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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sources say the suspect were posing as a couple. >> it's one thing to everything stolen. it is another to have a weapon pointed at you. reporter: sources say the two suspects allegedly robbed another man and woman not far from university. sources say the gunman rummaged the male victims belongings when he realized he only had zero's that she originally -- allegedly robbed a female victim, stealing her credit cards. >> who knows what else i can do? reporter: nick just finishes junior year. he feels he is upset he was not notified sooner. >> is not like they were apprehended sooner. there is no guarantee they ran off-campus. they could've run on campus. it sounds like an emergency. reporter: the first suspect is described as a tall black male wearing a red checkered shirt with braids. the second is a black female with facial piercings.
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authorities are asking those that might have seen the couple either before or after the suspect -- after the robberies to contact authorities, either the d.c. please deferment or campus police. diane cho, abc 7 news. alison: updating breaking news we've been following. a bus caught fire in the southbound lanes of interstate 95. this happened in stafford county. about an hour and a half ago near exit 43. abc 7 news learned that the bus driver saw smoke and pulled over. these are live imagesthe tow truck arrived and is now hooking up to the bus. all 28 passengers were able to get out safely. state police that a man and a luggage compartment where the fire appears to have started. he was seriously injured. lanes are starting to open back up. it is still causing some backups as you can imagine.
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takes a mixer time if you're are heading that way are using that road. we will follow this threat the evening. one second she was sitting at her desk. the next, she was trapped under debris. now that receptionist is one of four people recovering from injuries after a car smashed into an office building along park lawn drive. reporter: a startling start to the day for so many in this building behind me. you can see their were those cones are. that is where it all took place. people were busy at work this morning when a car came barreling through the glass. >> people were talking and crying. >> i went over there and the car was completely inside the office. reporter: after the woman behind the wheel of this jack where drove right into this busy physical therapy office
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trapping a woman working inside behind her desk. >> there was someone sitting behind the desk you was trapped by the force of the vehicle and debris. she had to be executed. reporter: you see what appears to be a desk on its side. here, you see the site in the middle the office sitting amidst mangled metal and physical therapy equipment. the woman at her desk in the driver the car were injured. all were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be ok. >> down there there is no barrier. i'm not surprised that it happened. reporter: according to several people who worked next door celtic similar happened not long ago. >> a couple of months ago a carbon over the top of that second floor. reporter: workers tell abc 7 news a car fell from the second level of the garage to the ground below. the workers who are here in the area at the time say they do not believe anyone was injured in
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that incident that happened a couple of months ago. meanwhile, at this morning's incident we understand for people in total are all excited to be ok. brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: a calm evening ahead after the last two nights of scattered storms. leon: doug hill is standing by with the weather center. he has a check on the forecast for the evening. doug: you have to go a long way to find anything. gorgeous and sunny and warm temperatures. a lab shot from the roof. camera. there are a few clouds that will dissipate tonight. it will be turning cooler. at the moment, comfortable he warm. anyone at libre in fredericksburg. -- luray. skies will clear this evening and turn cooler like we did last night. 58 to 64.
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we could see a few areas of fog across the area. a light southeasterly wind. tomorrow, we will have a replay. high pressure in charge. we are keeping on a developing storm system south of the south carolina coast. hurricane hunters were there today. they say it will probably develop into a storm. who will have more on that potential and how the moisture could affect us us weekend when i join you in studio in just a couple of minutes. leon: tonight, the family of lieutenant kevin mcrae is working on funeral arrangements. the d.c. firefighter died on wednesday after battling a fire at an apartment building on 2nd street northwest sam ford spoke with some of the family today. sam joins us now from engine company six. reporter: where outside the firehouse where lieutenant kevin mcrae worked first on the rescue squad and then he was in charge of engine six. today we saw him -- his work family and his home family come together to plan a funeral.
