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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mately this video is heartbreaking. it begins before the bus leafs and a list taunts to a diminutive 9-year-old. she pleads with them to leave her alone and finally the verbal assault becomes visual. the cell phone records the relentless blows and the little girl scream in pain. >> you shouldn't have to be balled up on a because corner and beat like that. it's not right. stephen: throughout the attack the bus continues on the route and the bus driver does not intervene. >> even if it's not his job to break up fight it's his job to prevent it. stephen: the family came to the prince george's county police today. >> something should be done to every last one of those kids. stephen: her mother says her daughter has mild concussion
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but the emotional wounds have caused the most pain. >> i'm afraid if they do the same thing it will happen all over again. stephen: one other question haunts her. why are the other kids so mean to her? >> leave me alone! >> i don't know. i guess that's the way they want to be. stephen: she is off this week because of the concussion. she doesn't know where she will go to school next week. we did hear from the prince george county school official. one of the student in the video inflicting the most severe blows has been suspended as far as the bus driver he is under investigation. and may eventually face some form of reprimand. stephen tschida. leon: associate dean at the university of virginia says an apology isn't good enough and she is suing "rolling stone" magazine over the retracted article about a rape on campus. suzanne kennedy live to explain the new developments
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in the case. suzanne: the associate dean is suing the magazine for more than $7 million. nicole aramo is the university's top administrator dealing with sexual assaults. she says the november article entitled "a rape on campus" cast her as the chief villain in the incident. the article claimed that a woman identified only as jackie was gang raped at the fraternity house. the police found later no evidence of the crime. in a statement, aramo said "i am filing the defamation lawsuit to set the record straight and to hold the magazine and the author of the article accountable for their actions in a way they have refused to do themselves." the magazine asked the columbia school of journalism to conduct independent review of the article. it found the magazine failed in reporting and editing. to date, no one has been disciplined at the magazine. back to you. leon: all right. thanks. now moving to the weather. today, hottest day of the year
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so far. but get ready for big drop coming our way tonight. she meteorologist doug hill is standing by in the storm watch weather center with a look at the forecast. doug: we will see big improvement with temperatures falling off tonight. that is good news. take a live look right now. this is in chesapeake beach maryland. a beautiful afternoon. near the water is upper 70's. away from the water it's 80's. 88 at ben gurion international airport. 90 in fredericks. 91 in fredericksburg. with a front passing through this is how it is falling. i 52 in manassas. 58 at andrews. 59 inside the beltway. cooler days ahead is a big part of the seven-day outlook coming up. alison: all right doug. thank you very much. tonight we are monitoring a development story out of nepal where a u.s. military helicopter is missing.
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that helicopter just delivered tarps and rice when the pilot reported a fuel problem. so far no signs of a crash have been found there. the chopper went missing after the second earthquake hit nepal. it came weeks after a 7.8 quake killed more than 8000 people. >> i was really scared this time. after so many days, there was an earthquake but i didn't feel it so this time it was very big. alison: members of virginia task force one from fairfax county were in nepal this morning when the quake hit. they tweeted they felt the quake but they are all safe. we have heartbreaking new information tonight out of arkansas. two days after a deadly tornado, tonight we are learning the young couple who died sunday night did so saving their daughter's life. rescuers say they found michael and melissa moonahan
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wrapped so tightly around the 18-month-old she could barely stand. the mobile home was virtually destroyed. >> it's very hard to accept that you have two classmates gone, you know. it's very hard. alison: officials said they had to sound sirens for two and the sirens went so long for the first siren that the batteries died by the time the second was needed. leon: silver spring home undergoing renovation is under a pile of rubble. the house collapsed before 1:00 this afternoon on the 800 block of easily street. four construction workers did manage to escape unharmed. the roof is all the way on the ground now. the only thing left intact is the porch and the basement. the building inspector is now investigating. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a two-alarm fire in arlington that broke out just before 10:30 this morning at the old ski sha lay building on columbia pike. crews got it under control and
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no one was hurt. no word on the extent of the damage. investigators were back at work today in rockville where a couple was found dead over the weekend. family members found richard and julian's body sunday morning after they didn't arrive at a mother's day event. diane cho is live in rockville where we learn more about the couple's final hours. diane? diane: it's still not clear what the mote i may have been in the case which has neighbors in the community on edge. on day three the detects continue to process the rockville home for evidence while those who knew the couple continue to search for answers. >> it makes no sense. why them? diane: mary has known them for decades. >> it's the last thing you think about before you go to bed at night and the first thing you think about in the morning. diane: neighbors say the couple was in the casino
