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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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d.c. today a number of people turned out for the prayer service for the victims of the fire. although police have not identified the victims. we caught up with a housekeeper who worked here and she told she was told not -- she said she was told not to come to work yesterday. she is still trying to comprehend what happened inside the house. >> i still can't believe it. i can't believe they're gone. a very nice family. the little boy. i don't understand what happened. stephen: the little boy she is referring to, the son the youngest child of the family who attends school but did not show up for close at st. albins yesterday. a prayer service was held at
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the school. we should learn more about the latest information shortly. reporting live from the scene, stephen tschida abc7 news. alison: we are looking live as we await the press conference from the mayor and the police chief. as soon as it happens we will go to it directly. meanwhile we go to the breaking news we told you about in the boston marathon bombing trial. less than 30 minutes ago a jury sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. leon: horace holmes is standing by in the newsroom and he has details. what is the latest? horace: the details just coming out now as the reporters are leaving the courtroom. we know that he faces death for six of the 17 count against him. the jury in boston the same jury that found him guilty for his part in the marathon bombing case deliberated for 16 hours in sentencing phase. this means he will likely die of lethal injection. his lawyers reportedly will
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appeal. that will extend this. but most appeal on criminal cases on a federal level are not overturned but it could be years before tsarnaev is put to death. witnesses in the courtroom this afternoon say when the jury decision was read, tsarnaev had no reaction. reporting live in the newsroom, horace holmes abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. well, we know more this afternoon about the man arrested yesterday in that drone incident at the white house. park police say ryan mcdonald of california flew that drone north of the white house. officials say it was a hundred feet in the air when he was detained by the secret service. mcdonald was cite and issued a date to appear in court. leon: at this hour, the sentencing hearing is underway for a local rabbi who secretly recorded naked women in a ritual bath. he is a former teacher at georgetown and towsend
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university and the university of maryland. he pled guilty in february of 52 counts of voyeurism. prosecutors are asking for a 17-year sentence. joce sterman is in the courtroom now. so look for her live report once the rabbi sentence is announced. alison: d.c. firefighters gathered today to say goodbye to one of their own. kevin mcrae died last week after collapsing at the scene of a fire in the shaw neighborhood. our d.c. bureau chief sam ford is in northwest with how he is being reasoned. sam? sam: we are standing in front of fire house number six. that is draped in black. and minutes ago there was a procession that came by here for a 44-year-old fire lieutenant kevin mcrae. his flag-draped casket was brought by on the fire engine he commanded. on the way to fort lincoln cemetery. the funeral service was one of the largest in memory.
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3,000 people came to the d.c. armory. where the husband, father of five was remembered as one who was loved. he had done his job for 25 years. he was eulogized at the d.c. armory. lawson said they met when lawson was also a fire lieutenant and needed to be relieved so he could preach at church. somebody told him to call mcrae and so he said he did. he called and said lawson, i'm in en route. get your stuff going. you're going to church. when kevin arrived i didn't even know how he looked. i was standing there and he walked up and he started laughing acting as if he already knew me and said take the stuff off the fire truck. get out of here. go have church. don't worry when you get back.
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go lift up jesus. sam: he was the second member of the family to die as a d.c. firefighter. his cousin james mcrae died in the line of duty in 2007. so they were the 99th and the 100th member of the d.c. fire department who died on duty. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you sam. overseas now three bodies have been recovered from the u.s. marine helicopter that crashed in nepal. officials found the wreckage in pieces 15 miles away from where they had gone missing. they say there is no chance anyone survived. six marines and two nepalese army soldiers were on board. the military has not identified the marines but the family of the pilot talked with the abc affiliate in wichita about their son's mission. >> i love you. i believe in you. i'm proud of what you are doing. you have helped other people there. >> we will continue to mourn
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the loss and observe the sacrifice of the great soldiers from nepal and the marines who lost their lives. >> the crew was delivering humanitarian aid. the cause of the crash is not yet known. 60 members of the virginia task force one based in fairfax county are heading home now from rescue operations in nepal. they are suspected back in northern virginia tomorrow morning. alison: scott goldstein has been named the next county fire and rescue chief. he has been acting as the chief since the retirement of the previous. he has participated in a number of disaster response operations. including the attack on the pentagon on 9/11. the montgomery county board of education is continuing the search for a new superintendent. however, the board has now identified dr. andrew hoolihan
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as the preferred candidate for the position. hoolihan is serving as the chief academic officer of the houston independent school district. the board expects to have a new superintendent in place by july 1. leon: it doesn't feel like july right now. maybe if we don't talk about it it won't change. alison: wishful thinking. i don't know. we can try. we are looking forward to the weekend at least. we know that much. our chief meteorologist dug hill is standing by. can we not talk about it and it won't change? doug: somebody has to fill the next 45 seconds. fine with me. it will be okay. a little summary and humid. it's not a wash-out by any stretch. start off with a live look from the view from the torpedo factory in alexandria. beautiful afternoon. we have a nice breeze but it's comfortable. 77 at reagan national airport.
