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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> now, it abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. the: an active standoff in district, starting with a murder more than 12 hours ago. a woman was shot and killed in the suspect barricaded himself in northeast. swat teams half the place around it. roz plater has the active
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situation. what you seeing and hearing? roz: leon, this neighborhood is still on lockdown for blocks in either direction, the action taking place behind me, about a block and a half away from where we are being kept. the police are trying to resolve this peacefully. they brought over a friendly neighbor to try to talk to the man who is holed up. they have been asking what his favorite cigarettes are to get them for him. for nearly 12 hours they have been trying to convince the gunman man to give himself up, no luck. this morning, they say that the man shot a woman in the head and was still shooting when the police arrived. at that point he was on the porch and officers began talking to him, but he barricaded himself inside the home. the police will only say the shooting happened after an argument between two family members, but several neighbors say that he is an elderly man.
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they said this was a long-running dispute over the family-owned home that he lived in for years and recently had been given a deadline of september 1 to move out. >> he said he was going to be evicted from a family member sooner rather than later. he had been living in the house for years. he was not trying to leave and do not have anywhere to go. he told me the relative was coming often, letting him know that he needs to go. he said she would be dealt with. the police have not yet released the name of the woman who was shot and killed. this is what sparked all of this. she is the city's 99th homicide this year. we have seen activity in the area recently, not sure what that means, but i guess the police are working to try to resolve this peacefully and get this man to give himself up.
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live in northeast d.c., roz plater, abc 7 news. get backnk you ,roz, to us immediately if something happens. a heartbreaking arrest in rockville, parents charged with the death of their infant daughter. that was from blunt force injuries. tom roussey is live with the investigation happening now. what is the latest? tom: leon, with the parents of this 10 week old baby are accused of is unbelievable. i'm in rockville. in the building behind me, neighbor say that everyone is veryriendly and socializing except for the couple who lived in that apartment. they stuck to themselves, and now the neighbors know why, charged in the death of their child, a little baby girl only 10 weeks old. , 24-year-oldouple robert alan davidson, facing the most serious charges, charged with second-degree murder and sexual and physical child abuse.
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thompson, therena mother of the child, facing charges of child abuse and neglect. davidson admitted to something that amounts to sexual abuse of the child and also admitted to dropping the child on several occasions. 23, he to the police he violently shook the child, the day that paramedics were called to this neighborhood, a day that neighbors remember well. it was a tuesday and it was raining outside. five fire trucks came down here and all the firefighters ran upstairs. they came down with a baby in the rain. just kind of naked, no parents. that is what we thought was strange. it's tragic. to see stuff like that, it's crazy. just a little baby. nowadays you don't know what's going on. the little baby girl's name
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who lived here was 10 week old alia thompson, the mother, according to the police failed to stop her boyfriend even after she had seen obvious signs of abuse on several occasions. that is why they say she is charged as well. she is also the mother of a five-year-old son by another man, who is in the custody of his father tonight. live from rockville, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. happening now, protesters in the streets of charlotte, north carolina, after a judge declared amistrial case involving police officer who shot an unarmed black man to death in 2013. the jury in the case was deadlocked. no word of arrests or confrontations, but we are seeing lines of police standing outside of buildings in charlotte. stay with us for continuing coverage.
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a search for a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in d.c. in the 1300 block of southern avenue southeast. died ofim from lanham her injuries a short time ago. the police say they believe the striking vehicle is a newer model black chevy tahoe. if you have information, you are asked to contact the police. forecast withd comfortable temperatures, sunny skies just ahead. meteorologist steve rudin is here with the outlook. steve: leon, it is going to be absolutely beautiful tomorrow morning, going to the farmers market, taking the dog out, it will be more and crisp and sunny. outside we go, the satellite and radar, not a lot going on, clear skies across the metro area. the temperatures are dropping quickly to the west. elkins, west virginia, 55 degrees.
