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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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accelerant in various locations around the home. neighbors say the fire consumed the house quickly. >> the second floor is completely burned. the wind is broken. reporter: once inside the property, firefighters doused the flames and quickly found for bodies. at first they were believed to be two adults and two children. they continue to come the property for victims. neighbors say a family the children lived here. the owner of the home is believed to be a ceo of a large manufacturer of highly engineered building products. we also learned that one of the victims was still alive when firefighters got here and later died. we do understand that it is hugely the fire was deliberately set. reporting live steven tschida abc 7 news.
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leon: we are standing by for news conference by the national transportation safety board about that deadly train to rome it in philadelphia. earlier, we went that eight people are now confirmed dead, including bob gilderslieeeve who lived in baltimore. of the hundreds injured, 16 people are still hospital. brad bell is live in philadelphia tonight with the latest on the investigation. brad? reporter: tonight at the scene an awful lot of work going on to clear the wreckage. we believe only two cars remain on the scene. the cleanup effort allowed to move ahead because today, very sadly, they counted for the final victim. there were 243 people aboard amtrak train 188 when it crashed on tuesday night. tonight, all of been accounted for after search stocks making terrible discovery. >> we must now report we have
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confirmed eight deceased from this horrible tragedy. reporter: that means first responders we pulling out and the on scene investigation and efforts to reopen the rail will move rapidly ahead. the focus remains on why the train was speeding along at 106 miles per hour into a curve for the safe limit of 50. philadelphia's mayor is confirming that engineer ryanbrian bostian -- >> i don't get any rational person would think it is ok to travel at that level speed knowing there was a pretty significant restriction. reporter: bostian's lawyer said he severed a concussion and doesn't remember what happened. investigators want to speak with them and want to consider all possibilities. >> we are not good -- not going
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to prejudge at this point. every thing is on the table. reporter: we are expecting to get the latest from the ntsb coming up at 5:30. we know they were looking at the forward-looking video camera on the locomotive. we do not know if they will report about what they will see on the camera. we can also tell you that the ceo of amtrak says that will service on these rails, meaning the connection from pc to new york will open tuesday. full service will starty. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: friends of the naval academy midshipmen killed in accident call this a tragic loss for the community. sophomore justin zemser was on leave but stayed at annapolis to help russian with their training. he was going home to new york when the train derailed. his roommate say they will miss his leadership and his sense of
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humor. >> he was the best. he was a really calming person in the room. no matter what happened, if i happen to be angry at something retired or exhausted, he could easily get a chuckle out of me. alison: zemser will officially be an honorary graduate of the class of 2017. his funeral will be held tomorrow in new york. leon: amtrak coast -- hopes to have full service restored on tuesday. we are still standing by for that press conference of the national transportation safety board. coming up at 6:00 tonight, more questions about amtrak funding on capitol hill. here with the speaker of the house had to say in response to the crash -- questions. alison: we will turn to the weather now. today braided about a 10 on the weather scale. let's turn to doug hill to check
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how long it will sick around. doug: one more day. that is it. tomorrow will be warmer than today so pleasant. this weekend we will jump into an early summer weather pattern. it looks just like it does now at the torpedo factory. sunshine and light wind. delightful temperatures around the area. 72 in frederick now. baltimore at 69. 66 degrees at annapolis. high pressure will keep is fairly clear. just a few shreds of high cloudiness on the western horizon. should make for a pretty sunset. clouds making the sunshine tomorrow. it will become warmer and a little humid in the afternoon as a little line of clouds that runs from raleigh northwest up towards indianapolis in chicago that is a warm front. we will get some warm and humid air through the weekend and early next week. for tonight, still clear and cool. love tonight near 50 degrees.
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leon: the season. developing now. a man arrested after a security scare at the white house. this man apparently tried to launch a drone just a few feet from the fence at the white house. it is unclear if use intended to fly the drone towards the executive mansion of whether he was his trying to take aerial photos. remember in january when another drone crashed on the white house lawn after its operator was control? a group calling it the syrian electronic army is taking credit for hacking "the washington post" website this afternoon. the newspaper shut down the mobile site for a time after the attack. alison: police in vienna are investigating the death of a three-year-old boy. officers say they received the call of the boy falling sunday night.
