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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> we were all crying. she kept performing cpr. we basically left it in god's hands. leon: a child rescued after nearly drowning. the family is thinking the heroes who saved him. and a propane tank and grill caught fire. and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> they died for each other.
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they died for the brotherhood of arms. leon: memorial day, next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: first, three people including a child hospitalized after a propane tank and grill caught fire in montgomery county in olney. tom roussey spoke with victims and is live with the investigation. tom, what is the latest? tom: fortunately all three victims are out of the hospital, but this was very scary. parts of the fence were burned. this is the girl that the propane tank was inside, and this is the tank itself. according to the homeowners come a got near charcoal, building up pressure inside. the pressure release foul will eventually -- the pressure release valve will eventually
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released that pressure, but it let out a huge flame. we spoke with two of the three family members. they showed us their injuries. one of them took fire in the face. he was sitting in a plastic chair, right near where the flames came out. ther was injured in various parts of his body. his aunt was also injured. they say this was a very scary situation they did not see coming. the is a big family gathering. -- there was a big family gathering. >> i did not know what was going to happen. he was there in the chair and he leapt, running very fast. >> i just stayed there looking like, and then when i saw myself, things were hard and my hair got burned. tom: he is elementary
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school-age quite the trooper out of the hospital, going to be ok. he has been through a lot. he will stay home from school this week. a lot of folks using propane tanks this summer and some say this is just a reminder, you don't want to let them get too hot because things like this can happen. fortunately, all three folks out of the hospital tonight. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thinks, tom. -- thanks, tom. today is the unofficial start of the summer season, and it sort of felt like summer with the heat and humidity. that also brings along with that the chance of storms. devon lucie is here with a look at what to expect coming up. devon: hot and humid weather to continue. the heat has been around, sunday and today.
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we started this weekend in the 70's. just a couple days before was cloudy rainy, 50. the high temps today, 85 washington, these are real-time temps, 70's overnight. the dewpoint temperatures, the best measured to put a measure on humidity, measuring the water pocket in the air, low 60's it will start to feel humid. the dew points will be in the upper 60's, 70's, really humid tomorrow. the kids may not need the jackets tomorrow because it will be a mild morning, hot in the afternoon. we will track the storms in the forecast coming up. leon: heroes save the lives of a young boy on rockville. the seven-year-old nearly drowned in a community pool. the child remains of the hospital for observation but is expected to be ok. roz plater has the response.
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roz: this is a family counting its blessings. they sent us a picture of the seven-year-old, posted early this morning, saying how thankful he was to have his seven-year-old twins in his life. he could not know then by the end of the day he would have many more reasons to be grateful. memorial day at the community pool suddenly turned into an emergency. a lifeguard spotted a child laying still at the bottom of the pool. the man closest to the child pulled him out. >> by the time we had gotten him up something just said he was going to be all right. roz: it did not look that way at first. terrified family members realized it was the seven-year-old. >> he was not breathing. he had water coming out of his mouth. roz: a neighbor jumped into recess attain him. >> he was not breathing and
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unconscious, so we immediately started cpr. roz: the family says he is an excellent swimmer. they believe that he hit his head jumping into the pool. >> she kept performing cpr and we set a whole bunch of prayers and left it in god's hands. roz: and their prayers were answered. >> after a few minutes of cpr, we got his breathing back. >> we want to thank you. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. roz: he has a very big family, eager tonight for his return home. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: thank you roz. no answers in the death of a toddler in la plata, found dead in a swing as his mother was pushing him last week. the mother remains of the
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hospital. she has not been identified. investigators say there were no signs of trauma on the child but found play has not been ruled out. new developments in the investigation of a quadruple murder inside of a d.c. mansion. the police are trying to determine if others were involved. daron wint remains in custody without bond. court documents say that wint used money taken from the mansion to pay for a taxi drive from brooklyn back to d.c. he was arrested last thursday in northeast. if heartbreaking crime strikes a mother of three, her life savings gone in a flash because of a smash and grab. she lives in a one-bedroom apartment. she had saved the $10,000 for down payment for a home. friday in seconds, the vast smashed the window of her car and took all of her cash. >> everything hurts.
