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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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wife had an affair 50 years ago. now he is facing charges for attacking her with a curling iron. as kevin lewis reports the man works side-by-side with the special needs children. kevin: if the criminal charges are true, the pain george induced on his wife is incomp hence i believe. inside -- incomprehensible. inside their home he allegedly beat and strangled his 78-year-old spouse who suffers from severe dementia. according to police he sexually salted her with -- sexually assaulted her with a hot curling iron. neighbors say he is a bitter man. >> i'm surprised he didn't do it earlier. he was frustrated with the wife. the wife is a sick woman. she is not moving. she is on oxygen and she needs help to do her regular things in life. the guy is fed up. reporter: he works as a bus
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aid for the public schools serving children with special needs. he is still listed on school hat-trick's -- the school district's website. at the hospital the woman said she fears her husband because he hit and burns with fire and said, "i hate him." >> a word can set him off. kevin: next monday students will return to the classroom and it's unclear if he will be on board a school bus with some of the kids. he is due in court next month facing charges of first-degree sex offense and vulnerable adults abuse. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. maureen: this just in. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell gets to stay out of jail while he appeals his corruption conviction. that is the word from the supreme court a short time ago. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years in prison earlier this year. his attorneys promised an
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appeal through the u.s. supreme court. developing now, a roller coaster day on wall street. dramatic drop on all three indexes and the impact is global. this comes back to concerns about china. diane cho is live to explain what might happen next. diane? diane: the dow closed down 600 points today despite investors we spoke to that said to stay calm though it may have been an ugly start to the trading day on wall street. they insist this, too, shall pass. in minutes of the opening bell, the dow jones/industrials plummeted 1,089 point. >> the market is overreacting to the fear, the news of the unexpected. diane: this is after the shanghai composite fell 8.5%, in the biggest one-day loss since february of 2007. as concern mounted over the economic slowdown sparking selloff in stocks last week and today around the world.
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>> they have had a luge decline -- huge decline because of dominating market performance. so their correction has taken place. diane: china's central bank tried to step in two weeks ago and devalue the currency but it hasn't had much impact. >> until things flush themselves out a little bit we will see the volatility there. >> it has taken control on commodities falling below $39 a barrel. a new six-year low. the s&p 500 briefly slid into correction territory after the opening. which means there was a drop of so% or more from the recent peak. >> people need to keep in mind that for the most part if we look back to prior to the depression, we typically average about 10% decline at least once a year. we haven't seen it in almost four years. diane: he had the earnings are
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positive so he says to stay focused on the long-term investment. diane cho, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. oil hit $39 a barrel today for the first time since 2009. or rather june of last year it was $100 a barrel. this could bring gas prices down to less than $2 a gallon. this is a sign that the world has more oil than it knows what to do with. turning to the weather. we have an eye on scattered rain and storms and the less humidity coming our way. doug hill has the outlook for us. doug: you are right. this line of the showers and the storms ahead of the cold front. this is crawling. here is what we have.
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if you get through the river to loudoun and northern fairfax it will push south and east to culpeper. heavy rain and lightning and the thunder, too. but this is drift something slowly off the east, it will take a few hours. it's a fairly limited area. the rain has not been particularly heavy. picked up a half inch. leesburg. .35 in ashburg. look at the temperatures. the area of the heavy rain are in the 70's. without the rain it's hot and humid like fredericksburg at 92. it's 87 at reagan national. 84 in baltimore. 87 around andrews air force base. through the evening the shower and the storms will end in the metro before 10:00. they may linger over southern maryland but they clear overnight. the winds will turn northwest and the temperatures drop 59 to 69 by morning due to the front being past the area and cooler. little cooler but mostly drier winds from the northwest. the high pressure center powering it all and this will
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sit on top of us from friday. great look at the forecast to share with you in a few minute. maureen: thank you for the good news. not such good news in district. there have been more than 100 homicides this year. that is 30% increase over 2013. for the newer residents in d.c. this is something they haven't seen before. others hope it's not a return to the violence and the gang wars of the past. >> you see all the development. you see even walking around. it seems safe and carefree. but then you hear about the gun battle and the gangs fighting each other. maureen: the police union suggested to restart the vice squad and some communities put renewed emphasis on the neighborhood watches to stem the violence. on alert in arlington. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" what they are saying about possible suspects. also hailed as heroes.
