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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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incident. number one, who is responsible? and why did it happen? this section is open to traffic right now but it was closed this morning for three hours as this incident came to an end about a quarter of a mile up the road. shattered windows and bullet holes. evidence of a violent encounter on a busy freeway during rush-hour that left one man dead. >> shocking. reporter: according to the police, this morning between eight: 45 and 8:55, summit in a dark vehicle fired multiple shots of the black suv, killing one man and injuring another. the suv came to a stop on the road while the other car took off. initially, chief lanier was firm in the morning -- motive. >> this looks like a road bridge incident. reporter: but this afternoon the chief -- assistant chief said that it might not of been the motivation. the incident shut down to 95 north of the d.c. prince
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george's county border, leading to traffic delays that lasted for hours. how long have you been waiting? >> at least an hour. >> i've been here an hour nap. -- hour and a half. >> you have to roll with the punches. reporter: police got plenty of 911 calls from drivers. now as they search for clues in suspects, those same drivers may hold the answers here. >> we need you to call us back because we need to talk to. reporter: the suv had virginia tags. the question is a victim across the bridge from virginia into d.c. and to whether or not that dark vehicle did the same. i've been speaking with law enforcement sources. still no answers as law enforcement in bc continues to hope that witnesses will come forward. the identity of the man killed this morning is not yet been made public. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: as you mentioned, that
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shooting left interstate to 95 closed or just about four and a half hours. leaving plenty of people stuck in traffic. we will have more on the part of the story coming up at 5:30. leon: as for that police involved shooting, it started with an officer confronted a car full of robbery suspects. we do not know why that officer started shooting, but the car took off once it did. the four people inside bailed out, leaving -- leading police to the 4100 block -- and silver hill. three of the four suspects are in custody. they came at the end of a deadly night in southeast. the mayor and police chief just wrapped up a press conference at some of the violence. jennifer tomlin is alive right now. -- live right now. reporter: a goes beyond being
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caught in the crossfire. we had four shootings last night in southeast. live on the scene, you can see chief cathy when you're getting ready to leave. they just wrapped up her press conference. for shootings within a 2.5 hour window last night. one person killed. 27-year-old charnice milton. she was a reporter for "the capital city newspaper pick up she right -- newspaper." she wrote about things in the neighborhood where she grew up. she is a master from syracuse. sure father says she chose to report in the community in which she grew up in the one she loved. last night after 9:30, she had just finished working, reporting on a story and was taking the bus home. she was transferring buses at good hope. she adjusted her mother a text saying i'm on my way home.
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they never heard from her again. what we learned from the family is a shooting broke out. they tell us that effectives told them that the intended victim grabbed miss milton and user as a shield and she bore the brunt of the gunshot. we learn that chief lanier is of the shooter is involved somehow with these atv's and mopeds we see tearing to the city. we just love with her family. -- spoke with her family. >> it is not the gun that killed her. it is as human beings and their wicked ways and are evil thought. >> i loved her so much. i know she is there -- where she is supposed to be her now because he has a bigger purpose for her. reporter: we heard from her editor. let's get to that live full screen right now. this is part of the statement we received. they said it was senseless to according to the chief, the mayor, and every one that knew
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her and her entire family. the search is now on for her killer. this family grieves. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. leon: this has to be so frustrating for the residents in that area. you can get breaking news alerts from abc 7 news right on your phone. go to alison: let's switch gears to whether because there is a chance we could see some storms popping up across the area today. doug hill is in the weather center. what is the latest? doug: we have some downpours coming up but not as nearly -- not nearly as much as yesterday. the heaviest action is northeast of our area. more to the south and southwest. more locally we have storm activity very much stationary to the south of manassas. that is about it. if you were will pop up here and there, but further southwest over southwest virginia, there are numerous showers and storms stripping to the east and
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northeast. we have a chance for a few more showers and storms in the area tonight. if you look closely, you'll see most of the storms along the front range of the blue ridge. those are drifting east and southeast. and looks like if there is any storm activity, those showers and storms will be few and far between. we will keep our eyes on what we have the right now. temperatures hit 92 earlier this afternoon at reagan national. now 88. as we head to the evening, we will be looking for more isolated scat -- showers and thunderstorms here temperatures remaining in the 80's for several more hours here it back to you. leon: we have new developments to report in the donovan hotel murder case in northwest. the two women arrested in the case pleaded guilty today. one says she met david measures met online and told him she was a man. she admitted to a rigid to meet him at the hotel where she stabbed in seven times and then robbed him. she pleaded guilty to one count
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of secondary murder. her girlfriend pleaded murder to conspiracy to commit robbery. alison: metro is discussing a new report showing an increase in crime in the first quarter of 2015, compared to the same. -- amount of time last year here at assaults jumped by 32%. most of them were involving knives. bicycle thefts went up by 20%. meanwhile, metro says the next 7000 series train cars will soon if the tracks. this trains renter service on the red line getting june 8 starting at 7:00 a.m. the first triple started shady grove. eight of the cars have been viewed -- debuted on the blue line here and that remains on hold until the federal government sff on the purchase. leon: the second in a series of public meetings about widening i-66 is tonight in about half an hour indiana.
