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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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orders... deadlines... every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer. >> now abc seven news at new on your time. >> new details in the investigation into a deadly house fire. that home went up in flames yesterday afternoon on woodland drive in an upscale with west d.c. neighborhood. 4 people were found dead, including a child. investigators are on scene this afternoon as we learn details about who may have been at the home. john gonzales is more -- is here
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with more. >> what a mystery -- 10 minutes ago i got up the phone with the stepdaughter of one of the housekeepers at this northwest d.c. mentioned, she says she never returned to the home in silver spring so the family on thursday morning reported her missing, hours later this mansion was on fire. the family still desperately waiting for answers. in front of the home activity, atf agents have been combing through the mansion, removing furniture and taking pictures. officers have been protecting what is not only a fire investigation but a possible multiple homicide investigation. it has been 24 hours since firefighters made that gruesome discovery, for dead bodies on the second floor, including a child. the people may have been killed before the fire.
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someone seen leaving the house -- even though police have not identified the people found dead, the owner of the mansion the ceo of american iron workers, the leading manufacturer of building works in the u.s. >> never seen anything like this. never seen so many cars. it is incredible. they like each other very much. never had any problems, neither has anybody. we are all kind of wow. >> he lived here with his wife and three children. and 2 housekeepers. one missing according to her
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family in montgomery county. the other was told, according to sources, on wednesday night not to report to work. that is all part of the vestry. -- of the mystery. >> the funeral underway for a d.c. firefighter killed in the line of duty. lieutenant kevin mcrae died last week after battling a fire. we are live where friends and family came to say their final goodbyes. >> quite emotional thousands filling the seats at the d.c. armory, paying their final respects to kevin mcrae who collapsed after battling a high-rise apartment fire. the public service started less than an hour ago and a line formed all the way into the street families, friends colleagues and firefighters from as far as boston paying their respects. local departments lending a
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hand, several firefighters saying it is not about them and how they feel about losing a colleague but about the family morning a tremendous firefighter. his children suffering the death of another parent after losing their mother. >> kevin came all the way to help out. such a blessing. he will be missed. >> we are honored we can be here to help the family. they have been gracious to us. making sure the firefighters can say goodbye, that is what today is all about, his family. >> you can see the fire trucks great with this black cloth -- draped with this black cloth. some with his name on it.
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engine six with his name on it. up until about 2:00 this afternoon. >> we lost jeanette. a funeral was held for the couple murdered in their home mother's day weekend. services or get and don't best -- more help this morning. the couple was discovered on may 10, their deaths ruled homicides. police have not made arrests. we turn to the latest on the tragedy on the tracks. amtrak's top official apologizing. saying the railroad takes full responsibility. ntsb officials trying to figure out why the train was beating up before the curve. karen travers is in philadelphia with the latest twist. >> the last trek -- cars have
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been removed from the accident scene. the trains final seconds are in this video obtain by an nbc station. a flash as the train derails. the engineer is expected to talk to officials in the next few days. >> we want to know what he recalls leading into that tragic event. then we can ask specific questions. >> his attorney says he sustained a concussion and has no recollection. >> says the accident would not have happened if the rail was acquitted with speed control technology. while the investigation continues, lawmakers are pointing fingers over the broader issue of amtrak funding. house republicans lost -- blocked an effort to democratsby restoring cuts to grants. republicans say the cuts --
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capital improvement that should be the company financial responsibility. >> it is not about funding. the train was going twice the speed and. adequate funds where there. >> funeral services were held for justin denzer, the naval academy michelman killed in the accident. amtrak's has said they will help families with funeral expenses. jummy: as karen mentioned, the funeral for the midshipmen was held this morning with full military honors. the sophomore was studying at the naval academy in annapolis headed home for summer leave when the train derailed. the naval academy will hold a memorial service on sunday. rescuers have found the bodies of three of the eight people on
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board that u.s. marine helicopter that disappeared in the ball earlier this week -- in nepal earlier this week. they say there are no chances of any survivors. six marines and two nepalese army soldiers were on board delivering humanitarian aid to villages hit by earthquakes. whether at home, a nice and sunny day. you might want to enjoy it now, because more heat and humidity for the weekend. doug hill is here with the forecast. doug: what the increase in heat it will feel like summer, also chances of thunderstorms. at the torpedo factory in alexandria, beautiful midday, a little ripple on the water and temperatures 71 at reagan national. it is breezy. temperatures will climb today.
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72 in fredericksburg. 68 at washington dulles. the clouds in the satellite shot, the rain will make a move as the warm front moves toward us. most of the shower activity will stay to our north and west. the stage will be set for the possibility of showers and thunderstorms through saturday and sunday afternoon. today, sunny, pleasant upper-70's. more details on the weekend in a few minutes. jummy: hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to federal, state, and local officers killed or injured in the line of duty. the national fraternal order of police held a memorial service on the west lawn of the capitol. president obama and loretta lynch took part. it comes at the end of national police week. president obama: to all the
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families here today whose loved ones did not come home at the end of a shift. please know how deeply sorry we are for the loss you have endorsed. -- endured. note how greatly we appreciate your sacrifice. jummy: flags will be flying at half staff in observance. new information on that drone incident at the white house. officials say a man flew a drone north of the white house and park police identified him as ryan mcdonald of california cited and issued a day to a fear -- appear in court feared a top aide to a sum of bin laden has been sent its to life and -- sentence to life in prison. those attacks in kenya and tanzania killed to do for people, including -- 224 people.
