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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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hopefully you can see the medical ambulance bus pulling out here. they are taking them to baltimore shock trauma hospital to the hyperbaric chamber. that is one of the largest facilities to handle as you call this a mass casualty incident. we are expecting that all the individuals will be okay. but we are told the first gentleman that was found here unconscious, had he not been pulled out immediately, he could have passed away. we are going to be remaining on the scene here as crews continue to clear out the building here with fans. at this point, really according to fire officials the best treatment for someone who has carbon monoxide poisoning is fresh air. that is why the hyperbaric chamber oxygen-enriched environment is going to be the best cure for again the dozen or so victims here. we will continue to remain on the scene. we're live in rockville. kevin lewis abc7 news. leon: thank you. keep us posted.
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the other top story of the day. we are hearing from the mother of a man killed in a deputy-involved shooting in prince george's county. the answer she is requesting from investigators. alison: new problems for george zimmerman. we will have details on the violent incident that left him wounded. but first -- >> manufacturing. they weren't answering my phone calls. it's very chaotic. leon: a rough morning for thousands of metro riders. a all right of smoke in the tunnel between the rosalyn and foggy bottom station forced metro to suspend service leaving riders scrambling to find other ways to get to work today. a big mess out there. a few hours ago metro issued an apology for the major delays and the crowding at the stations. alison: we want to give you a look at some of the conditions that riders faced this morning at the claridon station, outside the rosalyn station as well. several ride herbs said it was hard to find alternate transportation like taxis and uber.
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leon: stephen tschida has more on what led to the metro meltdown. stephen? stephen: this is where we saw some of the worst of it this morning. the rosalyn station. now, metro issued an apology for this overcrowding the delays and the inconvenience for thousands of passengers. it says multiple insulators on the third rails needed to be replaced. that was the source of the smoke. that is why metro decided to halt traffic to close this vital tunnel on metro. and metro stating that the reason was safety of passengers. we have video here of all that the passengers encountered. so many people trying to get to their destinations delayed, dealing with shuttle buses, trying to get on uber or a taxi cab. we caught up with numerous passengers who were frustrated and downright angry. >> it was hard. they told me i needed to go to lafont. when i got there, there was an
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orange train sitting there waiting there the whole time full of people going on and off. they told me i had to catch the shuttle. and i just said forget it. i just took an uber. stephen: just within the past hour we have learned that all lines are clear. both lines are running here along the blue line, the orange line, the silver line through this tunnel. and also someone weighing in. we just heard from mayor muriel bowser. she issued a statement saying metro passengers deserve better. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thanks. uber made out like bandits today. maybe i shouldn't say "bandits." alison: taxis probably did well too. leon: as you can imagine, social media was just filled with comments about metro. with trending on twitter most of the day. alison: riders were weighing in on the facebook page, too. patricia wrote this -- leon: leslie posted --
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alison: ralph wrote -- you can join the conversation by going to the abc7 facebook page. and now developing in prince george's county. the investigation into a deputy-involved shooting that left a man in landover dead on mother's day. deputies say lionel young rammed a deputy's vehicle with his truck. and our maryland bureau chief brad bell smoke with young's mother. he is live in landover with what she is saying about this. brad? brad: she is not happy. she wants answers. this happened at 10 seven last night. police were called for a domestic situation. there was a pursuit. the pursuit ended up here in the parking lot of the cora l. rice elementary school. as you said, that is where the sheriff's deputies claim that a man by the name of lionel young rammed their cruiser, refused orders to stop and
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then was shot dead. we have a photograph to show you of 35-year-old man. he does have a history. he was due in court today for a hearing on a peace order that was filed late last night. now we talked to his mother. his mother said she just needs to know what happened. she says she finds it hard to believe that her son was acting that way as the sheriff's claim. >> being around the kids. brad: just about an hour and a half ago, the sheriff's department had a brief press conference to explain more about what they say happened out here last night. when we come back at 5:00 we will have that version of events. in landover, brad bell abc7 news. leon: thanks, brad. a truck crash left a big mess on part of the inner loop