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andrews, 757 annapolis. the wake-up forecast, in town 62, rebounding into the lower 80's by noontime. by 5:00, middle ladies. more on the weekend plus the beach forecast and an update on hurricane danny in a few minutes. leon: new information about the killing of an innocent bystander on a d.c. street. 19-year-old marcus king was in court today. the police say that she shot and killed 23-year-old matthew shlonsky near the shaw-howard metro station saturday. he admitted shooting in shlonsky's direction, shooting at another car. family members are shocked. >> we had him over at the house. his mother lost control of them. leon: investigator say that king
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told them he had been involved in a dispute with a rival gang and had been shot just days before saturday's incident. an arrest in a bizarre carjacking. the suspect has just got out of jail minutes before. tom roussey has the details in the case. afternoon,monday 24-year-old hernandez is released from the montgomery county jail. the and been in locked up for alleged disorderly conduct in silver spring. a half hour after he got out, a mile away, somehow he has a knife and he approaches from these woods in potomac. the police say that he carjacked a woman at knife point, even throwing a brick at her before doing allt, allegedly of this even though a state police barracks is next-door. the woman who was carjacked helps with building maintenance. today's letter, they say that he
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carjacked a 68-year-old at sibley memorial, hitting her with a green bottle. he speeds away, this time caught by d.c. police. he is listed at this langley park apartments in prince george's county. thehbors told us in spanish building is populated by guatemalan immigrants and they do not know him. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: the police say the woman carjacked at sibley memorial hospital was treated and released. the woman was traumatized by not seriously hurt. a massive outpouring after the loss of a beloved high school principal. dr. michael duran was found dead this week. n high school community honored his memory at the football field tonight. richard reeve is at the scene. richard? leon, what a an emotional gathering for michael
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doran, not one open seat in the house. a lot of the folks on the way to the stadium walked past the memorial. the signs saying thank you, we love you. this man will be much missed. he was just the best. theard: they came by hundreds. >> i cannot believe it. richard: filling the bleachers of the football stadium. >> the whole community loved him. richard: young and old to honor the beloved fall in principle, mentor, and friend. wascipal michael doran found dead in his bethesda apartment wednesday morning. the cause of death is not known but without play is not suspected. >> it's hard to see everyone here. it's summer and we were enjoying ourselves, and something like this happens. richard: a growing memorial at
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his car's parking spot. >> he did a really good job when tragedy struck. richard: under his leadership, the school mourned the loss of two recent graduates in a car crash. about the whole school coming together to pitta respects for the loss. richard: in this celebration of life service, many remembered a man connected with kids and loved his students. >> he radiated positive energy and love. he cared about everyone so much. hats, schoolers, jackets, a lot for the students say the hardest day will be in a couple of weeks, the first day of school, when their beloved principal will not be here to greet them. richard reeve, abc 7 news. a possible ahead --
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terror attack abroad thwarted by americans. how their actions may have saved a lot of lives. plus, a baltimore cheerleader sentenced.
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leon: two americans credited with saving lives when a man opened fire on a train in france. the train was traveling from amsterdam to paris. three people were hurt. american say that two passenger subdued the gun man. he took the wrong train because they were marines. the police are now investigating the case. two people dead after gunfire at a federal building in new york city. a man shot a security guard and then himself. it was in the soho neighborhood of manhattan, housing the immigration department and other government offices. he was a private security contractor, armed, standing by the check point. no word on the possible motive. new developments in the cyber hacking of the ashley medicine -- ashley madison cheating website. at least two dozen accounts
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allegedly belong to the vatican. there were also military and government accounts. the pentagon is investigating. some say those federal workers could be facing getting fired. the ashley madison company says they are working to remove the information that was released and is cooperating with the fbi investigation. baltimore ravens cheerleader was sentenced for raping a teenager. she pled guilty to raping a 15-year-old. she will get two years of probation and will have to spend every weekend in delaware jail. she will also have to register as a sex offender and get therapy. a terrible day on wall street, the biggest losses of the year. the dow jones plunged more than 530, it's worst week since 2011. this is because of fears of china slowing economy and uncertainty in europe. the s&p and nasdaq indexes also
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fell. more than two wh are 50 square miles of land in washington state are being consumed by wildfires. when you gusts of up to 60 miles to hour -- wind gusts of up 60 balls per hour and authorities are not sure how many buildings have been destroyed. president obama has issued a day class to her -- has issued a disaster declaration. they are asking for volunteers and all hands on deck. it has been so dry out there. steve: it has, and the el niño coming for the winter, so rain coming for the west coast. but not soon enough. leon: how about for us? steve: fantastic, here we are the end of august, the dog days of summer, but today was cooler. the weekend looks really nice. outside we go, national harbor, the wheel still open, late on a friday night. leon: why not, what else are you going to do. steve: they have a big crab
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festival tomorrow at the national harbor. eileen whelan was there earlier this morning on "good morning washington." 74 right now at reagan national, the wind out of the north at six. the duplicate, comfortable, index.0's, no heat today was 86 degrees. yesterday, heat index values of lower to middle 90's. today, no heat index to worry about, so it felt nice considering the time of year. 64 degrees in winchester, 63 gaithersburg, same frederick. andrews and, 67 fredericksburg. lexington park, maryland, 74 degrees. the cooler drier air off to the west. detroit, pittsburgh, sault ste. marie michigan, in the 60's. it will warm up nicely through the day tomorrow, highs eventually back into the 80's.
