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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: a 63-year-old man knocked out on a d.c. street. the police want help finding the suspect. personal information stolen from an irs database. more than 100,000 people impacted. >> just total disbelief. leon: an off-duty police officer charged with murder.
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the bizarre circumstances, including how his mother was involved. and devastating floods and their impact. we are surveying the damage, next. first, disturbing video. a 63-year-old man punched in the face, knocked out, and robbed, all caught on tape in southeast d.c. sunday evening. the police when your help tracking down the attacker. jay korff the investigation happening right now. what is the latest? jay: d.c. police want this video to get out. they have given it to us so we can show it to you. it is troubling. a surveillance camera capture the attack sunday, may 17. the man in the bright red shirt gets into an argument with a much older man. then it happens, one blow and the victim false. the remainder of the video, the victim is motionless. the suspect walks away, then
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turns back and takes items from the victim. according to the police report, the victim was 63 years old, suffered a severe laceration, and was robbed. the crime happened on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast washington. we showed the video to a number of people. >> oh, my god. leon: only this woman would talk to wes. she said she feels that for the victim. she said she is not surprised violence erupted. after the attack am a number of people looked at and walked past the victim. during the video, nobody helped him. if you recognize the man in the red shirt, you are urged to contact d.c. police. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you,jay unbelievable. a police officer in prince george's county is charged in connection with a deadly shooting that started last week with gunfire outside of a mcdonald's in waldorf.
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the officer's mother was arrested first, but now he is charged with murder as well. richard reeve is live in waldorf with more. rich, what have you learned? richard: the shooting happened in this mcdonald's parking lot. documents indicate this was a planned event, a co-conspiracy between a mother and son who happened to be a prince george's candy police officer. the investigation is not over. the authorities have not found the murder weapon. it was in this mcdonald's parking lot that a long simmering custody dispute turned deadly. >> just shocked, disbelief. richard: prince george's county officer richard conway, arrested monday, faces murder charges. the is accused of plotting with his mother caroline, in the shooting of his ex-wife, crystal, and her new husband robert mange. >> this was planned.
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she went there with the handgun. richard: conway often met the mother at the mcdonald's to exchange custody. >> it was a routine thing. richard: caroline conway appeared with a 40 caliber handgun, her son service weapon, and jumped in the back seat of this jeep. an argument ensued, then gunshots. robert mange was shot dead, crystal was shot in the back when she tried to flee. >> the children were small. my prayers go out to her. richard: now the children's father and grandmother face criminal charges. >> those kids are losing family members left and right. it's sad. richard: the police say that conway tried to build a false alibi by calling and texting his ex-wife's phone, even though he knew the shooting had already happened.
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the ex-wife, crystal, is out of the hospital. the investigation continues, both the mother and the police officer are both tonight behind bars. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: a maryland father charged with neglect and endangerment after the police say a 13-year-old son took the wheel of the car because he was too drunk to drive. michael mclaughlin of monrovia was arrested after a traffic stop. he was the front seat passenger with his teenage son driving. they believe that he made his son drive because he was too intoxicated. turning to the weather, it has felt more like july, and we have a chance of thunderstorms just about every day this week. brian van de graaff has the outlook. brian: i just stepped outside, and you could feel the muddiness. -- the mugginess.