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today. news chopper 7 over the scene at the greenbelt metro station exit in green-belt. a truck carrying sand overturned and that blocked three right lanes but all the lanes have been reopened. alison: let's go ahead and turn to the weather now. sunny and really quite warm day out. leon: yeah. you can tell it's a taste of summer in the air. soupy out there. check to see what is ahead for the evening. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look for us. doug: there is a tropical look and feel to the sky and the weather outside. bright sunshine now outside the belt from the weather center. let's start with a look at the doppler radar. we have had showers moving atlantic ocean through the metro to the mountains. you can see they are scattered this hour. i don't think there will be many more in the next several hours. just a little bit. where they are from is the remnant circulation of tropical depression ana over the weekend was tropical storm ana over southern carolina. now it's moving offshore virginia beach. wide circulation so you are seeing the spin on the images
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of radar now. it has been back spinning. some of the clouds warm humid tropical air overhead. 88 degrees right now in frederick. 84 in winchester. 79 at reagan international. but the farther east and south you go from the city you lose the warmth and become stuck in the low to mid-70's. our numbers for you tonight will be in the 70's with partly sunny skies. isolated showers and thundershowers possible. heading to the overnight hours, look for partly cloudy skies and fog. overnight low of 25 to 71 -- 65 to 71. we may get close to 90 degrees in some areas tomorrow believe it or not. i'll explain why and where in a few minutes. alison: thank you. a chemical spill led to a partial evacuation of yorktown high school in arlington. firefighters say a teacher spilled a bottle of hydrochloric acid in a storage room this morning. the third floor of the school was evacuated. as firefighters responded. a contractor later removed the acid and the school was declared safe. no one was hurt.
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leon: new trouble for george zimmerman. he was involved in a shooting in lake mary, florida. alison: kellye lynn is at the live desk with what we know so far about this. kellye: george zimmerman managed to escape serious injury in the shooting north of orlando. he was apparently played with glass from his windshield and other debris when someone fired a gun at his head. zimmerman's truck sustained some damage in this confrontation and has a bullet hole in the passenger side window. a driver towed that vehicle and another car to the police department in lake mary. police are planning a media briefing today at that location. you might remember that zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. that is a case that led the protests and national debates about race relations. back to you. alison: okay keep us posted on anything from florida. thank you. meanwhile, the navy is set to begin testing new female dress uniforms later this month. more than 200 female
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midshipmen chiefs and officers will don the new service dress whites at the naval academy graduation. the uniform prototype have the same high collar common to the male uniform. better clasp to provide better closure and a more professional appearance according to the navy. leon: we have other professionals who will be wearing dress whites tonight. the wizards. the fans are hoping for another big game tonight at the verizon center. alison: the wiz trying to take a 3-1 lead over the hawks. leon: which would be big. really big. alison: and good. leon: tim brant is live at the phone booth. what is the word? tim: i keep hearing a story about how the wizards blew a 20-point lead and how it took fall-away buzzer beater by paul pierce to beat the hawks. i say hey that's true but it's baloney because here is the story. what the game did, it told the wizards they can beat the top-seeded hawks without john wall. it took a buzzer beater already, but today they are confident. they were laughing at
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themselves. today after the shootaround sage advice with a hint of sarcasm. >> get a big lead. tim: they did just that before the hawks rallied to tie it in the final seconds. >> they came back. >> pierce with two. the fall-away at the horn. it's good! tim: by now paul pierce's buzzer beater is is the stuff of legends. the coach for one is moving on to the pivotal game four. >> play better than they played. this will be a hard game. it will be a more difficult game. we can play better than we did. >> it's a tough game. this is one of toughest games in the series trying to go up 3-1, especially at home.
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trying to complete homecourt. it will be a tough game. tim: yeah, i think they are right. randy was correct when he said look, we have to play better than that. we are playing at home. we have to play hard. no question about that. but the wizards now believe they can beat the top-seeded hawks playing at home. if they win tonight it could be kateie bar the door. leon: you got that right. thanks. now the baltimore orioles will be hosting the toronto blue jays tonight. by the way the first home game for the o's with the nans inside the stadium since the riots broke out last month. alison: fans are calling it the home reopener. grassroots organizers are hoping to sell out camden yards and say rallying around the o's will create unity and be a big step toward bringing the city back together. leon: it could be a nice shot in the arm. alison: exactly. leon: all right. coming up just ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we have a major development in the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. find out how many witnesses the defense called before
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finally resting. alison: and frantic moments a's a tv news crew run -- as a tv news crews runs for cover after the violent storms in texas. a look at the areas hardest hit by the severe weather. leon: a trip in the wilderness takes a dangerous turn. tourists chased by black bears.