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a brief presentation will be held at 7:00. it was a avalanche the road between beltway and haymarket. nevers of the prince george's county council voted i knew legit but it is not with the county executive wanted. brad bell is live in marlborough tonight with new information and the reaction to it. reporter: not even close to what the county executive wanted. this is that budget. which is given the counselor here and got this with an last hour. having going over the numbers. there are a lot of numbers here at it adds up to $2.95 billion. there are cuts across the board. police and fire will see cuts but there are no furloughs. everyone has been talking about this plan by townie executive baker to add $133 million to the school system. he was want to pay for that with a 15% tax hike -- property tax
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hike. the council said no way. that is way too much and they revealed their own proposal. they would add $34 million to the school system budget and they would pay for it with a 4% tax hike. chair of the council says people of this county would not stand for anything more. >> while we may support many of the concepts in the school system strategic plan, we have collectively determined that both the county executive's initial proposed 15.6% tax increase, as well as yesterday's revised 7% proposed tax increase are not affordable for county taxpayers. reporter: it is likely they have not and put away. the county executive of 10 days to markup the county council's proposal with his own numbers. we expect there will be some
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adjustments. the one thing everyone is talking about is they are blaming governor larry hogan who withheld $20 million the county was hoping for to boost education funding. they say that is to audit be looked at with regard to this tax increase. the tax increase itself needs to be voted on separately by june 16. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: thank you great much here at you may that interesting. the dea released new details today on a massive pill mill drug last year they arrested more than a dozen suspects charged with conspiracy and health care fraud and operating out of pain management clinics. mike joins us where witnesses watched in shock yesterday as the feds raided this facility. mike? reporter: others told me today that they were not that surprised.
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they have been suspicious for a while about this clinic and the odd clientele that it seemed to attract. one woman told me she called them "hill has." -- pill heads." one recently called police when had a fight in the parking lot. for a couple of months, workers say they've been keeping their office doors locked, concerned about clientele that in this adjacent business. >> we do not want the running in on us here i. 4 dea agents raided this clinic yesterday, arresting 16 people and confiscating $3 million and highly addictive phil, oxycodone. >> these are not the people handing out dime backs of heroin. they are people who are wearing suits and ties and managing medical offices. reporter: the clinic decline to comment but it is still open
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with the waiting room phil of patients. meanwhile, the pain center on georgia avenue was closed. neighboring clinics call the pill mill accusations alarming. >> it is alarming. reporter: they use informants and wiretaps intercepting conversations. all these bills are just killing people and it is destroying the lives." reporter: investigators say contributors to recruit runners to bring patients into the pain clinics here than they would cash or pills because they are addicts themselves in many cases. we could not reach the management or owners for comment. if convicted, each conspirator can receive 20 years in prison. alison: coming up, the average or reignite -- reunite people
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with what they lost in this deadly floods in texas. leon: sentencing day. find it when the boston marathon bomber will learn his fate. reporter: a uva student cross
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the othe50 states. the headlines tell the story... won: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens.
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before it's too late.
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leon: new information. a september trial date has been set for the uva arrested during the st. patrick's day protest t. as suzanne kennedy tells us, johnson is anxious for the case to be over. reporter: martese johnson headed in looking more like a lawyer in a college it. he is facing two misdemeanor charges stemming from a smart arrest outside a bar across him the uva campus. cell phone video captured the abc agents pinning a bloody johnson to the ground. today, the rising student says he was anxious for the ordeal to be over. >> i want to thank everyone that is been supporting me through what is been a strenuous process. i hope that in the near future this process will end.
