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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it was as if i was no longer safe anymore. i felt violated. leon: a spree of daytime break-ins have neighbors on alert. plus -- >> it is not a gun that killed her, it was a human being and their wicked ways. leon: a journalist shot dead on the streets.
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and anti-semitic flyers left on doorsteps. the investigation happening noxt. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: up first, this thursday evening, a young journalist shot to death. the police say she was not the intended victim. charnice milton dedicated her life to reporting on stories. tom roussey has the emotional day in southeast washington. tom? tom: it really was. this was so sad. it appears the victim had gotten off at the bus stop on good hope road. the family believe she was trying to transfer to a different bus line, walking towards alabama avenue where there was another bus stop, but she only made it about here before she was shot. >> i will always love my
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daughter. tom: the bishop mcnamara grad overcame speech impediments eventually getting a masters from syracuse. the journalist dedicated her career to the east side of the anacostia. it is where she grew up and where she was killed. >> she could have worked for any news organization. tom: after working a story wednesday night 9:30 she texted her mother she was on her way home. 10 minutes later, she was shot. chief lanier: she dedicated her family to the queue minute he family, her church. wrong place, wrong time. not the intended victim. tom: the actual intended victim grabbed milton and used her to save himself. >> the worst thing of all is she was used as a human shield. the cowardice of human beings,
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allowing their emotions to take over. tom: she was a dedicated journalist and christian. >> i pray for that person. i pray for them. tom: milton works for the "east of the river" newspaper. the shooter is described as a young man, older teenager, with long dreadlocks. they believe he was on a dirt like warm opec at the time of the shooting. reporting in southeast, tom roussey, abc 7 news. . leon: breaking news in the investigation into a shooting on i-295 during rush hour this morning. minutes ago, d.c. police identified the victim as pedro alvarado of alexandria. there is no change search underway for the gun man in the case. the incident may have been triggered by road rage and they
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are hoping that somebody can help them make an arrest. officer: it was a dark-colored vehicle traveling in the same direction. leon: if you called 911 during the incident or have any information, the police want to talk to you. stay with abc 7 for updates. also developing, a series of break-ins and a capitol heights neighborhood leaving the neighborhood on edge. at least three homes were targeted. jay korff is live at police headquarters with one victim's angry plea. jay: the victim of this terrifying crime is sharing her story in hopes that it will lead to an arrest and that neighbors will look out for each other better in the future. >> the door was kicked in, the frame was broken. jay: janet says her home is no longer her section where he after what happened a few days ago. >> they felt they had the right
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to enter my home and take away my security. jay: sunday morning while at church suspects kicked in her door, taking her safe, electronics, and jewelry. they also stole her sense of security. >> i was so overwhelmed. this is my home. jay: a neighbor passing by said that she saw two young men on the porch moments before the break in but did not think to call the authorities. >> in that situation, you want to look out for one another. if you see something, say something. jay: the police found and returned her now-smashed safe, with nothing inside. she has beefed up security and is hopeful that those responsible for shaking her sense of well-being will soon be arrested. >> if they decide to do this kind of crime, they'd deserve to be behind bars. jay: she is sharing her story
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because she has heard from neighbors about four additional break-ins in the neighborhood. the police say they are concerned and investigating and saturating the neighborhood in hopes of making an arrest. live in palmer park, jay korff abc 7 news. leon: a traffic alert for the memorial bridge. starting tomorrow, both curbside lanes and part of the sidewalk will be shut down. the will be a 10 time road -- load limit, eliminating bus traffic. this after federal engineers found accelerated deterioration. the lane closures will remain in effect until emergency repairs are made, which could be up to nine months from now. deja vu when it comes to the weather. the heat is lingering, creating chances of storms tomorrow. steve rudin is here with the outlook. steve, we have heard this before. steve: we are doing it all over
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again tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms. over the weekend a jay korff -- a cold front on the way. the belfort furniture weather center, we had storms over manassas and prince george's county. manassas, va, the rain total 1.25 inches, suitland coming in at almost .75 inches. the expressed forecast, tomorrow morning, you will need the sunglasses during the morning. clouds increase during the midday. we are looking at a chance of showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow afternoon. i will give you the timing and what to expect over the weekend plus a huge cooldown on the way. leon: an update of a story we have been following. you will not be seeing haunted theme cartoons at the metro station. they will not allow advertising until the end of the fiscal