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a few sprinkles west of town tomorrow, a better chance. 79 degrees at 11:00. at the capital wheel southwind at 10. at 11:00, 78 dulles, 77 frederick, 72 andrews. annapolis checking in at 72. the showers fizzled. i think we have a better chance of showers to mauer afternoon along with cooling. -- i think we have a better chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. scattered clouds through the afternoon. it will be muggy and it will feel warmer and i think we have a higher likelihood of scattered showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. coming up, the next seven days and a look at some relief. leon: we have nothing to complain about compared with what is happening in other parts of the country. surveying the heartbreaking destruction in texas several
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people killed, others still missing. thousands of homes have been damaged. tom roussey has a look at how the state is looking at what could possibly be coming next. tom: texas is a very big state and a big part has been affected by flooding. houston has been hard hit, as well as austin and san antonio. this has affected as far north as oklahoma and even new mexico where a tornado hit. in houston, more than 11 inches of rain fell, much of it in six hours, leading to massive flooding and at least five deaths. more than a dozen people have died in texas and oklahoma, including alyssa ramirez, a homecoming queen killed on the way home from prom. floodwaters swept her car away. >> she called 911. it was just too much. tom: there are also people still
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missing. a cabin that a mother and two kids were staying in was split in half and swept down the river. that happened in waverly southwest of austin, which is seen some of the worst flooding in the state. >> i think we got a 33.5 foot storm surge coming through, the highest on record. tom: members of the national guard are on the ground, going through the damage, which is extensive. the national weather service says the storms were historic, not because of how large they were but also because of the intensity over the time. it was not just texas andma. 13 people died from a tornado in mexico in a border town 150 miles west of san antonio. in that border town, 13 people died. between texas and oklahoma, 17 at latest count have died between those states, but that number is expected to go up because a number of folks are listed as still missing.
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tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, tom. another threat made against a u.s. bound flight. this time it was a plane from taiwan to lax. the airplane landed without incident, but the fbi said the threat was phoned in, this after a half a dozen threats were made yesterday on the east coast. a 7 on your side consumer alert, more than 100,000 people may have had their personal information stolen from an iris database. thieves hacked into it. that service has been taken off-line. it allows people to download tax returns. hackers used information stolen from that service to claim tax refunds for 15,000 people. one taxpayer said it was only a matter of time. >> really, unfortunately, i'm not very surprised. right now, it is happening all the time. anytime you have electronic anything, it's going to be stolen.
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leon: the irs says it is likely an organized crime syndicate. they believe they made off with $50 million of stolen refunds. the agency is reaching out to the victims and offering free credit protection services. changes in procedure for police officers in cleveland after a settlement with the federal government. the department will be monitored for use of force, community interaction, and dealing with the mentally ill, all of this coming after a police officer was acquitted of manslaughter in the death of two manslaughter in the deaths of two suspects in 2012. baltimore has seen its deadliest month in 15 years. over the weekend more than two dozen shootings killing nine people. there have been 35 homicides in the month of may. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said she is assigning task forces to high crime areas. tonight, in another development
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the police commissioner apologize to police officers in a closed-door meeting. the fraternal order of lee's president -- the fraternal order of police president said he believes that action led to riots in baltimore. what metro was planning to do one board trains. plus, a health alert about fast food. how soon you will see the changes in
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leon: workers are close to removing the oil pipeline on the coast of california. it is slow going because crews cannot use heavy machinery. tens of thousands of gallons spilled from the pipeline. a report now that the pipeline
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owner missed four other hazard areas along the pipeline. >> we will cover it back up. leon: tonight, a second see lion has died. veterinarians at sea world san diego are carrying for -- caring for animals killed in this -- injured and spill. amtrak is installing trains following the deadly derailment outside of philadelphia. investigators say they could have tracked the actions of the train engineer in that case. he does not remember what happened. charter communication is buying time warner cable for $55 million. charter is moving forward with bright house network. if approved by regulators, the combined company will serve 23 million americans.
