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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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side. maureen: we begin on storm watch. scenes like this one captured by mary ellen in chantilly are playing out across our area tonight. we have already seen wind rain lightning and hail. how much longer will it last? chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking it in the weather center for us. doug, what is the latest? doug: maureen, at the moment no severe thunderstorm warning though there is downpours and hail and rain. nothing to severe levels yet. get you up to the rooftop above the furniture weather center. it's cloudy and we have a patchy of blue skies getting through in spots but there is also the area of rain we are checking on storm scan. a cold front over south central pennsylvania dropping south to maryland, virginia, west virginia. it is heavy with rain and hail and moving northwest to southeast. close up on the live doppler radar shows thunderstorm activity from gaithersburg northwest to the west of sugar
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love mountain. and crossing the potomac river and more fragments of this area moving from marshall to warren. the area will continue to be monitored. it's possible we could see something severe. but right now heavy downpours but later tonight the storms and skies will leer. look at the weekend in a few minutes. leon: a new mother is pleading for help to find her missing husband. he left on his way to howard university where he is a doctoral student. stephen tschida joins us live from northwest washington. you spoke with buckley's wife and how is she holding up after all of this? stephen: she is devastated. in the last 45 minutes we heard howard university put out a missing person's alert. we have learned that montgomery county police right now are responding to a possible hit from lance buckley's telephone.
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they are near 22 along the toll path in a wooded area. if the phone was used, it would have been the first time since yesterday morning shortly before buckley disappeared from howard university. 11 days after giving birth, she needs support again. amy buckley's husband, 33-year-old lance buckley disappeared yesterday. amy: i love you so much. no matter what, i just want you to come home. stephen: buckley's mother dropped him off and he regularly got rides to d.c. where he planned to graduate from howard university's micro biology p.h.d. program saturday. >> he has a loving family and wife and two beautiful daughters. stephen: they know he withdrew cash at the university hospital and he texted his wife at 10:15 from howard. then nothing. amy: any clue to help us get one step closer to finding
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lance is what we need right now. stephen: buckley had a noon meeting but never showed. his family says he is not the type to miss pointments or take off on a whim. they also say he is devoted to his family. amy: i just want you home, baby. i love you. you are the love of my life. please come home to our babies. stephen: buckley's family says he had no issues, no depression, nothing which would have concerned them in that arena. however, we also have learned within the past hour that investigators believe lance buckley may be carrying a handgun. but they stress they do not believe he is a threat to the general public in any way. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: thank you so much, stephen. the district is mourning tonight after a firefighter's death in the line of duty. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapsed this morning while fighting a two-alarm fire at a
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high-rise in northwest d.c. he died a short time later. district leaders call it a sad day for mcrae's wife and three children and for his second family. the 20,000 men and women -- 2,000 men and women who serve the d.c. fire and e.m.s. s. >> a city, we take care of our own. we take care of our firefighters. >> it's a painful reminder of just how high the stakes are for those men and women. maureen: two people suffered serious but not life threatening injuries in that fire. lieutenant mcrae was a 25-year veteran of the d.c. fire department. tonight we are learning more about his life and his legacy. jay korff talked to those who knew cray cray and joins -- knew mcrae and joins us life from engine six where he was based. jay: members of the department is crestfallen following the sudden and unexpected death of lieutenant kevin mcrae, truly a beloved figure throughout the department.
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especially here at engine six. all afternoon and likely in the evening, the firefighters have been streaming in to engine six to pay their respects. then their condolences. i spoke this afternoon with two people who during their careers worked beside lieutenant mcrae. they had nothing but glowing things to say about him. >> i'd like to describe kevin as a fireman's fireman a guy that cared about his community, a guy that treated everybody with the utmost respect. and brought you together in the fire house. jay: coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, you will hear from a family who escaped the smoke and the flames at that apartment fire. the location where lieutenant mcrae collapsed. they told me that they encountered him. they said he made a huge difference in getting their child into an balance. they -- child into an
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ambulance. they credit him with saving their child's life. we hear from them at 11:00. jay korff, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jay. the city of baltimore is no longer under a state of emergency. maryland governor larry hogan rescinded the state of emergency this morning more than a week after 2,000 national guardsman were called in to protect the city. the governor's order comes as baltimore's mayor requests a department of justice investigation into the city's police department. this follows the death of freddie gray in police custody last month. six officers are charged in connection with that case. the first house speaker in american history to resign midterm has died. former congressman jim wright died today at a texas nursing home. the texas democrat spent 45 years in congress. succeeding tip o'neil as house speaker. he resigned in 1989 after allegations he violated house rules on gift and income. jim wright was 92 years old.