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before returning home in the evening. that was the last time they were known to be alive. today police would only confirm they were having dinner with friends in that area. police believe that the killer was able to get inside through a window but the glass wasn't broken. authorities say the hotel developer and his wife died from sharp force injury. the daughter was the first to make the horrifying discovery. >> it's unbelievable. wonderful people. both of them. they were stall wort of the community -- stalwart of the communities. diane: as detectives are tight lipped on the investigation for those who live in the quiet neighborhood with each day that pass, they stay fear continues to grow. >> don't get much sleep. worrying about every noise i hear. diane: the spokes penn for the casino issued a statement saying they can't comment on customer-related or pending law enforcement matters adding they stand ready to assist in any way possible with the investigation. in rockville, diane cho abc7
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news. alison: an update now. a mistrial has been declared for four suspects charged in the death of the reserve officer kevin quick. that decision affects traction bell and siblings daniel mathi s and the sheltons. one defendant obtained a list of the jury pool. decision on two others charged in quick's death have not been made. quick was reported missing before his body was found in a wooded area northwest of richmond last year. lawyers for jesse mathew are asking for a delay in the trial in fairfax county. he is scheduled to go on trial june eighth on charges he attacked a woman ten years ago. his attorney needs more time to investigate. 40 people identified as possible suspects in the case over the years. mathieu is scheduled to go on trial at the end of june for the murder of hannah graham. the university of virginia student body found last fall after she disappeared in
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downtown charlottesville. former virginia governor bob mcdonald joined his lawyers in a richmond courtroom today. they are asking the fourth u.s. circuit of appeals to overturn his conviction on construction charges. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was in the courtroom today. he will have more on the arguments coming up at 6:00. leon: developing now the food and drug administrator is proposing new rules to end a ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. critics including the american medical association and the red cross say the lifetime ban is discriminatory and outdated. all blood donations have been tested for aids and hiv since the mid-1980's. today's announce. begins a 60-day comment process. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> for the first few months i'll use my ears more than anything. alison: he may be young but he has a plan. find out how the man poised to be the youngest mayor in maryland history plans to address his inexperience.
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leon: later a husband and wife attacked in their northern virginia stand take the stand against their attackers. >> they are calling it the biggest current construction project on the east coast. it's ground breaking was today. i'm mike conneen overlooking 395. coming up what the project is and what the drivers should expect. kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. we are connecting you with missing money in the "7 on your side" h
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leon: brace yourself for a lot of tapping on the brakes around downtown d.c. in the next few years, construction crews will build five new office buildings on top of ibefore 395 between e street to the south and massachusetts avenue to the north. mike conneen reports tonight the mayor and the developers broke ground on the project today. mike: the capital crossing development will connect new office and retail space out of thin air. literally. with a giant steel platform to be built on top of the i-395 freeway. >> it will connect the neighborhoods near the station to neighborhood downtown. mike: a privately funded $1.3 billion project on seven acres of district land expected to create 4000 construction jobs
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and twice as many permanent jobs. the concept has been discussed since late '80's under marion barry. but after several false starts it's becoming reality. >> we are going to reclaim all of this space. >> building over the freeway they want to create jobs. the project will create three city blocks healing what they call a scar in middle of downtown d.c. reconnecting s and g streets and restoring the original vision for the district street grid. >> having it here is like having a berlin wall between this side and that side. >> first the drivers must deal with construction. many complain that traffic is awful here. >> with the construction down there, it will be worse. >> they say the freeway will remain open but the rain and the lamp closures will be
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overnight and on weekends in august. the first building set to open in 2017. in northwest mike conneen abc7 news. alison: the senate democratic leader has a borne to pick with the national football league a dale after the nfl suspended new england quarterback tom brady for his role in a plan to deflate footballs harry reid called on the league to act just as quickly on another matter. >> harry: i find it stunning that they are more concerned with the air in a football that a name that denigrates people across the country. alison: senator reid previously called on the nfl to push for the washington team to change the name. team owner dan snydre said he would never change the name. leon: we are two hours away from swearing in of the youngest mayor in maryland history. 19-year-old brandon pollen is his name and he will become
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the mayor of indian head tonight after winning last week's election with 239 votes. more than doubling the total of the incumbent mayor. today he told abc7 the victory shows that young people need to get involved. >> young people can get involved. >> anyone can get involved. young people should take a step up an take on a bigger role in their government. leon: he had a platform to get rid of the vacant buildings and bring business to indian head and sid to serve a four-year term but wouldn't comment on political aspirations down the line. we will see. alison: we will be watching. doug: good for him. alison: sure! weather wise we had a nice summer like day today. one day only pretty much. doug: as we get through late day in june and july and august we have 90-degree days but today is early. we didn't hit 90 at reagan national but at least 89.