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it has endorsed longer than we all expected, but i believe that justice will be served. reporter: police reports say he try to get into a bar but when he was refused to became belligerent. his attorney is critical of the rest and how long it is taken to go to trial. >> we police the had -- lacked justification. justice is too long delayed and is just as the night. reporter: numbers of a local church gathered at today's hearing to show their support. >> we think it is give -- important to bear witness to these kinds of events, especially when we feel that there was gross injustice. reporter: johnson hoped to put the whole ordeal behind it before he started his final year at the university of virginia. that will not be the case. he will spend the summer doing an internship on capitol hill. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: austin bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev just has weeks until
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his form of death sentencing. the judge ruled that the sentence will be handed down undo 24. three people were killed and more than 206 he hurt when tsarnaev and his brother detonated two homemade bombs to the finish line. prosecutors say at least 20 victims have asked to speak at the sentencing hearing. alison: we have learned a wildly popular podcast "serial" is coming back for two new seasons this fall. the first season followed girls as they investigated the true trying -- true crime case of a man imprisoned for life are killing and a girlfriend. but he claimed his innocence. leon: their investigation led to the man getting a new trial. alison: very, very popular. weather-wise, we haven't repeat -- we have a repeat. doug: this time around a couple
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of thunderstorms and rain showers in the metro area. every thing else is displaced north and south keep your eye on the skype. take a look at this time lapse. had a lot of sunshine but as we got into the heating of the day it is 84 right now, a got interesting and pretty cloud formations. a lot of these look threatening but very few of them actually deliver the goods. we do have a fewwers. manassas, still raining. down to 72 degrees. 68 at manassas that george brown elementary school here at sperryville at 80. a quick drop in temperatures to we have doppler radar and we're looking at the same area from warrington to manassas and a little further south. that is where we find the heaviest independent hill and pushing towards the i-95 court or. -- courtrridor. they are jetting to the south and east.
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most of the showers and storms along the line we been watching at the same component drifting south and east. metro area, i think, looking pretty good weather-wise for the next couple of hours here 88 at reagan national. plenty of heat and humidity up and down the coast. pretty typical for this time of year. our numbers a little higher. all the others write my forever temperatures for late may. we still have high pressure sitting up the coast and that is the steering mechanism for the f -- atmosphere. that is bringing in the heat and moisture and a little triggers into the atmosphere which fires of daily showers and storms to the northeast. also more developing south and west. we will see a repeat to some extent tomorrow with a 30% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. a cold what -- front slowly approaches in the west. until sunday, it will be a daily ritual with a chance of showers in the afternoon and partly
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cloudy. at 30% chance tomorrow and a 20% chance for the day on saturday. on sunday when the cold front comes through, 70%-80% of a widespread chance of showers and you will feel it. it will be much cooler by next week. highs in the upper 60's. 82 at midday tomorrow. warm and muggy. there will be some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. the result we have for you. 85 tomorrow. close to 90 again on saturday. notice the storm chances diminish, down to about 20% on saturday. then up to at least 70% on sunday with a cold front. 62% chance of rain and chilly rain at that on monday. highs will be 67. the sun returns on tuesday and little warm up on wednesday and thursday. alison: we will have to get our jackets that offer a couple of days. leon: there is still snow in boston from the winter.
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we are almost in june. it seems that a cruel hoax. still to come just ahead, find what people are finding now when what is left of that snow begins to melt away. alison: plus -- >> i have -- reporter:alison: helping get to the bottom of why the earth was shaking of these folks without an earthquake. reporter: marion barry -- marion batrry's talking to us next. leon: here is what is coming up tonight on abc.
