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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to plead guilty to child born. also, the fda approving the female viagra. and storms on the radar the next few days. all of that and more at . a story that will warm your heart. --rolled eli bell from ohio eight-year-old eli bell was born without ears. after years of multiple surgeries, he has ears of his owns. leon: a former cop charged with doctors harvested cartilage from his rib and then shaped them into ears. an explosion at a federal lab. ignite you is that he was he is most excited to show off his new look at school. attempting to manufacture methamphetamine. he said, "i like being leon: why he said he did it may different." surprise you. ♪ what triggered gunfire with a 12-year-old. >> we will keep coming on tragedies like this. plus, apparently ready to
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♪ plead guilty to child born charges. at a holiday tradition. a display endangered, next. news, this is a (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. breaking news alert. (dad) she's all yours. news, a mother (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, has just died after a triple shooting. a subaru. a 12-year-old boy and a teenager also suffered gunshot wounds in southeast. now an urgent plea coming from the police. toy say that it is time crack down on illegal firearms in the district. richard reeve has the investigation happening now. richard, what can you tell us? , moments ago we got were the woman died of her injuries. a 31-year-old. for accused killer is a juvenile is new is believed to have used an illegal handgun. -- her killer is a juvenile who
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was believed to have used an illegal handgun. currently, the shooting happened at about 3:45 this afternoon. the police say that a 17-year-old came to that apartment with a gun. we don't know what happened inside. it was a chaotic day. it was a sadly familiar scene. >> i cannot even think straight. this is unbelievable. richard: with a frightening twist. >> when children have access to firearms, bad things happen. richard: victims, a woman in her two boys. the police were called to 13 and savanna for a report of a gunfire in an apartment. 17-year-old came to the apartment with a gun. the 17-year-old was shot in the abdomen, the 12-year-old shot in the arm. thestigators say
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17-year-old and a 12-year-old coming? brian: the next few days, don't had been in a dispute earlier in the day. it ended in that apartment. chief lanier: when people say forget your umbrella, scattered showers tomorrow and thursday. what is driving the spike in theld dry out in time for violence and homicides, it is illegal firearms in a and in the weekend, partly sunny skies and hands of the wrong people. cooler conditions for the a $1000 the city has weekend. kimmel live is next. have a good night. do you like the passaaadd? reward for information about illegal guns. >> once upon a time there were boys clubs in every team unity. kids carrying guns, why are we so angry at each other? what is going on? this has to stop. richard: this case even more poignant, the 31-year-old woman dead, her accused killer a juvenile who had an illegal gun, charged with murder while armed. live from d.c. police headquarters, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: more breaking news now,
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d.c. police investigating the latesticide, shooting just before 5:00 this afternoon in the 2700 block of 17th street northeast. the victim was 23-year-old william connolly. d.c. police are also investigating deadly gunfire outside of a church that happened just after noon in front of st. luke's in southeast. the victim has been identified as 21-year-old jenkins. no arrests have been made in that case. drug activity triggers an explosion in a federal laboratory. now a former police officer is facing charges, tonight defending his actions. there is a surprising reason why he said he did it. tom roussey spoke with the suspect hospital attorney. tom? secludednd me is a southern part of the giant nist
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campus in gaithersburg. the attorney for the man accused the explosion is pleading guilty with an explanation. what happened a month ago stunned nearby residents, a saturday night explosion caused by some but he make methamphetamine on federal property. >> he acknowledges he was attempting to manufacture methamphetamine. tom: the attorney said that his it's a good looking car. client, christopher bartley, was this is the model rear end eve. not trying to make meth for what the model year end sales event. you might think. >> he tried to make it and was it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. not successful. he was the acting chief of talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? the national institute of standards and technology police new, or many miles on it? force which protects this get a $1000 volkswagen reward rd gaithersburg campus. tley did a lot of training on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month ter a 000 nus. programs and decided to teach officers about meth by trying to make it. an authorized training