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americans honored after stopping a possible terror attack in france. the emotional ceremony. the consumer alert. a new recall of iphones. "7 on your side" with what you need to know just ahead.
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maureen: arlington police are investigating another attack on a woman.
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the woman told police she was walking with her young daughter friday night when a man grabbed her. she protected her daughter and screamed at the man who ran off. the attack comes after five other sexual assaults in arlington in the past month. >> nothing has been unique from the victim's perspective. whether that is a tattoo or piercing. maureen: the victim friday night called 911 immediately and the police dogs searched the area but came up empty. the investigators are not sure if they are dealing with one attacker or several people. right now police are searching for teenage murder suspect. they say 17-year-old chet jarrett jr. killed 17-year-old jajuan mcrae on rockport lane in glenn dale on friday night. police believe the teens got into a fight which ended with the deadly shooting. if you have seen jarrett, police want to hear from you. we are learning more about
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this weekend's foiled terrorist attack on a train in france. authorities say a virginia man mark mugalian wounded as he charged the gunman. three other americans and a british citizen tackled the suspect. spencer stone then rushed to save mark's life. >> i just stuck two of my fingers in the hole, found what i thought was the artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. maureen: today they received the legion of honor, france's highest award. mark will receive his medal when he is well enough to leave the hospital. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new fallout about the iran nuclear deal. tonight what the senator from maryland is saying about it. and more comfortable temperatures ahead this week. chief meteorologist doug hill
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has that next. robert: peyton manning continued to dominate. i'll explain. that and more as "abc7 news at 6:00"
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maureen: a local lawmaker is under the microscope perhaps unlike before and he could be the one to break or make obama's deal. scott thuman sat down with him to talk about the controversy and the debate much of the world is watching. scott? scott: maureen, we are talking about the senator from maryland. he downplays it but some say he could be the swing vote that nixes or approves the deal. whether he is being honest or not he is feeling the political pinch from around the world. [phone ringing ] >> senator's office? >> senator's office. can i help you? scott: the frenzy of ringing phone is an indicator that senator ben carden on a hot seat with no sign of cooling. they said there is not a moment of peace that poor guy
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is getting. senator: i don't know if that is true or not. it's certainly when i'm out in the community there is a lot of interest. people come up to you and express concerns. scott: the concern is does the deal give up too much and lifting the sanctions topay the way for a nuclear weapon or does it gave the world the best monitoring yet? senator: i have had a lot of interest from the president of the united states. there is what you call pressure. i call it interest. scott: trying hard toker is -- to persuade you. senator: correct. scott: like confidential agrees and documents not so far shared with congress. how much is your level of concern about those? >> they should be made available to congress. scott: what is in full supply is passion against the deal to his office and the websites hammering away.
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if he is leaning, he is not showing. >> i'll pass on the opposition to the senator. scott: getting an earful. his decision will come after labor day and congress may vote this fall to stop the deal initially. but president obama says he would veto it and those crunching the numbers say it's difficult for those in congress who are opposed to come up with enough vote to override the veto. maureen: thank you. apple is recalling iphone 6 plus smartphones. some of the phones have a component in the camera that can fail. it affects the outward camera on the phone, not selfie option. so don't worry about that. you can find out if your phone is eligible for a free replacement on chipotle is hiring. as a matter of fact, looking for thousands of new hires. announced today that it is seeking 4,000 new workers in
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one day of hiring. september 9 will mark the chain's first national career day. management teams will hold interviews for dozens of people. the leaders are opening more restaurants but seeing fewer people apply for jobs. my goodness. doug: good news. maureen: very good news for anybody who likes chipotle. doug: absolutely. maureen: we like the weather. doug: we get one or two humid days and then it goes back to the way it was. tonight it is going to cool off and tomorrow and beyond looks gorgeous. get into it now. a time lapse from the national institute of the standard and technology from gaithersburg and the rooftop camera a few stories up. but this gives us a great vantage point of the sky. we have the cameras out there looking to the sky for us to put the weather in context. you see in the past couple of hours the skies are darker.