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early season heat to fade back in temperature department for a few days. comfortable weather ahead. the beautiful time lapse from the weather bug up the road in north arlington. cold front is coming through. clouds through the day. but these were not rain producers. they were just clouds associated with the front. 81 in middletown. 84 in winchester. 86 of in college park. 89 quantico. wind gusts have been strong as well to 36 miles per hour. in middle town and 29 miles per hour gust in win chester. 88 at this moment at the reagan national airport. 90 at quantico. 91 in fredericksburg. 87 at washington dulles. but humidity levels are low so it's comfortable warm with a breeze and sunshine. the numbers will fall. already west of the appalachians they are falling. the winds literally farther west bringing in the cooler, drier air. for moment gusty winds bringing in warm air. we are seeing the fond west of the i-81 corridor right now and it will push across the
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area the next couple of hours. you will notice a change in the wind direction and floats floats -- notice a steady drop in temperatures. the wind is blowing around the pollen in high doses. grasses and trees in the high range for pollen count. weeds in low range and mole spores in moderate range. not a good pollen sufferer's day. up and down the east coast, it's warm. 85 in raleigh. you get west of the mountains, 69 degrees in pittsburgh. 55 in detroit. 38 now in the upper peninsula of michigan. the cooler air is on the way tonight. we are seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday but on the other side it's 13 degrees controler than yesterday afternoon at the detroit metropolitan airport. 17 degrees cooler in pittsburgh. so comparatively it's cooler but when you look at the numbers and crunch them out, the air mass we will have tomorrow and thursday and friday, average temperatures will be where they should be. we have been so far above
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average from the first ten, 11 days of the month there. goes the front and the cooler, drier air. gorgeous for the next couple of days. we start the day in 50's. by at 60 by midday. 74 in the afternoon with breeze and a sun of sunshine. beyond that, we will stay comfortable thursday and friday with sun. as we get through the weekend high pressure will slip off in atlantic. a usual location for summer temperatures in the uper season. that will bring us partly sunny, lower 80's on saturday through tuesday. chance of a thunderstorm each and every afternoon. alison: thank you. leon: just ahead, friends say he was a generous man. >> he tipped the entire staff from the dish washer to the bus people. leon: check this out folks. still ahead. find out surprising legacy that the customer leaving behind in one of his favorite restaurants. >> a burned-out street light, frustrated residents and confusion over who is
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responsible to fix it. i'm chris papst. coming up we tell you why this business and dangerous intersection got safer. alison: but first a look at what is coming up tonight. right here on abc --
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alison: "7 on your side" is on your side to help you get back
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unclaimed cash. investigator kimberly suiters in the abc7 help center to explain. kimberly: phones are ringing off the hook. 703-236-9220 is the number to call. you might have unclaimed cash out there. the experts are standing by to help you. with the maryland department of unclaimed property. she recently found a woman close to $1 million in unclaimed funds. now for some people it could be $7. others it could be that large lump sum. please call the number on your screen. these folks can help you find whether you have a stash of cash. back to you. leon: all right. people who live along branch avenue at the district line can live easier after "7 on your side" aired a story about a nonworking street light on a busy and dangerous road. the light is back on now. "7 on your side" investigator chris papst has a followup report. >> for people who walk along