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7 on your side with health matters and new changes for fast food recipes. taco bell and pizza hut are getting rid of artificial coloring and flavors. taco bell is now going to start using actual black pepper in place of black pepper flavor. where did they get the flavor from if they were not using black pepper is my question. pizza hut is transitioning in july. socko bell say it may take up to two years. employees at a restaurant in d.c. figuring out what they will do with their share of $2000 which a longtime customer left behind on a lmeal. the bartender plans to spend her share on college tuition. the chef said he will share the
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money with his wife and daughter. brian: that was very nice of you. oh, you wanted to try to keep it anonymous, sorry. [laughter] leon: exactly. brian: we have a chance of showers tomorrow. it is pretty muggy. leon: it to not feel that bad. brian: i'm just trying to soften the blow. outside, the high was 88 today. the average temperature this time of year is 78, so we beat that by 10 degrees. sunrise at 5:47, setting in the 8:00 hour. 77 manassas, 78 dulles, 72 andrews, 78 frederick. still kind of toasty heading into the later hours. the dew point, which helps moisture -- measure the moisture
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content, upper 60's. 70 frederick. when these numbers are at these levels, it's not that comfortable. when they are the 50's, it's comfortable. in the 60's, it is humid. 65 plus, the humidity is really up there. that is what we are dealing with the next few days, sticky air. the same pattern day after day with the heat and humidity building. showers try to get through here earlier, fall cure county, culpeper county, the western part of the viewing area, but fizzled out. there was active weather from the upper midwest to the deep south. a cold front trying to move to the east. that is something we will be watching in the coming days. i know that it looks ever so close at this point, but the high-pressure parked off the coast is going to keep it at bay. it will try to get closer, but it will be behind before clears out, drops the humidity, and brings more comfortable weather.
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tomorrow, more of the same. warm and muggy quickly in the 80's in the afternoon, near 90. the futurecast, a better chance of showers and thunderstorms firing off and they we repeat the process friday and the later half of the week. tomorrow, sunshine, warm and muggy make daidday. mid and upper 80's, feeling sticky. the forecast the next seven days, storm chances thursday and friday. increasing a little bit. during the day, going to the weekend, we get back into more seasonable weather. it will be next week. tim: not football weather, but the redskins are tuning up, the hawks to now. the nats and cubs look like home run derby at wrigley field.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the nats in wrigley again trying to win the series. jordan zimmermann on the hill gave up six hits over a strong seven innings. harper with a home run in the bottom of the eighth, none on, two outs. denard span, home run. 2-1 washington. the cubs tie it up with a runner on second after another desmond error, addison russell into the gap. the walk-off, the cubs win 3-2. baltimore, the astros-orioles, 1-1 in the top of the seventh.
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here we go. he rounds third, here he comes. here comes the throw 2-1 houston, they win. foot wall fans, this was a busy day. 20 fans opened ota's, including washington. jay gruden said this is a great time to get work done. the rookies get familiar with plays, the veterans try to get informed. robert griffin iii, this is the time to get better. griffin had one of the lowest passer ratings in the entire league. robert: the word of the day from coach jay is get better. every day you have to come out and get better. as football players, you get tired, but you never want to get tired of doing things the right way. coach: usually the second year they have more confidence, and
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you should show improvement. lots of improvement. tim: cleveland, hawks-cavaliers, lebron james, kyrie irving missed a couple of games this series. king james put the cavaliers on his back and carried them to the finals. james sat more than a quarter tonight and still average 30 points, nine assists. the cavs win big 118-108. lexie brown, the sensation at college park, asked for her release from the university of maryland and got it. she helped lead the terps to the final four and the big ten title, but brown says she wants to go to another school and play closer to home. she has two years remaining and maryland gave her her release. leon: we hate to see that happen. they could have built a dynasty. tim: this was actually encouraged by her family. leon: do you know where she will end up?
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tim: that is from california they are down in georgia, so we will see. leon:>> 4,905 times.
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leon: an off-duty prince george's county police officer charged with murder. a data breach at the irs 10 100,000 taxpayers affected. and more heat and humidity and storms tomorrow. all of that in the forecast at taking thrill rides to a new level, an 82-year-old pennsylvania man rode his favorite ride 95 consecutive times in one day. he has been riding the jack rabbit for 55 years. he had already been on it nearly 5000 times. he took 95 consecutive rides all in one day. just wonder when he took a bathroom break.
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy."
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narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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brian: things are heating up. tomorrow, much like today. it will be warm and sticky. i think our best chance of storms will be tomorrow evening, but every day we have the chance. it will feel hot and sticky. leon: you can go back to sleep now. brian: i was awake! leon: jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. we will see you tomorrow night. have a goo
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dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- elizabeth banks, marc maron, and music from earl sweatshirt featuring badbadnotgood, with cleto and the cletones, and now, for the most part here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you.


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