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75 in gaithersburg in baltimore. 77 in manassas as well. here is a story on the doppler radar. a couple of showers popping up east of the interstate 81 corridor. this is not unexpected as the winds continue to come out to the south to bring warm and humid air. by the afternoon, saturday and sunday, better chance of showers and thunderstorms. the morning and the midday will pretty much rain-free. overnight lows 68 to 65. and that will give us a running head start for temperatures in the middle 80's tomorrow afternoon. more coming up in a couple of minutes. alison: okay. leon: all right. thanks doug. alison: all right. so we got a big crucial game tonight for the wizards. leon: that's right. they have to win this game to stay in the playoffs as you know. >> no question. the same situation they were in last year at this time. but this was indiana. this is atlanta now. last year was indiana. the wizards hope for a different outcome. this is why paul pierce was
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brought here. this is why john wall says he is more experienced. bring in robert burton. even though it's a home game the wizards feel the pressure. robert: definitely. there is not a lot going on inside of the verizon center but the party is outside. look for a game six if you will, but i don't think they can take too much more disappointment. the sound track to game six playing outside the verizon center this afternoon. >> the rhythm of the post season led to this. a winner of game six for the wizards. >> i think they can do it. >> i think john wall is back. all we have to do is keep them pumped. we can win it all.
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robert: inside the wizards hope they can do something that hasn't happened since 1979. >> i think paul might be the only person born in 1979. robert: that is play in a game seven. they will do so if they can win tonight. >> whatever it takes to win. being physical. no matter what it is. we will do it. robert: cue the music, tip-off is almost here. for the wizard fans here is hoping the drummer knows best. >> who is going to win tonight? >> washington wizards. >> i wasn't born in 1979 either. that came a lot later. this tips off at 7:00 on espn. if they win this one they force a game seven. i wouldn't mind a trip to hotlata. back to you. leon: i was not only born then, i was covered that
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event. >> it was fun. alison: all right. hope for good things. leon: right. forget about history. they have to do it. john wall is a different player this year. >> he's a leader this year in a way he wasn't last time. >> they have to close out the deal. they had a nine-point lead with 5:30 left in the last game and allowed atlanta on a 14-0 fourth quarter run. they request not dole that. leon: short-term memory. out of here. move on. you just proved it. "abc7 news at 4:00". moving on to something more serious here. the last of the cars removed removed from the amtrak derainment. when the engineer is expected to talk to investigators. >> president obama honors fallen law enforcement officers. i'm brad bell. this is a time when many officers wonder how appreciated they are. when we come back their words.
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♪ ♪ >> and remembering the king of the blues. how some of the music's biggest names are paying tribute.
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leon: president obama joined hundreds of police officers on capitol hill today as they got together to remember the officers killed in the line of duty. alison: brad bell has more from the national peace officers memorial. brad: hundreds of men and women in uniform gather to honor the 131 law enforcement officers two died in the line of duty across the country in the last year. president obama offering solemn words to the family members seated on the west lawn of the capitol for the 34th national peace officers memorial service. president obama: we hold them up as heroes because that's what they are. it takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer. to be the one people turn to in their most desperate moments. brad: president john f. kennedy declared may 15 national peace officers day.