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he was last seen with convicted school shooter kenny barclay. in 2514-year-old barclay shot and killed a school ministry at her and others in tennessee. his counselor does not believe that bartley was at fault in her son's --. -- death. police are trying to find if anyone knows anything about an assault of a 12-year-old. brianne carter has the latest. reporter: take a look at this surveillance video. this is the man that prince george's county police believe assaulted a 12-year-old girl inside her apartment building. >> that is ridiculous. reporter:e say happen run 7:00 in the morning. when the go get off the suspect forced her to the ground in the holy, sexually assaulted her and then ran away. the suspect is believed to be
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17-22 years old with shoulder length dreadlocks and tattoos on his left forearm. >> in a red baseball cap. we also encourage the citizens to pay particular attention to the suspect movements. how he is walking. reporter: this man says he lives in the apartment complex. he says with secure doors, cameras, and security, it is concerning that someone was able to get into the building. >> we try to watch out for each other all the time. i'm just very sorry it happened to the young lady. reporter: police plan to be back at your starting at 6:30 tonight and he got this flyer talking to residents, and local businesses in the area as well trying to get more information about this individual. meanwhile, police tell us up to $25,000 in reward money is being offered for information in this case. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: new information on the
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double homicide over the weekend in rockwell. the funeral will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the fourth presbyterian church in bethesda. they were found dead on mother's day. police say they were stabbed after an intruder climbed through an unlocked window in her home. police of not made an arrest. a public viewing in funeral will be held at the d.c. armory for an officer killed in the line of duty last week. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapse after fighting a fire. he was the 100th line of duty death for the d.c. fire department. coming up -- >> leon: going out with a bang. a closer look at that painful night for some teams. >> back to california. or we will have to euthanize them. alison: a dire warning for the australian government for one of the most recognizable men in the
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world. leon: we're looking at what led to the demise of sweet briar college. reporter: is your sunscreen protecting you the way promises? a new report buys the results troubling.
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alison: it is a beautiful day outside today, but before you start slathering on sunscreen there is some new ratings for those protective roddick's. -- products. hi, can really. -- kimberly. reporter: whether you are heading out to a pool, a beach or walking outside, did you know that dermatologist recommend that when you apply sunscreen every two hours you use a shot glass full. that is a ton of sunscreen. also, this is what consumer reports did. they took 34 different sunscreens. they sprayed them on the testers and then soaked in a top for long as it promised to be water resistant. in this case, 80 minutes. then they exposed the testers to uv light. these were the key findings. about 30% of the time, the folks were not completely protected by
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on the bottle. sunscreen mailing to half the job, giving you the b turning but not the uva protection to prevent burning. here are some the lotions they tested. this one claims fef protection of 50, the actual was only 37. which is still good. dermatologist wanted to get 30. this one claims and fef -- spf score of 50 and it only got a score of 18. and it is for your baby. this is considered the best lotion for your children. they got a 98%. spf of 60. they got a score of 100%. it is fancy in french and will cost you $35. a cheaper alternative is just to get a white t-shirt and put on a
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hat. dermatologist tell you you can get up to 100 spf protection that way. alison: good advice. leon: what always worked for us with duct tape. [laughter] leon: try everything. alison: let's talk about the weather. we were saying she is out there the gorgeous weather but it is going to change a little. doug: get a little taste of the summer weather over the weekend. it will change on tuesday and wednesday and get back to cooler and drier weather. if you want hot stuff hanging there, it is coming. that is the wheel at national harbor. a few high clouds on the horizon to the west. that will make for a gorgeous sunset this evening. it will go down a little bit after 8:10. i'm going to go with it being calm all day because
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high-pressure is right overhead and that means light wind's requiem overhead. -- is just overhead. 71 degrees at reagan national. 72 at frederick. even in the higher elevations, very warm. warmer temperatures down to the south and west in asheville nashville, and also atlanta georgia and little rock, arkansas. all in the low 80's. that warmer air is heading our way. cooler to the north here 61 in detroit. the leading edge is by a little bit of cloudiness. we are seeing the temperature change now. that shows you how much warmer it is in this time yesterday. five degrees warmer at reagan national. six degrees warmer at its birth. we are in five shape here. -- fine shape here. it makes sense that behind the warm front you get a warm which and ahead of it fairly cool air.