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coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- whereer thor group isil claims to have trained recruits in the u.s. and when a serious sewage leak will finally be fixed in prince george's county. and the fight to
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maureen: a student group called feminist united plans to file a title ix complaint. there is a news conference tomorrow morning. a growing number of virginia lawmakers support investigation into the plant closing of sweetbrier college. more than 30 members of the general assembly on record calling for an inquiry. they want attorney general mark herring to investigate the allocation of tuition assistant. today he met with leaders to save the school and they will meet on may 18. students got a day off today after a water pipe flooded the school. they blamed it on a leaking pipe coupleer. they are still working on the problem tonight. not clear when the classes will resume.
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a sewage hill could be stopped sooner than first thought. the sanitary commission expects the overflow to end tonight. clues finish work on bypass to direct sewage away from a damaged pipe. so far 10,000 gallons of sewage flowed from the pipes since sunday. they say most of the wastewater has been contained in a ditch but some reached the local area. still ahead tonig on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the abc7 sports team break down what the capitals have to do to pick up a crucial playoff win at the v. verz center. plus chief meteorologist doug hill will tell us when the storms will ease up and move out. next though, how the u.s. is responding to claims isil trained recruits in 15 american
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maureen: we have new information on that intentional plane crash in the french alps that killed 1507 people. a report today shows the copilot who crashed the germanwings flight 9525 reversed deadly descent on another flight two hours
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earlier. investigators still don't know why andreas lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit and crashed the plane into a mountain side. there are reports tonight that the terror group isil claims it has trained soldiers in 15 u.s. states including virginia and maryland. senior political reporter scott thuman has been looking into this. he has reaction tonight from our capitol hill bureau. scott: in the aftermath of the attack in texas, not only has isil taken credit, but now according to fox news and others an unverified claim by an american jihadist who joined the group says there are trained soldiers around the country awaiting orders. the white house says the overall challenges are daunting. >> identifyingndividuals and keeping tabs on them is difficult work. even if we were operating in an environment where the resources were unlimited. scott: of the 15 states supposedly home to terror operatives, the online claim five are virginia, maryland, california, michigan
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illinois. >> they are literally franchising themselves out. not trying to have central control but distribute their ideology around the world. scott: a terror expert tell us the claims of soldiers working directly for isil shouldn't be taken as fact just yet. it is alarming that the f.b.i. say they are following suspects with isil ties in almost every state. >> that is something we understand and we know. and we have to have the intelligence to perceive an attack before it happens. scott: a fight overseas expanding, too, through the rewards for justice program the state department identified four top leaders of the islamic state group offering a collective $20 million for help in finding them. in that online warning, the offer also alleges of the 71 trained soldiers inside the united states, 23 have already signed on for attacks like sunday's. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news.
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maureen: the family of a rockville man accidently killed in a drone strike supports hostage star. he was held hostage for three years before he died in an al-qaeda compound in january. his family says someone in the government should coordinate efforts to free captured miles per hours. last week, maryland congressman john delany introduced a bill to create a hostage czar on the national security council. a big visitor is stirring up commotion on the delmarva peninsula. scientific research group o-search is tracking a great white shark named mary lee off the coast of maryland's eastern shore. her tracker pinged off the coast of ocean city this afternoon. o-search tweeted a picture of her when she was tagged in 2012. she is estimated to way about 4,000 pounds. i guess people will be able to see her coming.
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wow! an incredible sight in the windy city this morning as chicago awoke to find the city covered in fog. pictures from high above the city show only the peaks of skyscrapers rising above the white fog. things cleared out just before lunch. very pretty. and no white sharks around there. doug: no. maureen: beautiful. doug: memorial coming soon and the shark is like i can smell the french fries from the boardwalk coming out. that's all. maureen: smell the swimmers coming up, too. >> that is likely more like it. get to it. a live look at the country club if bethesda. the rain has started. lightning and thunder. this is just one of numerous showers and storms we have had. interestingly most of it has been just north and west of the city of washington. very little passing through town. 67 in adams town in frederick county.
