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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 21, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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carter is revealing he's fighting melanoma with radiation and drug therapy. the cancer he says has shown up in four spots on his brain. despite that, he remains upbeat. here's jonathan carl >> reporter: the diagnosis isn't good, but jimmy carter is handling it with grace. >> so, i'm ready for anything. and looking forward to a new adventure. >> reporter: carter laid it all out there. explaining doctors found a cancerous growth in his liver earlier this summer. two weeks ago, he had the tumor removed, but then learned the cancer had spread to four spots on his brain. melanoma. he feared the worst. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left, but i was surprisingly at ease. you know, i've had a wonderful life, i've had thousands of friends and i've had an exciting and adventurous, gratifying existence. >> reporter: phone calls from the other presidents are already coming. >> former president bush called me at one time and then george
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h.w. bush, bush sr. called me yesterday afternoon again. i think i appreciated that very much, and their wives were on the telephone with them. >> reporter: obama and biden called, too, and the clintons. carter in good enough spirits to joke about their famously cool relationship. >> bill clinton called, hillary clinton called, secretary of state called. first time they've called me in a long time. >> reporter: one thing carter plans to continue doing as he starts his treatment is teaching sunday school at his hometown church. he also holds out some hope of taking a long planned humanitarian trip to nepal in november and if he can't go, he says he'll send the rest of his family. jonathan carl, abc news at the carter center in atlanta georgia. >> we're all pulling for him here. powerful storms caused flash flooding north of baltimore. this was the scene last night in a small town of bel air, maryland, where up to six inches of rain fell. cars were caught on flooded
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streets. rescue crews pulled 18 people safely from their vehicles. thankfully no one was hurt and there were no reports of serious damage. a storm system could cause serious travel delays in the busy northeast in the hours ahead. >> the heavy rain is falling along the i-95 corridor over the next few hours. accuweather's justin pavek has the forecast. good morning. >> phillip and reena, thanks and good morning to you. in the northwest first where we have been dealing with numerous fires all week long and the supplier of the cooler air, the jet stream unfortunately are manning off to the north and the east. drier air coming in from the coastline being fed by very warm winds from the south. that means low humidity, lots of heat and sun. we're also in drought. bad news for firefighting conditions. now we're concerned about gusty winds, as well. northeast bound today and tomorrow, drenching rains along the coast from new york to boston. good shape toward pittsburgh and a quick check on the topics.
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we do have danny out there. strong now. as it marches westbound, it will encounter unfavorable conditions. >> thank you. a lot of fingers crossed at the national zoo after an ultrasound shows panda may shong may be pregnant. >> veterinarians have found what they hope is a developing fetus. if it's true she could give birth as early as next week. she the is already a mother to 10-year-old tayshaun and baouardy who turns too on sunday. >> they do warn they're still not sure if they're seeing an actual fetus or a bit of bamboo fiber. her getting pregnant would be a big deal because there are only 2,000 pandas still left in the wild there. pandas only have a 36-hour window to even conceive, to get pregnant. >> within a year, right? it's so hard because they can never determine if there is a fetus growing till like they said, she could deliver next week if it's true. >> we are pulling for her. only 2,000 left.
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we don't want them going away. love looking at them. >> they are cute. coming up from "insomniac theater," we did insomniac kitchen this morning. >> barely done chewing it all just now. >> movies about an unassuming stoner to a genetically engineered killer. the reviews are coming in. >> also ahead, the cat caught stealing from the neighbors from shoes to underwear. this kitty has quite a story and the video problems it. >> first two army rangers going down in history. rate latest role models for women in the military. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind,
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service to latin america, africa and the middle east. philadelphia will be a no drone zone when pope francis visits next month. that crackdown part of increased security measures during the pontiff's two-day stay. unauthorized drone flights have jumped in the past year raising concerns about collisions with commercial and other aircraft. for now the ban only applies to philadelphia but could extend to the pope's other stops. history being made later today at fort benning georgia for the first time, women will graduate from ranger school. >> this is such a big deal. we're hearing from those twos soldiers about what it took to get through the grueling nine-week can course. he's bazi kanani. >> reporter: they powered through obstacle courses over mountains and through swamps and rivers with 50 pounds of greer gear. the first two women to complete the earp's grueling nine-week ranger school made history but say that wasn't their focus. >> every single time we
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accomplished something -- that it gave us that extra foot hold in being part of the team. i couldn't be more proud and humbled. >> 1st lt. shaye haver and kristen grist will the earn the coveted ranger tab after turning skepticism of their abilities into admiration. >> you built bonds through hardship and physicality. i would always rather have a ranger to my left and right when it came to combat situations. i don't care if that's a male or female. >> but the two officers cannot yet serve by their fellow ranger sides in combat. the military is still working to open up combat roles to women and some positions may be contested. >> i do hope with our performance in ranger school we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military that we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. >> their achievement may earn more rights for women. >> of an all, that's what it