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this sidewalk at night or early in the morning to catch the metro, the last six months have been terrifying. this street light has been out. meaning this area got very dark and very dangerous. to make matters worse it didn't appear like the street light was on anyone's radar to be fixed. until a week yeah ago. for the past six months rosita johnson earned her title of the blinking lady. now she can put her illuminated arm band back in draw. the street light at branch avenue near the nay lor road metro is finally working. >> i'm very happy and i feel more safe walking down the road. i know a lot of people feel the same way i feel now. >> we are a whole lot safer. not just us but everyone who use this particular corridor. chris: on april 30 "7 on your side" reported how dangerous the section of road has been. on january 31 two months after the light went out, 19-year-old bradford seen here
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was hit and killed walking along this stretch of road at night. despite his death, the light wasn't fixed. in fact when we reached out to pepco and the maryland state highway administration, neither seemed to know which was responsible. a few days after the story aired, the light was fixed. and we received this statement. "our lighting crews inspected the site and determined the poles were not energized. we followed up with pepco to expedite the electricity connection. safety is our top priority." >> we really really appreciate it. thanks a lot "7 on your side." chris: chris papst abc7 news. leon: coming up "abc7 news at 5:00" -- they say a picture is worth a thousand words. be you may be speechless when you hear how much this one sold for at auction. alison: but first -- president obama: i am a black man who grew up without a father. i know the cost that i paid for that. alison: the president tackles poverty and class segregation
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alison: a husband and a wife attacked inside their home took the stand against the alleged attack herbs. brianne carter is in fairfax county with new developments in this case. brianne: alison those proceedings are still going on in the courthouse behind me. as we understand that a number
5:29 pm
of people taking the stand during this preliminary hearing. the first of the people the male victim in the attack that happened last november inside of a mclane home. for the first time we are hearing from the victims. as they took the stands today. the first to testify here man named leo fisher who says he was attacked last november inside of his mclain home. he says he was at home reading with his wife when his doorbell rang. as he went to front door around turned the knob he told the court he was knocked back by the door and someone entered his home. and tasered him. his hands and feet were bound. he on the floor of the house. mr. fisher said he recognized the man dressed. he said in some sort of long coat. he later told the court that the man had a badge that he slashed in front of him. now as he described this three
5:30 pm
and a half hour attack, he said it lasted sometime between three and three and a half hours. he said that the man inside his home began asking him a number of questions and then began to get frustrated. next thing he knew he said the man jumped on top of him. put a pillow over his head and, "slit his throat." now we do understand that then he went on to tell the court the man also tied up his wife inside of their home. during his testimony today he told the court "i saw him raise a gun and he shot at her." now both mr. fisher and his wife taking the stand today talking about the ordeal that happened here. alicia and an drew are both facing charges in the case and are in attendance in the courtroom today. right now on the stand a fairfax county police officer describing his response to the scene during that attack that happened. we thans is expected to
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continue. we will follow the developments throughout the night. brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: take a look at the other top stories. student involved in an assault on a prince george's county school bus has been suspended. the victim a 9-year-old girl suffered a minor concussion according to girl. the bus driver did not intervene on the fight that was captured on a cell phone and ran for several minutes. the driver and several students are under investigation. the students attend highland park elementary school in landover. alison: lawyers for jesse mathew requested a delay in the trial in fairfax county. he is expected to go on trial next month. the defense said it needs more time to prepare. he is set to go on trial in june for the murder of hannah graham. leon: a marine helicopter carrying six u.s. service members is missing in nepal. the pentagon says there is no operation that the chopper crashed but search operations are underway.
