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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: an all-out search for darren wind, a suspect inside a brutal murder. coverage of his background and possible ties to his victims. charges stick against six police officers in baltimore. what happens next? >> he came out somewhat confused and screaming. what is going on here?
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leon: scary moments as homes are damaged by flying debris. where it came from, next. >> now abc seven news at 11:00. on your side. leon: right now, a manhunt for daron wint. police believe he killed the family and set their d.c. house on fire. we are uncovering more about wint, including past arrests and prior coverage with the family. teen coverage now. investigators focused on brooklyn, saying wint could possibly be there. tom rousey is in new york city. what is the latest? tom: you see the nypd car behind me. i can tell you we are at a station in brooklyn, and through those doors, we know a girlfriend but suspect -- of s uspect daron wint has been interviewed. the word we have gotten is she has been cooperating with police. on of the things we are asking,
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whether or not he made his way to new york. we are learning more a lot about -- more about wint's past. he has a criminal history. in oswego, five hours northwest of here, he was arrested three times in the mid to late to thousands. he also has several bizarre arrests in prince george's county. one time, he was found, according to police documents behind a dumpster with a machete and a bb gun. that was near american ire works where he worked and one of the victims from last week was present. he threatened to kill a woman he had gone to a nightclub with and threatened to kill her two-year-old little girl and her friends. all that being said, he only ever had one conviction, and it was for a misdemeanor. did he come to new york city? tonight, we don't know.
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there are some indications he may have come here after the fire and quadruple homicide. that is one of the things police have been talking to the girlfriend about here at the present. police say they don't have any indication he is up here, and they are not sure if he came up here. we don't know where he is tonight, but if anything happens, we will be ready to bring it to you. reporting live, tom rousey, abc seven news. leon: also happening now, an active investigation closer to home. police, scouring that mansion, looking for clues and tracing down the steps of daron wint. richard greve is live at d.c. police headquarters. rich? richard: according to a relative, wint appeared in land them about a week ago. that is when those murders were discovered. he disappeared apparently later on sunday, and tonight, family
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and neighbors and the police want to know where this man is. outside the house, mixed emotions about this case. >> sense of tragedy. tom: the loss of the family and their housekeeper is difficult but there is relief. daron wint has been named as a suspect. >> it doesn't relieve you of any of the sadness of having good friends killed. tom: police say they linked wint to the murders using dna on a pizza crust. >> the delivery was made wednesday night as the family was held inside. our condolences go to the victims. tom: one of wint's relatives says the 34-year-old suspect showed up at his father's house last thursday, the same day as the murders. it's a housr a mile from where police found the
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families burned porch. >> just sleeping and going to the gym. not doing anything. >> i would see this guy sitting on the porch sometimes, but i didn't think he would live there. tom: police say this is not a random crime, that wint worked in ironworks where sam of opelousas was the ceo. that relative describes wint as hostile and arrogant. as you saw, a very emotional time in the neighborhood. they are hoping this man is captured or will surrender soon. many prayers for the victims. richard reeves, abc seven news. leon: we are closely -- closely watching every angle. stay with abc seven and / we will bring you live coverage of the manhunt for the suspect and any new details about what may have triggered this crime. new information about a murder
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investigation in waldorf. sources confirm to abc seven the suspected killer is the mother of a prince george's county police officer. as we told you last night, two people were shot outside a waldorf mcdonald's and what appeared to be a child custody-related dispute. is facing charges. robert mange was killed, and the mother of the child was seriously injured. sources say police have not found the murder weapon. the officers service weapon is also missing. turning to the letter. some good news out there. today's chilly temperatures and rain are all gone. things are looking better for the holiday weekend. brian van de graaff is here tonight with a look at the outlook. brian: it was kind of a dreary day. temperatures did get in the 60's , but your most of the afternoon, it was cool and amp. a live picture across the city. 54 degrees in the city. a light northwesterly breeze. we did pick up about one third
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of the niche of rain today. already down to 48 in gaithersburg. 52, dulles. as we go through the evening skies will clear out. for the kiddos tomorrow morning, there will be some 40's. tomorrow afternoon back in the mid to upper 70's. leon: flying rocks and debris damaged homes and businesses in sterling. one person was injured. a scheduled blast from a nearby quarry didn't go quite as planned. jeff goldberg's live with the cleanup. ?jeff: people are used to hearing and feeling those blasts, but they say what happened this morning has never happened. a huge rock came through window at this auto parts store. also, shards of glass all over the place. the other thing we have seen all over the place rocks of all sizes. the first blast didn't raise
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much concern, but the second one -- >> it was like an earthquake. jeff: rattled off a lot more than just nerves. just before 11:00 this morning a blast from loudoun quarries in sterling sent rocks big and small flying into businesses cars, and a home half mile away. surveillance video shows a small boulder coming through the window of the fairfax auto parts store. >> the concussion took out the other two windows. jeff: another huge rock came right through the ceiling in dwight brooks' home. his brother had to get eight stitches. he was sleeping just inches away from where the rock came to rest. >> he was right there, and the debris came down. it could've been more tragic. jeff: getting answers about what happened -- >> we were told at the quarry had an accident. jeff: will apparently have to wait. is there anyway we can request to speak with somebody? tomorrow?
