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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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montgomery county as it moves through the later portion of the 6:00 hour. that will have an impact on the redskins football game, especially if we see a lot of lightning. a flash flood watch in effect until midnight tonight. that includes the district in all areas shaded in green. your plans at the football game, temperatures fall from the 80's into the 70's. most of these forms will be out by about 8:00 tonight. viewersanks. one of our just sent us this picture. this is from mount airy, maryland along i-70. the heavy rain appearing to come right towards them. news or whether happening were you are, snap a picture or some video and send it to us. e-mail us at more than 20 years after it was first conceived, the silver
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spring transit center finally has an opening day. metro says it will take control of the facility one month from project already years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget, some are made skeptical. kevin lewis is live with a look at what to expect going forward. reporter: we are actually standing inside the transit into now. now -- center right you can see construction crews have hung the bus route signs. they of activated the real-time arrival plasmas. and the escalators and escalators -- elevators have a few tweaks left to fix. all the safety tests have checked out. the brunt of many jokes and millions of underestimated dollars, but today we learn silver spring train center will open next month. >> we understand the public's trunk -- frustration.
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reporter: he says the three level transit have an acting trains, taxis,c even hotel shuttles provided teaching moments. >> we learn to approach unique projects with added support, added expertise. reporter: commuters have mixed feelings. >> that is really good for me. i will be using this a lot. i am happy. >> i do not know what kind of testing been done but let's for the buses on the upper level and see what happens. take some strip readings and see the mark cracks show up. reporter>> there is no other bun the portfolio about which we know more than this building. we have tracked to monitor the progress of the work so we can stand here today, i can send your today and tell you it is safe and ready for operation. reporter: we have seen bus
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drivers training, learning how to navigate their way through this three-level bus terminal all day long. montgomery county planning to pass the torch onto they sayy day now. that will open this transit center on sunday, september 20 at long last. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: to explain the skepticism out there him a let's give you a snapshot of how overdue and over it wasit is. when originally conceived in 1993, the project came with a $26 million rice tag. by the time construction began in 2008, that it blinked and $93 million. after construction delays, that cost went up to $120 million in 2013. all that before the final cost of about $140 million today.
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information on a murder that claimed the life of an american university student. police have identified this man, 19-year-old arcus king at the king. a-- marcus graduate student was gunned down friday afternoon after was walking in the shop metro skytion. they believe shlank was an innocent bystander. a morning fire his name be man's wife in the town of quantico. firefighters were called to apartments there on broadway street just before 7:30 this morning. that is separate from the surrounding marine corps base. firefighters rescued for people. so far the victim's name has not been released. for prince george's county firefighters are hurt after an apartment fire this morning. firefighters were trying to contain claims that were to the
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third lord of an apartment complex -- third floor of an eightent complex. in all, apartments were damaged forcing 22 people out of their homes. bob mcdonald is taking his case to the supreme court justice john roberts after an appeals court ordered him to prison. he has remained free for the past year while appealing his corruption conviction. and the two-year sentence that went along with it. he said "i'm saddened to the courts is in today to deny me freedom of a perceive indication in the u.s. chief justice roberts is not yet responded to his request. if he does not granted, mcdonald left report to prison sometime in the next few weeks. this afternoon former president jimmy carter begin radiation treatment for cancer that is spreading in his by. this treatment coming after the nine-year-old detailed the challenge he is now facing. donovan is in our newsroom with
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more on the 39th president's health. reporter: mr. carter was smiling and making jokes and being very lighthearted as he told reporters he is battling melanoma.'s mood was upbeat. maybe he has reason to be of the. -- upbeat. >> i am ready for anything and looking forward to a new adventure. reporter: former president jimmy carter is battling melanoma it is spreading threat his body, including his liver and brain. >> i feel at ease about it. i have been very lucky that the doctors have been able to control any aspects of pain. reporter: he is optimistic. cancer is a battle his father and all of his siblings have lost. dr. michael atkins says he is reason to be optimistic. >> there are several new therapies for advanced melanoma that even a nine-year-old could take that could be very
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successful. >> i feel good. i have not felt any weakness or debility. the pain is in very slight. reporter: he admits he will cut out obligations. he has been meaning to do this for the last 10 years. now he has no choice. he says how -- he knows what will happen if he loses his battle he is at peace with what is ahead. >> i have had a wonderful life in thousands of friends. i have had an exciting, adventure and's -- adventurous existence. president obama took to twitter to rally support for the 39th resident. "we're all pulling for you, jimmy." we will keep you posted on the former president's condition on the air and online at back to you. leon: still ahead tonight at 6:00, a former's -- farmer's
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money seized. plus, why nasa may not become the just yet. the recent dbt gyro copters buzzing around our area this weekend. we are tracking that line of rain moving to the area. steve is back to talk about the flooding risk right here ahead on abc 7
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leon: people living around washington may see something unusual on sunday morning. air exercises that could use gyro copters and other light aircraft in the air. you may remember the prank pulled a few months ago on the theyof u.s. capitol. admitted it flew under the radar here in the region. it says the drills will run from nine at 211:00 a.m. sunday morning -- 9:00 to 11:00 sunday morning. the contractor working with edward snowden has admitted to a deal worth $30 million. in claims the united states investigation service they'll to perform quality control reviews with background checks. this is part of a broader agreement -- agreement.
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it is been one year since the u.s. launched an air campaign isis and ashton carter says the strategy is working. not everyone agrees with that assessment. critics say the ongoing violence waged by isis is beyond iraq and syria. russia, tunisia, syria, libya, afghanistan, pakistan. some analysts say that u.s. ground troops are needed. >> we have to do things to penetrate the network. to defeat a terror network, you must penetrate it. you must figure out how it functions in and cut it out. leon: not knowing exactly how any land isis controls at given time. let's get to the weather situation in our territory. steve is standing by. the radar looks really messy. steve: a severe thunderstorm thisng taking you out.
