is going to remember its own and do all it can for this family. it was a sudden death, perhaps heart related. the other thing that is really interesting here tragic, the last death -- last on duty death of adc firefighter was a cousin to this firefighter. his name was james mccrae and that was in 2007. at this point, it appears that it may have been health-related. [indiscernible] a number of city officials are here to remember this firefighter, kevin mcrae.
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jummy: what a tragic situation for that family. make sure you stay with abc seven news on-air and online at for any new developments in this tragic loss of adc fire department. -- of a pc fire department. -- d.c. fire department. larry hogan just lifted the state emergency put in place after the death of freddie gray. john gonzalez is live in baltimore where the governor just wrapped up a news conference. john: the city of baltimore returns to normal this afternoon. larry hogan will be surveying specific neighborhoods. in moments, he will be having lunch with members of congress at lexington market just down the streaker. minutes ago, he finished a press conference where he lifted the
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state of emergency here to 3000 national guardsmen and 1000 police were brought into the city. those national guardsmen were on the ground in baltimore three hours after the state of emergency was issued. the governor thanked the residence of the city who volunteered their time to clean and repair their streets. he also thanked the mayor and the police commiss he called an incredible effort and an undertaking. he says no one deserves more praise than the law enforcement officers who worked tirelessly around the clock during the city's most brave and desperate hour. >> i am pleased to report that all national guard, state police and other police personnel and all the assets to be brought in have now been removed from the city. i have rescinded the executive order which instituted the state
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of emergency. together, we have survived troubled times in baltimore that we have not seen in more than 40 years. john: the governor gave the numbers and the numbers are staggering. 250 businesses destroyed or burned. 170 cars burned or vandalized. 159 fires started last monday night alone. police officers from pennsylvania, new jersey ndc assisted -- and d.c. assisted. they are not here this afternoon. jummy: thank you for the update. new call for stephanie rawlings-blake this new. to hold her city's police department accountable. >> i'm requesting the department of justice conduct a federal pattern of practice investigation into the baltimore city police department. jummy: loretto lynch met with
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city officials, community leaders and the family of freddie gray. -- lorettoa lynch. the justice department is also conducting a separate review of the department's use of force practices. prince will hold a rally for peace concert in baltimore this weekend. the concert will be held at royal farms arena. attendees are encouraged to wear the color gray. the artist recently recorded a song about the death of freddie gray and the unrest in baltimore. tickets go on sale at 5:00 this afternoon and a portion of the proceeds will benefit baltimore-based youth charities. stepping outside on this wednesday, another warm day ahead. chances of thunderstorms out there. doug hill is here with a first look at forecast. doug: 80 degrees right now. hazy, but still some sunshine
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through the area. we will expect that for several more hours. this is satellite image here. it's black and white because it clearly shows the dark background. where you see the dark background, that is clear sky. a lot of clear sky, but some areas like south of petersburg that are popping up in those show showers and thunderstorms in progress. we will triangulate between woodstock and west of blu-ray -- a repeat pattern from what we saw yesterday. warm and muggy weather today with pop-up showers and thunderstorms. 80 in washington, 81 in frederick. this afternoon, we will see temperatures in the mid-80's. we will check out the rest of the weekend for you in just a couple of minutes. jummy: a major construction
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project now on hold. first things first, crews are cleaning up 10,000 gallons of sewage in prince george's county. this is on north carolina drive. sam sweeney explains what it that's why it took so long to stop it. sam: the sewage line has been stopped and the cleanup is underway. right now, the county still warning residents with sewage overflow signs to avoid this area. this is a football field where kids play. we are right behind in elementary school here. i want to show you what happened. this area is normally dry. right now it is a lot of sewage and it is creating a lot of smell for the people in this area. some people say they worry about walking their dogs. others say they don't want to open their windows.
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some say this problem was to be expected. >> it's a fact of life. we live in a nation whose infrastructure -- it's 80-90 years old. this is what happens when you have an infrastructure that is so old. sam: if this happened on sunday, why is it wednesday and the problem is just now getting fixed? it takes time to fix a sewage line. with a water main break, you turn off the water to fix the problem. with sewage, it just keeps coming and it ended up in this field. crews had to install a temporary 7000 foot pipe to divert that sewage while they fix the main sewer line. once that is complete, we will be back in business. that may not be done until friday. jummy: a major construction project now on hold.