4:16 pm
today president obama honors fallen officers and many in attendance wonder how appreciated they are. >> it's challenging. brad: dan is a sarient in the ral -- sergeant in the raleigh, north carolina, police department. >> you do the right thing but people are questioning you. brad: monte is chaplain of the houston police. >> they tell me they are afraid to be on the street. brad: after the riot in baltimore and the murder of officers in recent days the president today pledging the full support of the nation. >> we owe it to your fellow officers who gave their last few measure of devotion. most of all with can say thank you. brad: at the capitol, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: the king of the blues has passed away. >> ♪ the thrill is gone ♪ leon: yes it is. for his many, many fans. b.b. king's attorney says the
4:17 pm
89-year-old singer died last night in his home in las vegas. he has diabetes. his health had been declining in the last year. he won 15 grammys and he had so many hits including the one you just heard there. "the thrill is gone." and "let the good times roll." none other. alison: a special sound. unique sound. you knew it was him. leon: he made the blues america's theme music really. no one else like him. he will be missed. alison: he will. leon: president obama issued on the statement of the death of king saying the blues lost its king and america has lost a legend. alison: you know other music stars are weighing in. including eric clapton who posted a video on the facebook page. >> he was a beacon for all of us who loved this kind of music. and i thank him from the bottom of my heart. alison: rocker lenny kravitz
4:18 pm
said anyone could play a thousand notes and not say what he said in one. leon: his solos were one single note at a time. you never heard him play solo and chords. he didn't play chords. everything was one note at a time. that is truly how he was able to make lucille talk. he made the six-string talk. alison: i heard him say in an interview is b.b. is for blues boy when he played on the street corner. everybody knew who he was and he played for money when he was a kid. doug: one of a kind tall. alison: absolutely. leon: one of the guys when you see him perform you smile. louie armstrong had the same effect on you. even if you didn't like the music you look at him and smile. doug: even in his older years he got into it 100% all the time. amazing guys. alison: all right. doug: the weekend plans best advice for the weekend is there will be a chance of showers tomorrow and on sunday. the best chance for showers will be in the afternoon.
4:19 pm
no guarantee you won't get a stinkal or a shower in the morning but -- sprinkle or shower in the morning. look outside. cloudiness around the area. it should be dry through the evening. temperatures warmed up as expected. in the upper 70's now. breeze to blow around the pollen. so here you go. rain to the north. the warmer air the more humid air is making a move across the northeast. the storminess should stay north. we have a line of showers west and southwest of the area. we get a break tonight. but tomorrow it starts all over again and the same story as we got through the day on sunday. right now the locally shower southwest of winchester and another shower to the southeast of harrisonburg. mid-to-upper 70's across the area. the temperatures will hold steady for the next few hours. warmer temperatures to the
4:20 pm
west and southwest. as the winds continue out of the south, that is going to bring the warm and the increasingly humid air overhead for the next couple of days. no trouble in the mid-80's. tonight partly cloudy. 58 to 65 for the range of the overnight temperatures. future cast is a frontal system lurking to ignite thundershowers. we have warm and humid weather tomorrow and sunday. shower and the thunderstorms are a possibility through the day on monday. back to summer. 86 tomorrow. monday the probability goes up to 60%. cold front will settle things down on tuesday rand we'll getand we'll get back to the cooler, clearer and the drier weather by next week. alison: all right. thank you. doug: you're welcome. leon: see how cool and clear it is on the roads on get-away friday. robert altman is watching things for us. what is going on out there robert: a lot of people
4:21 pm
heading to the weekends. we're jammed up through 97. no delays at the bay bridge. not far away southbound at 78. that is blocked because of a two-car accident. jammed up traffic leaving the pentagon. heavy to 295 as you make a turn. not letting up until route 100 in anne arundel. it will extend through dell boulevard to head to the area of fredericksburg. that is the latest from the traffic center. back to you. alison: all right. leon: thanks, robert. alison: thank you. coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how the u.s.nail academy is paying tribute to a midshipmen killed in tuesday's amtrak crash in philadelphia.
