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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to church each week is left without a murder. her best friend witnessed the murder. >> i just heard a gunshot. i heard everybody just running all around. when i went over there, her head was just leaning back. sam: now police say that fatal shot may have come from a man riding a white dirt bike. this afternoon if you have any information leading to the arrest and conviction of this killer you could be eligible for a reward you were to $25,000. reporting live in northwest, first at 4:00 i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: a faulty kitchen exhaust fan is blamed for evacuation at the capitol visitor's center this afternoon. two audible alarms went off in the visitor's center and forced them to evacuate tourists out of the building to the east lawn. firefighters checked things out and found no sign of smoke or fire. lawmakers are in recess for the week-long memorial day break. alison: more stunning development in a deadly
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shooting outside a mcdonald's in waldorf last week. leon: prince county george's county -- a prince george's county police officer is in jail and he joins his mother who is already in custody. brad bell has more. brad: trying to show you in the breeze. this is tough. worst kind of family portrait. mug shots. mother here son here. both now charminged with a murder that allegedly took place last wednesday back at this mcdonald's. all stemming from a bitter custody battle. we can show you the video. richard conway a prince george's county police officer involved in a long-standing custody battle with his ex. last wednesday his mother shows up here at a time prearranged when mr. conway the officer, was going to drop off the children with the ex. she had driven up from norfolk to get them.
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but instead the mother jumped in the car allegedly armed with the officer's service weapon. there was an exchange of words. there is gunfire. the man 25-year-old is shot dead. the woman runs but she is shot once in the back. she manages to survive. the woman carolyn conway was arrested quickly because the victim was able to identify her. over the weekend detectives in waldorf worked the case hard and they were able to link officer conway at the very least to a coverup. the charging documents also suggest they believe he was involved perhaps in the planning of what went on here. as for how they know the service weapon was involved, this is what the charles county sheriff has to say. sheriff: the shell casing on the scene the brand of the ammunition is similar and consistent with what the brand and ammunition that the county
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police have. based on the conversations when we interviewed caroline conway, she indicated she used the service weapon. brad: well the service weapon the alleged murder weapon has not been found. when we come back at 5:00 you will hear from the prince george's county police chief. he says he is beyond disappointed by what happened here. we'll have his reaction when we talk to you next. in waldorf, brad bell abc7 news. alison: okay, brad. we'll see you then. thank you. meanwhile, ellicott city teenager pleaded guilty to first-degree mushed in the death of her father -- first-degree murder in the death of her father. morgan arnold admitted to plotting the murder of her father with her then 19-year-old boyfriend. two years, a dennis lane was found stabbed to death in his home. the young couple planned run away together. arnold was charged as an adult and faces life in prison when she is sentenced in august. leon: the city of cleveland reached a settlement with the u.s. justice department over
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the conduct. they agreed to overhaul the police department under the supervisor of federal monitor. this comes after a scathing justice department report found what is called a pattern of excessive force and civil rights violations. the mayor of cleveland and the u.s. attorney of the northern district of ohio held a press conference to address the changes. >> our goal is to have real reform. real reform. that will be sustainable. this agreement is a major step in getting us to that point. this agreement is a positive result in collaboration. leon: the settlement agreed to focus on community arrangement and a new community police commission. all of this coming days after the acquittal of a white police officer in the role of a fatal shooting of an unarmed black couple in cleveland. alison: nearly a dozen people have died in another round of severe weather in oklahoma and texas. nearly a foot of rain fell in the houston area overnight.
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it caused massive flooding. the surging water swept up cars as the emergency crews scrambled to rescue drivers trapped inside. rescue crews are still searching for 12 people including a mother and her two children. >> she called me. she said i'm in a house, i'm floating down a river. tell mom and dad i love you and pray. alison: in addition to the severe flooding lightning knocked out power in parts of houston. we will have a live report from texas coming up in a few minutes. leon: i just talked with my sister in houston and said the lightning show was quite something. they have never seen it before. it was incredible. alison: the flooding is devastating. it's getting worse. leon: we will check on that in a bit. but quite a different scene in the d.c. region. we have a chance of pop-up showers and forms for the evening. alison: our chief meteorologist doug hill has a look. doug: we have sunshine right now. this is the fourth consecutive day of beautiful weather.