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includes prince william's county. also the city of manassas until seven but this evening -- 7:00 this evening. moving to the said about 60 miles per hour in it is capable of moving up to the said around 15 miles per hour, capable of producing wind gusts up to 60 mouse for our. -- miles per hour. you will also see the heavier rain began to your area. the little flashes of light are lightning strikes. not only are we dealing with heavy rain, but a lot of under in lightning as this storm moves to the east. a newly issued severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00 seating that includes southwestern vince williams county, also the city of manassas. we will have more on this approaching storm as it moves closer to us over the next 15-20 minutes and all evening long on abc seven.
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meantime, a farmer fights for his own money. the federal government seized $65,000 without charging him with any wrongdoing. this is what it looks like it dulles airport. we are checking back in with steve. coming up in sports, the tarp is off the field in the ayers are on. -- players are on. that's coming up on abc 7 news
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leon: a maryland dairy farmer is not to fighting the federal $65,000nt. the feds because it is something the bank itself recommended you do. brad bell explains. reporter: randy always wanted to be a dairy farmer any got pretty good at it even of you still pushing a broom and gets up at midnight to milk cows. he has built his self down creamery into a growing boutique supplier of dairy products index. -- and eggs.
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>> we raise the animals, raise the feed, feed the cows, but in glass, delivered to your homes . cash thathe brings in is how he ran afoul of uncle sam. >> they took $65,000 altogether. reporter: they seized $65,000 from his bank account. in 2012 spotted is the positive lesson $10,000 a week in decided he was trying to avoid reporting requirements for deposits over that amount. to agents showed up on the farm. he says all the government had to do was look around the his business is not about terrorism or money laundering. it's about cows, no, ice cream. but they took the money anyway. >> i don't feel like i live in america anymore. reporter: the treasury did give
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about half of back. he is demanding all of it. finally, they must find evidence of a crime to seize cash. he has several numbers a congress of his appeal to the department of justice to return the $30,000 a cap. -- they kept. >> they have no regard if you will be able to withstand it in stay in business or not. they do not care. reporter: he says he no longer feels safe depositing any cash for the government and get added. -- get at it. leon: america's retired space shuttle fleet might not be as retired is thought. they are recycling the water tanks for the international space station. it is not this -- include the shuttle discovery. we are getting worried about the two-hour delays at dulles or because of the weather out there. let's get to steve. steve: for a very good reason.
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i line of heavy thunderstorms getting ready to move across the metro area. the strongest located to the south and west of us. -- countingam and until seven about this evening. you can see it moving off towards the east. manassas at about 6:43. behind it a newly issued flash flood warning. this is until 9:00 -- 9:15. they pick up anywhere between one to three inches of rain. capable of producing wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and moving east at 15 miles per hour. inside the beltway, 84 degrees at reagan national airport. heat index still in the lower 90's. our high made up to 85 degrees. we -- inside the beltway, it is dry. nowline of thunderstorms
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beginning to break apart across montgomery county. areas ofears -- heavier rain around the gaithersburg area. the brakes are leading to pop up and behind it is where conditions are starting to improve. moving to the south and west, these are the stronger storms. two-hour delays reported at dulles airport. behind this things are improving and improving quickly. that will be the leading edge of the cooler and drier air that will filter across our area in the overnight hours. that severe thunderstorm warning well to the south and west until seven about this evening. wind gusts capable of 60 miles per hour. the latest in terms of the flash flood watch. areas shaded in green. this is until midnight tonight. i suspect it will come that much earlier than that. temperatures are in the 80's right now most of the beltway.
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that cooler, drier air will to the north and west of us. 63-70 for overnight lows. the cold front moves through. that will bring us a beautiful day tomorrow. highs will be in the upper 80's with low humidity. wind out of the northwest at 10-15 miles per hour. a look at the 70 outlook shows 86 on data day, 87 on sunday.
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>> and now between the sports desk brought here by your local toyota dealers. robert: we are back at fedex field. the tarp them off the field at 5:30. kickoff at 7:30. you were that 61 yard pass. pierre garcon caught it and it probably would've been a touchdown. before that the team has been staying after practice to work on one thing. that is chemistry. you will need that if you want to show off tonight. >> he has done a great job all off-season. i have seen an improvement between myself and connecting a more ways. i think you will see that later in the game. >> robert's comfort level is getting there. anticipation on
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routes and knowing for they are going and how they're going to get there. receivers have a trust in the air. that takes time. he has guys who know exactly how to get there. that is when we are clicking. that will be a major part of why. robert: a lot of things to look forward to tonight. one think you do not want to look forward to is probably the rain. bring some newspaper or a poncho.ou cannot bring umbrellas. leon: thanks, robert. steve: we are looking at heavier rain for the next hour to an hour and a half. a severe thunderstorm warning does is posted including prince flames county -- william county. that will happen around 7:30 or so. leon: it's heading your way. we will keep you posted. leon: it's heading your way. we will keep you posted. stay tuned for "world
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the developing headline tonight. the first official hurricane of the 2015 season here in the east. also, a short time ago, the new details. the seven firefighters trapped. three killed when the vehicle goes up in flames in a wildfire. and our team with firefighters just as the planes sweep through. former president jimmy carter tonight, for the first time, revealing where his cancer has spread to. and what next. donald trump on the crowd listening to jeb bush, saying they're sleeping. bush fighting back tonight. and trump on sending 11 million undocumented immigrants home. >> we're going to get them out so fast and so quick and it's going to be tough. the gunfire erupting in st. louis. tonight, the police say the teenager shot and killed pulled out a gun first. tonight here, the video taken by police. and the


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