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once again for a mcrae. at the home where he grew up in southeast, family members gathered today to support each other and to remember. >> he was my nephew, but i felt as if he was my little brother. reporter: michael mcrae showed us the last picture they took at a birthday party two weeks ago. his nephew lead engine six to the high-rise fire yesterday. they climbed nine stories, knocked down the fire. then back outside, he collapsed. medics were unable to revive him, nor were able at medstar. his colleagues saluted as he was removed in the hospital. >> this is tragic and we tries this weekend to move forward. we were close -- we are a close-knit family. reporter: his mother was there as well as his wife when firefighters arrived to take family members to help with funeral arrangements here in also there declined to be interviewed -- the first
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cousin, james and kevin, with a 99 and 100 d.c. firefighters in history to die on duty. >> to see us lose two nephews is very painful. we're going to pull together and try to get through this is less weekend. reporter: the end of a great -- mcrae 's were planning to become firefighters. the engine six firefighters -- firehouse is across the street from this high school. what is interesting is he said that because his dad was right across the street, occasionally he would take his fire truck and parted there and front of the school, go in and watch his son play basketball until the next call came. reporting from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news
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. leon: my thoughts are with that family. tonight a d.c. family is mourning the death of their son after he disappeared in texas. the three-year-old way ran off of they were attacking the car in inglewood. -- angleton. they found video of the boy running towards a nearby pond. they later found his body in the pond. the family was visiting his great-grandmother for her 90th birthday. alison: after making some customers wait weeks, lumber liquidators is making a big move after seeing how thousands of tests turned out. we should do results from a local family for simple last night. today, lumber liquidators announced it will stop selling chinese made lemon it's until a -- laminates until -- jamie:osie: up until yesterday you
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could still buy this laminate from lumber liquidators. but after 3000 test gets, it changed its mind even of the vast majority came back with acceptable levels of from aldehyde. -- formaldehyde. >> we started encouraging her kids to stay the night at friends houses. reporter: they do not want them staying inside of these floors. >> we do know what to be doing damage with our children or pets. reporter: they do not know if they are doing damage by keeping the laminate they bought from bloomberg liquidators here they been waiting for results from testing the company offered to do to check levels of formaldehyde. >> i don't understand how they anticipated this level of demand. reporter: lumbar liquidators is providing some answers about chinese may laminate. they got the results of 3400 air test kits. 97% of the homes came back with from aldehyde levels within
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guidelines from the world health organization. still, they are stopping the sale of chinese-sourced flooring for now. they say that despite results it is still the right decision. after samples tested by seven on your side turned out from aldehyde levels in concerned level red, labeled a probable contributor to indoor air quality. >> living in a house they could be harming them is a scary feeling. reporter: lumbar liquidators said it will contact the less than 3% of families whose tests came back with higher levels. they could get further testing or for simple testing like the kind we did. many customers have not heard from anybody. they probably have their floor still in the house and wondering whether they need to go or stay and whether they will be refunded or get replacements for the laminate they already bought. alison: good work, josie. today, it loretto lynch told a
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senate committee she plays in a decision about any possible civil rights violations in baltimore in the next few days. earlier this week, stephanie rawlings-blake asked the department justice to investigate whether freddy gray's rights were violated when he was arrested nearly a month ago. >> although they have made significant strides in their collaborative reform efforts, i have not ruled out the possibility that more may be -- may need to be done. alison: security at the race course is being beefed up for next saturday's preakness race. still to come, the fence jumping. plants move forward to try to stop people from scaling the white house perimeter. leon: taking cover. the update on the nasty storms
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that went to the middle of the country in the middle of the week. >> will he ever get married? alison: fallout from that ad that ad they garnered a lot of attention during the super bowl for all the wrong reasons. reporter: maryland governor larry hogan literally slashes toll rates. hope we can back
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alison: a consumer alert now. students at university system of maryland schools will be paying more next year. the board of regents at proved an increase in rates in student fees. most of the graduates were maryland residents will see a 5% increase. university of maryland baltimore will see a 7% increase. leon: how about a decrease now? we'll know what to do when you pull up to one of these. tonight, some good news from maryland's governor about polls across the state. brad bell at the -- at the chesapeake bay bridge. reporter: if you stand here by the tollbooth you can hear
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engine sounds. if you listened carefully you can hear people grumbling about the six dollars toll. but they do not have to grumble for much longer. but this prop from the governor's press conference here at he cutting it from six dollars to four dollars. ask maryland motorist about bridge and tunnel tolls and the response goes like this. >> it slows me down. reporter governor larry hogan says toll increases is the number one and could -- and -- complaint he hears from voters. he took a red marker for tolls across the state. >> this is what we ran on and promise to do. we are delivering on what we said we would. reporter: starting july 1 the toll drops from's -- to four dollars. the bay bridge crossing will cost $2.50. the icc will drop to $3.86.