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leon: we have breaking news and word that former speaker of the house dennis has to has been indicted by federal prosecutors. the statement says that the 72-year-old republican from illinois is facing charges related to a bank transaction and lying to the fbi. we will have more on this investigation as a comes into the abc 7 news room. alison: only on 7, a woman sued by marion barry's widow after donating a kidney is now filing a countersuit. she is speaking about it
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exclusively with our bureau chief, sam ford. >> someone added a blow who is been out of this person's life or 15 years. they come and tell you to cease and desist. at first, i thought it was a joke. reporter: she donated a kidney six years ago, talking but his widow, who sued her saying she has no right to use marion barry's brand for anything. >> just like marion did not have the right to use can taken -- kim dickens'name in perpetuity dominated as she. >> i am disgusted actually here the whole thing is about respect for aryan as well. this is what he wanted and i know that she knows this is what he wanted. you will have to wait until the man passes away to try to undo things that he put together. reporter: it raises questions
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about two women, one man. you said i love the man. >> i do love him. he was my best friend. reporter: were you romantically involved? >> no, no we were not. it was deeper than that. reporter: saying the defendant was authorized by marion barry to use his name, image, license, and celebrity when he was still living. there was an initial hearing on july 17 and eventually a trial. his estranged wife, now widow against his kidney donor. reporting from northwest it -- sam ford, abc 7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00, whenever the statute we talked about. lucille ball in her hometown. it is getting some help. find out how the time will be replacing it. >> we cannot move the river but we can move the boat satellite. leon: as texas braces for more
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rain, how some are going online to help others. reporter: a bulletin on -- -- a lot of drivers stranded. i'm stephen tschid
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. leon: police are looking for the
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second vehicle involved in a shooting on i do 95 -- i-295 this morning. one person was killed and a second was sent to the hospital. if you called 911 this morning or witness the incident, d.c. police want to talk to you. thousands were stranded or had to get around the crime scene. stephen tschida was also there. it is a heck of a scene out there. reporter: incredible scene earlier today. this ramp onto 295 close down for much of the day. the bullets flew just north of us here. a lot of drivers stranded. a lot of people all across the area unnerve tonight. police tape cut off the main artery into the nation's capital. >> it is terrible. reporter: star -- traffic snake along for hours.
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just before 9:00, police found two men on the side of the northbound lanes of 295. someone had opened fire on them. one was dead. the other was injured. >> oh, man. reporter: those stuck in traffic suspected road rage did others worried about what would could it sparked a fatal confrontation on such a busy roadway. >> my bed. we do not even apologize anymore. reporter: detectives dissented on the seawall the investigation was carried out through the morning. the northbound lanes remain closed. the backup soon spread to other routes as drivers look for other ways to make it to the destinations >>. s. >> i had to detour around it. it was a miserable situation. reporter: you can see just a busy 295 can be. this is people coming out of the district right now. earlier in the day, chief cathy lanier suggested this might of
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been related to a road rage incident but whenever deputies said that was not the case later the day. just the idea of bullets flying on a route is busy at as this has people worried. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. alison: let's get a check on how traffic looks right now. jamie is standing by at traffic watch. jamie: first of which is sort of with a crash. heading southbound. it is right at potomac avenue. it is the right lane that is closed sorry, that is my misspelling but that is the right lane that is blocked. you got traffic that is heavy basically working away from the springfield interchange a lot of it closer to the wilson bridge traveling on the outer roads. on the interlude eating at the maryland, basically from tysons corner and continuing towards cabin john, we are heavy on the beltway. we are seeing some of this congestion. outbound and 66 is pretty jammed up.
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just under 30 minutes getting from the capital beltway a little closer towards fairfax here it as we take a live look at 66 at nutley street, this would give you a good idea of the traffic that is jammed. 95, same thing. let's look at georgetown. across the key bridge, really not too bad right now. getting from rosslyn, a little closer to m street in georgetown here in that's a look at traffic this afternoon. alison: here is a look at the top stories. one woman is dead following a shooting overnight how these washington. 27-year-old charnice milton was killed while waiting for a bus. police say she was in the wrong place the wrong time and that the person who shot her meant to hit someone else. leon: the prince george's county council has dealt county executive a cell -- setback. they were hoping to hike property taxes 50%. they countered -- 15%.
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alison: more than a dozen people facing charges after massive pill mill drug bust in the district and marilyn here in the heat $3 million and more than 100,000 pills. the charges include drug conspiracy and health care fraud. leon: a consumer alert with new information of the cost effective by a airbag read -- recall. canadian government added 1.3 million vehicles. millions of the cot airbag -- takata airbags can explode with too much force, sending shrapnel into passengers. alison: the death toll continues to rise in india from the extreme heat wave. more than 1400 people have died in just the past month. the relentless heat continues to take a huge toll on the homeless and the frail.
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water camps of open in some cities to help people cool down. the government is warning people to stay inside to cover their heads, and to drink plenty of water. at least 21 people now confirmed dead in a catastrophic flooding in texas and oklahoma. search and rescue crews are looking for 10 missing people. in wimberley texas a facebook page is been created to help reunite owners was of the lost a mentos that were swept away. items include letters, photos even a table that a family claims came over on the mayflower. >> i drove her and the police did not want to let me in their. i said i'm looking for the mayflower table. i have to get in there so they were kind enough to let me get in. it was rougher on the edges but just having it back is amazing. alison: nearly everything else was destroyed. leon: this winter dumped a historic amount of snow on new england and in boston some of that snow is still there.