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ok. the cleanup will continue with thanks. >> ok, it's over with now. grace of god, everybody is healthy, and nobody seems to be hurt real bad. jeff: no question about that. when you think of how big these rocks are and that they were flying through the air, it is certainly a scary thought. "the washington business journal" is reporting that all blasting has stopped at the quarry until the cause of what happened is determined, and furthermore, following the incident, the corey the not informed the virginia department of mines, minerals, and energy as is required. jeff goldberg, abc seven news. leon: it's like having a meteorite through your roof. just in from d.c., police looking for help in catching suspects accused of assaulting an elderly man. these images show a person of interest. the assault happened earlier this month on the 400 block of 7th street in northwest
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washington. a senior citizen was assaulted. i couldn't get any additional details on what happened. if you can identify any of these people, police want to hear from you. developments out of baltimore the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray had been indicted. some of the council were altered in the process, but the most serious charges against each officer remain the same. the most serious charge, second-degree depraved-heart murder. gray suffered a fatal spine injury after he was placed in a van and cuffed with no seatbelt. >> my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury. these officers who are presumed innocent until proven guilty are now scheduled to be arraigned on july 2. leon: lawyers representing the officers are asking state attorney marilyn mosby to step aside. they claim she has conflicts of interest. accused serial killer charles severance had another outburst in court. severance was in a wheelchair after sexual or in an ankle injury while deputies
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transported him between jails. severance told the judge she should recuse herself because she did and protect him against cruel and unusual punishment. severance is accused of killing three in a spree of shootings. the judge granted a change of venue request for the child -- the trial, which is slated for october. a virginia state senate candidate admits to an affair with a teenager. >> without being indelicate, we got pregnant when she was 18 years old. leon: he is 57 years old. how this lawyer is defending the new mother of his child and keeping his plans to run for office. a consumer alert. debit card thefts are at their highest level
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leon: let's get right now to some breaking news. we have a major development in the mansion murders case. jennifer donlon joins us now on the phone with the latest word. jennifer: leon, i am on rhode island avenue northeast. i have a confirm source very
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close to this investigation -- i am looking at a massive police scene. daron wint wanted in the quadruple homicide, is in custody. i am looking at a massive police presence on rhode island avenue near the home depot shopping center. this is 10th street northeast and rhode island avenue. i've got eyes on numerous d.c. police cars, undercover federal agent cars. sources are telling me, united states capital area regional fugitive task force did this take down, and wint was in a car. i am approaching the scene now. rhode island avenue, completely shut down. people outside of their homes, trying to figure out what is going on. a huge police presence. i've got eyes on the scene and we are sitting here speaking with people now. we are going to get some pictures into you as soon as possible.
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police officers are flashing lights everywhere. leon: you know we have been following pair -- reports that perhaps his family or girlfriend were urging him to turn himself in. does it appear that it was definitely a capture, not a surrender? jennifer: this appears to be a capture. i can tell you this. arrested. on going to try to get more information, but based on the police presence on looking at right now, this is a massive response. leon: jennifer donlon, thank you so much. make sure you get back to us as soon as you get pictures for us. the word, as you just heard reported by jennifer donelan daron wint now in custody after the end of a massive manhunt that spanned from here to new york city. daron wint, the suspect in the mansion shooting in which four people were killed on west lawn drive in northwest d.c., now in
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custody. we will stay on top of that story. let's turn to check the weather. hard to follow that, huh? brian: we are heading into the weekend. the weekend looks pretty good. tomorrow gets better. it lasts all the way through next week. we are dry all the way through the holidays. we will get back to jennifer in a bit. great reporting from her. leon: a big relief. brian: take a look at this. take a look at the sunset. we didn't have a lot of sun today. it was delivery and gray and damp. just before the sun is going down, you can see the capital wheel coming to light. some breaks in the crowd and a little bit of -- clouds and a little bit of light peering through. overnight, i do think we will see those skies start to clear out. still pretty cool out there, 52 ocean city. ocean city picked up just under an inch of rain. lexington park, southern maryland, they are at 50 right now.