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68 in hearndon. chantilly at 70 degrees. close rain totals. close to an inch in spot already today. the rain is continuing to move out of south central pennsylvania. this is a cold front. just ahead of the cold front we are continuing to see the little areas of showers and storms. the good news in the past hour we have had no new area of severe weather so we are starting to get rain-cooled atmosphere. the heat of the day is starting to come down. we may be on the back si of this. just seeing more downpour and hail in the next several hours. eventually tonight it will come to an end. a closeup on live doppler. pick out the red spots on the presentation. that is where the heaviest rain is from gaithersburg across the potomac river. elements from the germantown and barnsville. deal with the fact you will have downpour, hail and lightning and thunder. by 8:00 or 9:00, most of the activity should settle down. thereafter is a waiting game until skies get rid of the rain. look at the hail reports. inch and and quarter.
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hail in centreville and berryville. three-quarters of an inch in other area of centreville. big hailstones. as we get through the evening hours the main of rain, rainfall, size of hail that develops should diminish. we are lacking the heat of the day we had earlier in the low to mid-80's in spots. now we are in the 70's skies will clear. as much as they do later this evening there could be patchy nothing. all the attention goes south because there is a developing area of low pressure that may become tropical in nature as we head through the next couple of days. as it consolidates and moves northward, it could bring us tropical heat and rain later in the weekend. this is how it will shape up the next few days. nice tomorrow. especially friday and saturday. lower humidity. partly cloudy dry weather. starting sunday, continuing monday and tuesday, look how warm. mid-780s.
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partly sunny and muggy. there will be daily chances of shower and storm if the developing south of north carolina/south carolina coast. it could get interesting next week. mr. tim brant gets interesting now. tim: absolutely. leon: find out the caps if they have shoed off all of their fingernails. tim: no question. great series. caps gear up for game four against the rangers tonight. i'll take you there live for the latest. hello, mr. harper. cowboy -- goodbye baby.
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now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealers. tim: start with baseball. bryce harper join a short list of sluggers who hit three home runs in one game. he did it in his first three at-bats. take you back downtown where the nationals beat the marlins this afternoon. it was great theater. he led off the top of the second with a shot to left field for washington's first run of the game. then in the third, he got a pitch in the wheelhouse and did it again. this was further than the other. by the fifth inning, everybody wanted to see if he could do it. there it goes! 450-some feet. a great afternoon for harper in a 7-5 win. robert burton is game four with the rangers on cap watch.
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what is the latest? robert: we talked defense at 5:00. now letes talk offense. caps outshot by the rangers 38-18 in the first period. that can't happen. why? in the playoffs it's all about setting the tone early. one guy who knows how to do that is jay beagal. he scored the only goal in game three. here he is on starting off strong. jay: i think it's almost sometimes it feels like we are sitting back and waiting for their push instead of pushing them back right away. and i think we just got to be ready for that from the start. we know they are coming but we have to push back instead of waiting for them to come. that will help us a little bit. robert: that was marcus joemanson there. they finally let the fans in. the puck drops at 7:30 now. jaime seven against islanders was almost deafening. i talked to fans today who say they are trying to make it louder. the thing about that is it's only game four. live at the phone booth
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robert burton, abc7 sports. back to you. tim: for basketball fans, john wall wristwatch is on. the wizards don't play atlanta until saturday at verizon. wall will get a third opinion on what is called a sprained wrist. but he has not had an m.r.i. because the swelling hasn't gone down. he said until saturday he will live in the training room and do everything in his power to get the injured wrist ready to play. and in the nfl, the 223-page report is out on deflategate and says it's more probable than not that too patriots employees released air from game balls. hello. and it was probable that tom brady was generally aware of it. the way they beat indianapolis they could have used a beach ball and they would have done the same thing. maureen: i hear you have information about the tornadoes in oklahoma. doug: outside of oklahoma city, tornado. they are evacuating will rogers airport. they are watching that and we'll update our thunderstorms at
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breaking news. tornadoes touching down as we come on the air. the alerts up right now. more on the way tonight. oklahoma city among the cities on the lookout. millions bracing for severe storms. also breaking the train derailing. the massive ball of fire. the evacuations tonight. the tom brady bombshell. the super bowl champ and what the investigation now reveals. what did he know? and will there be punishment? jesse palmer standing by. the deliberate crash in the alps. tonight, the major development. did the co-pilot practice on a flight right beforehand? passengers having no idea. my interslew with hugh jackman on his important message tonight. and too close for comfort. the boaters, the plane, and the plan gone wrong?


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