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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: hit by a bullet on the morning commute. the search for the shooter. plus -- a former substitute teacher sentenced to prison. and flooding at the convention center. >> it's always like a feeling of adrenaline. leon: we take you there, next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 am on
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your side. leon: he was struck by a bullet on a d.c. highway during the morning rush. now he is out of the hospital, but whoever fired the gun is still on the loose. tom roussey has the developments in the investigation and a look at with the victim is saying about what happened. tom? tom: there were a number of people in that car when the gunshots occurred. the victim said he does not know who they are why he was targeted. the bullet still lodged in his neck, the victim survived thursday morning shooting is out of the hospital. the suspect still on the loose we are hiding his identity to protect him. "i feel very upset because of the loss of my brother-in-law and the bullet i have in me and the family is very upset, too." the man with him in the car was pedro alvarado, who leaves behind three daughters and a son.
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" his 12-year-old boy cannot talk to anybody because he does not have the words." the surviving victim said on 295, they noticed a car behaving strangely, at times passing them very fast, and other times going very slow behind them. "it was without malice, without anything." then near the naval research lab, the car got behind them a final time. "my brother-in-law said, here comes the car. once he said that, the shots began." the victim has no idea who the suspects are or why they were targeted, but this was a tragedy. "it touches my heart that he leaves many grieving family members, many children without a father." the doctors left the bullet in his neck because they are scared if they take it out they will cut a nerve.
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at this hour, there have been no arrests in the shooting. reporting from the satellite center, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: a traffic alert this weekend. the national park service has shut down a second lane on the memorial bridge. for buses and heavy vehicles are now and over concerns of corrosion. changes could stay in effect several months. the memorial bridge is totally funded by the federal government and the cost replace it is a quarter billion dollars. prison time for a former substitute teacher in montgomery county. jose pineda pled guilty to fondling three 12-year-old girls. roz plater said is causing changes. roz: victim "d" is 23 and finally getting justice for a crime dating back 10 years. >> i think god that finally
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after all these years, i'm happy about that justice was served. roz: one time montgomery county substitute teacher jose pineda will spend five years behind bars, than five years probation. he was accused of fondling three 12-year-old girls in separate incidents in clouded classrooms. victim "d" said he did the same thing to her in 2004. she reported the incident, but pineda stayed on the job in the complaint was never turned over to the police. when he was arrested last fall, the case prompted change in school policy. >> we owe a great debt of gratitude to our most recent victim, for her courage. that case has caused a monumental shift in the way the school system deals with these issues. roz: a spokesperson said they sought input from police and prosecutors on a new zero tower lights -- zero tolerance policy,
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saying that if any staff member becomes knowledgeable of child abuse or neglect, they are to reported immediately to the authorities. nothing less than that is unacceptable. there is an outside agency to monitor how the school system handles the cases. as the prosecutors said, it is a monumental shift in how they deal with this. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: in prince william county, a four-month operation ends with a big drug bust. the investigation focused on young people, including several teenagers. detectives uncovered dealings of cocaine, prescription drugs, and marijuana. we are putting the mugshots and suspect details on a d.c. man indicted on new charges of making terror threats to the metro system. he was arrested wednesday. today's indictment includes 10
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counts of making terrorist threats. coleman previously appeared on an mtv reality show. his hearing is june 2. former maryland governor martin o'malley is set to run for the white house, expected to make the official announcement in baltimore tomorrow, expected to draw protests about the police custody death of freddie gray. stay with us for continuing coverage of o'malley's announcement. a new twist after the indictment of a former house speaker. sources say that dennis hastert was paying a former student to keep quiet about sexual misconduct allegations. the republican was a teacher and wrestling coach from 1965 until 1981. he was indicted yesterday. federal investigators say he lied to the fbi about millions of dollars used in the alleged cover-up. turning to the forecast, more heat and humidity, but there is a chance of storms before the end of the weekend. steve rudin is here now to give us the update. steve: another hot day tomorrow,
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but they showers and thunderstorms from earlier this evening are out of the way. abc 7 live doppler radar scanning the skies, it is dry, partly to mostly cloudy overnight. the forecast tomorrow, if you like the heat and humidity tomorrow is your day. we are talking highs in the upper 80's, near 90 degrees. a cold front is on the way. i will give you the timing of when we will see showers and thunderstorms return plus a big down. all of that coming up. leon: developing now rainfall record set in texas. the national weather service says more than 16 inches of rain have fallen in dallas this month. a series of storms left 27 dead in texas and oklahoma. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed. they are bracing for even more rain coming this weekend. fifa's president will be back for a fifth term despite corruption scandals.