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alison: we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county. at least nine people are being evaluated after a hazmat incident on southbound lane in rockville. kevin lewis is there at the scene and he will bring us updates as soon as we get them. leon: the defense rested the case in the sentencing face of the boston marathon bombing trial. the defense called more than 40 witnesses including sister helen. she is the leading death penalty opponent made famous by the movie "dead man walking." farisdzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted on 30 charges and the jurors will decide if he gets the death penalty or spends the rest of his life behind bars. alison: an oregon mother plans to sue after her family was kicked off a flight because of an, i raised by her daughter who has autism.
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15-year-old juliet got frustrated because she had nothing to eat. her mother donna says that she asked to buy a hot meal. but was denied. after back and forth she says the meal finally came. but it was too late. >> i said maybe after she has a meltdown and is crying and industrying to scratch, then you will help us. alison: the united airlines says they stand by the decision and the crew made the best decision for all the customers. the mother is planning to sue for discrimination and asked the f.a.a. to investigate. leon: two inmates found dead after a prison riot in nebraska. it began sunday afternoon at the tecumseh state correctional institution. two saf members were assaulted. officers regained control of the facility. alison: a terrifying moment for tourists after they were
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chased by a family of black bears in montana. take a look. alison: so an angry momma bear chased the tourists who got too close to her and her cubs at yellow stone national park. luckily no one was hurt. wildlife experts say it is never a good idea to run from a bear. suggest this. treat the animals with respect and keep your distance. leon: if you do the last one first you won't have to do the first one. alison: right. leon: that is the whole idea. you always hear stay away from the bears and the mother bear and the cub. alison: thank goodest in it ended well. leon: i bet they have good pictures. alison: selfies. leon: yeah. severe weather is a threat for millions of americans after a weekend of violent storms. >> today communities from texas to south dakota are left sorting through the debris after storms killed at least four people.
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elizabeth hur is in van texas with more. elizabeth: the view from van texas from above is heartbreaking. a community left in ruins, homes flattened and trees topples. clinton was driving his car when the storm hit. >> once the windows got buckledded out i unbuckled and went to the back of the seat and got in a ball and rode it out. elizabeth: officials confirming lives were lost, dozens injured and two school buildings destroyed. >> we feel very blessed that this did not happen during the school day. i am not standing up here talking to you about any kids. >> there goes the school. there goes the school! elizabeth: another school in lake city, iowa had the roof ripped off and two more people were killed in nashville, arkansas. it was a weekend of wild weather from two feet of snow
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in south dakota to flash flooding north of texas with the national guard airlifting trapped residents to safety. then there was this, a symbolic show of resilience against the devastation. hoisting the american flag salvaged from the rubble. elizabeth hur van texas. >> boy, there is nothing like seeing something like that. alison: no. leon: it's unimaginable. just awful. alison: it is really is. around here, you know we realize how lucky we are. no problems. doug: every now and then we get a tornado and every now and then there are two or three but they are rare around here. now we have chances this afternoon from a tropical disturbance. show you the effects of that. start with a time lapse from washington lee high school in arlington. this morning, look at the color and the texture of the clouds. offense you spend any time -- especially if you spend time looking the clouds are east to west. the circulation in the storm, now a former tropical depression. we get late afternoon hours here. you get a sky you don't see
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too often around here except in a tropical environment as we are right now. 79 at reagan national. farther west, the warmer it gets. warm sunshine. 88 in fredericks. 79 in quantico. cooler in the bay where it is in the 70's. that is the direction of the influx of the moisture from the atlantic system. the dew point is a true measure of moisture in the air. we have temperatures in the 80's. the dew point 70 or higher that is down right tropical air. that is what we have. circulation in the past couple of hours. it's weakened a bit but impressive circulation. the whole thing is moving out. in the process, it's bringing the band of the clouds and showers our way. to the west there are more showers and storms but in between we have drying weather ao curing and we will really notice that tomorrow. 83 in charlottesville and elkens. 88 in charylston, west virginia. plenty oorb charleston, west virginia. we have a zone set up on the atmosphere.