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alison: crews va now removed the last wrecked cars from the site of tuesday's deadly amtrak derailment. as amtrak works to repair the damaged tracks. we are getting a idea of when the train's engineer will talk to investigators. abc's karen travers has the latest. karen: crews worked nonstop to repair the line from tuesday's
4:25 pm
accident. electrical wires that were snapped has been fixed. they are aiming to restore service early next week. the busy stretch of track has been closed since the derailment. an attorney for 32-year-old train engineer brandon bostian says he sustained a concussion and has no recollection of what happened leading up to the crash. bostian is expected to talk to federal investigators in the next few days. the ntsb said train 188 speed increased by 30 miles per hour in the final minute before the derailment. >> the engineer is the only person that can control the speed of the train. karen: this closed circuit video shows the train's final seconds. as the train hits that curve a flash as the train derails. the ntsb said the accident would not have happened if the rail was equipped with speed control technology. >> but the end of the year when we have positive train control it won't happen again. karen: family and friends gathered for the funeral services of justin zemser the
4:26 pm
midshipman who was one of the eight people killed in tuesday's accident. >> he put everyone before himself. he was not selfish at all. he cared about other people. karen: the attorney is working with the local, state, federal officials to gather evidence and will determine if criminal charges will be filed for tuesday's accident. reporting from philadelphia karen traverse abc7 news. leon: a funeral service was held today from the midshipman from the naval academy killed in the crash. earlier today the naval academy flew the staff at half staff in honor of justin zemser. they will hold a memorial service on sunday to remember zemser. breaking news now from d.c. superior court with a local rabbi was sentenced for secretly recording naked women in a hitch wall bath. alison: joce sterman is out of the courtroom and live with the sentencing for barry freundel. what did you learn?
4:27 pm
jose well, rabbi -- joce: well rabbi barry freundel will not come out the way he went in. he has been sentenced to 6.5 years in prison and was immediately taken into custody. the judge called this a classic abuse of power case saying that rabbi freundel abused his position and violated the privacy of more than 100 women. the rabbi came in court today and personally addressed the judge. never turn around to address the people in the court. he did apologize and said he was horrify and disgusted by his own behavior and he called it a sickness he will never return from. he has been in intense -- intensive therapy since his arrest. he said it was a wake-up call and he felt relief after he was arrested that he knew he couldn't go on any longer. what we heard from victims in court was a clear message. we are talk about women of all ages, different races, all with one message that their trust had been violated.
4:28 pm
some wanted more prison time than others. but all of them said they had been deeply betrayed. the privacy violated. they were deeply hurt by the man they trusted. not only as their spiritual leader but a trust figure in general. someone they thought of as a father figure. today as they asked for punishment, they got it. 6.5 years in prison is the sentence. although his attorney had been asking for community service. one other issue that was brought up in court today by the victims. they are hoping in the future the rabbi barry freundel will be labeled as a sex offender. we did not get a decision on that today. live in northwest d.c. i'm joce sterman, abc7 news. back to you. leon: thank you joce. still ahead at 4:00 -- find out why abc news anchor george stephanopoulos made a major apology on air this morning. >> an item report -- an i-team
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an artificial heart valve, or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. alison: well, following a "7 on your side" i-team report exposing a possible cancer cluster that has emerged. this is a fairfax county police station. more police officers are now coming forward who worked at that same station and now have cancer. leon: investigator chris papst
4:32 pm
broke the story last night and is joining us with an update for us. chris? chris: the focus story -- the story focused on officers and employees working and were diagnosed with cancer. i spoke to a man who retired and said he was never warned by the county there could be a problem and he has cancer. >> i was lucky they caught mine early. chris: john lawson diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago. he spent 14 years as a police officer at the francona police station in fairfax county. >> it was always zil liability. -- civil liability. chris: he awe the report where 13 people battled the disease with three losing the fight. known carcinogens were not tested. he said he has never been
4:33 pm
contacted by the county or warned of the possible problem. >> i would like to have the information put out. tell retirees to get tested. >> a lot of anxiety when you have a diagnosis. chris: the fairfax county health director is leading the investigation. her team is in the process of solving the mystery by first analyzing current employee medical records. once more is known, the investigation could span to include retirees. >> we continue to find solutions about the individuals. chris papst, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a shooting outside a nightclub in the fairfax section of alexandria sent one man to the hospital. police say it started with an altercation involving 50
4:34 pm
people. a 3-year-old wood bridge man was shot. his condition has been upgraded to non-life threatening. he remains in the hospital. so far no arrest. leon: governor hogan plans to reopen the barracks in annapolis and add a hundred new troops to the force. the administration announcement today followed the general assembly failure to approve the necessary funding to enhance capabilities of the maryland state police. a second supplemental budget introduced by governor hogan april 2. alison: now we turn back to the weather. what a pleasant day we have had today. leon: that's right. let's check in to see if we can keep it going for the weekend. doug? doug: no. it won't go the same way. whether he get warmer and humid and the chance of thunderstorms popping tomorrow and sunday afternoon. at the moment it's pleasant. take you down the beach. people head down the beach for the weekend.