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the humidity levels just now starting to creep up. plenty of sunshine. we have it now outside the belfort furniture center. give you a look to the east of the city. chesapeake beach on the bay. mostly clear skies. warm temperatures and gusty winds out of the south. the southerly winds will bring warmer and warmer air the next few days. 89 in fredericksburg. 87 in baltimore. dew point temperatures the true measure of the moisture creeping up. starting to get muggy. when the dew point temperatures hit 70 the highs will be really muggy. those days are coming this week. 90 on the heat index scale. 86 is what it feels like in gaithersburg. feels like 93 in fredericksburg. we have been watching a cluster of showers build to the southern mountains northwest of roanoke. we will watch them move parallel to the interstate 81 quarter. we will see if they will hold together. some could.
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but most will stay west of the greater washington area. tonight we will call it partly cloudy warm and muggy for the metro area. 67 to 73. a long siege of heat and humidity the next four, five six days until we get a break from the cold front. leon: you got it. amtrak is making a major move after the philadelphia derailment that killed eight people and injured 200 others. the rail giant says it will install video cameras to give us a view inside the cab of the train. joce sterman has the details. joce: the cameras can help investigators find the cause of crashes like the one we saw in philadelphia. which engineer brandon bostian says he can't remember. the footage captured by the cameras can be a major clue to help unravel mysterious train accidents. bostian who was alone in the cab when that train derailed suffered a head injury. he told investigators he doesn't remember what happened. now with the new cameras, which will face inside the
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train, investigators will have their own independent view. the cameras will go in the fleet of the locomotives that run the northeast corridor. that will happen by the end of the year. that is on the line from washington to new york and boston. the national transportation safety board has been recommending that passenger and freight trains get audio records since the late 1990s. five years ago they added the inwad facing sound and video camera to the recommendation but they have not been installed until now. amtrak has cameras facing out. but the new cameras are another tool. amtrak says it has tested them and they are developing another plan to install similar cameras. joce sterman abc7 news. alison: keep us posted on any developments there. mechanical problems forced a small business jet to make an emergency landing this
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morning. the twin engine cessna reported a brake failure and ran off the departure end of the runway. this is just after 8:00 a.m. the front nose gear as you can see ended up in the grass. no one was hurt. airport operations were not affected by this but the f.a.a. says it's investigating. leon: turn from the f.a.a. to o.t.a.'s. we're getting closer to the nfl season starting. skins hope the organized -- holding the organized team activities today. alison: tim brant has what we should walk and look for here. tim: it's hard to tell, it doesn't feel like football weather. but the redskins are two months away from the start of training camp. this is a busy time. 20 teams started o.t.a.'s today. it stands for at organized team activities." all learning no hitting. texans canceled the first day of o.t.a.'s because of the flooding in texas but the redskins had a beautiful day to work. as much as things change they still seem to stay the same at redskins park. rgiii once again the center of attention as the redskins begin off-season practices.
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the theme this time around stronger together. >> hey, yeah, this is not one of my saying for the team shirt. i want to get it out of the way. tim: griffin went from starter to bench warmer last season but according to coach gruden he is the starter again. robert: i am happy about that. we look forward to lead the team in the right direction. coach gruden: le is doing fine. we will see how it goes. he has to put practice after practice together to show consistency that we're looking for. tim: one change for griffin and profound one at that. rgiii became a father last week. his wife remecca gave birth to reese ann. >> you are look at a mirror and look at yourself. bring a grown man to tears. it did. >> so any advice for the new dad? [inaudible] all the advice i got. tim: sleep in the other room.
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make sure to get the rest when he can. i won't let him use baby crying to fall asleep in a meeting. >> last night he slept like a baby. went to bed and cried all night. more coming up in sports. alison: cute. thank you, tim. leon: coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 -- the d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed a bill into law involving a summer jobs program. why it's criticized by some people. >> you go in hospice, we don't see him for a week and then we find out he died. they want answers. alison: some relatives of singer b.b. king say they don't believe his death was an accident. learn who is being excused of killing him. leon: airingle in plans to sell one particular t-shirt at a major retailer. the controversy that got it pulled off the store shelves ahead.