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clearing skies tonight. tomorrow is windy and hot. we will get the cool air behind it. not impressed with the action we see weather wise with showers and storms with a cold front. lingering showers this evening. the system will depart east and skies clear up. as the next cold front comes through, sunshine and breezy weather. gusty southwesterly winds and the temperatures approaching in some spots, 90-degree mark. we will get later in the week when the cooler air will arrive. tomorrow is sunny and breezy and hot. upper 80's to near 90. cooler weather for the balance of the week. pleasant. the average temperatures. get into saturday, sunday and monday that looks like will be a typical mid-may stuff. partly sunny warm and humid and slight chance of afternoon showers or storms. alison: not a bad looking week. doug: tomorrow is hot. get ready for it. alison: it's just one day. leon: check on traffic now. robert has that tonight. how is it going? robert: not too bad so far. we will keep an eye on the
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14th street bridge and the routes into d.c. the wizards tonight with the hawks at the downtown verizon center at 7:00. we will take a live look at the 14th street bridge. no major issues right now. things are going fairly well east and westbound of the freeway. just starting to find heavier traffic. look at d.c. 295 southbound side on an earlier accident blocking a lane there. that is now out of roadway. not even heavy back toward the area of 50. along the northbound side of 95, dell city accident along the left side. both for a while right now in the northbound commute. southbound heavy traffic continues leaving morton to dell city. you will find the heavy quiet on and off through fredericksburg. beltway, stop and go to the toll road to 795. heavy traffic there through college park. greenbelt to landover. route 4 was the accident to the shoulder. that is the latest from the traffic center.
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back to you. alison: robert, thank you very much. still to come here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new information in the case involving a husband and a wife found killed at their montgomery county home. what investigators are saying about possible entry in the victim's home. leon: sign up for text alert on breaking news, weather and traffic. go to to put your cell phone number there and we'll keep you posted. "abc7 news at 4:00" will continue in just a
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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know better sleep with sleep number. alison: it's the case that stunned a local community. a husband and wife found dead at their rockville home on mother's day. leon: now investigators are releasing some new information to the case. diane cho has the latest developments. what have you learned? diane: we just learned in the last few minutes from the montgomery county spokesman for the police department they died from sharp force injuries. according to authorities entry was made in the home through a window that was unlocked. right now they don't know if this was a random act or a targeted incident. but they are looking at all possibilities at this time. investigators have been at the couple's home scouring the property searching for clues. the montgomery county state attorney was at the scene earlier today talking to investigators. two neighbors confirmed this is a facebook photo of the
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rockdale cup that went by dick and jodie posted in 2012. dick was a chief financial officer and cofounder of pinnacle hotel management. according to website he spent more than 35 years in the hospitality industry. we talked to dick's long-time friend and former colleague who says he is still in shock. >> there was no one that didn't like him. and jodie, his wife was a counterpart. she was just, they were a terrific couple. diane: a spokesperson for the family say they are heartbroken over the senseless tragedy. we will have more coming up tonight at 5:00, live, diane cho, abc7 news. leon: thank you. still ahead at 4:00 a boss picked a special way to reward employees. how he took thousands of them on a big trip free of charge.
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>> after more than two years, d.c.'s university has a new president. i'm sam ford. that is comin when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things to do every day. appointments... orders... deadlines...
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every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day c can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer.
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: new leadership is coming to the university of the district of columbia. as abc7 first told you last night, ronald mason jr. will become the next president of that school and d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live with
4:31 pm
more. sam? >> sam, we are outside the community college branch of the u.d.c. campus. you are right. 65-year-old ronald mason jr. will be named the new president of u.d.c. in a news conference that will be held at the main campus tomorrow afternoon. he has headed two of the nation's best-known historically black colleges jackson state university in mississippi for ten years, followed by southern university in baton rouge, louisiana, for the last five years. he comes to u.d.c. which has not had a permanent president since the board of trustees fired alan cessums two years ago. the university recently had the budget cut by the mayor's office by $3.5 million and leaving some to speculate it had no strong leader to speak up for it. the interim president who was not in the running today insisted the school is ready for the new leader.
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>> we had over 90 applications for the presidency. a lot of people see hope in the future here at the university of district of columbia. he will come in and work hard to keep it rolling. sam: ronald may johnson jr. is a national spokesman for improving the standing young black males. reporting live in from northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> thank you, sam. turn to the weather now. nice maybe a muggy start to the week so far. alison: what is ahead for tonight? chief meteorologist doug hill as the forecast. doug: it's muggy and tomorrow will be hot. then we cool down. active weather pattern. outside the studios in arlington. tropical looking sky because we have a tropical air from the atlantic ocean from the tropical system over the weekend.