4:35 pm
general waves on the shoreline here. 60 degrees is a boardwalk temperature now. southeasterly wind knocking the temperature down. you know how it feels with the water off the water -- air off the water. that is what they are dealing with at most of the atlantic beaches now. 80 in fredericksburg. 74 at washington dulles. 75 in baltimore now. 77 at reagan national airport. picking up light showers. winchester. green county virginia. between harrisonburg and culpeper. 58 to 65 overnight. partly cloudy skies. as we head through the day tomorrow over the balance of the weekend, a summary field. mid-80's. partly sunny and muggy. chances of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. that is the latest. see you in a few minutes. leon: all right. now a big weekend in
4:36 pm
baltimore. whether it rains or not, whatever doug said. folks up there get ready for the second jewel of the triple crown. alison: that's right. adam is live with a look at tomorrow's preakness stakes. adam hi there. adam: here at black eye susan day, you couldn't ask for a better day weather wise. berts say it's going differently. a lot of people come to black eye susan day for the smaller crowd compared to tomorrow's event. we finished the tenth race. several more to go. we are talking about security. we spoke to a spokesperson this morning about the overall plan. it couldn't go into specifics but they told us there weren't major changes from last year. they did make some improvements. security presence is apparent. especially with today's smaller crowd. dozen of staff and the officers with the special security printed on their hat. people with purses and bags were checked with the security wands. media no exception. our camera bag and back pack was inspected by the security
4:37 pm
as we made our way to the grand stand. the focus on the racing, and the phillies. the women for the event. the ultimate girls day out. we spoke with ath ann dix who made history as the first female bugler to play at preakness. she hopes to see american pharaoh win tomorrow so she can head to the belmont. this is a much tamer crowd near the tail end. the gates open tomorrow at 8:00 for preakness. we will send it back to you. adam yost. abc7 news. alison: thank you. looks like a nice day there. still to come at 4:00 speaking of racesdy. race altogether. one for white house. how the contendsers are making headlines.
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leon: the race for 2016 kicks in a higher gear this week. a couple of presumed front runners is finding out the top spot the hardest to maintain. alison: our senior political reporter scott thuman in the capitol hill bureau to explain that. scott: this is one of those weeks where you can start to feel the campaign season congeal a bit. when you get a bit of a taste of what is to come. you have previews of announcements to make
4:41 pm
announcements. jeb bush isn't a candidate yet. but every word being scrutinize as he claimed he would have invaded iraq like his brother. >> i would have. so would have hillary clinton. scott: then clarified. >> knowing what we know now what would you have done? >> i would not have engaged, i would not have gone into iraq. scott: the supposed front runner fending off attacks from the right. >> they shall not speak ill of another republican. scott: the instability in the g.o.p. field could be the allure for candidates like former governor rick perry will announce his decision june 4 and chris christie on the fence but making the rounds. >> i was here a number of times in the fall campaign last year. scott: marco rubio and mike huckabee making high profile appearances. all of it forcing bush to walk a fine line protecting his family. yet forge his own future. >> he has to prove early on in
4:42 pm
new hampshire he can win something. expectations are higher. scott: for the democrats hillary clinton is taking heat not for what she is saying but rather is. a politico survey shows 4 in 10 democratic insiders in early state say she is not spending enough time on the trail. that is likely catching martin o'malley's attention as he plans to announce his decision may 30. despite that possible polling problem and even the potential for another challenger, some like senator harry reid on the hill say it is a clear field for hillary clinton and he like many presume that the nomination is hers to have. live on capitol hill, scott thuman abc7 news. leon: all right scott. abc news anchor george stephanopoulos apologized for donating $75,000 to the clinton foundation. he made the apology today on "good morning america." george: to stop the spread of aids help children and protect the environment in
4:43 pm
foreign country i should have gone the extra mile to avoid even the appearance of a conflict. i apologize to all of you for failing to do that. leon: this stirred up a controversy because stephanopoulos, as you may know worked on former president bill clinton's 1992 campaign and also worked for clinton in the white house. up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- alison: "7 on your side" with ways to save money on prescription medication. a look at the biggest mistakes some customers make that c