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first-degree intentional homicide is unconstitutional. the girls' friends are accused of stabbing another friend in a park last may to please the fictional horror character horror man. leon: coroners performed an autopsy on blues singer b.b. king after family members alleged foul play. they accused that he was poisoned but they did not substantiate that charge. >> thigh didn't see his -- they didn't see his father die and they didn't see him a week before he died. they want to know and be at peace. if everything is on the up and up fine. leon: king died may 14 at home hospice care may 14. he died from a series of small strokes that may have been
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related to his diabetes. time now for a check of traffic as we change gears. jamie sullivan as detail of traffic after the holiday. jamie: first i want to start off with this accident. now we have a tow truck there. blocking the left lane. 270 northbound at balls road. we move to the mapping system, i want to show you the delays behind this. if we zoom in heading outbound on 270. 25 miles per hour. this mixes in with the normal. we have a few other crashes too. we move to take a live look outside. the crash we have got is on the outer loop of the beltway. near route one. you can see the activity to the right-hand side. quite a bit of volume working your way closer to the accident scene. we move back to the maps i want to show you how slow we actually are. 30 miles per hour approaching the accident scene. once we get across the wilson bridge we get a little relief.
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moving to 95 southbound. solid red line of heavy traffic in the teens. the crash here near the fairfax county parkway with the right lane blocked. these are the only crashes we've got. the only crashes and there are three of them. but for the most part right now we are in good shape. we are seeing the normal congestion of the crashes we're watching. we saw a tow truck on 270. that should be out of there soon. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you. maryland state police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on the capital -- capital beltway. a woman was struck on a tractor trailer i-495 after the g.w. parkway in greenbelt. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the accident. they say she may have been in a car near the scene before she was hit. the driver of the tractor trailer stayed there on the scene. leon: many part of the fourth largest city in the u.s. are underwater right now. heavy rain led to flash flooding in houston last night leaving several vehicles stuck
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in water. thousands of vehicles i should say stuck in water. alison: houston isn't the only area in texas dealing with this rough weather. we have a look at the de station. >> severe rainfall pounded the south. >> stay home. let the city dry out. reporter: nine people have been killed in texas and oklahoma. a dozen others are still missing. more than ten inches of rain fell overnight in houston. homes were destroyed. highways turned into rivers. >> there is a still a significant portion of the city affected by the floods. reporter: houston major parker says the rescue workers are scrambling to clear roads to find and save stranded citizens. >> we have cars littered all over the city. as the floodwater goes down that is one of the things we are doing to make sure no one was trapped in the vehicles. reporter: president obama tuesday said he promised texas governor greg abbott federal aid for rescue operations.
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president obama: our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the communities that have been affected by some of the devastating floods. reporter: among the victims 18-year-old ramirez died saturday night driving home from the senior prom. >> she went to prom with a date. laughing dancing next to her. reporter: they say she loved helping people and had strong faith in god. >> for the family knowing that she is in a better place brings a sense of peace. >> while the sun is out now there could be more rain later this week and that could make recovery efforts harder. alison: is there any way to know how many people are uncancan accounted for? it's hard for the rescue workers to get to that part of the city there. reporter: we mentioned the 12 people confirmed missing in
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hays county. that means people saw them go in the river or knew they were in a car that got swept away. there are 30 people unaccounted for and people they haven't checked in and they don't know if they were here when it happened but they have not been able to establish contact. leon: thank you for the report. stunning. unbelievable. hard to believe. how many rain came down so quickly. doug: some areas got close to a foot of rain in metro houston itself in a matter of hours. we have a look at the weather bug stations in this area. this is a rainfall total since last evening. it rained prior to that in houston. one of the locations 8.1 inches. again these are across the houston area down to seven and .17 of an inch. that is enormous rain on top of the rain they had already. now everybody is nervous. all the bayous they become
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raging rivers in situations like this. we'll update you on our weather by comparison is pretty sweet. temperatures in the 80's now. getting up with the humidity levels, too. it's 10-11 degrees above average. this trend will continue all week long. 88 in fredericksburg. 84 in gaithersburg. 87 at the reagan national airport. we are tracking systems popping up here. a little one over rappahannock county. this is going to move farther north to shenandoah valley. this is the pattern that we'll see all week long. as we get through the remainer of the week, the moisture levels will increase. afternoon storms developing now north of roanoke, those areas of formation will be closer to the metro corridors in the next couple of days. a big change over the pleasant weather. gorgeous weather. now typical summer pattern. could be hazy hot humid.