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he was reelected today, despite the indictment of several people , officials, for taking bribes for where the world cup will be held. blotter himself was not indicted, but critics say that he was responsible for some of this problem. sci-fi fans converging on the d.c. convention center. william shatner and others are on hand for the convention. richard reeve is live with a look at the weekend. rich? richard: out here in the real world, it is hot and humid traffic back there, but in the convention center, it was a whole other universe. >> "star trek" and others explore the idea of sciences. richard: some say it is revenge of the nerds. this final frontier -- >> >> goosebumps, shivers.
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richard: is much more than a comic book convention. with 50,000 people attending awesome con may be the world's largest costume party. >> conventions used to be nerds dressed in stark trek clothing. richard: william shatner captain james p kerr, signing autographs. >> it says enjoy free thinking stories, enjoy the power of your imagination. richard: and so do the fans, got two pictures ended autograph for $150. >> i have the original tv series, the motion pictures. richard: whether you are looking for a particle throw were, or something more exotic -- >> just being somebody else for a while. richard: superhero, or super
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villain, it is all in the details. >> if anything, it's almost like being a celebrity. richard: captain kirk and company will be in town the next day or so until they being back to hollywood. we are wondering, are the star phones? don't they look a little like pagers? leon: you can put your costume back on and go back inside. [laughter] leon: "house of cards" fans, a casting call in annapolis. this will be from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. go there and show up in your best costume. tonight, i was master of ceremonies for a model of excellence dinner. it honors and african-american who is an example for the youth they serve. tonight, they honored somebody
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for their impact on the middle school. an incredible life all stop the learning center is a faith-based organization with academics, recreational, and cultural activities. one of my favorite groups to work with over the years. still ahead, the nationals in ohio tonight. stephen strasburg left the game early again. an update on his condition and highlights in sports. and saying goodbye to a legend. how do you do it? we will figure it out. a special look at tim brant's career.
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leon: we are in the summer pattern. steve: we are, tomorrow the heat and humidity. friday evening, 87 degrees at
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reagan national earlier today. 79 is the average this time of year 98 the record back in 1991. the daylight hours are getting longer. 78 right now at 11:00, the wind out of the south humidity not so bad, the dew point level in the upper 60's. we keep it that way, which is why it will feel hot and humid. slowly cooling, 72 gaithersburg, 69 dulles, winchester 72 71 martinsburg. it will be mild overnight. showers and storms this evening fizzled out. southern montgomery county at 8:00, 9:00 this evening, they lifted north. the sunshine went down and everything went away. the wider view, showers and thunderstorms continue well to the west. this is part of a cold front that will slowly, slowly moved to the east during the day tomorrow arriving sunday.