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less you midair over spreads the mid-atlantic overnight, the high-pressure the big story. the big weather maker is the sunshine. nighttime lows in the lower to to 66 degrees5 inside the capital beltway, mainly clear skies. a quick update on hurricane danny. 11011:00 update has wins at miles per hour, wind gusts of 132. let's fast-forward. this is wednesday, off the coast of haiti. or tropicalane storm, just an area of low pressure. that is good news, rapidly deteriorating the next several days. beach forecast looks fantastic, lower 80's in ocean , bethany,beth, dewey water temperature in the 70's. sunday, upper 80's. monday, daytime high of 90 degrees, the frontal system triggering showers and thunderstorms come cooling into
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the 80's next week. danny will fizzle out over the next four days. leon: we cannot afford to see the nats fizzle out, back on their winning streak. robert: you think things are good when you come back home, right? disappointing road trip, the nationals were back in town.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. back home after a brutal road trip, dropping seven of their last nine games. nationals park, finally got home. santana, just called up from the minors. they say that timing is everything, the homer to left field, the brewers up 5-1. more pitching issues for the nats.
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toes-loaded, station station, herrera with a single, 7-2. brewers win 10-3. leon: boo. orioles, kurtthe suzuki singles. scores, adame jones mis-play's this. the o's lose 4-3. put another in the books, the astros mike fiers throws a no-hitter, striking out justin turner. the last time the astros had a no-hitter was in 2003 against the yankees, a combined no-hitter, six pitchers. reports say the red skins are optimistic about rg iii's return against the ravens next
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saturday. they are back to practice sunday, hopefully with an official update of his status. he left last night's preseason game against the alliance with a concussion. his shoulder was ok. no word on when he will be back. if he is not back, it will , theyly be kirk cousins he probably will not find out until game day. checking back with tiger woods, after shooting six under thursday, he followed up today shooting five under, to share the wyndham championship. the eagle on 15, a sure first place. tiger, how does it feel to be back? and this was a great surprise. this might take the cake. the western michigan coach wraps a scholarship around a football for an onside kick. the running back was up to recover, letting him know he had
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earned a full ride at the school. after he recovered it, everybody surrounds him, carries them off the field. congratulations to mr. sweeney. and the mystics went down to the chicago sky, 87-85. every time a kid winds that scholarship, their mom and dad are at home, "thank you." leon: congratulations. lucky for you, buddy. coming up --plans for a pretty this weekend? some guys who got started early. do you like the passaaadd?
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limited edition for $189 a month ter r a 000 nus. with some doing a gun man on a train in france. also, a former federal police officer pleads guilty to trying to make methamphetamine, causing an explosion at a federal lab. and a beautiful weekend ahead. steve rudin's forecast at this video, the weekend, time to party, and these bears got the message. cooling off in a new jersey pulled this weekend. mama bear and five cubs. the homeowner said they seem to
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enjoy themselves, leaving on their own after an hour. the folks have to buy some new employees -- some new pool toys. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. leon: one more victory lap.
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steve: yes. 88degrees the high tomorrow, sunday, low 90's monday. we will have a chance of a few showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday, nighttime lows in the middle to upper 60's. leon: we can say goodbye to this set. you will not see this anymore. that will be retired. but that's ok, we are going to cut a piece of corporate.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- halle berry and josh groban with cleto and the cletones. and now, once again, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you all of you for coming.


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