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this comes as nepal is dealing withother large earthquakes. dozens killed in the quake coming a few weeks after the quake that killed 8000 people. alison: we have new developments from ohio this afternoon. where a man accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capital pleaded not guilty to the latest charge against him. 21-year-old christopher cornell indicted on a forth charge to attempt to provide material to designated foreign terrorist organization. he faced three charges already including attempting to murder u.s. officials and employees. leon: president obama took on the topic on poverty. he said what used to be racial segregation in american cities is now class segregation. he went on to say that the low-income areas lack student for kids. and that makes it difficult to escape a cycle of crime. president obama: i think we are at a moment in part
5:33 pm
because of what has happened in baltimore and ferguson and other places but in part because a growing awareness of inquality in society. leon: last year the census bureau estimated 50 million miles per hours lived in poverty. including 20% of all american children. alison: let's turn the attention to traffic. jamie sullivan has traffic watch. jamie: we are starting out with a disabled train outside woodly park. the issue if you are on the red line to shady grove, we have some delays. this has been a rough week for metro but right now this is the only thing we are working. move to take a look outside. 66 is jammed up. this is 66 eastbound. so not westbound which would be for you heading home on 66. so we are typically not used to the delays. it looks like they are moving everything over to left shoulder. partially blocking that left lane. as weimar to the map talk
5:34 pm
about how slow we actually are. heading in on 66. averaging 13 miles per hour. but, of course, we have the typical slowing working out toward the fairfax county parkway. here is what we've got on the beltway. slow for you. averaging about 25 minutes. from 66 to american legion bridge. we have volume candid trees. we have -- volume and trees and we have a sun glare for you. a look at traffic. leon: thank you for showing us the pollen, too. thank you. owning your own picasso would be something to brag about now that one of the artist painting set a world record for artwork sold at an auction. this is women of algiers. version o. sold last night for $179.4 million. the pointing man set a record for the most expensive
5:35 pm
sculpture sold. sold for $141.3 million. ja wow! speaking of money, a huge tim for two restaurants in new york city. bob eslworth passed away recently and a regular customer at done hue's steakhouse on the upper each side. server maureen and her niece knew his favorites but said they had no idea he would leaf them each $50,000 in his will. >> what was your reaction? >> oh, my god. i can't believe it. very down to earth, very nice. he would help anyone out. i'd rather have him here than the money. alison: well he says in christmastime, he would tip the entire staff, not just them but even the dishwashers. everybody at the restaurant. leon: nice guy. alison: amazing. leon: coming up at 5:00 just ahead --
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>> it's a standard canvas for perform art and body art. leon: parent takes issue with the final exam in a college art class. alison: then a little later, thousands of police officers come to the nation's capitol. find out how far they bicycled and why. leon: the death of a fredericks man with down syndrome prompted a change in law. alison: stay tuned for "world news tonight." david muir has a preview. david: alison leon the breaking news the american military helicopter missing at this hour after the earthquake in nepal. they were there to help. six marines among the missing. at home the emergency landing. passengers told to stay on the plane as they race to extinguish the engine. the chief nfl investigator comes up swinging against tom brady. the celebrity cook revealing her personal health battle.
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alison: "7 on your side" in health matters. a new report finds young people are binge drinking. they looked at alcohol consumption and 34 countries over the last two decades. it sound overall people are drinking less.
5:40 pm
but boys and girls under the age of 15 are drinking more in less time. leon: lots of young folks graduating from college this month. so where do they go now from school? apparently here. a new studgy by the american institute for economic research finds the d.c. region is best place for young college graduates. they looked at job opportunities and the overall work-life balance here. university at the san diego are defending a exam. a mother complained after learning her daughter needed to be nude for the final expect. she said her daughter felt uncomfortable with this requirement. but now classmates are coming to the professors defense and say part of the point of the the upper level class is to examine the human body. as art. >> everybody is being naked. she is not being singled out.