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the $6.6 million project will close the west interest -- and for three years while crews replace old escalators. the metro says be. was told well before -- vdot was told well before today. coming up at noon, new details about the plane crash in the french alps. the pilot took actions before he intentionally caused that crashed the plane. how a woman was rescued using a pizza delivery app. doug is back with a look at how long the above average
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jummy: we want to get to more breaking news. the first house speaker in american history to resign midterm has died. a texas funeral home confirms that he died today at a nursing home where he had been living. he's been 45 years in congress including two years as house speaker. he left after being charged with 69 violations. jim wright was 92 years old. that she spent 45 years in congress. new information on the germanwings plane crash in the french alps. investigators say the pilot practiced a controlled dissent on another flight just hours before intentionally crashing the plane. karen travers has the new details. karen: did the germanwings pilot make a test run? that is the conclusion being
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drawn from the new french aviation report. kevinandreas lubitz deliberately crashed the flight into the alps , killing one failure 50 on board -- 150 on board. lubitz was alone in the cockpit for just over four minutes on a germany to spain flight. during that time, he temporarily set the plane on a controlled descent. he turned the control dial from 37,000 feet to just 100 feet and left it there for three seconds before spending it back to 35,000 feet. lubitz again sets the dial at 100 feet and leaves it there for a few seconds before leveling it out at 25,000 feet. the captain returns to the cockpit and the flight to barcelona continues. >> this is not something a normal pilot would ever do. >> was he trying to crash that flight or trying to see if that loss of altitude would set off any alarms? >> whether he was practicing or
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losing his nerve, we don't know. >> on a return flight to germany, prosecutors say lubitz intentionally locked the captain out of the cockpit and crashed the plane into the mountains. >> the captain flying with lubitz might not have known that the young pilot was rehearsing for a crash because the adjustments did not change the trajectory of the plane. jummy: a quick thinking florida mother used a pizza order to help save herself and her three children. the woman was being held hostage by her boyfriend with a knife. she convinced him to let her order a pizza online. she left a hidden message on the ticket saying "please help me. get 911 to me." below the order "911 hostage help." >> i've never seen nothing like that. >> some things you get so
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naturally. >> police arrested this man. he faces several charges comically aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill, battery and false imprisonment. the mother and her children made it out safely. it's that time of year to sign your kids up for summer camp. are the people entrusted with your child being properly vetted? please have arrested a number of charges -- speaking outcome helping parents know what to look for before putting their child in the care of a stranger. >> all parents should learn to develop a healthy suspicion of anyone they leave their children in contact with. jummy: experts say there is no reason to be paranoid. make sure they have proper background checks and training. for more on what you need to know, make sure you watch abc 7 news at 5:00.
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we are keeping our eye on the great white shark swimming up the east coast. scientific research group of -search is tracking a shark up the maryland-eastern shore. she is between east ocean city and the island. she is pretty big come estimated to weigh about 4000 pounds. any plans to go to the beach this weekend? doug: nope a couple days ago, it was closer to the coast than that. i like to go into inches and that's about it. -- in two inches and that's about it. more people coming to the beach because summer season is here. we've been well above average. we got into the 80's yesterday. this is a time lapse of this morning in damascus.
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the farther north and east to go from washington, the blue are the skies will be and the further southwest, the hazy ier. 75 in baltimore and aberdeen. 80 degrees at reagan national. you will see this frontal system to the north start to play a role here. dew point temperature as a true measure of moisture. slowly creeping into the 60's. further north and east, the air is dryer. the direction in which the cold front will finally move -- anytime when you have a frontal system, a cold front working common sense the sage for if used -- stage for a few storms. very similar to yesterday, a few showers, heavy downpours.
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this front has been wobbling a bit. eventually, it will go away. it will dissipate. high pressure will take over and as it does come a we couple nice days through friday. all week long, we've been talking about a storm system developing off the coast of florida. it could be subtropical, could be tropical. even though i don't think it will make it this far, some of the moisture may. maybe your chances of thunderstorms could increase later saturday into sunday and monday as well. the cold front will come through and bring dry air. then all the focus goes to the south with this developing story into friday come into the weekend. the next seven days -- it will be dry and pleasant thursday friday and saturday.
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a chance of showers and thunderstorms sunday, monday and tuesday. waiting to see what the system does. it could be a tropical storm. you never know. jummy: let's hope not. coming up, when the cargo ship that failed in its mission to deliver supplies to the iss
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jummy: a russian cargo ship is expected to fall out of our bid and back to earth on friday. the ship was delivering supplies to the iss when it entered the wrong orbit and went into an uncontrollable spin. controllers were unable to bring it under control. some of the fragments may hit earth tomorrow. experts say most of it will burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere.
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doug is tracking s
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doug: it will feel like another early summer day with some sunshine and afternoon showers in store. lower 80's, turning a bit cooler tomorrow. at least it's not cold and snow. jummy: thank
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