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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of the fire department took his wife, mother, and brother to the funeral. they went through this before when his cousin collapsed and died after a fire in 2007. he fought a high-rise fire and fire officials say he collapsed after he walked out of the building. medics and doctors were unable to revive him. >> it is hard felt that our family had to go through this a second time. when we lost jamie james mccrae the third, i thought we had enough for the lifetime. reporter: kevin mccrae was 44 years old. his cousin james, was 32 years old when he died of a heart attack in 2007. the family is awaiting the exact cause of kevin's death. they were the 99 and 100
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firefighter in d.c. to die in the line of duty. leon: thank you, sam. frantic scenes in rockville this morning after a car slammed into an office building, sending for people to the hospital. as was on park lawn drive. leanne carter is live near the scene. brianne, what is the story? reporter: just a dramatic scene unfolding this morning as a car slammed into a physical therapy office, trapping an office behind her desk. you can see crews are working to put up some wood and flats there. this all happened early this morning. fire officials tell us a woman was parked in the lower level here of this garage when somehow she came over the concrete, over the grassy area, and into the office building. we understand that the car slammed into a desk in there trapping the woman behind it. she had to be extricated from the building and was transported to the hospital.
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she was one of four people injured in all of this including the elderly woman who was driving the vehicle at the time. they were taken to an area hospital. we understand they are all expected to be ok. the investigation into what happened continues. meanwhile, people in the area say this is not the first time something like this is happened. some of the people told us earlier today that on the second level of the garage a car slammed into a section of the tent -- cinderblock wall. this all happened a couple of months ago. we asked them about what happened today. >> there is no barriers. i'm not surprised it happened. reporter: that car literally ended up right in the middle of that physical therapy office. we understand it was very busy at the time all of this happened. thankfully only for people had to be taken to the hospital.
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other people were evaluated on the scene. we expect all the injuries are non-life-threatening. the investigation continues. brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: we heard about some tough news for was advances afternoon. we have some recent exams that showed john wall has multiple fractures in his left wrist and hand. leon: can't just get one. got to have multiple. robert is with us now. this is the last thing this town or team -- robert: the problem started sunday. he came down awkwardly after a layup on his left wrist. he finished the game and led to a victory in atlanta. he set out for game two after he'll -- he told trainers is rested not feel good. after multiple examinations yesterday, reports say wall has
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five nondisplaced fractures in his left wrist and hand. his playing for saturday is yet to be determined. the coach spoke with us just over an hour ago. some people are going to have to step up. >> that is sports. it is not always fair. you've got to be able to play through that. all of us have to step up a little bit more. no question. -- no question he is a big part of our team. robert: he been averaging 13 point and five rebounds during the playoffs. ouch. i do not want to think about it. [laughter] leon: let's not. alison: we will check back in with you shortly. we have some breaking news from stafford county. we are learning of a greyhound bus fire on 95. this is southbound near exit 143. there are currently -- there is
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currently an eight mile backup because of this. at least one person injured. we will follow this fire and bring you details as soon as we get them. also, a ruling over the national security agency phone surveillance program. a u.s. appeals court in new york says the bulk collection of american phone records is illegal. the three-judge panel said it exceeds what congress allows the patriot act. however, they declined to block the program saying that the changes need to come from congress. let's go to the weather today. alison: there is some pollen out there not to be a debbie downer. at least the sunshine and warm weather stuck around. doug: it sure will, debbie. it pushes the clouds -- that is where the rain is.