5:41 pm
nothing sexual about it. >> it's in the syllabus and said repeatedly. >> if they are uncomfortablecomfortable with the gesture, they should not take the class alison: the professor says he has been teaching this class for 11 years. and that this is the very first complaint. leon: maybe they heard about the candles and the drinks being served. i don't know. alison: i don't know. leon: it's california. alison: they did say it in the syllabus. she should have known ahead of time i guess. i don't know. leon: check out the tweet today. if you write them out numerically of the week is a pallendrome. so until next tuesday, enjoy. math majors. alison: there you go. the caps and wizards looking to extend the season to next week. still to come tim is here to look at what they need to do to make it happen now that they are on the road again. >> if you one of thousands who has unclaimed cash and you
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haven't found your name and address in the newspaper, we have experts standing by to help connect you to the missing money. leon: be sure to log on to to sign up for text alerts. you can sign up to get information on weather, traffic, breaking news. right on your
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leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. ikea recalling 75000 safety gates. the safety gates can fail to stay close and that can pose a fall hazard. the r metal bar can be a tripping har saturday. they were told between 1995-2015. there have been 18 incidents linked to the problem so far injuries to three children. alison: well "7 on your side" tonight. to help connect you with your unclaimed cash. our consumer investigator kimberly suiters live in the help center to explain. hi kimberly. kimberly: hi alison. we have experts here from unclaimed property division in d.c. and maryland. call 703-236-9220. we are trying to make it easy
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for you to claim your cash. because as we recently found out, it's really not. [knocking] kimberly: we knocked, we called -- >> we found unclaimed money. kimberly: we tried to convince. >> do you know you are owed money? kimberly: looking to connect you with the missing money. >> i call it nancy drew work. kimberly: a ton of unclaimed cash. in maryland alone $1 billion sitting there for a million families. >> returned $250,000 to individuals. who if you can believe forgot or misplaced that amount of money. safety deposit boxes stock utilities. listed online. >> are you going to check it? >> all the time. kimberly: mike found his missing money. i got $7.50 back from the
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"washington post." >> but when he couldn't provide a official document from the old address he gave up getting the rest. >> two more out there. i didn't want to go through the process. kimberly: "7 on your side" found a woman who used to live in this northwest apartment. in new york city. >> i haven't lived in d. c. for a couple of years and i haven't heard anything from pepco so it was exciting to know the funds were out there. kimberly: also out there -- >> by our calculation your company is owed $1000. he's the accountant. surprised he didn't know. kimberly: so there is something we want you to be aware of as you call the number here. there are other websites that ask you to put in your information and they will ask you to pay for the information. this information is free. it's public record. the folks here are taking your calls. they will give you the information without asking for any payment. there are heir finders. they will charge a percentage
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of what they find. but again, this information is out there. you don't have to use them. be aware there is a verification process so you may have to show documentation you lived at the address where that money went unclaimed. we are live in the "7 on your side" help center. back to you. leon: must be nice to be able to walk around and give people money. nice job kimberly. all right. ahead tonight at 6:00 bob mcdonald makes a case to his case overturned. and the search for a missing helicopter after another earthquake in nepal. and an area county could put a short leash on dog barking. it could mean a fine at 6:00. alison: first, get a check of the weather after a warm day today. did we get to 90 doug? doug: we will find out. waiting for the number. it's 88 at reagan national right now. a beautiful evening, a breeze. warm but comfortable outside.
5:49 pm
that is where we find steve rudin in front of the studio in rosslyn. the question du jour did we hit 90 degrees today? steve: we did. 4:09 this an. our first 90-degree day for 2015. take a look. this is where we hit it. earlier today. almost a year ago to the date we hit 90 for the first time in 2014. you can look in the years past 2013 april 10. may 28 in 2002. in 2011 we hit 90 but not until may 26. we have warm weather for this evening. but big changes on the ray. more on that. we head inside to chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: we will hit 90 again but it will be a while because temperatures trend the other way. look at the numbers now around the area. 80's still. warm but comfortably with a breeze. 88 degrees in manassas and 82 in gaithersburg. 90 in quantico. through the evening, the
5:50 pm
temperatures will slowly drop. gusty winds willdy min fish but stay breezy. it will be nice to bring you fresh air. in the morning 49 to 59 to start wednesday. through the day tomorrow sunny and breezy 74 sunny. 72 on thursday. beautiful friday and 74. over the weekend, humidity level start to increase. temperatures start to head back up in lower 80's. saturday sunday monday tuesday, chance of the afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. that is the latest. back to you. leon: all right. boy, this debate about john wall. tim: you'd hold him out? leon: i would. tim: if the doctor says you are ready to go, i say you are ready to go. randy wittman is encouraged. wall has five non-displaced fractures in the left hand. it's still swollen but the swelling has come down enough that john could handle the basketball and dribble at practice. he took jump-shots. that is good news for the wizards. wall will be examined tomorrow
5:51 pm
and until he is cleared he is listed as questionable going to game five tomorrow night. >> the swelling is minimal now. all right? and still a little but nothing where it was. that is it. it's very light today. it's not like he is out there sprinting them down. that is where we are at. alison: that is exciting as you will see. tim: caps went through the final skate-around before leaving for manhattan. i can tell you that there were serious emotion attached to the shoot-around. ovechkin is fired up. hard to read if it's frustration, pressure or pent-up energy. caps are in new york to gear up and getting ready for game seven at madison square garden. bower says despite being the underdog caps are ready. >> we expect to win the series. we know here that we can win the series. like i said, whether it took us five or it will take us
5:52 pm
seven, we expect to win the series. tim: all right. how about this? the nfl says the wild card game next season in the playoff january 2016 will be on abc. you can watch it on abc7. the link prefers traditional network television over cable so it will be on wjla. the redskins hope to be in the playoffs. they took a step forward today by signing the top draft pick sheruph. he was the fifth player taken overall. the 6'5" 300-pound rookie expect to start next season. it starts at the mini camp. all ten are signs and redskins continue to make progress for the optimistic fans. leon: i like the sound of that. now we have something else to listen to. breaking news out of japan. a strong earthquake just hit offshore. the 6.6 magnitude quake was centered near the northern part of the countriment the u.s. geological survey says there does not appear to be any chance of a tsunami.