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they are still melting. they as they disappeared, they are revealing what is been caught up in them. "austin globe" reports a 75 foot tall snow mound is now a three foot high with dirt and trash, including bicycles, traffic comes, and a five dollar bill in case a nice. after six weeks, crews say the removed about 85 tons of debris. alison: i guess it is not surprising when you think back on how epic though storms were. leon: but we have had 90 degree days by now. keep looking out there folks. you might find those sat test scores. alison: coming up at 5:00, down the mountainside. find out why these folks are running with boots. leon: and a little later -- >> r-a-a-g-l-e. leon: we will talk with local
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spellers what it is like to be like -- the on the big stage. alison: a major milestone for that baltimore street that collap
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alison: an update on a story we've been following since early april. the president and ceo of subaru the new england donated $20,000 to replace that infamous statue of lucille ball. the bronze statue is located in her hometown. you will remember it spark some controversy because most people said it does not look like her. at all. in fact, the artist behind the original statue has apologized for his work. i don't think of ever heard of an artist apologizing for their work. leon: that thing's got to go. everybody by a subaru now. the washington monument is staying closed to the end of today. that is the word for the national park service. this coming out in the last hour. it was shut down this morning after an article problem caused some issues of the elevator.
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the visitors were inside were stuck at the time. repairs are being made right now and it will reopen as soon as possible. tomorrow, a new view of the big apple. nearly 14 years after 9/11, the observatory at one world trade center. and to the public on friday. guess we'll build a look down to the city from 1250 feet up. one world trade center is the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere. alison: on a different note, here is a bizarre tradition in england. people barrel down a hill after 89 pound wheel of cheese -- nine pound wheel of cheese? the first of the bottom of the hill wins the cheese and yes, medical staff is on hand. just in case. leon: how many brothers made that race? not a one. how large is your family? still
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to come, find out what the addition of a grandchild needs to this couple's bottom line. reporter: a local contractor finishes work on a roadway in the of the strange happens. the houses in the neighborhood. we
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leon: helping troubleshoot for some families feeling the earth move under their feet. reporter: he says every time a bus or truck whenever this spot of busy highway in chevy chase is how such a. sometimes violently. >> an earthquake type of feeling. reporter: it started in january after they hired a contractor to dig a hole to fix a gas line. the contractor patched the whole, but neighbors say it was not a good job. so when the vehicles rolled over the bumpy patch, the houses nearby wood shake. this is not happen before the gas line work was done. they called and wrote the contractor and washington gas
5:47 pm
repeatedly. no one came to fix the road. in fact, he says the contractor left piece of equipment on his front lawn, destroying his shrubs. so be called 7 on your side and we called washington gas to a few days later, crews came out fixed it and clear >> i do not have the words to say how much i appreciate every -- what 7 seven on your side did . thank you great much. reporter: washington gas told us the company also worked out with mr. marino to replace his shrubs. they did not offer any expiration as to what might've caused the nearby houses to shake. for the homeowners, they do not care. they're just glad the shaking has stopped. leon: nice work. 7 on your side with a consumer
5:48 pm
alert for amazon users. the online shopping site announced it was dropping the $5.99 for fee for same-day delivery for users of its prime service. now they can order more than one billion products for new to get them by -- alison: coming up about the mistake that sent live anthrax samples to laboratories around the world. plus, a first look at steps being taken to stop people from jumping the white house fence. what was done today and when construction crews will be surrounding the white house. we finally know the charges against the inmate accused in the escape that launched a massive and hunt in northern virginia. leon: mom, you will love this one. an illinois couple is celebrating 59 years of marriage and they have a very big family to help celebrate. ruth and leo zanger welcomed their 100 ran child last month.
5:49 pm
they had -- grandchild last month. including grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the brood has grown to 100. making national headlines. leo says he never imagined it would get this much attention. >> i did not think an evening of it. this is amazing. everyone in the country seems to be knowing about it. leon: you think your holiday gatherings are crowded, their get-togethers usually need running at a church hall and buying 50 pounds of ham or 10 turkeys to take care of all the. -- them. leon: congratulations. alison: let's check in with doug. doug: it is a quiet night here in arlington. just to the south, some changes taking place. rain showers popping up. this is the view from belle haven country club just on the river.