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and the unpopular $1.50 a month e-zpass fee is being eliminated. >> it should on a gone up in t first place here at >> if they can maintain the bridges at a lower cost than of course all of us are for it. reporter: the governor claims the $57 million in lost revenue will not affect revenue -- maintenance and the icc might see an increase in revenue. >> w hopefully more people will take advantage of the road. reporter: bridge maintenance should not suffer according to the governor. he found money. democrats say it is good politics, bad policy. the governor says the replacement of the bridge full not suffer with this plan. to be clear, to realize the savings at all facilities across the state including the icc, you have to use e-zpass. this is the only place for the cash price is being discounted.
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at the brave bridge, brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: we will take that. and we have beach weather today. doug: the funny thing is the people done at the beach really did not get beach weather. before we get started i will show you some the tornadoes from yesterday in oklahoma. some of the chasers in oklahoma tv stations. as far as we know, they have not seen any number reports. there were tornadoes. we are not seen them categorized as how many individual tornadoes of work or the f category. definitely a big outbreak and we will keep our eyes on the southern plains tonight. for our area it is very quiet. we are in fine shape. as we head into thursday evening. remember we talked about the beach in a beach weather? this is a time lapse from ocean city. it is 55 degrees there right now. look at the temperature. that is fog.
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heavy fog is moving in during the day and it is all because of the easterly winds coming in low levels over the ocean waters. it is called a marine layer. it is so visible by this satellite image and can actually see all that low level -- you go 500 feet above the ground it is close to that crystal clear skies. but on the surface it is foggy in chilly. whitey not come on our side of the chesapeake bay? here, not so much at the moment. 80 degrees at reagan. 54% humid76 today. baltimore at 79. the same in washington and dulles. no storms out there to deal with. they concern tonight as all that activities push to the southwest. we are impressed with how widespread the area of 80 degree plus temperatures are right now.
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that is not going to change much of the next week or so. maybe a little longer time shirts not. we will our numbers climb to 80's tomorrow. early next week we could be even warmer than the lower 80's around here. this is an interesting development. south of our area today, off the coast of georgia and south carolina investigators went out and their reserve aircraft and developed -- and investigated a developing area of low pressure. this is all because of south carolina. about 40 mile-per-hour winds. they expect a subtropical storm of the next couple of days. it pushes moisture northward. our area of high pressure will move out of the area. that will allow the moisture to move up from the south. as we get to the day tomorrow, we will be fine and find a saturday. on saturday, sunday, and monday with high pressure moves got to the east and the cold front approaching on the west and this storm slowly developing, we will
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get a chance a developing showers and thunderstorms on sunday and monday. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms developing. this will be sometime late saturday. especially sunday, monday, ended tuesday. some areas could be close to 90 degrees by tuesday. tomorrow, somewhere in the lower 80's. a very pleasant stretch of the day tomorrow. take a look at this graphic. this is the past five years. the first time we hit 90 degrees. last year it was may 13. tuesday is may 12. so it happens usually from april intimate, we get our first 90 degree reading. that could because that's possible by tuesday. alison: a busy day. still to come at 5:00 -- >> i think we haphazardly through this together and tossed it. alison: childhood fun 40 years ago comes back.