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year. they tried to just add space with d.c. metro, saying they would feature ining a satirical cartoon of the prophet mohammed. metro is banning any advertising concerns with political or malicious messages. new at 11:00 am anti-semitic flyers appearing in several neighborhoods. the police are trying to track down who distributed them. richard reeve has a look at the investigation. richard, what is the story? richard: leon, this is the flyer, the front page covered with gibberish. we will not show the anti-semitic writing on the inside. dozens of these were scattered around the neighborhood, one in silver spring. a lot of folks are wondering who would do something like this. the village's of martin's
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additions is a quiet enclave with a disturbing discovery. >> it is hateful, horrible. i don't know what words to use. richard: wednesday morning residents had these anti-semitic leaflets in their driveways. >> i was shocked. richard: much of what is on the pages is unsuitable for tv. >> the flyer is loaded with lies and distortions. i'm just very surprised. richard: the police believe they may have identified who has done this. in orderly man riding a bicycle dropped off the flyers like a paper route. -- an elderly man riding a bicycle dropped off the flyers like a paper route. she is outraged for a personal reason. >> my father escaped nazi germany when he was 13. richard: there is another wrinkle involved. >> it is covered under free
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speech. it has not risen to criminality. richard: the authorities will meet with the person involved in discuss the issue. this woman never wants to see this again. >> you would think in this day and age you would not be dealing with this. richard: the police believe they may know who has done this described as an elderly man who may have mental issues. the authorities do want to speak with him. they also save you find leaflets like this in your neighborhood they would like to hear from you. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: an inmate escape and manhunt captivated the region in march. the police say the man has been indicted. the overpowered a guard while being treated at innova fairfax. he was later captured in d.c. today's indictment, 16 charges, including bank robbery burglary, assault, and kidnapping.
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he is facing life in prison if convicted on all counsel stop two women will be sentenced in august after pleading guilty to murdering a man in a posh d.c. hotel. today, gallmon plug guilty to killing david messerschmitt. johnson pled guilty to conspiracy. it was a plan robbery that went wrong. a trial date has been set for a bloody arrest that made national headlines. martese johnson was put to the ground after being denied access to a charlottesville bar on saint patrick's day. he is facing misdemeanor charges for that incident. the trial is set for'll be serving as an intern on capitol hill. still ahead -- a former speaker of the house indicted on criminal charges. what dennis hastert is accused of doing. plus, the fbi investigating.
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leon: two more bodies have been
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recovered in texas. the death toll from the flooding stands at 23. at least 15 people are missing. search efforts could be complicated with more rain. relatives are still holding out hope their loved ones could be found. >> we must focus on finding those who are still missing. as importantly, pray for the living whose hearts are broken. leon: about 60 mavs southwest of houston, hundreds of residents are being evacuated because of possible flooding. the colorado river is expected to rise six feet before cresting late tomorrow or saturday. a former u.s. house speaker facing charges, dennis hastert is accused of lying to the fbi. investigators say over four years, hastert withdrew nearly $2 million of cash from various bank accounts, giving them to a
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person only described as individual "a." hastert is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and jail time. a surgical device is suspected of supporting cancer. it was used to treat fibroids. doctors now say cancer was hidden in the tumors -- if cancer was hidden in the tumors, the device could have spread through the body or worsened the disease. the fbi is investigating the use of the device. it was pulled off the market last year. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. a new work for amazon prime members, free same-day delivery to subscribers in certain cities. you will get your order by 9 p.m. if you order by. it is currently available in baltimore and washington, d.c. steve: not bad, i like it.
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leon: i've never used it, i couldn't tell you. can un-deliver something? steve: monday it will feel more like late april instead of early may. leon: the heat is not so bad, but the humidity is awful. steve: five days this month of 90 degrees or better already. 92 degrees with the high this afternoon. the heat index made it feel hotter. the average this time of year should be in the upper 70's. we will be a lot cooler monday i promise. sunset getting longer and longer, now about 8:30. 77 at reagan national, the wind out of the southwest at five. the dew point level makes it feel soupy and sticky, 70 degrees, upper 60's, lower 70's is when it is uncomfortable. hopefully we dry out early early next week.