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program. he was going to teach officers what it was about in terms of substances to make it. tom: the attempt caused an explosion, leading to the investigation taken over by the fbi. the attorney said that his client, bartley, intends to plead guilty at a hearing in greenbelt scheduled friday. he could potentially be looking at present time. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. scattered rain and storms tonight, and the unsettled weather will stick around. >> announcer: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! brian van de tonight johnny knoxvill, from graaff has a look at what to expect when we wake up. brian: tomorrow, i think will be the golden state warriors, stephen curry, and music from dry, isolated showers. showers will develop the next kelly clarkson, with cleto and few days. the cletones and now, here's the belfort furniture weather center, muggy 79 degrees jimmy kimmel! downtown, low 70's of the
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suburbs. , mild, mostly cloudy skies. showers are moving in. we will dive into the forecast coming up. custody forple in ♪ having a distributing nitrous [cheers and applause] oxide, also known as hippie crack. the police seized 32 tanks of the substance and a large amount >> jimmy: hi there, i'm jimmy, of cash. they believe the group travels the east coast, peddling the drug at concerts. none of the suspects are from the d.c. area. george's county police without pay to make, arrested on two counts of assault and one count of child abuse. the chief said, "the allegations arenst corporal moore troubling. officers are expected to behave in a professional manner on an off-duty. an officer breaks the law, he will be held accountable." holiday spectacle may
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have gone up in smoke, fire ripping through a centreville neighborhood over the weekend, destroying a storage shed with christmas displays. it was just moments away from destroying a home. now the owner is scrambling to figure out if he can replace the 25 thousand dollars worth of lights in time for the holidays. jay korff has what happens next. firethe homeowner tells me from a fire pit next-door spread to his property of the weekend, birding not one shed but two. inside the sheds, extremely valuable hundreds of christmas decorations, including the santa railroad. it looks fine on one side, but the other side is a melted mess. 3:00 a.m. saturday, kelly captured the horror on camera. >> it was small when i walked
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by. jay: he watched the fire destroyed part of his neighbors prized collection of christmas decorations. is now uselessrd pile of charred sheds, twisted wire, and disfigured figurines. he said the fire hit while he was on vacation, the flames so hot that his vinyl siding melted. been home,e had not it would have been gone. third, lost about one $25,000, of a stockpile. the last 17 years, his elaborate andup of 40,000 lights hundreds of decorations has delighted countless passersby. he also uses this spectacular show to collect for the needy. >> i have a wife that lets me get away with doing this. ,t is hard to go back and say
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can i do it again? centreville hope that santa's house opens again this christmas. >> is it worth it? i hope so. ritter have great news, says that his insurance company has come through. christmas will be on full blast this holiday season. leon: hard to believe after looking at that pile, that is good news. today, a law has been revealed, frederick county's english as an official language law is no longer. theould have required english-language. opponents say that encouraged intolerance. supporters say it was a money-saving measure. tonight, the county voted officially to repeal it. the final tally was 4-3. history made by the obama
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administration, the white house up think the first openly transgender white house staff member. they will serve as an outreach and recruitment director at the white house. to open up its elite field teams to women. the navy's cheap operational officer says anybody who can meet the seal's rigorous standards will be accepted. the announcement comes days before two soldiers are set to become the first woman to graduate from the army's elite ranger school. be about toe may plead guilty to a very serious crime. the fda,pproval by when female viagra could be hitting store shelves. and sensitive private information posted online.
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leon: former subway pitch man jared fogle is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. ago, authorities
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seized computers and other items from his home. the sandwich chain cut its ties with him. earlier this week, they arrest the head of his anti-obesity foundation member for child born charges. fda,e decision from the the agency has approved a bill known as female viagra. first --e bill is the thelittle pink bill is first for females. with insurance it could cost $70 per bottle, which is about the same as viagra. target will have to pay up for the massive data breach. they have reached a deal with visa to settle claims from the 2013 attack. it is reportedly worth a total of $67 million. neither company would comment on the specific amount. hackers made good on what could
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be a very embarrassing threat, information stolen from cheating website ashley madison posted online today. the website is designed for cheaters, act about a month ago. now sensitive information has been posted, available on the dark web, meaning it can only be viewed in a special browser. gm may be the first u.s. car outside build a of the u.s. sold in the u.s. general motors will build a shipping it china, back to the u.s. as early as next year. gm is not confirming nor denying. the obama administration working on a deal to restore commercial airline service between the u.s. and cuba by the end of the year. can grantent exemptions to the travel ban imposed by congress decades ago.