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the warm front will pass through with a few clouds. once we get set up in the warmer temperatures with high pressure off to the coast, that meets temperatures will start climbing. possibly mid 80's by sunday. 48 to 58 degrees is the overnight range of temperatures. futurecast indicates high temp -- pressure offshore. that will literally bring in warmer temperatures. also with a little higher dew point temperatures and moisture levels. it will be monday and warm over the weekend. the together tomorrow night and saturday and it will really start to feel monday outside. -- muggy outside. on monday a frontal system approaches. that will be our test chance of rain and then moved back to a pleasant weather pattern. national ride your bike to work day. 78 for the pedal home tomorrow
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afternoon. we get into the weekend and look at the numbers in the mid to upper 80's. a 40% chance of thunderstorms. 60% chance and muggy air on monday. then asserts to clear off and get cooler. very pleasant all things considered. alison: thank you very much. he has not declared yet, or has he? >> i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus will be hired you create sustained economic growth. leon: one day after the flip flop find out why jeb bush is changing his tune today. reporter: they say he must a five euro girl in this home. i will introduce you to amend was vouching for the accused here. ♪
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leon: only on 7, a daycare provider accused of sexually assaulting a girl at naptime. but he is getting suort from parents whose children attend the center. they simply do not believe the allegations. kevin lewis was store you will see only on 7. reporter: this is arianna's
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family child day care. these of the charging documents that forced the center to temporarily shut down. it is all because police say the owners father molested a five-year-old girl during they allege it happened on a number of occasions. >> that is terrible. reporter: richard inand ejen nelson the right next-door. >> to take advantage of a child is unforgivable. but that is what happened. reporter: i can't gentleman that would do anything for any -- reporter: his three-year-old daughter attends the day care center. not only does he doubts for angular morales'character, he bailed him out of jail. >> our faith is 100% with him and his family and we know it is quite possible that a story has
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been manufactured in the mind of a child for whatever reason. it is continuing and we hope the truth comes out before this and any further. -- this goes any further. reporter: police say his story changed a number of times, but ultimately he told them he may have rubbed a girl's knee after she recently fell and hurt herself. in silver springs, kevin lewis abc 7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00, johnny depp's dogs. find out why they are not so popular with the australian government. >> there is a lot we are not being told. a lot of lies are being told. leon: they are trying to sort out what popular college will be shutting down at the end of this year. reporter: parents at this d.c. school accuse the pga president of manhandling her nine-year-old son and they want something done about it.
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(announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. alison: the parents of a nine-year old boy are giving them home from school this week. they claimed he was attacked by the head of the school pta. they claim to have surveillance video in this case. sam ford is live with the story you will see only on 7. tell us about it. reporter: the school sent home this letter for the incident that occurred two days ago. the boy's parents claimed that their child was physically abused i the pta president.
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nine-year-old antwaun pitts was home for the second day as his mother demanded something be done about martin well, the president of the pda -- pta who thought antwaun was fighting with another boy in allegedly grabbed him. >> he grabbed me by my neck and threw me on the floor. reporter: his mother said no one at the school told her anything until hours later. a staffer ran into her at the nearby safeway. >> he grabbed my son and mocked him. he dragged him by the neck from the stage in the cafeteria all the way to the front. reporter: her mother, his father, and the stepfather came to those -- went to the school. the police report says that the
5:28 pm
pta president was absurd -- observed dragging him out of the cafeteria. >> he complains about his throat . all of his neck was hurting. we had to taken to the hospital. reporter: d.c. public schools released a statement saying he is been restricted axis -- access -- reporter: we have requested the video. we have left several messages. so far we have not heard back from the pta president and he is known as a major fundraiser at the school. the u.s. attorney spokesman says they are investigating. they have not yet decided whether to file charges. reporting in southwest washington, sam ward, abc 7 news . leon: former maryland governor martin o'malley marking his calendar for may 30. that is when he will announce
5:29 pm