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afternoon showers and storms will become likely. the high pressure is off-shore. a typical summer pattern that is pumping up the heat and the humidity. this air only takes a little action or motion in the atmosphere to fire up the showers and the storms with the heat of the day each afternoon. in addition to that a storm system that is moving through canada. a cold front will approach. i don't think the cold front will get through toward the end of the week but as it gets closer it will be another ingredient to give more showers or thunderstorms. the future cast shows how it works. the afternoon showers and storms. they calm down at night. the sun comes out in the day and pop up in the afternoon and evening. so on and so on until a stronger system and a stronger cold front can calm things down. it may not be until monday and tuesday. we have hot stuff coming our way. plenty of hate and humidity. highs in the upper 80's with good chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. 60%. 30% chances on thursday.
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gone friday. typical summer stuff. cool dry stretch on the way. wait a week to find it. alison: give us a break. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" about your child and the speech development. what to look out for and when you should consult with a doctor. leon: the memorial day sale that led to a backlash about a retailer and what they are saying about a controversial t-shir
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leon: the retailer pacific sun wear pulled a t-shirt off thes over hot and heavy criticism after what it featured on the front. alison: we have reaction on the design that caused a black lash. reporter: the american flag means different things for every american. for army veteran tanner barney -- >> sacred. i don't let anybody touch it. reporter: the flag is more than even a symbol. >> it's up there and it reminds me of what i did and why i did it. reporter: which is why he wrote a stern note after seeing the t shirt in a store front. >> i said it was a disgrace. reporter: people on twitter asked others to boycott it. >> to see the flag inverted in distress is an insult to me to any veteran, active service
4:27 pm
member, my friends who died. makes me mad. reporter: he acknowledged it's not illegal. >> i read freedom of speech. but that is also a slap in the face. reporter: the retailer has its law on its side. >> the military people who are upset that the flag is mistreated that way are the people that gave us the right to do that. i know that is some irony and people have a problem with that but that is a freedom we enjoy, freedom of speech and freedom to express ourself. reporter: for now barney wants them to -- >> remove it. issue an apology. i think it's ridiculous. leon: now pac sun issued a statement on the facebook page saying -- alison: now many of you weighed in on this t-shirt
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controversy on the abc7 facebook page. leon: we want to hear your comments about it. still ahead at 4:00, a program designed to give young d.c. residents jobs but find out why it's being criticized. >> what is the u.s. doing to step up the fight against isil? major
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." leon: we have breaking news on how thieves were able to gain access to 100000 taxpayers information. horace holmes has details. what is the story here? horace: it appears that 100,000 taxpayer accounts have been breached. the agency says the thieves were able to access an online system that the i.r.s. uses called get transcript. from there, they had to be able to get in the files of taxpayers and glean information from the return. the i.r.s. says to get in the system the these were able to clear a security screen that requires personal information about the taxpayers like dates of birth and social security numbers. the breach apparently occurred between february and mid-may. the i.r.s. says get transcript has been shut down. reporting live from the newsroom, horace holmes, abc7
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news. alison: okay. thank you for that. meanwhile, in d.c. mayor muriel bowser has signed off on expanding the city summer jobs program to residents up to 24 years of age. leon: but as the d.c. bureau chief sam ford tells us not everyone agrees with the new age limit. sam: at a packed ceremony, muriel bowser sat the late mayor's son next to her and signed a bill that his father created for people 24 up from 21. mayor: i know a government that makes investment can certainly invest in the 22- to 24-year-old. sam: part of her path to the middle class. the complaint is the council only funded it for one year. no apologies from that from the council chairman phil mendleson. chairman: we should not give young adults jobs with the minimum wage.