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means to be a ranger, rangers lead the way. >> bazi kanani, abc news, washington. so in the entire army, only 3% of the men actually make it on to become an army ranger. so it's pretty impressive these women have the same standards. they didn't lower the standards, exactly what the man have to achieve they also achieved. and no, i would only be an absolute mockery if i ever attempted as you see here to join army ranger school. and why is my hair blonde? >> i think goldie hawn. private benjamin. >> thank you. >> there you go. you're right. it's a two-month ranger course, absolutely grueling. the pentagon could change that by next year and hopefully they will get to participate because we all know they've earned. >> some of them only had an hour night sleep. coming up, a cat burglary literally. >> meet the theebing kitty stealing from neighbors and what
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the authorities are doing about it. you're watching
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well, an oregon feline getting a little bit too frisky with the neighbors stealing stuff right off their porch and bringing it back to its home. >> the kitty culprit isn't particularly choosey. he takes whatever's left out, which means lots of shoes and flip-flops. read andrews from our portland
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station has more. >> reporter: in the dog days of summer, it's a cat that's in hot pursuit of people's stuff. >> he seems to rule the streets. >> reporter: he's a wanted kit, the kitty kingpin of this theft spree snoring, while neighbors are snoring, he's oo going through their hard earned possessions looking to paw it off. >> i'm looking cash. >> heather olson is senatory's owner. she's not into shoes so it seems like the cat is sending her hints. senatorie doesn't just pick up a shoe here and there, he goes back, grabbing the one he left behind. >> or something that's useful. we've gotten work gloves that fit. so that's nice. >> he's so twisted he took a halloween costume from a child. >> he just brought it in. >> senatorie started swiping in the spring. morning finds him lying next to his night's take feeling accomplished. >> he meows a certain meow. i can try to mimic it. he's just so happy.
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>> reporter: olson knew the who, where and what but not the how till she snapped on a collar cam which shows senatorie on the prowl. >> i envisioned a crime story being solved. >> olson will go through the neighborhood and try to return people's goods. when the box it full, senatorie is just a year old. the crooked cat is still young and there's no telling what he'll graduate to. >> grand theft. >> reporter: so far everything he's taken is out in the open. maybe he'll end up being a cat burglar. >> i really don't want to start getting underwear. >> i wouldn't either. >> lock your doors. what a shady cat hoarder. that's weird. >> do you know any shady cat hoarders? >> just that one with. oh. >> totally set me up for that. >> i totally did. we couldn't resist, phillip. we just couldn't resist. you and dan harris love your cats, huh? >> that's great. coming up "insomniac
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to help keep your homee healthier. ♪ "insomniac theater" time. two new movies hitting the box offices today. first up "american ultra." >> a stoner action comedy and throw in a little romance, too. it stars jesse eisenberg and kristin stewart. isenberg plays mike a slacker with seemingly limited means till he discovers he is a special agent with deadly abilities, something he has trouble coming to terms with. >> why are people trying to stop you? >> i don't know. i don't know, but i am -- i'm like freaking out all over the place, babe. i have like a lot of anxiety about this. >> get your hands in the air. >> i'm sorry. >> drop it. >> i feel kind of amazing. >> the critics seem to be split on this one. currently 4% on rotten tomatoes.
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david he will risk of time-out calls it artless and unpleasant. lea greenblatt advises viewers to "check your brain at the popcorn butter pump in the lobby and enjoy it. >> if you want to check your brain on another movie you have another option with "hit man agent 47." this is no comedy. it is funny for the wrong reasons. it's the squael to the first hitmen, a movie based on a video game. paul walker was intended to be the lead. instead rupert friend stars as a genetically engineered killer. ♪
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>> when i get anxious and can't sleepy take things apart. >> don't ever do that again. >> rotten tomato scores only in the single digits. ow. perhaps in part to the dialogue of which matt of metro says plays like it was translated from another language by computer. entertainment weekly has a more general critique, the movie is profoundly dumb. that's harsh. >> they work so hard to make a movie and you get that. >> those critics tear them down. >> "american ultra" sounds a little more interesting. yeah. >> i recommend. >> different. >> "woman in gold." one of those movies. i rented it last week. it was really good. >> what movie? >> women of gold, women in gold. >> one of those is good. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," despair and hope in washington state. >> grief for three elite firefighters trained to face danger caught in a death trap and hope for their comrades recovering from serious burns. sex, scandal. allegations of sex and money surrounding subway's spokesman jared foeg. the woman who says she helped the fbi make an arrest speaks out. facing justice, kaitlyn jenner accused of caughting a deadly car accident before her transition. could she face serious charges and even jailtime. and later, fun on a bun. hot dogs made with exceptional cuts of meat but skip the mustard and and ketchup. let's be frank. you may relish our gourmet extra in insomniac kitchen on this friday, august


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