that he is running for president. he completed his second term as governor earlier this year and has been considering a potential challenge to clinton, hillary clinton. he is made repeated trips to the early voting states of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. as for hillary clinton, she has a planned stop in virginia. she is heading to a democratic parties -- fundraiser. clinton is considered to be the front runner for her party's presidential bid. a bit of a slip up last night for jeb bush. he said "i'm running for president in 2016." he has not made an official announcement just yet. this is not the first time this week he has done a little akin fourth. monday night he said he would have often rise invasion of iraq as his brother did but last night he said he would it done things in iraq differently. and this morning --
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>> it we are all answering hypothetical questions known but we know now, would you have done , i would not have gone into iraq. leon: the former florida governor says he is just contemplating a run for the white house next year. alison: the department of veterans affairs is accused of growth is meant -- mismanagement. -- gross mismanagement. a senior official in admitted they improperly spent $6 billion a year on medical care and supplies. that was revealed in a 35 page memo addressed is better in secretary robert mcdonald. mary j far has served as the acting chief since mid-march. that was when douglas scott retired. he is been with the department for 25 years. leon: let's check on the traffic situation. robert altman is standing by. robert: that accident still revving up in these down side of the icc maryland 200, the county
5:31 pm
connector before georgia avenue. it is still off on the right hand side. an investigation continues along eastbound at the. -- eastbound 503 -- eastbound 503 cell phone 395 -- southbound 395 heading from the pentagon it is stop and go. it is continuing on 95 in a long line of traffic leading springfield. angela beltway from 66 into virginia, passing 270 at the american legion bridge out towards route 50, still a solid stop and go. northbound lanes of 270. heavy traffic from rockville. towards clarksburg, expect heavy traffic up towards route 80 and urbana. south capitol street right towards chesapeake at the
5:32 pm
d.c.-maryland line. that is the latest from our traffic center. back to you. alison: authorities in australia are warning actor johnny depp to get his dogs out of that country by saturday or they will be put down. australia has strict quarantine regulations to prevent diseases such as rabies spreading to its shores. they say the actor smuggled in his yorkshire terriers aboard his private jet. they found out when he took them to a groomer. >> is not the men. we found out he's not the meant because we saw them -- and taking them to a poodle groomer. mr. deputy has to take his dogs to california or where to have them euthanized. reporter: an online petition has been started. alison: depp is filming the
5:33 pm
fifth installment of the "pirates of the caribbean." movie series. leon: they want to be australian. alison: no luck there. leon: coming up at 5:00, you might know his name but i bet you know his voice. find out which show is promising to go on without this guide. -- this guy. reporter: drivers call it one of the most chaotic parking lots in the d.c. region. coming up, why perfectly good parking spaces and the impact they are having a nearby roads. alison: how d.c. police are responding after this video shows an officer repeatedly stomping on a woman.
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leon: an investigation into a local police station. doug: it is the building itself raising concerns. chris is in the newsroom to ask plainness. chris: this started with a tip
5:37 pm
from a person that used to work at the police station. i could hear the fear in his voice. he was scared he will develop cancer because he worked in the building and many of his coworkers have. he does not feel the station is doing enough to find a way this is happening last july, the department to do basic test for air and water. seven on your side obtained results. they all came back negative. but radon was not tested, even though the county has high levels according to the epa. benzene found in gasoline was also not tested. this is the it team found a large number of leaking undercover gas stations surrounding franconia. we will show the map and how many there really are. the situation has grown said that the building has developed a chilling nickname. people are calling it "
5:38 pm
franc-caner." >> i have lost good friends to cancer, some of which have worked at the station. chris: the state health department -- we will tell you what they are doing to try to solve this mystery. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news . alison: four local teams played, but the two that one are not in the playoffs. what is next for the wizards in the capitals after last night's losses. reporter: sweet writer college is a historic and beloved institution set to close later this year. the students say they're not being told old truth about why it is happening. i am jeff goldberg and i will point coming up. leon: don't forget to sign up for weather, traffic, and breaking news alerts. just log on to to pick what you want on your phone. ♪
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alison: the so-called "blue goose" is no more.
