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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 21, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight -- >> why were you cloudy? >> i was raped. >> in her own words the alleged victim in the elite prep school trial taking the stand in court, breaking down in tears, describing an encounter she says turned violent when she met this 19-year-old on campus as part of an alleged tradition for older students seeking out younger ones. how did well-trained actors and well-hidden cameras catch us in our most hilarious, heartwarming, and sometimes uncomfortable moments? welcome to the behind the scenes workings of "what would you do?" she's got a new movie called "she's fine that way." there's that new wedding ring on her finger.
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just married. jennifer aniston speaking out for the first time since her surprise wedding. >> that's private. first, the "nightline 5." >> something entirely new is being built into bounty. dawn. new bounty with dawn. just rinse and wring. so you can blast right thrgh tough messes a pick up more. >> how clever. >> now bounty with dawn. when salonpas began in japan in 1934 a single patch created the category of pain relief. 80 years later salon pas has evolved into a family of pain relievers. salonpas for targeted relief. >> number one in just 60 seconds.
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good evening, thanks for
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joining us. tonight a 16-year-old alleged victim taking the stand in a rape trial making national headlines. what the student told the nurse at her exclusive boarding school is now raising thorny questions in court. here's abc' geo benitez. >> reporter: bombshell testimony in the trial of new hampshire prep school grad owen labrie as his accuser described the moments leading up to what she said was rape. we're disguising her voice. >> you took yohe took your pant right? >> yes, i did. >> you helped him do that? >> i lifted my hips up to make it easier for him, yes. >> reporter: details that underscore how complicated these cases can be. >> were you excited to have his attention? >> during the kissing, yes, i was. >> reporter: but certain, she says, at the moment of truth that she wanted him to stop. >> i didn't kick or scream or -- really push. but i did say no. i said no three times. >> reporter: for the third day in a row the 19-year-old young man sitting, listening to his
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16-year-old accuser, described what happened a year ago. after he invited her to participate in the so-called senior salute. an alleged tradition at st. paul's school where some graduating male students would invied younger girls to spend time alone with them, sometimes intimately. >> i thought it was pushy. i thought it was aggressive, sure. but because he was guiding me and putting me where he wanted me to be. >> reporter: but this time it was labrie's defense attorney jake carney asking the difficult questions. >> did i read it correctly, that when your pants were coming off, you were excited to have attention from him? >> that is true that i said that, yes. but that's in a different context. >> reporter: the lawyer confronting the girl over what she told detectives last year, days after the alleged rape. the girl said back then that she was cloudy. >> why were you cloudy? >> i was raped. i was violated in so many ways.
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>> reporter: for observers in the courtroom the cross examination of a 16-year-old girl, sometimes hard to watch. >> the reality is that the defense attorney has to ask her some very specific, very sexually-related questions. about what happened. >> many rape victims feel retraumatized by the court process. retraumatized by the questioning process. and very often it's the only crime where a woman gets questioned about her credibility. >> reporter: carney bringing up the seemingly cordial messages she exchanged with labrie after the encounter. "you're an angel, you're quite an angel yourself," she responds. carney asking sarcastically -- >> are you saying when you responded "you're not too bad yourself, i will," you were not being truthful, correct? >> correct, i was hiding behind a computer screen. >> it's very possible she was in denial, she didn't want to
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accept what happened to her, and as part of the undoing process of recognizing that she was raped, she engages almost in a friendly back and forth to pretend it didn't happen. >> reporter: but it was the cross examination of the school nurse who the alleged victim visited two days after the encounter that may have helped the defense's case. >> she told you there had been an encounter, correct? >> correct. >> you asked her specifically if it was consensual? >> i did. >> she told you, yes, it was consensua consensual? >> she did. >> the fact that she didn't tell the nurse that she felt she had been raped doesn't make or break the case. but it's not a helpful fact. for the prosecution. >> reporter: but the 16-year-old accuser had her supporters. inside the courtroom, her mother telling the jury about the tearful call she got from her daughter days later in the middle of the night. >> i was just trying to calm her down, to understand what she was trying to tell me.