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that is not a pathway. sam: 2500 people signed up for the jobs. high school grad lamont burton got one of the slots. now age 22, he got a full-time job at the deanwood cafe started as a summer youth worker. >> i worked my hardest and i got a job. full-time employee. i'm happy for it. sam: he is hoping for a better job in the new program. >> want to make sure there is funding to keep the expansion going. sam: the mayors supporter link this to less crime and more accomplishments. the mayor wants this to be part of the norm but so far it's out of the 2016 budget. reporting from northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: police need your help to identify a man wanted in attempted abduction in alexandria. police say the victim arranged online to meet this job at a hotel on seminary road on
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march 23. they say once he got in the room he pulled out a gun ail salted a woman and tried to prevent her from leaving the room. she eventually escape and called police. anyone with information should call alexandria police. now, get to the weather. prepare for chance of pop-up storms and rain. alison: we have humidity creeping up out there. chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: hi there. it's going to be here through friday and maybe even saturday with the hot and humid weather. start with a tom lapse for you over the past couple of hours on doppler radar. give you an idea of the movement and the storm cells developing not far from the area. see on the right-hand side of the screen manassas. the system from washington virginia, and they are continuing to move north/northeast toward marshall and that area. many more are farther south and west between stanton and roanoke in the valley areas there. some of the higher elevations
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in west virginia. the track will be west of the area. but there will be a chance that the greater washington area might see isolated shower. better chances again farther west and northwest. 87 at reagan national. 87 in fredericksburg. 83 in hagerstown. tomorrow morning, upper 60's to lower 70's. one of the warmest mornings in five or six days at least. maybe longer than that. hour-by-hour tomorrow is a replay of today. partly sunny, warm humid chance of afternoon thunderstorms. highs in the upper 80's. we will check out the weekend in the seven-day in a few minutes. leon: you got it doug. a hot topic at the white house and the pentagon today. iraq and a new campaign underway after devastating losses to the terror group isil. senior political reporter scott thuman is live with more on the ground lost and the plan to get it back. scott: for people who haven't been paying attention this is why the entire world is
4:36 pm
watching ramadi. a key town not far from baghdad. in a province where u.s. forces suffered some of the worst losses in the war. it has been taken over by the islamic terror group and today began a major offensive to get it back. a new and critical fight underway in iraq. the army trying to take back areas lost to terror group and president obama acknowledging this is a pivotal time for all involved. president obama: we are partnering with other countries and making sure that we continue to cooednate eif i cantively in the fight against -- coordinate effectively in the fight against isil. scott: much of this is to regain control of ramadi. >> all you have to do is say isis has entered and it will create panic and chaos. scott: though they have lost control in some spot but it has moreer thetary than a --
4:37 pm
more territory than a year ago. the government and the military structure embattle and corrupted there is little faith as expressed by defense secretary ash carter chastising soldiers that "showed no will to fight." tough words that had joe biden smoothing over matters calling the iraq prime minister and pledging america's full support. >> there is no strategy. anybody that says there is i'd like to hear what it is. >> building up the capacity of a willing and capable local fighting force will take time. that is part of what the strategy is. scott: aside from training soldiers in the almost daily u.s.-led airstrikes the white house says it will speed up providing better equipment and vehicles to the iraqi army. for example, the type of vehicles that could fend off bombs like those that were
4:38 pm
just used to take ramadi. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: coming up at 4:00 -- "7 on your side" health matters, tracking any problems with your child's speech development. what to look out for in case your child needs some help. leon: change to the menu at two popular restaurants. what will be m
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alison: as a parent you are constantly worried about your child. right? keeping track of their words and counting now -- track of their moves and counting the words. when should you be concerned if you notice something? leon: we explain on what to look out for in the "7 on your side" health matters report. reporter: melissa is over the moon with the sweet boy owen. he is 3.5 years old and a year and a half ago the pediatrician noticed he wasn't speaking as much as he should. two years old and if he doesn't have 24 solid words. we need to send him in. he didn't have anywhere close to that. reporter: owen was diagnosed with a development speech disorder apoxia of speech
4:42 pm
where he can't say what he wants to. his case is mild. a speech pathologist recommended therapy to treat it. >> we do a variety of activities to keep his attention. and try to work on articulation needs he has. >> we worked and it didn't change. then something just clicked and he started to get it. >> the earlier the intervention for any speech disorder the better. leon: coming up next find out why "elle" magazine is under fire for not displaying certain issue on news stands. >> a consumer alert today. why you want to think twice before taking advantage of health supplements.