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leon: tom brady's agent responds to deflated balls at the playoffs last year. alison: coming up tonight on abc. ♪ okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta.
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made better to taste better.
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alison: the man behind put many
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people find it disturbing at it this your super bowl is stepping down. a spokesperson for nationwide insurance says the chief marketing officer left the company last week. he oversaw the at that feature the actor betraying a boy who died. he said the ad was designed to raise awareness about preventable childhood death. leon: tom brady's agent is firing back. and nfl investigation found that there was more probable -- that it was more probable that brady the football's he was using was being deflated below standard pressure. ryan nobles is more. reporter: tom brady and the new england patriots are the reigning super bowl champs. a new report on deflated footballs have tarnished the team and their star quarterback. >> along trenches -- a long-term suspension. reporter: brady's detractors 18 swift and vengeful punishment.
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his agent, don yee said he was a significant and terrible disappointment. he said the conclusions are based on assumptions and inferences. eugene lee argues -- "there was no incontrovertible hard evidence that tom brady knowing they deflated these balls." reporter: he was in contact with an equipment assistant who is in charge of the game balls. in text exchanges, they discuss brady's desire to have the ball deflated at a certain pressure. shortly after the controversy was revealed, race for filling -- forcefully rejected any involvement. >> i would never have someone do something i thought was outside of the rules here. reporter: his agent called it a "sting operation." he said he was hired by the lead
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to draw a conclusion about the patriot. now the entire league lisa see how the commissioner will punish one of footballs biggest stars. in washington, ryan nobles abc seven. leon: coming up at 5:00, adding a second layer. trying to increase security at the white house. alison: the last two firefighters to die in the job in d.c. may have succumbed to heart problems. we will take a look at the stress is jobless and firefighters. leon: failure to act. here why one group says a local university is not acting on behalf of the student body. >> count on to the cup, brought to you by 84 lumber for
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. alison: the university of mary washington is going under the microscope because a federal complaint was filed today alleging that the school failed to act on sexual environment cyber threats on campus. as suzanne kennedy tells us, some students say the university did little to protect them in a potentially dangerous environment. reporter: grace man is focusing a spotlight on the way women are treated on campus. >> the fraternity may be feel less safe on this campus. reporter: this sophomore says she was a target of cyber bullying.
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they came after a women's group on campus after an especially -- sexually exposed to chant by the schools rugby team. >> they have not been anything but conviction. they have not acted on our complaints. we showed them 700 threats and they did nothing. reporter: today, the group filed a federal complete single university feels provide a safe and equal climate for women as required by title ix. mann was a vocal leader in the campus group and also threatened. >> we are here because the federal government says that universities have an obligation under title ix to prevent cyber bullying and cyber assaults. reporter: this senior says he was also a target after he blew the whistle on the rugby team. >> and needed be proxied menstruation and the reaction was for more violence. reporter: a spokesperson says
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the university of mary washington's number one priority continues to be the creation and maintenance of a safe environment for all students can learn and grow." the department of education will now investigate the claims. if it finds title ix violations it will work with the university to make sure it that title ix is complied with and that all students feel safe here on campus. in fredericksburg, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. alison: and our other top stories. a man is in serious condition after bus fire on i-95 in stafford. that fire apparently started in the luggage compartment. when police opened it up, they found a man inside. it is still causing some backups on the roads. leon: pc police are looking for a pair of on droppers that struck twice last night in georgia. those robbers held a student gunpoint at the university campus. about an hour later they robbed
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to more people on the main ship on m street. the suspects are man and a woman posing as a couple alison:. alison: a rockville woman lucky to be alive after a car slammed into the physical therapy building where she worked. that crash left her trapped under debris. she was one of four people hurt when the car came fully into the building. everyone is excited to be ok. leon: some striking new security measures at the white house. the secret service will attach a second layer of spikes to keep would be jumping -- jumpers at the fence. they protrude outward. that is according and a diagram submitted to the secret service. alison: we want to give you a quick reminder. the metro is planning on opening for the susan g. komen race. abc 7 is a proud sponsor. leon: time for a check on the
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traffic situation. hey, jamie. jamie: it is definitely going to be a rough one. we did have that earlier bus fire and that is why traffic so backed up. this will give you a starting -- an idea. your commute heading southbound still bumper-to-bumper. working your way closer to where we had all the activity. the activity is right here routes extend. -- 610. i want to take a live look and show you some the delays. we will start off a giving you an idea of what you are seeing. as you continue south, we are still on the brakes. giving you an idea. it is slow traffic. he will be right here to 34. here is a live look for you. we are seeing the slowing on 95 in virginia. about a 10 mile stretch.