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she said, something bad has happened. >> reporter: outside the courtroom the alleged victim's family showing support. >> family and i stand behind my niece in speaking out as so few victims of sexual violence do. >> >> reporter: in a country where an estimated 67% of rape victims never file a report, where the burden of proof is often so high critics say it takes a lot to decide to bring charges. some know the story all too well. >> he did something to me that i have to work on every day. and that i'm probably going to have to work on for the rest of my life. >> reporter: allison hughget was raped by her childhood friend, university of montana football player beau donaldson. >> i woke up to a lot of pain and a lot of pressure. and the sound of somebody moaning. and quickly realized it was beau. and then i shut my eyes and laid there. and that wasn't i don't even think a decision i consciously
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made. i waited until he was done. and he got up and he literally picked up a blanket, threw it on me, and then pulled up his pants and walked away. >> reporter: beau was convicted of raping allison and is currently in prison. the key to the conviction? a secret audiotape confession allison coaxed out of beau herself. >> you took complete advantage of me. >> i did. i did. i'm sorry. >> the only reason i felt comfortable is because i've known you since first grade. >> that's not me. you can't blame it on alcohol because it's not right. >> reporter: "nightline" anchor juju chang asked how important that audiotape had been. >> if you hadn't had two taped confessions how difficult do you think your case would have been? >> very difficult, my word against his. >> reporter: a situation some say the 16-year-old st. paul's girl is facing now. allison hughget says in spite of the audiotape and the criminal
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conviction of her attacker the backlash against her is staggering. >> it's awful. people are awful. >> reporter: this week, across the country, all eyes turn to the case that for better or worse has become a kind of laboratory test of what is consent. the spokesperson for the accuser speaking outside court today. >> she even asked you to deliver a message? >> yeah, she wanted everyone to know she's not just a victim, she's a survivor. she wants everyone else out there who is a victim, who's had this experience, know they can feel that way, they can speak out, they can ask for justice, and they deserve it. >> reporter: the man she accuses of raping her is expected to testify next week. for "nightline," i'm geo benitez in concord, new hampshire. up next, behind the scenes of a hidden camera show that can exbody bad behavior or the best of humanity on any given day. plus, it was lavish. it was star-studded. so how did jennifer aniston manage to keep her wedding a
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what compels certain people to stand up and do the right thing in tough situations others ignore? "what would you do" holds up a mirror to society. it isn't always pretty but it's never dull. my friend and colleague john quinones shows me how his team manages to pull it off. >> hi, here he is, hi. this is my fiance. >> it's a joke, right? >> i mean, it's a joke, right? >> what? >> you're muslim? >> yeah. >> are you muslim? >> yes. >> do you know what muslim dozen? they're terrorists. >> that's a administstereotype. >> reporter: watch this mom who happens to be muslim. she's about to react. >> sir, sir, exce me. i have two young american kids and they're muslim and we're proud of it. don't call us terrorists. while we sit here on tv, i don't
12:53 am
blame you, i'm disgusted. >> reporter: her emotionsra, her outrage real. she has no idea this heated discussion is not what it appears to be. >> are you okay with breaking down here? >> yeah, let's do it. >> oh, hello. >> hi. >> hi. >> i'm john quinones. >> you know they were actors. >> now i know. >> hi, this. i'm john quinones. and this is part of "what would you do," the tv show. >> reporter: "what would you do" and john quinones surprising people with hidden cameras competing 500 scenarios. quinones, the veteran globe-trotting correspondent for abc news, anchoring the franchise with an unflinching look at uncomfortable topics. >> in today's world those are serious issues. these things happen in real
12:54 am
life. we hold up a mirror to human behavior. it's not scientific, we don't want to pretend that it is. it does give you a sense of what's going on out there. we don't give you the whole pie of american behavior but we give you a slice of pie and usually it's pretty accurate. >> reporter: the show tackles everything from light-hearted pranks -- >> can i what? >> cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck. >> do it a bit louder. >> cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck! >> you have a baby at home? >> i do. >> reporter: sometimes simple acts of kindness like this woman who picks up the tab for a struggling veteran. >> i've got cash. it's just -- things what have been really tight. >> here. try mine. i'll pay for your groceries. my good deed for the day. >> why would i want to drink cough syrup? >> it gets you high. >> reporter: and other serious topics like bullying and peer pressure. >> chug it. chug this now. >> i can't. >> chug it. >> you're being such a baby. >> trust yourself.