4:33 pm
88 in frederick. 82 in fredericksburg. annapolis 74. 86 in winchester. tomorrow will be hot and between two systems. the first on the right-hand side of the screen along norfolk and north carolina. that is the circulation that was once until earlier a tropical depression ana. farther west from indianapolis and ohio showers converging ahead of a cold front. what we will see is a muggy night with fog. tomorrow we will break in sunshine and get warm ahead of the cold front and cool-off later in the week. forecast through the evening hours. a slow drop. muggy. 717 degrees by morning and fog in the air. sunshine approaching 90 tomorrow. by wednesday and thursday, back where we should be in may. sunny, less humid and highs to low 70's. we head to next weekend already. that is part of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks. "7 on your side" goes under cover to put the spotlight on contractors and how they
4:34 pm
diagnose and charge to fix problems in your home. leon: our troubleshooter horace holmes with a look at what they found. >> hor ras: we put electricians to the test. we hired electricians and sat back and watched. one of the "7 on your side" producers posed as a homeowner. the electrical problem we created a very simple one to fix. any of us could fix it easily. we hired eight electricians and we got eight different estimates. eight different solutions. >> put this in again. >> but really it's breaker number ten. the problem will connect you. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> horace: stick around. at 11:00 tonight we see how the electricians did tonight on abc7 news at 1:00. you want to stick around. leon: different solutions?
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that seems crazy. alison: it does. i can't wait to see how it goes. thanks. leon: now if there was an award for world's best boss chances are it would go to the ceo of chinese company. alison: the billionaire celebrated his firm's 20th anniversary by going on a holiday. with his staff. all 6400 of them. we have a report. >> it's tough enough traveling with colleagues. imagine going away with 6000 of them. the chinese conglomerate celebrated the anniversary all-expenses paid trip to france including an outing in the city of nice. with matching hats and t-shirts. it's one of the world's famous travel spots. the ceo in this video released by event organizers image tran.
4:36 pm
6,500 employees beat the guinness world record for largest human sentence spelling out tian's dream is nice, or is it nice. the group founded in china in 1995 is a direct seller of healthcare product. the trip including a private tour and an exclusive shopping session at the famous department store. the head of the french development agency told us they pulled out all the stop for the chinese visitors who spent $15 million on the trip. leon: wow! alison: what a story! leon: a number of applications that were filed for the company went up by 10,000. alison: i think you're right. my goodness. all right. coming up at 4:00 today, a photo that is being credited now with saving a little boy's life. we will tell you about the life threatening condition it revealed.
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leon: remembering two mississippi police officers killed on t
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leon: today, we could learn new details in murder of two
4:40 pm
mississippi police officers. alison: the suspect of the ledly shooting are due in court. abc's mary bruce has more. mary: the city of hattiesburg mississippi, mourning its two slain officers. >> think made the ultimate sacrifice to protect people of this city. some they did not and would not ever know. mary: today the mother of two of the suspects charminged in their murder is speaking -- charged in their murder is speaking out and apologizinger if her children's actions -- apologizing for her children's action. mary smith the mother of curtis and marvin banks says drugs are to blame. >> they needed help. i tried. mary: police saturday night, 34 officer benjamin dean pulled over a gold escalade on suspicion of speeding. liquori tate arrived as backup. that's when police say shots were fired. the suspect fled the scene stealing one of the officer patrol cars only to leave it behind blocks away.