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alison: we have a warning now about free trial offers for health supplements you see advertised everywhere these days. leon: consumer reporter john matarese shows us when free is
4:46 pm
not really free so you don't waste your money. john: remember the old record and c.d. clubs that would send you a free music c. d. and then charge you month after month? those clubs are long gone. but one woman learned that free trials that bill you are not. >> i have been sending them back. reporter: she has packages and packages of weight loss supplements she doesn't want. but they keep coming to her home. worse, they keep billing her credit card. john: how much did they charge? >> over $600. john: it started when she saw a pop-up ad for a weight loss supplement dr. oz talked about. >> it had all the reviews, i read the reviews and read the test moannies. okay -- testimonies. they gave you 30 days to try the product. john: after trying it a few days though -- >> i felt weird. chest pains. like heart burn.
4:47 pm
john: her doctor told her to stop taking it so she called the company but the phone agent argued with her. >> she said maybe there is another way you can take it. have you thought about it taking it with milk? i'm talking about $600 worth of charges on my card. john: but the packages kept arriving with repeated $90 charges on the credit card. so i called and e-mailed the company which responded saying if she contacts them directly they will refund her money. so she is now doing that. and vowing never to sign up for another risk-free trial again. we should point out dr. oz did not endorse the particular company but many supplement sellers cash in on his name. be careful with any free trial so they don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: well "elle australia" is under fire for not selling a magazine that shows a model breastfeeding her son on newsstands. at this point the issue is available only to subscribers. the magazine's editor and
4:48 pm
chief defended the decision saying in an ideal world no one would have an issue with seeing breastfeeding on the cover of ain' ma. but -- cover of is a magazine. but it's not an ideal world. we posted this on the facebook payment and ask what do you think of the editor's decision? leon: christopher wrote -- leon: you can join the conversation by going to the abc7 facebook page. weighing in there. alison: switching gears. big change coming to the order for pizza hut and taco bell. pizza hut will make the change by the end of july. taco bell will do the same by the end of the year. the moves don't affect your fountain drinks or branded products like doritos shell
4:49 pm
taco shell. they will still be orange. leon: do they care about the color? alison: good point. i don't think so either. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". charges dropped. find out what is next for the montgomery county couple accuse of neglecting their kids. alison: plus -- >> i have been saving money making bread on weekends. it's gone. alison: she lost her life saving ins the blink of an eye. find out how police are stepping in after they saw this story. leon: a heart-breaker. i hope they find that woman's money. alison: i hope so, too. weather wise pop-up showers headed our way. doug: i don't know if they get to the d.c. proper or the metro. this is the pattern every day. the area of the showers and storms will get closer. if you don't see rain today you will seeth tomorrow or the next day. let's get started. this is weather bug.
4:50 pm
this t sun on the horizon. we coordinated the catapults to use to launch the sun in the sky. we hit countdown button and they bounced up. it will eventually sink down to earth this evening. that's what i was told in the evening. i was told that as a kid. catapult out there. it's 84 in arlington. the temperatures are the mid-to-upper 80's across the region. 87 in reagan national. 87 in fredericksburg. spots are lower. then you hit places where it's 90 right now. the heat index. 92 in manassas. 90 at reagan national. 93in fredericksburg. this is commonplace. we are still three yeah weeks from the beginning of summer astronomically but we have a summer pattern here. hot and humid around the east coast due to the high pressure
4:51 pm
off the u.s. east coast. southwest of bermuda. muching up the heat and humidity. we have a cluster of showers and storms moving in pushing up to the northeast. it will be active for the next couple of hours with the storms and the possibility again west of the metro area. tomorrow friday weekend, hot and humid. chances of the shower and storm. tomorrow 60%. then it drops thursday and friday. 60% of a probability saturday. 30% sunday. you get cooler and less humid by next week. alison: we'll cool off next week. thank you. let's check on the traffic now. jamie sullivan standing by with the details. jamie? jamie: we had an accident on 270. it was right here blocking the left lane about 30 minutes ago. everything has been pushed to the side. you can see the truck in the right shoulder. this is the where activity is.