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alison: of course, prescription drugs can be very expensive. but there are ways to save money and not pay top dollar. leon: consumer reporter john matarese explains so you don't waste your money. john: frustrating by the rising cost of your prescription drugs even generic that cost $5 and $10 then you want to hear a report about many of the mistakes we make. when you need to fill a prescription do you head to walgreens, cvs or rite aid? the convenience can be costly. drugstore mistake number one is shopping at the closest pharmacy. often traveling five more minutes to a big box store can save hundreds of dollars a
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year. mistake number two not asking for the lowest price. the magazine says if you ask what is the lowest price you can give me? you might learn of a coupon. mistake number three ignoring independent pharmacies. the little old andy griffith drugstore will do whatever they can to give you a discount. the mistake number four is getting 30-day refill when 90 days is cheaper. mistake number five not checking with sam's club or costco. if you find out they are less, you can save dozens. but many of us are attached to the rewards card we don't look further than the closest store. prescription prices are flexible. different customers pay different prices for the same drug at the same store. so ask for the lowest price so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. leon: google's latest self-driving car will be able to drive, brake and recognize road -- hazard.
4:48 pm
google wants the self-driving tech nothing available in all consumer in five years. former presidential candidate mitt romney and five-time champ evander holyfield are going to square off in a boxing match. the proceeds will go to a charity vision. organization in utah to help provide vision screening and surgeries for individuals in foreign countries. they might need to provide the services to romney. alison: the video right there is entertaining. the fight hasn't even started. leon: that is all you need to see right there. alison: maybe you are an aspiring singer/songwriter. clint black is looking for next big act. upload a vid o'of you out or your bond performing a song. clint black will narrow it down to four finalists. people can volt for their favorite.
4:49 pm
you have until june 2 to submit the video. the winner will be announced in july. the winner wins a trip to nashville to record the song in clint black's studio. go to we have all the contest rules there. leon: video in the studio. alison: rhyming going on. doug is here going into the weekend. too bad we can't have today like today for saturday and sunday. doug: timing is everything. we a shower chance in the afternoon of saturday and sunday. we have beautiful conditions now. live from alexandria. up the river of washington. high clouds at times. temperatures running in the upper 70's to 80 especially toward fredericksburg. warmer there. it's been a gorgeous day all along. the evening will be fine as well. 77 at reagan. 76 at andrews. 74 at washington dulles. 77 in frederick.
4:50 pm
we have an unconventional view. we have a contrast between the background and the cloud to give you idea who has the clouds and he has the crystal clear skies. this is crystal clear. you start working west of the city and you see the element of the clouds. some of those are causing pop-up showers. an area that is passing south of win chester. through the foothills. that is that. we won't see the shower activity tonight, however. tomorrow and again on sunday the shower chances will start to climb. so here is the hour-by-hour tonight. partly cloudy and mild. temperatures will fall. 58 to 65 degrees by tomorrow morning. the future cast shows the weather at person turning warmer and more humid. progressively through the weekend with shower chances tomorrow. especially in the afternoon. there could be one or two in the morning. the same repeat on sunday with the best chance in the afternoon or evening. shower chances remain through the day on monday. 86 for the temperature tomorrow. warm and humid with the afternoon showers and storms.
4:51 pm
looking ahead for the next seven days a big number here. 86 of 87 for the weekend. still 86 on monday. jump up to 60% chance of showers and storms. cold front producing those. the front exits the area on tuesday. alison: that's nice. thank you. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- just ahead, a local couple is says they are being punished by the pigskin and why their wedding is butched by the redskins. alison: "7 on your side." we are looking for the killers among us and police try to find a person who shot and killed a store clerk in woodbridge. tonight the other woman in store is speaking out for the first time in an interview you will see only on 7. alison: check on the traffic. robert altman has details. >> problems on route bound 50. to 295.