4:41 pm
marvin's girlfriend is also charged with capital murder. banks' brother curtis was charged with two counts of accessory after the fact. a fourth person cornelius clark charged with obstruction of justice. officer tate's mother says she is praying for those involved her son's death. >> i will still forgive you. mary: tate was a 24-year-old rookie and graduated from the police academy last june. dean once named officer of the year leaves behind a wife and two children. mary bruce abc7, washington. leon: so many lives lost. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a "7 on your side" consumer alert. how thieves are using utility companies to try to get money from you. alison: the victim involved with rabbi await for sentencing. new details and another high
4:42 pm
profile case. i'm joce sterman. coming up a local lawyer
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
leon: we are getting new reaction to the sentencing for
4:45 pm
a rabbi that pleaded guilty. >> in a recent memo they asked he get seven years in prison. but "7 on your side" reporter joce sterman learned there is new punishment in other high-profile voyeurism cases. she is in the newsroom with the details. joce: a judge will decide on the recommendation when the rabbi goes to sentencing this friday. but a prominent montgomery attorney involved in another hidden camera case has already been handed a tough punishment. he has been disbarred. >> this goes a long way to serving justice. joce: for women claiming they were secretly videotaped by the rabbi a newly released sentencing recommendation is a good start. he represents a handful of victims and says the clients have different perspective on the seven-year sentence
4:46 pm
recommended by the u.s. attorney. >> secretly recording somebody in their most intimate moment of their life that is a bad thing. people who do that are just sick. they need to be held accountable. both criminally and civilly. joce: the man involved in another high profile peeping case is dealing with civil repercussions. the "7 on your side" iteam learned montgomery county attorney dennis van duesen was just disbarred on friday after taking a guilty plea in a case where prosecutors say he secretly recorded tenants in an apartment he rented out. >> we have seen this before. joce: when it happens, the impact is staggering an he says his firm is also representing a service member in maryland who was secretly recorded they claim by a superior he shared an apartment with. that case he said, is being investigated by the military and the state. >> the victims of that depreyed conduct needs to be
4:47 pm
harsh, severe penalty. joce: for the penalty for the rabbi, the prosecutor recommended sentence that is just a suggestion. ultimately the judge will make the decision how much time he will serve on friday. the attorney confirmed van duesen was disbarred and he did not return our calls for comment. joce sterman abc7 news. leon: a mother is thanking a facebook post and a cell phone photo for saving her 2-year-old son's life. julie fitzgerald read a story on facebook how a white glow in photos could signal bigger problems. she had a gut feeling. so she snapped a photo of her son that revealed the same tale -- tell-tale in his right eye. it was retial blastoma and caught just in time. >> if we did not get the eye out, it would spread to his brain. >> if if it's not found it
4:48 pm
could be fatal. they believe the cancer is gone. alison: what a story! prince heir is admitting that he -- prince harry is admitting he is in a crossroads in his life. he is 30 years old and he just finished the month-long placement with the australian army. he is leaving in june to take obroyal duty. he wants any future role to ensure he could give something back. he is talk about the possibility of settling down and having kids. >> prince harry: it's not the same. i don't think you can force these things. it will happen when it happens. i would love to have kids now. there is a process one has to go through. alison: he is on an eight-day visit in new zealand.
4:49 pm
you see that catch? it's going viral. at the top of the fourth inning the foul ball flying at the citizen bank park. he is right-handed but he catches the foul ball bare handed with his left. while holding his 7-month-old son strapped to his chest. a great mother's day story to share. >> i snagged it. i can't believe it just happened. it hurt. my hand is sore. you have a natural reaction. worked out great. leon: it's great until the adrenaline wears off. nice move. he went to the mother's day game last minute with his wife. turns out it was their son's first game. alison: can job believe that? leon: of course the kid won't remember it. alison: no. have the video to watch. thanks, dad. didn't hit me in the head. leon: yeah! alison: i know. doug: tropical weather, that is what we have.