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a lot of people using route one as a bailout. the issue is everyone is on route one. the best bet you have if you are heading up 95 towards cell phone county are fredericksburg, stick with 95 even though you will have delays. alison: thank you. what are the odds that a message cast of the seat nearly four decades ago would find its way back? that is exactly what happened in the case of one woman. a woman was walking her dog on a beach in alaska which he founded old green bottle that had lost a short. she broke the bottle and found a message inside. the note was written in 1975. he was cast adrift from washington state. if found, the writer promised reward. >> the fact it did not break and it landed on a south beach and the factors -- i am a scientist. knowing these statistics
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involved in something like this is almost impossible. alison: the note is headed back to the original owner. she actually lives on a hawaiian farm. the reward is coffee and chocolate from her farm. it has been sent to the woman in alaska. leon: what are the odds? that is fascinating. alison: and coffee and chocolate. can't do any better than that. leon: you like the sound of that, don't you? [laughter] coming up, condition questionable. finding out about john wall's injuries today. alison: just wait until you find out how many planes are headed for a flyover tomorrow. leon: tomorrow, the potential stumbling block for gc police with body c
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leon: you limit the smartphone use and put controls and your computers. a lot about the game consoles in your child's hand? alison: online predators are using gaming two get the children. seven on your side as a report
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that all parents out there need to here tonight. reporter: this concern came to seven on your side from a very distressed parent who never imagined this tiny device could be a potential portal to predators. any game with a chat function allows kids to play with strangers. used to be pedophiles worked in parks. today, they are just a click away from a child. a northern virginia boy is named his parents went to protect was contacted in the middle of a game. >> i knew it was not a teenage girl because he started asking me, do you want to go out tonight on a date? and i major's old. in this -- i am eight years old and this was a 16-year-old. it was very scary. i looked at it as a bad day and i guess every credit. >> is perceived as being like a game. >> sometimes it is just a game. what it leads to mind a be just a game. reporter: the problem is
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children do not detect danger here. the real world feels make-believe. local site challenges tell us -- psychologist tell us that texting through game consoles to show up on the doorstep. if you have children in your care in any way, you want to see the rest of our special report. that airs tonight at 11:00. alison: we will see you then. leon: that is interesting and frightening at the same time. alison: still to come, relations are starting to warm up between the u.s. and cuba. >> the question is if we have to make a deal of the partnering cuba. that is a big mistake most americans make. leon: find out why one company says not so fast. reporter: i am rebecca cooper. engine company number six where firefighters are in mourning a fallen colleague. it is a profession even more dangerous than you realize. a live report coming up next on
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abc seven news. alison: and don't forget to go to to sign up for text alerts from abc 7. you can get traffic, weather and breaking news alerts sent
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alison: investigators say it is too early to know why a d.c. firefighter collapse and died after battling this fire on 7th street northwest yesterday. we do know that lieutenant kevin mcrae's cousin was the last firefighter to die. the collapse of a heart attack after battling another fire back in 2007. medical experts warned of firefighters already much higher of premature death from things other than smoke and burns. rebecca cooper is live to explain. reporter: we are at engine company number six where firefighters are indeed morning for the loss of lieutenant kevin mcrae. the family having lost to family members fighting firexperts say this is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. not only for the obvious risk factors, but for the hidden ones as well. firefighters ran up and down