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70 frederick, 74 hagerstown, 72 winchester. cooler off to the west. further south, fredericksburg hanging out at 76. southern maryland, lexington park 73 degrees. doppler radar can have your showers and thunderstorms moved across old town alexandria, oxon e's county this afternoon. everything is cleared out nicely, dry the rest of the overnight. the temperatures fall just a bit. 64 to 70 the low, partly cloudy, warm and humid. not a lot of relief, not a lot of wind out of the northeast at five. moving through the day tomorrow, pop-up showers. you may hear some thunder tomorrow afternoon, similar to today, hit or miss. well off to the west, the next big weather maker, a cold front will take its time moving closer to the mid-atlantic. it will not happen until during the day sunday.
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once this moves through, cooler air funnels and from the north and west. we are talking daytime highs monday in washington of only upper 60's. we stay in the 60's tuesday. 85 degrees the high tomorrow. during the morning, you will need sunglasses. late afternoon, you may need the umbrella be on the lookout for heavier downpours and thunderstorms. the wind out of the southeast at five to 10. hot and humid, saturday and sunday, a chance of a passing showers saturday. it will be limited to just a 20% risk. the high around 90 degrees. little lady sunday. it will take about 12 hours once the front moves through for the cooler air to arrive. monday, 67 degrees. 69 tuesday middle 70's wednesday, upper 70's thursday. tim: i always love how happy you are when you do the weather. steve: i'm smiling. leon: can i be the translator?
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it's only because he does not trust him. tim: the redskins add two. rg iii says he is ready for more. sports is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: jayson werth, we all knew he was on the 15-day disabled list but it is reported he had a cat scan that revealed fractures in his wrist. he could miss two months. he could be back in august, but this is not good news for the nationals. the national start their we can set against the reds in cincinnati tomorrow. baltimore, the orioles-white sox
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pulling a makeup game, boned by the riots. bounces over the wall, double.1-0 orioles. sixth inning, travis snider lines one. that makes it 5-3. the orioles win 6-3. in the first game, the story was chicago pitcher sale, practically untouchable, giving up only four hits, no walks. the birds never got anything going and chicago took game one, 3-2. the redskins signed two new cornervbacks today. then the skins close down the ota's. jim gruden continues to have competition to change the culture. the organization knows that the record has been trouble, the list of coaches continues to increase, but the young coaches
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not jaded and if you believe them now, he is willing to change. robert: i'm not going to just be a drop-back pass or, what if coach gruden asks me to be a drop-back passer, my job is to make sure i can be. if they asked me to make spectacular plays which they never will -- but if it presents itself, have to be able to do that as well and be the athlete i can. it's my job, my duty to do it. tim: the quarterback who threw for over 2000 yards at oklahoma state will play for maryland next fall. he graduates this bring, has a year of eligibility left, and will play immediately for maryland. a couple from portland michigan, playing golf last sunday when they had back-to-back: ones. yes, there were witnesses.
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the odds of that happening, 26 million to 1. leon: that's being generous. tim: the odds are astronomical. leon: how many beers? we need video evidence. tim: i'm with you. leon: the winner of the national spelling bee was crowned tonight.
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leon: d.c. police still searching for suspects from a deadly shooting tied with road rage. also two women plead guilty to the murder of a d.c. lawyer at the donovan hotel. and the chances of storms tomorrow. although stories at for the second year in a row, the scripps national spelling bee has co-champions. >> scherenschnitte. >> correct. >> nunatak. leon: would love to get the definition of those.
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[laughter] leon: vanya shivashankar and gokul ventkatachalam each get $35,000, to go along with the prizes.
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leon: find a look at the forecast. steve: tomorrow, hot and humid near 85 degrees. the heat and humidity, but not as many torms, saturday will be the day. sunday, the cold front moves through, much cooler monday. it will be near 70 tuesday. big changes. leon: one more night.
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dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- mariah carey, and from "san andreas", alexandra daddario, with cleto and the cletones, now, just relax, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you for watching.


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