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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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unrest two weeks ago. the small business administration aprod governor larry hogan request for a disaster declaration. this comes ahead of a milestone tonight. the return of major league baseball to baltimore. the tense atmosphere in the city prompted the orioles to play the first game in major league history off-limits to spectator. tonight, though a much different story. jay korff is live outside camden yards with more on baltimore's recovery. jay? jay: a delightful breezy albeit humid day in charm city. fans are pouring into camden yards and they are calling today reopening day. of course last month's violence and rioting forced the teams to play a home game without any fans and move a couple of additional home games to florida. this is their first time back. the team is returning, of course to a much different city. the horrific riots, businesses were destroyed. many arrests. curfew put in place and
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lifted. the national guard came into town. protests throughout that period. police department investigated by the department of justice. the city, of course now reclaiming itself. fans say it's really important to be here to support the city in this moment of rebuilding. >> i was supposed to come to a game. the riots happened. we canceled that. so it meant a lot to come here tonight and come to the game. i was not born and raised here but i have been here 23 years. it meant a lot to come out and support the city. jay: opening pitch 7:05. we will have much more on how fans are reacting to reopening day and their desire to get people back insy to rebuild that part of west baltimore devastated by the riots. comingcoming up at 10:00 and 11:00. jay korff, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jay. tonight we are keeping a close
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eye on the weather. we can see storms ahead of summer-like temperatures. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look. doug: at the moment it's muggy. tropical outside the belfort furniture weather center. look at the doppler radar. we have a few thunderstorms. romney west virginia and back southwest to the virginia line. they are drifting now. east a little bit at the same time most of the area having partly sunny skies. rather warm temperatures. across the bigger picture, we will continue to keep the eyes on the area across ohio. the heavy duty action will stay north and west. steve rudin will watch it in the evening. all of this related to a tropical disturbance moving off the coast of soothe eastern -- south of east virginia. some spots close to 90 degrees early. you will wake up tomorrow morning with the temperatures close to 70 degrees to get us on a path to take us close to 90 degrees in spots by
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tomorrow afternoon. we have more on that coming up in a few minutes. maureen: thank you doug. bad weather in the south and midwest. storms and tornadoes are blamed for at least four deaths. 30% of the small town of van texas, was damaged by a tornado. two people died. eight are still missing. the red cross is setting up shelters for those who lost their homes. >> van is a strong city, a strong community. we will rebuild. maureen: two people died in nashville, arkansas when a storm hit a trailer park. a man is dead after a confrontation with two prince george's county sheriff deputies. deputies shot and killed 35-year-old lionel young in a school parking lot last night. investigators say the officers opened fire after young rammed his truck in a deputy's car. deputies chased him after a woman called 911 and said a man with a knife was threatening her. young's mother wants to know why she lost her son on
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mother's day. >> my son did a lot of things in his life. maureen: confusion on montgomery county today as neighbors try to understand the killing of a rockville couple. they were found in the home and the two missed a mother's day. diane cho is live in rock rock with the latest from police. diane: police say they are exploring all possibilities.
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former colleague al says he is trying to come to grips with the death of a long-time friend after learning the rockville husband and wife were found dead at their home on mother's day. >> you can't imagine how shocked we all were, because there was no one who didn't like him. diane: two neighbors confirmed to abc7 this is a facebook photo the couple posted in 2012. they were known to their friends and dick and jodie. they were supposed to meet up with relatives on sunday but when they were late family members went to their home and made a grisly discovery. they were out with f saturday night and that was the last time they were known to be alive. dick had been in the hospitality industry for 35 years. >> they were a terrific couple. diane: friends say they extended themselves to other people and charities and will leave a hole in lives of many.
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>> they were wonderful humans. we're devastated. diane: the medical examiner's office say the two died from what they call sharp force injuries in what has now been ruled a homicide case. a spokesperson for the family released a statement saying in part "we are heart broken over the senseless tragedy." diane cho abc7 news. maureen: turning now to a developing story from florida. george zimmerman has been involved in another shooting. way cording to the police, the same man that zimmerman had a road rage incident with in 2014 appears to have been involved in today's shooting. investigators say a man zimmerman knew shot at him and his truck. zimmerman did not fire a weapon. he suffered minor injuries from shattered glass. zimmerman was acquitted in 2012 for the death of trayvon martin. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- why firefighters and one local county set a fire today in
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celebration. plus police and how they are responding after a series of high profile confrontations that ended with both officers and suspects dead. and what is to blame for this morning's meltdown on metro that snarled the morning
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you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00".