5:53 pm
we will keep ania on this and get you more information as it comes in the newsroom. alison: meanwhile thousands of police officers are descending on the district this week. >> many stories among the thousands who came here today. i'm sam ford. we will tell you why a father and daughter bike down here to d.c. from new jersey next. countdown to the cup brought to you by 84 lumber where your project is our
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alison: a pack of bicyclists made their way to the district today. but this was not a pleasure ride. it's the police unity ride. leon: just one of the events planned during the annual police week celebration in d.c. the d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest washington after speaking with some of the riders. sam? sam: they were mainly police
5:57 pm
officers riding in memory of other police officers. two came here a father and daughter from new jersey who were not police officers. they rode in memory of a loved one who was. they rode in the police memorial to cheers and shouts and thank yous after riding 230 miles from other places here on the east coast. they rode manely in members of officers they never met who died in the line of duty in the past year. but for a father and daughter who were not police officers who rode down from atlantic city near their home this was personal. >> she was really just loving caring aunt and sister. but she was a warrior for her country. we were privileged to carry her picture on our bikes on the way down here. sam: kevin dixon and his daughter shanna dixson rode in honor of her up at, his sister a d.c. based f.b.i. agent who was killed in 1994 when gunman lawson shot his
5:58 pm
way to d.c. cold case office killing diamondbacksson martinez and two other law officers. shawna rode with this picture attached to her bicycle the last time her aunt saw her when she was 1 year old. >> it was incredible. the journey from the beginning, meeting and riding. when you ride next to people you start talking to them and hear their stories. sam: kevin said he rode last year and brought her this year because they love the camaraderie with the officers. >> to give of themselves like this and maintain the sense of honor to the law enforcement fallen is something i will never forget. it was life changing. sam: it was important to make the trip. back live at the police memorial. a lot of people here. met a young officer from lincoln, new jersey one member of a nine-member police force. i also met the commissioner william bratton of new york
5:59 pm
city. we are talking about thousands there. a lot of them are here this week remembering those who died. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford abc7 news. alison: great. leon: thank you. alison: thank you for that. leon: we appreciate putting themselves in the lain of fire for us. alison: right. salute them today. leon: absolutely. alison: that is it for five five. leon: all right. breaking news coming up at 6:00. >> it goes on and and on. leon: a second major earthquake hits nepal. a marine corps helicopter help ing in relief efforts vanishes. alison: a man dies in police custody and a new law aimed to prevent a new tragedy. leon: a backlash as a county considers fining residents if theirdog barks. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. from abc7 news, this is a
6:00 pm
breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news comes from nepal where a search is underway for a missing marine corps helicopter. this is hours after a second massive earthquake rocks the region. people ran in the street to escape falling debris. the second quake was 7.3 magnitude. and occurred just east of where a 7.8 magnitude quake struck two weeks ago. the missing helicopter on board had been providing disaster relief. senior political reporter is tracking developments from the capital bureau. scott? koz scott: the pent tells us americans and nepalese aboard the helicopter. it doesn't mean there has been a crash or there are fatalities. we just don't know. but there has been no


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