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is look at curing conditions. 80 degrees at reagan international airport. the wind is south-southeasterly. the dew point is down to 63 degrees. a bit less humid than yester at luray. 75 degrees at gaithersburg. the pollen count is not good news. we have both the tree and grass pollen count in the high range. an extra miserable day. weeds and molds coming in the low category. we will stay rather pleasant this evening. light winds. temperatures in the 70's this evening. tonight we will drop back into the 50's. it's going to get very warm and humid in the weekend. we will talk about chances of showers and storms. your seven-day outlook in just a few minutes. leon: the aftermath of some dangerous weather. a series of ternate is hit
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nebraska, oklahoma, kansas, and taxes yesterday. it is being at -- blamed for at least one death. reporter: homes destroyed. many more damaged. some shelters designed to save lives no match for mother nature. >> we heard -- reporter: these boys and their teachers hiding in storm shelters get >> >> i was scared. reporter: it was a close call for this father and his children. they were stuck in the shelter until help arrived. >> the winch wasn't busting off and the guy came by with a bar and broke it right off. reporter: from oklahoma to nebraska, texas, in kansas. >> weight -- reporter: some drivers were dodging flying debris. setting a rainfall record in
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oklahoma city with just over seven inches of rain. >> we had a 17-year-old male victim that was trapped underneath an rv over here. reporter: today whether homes 20 part in their belongings strewn all over, residents begin to pick up the pieces as officials warn to stay alert. >> be weather aware. reporter: the national weather service says 51 tornadoes ripped across the great plains and more severe storms are on their way this week. leon: from the severe to the bazaar, the bazaar tale of a d.c. socialite and her eccentric husband is heading to the big screen. christoph waltz will be starring in directing "the worst marriage in georgetown." this is a crime drama about the murder of violent draft by her husband. she was 45 years older than him. he is now serving 50 years in
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prison for her death. spilling is set to begin in october. -- filming is set to begin. maryland governor is announcing that soon you will pay less for tolls. maryland chief -- to explain how can this happen here it whenever see people -- tolls going down. reporter: i'm told it is been more than 40 years. the bay bridge toll has got to be just about everybody -- every beachgoers least favorite stop on that trip to the beach. right now the cost is six dollars. this is the signed the governor used at his press conference today. six dollars now, going down to four dollars of you pay cash. if you use e-zpass, it will cost $2.50 to get across the bridge. the governor is announcing there are going to be reductions at toll facilities across the state, including our area, the
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icc. where the cost will drop three cents per mile. that is about it before since. --$. 54. you have to have that maryland e-zpass. if you have the maryland e-zpass, the discounts will automatically kick in july 1 at all of maryland's bridges and tunnels, including the icc. the governor was aggressive today. he was asked about critic to say the state just can't afford the $54 billion a year it's going to cost. >> this is what i promised to do. it is what i've been talking about for four years. it is what people voted for. and quite frankly, i don't really care what the legislators or the analysts think. it sounds like a lot of whining by people who want to continue to protect the status quo. reporter: the governor is just a
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little more than 100 days into office. he took great pride in putting his red marks on the signed today. they will be going up for real pretty soon. we will have more on this and the details at the bottom line on how you can get the discount and how much you can save when we come back at 5:00. brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: start counting the smiles. coming up, a 7 on your side consumer alert about the dangers in gaming consoles that your children may own. what you need to look out for to keep them safe. alison: dealing with is bad allergies were talking about? you are certainly not alone. what doctors call one of the worst allergy seasons in years. leon: the case that is far from monkey business.
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alison: it is common for parents to set controls on their children's electronic devices. what about gaming systems like the xbox in the ps2?
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leon: kimberly suiters from the dangers lurking in those consuls . she joins us now with what she learned. reporter: it is a frightening concept. the stranger your child plays with on his handheld game console then shows up at your doorstep. the common term for this is called "grooming." a predator online asks for little things at first like a photo or cell phone number and then bigger things like meeting in person. psychologist and police tell us that kids are not grasping stranger danger online when they are involved in a game. where the real world still feels like it's make-believe. >> what we do need to do is teacher kids there are strangers on the internet and when the stranger starts asking personal questions -- when the stranger in the console is asking you personal questions or asking you to do things or asking you to send things, that is not appropriate and a need to stop.