5:46 pm
nine flights of stairs battling the blaze. out there to reduce rose into the 80's. at the fallen firefighters association, this former prince george accounting assistant chief works to protect firefighters who says it is a dangerous endurance test. without the resources or time to keep your body and mind ready. >> you go from a dead sleep to moving in for five minutes into a burning building wearing 65 pounds of gear. reporter: a 2007 harvard study found that heart attacks are the number one cause of death or firefighters. the risk factor is 100 times the national average all fighting a fire and just after, but remaining high throughout the firefighters lives. studies of found the firefighters at a higher risk of premature death when it comes to other killers like cancer. stress and exposure to toxins like asbestos proven deadly combination. for the great -- the family,
5:47 pm
they know the risks all too well. in 2007, a firefighter collapsed and died. it was kevin's cousin. he was a sacrifice each of them knew they had to make as a head out the door. >> every member of the family understands that when we say goodbye you need to say goodbye. reporter: you can see here at engine company number six on the outside, signs and how deep their grief is. you can see the black bunting draped across the front of the fire station. inside we spoke to several firefighters who were inside mourning the loss collie. it is a solemn crowd -- lost colleague. it is a very dangerous job. reporting live in northwest, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. alison: new tonight, a little boy saved from bleeding to death after a freak accident. what he is saying as he comes face-to-face with those who said
5:48 pm
his life. plus, new information on the latest addition to the national mall. this vicinity of museum of african american museum and culture will be open to the public. new warning of terrorist on social media. that is up ahead at 6:00. leon: travel to cuba is about to get easier. charter flights from thurgood marshall airport are about to start in september. i went towards is partnering with swift air. jetblue will offer flights from new york in july. earlier this week, the obama administration issued licenses for the first ferry service between the two countries. >> and thing about it will carry 200 passengers at high-speed from key west would do very well to begin with. people want to go to cuba. they give them an alternative to go. leon: this move potentially opens a path for hundreds of millions of dollars in tourism and trade each year. but the ferry operator still
5:49 pm
says he needs to find a harder for the venture on the island. -- a partner for the venture. alison: a really pleasant day. low humidity. doug: temperatures around 80 degrees. let's start our coverage with a live look at conditions on the chesapeake a\\ bay at the chesapeake beach resort. the outriggers on the fishing boat just gently bobbing in the breeze there. 80 degrees at reagan national. the warm spot 82. get used to upper 70's and 80's. it will be our temperature for the next couple of weeks. we can see the numbers dropped to the middle 60's and maybe a touch of fog with partly cloudy skies. this band of clouds across virginia is dissipating. the rain is south and west and we will be good to go here for a couple of days. sooner or later we will have to develop systems south of the softer when a coast.
5:50 pm
that could bring more heat and humidity and an increasing chance on sunday, monday and tuesday. in the meantime, let's talk happier stuff here it steve rudin at the farmers market. a little bigger crowd now the last time. reporter: absolutely. it is getting more crowded here. it is every thursday from 3:00 to 7:00 here at the government center in fairfax. what makes this unique is that all the produce produced here has to come from within 125 mile radius. you'll get local, fresh produce. this is michael from heartland college. between culpeper and orange. when you grown here? >> we have mostly kale. we have some asparagus they came up. we have a regular, time, and rosemary. we have some 80 greens, spinach onions. we have some granola. reporter: how many students work on this?