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they said they will offer charter flights beginning december 12. american has offered charter service for miami and tampa to cuba since 1991. brian: cuban cigars, bad or good? leon: i think we are about to find out. robertbrian: we will talk about. it is muggy and nasty. the weekend has a lot of promise. leon: you better make good on the promise. brian: it has been a very calm season with tropical storms. we have tropical storm danny, 1500 miles east of the lesser antilles. miles perare about 50 hour with wind gusts in the 60's, moving to the west at 12 miles per hour. that will intensify the next several days.
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the latest update from the national hurricane center said it will be category one by late in the week. category, possibly a two storm, still not quite in the caribbean. this bears close watching because of this intensifies it will track due west and curve up to the northeast, the bahamas, the eastern u.s. it is too early to tell. we will spend the next couple the watching this, allowing hurricane hunters to fly through for data. 87 is the typical high this time of year. we were hotter than normal, record was 98 in 2002. it was not quite as bad as yesterday. at 7:59, sunrise at 6:29. 77 downtown, still muggy. 70's martinsburg 72, 73 manassas, dulles 75, annapolis
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78. most of us in the 70's, muggy. the real action has been in the upper midwest, chicago, western indianapolis, down to st. louis, there is a cold front moving eastward. that will help bring us a better shot of showers and storms tomorrow, especially midday and afternoon, and again thursday. the moisture pumping in, storms developing. the next two days, do not leave home without the umbrella because you will need a. think friday it's perfect. the question is happily this will move out. rain lingering early morning friday come up behind at a big-time improvement. hot and humid with scattered showers the next couple days. friday, saturday, sunday, all looking dry, 70's and 80's. a nice stretch. that.we will take
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the redskins getting ready for some competition and settling controversy at the same time. robert: a lot of cleanup involved. , after practice today, why he says he is not apologizing.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: sunday, rg iii told abc seven he thinks he is the best quarterback in the league. you could also argue he is the best in getting in trouble with the media. contrary to reports, the redskins do not plan to limit access to rg iii. today, robert responded to yesterday's firestorm. robert: i know what i meant. everyone in this circle knows what i meant.
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it's unfortunate my name keeps getting used for headlines. but i know what a want to be, i know what i strive to be, and i'm not going to make any apologies for that. that's all i have to say. robert: i think it is time for the season to start. a fight broke out for the third time between the dallas cowboys-st. louis rams practice this afternoon. tension had been building with and others bryant but involved in scuffles, and it happened again. actuallyay this brawl made its way to the fans. no reports of injuries. the good news is they don't play during the season. nats-rockies tonight. after dropping six straight it has been a long road. to colorado, sixth inning, the nationals have the lead. not for long. kyle parker at the plate for the rockies, solo shot to left.
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rockies tie it at 6-6. inht now the nats lead 7-6 the eighth inning. nats hoping for some help tonight from the orioles. that did not happen. curtis granderson smacks his second home run. mets beat the orioles, 5-3. fastball, change of, curve, whatever decision this little made, shakingdpitcher this off confidently, but may not have been a good decision because that was a homer. he shakes it off like it's nothing. a couple of high school football players thought it would be great to try this. jenkins used his teammate's head is a placeholder for the ball.
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kicks a 51 yard field goal. he nails it, and now he is an internet sensation. afterwards he said, "i was not worried." yeah, right. back to the fight, reports say that does bryant -- dez bryant took a punch to the face. think it is time for the season to start. leon: let's get it going. up, a little boy from ohio eight years old spent his entire life without ears. now we surgery gives him a new life.
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leon: jared from subway expected
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