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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> i'm here to tell my side of the story and to tell the truth. >> only on abc 7. a mom speaks out as her teenage son is charged with murder. >> small town, small little city. it can happen. >> plus an online sting operation. 19 people busted for prostitution. >> a cold front brings a nice change for the end of the work week. details ahead. >> and fans shocked.
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>> we've been dealing with that for about three years of him on the ground. >> the latest on the late etc. njury to rg-3, next. now, abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> first at 11:00, a bizarre chain of events leaving a d.c. mother dead and a 12-year-old with gunshot wounds. tonight a new accounting of what happened as a teenage suspect appears in court. only on 7, the suspect's mom tells us what led to the gunfire. jay, what did she have to tell you? her e told me kevin lee, son, didn't start the fight. she points the finger at the victim. a wild confrontation tuesday in southeast led to the shooting tenika fonta nembings lle.
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the mother of a suspect said she started throwing sticks and rocks at defendant lee and his friends. >> he didn't go over there to shoot her. he went to speak to her about her bad child. >> lee's mother said she watched as a verbal argument between the two escalated with fontanelle the aggressor. >> she was tapping my son. my son was trying to stop. by the time i got up there, she put my son, we call it a yelp. she grabbed him like this, made him fall back in her house and she was beating on her son. >> she said a gun tell to the ground, the suspect was hit but not badly injured, fontanelle was hit and killed and her 12-year-old son was hit and injured. >> my heart is brecken for her children. you have two children without a
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mom and a mom without a child. jay: we should stress that tonight in court, the prosecutor successfully argued before the judge that kevin lee threatened the children, who threw rocks at him, and then kevin lee brought a gun to a confrontation. the judge agreed, rules proximate cause does exist in this second degree murder charge. this case moves forward. kevin lee remains jailed without bond. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> police are searching for a suspect who they believe shot an american university suspect to death -- student to death last weekend. the suspect is identified as 19-year-old marcus king. they believe king feared the shlitsky near a metro station. >> rain and storms have passed
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hrough the area as promised. let's check in with steve. steve: we have a nice end of the work week to look forward and to the and a better weekend ahead. look at what's going on with satellite and ray tar. the heaviest storm activity across extreme southern maryland, moving across the bay, the delmarva peninsula, and the sky beginning to clear out nicely, especially western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. temperatures already starting to cool down, 72 in marsburg, 72 in dulles. hanging on to that 0 degree mark. showers and storms will clear out quickly. highs tomorrow upper 80's. we'll talk about the beach forecast and more in a few minutes leesmon? leon: lots of folks sent us photos as the stormed rolled through their neighborhoods. you see close clouds captured
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by aaron pellegrini. and we got this picture of a double rain doe beau after the storm. we want to see your pictures. we'll post them on the web and you may see them on the air as well. moving on, new at 11:00. 19 people arrested for prostitution activities. this sting of people looking for sex online. five suspects in frederick, four from hagerstown. chard reeve has more on this now. rich? richard: officials said they notice master's degree prostitution on the streets, and complaints from frederick area hotels. yesterday, police began making a series of arrests. an online prostitution sting but in fredericking maryland? >> that is shocking to me.
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richard: 12 women and seven men. >> shuts them down, gets them off the street so be it. richard: frederick county police say they launched the sting because of complaints about streetwalkers. undercover officers first answered online solicitation ads, found proximate cause, and made arrests. they also set up their own ads with rendezvouses at local hotels. customers came from as far away as pennsylvania, the oldest, 63, prostitutes as young as 22. >> it's not something you see on the streets here. through the internet you don't know what's going on. richard: one concern by residents, more than half the prostitutes and customers are drug users. >> move from d.c. to here, they don't think this kind of stuff happens here. this is a small town, small little city. people don't think it happens here.