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chevy chase, about one third of an inch. this is beneficial rain. 63, that was the high today. it seems little deceiving. that was just after midnight through the afternoon and evening. 63 was the official high. if we look at the numbers out there, 48 in gaithersburg. cool enough of it. 54, manassas. 52 right now in annapolis. all of us, pretty cool and dan. the big overall picture will show drier air nudging in. although it will start actually tomorrow, it will be a nice day. temperatures rebounding to the mid and upper 70's. the only thing to watch tomorrow later in the day, little system will swing by that could bring a few clouds. it will drop the temperatures just a touch. we will probably go back to the mid-70's on saturday, but this holiday weekend, it looks too
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good to be true. here is your forecast for tomorrow. upper 70's, back to where we should be. still a little bit of a breeze from time to time. looking at saturday, sunday, and monday, that three-day holiday outlook, temperatures in the mid-70's, right where we should be. warming up sunday, good for the pools. on monday, we had some concern we could see a scattered thunderstorm or two. i'm taking that out. i think it will be dry and hot. it will be sticky, but i think we will not see any issues. upper 60's, low 70's to delaware. i want to point out the water temperature. 62, 63 in atlantic city, but down in hatteras, 70's. as we head into next week, after a nice reprieve, the holiday weekend is super. next week, the heat is on. low to mid 90's tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. leon: what is going on in sports?
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>> the nats gear up for the phillies, and we can series at the park. rg iii makes news. john wall is snubbed by the nba in its -- and its media minions. narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk.
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it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfairreatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: john wall was ignored and unjustly left off the all nba team. the all-star was not even a third-teamer selected by the media. are you serious? he was one of two players to average 10 points and 10 assists. he averaged 17 points a game and yet, he was ranked as the seventh best guard. he was one of the top players in the league in minutes played. his drive and kick style led the wizards to the second round of the playoffs for two straight seasons. all john said was, it's motivation. in baseball, the nationals were off.they will start a series
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with the phillies tomorrow. the nets have won 17 of their last 21 but still trail the mets by a half game. the mets beat the cardinals tonight. our play of the day comes from that mets game, city field. cards and mets. john berry rips a shot off garcia. layout, diving catch. out at first base. what a heads up play. a 7-3 double out-maker. the mets take the cardinals. 5-0. the orioles and mariners played him at night. first inning, bases-loaded steve pearce. left field. hello, operator. goodbye, baseball. the first career grand slam for pierce. the o's when it 5-4 on jj hardy's r.b.i. single. a long game in baltimore but a great win. robert griffin iii and his wife rebecca had a baby girl today. rg iii announced the news on social media. her name is reese ann.
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rg iii called the baby a life changer. for golf fans, they are playing in the rain-delayed colonial. putting for a birdie. how about this? he finds it at the bottom of the cup. spieth shoots 64 for his share of first place with three others. the nba western conference finals, golden state and the rockets. golden state leads by six, late in the fourth. in the nhl, bruce boudreau's ducks eight the blackhawks. wouldn't it be something if bruce boudreau went to the finals? leon: breaking news out of northeast washington, sources tell us daron wint the man wanted in connection with the mansion murders of four people, is now in custody. jennifer donelan
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leon: let's get to the stunning breaking news coming out of northeast washington where sources are telling us that daron wint the man wanted in connection with the mansion murders, is in custody. jennifer donelan is at the scene. what have you learned? jennifer: i have information coming in as we speak. this is an incredible scene on rhode island avenue, completely shut down.
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this is the united states capital regional area task force that may the takedown. the search for the man wanted in the heinous murders of four human beings in northwest -- the search for him, we confirm, is over. repeat, he is in custody. rhode island avenue, shut down. we have a huge presence of u.s. marshals ndc police. i can tell you they tracked him from d.c. up north to the new york area, and back here, he was in a hotel, we are told, on route one. u.s. marshals, doing their thing. they got to that hotel. they discovered that he was in a car. from what we understand from sources, they follow that car. there were two cars involved. it was him trailing a truck, the truck allegedly being driven by his brother. we are told at this point it is unclear if there were weapons in the car, but there was a ton of
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money in the truck driving ahead of daron wint, wanted in the quadruple homicide. we understand he was a passenger in the dakar. it was a white four-door sedan. they were able to box both the truck and the white sedan in. they were able to get wint out of the vehicle. the vehicle was being driven by a female, and a relative of wint perhaps his brother -- i am being told it was his brother -- was driving the truck in front of him. inside that truck was a lot of cash. we understand, based on the horrible details that have,, that money was extorted during these murders one week ago. a huge relief here. great work being done by the marshals and d.c. police, and this nationwide search is over for the suspect. leon: great work on your part to get that news for us and to get those pictures we were just watching. folks, those pictures, jennifer donelan snapping this photo of
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daron wint being put into the vehicle by the folks who were searching for him up and down the east coast, daron wint
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leon: we are sure ending this night on a bang. tim: the clouds moved out tonight, and tomorrow, we are back with the sunshine. saturday, sunday, monday sunshine. we will heat up. i think it will be dry for memorial day. sun is still out until the middle of next week. leon: finishing the night very comfortably, at least in your department. maybe not so much out on the road. thanks for joining us. we've got a crew on the way to the scene where daron wint has been arrested. we've got a transmission pact being sent right there. once they get set up, we will have a live report immediately after. keep it tuned right here.
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