5:50 pm
raindrops falling here. it is definitely rainy with the clouds of been spectacular all day. we are finding a little line of showers and downpours. forming up as we watch stretching from south of manassas heading northeast through alexandria and prince george's county. heavier downpours and activities expanding to the northeast. that is where the action is right now. otherwise, we get southern sections of new jersey with more shower storms. most of the activity is drifting south and east. once the storms go by the wayside, things will settle down and be kind of muggy. 86 at reagan national. 89 degrees in fredericksburg right now. after the showers and all the lingering storms, we will just be partly cloudy and hazy and muggy tonight. 64-70 degrees.
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up next, probably a redo tomorrow with some showers and afternoon storms. lesser chances on saturday in an widespread showers and a strong cold front on sunday. we will talk more about that in the seven day outlook coming up at 6:00. alison: abc 7 is proud to be a sponsor of this year's special olympics here this morning are holly healthy living torch -- helped the lipid torch make it with through our the. she handed it off. it will travel through all 48 states before arriving in los angeles. leon: that is w training. i ran into her at the parking deck last week and saw her working out. doug: what a great cause. especially rivulets are concerned. tim: the main topic of conversation run the water cooler today is the golden state warriors finally getting back to
5:52 pm
basketball's biggest stage. after a generation, they found steve carr in the right combination and there the favorite now in the finals. seth curry is the most valuable player. golden state it limited the houston rockets and will now wait until next week to go against the best player on the planet, and the upstart cleveland cavaliers. governor brown can tell us about that horrible drought, but the longest route is over. 40 years and the warriors are in the finals. here's gary williams with his say. >> i really enjoy watching individuals playing. you find out how we gets open so easily and everyone is tried to stop him. the one thing cleveland is doing is playing better team defense than golden state right now. they get a lot of layups. you cannot stop a guy with one player. have you received -- ever seen a
5:53 pm
player change? i mean the mature ration process in the broad james -- lebron james. >> we grew up during the. of -- amount of -- time. that is got to be difficult. to come into cleveland and doing what he is doing this year, that is great for that city because the city has not had a lot of success. especially in the professional sports area. tim: i'm asking this question under protest. how is retirement and what should i do? >> you have to stay busy. this guide really cared about the -- did a great job of being a professional major people understood he was doing the game he was playing. i respect that because that is hard to do and you did a great job. tim: thank you brother. leon: amen. leon:a major surprise.
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i had no idea gary was coming but. he is doing better than the on the golf course in killing me. he probably came here to pick up some debt to open. you -- you all him. [laughter] alison: all
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leon: dozens of the nation's desk spellers are the scripts national spelling bee. alison: two local contestants took part in the semi finals but did not make it. leon: we are down to 10 finalists tonight on espn. rebecca cooper check out the confrontation -- competition. reporter: an eighth grader already busy with soccer, the practices spelling daily in the back of his parents car.
5:58 pm
and any place else he can find the time. >> the year before, i do not make it of the first round originals. but my mom told me i had to try it took me a long way. reporter: he got knocked out with this working on new set a spell. >> you cheering on -- reporter: while the spellers show grace under fire, family members in the audience notice out nerve-racking this world-famous competition can be. reporter:>> we were holding hands and praying and hoping for the best. reporter: ankita, and eighth grader from manassas him at that the crowds attention by joking with officials and seeming excited about every aspect of her assigned word. >> can have the definition please? >> a dancing classic ballet -- reporter: she failed to make it
5:59 pm
to the finals by a mere five point. >> i minute big fog. -- i am in a big fog. reporter: we will say congratulations to all the competitors at this -- rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. leon: congratulations. alison: it makes me nervous watching them. congratulations to everybody. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up -- >> it is a miserable situation. leon: shots ring out during rush hour, leaving one person dead and a gunman on the loose in a traffic nightmare in the aftermath. alison: what the defense department says about the mistake that allowed a have a biological agent to be set -- sent to labs around the world. leon: the tax hike approved in prince george's county. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right
6:00 pm
now. >> abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. maureen: the search for a killer after someone opens fire during the morning rush hour. the shots rang out just before 9:00 this morning on northbound i-95 -- i-295. that caused traffic gridlock as police shut down the road for more than three hours to investigate. tom roussey has been at the scene all day searching for answers. reporter: at the height of morning rush-hour bullets startedlying i one of dc;s biggest roads. before was over, one man in this suv with virginia tax was dead. another taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the bullet -- >> all we had was


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