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that will bring the next best chance of showers and storms. tonight, 68 degrees overnight, partly cloudy skies. the wind out of the south that five. the approaching cold front during the day sunday. once this moves through, it stalls across the mid-atlantic. unsettled weather sunday afternoon and sunday evening but also monday, with temperatures a lot cooler, only of the 70's the daytime highs. tomorrow, hot and humid. the temperatures near 90 degrees, lots of sunshine, the wind out of the south at 10 to 15. the beach forecast open -- ocean city robust, bethany chances of storms on sunday. the outer banks of north carolina, very nice. 88 sunday. middle 70's and storms monday. a break tuesday, upper 70's. we stay in the upper 70's
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wednesday, lower 80's thursday and friday. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: baseball, the nats rode into cincinnati with a boatload of momentum. the great american ballpark stephen strasburg on the hill. he has the worst numbers in the national league and he faced only five batters. tightness in his trap muscle, the trainers came. the tightness in the upper back will be checked tomorrow. stras has not finished four innings in four of the last five games. todd frazier, in his wheelhouse, goodbye. the tape measure shot, upper deck ballgame, the reds win 5-2. stephen: trying to go up there and work through it and help the team win. it's just something i've got to pull through and ride it out and
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know that it will get better eventually. tim: baltimore rays-orioles. j.j. hardy singles to left. cabrera scores 2-1 orioles. ain't the beer cold. the maryland baseball team beat ole miss, took them behind the woodshed, beating the rebels 10-1. way to go to eric and of virginia took care of usc. look at this catch. are you kidding me? great catch, but it was downhill from there. the cavaliers beat the men of troy, 6-1. the play of the nikon indiana -- the play of the night indiana, strike three. runner trying to steal second, outnumbered two. the runner at third breaks for
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home. he is caught in the pedal. the catcher runs him down. completes the phenomenal triple play. indiana wins, 7-1. hockey fans, madison square garden game seven, tampa on the attack. scroll is game. start the bus, the light is on. tampa is going to the finals. they beat the rangers and advanced to the stanley cup finals. and this is my final night at abc 7. i just want to say thanks. it has been a great run. leave me, i appreciate you and i always will. leon: not nearly as much as we appreciate you, brother. tim: i love you. leon: stay right there because we are going to stay -- say farewell to this great man who sits next to me. oh, that's tim, sorry. our salute
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leon: it is emotional moment
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here in the studio. one of the toughest i've had on the set. saying goodbye to sports director tim brant today. today we shared some laughter. we gathered as he moves on to a new chapter in his life. before he moves on, we wanted to look back. >> tim brant, only on abc 7. leon: tim grew up playing sports in washington, then he grew up to cover washington sports at wjla. tim: with me as john riggins. from new orleans, tim brant, news 7. leon: before making his mark is a renowned network announcer. in 2004, tim came home to abc 7. even though if you think about a coming never really left. >> tim brant, think for all the years of us watching you. for being here. >> nobody is finer than timmy
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brant. i wish you all the luck in the future. >> tim just thanks. it's been great and am sure i will see you on the golf leon: tim's energy enthusiasm -- [laughter] leon: his love of sports and life and people, well, he brought all of the above every day. tim: hello again, everybody, and welcome to print stadium. leon: washington sports would not be washington sports without tim brant. and take it from me, abc 7 will not be the same without him. tim: so long come everybody, and have a good season. i'm ready to move on. this is not the first change in my life. i'm excited. i'm really excited. leon: we're happy that you are excited, but we also have to say, man, this is a day i never
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wanted to see. you and i came in almost together, a couple months to within each other. i don't think i've ever had a moment on the set next you where i was not just proud. i had never worked with a guy who was a better teammate, a better man, a good guy. tim: you know i love you. leon: you're the best, man. tim: no, you are the best. let me tell this to the viewers if i can. i'm not retiring, i'm still calling games. i've already told everybody i love them. i want to say this one more time to you, thank you. take you for all your support. thanks for your well wishes. and for most of all leading me into your home and join your family all those many years. as you know, i was born and raised right here in washington, d.c. more than 40 years on the air. believe me when i say thank you. i mean it, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. and i always end the show like
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this and to bless me what does that mean. that means, janet, i love you, i'm coming home. that's my wife, in case you need to know. a lot of the lady say, you know, i'm right here. i said, no, i'm on abc seven. she is picking me up. she is right outside the door. leon: the saddest thing about this is folks will never know what happens between commercial breaks. that was a whole other show. tim: it was x-rated. leon: i love you, brother. tim: i love you, too.
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[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [cro cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪ steve: final look at the
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weather, temperatures near 90 degrees tomorrow, upper 80's sunday. monday tim, not the best golf day, lower 70's. upper 70's tuesday and wednesday. as we head out all you have to do is look up like that and i would literally start to laugh. leon: every night when folks were wondering why steve was doing that during the forecast, it was because of this. tim: you are the best, and i mean it. steve: you are the best. leon: let's get out of here. may 29, i'm going to black that out of my calendar from here on out. tim: love you. leon: that is it for us. jimmy kimmel live is next. when you see him on the golf course, give them a couple strokes, he needs it. tim: i challenged him. leon: one more to jan
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♪ dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from “pitch perfect 2”, brittany snow. and mash up monday with imagine reo speedragons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, all of a sudden, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice.


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