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i don't know what i can do. i have a hope in god that they will find whoever did this. leon: the police are asking anybody with information to come forward. the fbi is investigating threats made to at least 10 u.s. bound flights today. so many called into a threat to maryland state police. inner plane landed safely and nothing suspicious was found on board, but the same thing happened on several other flights. each time the airplane and passengers were searched and nothing was found. an update on the bomb squad investigation that entropy yesterday's memorial day concert at the capital. the responders destroyed a pressure cooker found in an unattended vehicle. the owner of that issue via speaking out. he told abc 7 he operates a food truck and that is why the equipment was in his vehicle. the investigation continues.
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stories of heroism courage, and sacrifice, thousands paid to be to service and women on this memorial day. jay korff has their stories. >> i walk through arlington, i see all of those gravestones all those people who died. to me, that is hallowed ground. jay: washington is a city teeming with monuments paying tribute to history, but you don't have to go any further than arlington national cemetery, where rows of marble flow like tears to know the full measure of a nation sacrifice. >> all those people have given their lives for this country and freedom through the world. you cannot give any more than that. jay: at the mere by -- at the nearby marine corps memorial, a sky so blue to honor the fallen. >> it's a pain that never goes
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away. jay: he visits arlington national every memorial day to visit his commander. >> i still have that connection. >> he was shot down. on september 11, 1944. jay: michael and his son, james, visited their father. while his father survived the war, he knows so many others did not. >> what i see here is loyalty. loyalty to each other, loyalty to the bond they created and shared. and so many people did. jay: jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: also today, thousands marched in the national memorial day parade. the spotlight was on the
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veterans, grand marshals were the veterans of world war ii. this weekend an unexpected guest showed up in leesburg. this bear was spotted on edwards ferry road. neighbors rushed out to snap photos of the bear. no reports of disturbances, but some of the neighborhood say he tried to sift through their trash. still ahead, 35 million americans facing severe weather. record rainfall and cleanup. plus, a massive cleanup on the west coast. the rush to save wildlife.
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leon: the president of mexico was planning to travel to a city hit by a deadly tornado. many people were heading to work and school. 13 people including several school children died along the u.s.-mexico border. it destroyed hundreds of homes.
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just to the north, 37 counties in texas are officially declared disaster areas, this after storms left the state underwater. hundreds of homes destroyed, 12 people remain missing at this hour. >> stay out of harm way, save your life. leon: the governor pleaded with texans to obey the evacuation orders. he compared the floodwaters in the state to a tsunami. >> this is the highest flood we have ever had in recorded history in the state of texas. leon: this vehicle tossed around like a toy. demolishing this concrete bridge. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. >> the water went under the house. leon: other homeowners are trying to salvage what they can with the helping hands of neighbors. >> all these people are from our churches. leon: rescuers are searching for
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the missing, including a mother and two children. we are using infrared technology on the ground and in the air. among the dead, an 18-year-old homecoming queen driving home from her prom. and across the south, record rain. >> i'm standing in eight inches of water in my living room. leon: with more rain in the forecast. to the west, a ruptured section of a pipeline that spilled oil along the california coast may be removed for investigation as soon as tomorrow. see lyons, nine pelicans and innumerable fish have died because of the oil spill. they have been cleaning up the water around the beaches of santa barbara. see world has been helping also. you were remarking about the record rain in texas and oklahoma. devon: yeah, and parts of texas are extremely dry. this is breaking records that go
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back into the 1940's and 1950's. you don't need all that rain all at once. it runs off. we had a great weather this memorial day weekend. we did not really have high heat and humidity. we started off this weekend with the 60's and 70's, friday and saturday. the middle of the weekend, the temperatures were going up. memorial today, the temperatures up, the humidity up a little bit, but just cool enough to go to the pool or the beach. these are real-time temps this evening. low to mid 70's, the temperatures holding steady. higher humidity tomorrow, you will feel the heat in the afternoon. the real-time temperature comparisons, the mid-atlantic 80's. 80's all the way back into the midwest, st. louis 86. the real-time temps, the humidity has held the temperatures back. back to where they would effectively be. the weather features, speaking
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of areas with flooding rains the high heat and humidity brings the big bubble of warm air. it is forcing these weak systems to the north. the trailing front more or less fades away. the heat and humidity is firmly in place the entire week. the next likely storm chances are wednesday, thursday, the next cold front comes in. that enhances the rain chances. back to school and work tomorrow morning, you don't really need the jacket. tomorrow morning, the humidity is up a little bit. in the afternoon, north and west of washington is the most likely widely isolate a possibility of a shower or thunderstorm. the temperatures up even more so, 85 upper 80's, and the humidity will be noticeable in the afternoon. at least it is a short work and school week.