5:51 pm
>> we have around 60 students. reporter: what can we expect this year? >> we just put down a lot of watermelon cantaloupe. we have about three acres of potatoes. another acre leaks. we will be here every thursday. reporter: there you have it. a whole lot to see and do here and fairfax. this farmers market every thursday to the end of october from 3:00 to 7:00. allison leon -- and leon? leon: you have this -- we are not enough fun of this talk about john wall. collect his playing status is uncertain, especially in the set -- playoffs. after multiple examinations, they announced that he is five nondisplaced fractures in his left wrist and hand. the problem started right there. sunday game one, he came down
5:52 pm
awkwardly on his left wrist but he would finish that game. leading them to a 104-98 win over atlanta. he did not practice today, but head coach randy wittman is not ready to count them out just yet. >> we have to move one day at a time. there is no timetable for something like this. i guess it's the best way i can put it. again, if there is a slight chance he can is holding on for that. robert open it was all about the rookie. only one goal shy of a hat trick, scoring his first postseason goals. after the rangers tied it, it was andrea again early in the third. the caps take game one. guess you came to crash the party. in a winning is the marlins --
5:53 pm
just a good day for d.c. sports. >> to see a dozen of them there. they were as excited as we were to win the hockey game. we really appreciate the support. there really nice guys. really quality people. and hopefully one day will be get out -- able to get up and watch them play. robert: this is a result you -- eddie rozario's first game. and he did this on his first pitch on his first wing. on top of that they should out the a's, 13-0. alison: i love the family's reaction. leon: that is where he starts. he has ruined it for himself now. alison: thank you, robert. get ready for a quite over this
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-- quite a sight over the city tomorrow. leon:reporter: tourists are in for a big site tomorrow here it a
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alison: flights. taking off from break and national airport for about an hour tomorrow. that is because the flight path conflates with the route for dozens of world war ii airplanes scheduled to do a fly over to the national mall just afternoon. -- after noon. reporter: the skies over washington will roar and rumble on friday. billed as the arsenal of democracy, an impressive flyover will commemorate the 70th anniversary of world work -- world war ii victory in europe date. they will salute hundreds of veterans gathered at the world war ii memorial. today, many expect it is --
5:58 pm
spectators attended the test flight. >> you'll never be able to see this again. reporter: the lineup includes one of only two b 24 liberator still flying and the last flying b-29 super fortress. the lesson -- >> the lesson we learn from the generation that built and play these airplanes are important lessons to teach the younger generations and future generations. reporter: 56 vintage military aircraft will fly directly over the national mall. it will follow a flight path along independence avenue, just about 1000 feet in the air. this is one of the most secure air spaces in the world. and when organizers that are planning this event, they were told the logistics would be impossible. >> the secret service has been involved, the faa, and virtually every police officer -- department in the area. reporter: veterans of the u.s. army air corps cannot help but think of, it's a did not come home. >> we lost roughly 50% of our
5:59 pm
squadron i trained with. reporter: it will be an emotional day for many reflecting of the greatest generation and a once-in-a-lifetime event. alison: abc 7 and generally will have live coverage of that flyover tomorrow leon:. leon:if you plan on watching it on the wall, a there encouraging you to both the webcast on your smart phone seed in your narration for each of the aircraft that play over. there that link at alison: it should be very meaningful for sure. leon: right now at 6:00, the push for added eyes for police officers hit they someone block. alison: plus, a bus fire stops traffic for 17 miles on i-95. the unusual discovery police made inside the bus'cargo hold. leon: a little boy thanks first responders for letting them celebrate another birthday. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right
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now. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. alison: disagreement over proposals to place body cameras on metropolitan police officers. there has been a nationwide push for the devices after the shooting death of an honor teenager in riots last year -- year in ferguson missouri. why are d.c. lawmakers about of the cameras. reporter: and a lot of discussion and differences over body cameras on d.c. police today. inside the wilson building. essentially, people discussing who had access to the images these cameras record. and ball will become of those images. -- what will become of those images. allegations of


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