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interesting cloud formation to a storm that is the center that is out of frame. but the skies are getting darker. good reason. the line of storm is moving and swinging across the area south and west of gaithersburg. heavy rain. this is moving east. metro washington area is out of it for an hour so. maybe an hour and a half. it is going to slow poke its way across the area through later tonight. we are going to get by 10:00 or so it should be far out of the metro area south and east of town. overnight the pattern will change to the partly cloudy skies with the drier air moving in. 75 in gaithersburg and frederick. they have been cooled by the rain. same in washington dulles. no rain in manassas. we know that. it's still 84. 87 in andrews and reagan national. fredericksburg is the hot spot at 92. dew point is in the 70's.
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when you have that and the temperatures that are 80 to 90, we get the ultra muggy feel. behind the line, hagerstown, 59 dew point. 54 in cumberland. that is the dryer air headed here. the storms will end tonight. breezy and the clearing skies and the temperatures cooling to 589 to 69 degrees -- 59 to 69 by tomorrow morning. the hot stuff is pushed farther south and east. the slightly cooler air we see in low 70's will pinwheel back to northeast. it's system for the next few days. for tomorrow, whole different day than this day. it will not be humid and not hot. it will be seasonable. 81 in mid-day. and the mostly sunny skies will continue with a high of 85. the next seven days is 86 tomorrow. less humidity. run the string, beautiful weather. we will hit the saturday, the humidity comes up. sunday and monday around 90 with chance of daily an shower and storms.
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that is the latest. maureen: it's not football weather but doesn't matter. robert: exactly. rgiii needs a friend right now. only you can cheer him up. maureen:ly do my best -- i will do my best. how can i help? leon: it's monday and the talk of the town. thursday's deback with the rgiii. but are you surprised? wait until you hear jay gruden and what he had to say about possibly trying to sabotage rgiii's career. that's next in sports.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealers. robert: much-needed day off for the redskins, especially for rgiii after the beating he took thursday against the lions. but it is still the talk of the town. sports radio is all about the thursday annihilation of rgiii. but the question that is popping up on most broadcasts did jay gruden leave rgiii in too long and if so, is he trying to sabotage rgiii career? here is gruden after the walk-through. coach gruden: we ned the work. whether it's one shot or ten shots we have to get the offense going and the right side needs work. the center, the left guard and left tackle need work. the tight end and the receivers together breaking the huddles and calling plays. we were a 4-12 last year.
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for me to rest the starters after one preseason game is not right. robert: speaking of the the quarterbacks in the past three seasons peyton manning completed 1,245 passes for 14,863 yards with the broncos. what makes the numbers better he has done it without feeling in his fingers. he told this to monday morning quarterback peter king. the lack of feeling came from the neck injuries that caused him to miss 2011 season. you never would have guessed because he is so good. the nats had the day off. they are on a little bit of a roll. they have taken two, two out of three from the brewers and the rockies but they are still five game back from the mets. they will start back up tomorrow against the padres. stephen strasburg will take the mound for the good guys. a little soccer for you, chelsea against west bromwich.
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that is what? a reverse header? whatever. chelsea with the win. final 3-2. final note in football the former colts receiver reggie wayne afreed to a one-year deal for the patriots. patriots trying to make it wayne. good, right? maureen: that was bad. doug: we'll take it. robert: couple more weeks. doug: we have showers schloyly moving west in the metro. in the next few hours they head west to the bay. expect rain in the area. once it's through the next few days are gorgeous. low to mid-80's. low humidity. i'll pinch myself. is this a dream or real? steve rudin has more at 11:00. maureen: don't pinch yourself. that hurts. take our word for it. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. join us at 11:00. have a great
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tonight, wall street meltdown. the dow in freefall. plunging more than a thousand points. 401(k)s dropped thousands of dollars in just minutes. how safe are your savings? how solid is the economy. rebecca jarvis standing by. american heroes. three boyhood friends receive france's highest honor taking down the terrorists on a train. tonight we're learning about a fourth american, a professor, now being called a hero. ready to run? new clues that joe biden may take on hillary clinton. his meeting with president obama today. who will obama choose if biden runs? and tight squeeze. new video inside the escape tunnel carved out by two dangerous inmates from prison cell to the open road in just 20 minutes.


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