5:42 pm
it was the mayor about university building. right wing to get on i-66. today, crews found that the emotion of the building is ready much can we. the universities replacing that distinct of structure with a nine story office building and residents -- residences as well. leon: 92 weeks ago was still there. alison: there are plans to close a small college near lynchburg va. these plans have led to vocal opposition and anger from students, staff, and graduates. leon: a legal fight is being mounted against closing sweet dryer college. -- sweet briar college. the community want some answers. reporter: the beauty interest quality of sweet briar college has drawn women here from around the country for more than 100 years. >> ring a sweet briar woman is
5:43 pm
ever they never wanted to be. reporter: but for students -- >> now no one knows who i am and i don't know them. reporter: the closing of sweet briar has close in the piece in the trust. >> we are being told lies and we are sick of it. reporter: two months ago president james jones shocked students, staff, and alumni when he announced the poor decisions to close the wanted her 14-year-old women's liberal arts college in amherst, virginia later this summer. >> they faced financial challenges that we cannot overcome. reporter: kristi jackson is the sweet briar spokesperson says these are the numbers. and available endowment of $19 million the $25 million in debt and $28 million in maintenance needs. a lawsuit filed by the amherst county occur -- attorney claims that the college is not in dire financial shape and must seek court approval to close.
5:44 pm
three lawsuits have been filed since -- to stop the closing. reporter: was there a delivered attempt to close the school? >> absolutely not. truly until the board voted, there was no decision. reporter: people are moving out every look. a lot of students do fear that once they leave this year, they will not be coming back. >> big mistakes were made. reporter: dan gottlieb's head of the psychology department. he has been your for nine years and says financial challenges were likely apparent to to three years ago. >> i have no doubt in my mind that people that want of the close the college could of done that. i think they gave up. why they gave up, i don't know. >> sees a junior from austin texas. she plans to graduate next year from randolph college in lynchburg. >> i have to leave something behind.
5:45 pm
it will always be a part of my heart. reporter: in amherst, virginia, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: a ruling is expected from the virginia supreme court in the next week or two. we will show you how alumni are pushing to find a what happened and how they are trying to heat the college open. leon: looking ahead at 6:00, we have just learned -- what we just learned about an incident involving a drone outside the white house. and this video that shows a violent confrontation between an officer and a woman. what happened moments before the officer appeared to stop on her. -- stomp on her. and more on that fire were four people were found dead. new at 6:00. alison: release the hounds. the voice behind several "the simpson's" characters is parting ways. actor harry shearer says that
5:46 pm
re-signing his contract to keep them from other projects. the producers of the show say they will work to replace him to keep characters like mr. burns, principal skinner, and net flanders all of the show. "dancing with the stars live" is coming to washington on june 15 at the warner theatre. we are giving away a chance to meet the stars and when for tickets. watch "good morning washington" and watch for a clue. you can get more information on the wjla facebook page. leon, you cannot have a ticket because you were care. leon: ruin my summer. alison: you can dance maybe. leon: take it away michael does. -- twinkle toes. doug: nobody wants to see me dance. pollen back in the high range
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for trees and grasses here it mold and spores are in the low range. no complaints there. 72 degrees at frederick. culpepper at 67. upper 60's and lower 70's across the board. futurecasrtr shows that will change. warmer temperatures in the upper 70's and higher moisture levels. some showers in the mountains tomorrow. over the weekend, everything starts to change as high pressure slipped southeast of cape hatteras over the atlantic. that will pump up the heat and humidity and set a separate scattered evening showers across the viewing area on saturday and sunday. monday will probably be our day with the highest probability of showers and storms. after that we cool off again. tomorrow, friday the morning and sending afternoon. the wind at 5-10. you will feel the muddiness later in the day. very warm and humid.
5:48 pm
mid to upper 80's. a chance for evening showers and storms. monday will be a 60% chance of storm system head of a cold front. clear in breezy and cool and less humid weather on tuesday afternoon and wednesday and thursday. back to you. leon: let's note take us up to the ntsb press conference. it is just another way. >> the engineer of the train has not talked to the ntsb but i have been trying to for the last day or so. i'm pleased to report we have had contact with the engineer and he has agreed to be interviewed by the ntsb. we look forward to the opportunity. we will be meeting with him in the next few days. we are talking on the topic of
5:49 pm
interviews. we have started interviewing passengers who were injured. passengers that are currently up hospital. we want to find out their perspective of things. we want to find out where they proceeded and their injury patterns and whether we can start correlating -- [indiscernible] >> i have said before that there is a forward facing video technically called a track image recorder. we have some information from our review of that. we have good quality video up to the point of derailment. we can see the track being a limited by the crane -- train's
5:50 pm
headlight. it also shows the speed of the train and so that is been what we have been able to do from that. we've created somewhat of a timeline. 65 seconds or for the end of the recording the train speed went above 70 miles per hour. 43 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed exceeded 80 miles for our. -- per hour. 31 seconds before the end, the train speed was going towards 90 miles per hour. 16 seconds before the end of the recording, the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour.