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>> they are trying to prevent it but not all of this can because some people want to talk. reporter: you are going to want to hear more from the kids in their online encounters in a seven on your side special report, "stranger in the console." tonight at 11:00. leon: we have another consumer alert. for mother's day procrastinators. if you're planning on sending flowers online today, buyer beware. alison: on the left side of the advertise photos. on the right are the consumer photos of what was actually delivered. consumer said the market can be anywhere from 52%-80 2%. -- 82%. local online reviews rank the worst comments against the best. try to pick locally sourced and
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in season blooms. most roses come from central america. you hold the flower power. if you are unhappy, a reputable company will want to make it right. leon: most moms it is happy to get anything. alison: and they are not going to tell you if you don't like it. leon: a cup of uncooked macaroni , spelling out her name and she is happy. [laughter] alison: i would love anything. let's get a check on traffic. jamie: it is a rough one this afternoon. we are to start on 95 in virginia. 17 miles per hour as you work your way to sell through dale city. that is quite a bit further south. if you're heading through fredericksburg, we have a bus fi is been put out. we have medevac on scene. it is all closed. 95 southbound just before 410. you can see this big red line.
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it's about 10 miles of slow traffic. that is about 10 miles before you actually get closer to white harbor. -- quite harbor. this is right through gun free it we are inching along. this is 10 miles for the actual accident scene. you need to give yourself a lot of extra time. if you thinking you were taking root one because it is your alternate, we have so much bailout traffic it is barely moving. i would say both root one -- route one in 95 are bumper-to-bumper. you will start to get a little bit of relief when they open up. that is a look at traffic. 95 in virginia a very slow go. seven is on your side for those of us ever from seasonal allergies. leon: washington, d.c. being one of the hardest at aries the country.
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-- allergies in the country. some tips on how to deal with allergies. >> stay indoors if you can. clean your air-conditioning filters. when you come in, change or close or take a shower. the same pollen on your car is on your body. when it flares, talk to your doctor. antihistamines can help keep those symptoms under control. leon: about 45 million americans suffer from seasonal allergies. alison: it is just so unfair because we waited all winter for this beautiful weather and the first and the doctor says is stay indoors. i don't want to. doug: my almost a 19-year-old twins got the genetic trait because they are miserable. cereals sneezing. they seize 10 or 11 times in a row. a used to be funny. better days are coming. high levels of tree and grass pollen today. a time lapse from the montgomery college rockville campus.
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a beautiful sunrise this morning after the rain. heavy thunderstorms inhale in many areas yesterday. especially north and west of washington. it turned into a beautiful day. temperatures were warm. 80 degrees right now in rockville and 79 degrees at fort belfour. ocean city on the boardwalk between second and 3rd street, 54 degrees. that is it because of an onshore breeze off the atlantic ocean. temperatures are comparable around the area, mostly in the 70's. we will stay in that range for the next couple of days. yesterday's cold front dropped to the south. most of the activity states to the west. we are continuing to monitor this situation. the storm is developing and they expect over the next couple of days to be fairly substantial. we may have to deal some of the moisture from it as we get into the weekend. futurecast shows a can -- it will take its sweet time to form
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but you cannot miss the circulation. definitely an area of low pressure. it's going to produce a lot of rain. the question is how much of this moisture will be in our area for the weekend. we look at the cloudiness, the breeze, and the tropical feel of the breeze off the atlantic. will have showers throughout the weekend. in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine. tomorrow, 82. saturday might have an isolated shower or storm. it will be sunday, monday, or tuesday and it will be warm and humid. showers and thunderstorms possible the afternoons. tuesday, upper 80's to perhaps 90 degrees briefly in parts of our area. did i say that? 90 degrees. alison: re: ready for that? doug: it is what it is. it will get more money over the weekend for sure. -- monday over the weekend. alison: coming up, there are
