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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 22, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, josh duggar says he is the biggest hypocrite ever. one of 37 million potentially outed in the ashley madison hack. now admitting he is addicted to porn and cheated on his wife. why so many who publicly preach morality may be leading secret lives. >> plus after the storm. nearly 10 years after hurricane katrina, our robin roberts' emotional return to her once devastated hometown to hear the stories of hope and the quiet heroism of rebirth in the disaster zone. >> and we have got a date with five second of summer. they have load of screaming fans and they're kind of hot right now. so why don't they want you to call them a boy band? >> i mean.
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good evening. fresh controversy from former reality tv star josh duggar, among the millions of ashley
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madison users in a hack exposing would be cheaters. shining a light on private morals and public moralizing. why would a man who helped build a tv empire play fast and loose with family values? >> ashley madison. >> reporter: life is short. have an affair. >> reporter: the website once a refuge now exposing sins. among the high profile victims of the ashley madison hack, vatican figures and 13,000 government emplyies. the pentagon now investigating. >> of course it is an issue because conduct is -- very important. we expect good conduct. >> reporter: civilians scrutinized as well. former reality star, josh duggar, husband, father of four, often preached his christian faith and family value at political rallies. >> marriage is central to the family. >> reporter: now the former
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reality star of 19 kids and counting who just months ago was in the spotlight for bad behavior again facing public embarrassme embarrassment. apologizing after being outed among the 37 million accounts of potentially hacked on ashley madison. the site known for matching up married cheaters. >> welcome to the club. >> isn't it time for >> reporter: in a statement on the family website, duggar calls himself the biggest hypocrite ever. espousing faith and family values i have been unfaithful to my wife. he confess heed has a porn addiction but later took that admission down. the scandal all the more shocking because it is josh duggar whose outspoken public moralizing blatantly contradicts his now public private life. >> i think if you want to position yourself as a mal leader then you better be willing to put every e-mail, every text, every membership, virtually everything you do out in the public and with stand the
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scrutiny. >> according to gawker, duggar paid almost $1,000 to maintain two accounts, under handles josh the man and ready for this, dc, indicating his preference was stylish, classy, naughty partners with take charge nature. yet all the while, josh was lbying for family research council, a group for values and rallying against issues like abortion. >> in my lifetime we are going to end abortion in the united states of america once and for all. >> reporter: and against same-sex marriage. >> every single child deserves a mother and father. >> reporter: instagramg out the photo of himself and wife sharing a drink from chick-fil-a with the caption marriage equals man plus woman. >> he has been spending years and years trying to interfere with gay people's right to get married. so seeing that kind of come back on him and seeing his own marriage get sort of, taken for a ride, you know, it felt like
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karma. >> all this months after a decade old police report revealed josh was investigated for multiple sex offenses including forcibly fondling five girls in 2002 and 2003. two of the girls the duggars say josh molested his younger sisters. jill and jessa came to his defense in a fox news interviewen june. >> he was a boy. young boy in puberty. and a little too curious about girls. that got him into some trouble. i do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or pedophile or a rapist. some people are saying. i'm look that is so overboard. and a lie, really. >> reporter: charges were never pressed statute of limitations expired. but duggar apologized on social media writing i acted inexcusably for what i am sorry and deeply regret. >> at that point you could say a youthful indiscretion. now the only thing you can claim
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is this guy is a real sleaze. >> through al of this anna duggar his wife, who recently gave birth to their fourth child is standing by him. today "people" magazine quoting a family source saying anna is not likely to leave him and that she will likely absorb some of the blame for his indiscretions. a reaction sex therapist rob weiss says is common. >> i see spouses who are wounded by profound infidelity or sex addiction every day. and universally on some level, they feel like, you know if i was prettier, more attractive then they wouldn't be doing this. if you look at this man's history he was acting out sexually long before he met his wife. >> i joshua take anna to be my wedded wife. >> reporter: a far cry from the picture perfect marriage pr trade on their canceled show, 19 and counting. when they said their first kiss was on their wedding day. >> many definitions of courtship. for us it meant really choosing purity, choosing to wait, for a lot of things people would take
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for grant. our first kiss was on our wedding day. >> reporter: of course, josh duggar isn't the only public figure falling from the precipice of moral high ground. if it seems it is al most common to not practice what you preach. cheating evangelical pastors. >> i have sinned against you, my lord. >> i was a hypocrite, liar, deceiver. >> no shortage of cheating politicians. >> i don't respond to these lies. >> i made a very serious mistake. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. ms. lewinsky. >> indeed i did have a relationship with ms. lewinsky that was not appropriate. >> there are reasons we see so many people living secret lives. >> hypocrisy if you look from a psychological, someone so self hating ashamed, desperate about what they are doing they literally go out there and try to help others not do it because underneath they know they can't not do it. >> of course it was the discreet
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nature of ashley madison that proved to be its biggest selling point. attracting people with secret desires. >> they're marketing specifically targets people that are conservative, often religious because they know that those are people who may not have had a lot of sexual experimentation in their life or a lot of opportunities. >> reporter: some of those seeking anonymity tonight seeking revenge to the tune of $500 million in damage to their reputations through a class action lawsuit. while some say the hack is justice served, also a rude awakening that online nothing is ever truly private. up next, our robin roberts takes us on a very personal journey to visit the survivors and heroes of hurricane katrina. plus, five second of summer. all right rage right now. that's not the only thing we look about them.