4:50 pm
tropical weather. the first tropical storm of the season. early. the season normally -- well it always starts on june 1. every now and then we have a tropical system that is sooner than the calendar date. mother nature pays no attention to calendar we have found out. leon: nor us. doug: nor us. get a time lapse from montgomery county. a typical scene. low clouds fast-moving in response to a decaying system. it makes for a beautiful sky now as we look at damascus with the clouds and sun. west of the metro area. in the 780's at the moment. east is 70's. one thing we are not going to get a break on is pollen. in the high category again for trees and grasses. plenty of heat. eastern quarter of the nation. another warm day tomorrow. tomorrow in our area will be warmer and less humid. a cold front will hold through. very warm and muggy across the
4:51 pm
midatlantic region because of the area of low pressure to move out tonight. cold front will bring cooler in air tomorrow night and wednesday. tomorrow, we get rid defendant the mugginess. temperatures near 90 degrees. 89 to 90 tomorrow. back in mid-70's for the middle of the week. over the weekend, partly sunny, muggies high in low 80's. a chance of thunderstorms each afternoon. interesting week all over the place temperature wise. work out just fine. alison: not bad at all. okay. let's see if the traffic is looking okay. robert altman is here with the details today. >> robert: hey, allison. we have one issue on northbound 795. causing a hank. the delays continue through the weigh station. big delays on the northbound side. head to area of 95 southbound. prior to that again passing
4:52 pm
the accident scene. very slow again, triangle moving through fredericksburg. 14th street bridge checks out okay. 7:00 tonight, verizon center. we will keep an eye on the southeast/southwest freeway. along the beltway. stop and go to leave the dulles toll road past the area of connecticut avenue. through silver. greenbelt on the outer loop beltway near route 50. the accident still in clearing stages. northbound 270 accident on the shoulder. that is latest from the traffic center. back to you. leon: thank you, robert. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" with an alert focusing on phone calls and your utility bill. what to look out for so you are not giving the money
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4:56 pm
meatball sandwich next month. the bread sticks in the sandwich is shorter and wider of bread shticks stick. if in the latest attempt to bring back customers. alison: if a small frappuccino is too much caffeine for you starbucks offers a new version of the drink. they started selling a mini frappuccino today. sales run through july 6. the new size is 10 ounces. compared to 12 ounces for a tall or small size. it will cost you 20 or 30 cents less than a small. leon: a warning now for another frighting phone scam out there. this doesn't claim to be from theist or the f.b.i. but this can be the same. alison: consumer reporter john matarese shows us what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. john: more and more people are answering the phone to hear threatening call from the electric company.
4:57 pm
they say you will be cut off if you don't pay your bill. whendy snider is a hard-working business owner. she received a frightening call. about an overdue elec trig bill. >> if i don't pay this in 15 to 20 minutes my electricity will be shut off. john: she went into a panic. >> they have a guy in the field and will be shut off in 30 minutes. >> the caller said she could keep the lights on if she bought prepaid money card and transferred $1,000 to him. >> i was like oh my gosh. itch can't live without electric. john: but she knew she paid her bill so she checked online and realized she was being scammed. the scam that first surfaced is back and targeting more rate payers. the gas or electric company will never call or come to home to threaten immediate disconnection. >> we don't go door to door to customers to elicit any change
4:58 pm
in your rate. john: disconnection only happens after several unpaid bill and warning letter. she said if she paid $1000 her business would be in trouble. >> taking that kind of money from a little business we can't afford that. john: remember they will never threaten immediate disconnection. they will give you several chances to pay your overdue bills if there are any. hang up don't waste your money. john matarese; abc7 news. leon: after a long pursuit the deadly confrontation. the scene in a school parking lot. why local sheriff deputies say they had to open fire. metro meltdown. >> a lot of chaos. >> a mess on the rail leads to trouble on the roads. >> metro needs to get the acts together. this is ridiculous. >> what caused the headache this time? and george zimmerman involved in another shooting. this time he ends up in the hospital. now "abc7 news at 5:00" on
4:59 pm
your side. leon: we will begin with breaking news out of rockville. people are being treated after being exposed to carbon monoxide. it happened along south park lane in rockville. reporter kevin lewis was on the scene before most people were taken to the hospital. what is the latest? kevin: the was interesting to see all the construction workers with oxygen masks being actually walked out of the garage. across the parking lot where there was a large ambulance bus. they were loaded on the bus. some were waving and giving the peace sign. but not everybody was in great condition. around 2:30 there was a call for an unconscious male inside the building under renovation. you can see the construction equipment there. they checked the man in the hospitals and they noticed he had high level of c.o. they sent the fire department
5:00 pm
back out and tested the building and noticed there were high levels of c.o. inside this building. news chopper 7 flying overhead as the 11 construction workers were esca courted to the ambulance bus -- escorted to the ambulance bus. all of the men were wearing oxygen masks. they are being taken to hospital with high per bare rick -- hyperbaric chamber. you can't often smell or taste carbon monoxide. so the patients become lethargic and pass out and die. thankfully, that was not the case today. >> we think it's dangerous at 30 parts per million. we entered the building and it was a couple of hundred parts. i don't have the exact count. but four to 500 parts more million. once we ventlated it go to 200. but nonetheless it was in the hundreds. kevin: we are back live. i had the spokes perp for fire


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