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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 19, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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police revealed the primary suspect in the bombing may have had help. here's abc's terry moran. >> that is the prime suspect authorities say, the man there in that yellow t-shirt, a whole city horrifieses an he's caught on camera at the moment he's committing mass murder. arriving on the scene with a backpack, he sits down and removes the pack. then you see him leaving without it. shortly after, the blast. this new video showing the incident from a walkway just bob the scene. then just as calm was returning in the city, another explosion in the water there just a few feet from a busy pedestrian bridge. police say it was a bomb. tnt and ball bearings stuffed into a pipe exactly like the one downtown. no one injured that the bridge. now a nationwide manhunt is on. police scouring the scene for clues using sniffer dogs to find
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traces of explosives while grieving bangkok residents stop to leave flowers, light candles and pray. bangkok is reeling and even though there has been political unrest there recently, authorities still have no dale yet who is behind these bombings or if more are coming. terry moran, abc news, london. the numbers sum up what difficult conditions firefighters across the west are facing. 90 large wildfires are burning there. they have burned 1500 square miles in the last two weeks. some of the most serious fires burning around central washington. and in idaho, the fire conditions are said to be the worst since the 1920s prfd in today's forecast, more heat and windy conditions for the firefighters up in the northwest. heavy rain from the gulf coast into pl and the carolinas. october-like in the upper midwest. the heat wave goes on into another day in the northeast. >> 90s in portland, seattle and
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dallas. 80s in boston, detroit and atlanta. 70s in l.a., kansas city, and chicago. 62 minneapolis and 107, that's a scorcher, in phoenix. well, the world tango tournament is now under way are else, buenos aires. that's the birthplace of the sexy dance. >> where else. more than 700 couples from 43 countries are showing off their best moves in the competition's qualifying rounds in front of thousands of fans who flock to the city every year for this contest. >> the dancer actually compete in two categories. first is the most traditional flor tango. when they move onto the more theatrical the stage category before the finals which take place next week. looks fun. >> it does. coming up, one woman's lesson about over exposure to the sun and how she's coping. >> the latest trend in healthy beverages called fat water. you might be surprised to hear that it could help you lose weight. and later -- >> the giz whiz from cool
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and even the "athlete's foot fungus" killer. discover more ways you can use lysol disinfectant spray to help keep your home healthier. this is cutting edge surgery in ohio for an 8-year-old boy born with no outer ears. doctors custom built new ears for ellie bell crafted from the cartilage in his rib cage. he has no ear canal but he can hear normally thanks to a device worn around his head. >> a new warning now about what seems to be a typical sunburn gone horribly wrong. >> scientists say for some people making one wrong move can lead to permanent scarring. >> fr skinned kaitlyn is always careful in the sun with big hats and vats of sunscreen. >> my skin reacts in the sun
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very poorly. i can feel sizzling within ten minutes. >> the one day she didn't reapply sun bloc, her face was permanently damaged her complexion going from this to there for a few hours without sunscreen. >> it was a typical sunburn. it wasn't eecially bad. it didn't like a third degree burn. as the weeks wore on, i realized that this mark around my eyes from my sunglasses wasn't going away. >> it's called mess las ma that causeddy coloration of the skin. dr. david colbert says kaitlyn is an ideal candidate for it. what hut her at risk? her fair skinned irish complexion, lack of sun bloc that day and surprisingly her birth control pill. >> the estrogen that she was on can actually make the pigmentation after a sunburn much worse than it would have been. it played a role in the darkening of the skin after her sunburn. >> it's now been two years since
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the burn and while kaitlyn has tried a number of treatments she's stuck with the discolorati discoloration. >> i was surprised that it only takes one day, one afternoon, one really bad sunburn to damage your skin. >> surprised to learn birth control has an affect there. >> i didn't know that either. a lot of times i think i'm darker and sometimes i go out in the sun and don't use sunscreen. people say even if you're darker you can run the risk of some sort of skin damage. >> i'm in the same boat. we tend to not. we're affected too. coming up, the most wonderful time of the year for parents. >> whoo. >> back to school time. >> can we get an amen? why am i the only one applauding? >> because i don't have kids. >> great new gadgets to send the kids off in style and keep them safe. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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♪ it is that time of year again. back to school time. and no better way to get ready than to welcome in our friend dick debartolo from what cool products coming up this year? >> you want to have a backpack if you want to be really different, captain america.