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on your side maureen: metro is apologizing for a morning mess that sent thousands of commuters scrambling for a way to get to work. at around 8:00 this morning, smoke filled the metro tunnel between rosslyn and foggy bottom stations. metro closed both stations. commuters then scrambled to catch buses and taxis. some chose to walk. car services including uber began surge pricing charging up to four times the normal rate. i took three hours for metro to repair the damage and reopen theations. service didn't return to normal until 3:00 this afternoon. >> horal. horrible. horrible. >> put it all in one word. horrible. can i have tell people having a bad day from running the metro. everyone frustrated. maureen: metro said it replaced several ince due laters on -- insulators on the third rail. one person was killed walking in the path of a csx
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freight train. it happened at 11:00 this morning. we are told the victim was hit at a crossing point and police are investigating why the person was on the track. d.c. firefighters are pausing to pay tribute to one of their own. firefighters lined the street today in southwest as the body of lieutenant kevin mcrae moved from the morgue to the mortuary. he collapsed and died wednesday after batting a two-alarm high-rise fire in an apartment building. there will be awe public viewing at the armory at 9:00 a.m. this friday. followed by a public funeral service. thousands of police officers flood the district. next what officers say solution of the tension between the police and people they are sworn to protect. and we're headed for early taste of summer tomorrow. how hot will it get and what will we expect for the rest of the week?
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>> i'm at the verizon center where wizards are trying to go up 3-1 games on the hawks. breaking news out of the nfl. i have the latest on tom brady. "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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leon: hundreds people gath -- maureen: hundreds of people gathered in hattiesburg, mississippi, to remember two officers killed on the job. this comes as four day charged in the officer' death make the first court appearance. office herb benjamin dean and liquori tate were shot to death making a traffic stop on saturday. bond set for all but one of the suspects. this starts the on set of the national police week. tens of thousands of police officers are in d.c. to honor the fellow officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. brianne carter shows us how the officers are handling the difficult times. brianne: a somber start to day downtown as the area police
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officers gather to honor their fallen brothers in bru. >> sergeant clinton jeffly holts. brianne: this morning, the u.s. capitol police ch and another two died on the job in 2013 were honored in the 36th annual washington memorial law enforcement service. >> this week is a special time for law enforcement in america. sadly, all too often there are reminders. >> this year's service comes days after the shooting death of police officers in new york and mississippi, it also comes during a time where in some communities relationships with police are tense. there have been conflict in ferguson and more recently places like baltimore. >> recently we see law enforcement targeted because we wear the uniform. star or badge. brianne: charles county sheriff barry says there is more attention on police and
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community relationships this year. >> in law enforcement we have to take notice of situations that have taken place in law enforcement and allow the situations to play out in the judicial system. by and large, law enforcement play a vital role in the community and they do a great job keep the community safe. brianne: the events will continue for this year's police week including a scandallight vigil on wednesday and a memorial at the capitol on friday. in northwest, brianne carter abc7 news. maureen: tonight, the fairfax county fire department celebrates a big honor. fairfax fire earned class one rating from the insurance services office the highest rating possible for superior property fire protection. fairfax county is the first jurisdiction in the commonwealth to receive the honor. they mark the announcement with a news conference and
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live fire burn demonstration. have you ever had problems with a contractor you hired to fix problems in your home? "7 on your side" goes under cover at 11:00 as we put electricians to a hidden camera test. you will want to see this story before you bring another contractor into your house. our "7 on your side" contractor test tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. nice muggy day today. doug: got tropical all of a sudden. maureen: what happened? doug: a tropical disturbance to the south brought in the tropical warmth. humidity. it is feeling now. it will change. let's start you off with a look at a time lapse from the jones terrell elementary school in the district. through the day they parted in that part of the city with fog and heavy low cloudiness. they brightened up a time or two in day. look at it. a prettier picture. warm and muggy and pleasant outside. temperature is officially 83 at reagan national. high of 71 for the morning