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some basketball fans who art crying foul over the cleaving climate -- cleveland cavaliers during the playoffs. the team is responding to criticism. reporter: local organizations
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leon: we continue to follow
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breaking news from stafford county. injuries have been reported after a greyhound bus caught fire on iphone -- i-95 south on. they found smoke coming out of the luggage area. the fire has been put out. we do not know many people have been injured. news chopper seven is heading to the scene. we will bring you live pictures in any other information we get it. alison: this saturday thousands of breast cancer survivors and supporters will rally on the national mall for the susan g. komen race for the cure. leon: according to the cdc, the district has the highest breast cancer incidence and mortality rate in the country. as mike reports tonight, one d.c. organization is fighting to change that on the frontline of that battle. reporter: local breast cancer mortality rates are highest in d.c. ward seven and eight. where health options are limited. >> african-american women tend
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to get breast cancer at younger ages. it tends to be more aggressive. reporter: dr. regina hampton cofounded breast cancer for washington. d.c.'s first 3-d mammography. >> it's better and looking at this -- dense breast tissue. reporter: it is at the connelly health center. just off capitol street, this location was selected due to its proximity to metrorail station's and bus stops. >> entered the city bus to get here. it said my life. i think it is worth it. reporter: she came to the clinic because she had no health insurance. brenda young came because she was underinsured after losing her job. and having lost a close friend, but only motivates or more to get a mammogram and encourages of it to do the same. >> she would be delighted. reporter: screenings for both
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women came back normal. after screening more than 800 others in the past year, breast care for washington has diagnosed five patients with cancer. >> knowledge is power. if you have the knowledge, you need to take the next step. alison: abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the susan g. komen race for the cure. you still have time to register. what you can donate. go to and we have all the details for you right there. leon: still ahead, verizon slapped with a strange lawsuit. how i woman claims the cup and her a heart attack. -- gave her a heart attack. reporter: right now heated debate is underway about what should be done with the i
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00. on your side. alison: numbers of the d.c. council are taking a look at body cameras used by the police. a pilot program kicked off last year and now there are plans to expand it. stephen tschida is live with details from today's hearing. reporter: right now there is a roundtable going on on the fifth floor. they are taking up the issue of body cameras on police. mayor -- the mayor was to spend more the $5 million outfitting about 3000 officers with body
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cameras by the end of the year. what she wants the recorded images to be exempt from freedom of information request. ensuring the images are not released to the public. the police chief testified today she addressed her support for body cameras. >> the addition of these cameras will increase account ability and it's her bad behavior, literally transforming the way policeman and individuals interact with each other. reporter: the objections to body cameras are not about the images . it is not how they might these fight police but what happens to those images. a number of people testifying at this roundtable are speaking and talking about how something has to be done to protect innocent victims. people at their most vulnerable moments. those images could wind up someplace like you to. the chief and the mate -- youtube. they do not have the technology resources, or personnel to edit
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these images. that is the latest from the wilson building. reporting live steven tschida abc 7 news. leon: firefighters are investigating a debbie house fire. the home when up in flames last night. firefighters say an adult woman in that home died. the exact cause is not yet known. firefighters say it appears it was related to a combination of smoking products and oxygen tank. alison: a virginia woman is suing verizon, claiming the covenant gave her a heart attack. angela hawkins wants nearly $2.5 million. she says she called customer service and says that representatives accused her of saying she was going to kill everyone. hawkins says she was distressed by those claims and had to go to a doctor where the k.g. revealed she had a heart attack. verizon has declined to comment. leon: something weird there.