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wednesday is the likeliest rain day, but the futurecast has predicted the storms, widely scattered storms, thunderstorms. that is the likeliest chance but not everybody will get rain. it is not a solid area showers moving in. there is about a 50% chance you will get one, most likely in the afternoon and evening, in the heat of the day. wednesday, thursday, hot and humid. 88, ok you think that's not too bad, but you have to factor in the humidity. feel like low 90's. next weekend, the break in the humidity, the cold front coming through. the forecasts are certain that much cooler, drier air is coming. we will have 70's with the drier air. leon: always looking forward to the weekend. devon: of course. tim: we start with the terrapins getting rocked.
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venus has a short stay in france, and the nats stay hot.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the nationals continue to roll, and they needed a gem from tanner roark this afternoon. chicago, wrigley field, bottom of the second. lined the left, michael taylor gobbles it up, the diving catch. saves the run. top of the sixth, tied at 1-1 wilson ramos to right center field, that is a souvenir. 2-1 nats lead. bottom of the seventh, the cubs
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with a runner on first. rounds into the 3-6-1 double play, the nationals win 2-1. coach williams: he knows how to pitch, he knows how to get his guys out. his fastball stayed at 95 today. >> he had a good stuff. he is a pretty good pitcher. today, every pitch worked good. it was down in the zone. tim: camden yards, o's, stephen pierce deep center, get a new baseball. 2-run tater, the game-winner, 4-3 orioles. college the most successful programs in the nation, maryland in denver have been to the final four four of the last five years. today, it was all denver.
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he score the pioneers' first three goals, then scored a couple more. he was the door slammer. he scored as many goals as the entire maryland team. denver wins 10-5 over the terrapins. maryland baseball, the terrapins baseball program was left for dead five years ago, and today they made it into the tournament for the second straight year. they were announced among the nations best 64. the big ten placed a record five teams into the tournament. the french open, a quick trip for venus williams. first round, stevens won the first set, then dominated venus. the 22-year-old american was not a timid data, played aggressively. the 40th ranked player in the world beats venus. and the houston rockets scored
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45 first-quarter points against the warriors. the warrior scored 37 in the second, but now the warriors making a charge. it is still 111-98 houston with about six left. leon: looks like it is going to be the warriors and cleveland. tim: absolutely. i told you that from the get go. leon: yes, you did. finally. tim: every once in a while. leon: just ahead, a touching image.
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washinington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition matsess with sleepiq technology plus 36-monthth special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. leon: paying tribute to service on memorial day is the top trending story on a a rockville child rescued after nearly drowning, and the forecast. an emotional moment which has gone viral tonight. this is a u.s. marine with his future wife in asheville, night carolina -- north carolina. moments before, they were holding hands because the groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony. best of luck.
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leon: a reminder tonight, 7 on your side when there is breaking news. get instant alerts by signing up at enter your phone number and we will keep you informed. devon: we have a couple of forecast updates. you don't have to wait for the texts. the next few days, the storms likeliest wednesday and thursday, possibly over the weekend. bright and early, jacqui jeras is with you on "good morning washington." leon: thank you. thank you for joining us. stay tuned for jimmy kimmel live. have a good night.
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