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he was convicted this year. new information on an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in the fairfax county section of alexandria. it started with an altercation involving 50 people outside fast eddie's billiards on richmond highway. a man was rest to the hospital with a gunshot wound at his condition is non-life-threatening but he is in the hospital. no arrests have been made. a judge has denied jesse matthew 's a request to delay his trial he is accused in the death of hannah graham and will go to trial in fairfax on charges he attacked the woman in 2005. the defense said it needed more time to investigate 40 people identified in police files over the years as possible suspects. the judge did not agree. sentencing set for today for a
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local rabbi the secretly recorded naked women in a bath. bernard freundel was a rabbi for more than 25 years at a former teacher at georgetown and towson university's and the university of maryland. he pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. prosecutors are asking for a 17 year sentence. coming up, remembering the men known as the king of blues. while we are learning about the death of bb king. >> i think many of them say, you are a hypocrite. >> bill cosby questioned about sexual assault allegations, how he is responding in an excuse of interview with abc news. >> getting a workout, why you are seeing more cyclists on the road. it is a beautiful day to get out there, but will get hot and humid for the weekend. how it
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♪ jummy: asap a in the music world. bb king -- a sad day in the music world. his health had been declining over the past year. he collapsed during a concert last october. later blaming dehydration and exhaustion. he had been in hospice care at his home and was 89 years old. comedian bill cosby is responding to questions about numerous sexual assault allegations against him. in an exquisite interview -- exclusive interview with abc news. he sat down for his first high-profile interview.
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>> if a young person comes to you and says, my mom says you have done bad things. how will you answer them? are you guilty -- did you do it? bill cosby: i am prepared to tell this young person the truth about life. jummy: cosby is in alabama where he is spreading his message of education by speaking with students later today. here at home, it is all about cyclist, bike to work day, an event that aims to boost people commuting on two wheels. more from many pitstops throughout the region. >> thousands of bikers filled roadways during the rush hour commute. for a very special day celebrated across the country.
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>> one of the most important days of the year. cool seeing people on bikes. >> a national campaign to promote non-recreational biking. >> i think everybody should bike to work. >> it is clean, healthy, and for many of us quicker that car. >> it has been great. >> in montgomery county, leaders want this area to be the most bicycle friendly community in the country. non-recreational bike use his car rocketing. >> a 62% increase over the last 10 years. even for middle-aged guys like me. >> 16,000 people commute to this community every day. they compensate employees who do not take their cars. >> the more people on bikes, the help your people are. the better we all are.
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>> if you're out tonight there will be thousands of bikers making their way home. if you are in your car, share the road. jummy: a nice day to bike. doug: it will warm up this afternoon, but no rain worries. upper-70's later on. the weekend will have opportunity for showers. i would sell you what time we expect shower chances each afternoon. this is from chesapeake beach maryland. a beautifulday. we stay sunny the ray good portion of friday. -- 74 degrees the latest report out of maryland. the right-hand side is the wind speed. not strong at all. 5, 6 miles per hour.
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73 degrees in manassas. in southern calvert county, 71 outside route charters school in the district. numbers about average for this time of day. later this afternoon, over-60's to lower-70's. if the winds continue out of the south, and high-pressure continues to build, it will bring warmer numbers to our area. ms. am a perhaps upper-80's tomorrow and sunday. with increase in temperatures and humidity levels, it is a matter of time to cb chance of showers and thunderstorms. a cold front will try to move in our direction. it will bend down and not have much impact. it will contribute to chances of afternoon showers and storms. very warm, very humid and afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and sunday afternoon.
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78 today, partly sunny. warmer then the past few days. the weekend, starting off ok with cloudy skies and 60's. the weekend, tomorrow, par sunny, with warm humid. a 40% chance of thunderstorms after 2:00 or 3:00. because of the unity, it might -- the humidity it might feel warmer. monday, with that cold front getting closer, up to a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms, in the low-80's and we cool it off after the showers on tuesday morning. sunshine mid-70's, more like it. maybe a couple showers at the beaches, otherwise, very pleasant. jummy: coming up, how you can land an appearance on the next pitch show "house of cards."
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the latest on the battle between the australian
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jummy: it is do or die for the wizards tonight at the verizon center, they face the lead to hawks in a must win game six or the season is over. randy wittman says he expects john wall to play even after wall visited with doctors to check his hand. the wizards lost a one point heart breaker in game five game six tip-off is at 7:00 tonight. johnny depp and his dogs have left australia and returning to the united states. there were flown back the way they arrived -- by private plane. they had given him until
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saturday to get the docs out of the country or they would have been put down. -- he is filming the latest pirates of the caribbean movie. calling you house of cards fans now's your chance to be a part of the hit show, it is hosting a casting call today in maryland. cap agents looking for paid that ground performers direct for a black-tie affair, 18 and above should arrive hair and makeup ready, it is from 3:00 to 7:00 at the bel air armory. getting ready for the weekend it should be warm, tack with the potential for storms.
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jummy: they weekend, some sun but maybe showers. doug: pollen count, high numbers for trees, grasses. over the weekend, we will get showers, but today, no worries. the weekend will be partly sunny, very warm and humid highs in the mid-80's saturday and sunday. we will talk more about this at 4:00 this afternoon. try to refine the timing of the shower chances. jummy: thanks for watching us. how a great weekend.
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