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that is a strange claim for the company to make. we will see what happens here at western to the weather now. we are getting a break from the nasty weather we've had. alison: doug hill has the forecast. doug: it seems to be rather pleasant tonight and tomorrow. temperatures will creep up. humidity will start to increase. for the moment it is fine. let's look at the weather conditions in fairfax. 79 degrees the right now. just delightful. no threat of rain. it is an push from the cold front west and south. pretty much out of the commonwealth of virginia. ok. 80 degrees in fredericksburg. 80 degrees at reagan national airport. it will drop slowly into the 70's. it will be warm and sunny for the early evening. very comfortable indeed. we are to see a couple of areas of fog tomorrow morning and it
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will clear out and be sunny and warm tomorrow afternoon. that will be the drill for the weekend. that's when her chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms are going to pick up. the old commonwealth of virginia , that is where steve is right now. the farmers market all the way up in fairfax. what is happening, steve? reporter: we're looking at a beautiful day out here right now. this is the first day of the season. the 2015 season of the farmers market for fairfax county. every thursday at 3:00 to 7:00 until the end of october. tons of vendors here you we had middle eastern food. we have fresh bread from great harvest bread company. with empanadas. we have homemade salsa. every product that is here has to be produced within 125 miles radius of fairfax county. you are getting local, freshproducts. as we move to the growing season
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we are going to see more and more fruits and vegetables. if you need flowers, we have flowers here. around the corner, fresh meat. a lot of neat things here. it is every thursday from now until the end of october. they ask you to leave your pets at home from 3:00 until 7:00. lots of great local products. hope you can come down and take a look at it. leon and allison, what can i bring you back? alison: you always and up in places with all the good food. leon: funny how that works out. [laughter] alison: surprises. -- surprise us, steve. leon: breaking news from stafford county. injuries have been reported after a greyhound bus caught fire along i-95 southbound. firefighters say when they arrived they found smoke coming out of the luggage area underneath the bus. the fire has been put out. the burned-out shell of the buses on the side of the road.
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we still do not know how many people have been injured. we will get back to you as soon as we know information. some controversies surrounding a skit that aired during the nba playoffs here. ♪ >> [indiscernible] alison: the cleveland cavaliers are taking major heat on that video. it aired on a jumbotron during a timeout. they say this get promotes domestic violence. the team released a statement apologizing saying it was insensitive and has no place in the arena. leon: it might have worked if they stop short of her writhing in pain on the ground. it was a play on the insurance company commercial and it might of works if they did not show her -- the woman who crashes to the table for the insurance company, you never see her suffering so it's funny. in this case --
4:37 pm
alison: but she is kind of in on it during the commercial. coming up at 4:00, neighbors make a disturbing find inside a dumpster at an 11-month-old boy. the latest on the searcher his family. >> i want to make this a last time i talk about it. leon: modern family star opening up about the batter with her former fiance over there frozen embryos. what she is sayingtt2wútiy %d+ bt@qyá$
4:38 pm
tt2wútiy %d+"a@qi&@ tt2wútiy %d+ bm@qb-l tt4wútiy %d+" dztq 1v0 tt4wútiy %d+" " entq arp tt4wútiy %d+" gzt& xu( tt4wútiy %d+" hnt& h[d tt4wútiy %d+" iztq "2< tt4wútiy %d+" jntq 0bé tt4wútiy %d+" lzt& (/
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alison: police and the rest of want to know what someone left an 11-month-old child inside an apartment complex trash bin. leon: the good news is the boy is ok. police are searching for answers. christina angle has more. reporter: the police could not believe the call, reports that some about the 11-month-old child inside his apartment complex dumpster. >> very disturbing and upsetting. i could not believe what i saw. reporter: this man says he was in the parking lot cleaning out his car when he heard a noise. >> i went and looked and saw the little hand with the anti-water
4:41 pm
bottles moving. reporter: the little hand that belongs to this little boy. at first investigators did not of the child's name. >> i visited with him for a minute. really cute kid. definitely a sad story. reporter: they identified the boy in just a few hours because of overwhelming community response. the police still have questions about his parents. >> and looks like the child was abandoned their. reporter: the tall there is a little bruised but should be ok. there is no saying how long he was stranded inside the dumpster. >> he was not crying at all. he had a few marks on him. reporter: she helped come for the child with the help of her mom, wrapping him and it like it until police arrived. thankful someone found him before it was too late. >> i am due in two weeks so it was very shocking and upsetting that someone could do that. leon: that is awful.
4:42 pm
can you imagine if this was mid-august? police haven't unified the boy's mother and five-year-old sibling. they want to find them so they're looking for a vehicle in connection with that case. alison: still to come abc 7 news on at 4:00, we will tell you but news of a great white shark. it was spotted off the coast of virginia and maryland. new interest in the process of tracking these animals. we will talk to a next read about all of this. -- an extra about all of this. leon: video that has gone viral. she kilo neil taking a big fall last night. now he is getting a chance to there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't w, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv, at a price that's totally affordable. starting at $74.99 per month. get custom tv, including internet and phone. guaranteed for two years.