5:51 pm
just before entering the curve is when the engineer applied the engineer-induced breaking to put it into emergency braking. i will describe it as seconds mere seconds into the turn. we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right and then the recording went blank. some other things that we've been able to do today, we have developed testing and inspection plans for the railcars and the locomotive. we have examined -- leon: you have been listening to the chief investigator for the ntsb. we will have continuing coverage right now on our sister station. we will have more for you later.
5:52 pm
tim brant, what is going on? tim: that was what i have into perspective but there was a sports hangover. they played very well. it was one of the games where they were the underdogs. it was a great game against the top-seeded rangers. the wizards are still very much alive. still, i get it, lest i was hard. the disappointment is obvious. >> we let it go. that's the way the ball bounces sometimes. >> it is tough. tim: two teams, to sports, two devastating losses and one city. >> every time we get a lead we get comfortable and we need to start learning to put teams away. tim: a game seven overtime loss in new york rangers, again. the latest chapter to the cap's history book of party. >> it just didn't go our way.
5:53 pm
tim: all the wizards have not lost their season, it is for them on the brink of elimination. >> the stink of this game is going to motivators for game six. tim: the capitals have a long off-season to think and wonder what would've been. grets in this room. we left it all out there. tim: while the wizard's weight is much shorter. a chance to even the series. >> we do not want to end it at home. but want to come back and try to close it out here. tim: i got the latest information on john wall. he would to the doctor this afternoon. i will tell you if use playing in game six coming up and
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leon: almost any driver in arlington puts a that parking in one spot in pentagon city is a real problem.
5:57 pm
it just got worse because of a new construction progress. cosco shoppers had no -- now have about as many -- a parking options. reporter: >> it was just terrible. reporter: row after row of parking, newly have to lot come as was fenced off in drivers want to know why. >> why you to pay for this? reporter: construction crews will start building a seven-story garage with hundreds of parking spaces. part of a long term plan to redevelop pentagon center with residential office and read -- retail center. they could turn now construction around will result in more changes and congestion. >> they need to do something about the parking lot at they want the business. reporter: many drivers will tell you that this lot has always been chaotic. >> this whole parking lot is jammed pack. reporter: it is not uncommon to
5:58 pm
hear four letter words rc middle fingers. >> it's like road rage. reporter: local drivers say if you think this is bad, that you have not seen nothing unless you have been here on a weekday evening or weekend. >> don't ever, the weekend. leon:reporter: when buying in bulk shopper said they want to park as close as possible. many are still willing to deal with this so they can save in all of this. >> that more than 80 rolls of toilet paper. reporter: my caning, abc 7 news. leon: it is always something. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. alison: at 6:00 we have breaking news. >> is completely burned. alison: four people found dead inside a northwest washington
5:59 pm
home. now the atf has joined the investigation. plus, we just learned about the train to rome in philadelphia and when train service will be restored. alison: and and abc 7 news exclusive today. a police officer under it -- investigation after we showed the department this video. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> is is a breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news comes from northwest washington were sources confirm that for people have been found dead after a fire. the scene is unfolding on woodland drive not far from the vice president's residents. tom roussey is live on the scene with details he just learned from sources in the fire department. tom? reporter: that residents is right over there and where this fire happened is just on the street here on woodland drive. you can see firefighters on scene.
6:00 pm
a lot of investigators as well. this fire broke out earlier this afternoon. here is video of what it looked like all the flames were still burning. we've been able to confirm through sources for people are dead. at least one apparently is a juvenile. investigators have also confirmed we're looking into a strong possibility that this fire was in fact intentionally set. a lot of folks are on the neighborhood here very upset by the news that for people have lost their lives. also because we don't fully know what happened out here to start all this. >> it is frightening. especially when you don't know what happened. four people during the day. very scary. reporter: back out here live you'll see a lot of investigators and others on scene.


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