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richard: these arrests follow a crackdown by d.c. police on prostitutes and customers. one fear is this is traveling north up the 278 corridor. they have found no evidence of human trafficking or that women were being forced into the prostitution trade. leon. more prostitution arrests in the district. five more people arrested there today. this happened in the downtown area. d.c. police have been cracking down on prostitution for over a month. they've arrested 199 people there in total. new developments in the trial of jeffrey matthew who will be tried next summer for abducting and killing u.v.a. student graham. he has to wear shackles during the trial. the defense moved to have him wear his personal clothing and be unrae restrained and they tried to bar people from wearing anything that showed support for graham in the
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croom. the judge tossed out that motion as well. a last-ditch effort to keep former governor mcdonald out of prison, they've asked chief justice john roberts to remain free during his appeal. mcdonald was convicted on 11 corruption charges and sentenced to two years in prison. today a court of appeals refused to let him remain free during his appeal. we expect a decision from the supreme court in a few weeks an of course we'll let you know what we hear. a big night for redskins fans. they took on the lions in their first game at fed ex but be fore the end of the first half, once again, same old scene, rgiii out with an injury. tom has more from fedex field. i hear fans out there say, here we go again. tom: that's exactly what they were say, leon. it's almost like you were here. everybody is leaving the game which ended a short time ago. all they're talk about is rg-iii. if you watch the game on
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television you heard the broadcaster say he had a shoulder injury. it turns out, he learned after the fame, had a concussion. robert griffin did not look good tonight. he only went for eight yards. in his defense, he was hit again and again. but on the play he was injured on, the protection was actually pretty good. he takes off starting to run, drops the ball for no apparent reason and before it's all over, he's injured. you can see at thed on they have play, twhoich line's defenders lands on top of him. that's apearntly what caused the injury. fans who have seen him hurt far too many times couldn't believe they were seeing it again in a preseason game. >> it wasn't even a good hit. just went down. >> looked like a repeat of last year. >> i think he is the best quarterback on the team but can't stay healthyle >> he got up which was a good sign. i'm hoping he's good for next week and week one. >> we've been dealing with that for about three years of him on
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the ground. it's about protecting yourself but if you look at the offensive line, we were going to -- >> i wish he would just get it together. >> do you think he can get through the year? >> i doubt it. i think kurt has to be the man this year. tom: he's talking about kurt cousins, and a lot of fans would refer the backups rather than rgiii. rgiii went down, he has been diagnosed with a concussion. reporting live, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: we were not supposed to be having that conversation right now. we'll have more from the game coming up, robert burton is back there with more highlights and the injury and everything that happened in the game. also ahead here on abc 7 news at 11:00, searching your bags
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at the movie theater. a new step to keep you safe. plus another shark attack in the carolinas. and new information about the condition of the victims there. and he already admitted to molestation. now a new bombshell has josh dug gar apologizing. detail --
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leon: josh duggar is telling the world he's a hypocrite. he's now admitting he was unfaithful to his wife and lives a double life. this coming off duggar's name was leaked in a hack of the ashley madison cheating website. duggar starred in the christian family values oriented show "19 kids and counting." that show has been canceled. he admitted earlier this year he molested two of his younger sisters when he was a teenager he said he is ashamed and is asking for forgiveness. caitlin jenner could face a manslaughter charge. they say jenner rear ended a lexus, pushing it into oncoming traffic earlier this year, the driver of that lexus was kill the district attorney is
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deciding whether jenner will face charges. tonight, a teenager is being treated for injuries toughered -- suffered in a shark attack in south carolina. it happened about 20 miles south of myrtle beach. he was bit hoynes hand and leg. the injuries are not life threatening. this is at least the 11th shark attack in the carolina this is summer if you're counting. today, former president jimmy carter underwent the first of four scheduled radiation treatments for cancer. he said the doctors found smour spots of melanoma on his brain after they removed a cancerous tumor for liver. the goal of the radiation is to keep the cancer from spreading. with a drug ated to help his immune system. the former president said he's at ease with whatever comes next. >> i thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease.
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i had a wonderful life. >> carter is one tough navy lieutenant he said he'll cut back on his humanitarian work with the carter center. he'll be 91 years old on october 1. developing now, your next trip to the movie theater could be a little different. regal cinemas has begun checking bags. the new measure is in place in silver spring already. a gunman killed two people in a louisiana cinema last month. nashville police kaled -- killed a man who attacked moviegoers with a hatchet earlier this month. regal said the new policy is to help ensure the safety of fans. the company operates 500 theaters across the country. history will be made at fort benning when they will award the ranger tag to women. they are the first women to graduate from ranger school. it took them three attempts to
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finish the gruling two-month regimen. they cannot join the regiment because combat roles are not -- not open to women. >> every time we accomplish something it gave us an extra foothold in being part of the team. >> as for what to expect from women in the military, ke can hand they will same things as men. >> president obama will attend tomorrow's schedule. along with the two women, 94 men will receive their ranger tags. great stuff. have you seen the way those guys train? and women? it's amazing. how about the rough weather ere tonight. >> this is live, looking toward the east. you can see flashes of lightning. that lightning you're seeing, those are storms that are clear across the chesapeake bay. quite a ways off.