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plus, get a $300 visa prepaid card with your 2 year agreement. go to today. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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leon: sofia vergara said down with the next was of abc interview. alison: tv's highest-paid actresses speaking out about a legal battle with her ex fiance. he wants to gain control of two frozen embryos they created in 2013. however, she says they both contract
4:46 pm
with the fertility clinic that says the embryos could only be wrought term with both parties consent. >> i don't understand why the media is allowing a person to just try to put me down and try to make it like something is happening when nothing is happening. alison: she is enjoying what many would consider a dream filled week. she is promoting her new film "hot pursuit." she's getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame and planning a wedding to her new fiance. leon: she has a lot going on. we told you that a shark known as mary lee was spotted off because of virginia and maryland. alison: she has a tracking device on her and this is raising some new interest in how the sharks are tracked. joining us live is dr. robert hutter from sarasota. tell us about this tracking process.
4:47 pm
dr. hutter we've been tracking a number of great white sharks in the atlantic part of the u.s. for almost three years. mary lee has a tag on her called a satellite tag which is attached to her fend. --fin. it looks kind of like this. it goes on the fin. every time she comes to the surface we get a pain, -- ping, a location fix. the tag can last five years and she is been spending a lot of time off of the maryland-virginia, now new jersey area. she is heading up to atlantic city. leon: here is a chance to terrify everyone in the region. how many great white sharks are there hanging up the beach off the coast? dr. hutter: that is the interesting thing because it is
4:48 pm
brand-new research and technology. people are looking at this. everyone can see it at oc people are thinking there are these 3000 pound sharks, what do we do? but they have always been there. we are just revealing it with the technology. there is no risk to people nothing is changed. the sharks are just doing what comes naturally. alison: and this is a big one. she is 16 feet long and more than 3000 pounds? dr. hutter that: that is what we tagger two years ago. she is now probably upwards of 4500 pounds. purse -- perhaps 17.5 feet long. she might be carrying young. we don't know. with the public and everyone we are seeing the life of this white shark being played out.
4:49 pm
leon: have you seen anything that is completely atypical or been a surprise about her activity? dr. hutter: i'm looking at her plot. not too much. she is behaving herself. we factor at cape cod 2.5 years ago and she is stayed on the continental shelf of the u.s. east coast. some of the otherwise sharks we tagged in this area have traveled as far as to the eastern side of the atlantic ocean. enough of them have come into the gulf of mexico, very close to where we are at sarasota, florida at the marine laboratory. and going back into the atlantic. leon: we like the idea of great white shark's behaving themselves. [laughter] thank you for that. (dr. hutter: i think in washington you have much were dangerous things. [laughter] alison: thank you dr.. we appreciate it. leon: people around the whole
4:50 pm
world to been salivating for new royal baby, charlotte. there is a zoo in japan that might've taken it too far. they got a flood of angry phone calls and e-mails after naming a baby monkey after the newborn princess. people say naming the monkey charlotte is disrespectful of the royal family. the zoo says it never been any harm and is in the process of figuring out whether to change the monkey's name. alison: that is a cute monkey. [laughter] alison: regardless of the name. leon: it's what you call a baby anyway, "you little monkey." alison: we want to show you another video that is gone viral. leon: this is nba star shaquille o'neal taking a fall on tnt last night. >> get them. oh. leon: he was ok. the floor is filing charges. sahhawq even challenge people
4:51 pm
to sin of the best videos of them taking a fall. the wrestler slamming into the floor. another one shows floyd mayweather knocking out shaq. alison: issue came off. -- his shoe came off. leon: that shoe is bigger than floyd mayweather. alison: let's talk about the weather. we had a beautiful day. doug: that is the worst part because pollen levels -- over the weekend that humanity will be back. let's get started. first thing up on thursday afternoon is is live look. it happens to be in laurel. practices for the kids practice coming to an end. it is delightful. 70 degrees and a little bit of a breeze out of the south.