4:52 pm
it's very slow. passing an accident on the westbound side at 2072. the accident overturned. now blocking the right lane. eastbound continues slow. leaving 424 through 97. all the way over the bridge. look at the beltway. we have a mess on our hands. leaving 56 to virginia. over the american legion bridge. solid stop and go continues. to 202. you are slowing to 95 springfield. through fredericksburg. 90-minute drive. outbound 66 to centreville and 123. that is the latest. back to you. leon: we'll talk to you in a bit. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you may have noticed more bicycles on the roads today. not just because of the beautiful weather.
4:53 pm
look how the region is marking the national bike to when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things to do every day. appointments... orders... deadlines... every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on.. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer.
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leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. dairy queen removing sugary drinks. it's removing the soft drink on the children's menu and replace them with bottled water and milk. the healthier options are available in september. alison: energy analysts believe we will see the cheapest summer gas prices in six years. this comes after the recent jump in gas prices. according to triple-a the national average price for gas is $2.69. that is up a penny from yesterday. up 20 cents from a month ago. in d.c., drivers are paying $2.77. in maryland $2.64. in virginia drivers pay $2.46. leon: a lot of folks out there
4:57 pm
are not burping gasoline. folks were -- burning gasoline, folks were taking advantage of the bike to work day. alison: abc7's sam sweeney has more from one of the pit stops set up through the area. sam: thousands of bikers filled out roadway in rush hour commute for a special day to celebrate across the country. >> this us one of the most important day of the year. cool to see people on bikes. >> part of ride a bike to work day. to promote non-recreational biking. >> it's awesome. everybody should bike to work every day. >> it's clean healthy and for many of us it's quicker than car or public transportation. >> i come where it's long uphill. otherwise it's great. >> so when you go home -- it's downhill all the way. >> they want the areas to be among the most bicycle friendly communities in the country. non-recreational bike use is skyrocketing. >> we have seen a 62% increase
4:58 pm
in the non-recreational bike use in ten years which shows even in suburbs and for the middle age guys like me this is a great way to get around. >> 16,000 people commute in rockville every day. the employers installed showers and bike racks. >> the more people on bikes the healther people are. sam: if you are on the road there are thousands of those making their way home for their evening commute. if you're in a car remember to share the road. in rockville, sam sweeney. leon: two years and one month after the boston marathon bombing 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev's fate has been decided by a jury. a text told this housekeeper not to come to work. >> god saved my life. leon: now a day after new information about the mansion fire. and four people found dead inside. from the ballroom. >> my job is to deliver.
4:59 pm
there is nothing i won't do to see her happy. leon: a couple up against the washington redskins and scrambling to save their big day. now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. alison: right now we are standing by for the d.c. mayor and chief of police to hold a press conference on the house fire in the district yesterday. the bodies of four people were found in that home along woodland drive. brianne carter is live outside the d.c. headquarters monitoring the new developments in this case. brianne: in a matter of minutes we expect to get an update from police chief kathy lenier and the mayor as well here, giving us more on what happened to the four people found dead inside that home. now the a.p. currently reporting that the death of those now being investigated as homicide. we do understand that sources telling abc7 the four were found inside of the home and were believed to be dead before the fire started there inside of the home. throughout the day today back
5:00 pm
at the house, fire investigators and the a.t.f. agents combed through the first and second story of the woodland drive home. the home where amy and savvas savopoulos and their three children lived. today at the home, the family dry cleaner showed up as he does every tuesday and friday. he says he was just at the home tuesday picking up dry cleaning and back today, unaware of what happened. >> this is like my head is spinning and i can't breathe. i knew this. the last time i saw her, last friday she was on the cell phone in the yard. that was the last time i seen the wife. we always speak. they are very nice. brianne: now police have not released the identities of those found inside of the home. again, in a matter of minutes we are expecting update from the police chief as well as the mayor. we'll continue to follow developments here on abc7 news. reporting


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