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that will have no impact on the immediate metro as we head throughout rest of the evening hours. 75 degrees, reagan national. the winds have settled down at least for the time being. they will begin to pick up later on tonight, early tomorrow. that's going to bring in the drier, less humid air. you'll feel the difference tomorrow. the weekend, we'll talk about that, it's going to be beautiful out there. this is doppler radar for you. live doppler radar. the lightning strikes and flashes you see here and there around cambridge and eastland, this is moving toward the east. here we are in d.c., inside the capitol beltway where it is dry. it will remain dry for the rest of the overnight hours into the day tomorrow. high up to 85 degree earlier. one degree below average for this time of year. the record, 101 degrees set back in 1983. look at these rain totals. almost three inches, about 2.8 inches in hagerstown. about 2 1/2 inches in ashburn. some of you didn't see much at
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all but most of the rain concentrated west of texas. those storms moved off toward the east in the afternoon and evening hours and began to break apart. now you can see drier air beginning to filter in along with clearing skies. fware rhett, allegheny, washington county. look for a cool night with temperatures dropping into the 60's. 72 in gaitersburg this hour. culpepper already 66. petersburg, look for that cooler, dryer air. eventually it will make its way to our area. a huge cooldown for tomorrow but at least not doing -- it's not going to be so humid. we had heat index values in the lower 90's today, tomorrow they will be in the 80's. a few lingering showers will come to the end. high pressure will settle across the mid atlantic. that brings us sunshine during the day tomorrow. lower humidity. the winds will begin to pick up on the northwest at 10 to 15. take a look at the seven-day outlook. we're talking temperaturesed myle to upper 80's.
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near 90 degrees on monday. by tuesday and wednesday of next week, daytime highs around 5 degrees. leon: once again, lightning strikes with the redskins. >> can't remember the last solid game. >> we'll take a look at the scary moments that left skins fans holding their breath, an update on rgiii's injury next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: we know the number one goal in the preseason game is to stay healthy. but a scary moment for rgiii. he fumbled while trying to run
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with the ball. that was followed by a pileup. he was shaken up, stayed on the ground for about three minutes. he was escorted off the field by trainers. ruled out for the rest of the game. gave the thumbs up. they said he does have a concussion but his shoulder is ok. we're not sure how long he'll be out. here's jay gruden after the game. jay: no matter how long he's out, he'll be our starter. we have to wait through the whole process. see how he recovers. see how fast he recovers. i have no idea as far as if he'll be in the next preseason game. >> what was your thinking in sending robert back out for the fourth series. given the beating he was taking and what his a struggle it was with the protection? >> we weren't doing that well on offense. i wanted to try to get something going on offense. there's a lot of quarterbacks play into the second quarter in their preseason game. football is a tough sport, we canted to get something done
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offensively and it didn't work out. robert: there was a game at fedex field tonight. one guy who continues to impress, running back matt jones. that made it 10-7 lions. third quarter, colt mccoy showed up and showed out. he led two touchdown drives, including this pass to reggie bell for 19 yards. 14-10 after that. fourth quarter. cousins would find rashard ross for a touchdown. 21-17. that would be your final. skins now 2-0 in the preseason. moving on to baseball. nats off to a good start against the rockies. let's check in with them. top seventh. it's this guy. michael taylor at the plate. nats down two until this. that's a two-run shot by taylor. tying the game at 2-2. the rockies would come back and take the lead. rockies lead it right now, 3-2 in the ninth. n golf, tiger woods at the
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wyndham, this is a shot for sore eyes, he was playing well. check out this on the 10th. if sets it up perfectly. it was one of those days when even when he thought it was a bad shot, it was a good shot. goes right in. tiger is six under, tied for seventh along with three others. and the o's sat through a two-rain shower rain delay tonight, they probably wish it had kept raining, they're losing to the twins now in the seventh inning. back to rgiii. it's tough to watch. good thing to take away, colt mccoy had a solid game tonight. leon: and the running game. getting closer to getting it together. here we have something good for you to look at now. kind of scary look bug a good ending. we'll tell you how high and far he jumped and how fast he went in the process, you won't believe it.
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leon: no parachute new york bungee cord, just a jump. this is a brazilian daredevil who jumps off a 200-foot tall cliff in switzerland. that's like jumping from rah 20-story building. at the bottom of the fall, he's going 123 miles per hour. that set a new world record.
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that leap was from a height taller than the leaning tower of pisa. he did dislocate his hip but he's all right. a look at the forecast when we come back.
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leon: year getting a break from the humidity and rain for a while. >> yeah, the sunshine is back. daytime highs in the upper 09s, will feel like the upper 80's as opposed to the low to middle 90's. sunshine saturday and sunday. mountains and the beaches look great out there. next best for showers and thunderstorms on monday. part of a cold front, tuesday, wednesday, thursday dry, temperatures around 85 degrees. nighttime lows in the 60's. leon: all right. we'll leaf you with a high, the skins win. that's it fo
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- first lady michelle obama -- topher grace, lily tomlin, and music from the struts, with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than ever, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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