4:52 pm
a little drier than it is been. 80 at reagan national airport. 81 at winchester. 77 at andrews air force base. through the evening hours we will hold in the 70's but we will eventually drop between 58 and 64 degrees overnight. there could be followed. tomorrow, right back to the sunshine. it will warm up all over again. 85 in columbus right now. 88 at charleston, west virginia. we are surrounded by warm air. that is the predominant weather feature for the next several days. through the weekend and into next week. every days in the 80's in fact. by tuesday we could get close to 90 degrees in parts of the mid-atlantic for one day. for the moment, quite weather here. yesterday's cold front dissipated and washed out. all the emphasis is going to heads down south to a developing storm center. even the hurricane hunters check
4:53 pm
it out and their aircraft. it looks like it will develop over the weekend. it will keep us in this flow of air off the atlantic and keep us warm and muggy. it will be warm, comfortable friday and saturday. sunday becomes a bit more humid. thunderstorms a possibility. by late sunday and monday, the moisture from the system will get appear. it will be perhaps widespread showers and storms sunday night and monday night as well. we kind of skipped spring weather. alison: ok, thank you. leon: let's check on the traffic situation affecting the commute home. jamie has her eye on that bus fire. jamie: that is what we are focusing on this afternoon. you can see that the fire has been put out. medevac left. now with a have done is pushed all of the activity over to the right hand shoulder. we have lanes getting by. four lanes actually.
4:54 pm
but the back up is still a big one. we have miles of stop and go traffic. this gives you a really good idea of this heavy traffic. a lot of people using route one has a bailout. not a good idea because it is bumper-to-bumper and we are going to get some really fun 95. it is going to take a while. if you have anyone working the way from stafford county from closer to the capital, it will take about an hour and 20 minutes. you can see how slow this traffic is moving. an 11 mile stretch, eight mile per hour average. we will have more coming
4:55 pm
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alison: whole foods is looking to launch a low-cost chain. the new stores will open sometime next year. the company says they will be hip to appeal to millennial shoppers. more information is expected to come out later this year.
4:58 pm
they currently have more than 400 stores nationwide. leon: mcdonald's is hoping that healthier fast food menu items will attract more customers. the company announced nine locations in california that are testing breakfast that includes kale. it will all conclude turkey sausage, spinach, and percent of the -- they will also be coming to mcconnell menus in canada. good news at 5:00 search right now. >> we've had enough for a lifetime of tragedy for the family. leon: a firefighter family touched twice by harnick -- heart ache comes to grips of the latest loss. every a toll on your wallet. the roads will not be cheaper to drive. stepping down. the super bowl commercial that might have cost one man his job. >> now, abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side.
4:59 pm
leon: police are looking for a pair of armed robbers ably struck an hour and a mile apart. alison: both happened last night in georgetown. one not far from the mainstream -- strip along m street. diane? reporter: the first what happened at georgetown university during finals week. police say that student was robbed at gunpoint just before 10:00 last night. >> it was pretty shocking to me because normally the alerts we get happen off-campus and not very well within the campus. reporter: the university police sent out an alert notifying students about what happened. authorities say a male student was approached by a man and woman last night new the business school. the man pointed a gun at the victim while the female demanded his wallet. sources say the suspect were posing as a couple.
5:00 pm
>> it's one thing to everything stolen. it is another to have a weapon pointed at you. reporter: sources say the two suspects allegedly robbed another man and woman not far from university. sources say the gunman rummaged the male victims belongings when he realized he only had zero's that she originally -- allegedly robbed a female victim, stealing her credit cards. >> who knows what else i can do? reporter: nick just finishes junior year. he feels he is upset he was not notified sooner. >> is not like they were apprehended sooner. there is no guarantee they ran off-campus. they could've run on campus. it sounds like an emergency. reporter: the first suspect is described as a tall black male wearing a red checkered shirt with braids. the second is a black female with facial piercings.


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