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low. the average is 74. and 55. so we are well above the mark. we will stay above average tomorrow. middle of the week, the end of the week we will get back to average temperatures at the moment. 80 degrees at dulles warm and muggy west. still muggy but not as warm east. where we had a day of cloud cover and moisture. air flow off the atlantic ocean. that kept the eastern shore, the southern virginia and maryland cooler. for tonight we will stay muggy. patchy nothing. partly cloudy skies. 65 to 71 by morning. there is plenty of warm air over the mid-atlantic and portion to carolina back along west of appalachians. chillier air too. we will see cooler temperatures but it is not going to get chilly here. we will just get closer to average. not tomorrow. cold front will come through. originally dry up and warm up. then the cooler air will
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arrive wednesday. that is moving off the leftover circulation of a tropical depression. that is moving off. there are showers and north and west. they look like they will miss most of the area. moving to pennsylvania. ahead of the cold front. breezy and warm. cold front later tomorrow. then we cool down. only back to the average temperatures. this is the way it looks in the future cast. the front comes through in the morning. the front will warm up. cooler air is hundreds of miles behind it. we won't feel that until wednesday. keep an eye on things. area showers west of the city. keep a close eye on those to make sure they stay out of town for the rist -- for the rest of the night. tomorrow upper 80's to near 90. breezy and cooler. more pleasant weather. low humidity. low to mid-70's thursday and friday. warmer and more humid over the weekend. maureen?
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maureen: thank you doug. hot inside and outside the verizon center tonight. right, tim? tim: the party has already started here. getting ready for game four. hawks and the wizards. breaking news out of the national football league with tom brady. we have the very latest up next in
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and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the
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local toyota dealers. tim: this is game four in a best of seven series. the wizards as i have been saying all day they have proven they can beat the hawks without john wall. and they will have to do it tonight. john wall will not play because of the five non-displaced fractures in his left hand. he will not play. but head coach randy wittman says it's next man up. coach wittman: you never know who it will be. be ready. it might be your time. it's your time tonight. that is how i think they are looking at it. we just have to play the game. tim: game four big tonight in the phone booth. meanwhile in the national football league there is breaking news. tom brady has been suspended. the first four games of next season for deflategate. this is big because the review the report said only that it was probable. so i'm sure it will be appealed.
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tom brady suspended four games without pay for deflategate. the team has been fined $1 million. they lose two draft picks. the first round draft pick next year and the fourth round draft pick the following year. two ball boys have been suspended without pay. the big news is of course tom brady the first four games without pay next season. let's go to hockey. everybody is talking about the caps losing the 3-1 lead in the series. you and how now ovechkin makes a guarantee and all the pressure is on washington. but i will guarantee you this. the pressure is on the rangers as well. as a matter of fact at the scat-around, barry trotz set he knows where the pressure is. >> coach trotz: the pressure is the same on both teams really. it's one game. the loser goes home. that can't be, i don't think you can say there is more pressure on us than them. no matter what. someone is going home. tim: a big story again the wizards getting ready for game four in the best of seven series with the hawks.
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folks, if they win tonight and go up 3-1 i think it's kateie bar the door. they are in complete charge of the series. back to you. maureen: thank you, tim. let's hear what the latest is. have you changed the forecast in the last five minutes? doug: it's only been a few minutes. it's muggy out there. let's look at what happens on the storm scan. right-hand side of the stream. heavy duty stuff across ohio will miss the region. for next couple of days big changes. dry, breezy and hot tomorrow upper 80's. cooler wednesday and thursday. humidity back for the weekend. steve rudin is watching this. he will let you know about the cooler temperatures when he joins you tonight at 11:00. maureen: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. we'll be back at 11:00. have a good
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breaking news on two fronts tonight. quarterback tom brady, suspended. the nfl just now saying the superstar quarterback will not start the new season. and the new england patriots fined $1 million. also breaking the hunt for the missing, as we come on the air, the deadly tornadoes across several states. >> there goes the school. >> striking in the middle of the night, the new images coming in right now, flying you over the destruction. 50 million bracing for major storms again tonight from texas all the way up to michigan. the tour bus erupting into flames. the highway shut down. bracing for impact. the jet slamming into the runway today. the landing gear failing. and our journey to a hidden world. meteorologist ginger zee and the mystery of the jellyfish. why isn't she getting stung?


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