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it is one of the most searing tragedies of our time. almost ten years after hurricane katrina for our robin roberts the impact still in her hometown. tonight she heads back to the region on a personal journey. seeking out stories of hope and meeting the survivors who triumphed over terrifying odds. >> reporter: on august 29th, 2005, hurricane katrina topped thousand of people a very painful life lesson. the place you love and call home can in a split second disappear. robin, i know when you left here, last night, and flew down, you hadn't been able to make contact with your own family yet. have you done so? >> they're okay. >> they're okay. >> they're fine. and just so many people, excuse me. so many people affected by this storm.
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who can't get to their loved ones. i was fortunate enough to be able to get down here and see them firsthand. >> for about what, 24-48 hours you didn't know if mom and i were even alive. how was that? i never even asked you that? >> remember just saying, i know i'm here to report. but i got to find my mom and my sister. and i know the reason i breck down and cried like i did. ones i found you all and, went and did my report is because i knew people were tuning in that morning feeling what i had just felt. not knowing abut their loved ones. i knew what they felt like. i knew -- the hopelessness. more than 60,000 homes were destroyed in mississippi. deadly storm surges nearly 30 feet high exceeded everyone's worst case predictions.
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>> this is happening right now. >> leaving an entire community trapped. that's when howard sprang into action. >> boat full of people. >> reporter: this video shows howard fighting the storm. as roads turn into raging rivers. and cars were completely underwater. >> started hearing people hollering. we start picking up people. they were all strangers. >> 15 desperate people crammed into a vessel meant to hold only 6. >> i had to do something. i wasn't going to leave him there. i mean, people was hollering for help. help. yelling help. >> soon, he heard frantic screams coming from this house. betty gillen. 76 at the time was trapped inside. >> i jumped overboard. i opened up the door. i put her and her son and his girlfriend in the boat. >> it was very scary. >> howard navigated the boat
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through two miles of stretch russ water. finally reaching safety on a motel balcony just above the water level. >> saved my life. >> i love you, howard. >> i love you too. >> strangers before katrina. now lifelong friend. >> they call me a hero. but everybody was a hero that made it out of that storm. >> for one woman we melt in a nearby town, there was no hero to rescue her. >> i was incredulous. i just couldn't imagine. >> diane and tony brugger did not evacuate from harbor oaks, the inn they lovingly restored. the bruggers took refuge on the top floor of their inn. >> the track of the storm has shifted to the east. >> reporter: they believed its 33-foot elevation was well above the predicted 25-foot storm
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surge. >> the water was up to the drive. and ooh, this is -- serious. >> reporter: and as the waters continued to rise, tornados touched down. one of which hit the brugger's full on. >> that's when the walls fell away when the ceiling came down. and then, it just covered -- >> the house just literally started breaking apart? >> it flattened out until there was a field of debris. tony was, was when the part of the ceiling came down it caught his head and just took him right under. >> reporter: somehow diane survived. >> the only thing i remember its the trees, there were two together. i had a foot in one. and a foot in the other tree. it was all just -- just, just hang on. >> reporter: she clung to the tree limbs for six hours until the violent storm subsided and
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she was rescued. having lost the love of her life, her home, and her community, diane drew upon tremendous inner strength to return to face the devastation and rebuild. in the very place where ten years ago katrina took it all away. >> to wake up every morning, to look out at that harbor, being on that little front porch, it's a lovely place to live. >> our thanks to gma anchor robin roberts. katrina ten years after the storm, produced by rocking robin productions airs sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. up next, this its what it looks like when the hottest band of the summer plays a concert in our backyard. ♪ ♪ >> don't five second of summer look so perfect standing there?
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you know, summer is sad but true coming to an end. for the band five seconds of summer it's pretty clear their time in the sun is just beginning. during a waild performance on "good morning america," amy robach gets an inside look into their smashing success. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: one of the hottest acts in the music industry. five seconds of summer. michael, ashton, cal and luke
1:03 am
rocking the stage on "good morning america" where fans had been waiting for dates with "what i like about you." ♪ ♪ ♪ that's what i like about you but the guys behind this australian band started off on a much smaller screen. youtube. did you ever imagine the day would come? >> you don't picture that when you are covering songs on youtube. >> the best thing, is our fans loved the original music. really latched on. meant something to them. >> reporter: they got their big break opening for one direction, but don't call them a boy band. you don't like being called a boy band, why? because your's men? >> i have a beard. >> we started a band in a garage, just like, a rock band started. people are going to say what they want. >> we love writing our music and love our fans. that's all that matters to us if i'm honest. >> reporter: they have been riding high since their 2014 hit
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she looks so perfect. ♪ my american apparel underwear ♪ >> reporter: what is it like on the road, guessing? >> smelly. >> smelly. >> fun. >> i'm out of underwear. on my last pair of underwear right now. >> i am not wearing underwear. >> i haven't done washing. >> you have a stand out story. >> i say this all the type. probably getting repetitive. look to my left. right. in the front. there is luke, michael, cal, nothing ever changes. just the surroundings. >> their close friendship is clear. >> michael, you've been called the dancer of the group? >> that's the false information. >> ashton is the dancer of the group, what do you mean? >> look at the move. >> reporter: they can get serious. this week, michael opening up about his mental health problems. fans across the world, tweeting #weloveyoumichael.
1:05 am
♪ we are the king and queen >> reporter: talking about the real messages behind their songs like deceptively titled "she's kind of hot." >> listen to the lyrics. being yourself. you'll be all right. you'll get through. because being you is great. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: at end of the day what do you want your fans to take away from your music? >> just keep on being you. and keep on being awesome. >> reporter: for "nightline," amy robach in new york. >> helping us enjoy the last five second of summer. thank you for watching abc news. online, 24/7 on "nightline" facebook page and good night. america. have a great weekend. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news. america's number one news source. could you go to the store and get me some cough medicine?
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