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yes, this is. >> look at that. >> an actual backpack. this is an original from think geek. it actually is a backpack in here. there's a place for you're electronics. all padded. and you will look -- >> it's amazing. isn't it? that's one way to go. >> shield you from spitballs and whatever else might come your way. >> for the younger kids here, we have rocket raccoon. he's from guardians of the galaxy. >> best character in that entire movie. >> isn't he great? he is a backpack also. also thing geek original. juice in the box instead of throwing a box out every day, making waste, juice in the box, fill this up from a giant bottle of juice. even if it turns upside down in the backpack it doesn't spill out and comes from in many colors. >> that's awesome, too. as much as we like the capri suns growing up, it was hard to
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open. it would getter from and you would squeeze half of it out. >> this has a built in straw. this is kind of neat. simple sheets, a woman goes to college to visit her son. he's never changed had his sheets. she goes what? ma, it's too hard to change sheets. >> that's gross but normal story. >> here we go. there's simple sheets. here's the little story. >> it includes a quality fitted sheet that you never have to change. it's sized specifically for standard dorm beds. on top of the of fitted sheet secured with velcro is a strip sheet. when it gets dirty, toss it in the laundry and replace it with your second sheet. it includes a handy side pocket. >> genius. >> i like the thick there's even the pocket for electronics. >> they said that is specifically for dorm room mattress size. >> measured for dorms and so you tear off that sheet. throw it in the laundromat and there's a second sheet in there
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just smooth it on. >> hopefully that catches on becaused that be genius. queen size, king size, no matter what it may be. >> i would do that. >> how difficult it is to get it off, fold it, and all that. >> i would do that. quick lock. this can't be picked because there's no keyhole. so quick lock you can open it with a bluetooth phone. don't have a bluetooth phone, push this button. there's a blinking blue light. you use this can go on your keychain. bring it over. it's a solid blue light. it's unlocked. you can unlock it with a card. you can even unlock it with an optional ring. you just walk up to it and unlock it. >> with the ring right there? >> with the ring or your phone, your bluetooth phone. >> no more forgetting your combination. >> exactly or leaving -- even if you don't have a bluetooth phone, you do this. finally for the dorm, this is a great little three-way security thing. this goes under the door. we have the shutoff. if the door starts to open, this pushes down, sounds off a huge alarm. and then it won't slide back
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because there are pads here. keeps the door from opening. >> wengs right underneath. this can go on the door also. you can set it during the day just as a chime so that you know someone came in the door. that can work on a window also. and this little guy is a flashlight. led flashlight. if you feel threatened pull this out. 115 decibel alarm so you can attract attention and hopefully scare off anybody you feel threatened by. >> these are good for not only the dorm room but you could use that anywhere. this product. it's very cheap. this product right here? >> the list price is $25. i saw it on amazon for about 15 bucks. all three things. >> sounds like a great deal. thanks again. thanks, dick. to get more details on all the wonderful products, visit giz or we'll be right back with more of "world news now."
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♪ many weight loss experts have touted water as a way to slim down. why would anyone want to add fat to water? >> i don't get this. it's called fat water. it's on the market. it has us wondering how do you lose all that weight? rachel smith explains. >> reporter: oil and vinegar, sugar and cream. some things just mix well together. but fat and water? that's right. it's called fat water. the new drink and mixture of h 2 o. teeny droplets of coconut oil,
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natural flavoring and vitamins. it's created by the same company who brewed up bulletproof coffee. a 460 calorie cup of joe made with low toxin coffee, unsalted grass fed butter and coconut oil. according to creator dave asbury, fat water will leave you feeling hydrated, energized and may even suppress your appetite. >> this is a new category. this hasn't been done before. >> he says while there is no specific study highlighting the benefits of fat water, he tells us research into this type of oil shows it can have fat burning capabilities. >> we take fresh coconut oil and remove only about 15% of that oil, the 15% that is documented to have these biological effects in humans. >> reporter: according to its website, the coconut oil fats in the water are quickly absorbed by the body and turned into energy. faster than drinks with sugar like coconut water or sports drinks. any leftover energy is excreted
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rather than stored as fat. the beverage, which costs around $3.95 a bottle, boasts 20 calories and two grams of saturated an fat. some nutritionists say that might not be enough fat to have an impact on the body. >> it is substantially lower than what the average person might add to a meal to increase absorbability of different nutrients. >> reporter: for now, fat water is treading lightly, selling their product in only a few los angeles retailers and online. but asbury says he has plans to take his one-of-a-kind water mainstream. rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. might work, but the name's not too appealing >> that's true. get rid of the name. that's the news for this half hour. >> see you in a bit.
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this morning on "world news now," demanding answers from hillary clinton. >> the heated exchange between the democratic front-runner and a fox news reporter. the tough questions and why clinton turned and walked away. extreme conditions from a severe weather system sweeping the country and in the windy west where firefighters haven't seen danger like this in decades. family drama. rosie o'donnell's troubled teenage daughter disappears for days. the police search, where she was found and why the worries don't end here. and later, the long awaited little pink pill that promises to perk up women's libidos. the fda's decision and the big questions, when does it go on sale and what will it cost. it's wednesday, august 19th. from


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