4:52 pm
moving to the map. i want to show you. we are southbound 20 miles per hour. getting there from the outer loop is seeing congestion. that is 270. with the belt way we have slowing. working from virginia to bethesda. averaging 10 miles per hour. 15 on the beltway. the outer loop is working its way to the wilson bridge. we have an accident. a car fire actually. that has you at 14 miles per hour. this is near the fairfax parkway. right lane blocked with the crash. we are seeing the congestion this afternoon. nothing like yesterday. i was so light. leon made a comment yesterday was the only day it would be like that. that is how it ends up being. so we have the slowing but that's it. a look at traffic. back to you. leon: told you. i'm not smart but i knew that
4:53 pm
one. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- carrying the torch through the district. closer look at the first of its kind event kicking off in d.c. today. listen up... i'm reworking the menu.
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system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 statates. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. we are hosting an ask the attorney phone bank. we will have attorneys in domestic law landlord-te nant dispute, personal injury medical malpractice and condominium law. any aspect of the law. if you have a question and you want to know the next step and think you have a legal case call 703-236-9220. the phone lines will be open from 5:00 to 6:30. back to you in studio. leon: thank you. the first ever special olympics unified relay across america kicked off in the district. alison: it involves a run at the special olympics flame of hope. john gonzalez takes a look at
4:57 pm
the upcoming journey. >> represent all the athletes from everywhere. john: d.c. is hosting the first ever special olympics relay across america. track and field athlete corey has participated in the past olympic games and today he is an honorary torchbearer on the street of the capitol. >> it meets a lot to me in my heart. john: the flame lit brightly. and those on the teams and cheerleaders, the smiles were brighter. >> they are cheering on the athletes. they are not competing but they are cheering on all the athletes that worked hard the get hear. they are super excited. aren't you? >> i wish other people could feel this as well. john: a three-leg tour crisscrossing the nation
4:58 pm
ending up in los angeles for the world games this july. >> we hope to bring the country together in spirit of inclusion around the athletes. john: the popular sports organization provides training around competition year round for more than 4 million special needs athletes in 170 countries. in just 60 dies the best of the best will showcase the talent. >> this is what makes it real today. seeing it and realizing this is happening. john:on the national mall john gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: a local police department shocked by a twist to a deadly shooting. >> the charge the officer face are deeply troubled. leon: an officer now called a partner in crime with his mother. a family searching for answers. >> we just want to know what happens. leon: after a 3-year-old was found dead in a playground swing. and parent claiming victory. >> while planning the legal
4:59 pm
action and writing the book. now, abc7 news -- "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: you can call it a family affair. after a prince george's county police officer and his mother were arrested in a deadly shooting. officer richard conway is in custody after helping his mother shoot his t mother of his children. brad bell has the latest. brad? brad: the allegation is the murder took place at the mcdonald's last wednesday. here are the mug shots of amounted mother son murder team. tonight, both of them are held in the same detention center. prince georges county police officer richard conway was arrested yesterday at the waldorf house he shared with his mother. according to charging documents to the prince
5:00 pm
george's county sheriff it links him to planning the shooting of conway's exand the murder of her new husband at the waldorf mcdonald's last week. >> this was a planned event. she went there with a handgun. reporter: according to the sheriff he often met the mother of the 2-year-old boy to exchange custody at this mcdonald's. last wednesday he didn't show up to hand off the kid. ib stead his mother armed with conway's police gun jumped in the car with the ex. words were exchanged. there is a struggle. then gunfire. the woman is wounded and the man killed. the charles county state attorney says it appears to be an ambush. >> exchange at 2:00. a routine thing. out of nowhere she jumps in the backseat of the jeep. reporter: after the shooting alleged officer conway picks up his mother and attempts to create an alibi by texting his ex disposing of evidence. >> i wish i had answers but


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