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trust yourself. what does your gut tell you? >> how you doing? i'm john quinones. this is part of a tv show. >> no way "what would you do?" >> no way. are you kidding me? >> reporter: john says for him the most meaningful stories tackle racism like this scenario from 2009, drawing from his personal experience growing up in a struggling mexican-american family. [ speaking spanish ] >> he's not going to help you. >> no? >> i don't work here, i don't know what it means. >> no speak-a mexican. >> reporter: today, looking at anti-muslim bias. "nightline" goes behind the scenes to learn the secrets of what would you do? >> you have cameras? >> six hidden cameras. >> i'm speeding it. >> reporter: it takes a lot of effort to capture moments, both uplifting or jaw-dropping. 6:00 a.m. here at the candlewick diner in east rutherford, new jersey. the hidden camera crew made up
12:56 am
of ten people rigs up a control room in the basement of the restaurant. >> we can control the camera right here from the joystick. like a video game. >> reporter: cameras are placed throughout the diner, even in pizza boxes. >> we're making sure it's nice and tight to this box. >> reporter: to make it as realistic as possible, tiny mikes are carefully hidden inside the actors' clothing. >> sometimes there's not room for it. we have to be outside. and i'll show you where we hang out. >> okay. >> reporter: john quinones, j.q. as his team likes to call him, communicates with producers from this hidden mobile command post. >> this is our bus. when we're not inside, we have to hide out in here. >> i see. >> check it out. >> very high-tech i have to say. >> it's really cool. >> we're rolling? >> yeah. what advice do you have for juju? >> get ready, it's going to be a good one. >> the hostess will bring people, the people we're going to focus on, into that particular table and sit them there. >> oh, boy. >> we'll do it a few takes then move them out, then someone else comes in and sits. we do it 12 times a day.
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>> reporter: not everyone can do what john quinones was. >> you've had people apologize for their behavior on camera? i've seen amazing emotional turnarou turnarounds. >> the guys say i'm like gandhi when i walk in. i usually -- i try to be really gentle and understanding. i try not to judge. >> reporter: one scenario touched a nerve with the audience. turning the tables of prejudice to see what would happen if a black woman made racist remarks about a white woman. >> you with a white girl? >> yeah, that's my girlfriend. >> you doesn't find a strong black woman for you. >> excuse me? >> you're the white girl? >> what? >> i mean, i just want to see him with a strong black woman, you know? >> i hear you. >> you think that's wrong? >> doesn't matter. i'm gay. you think that's wrong? >> i have nothing against gays, you know, i just feel like -- >> civil liberties, runs the gamut. >> reporter: it lit up the internet with over 50 million views, launching her own career as a motivational speaker. >> i think that's the premise of the show.
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it's been a long time coming. jennifer aniston finally making an honest man out of her beau after a three-year engagement. tonight she opens up to nick watt about her new movie and that new ring on her finger. >> you should really try to be more polite to people. >> reporter: in her new screwball comedy "she's funny that way," jennifer aniston plays the most despicable shrink. >> see what a good therapist i am? that's my boyfriend and i'm not picking up. this is your private time. >> you were originally going to be the wife. >> yes. i was. i just really wanted to play this other weird part. i don't know why. >> reporter: that's acting. because in the real world, she's nice enough to get her friend kathryn hahn the wife part alongside owen wilson. >> i don't understand what the problem is. >> it's not a problem. no one said anything about a problem. >> i suggest kathryn for
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everything on the planet. >> reporter: she's gracious enough not to tell me to stick it when i ask about her very recent super-secret wedding with justin theroux. >> time for the elephant in the room. >> what? is there an elephant this. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> how did you manage to keep it a secret? >> where there is a will, there is a way. >> reporter: guests were told they were coming to justin's birthday party. >> and it was, to be fair, no lie. >> okay. >> that's true. >> okay. >> it was great. it was just honestly a lot of faith, a lot of hope, a lot of belief. and probably just a lot of great manifestation and a wonderful, beautiful team of trustworthy people. >> yeah. >> that's the thing. i mean -- a lot of people not to say anything. >> what a testament to the two of them too, that people were like, we want this for them so badly. it was awesome. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> thank you for asking.
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it was actually the two of us that are married. >> we're actually married. >> very secret. >> that's the big surprise. >> that is a big surprise. wait till "people" finds out about that. deliriously happy? >> yes. yes. >> oh my god. >> reporter: back to that movie. >> shut up! >> wham, bam, thank you ma'am. >> reporter: if you want to see jennifer aniston play against type -- >> you're fired! >> reporter: you'll love it. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning amemeri" tomorrow. as always we are online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and good night, america. robert, honey, please hurry.
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frank and marie are gonna be here soon. ( knock on door ) hi. oh... oh, mom and dad. what are you doing here? hello, amy. hi.
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hi, honey. how are you? i'm fine. i just-- i wasn't expecting you. amy, is this the ggest towel you got? because i-- oh! i was just going swimming.


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