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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 26, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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soaring >> there's uncertainty to cause lloffs, maybe panic selling beyond what's necessary. so you know, strap in for a bit of a bumpy ride. >> reporter: experts say this volatility could actually be a good thing for anyone wanting to buy a home, a car or get a credit card because it could delay the federal reserve from raising interest rates keeping borrowing cheaper. marci gonzalez, abc news at the new york stock exchange. of kraft heinz recalling 2 million pounds of oscar mayer turkey bacon linked to illness. it may spoil before the best when used by date. kraft was made aware of the problem by consumer complaints. food and safety regulators have not received any confirmed reports of illness. the turkey bacon was made between may 31st and august 6th of this year. a new study confirms what many parents feared about those government mandated fruits and veggies on school lunch trays. they often go right into the
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trash. researchers said they found while children put more of the good stuff on their tray, they ate less of it. food waste was up 56%. if you need to drink fast order it from amazon. the retailer now offering quick delivery of beer, wine and hard liquor in the seattle area. it's a test for amazon's prime now. service which operates in a number of major u.s. cities but only wine offered there. seattle is the first with hard liquor, two-hour delivery is free. one-hour delivery is an extra eight bucks. that will come in handy if you throw a last-minute party. >> alcohol delivery on demand. that is going to stick around. >> says the bachelor. it has become an annual rite of fall, an annual rite of passage for fall. not the pumpkin spice flavor but pumpkin spice flavor in everything. but this year it's not just that pumpkin spice. check this out. they're m&ms pumpkin spice. the spice is taking over the
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world. >> there's a big variety on store shelves. it will come out this weekend in a package with a maternal looking candy wearing scarf sort of thing. the only colors inside are ivory, brown and orange. it's kind of like a scarf. >> that looks like fall, pump kip colors. i'm sure they're really good. pumpkin spice everything. might be a littleover load if you have the pumpkin spice m&ms with your pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. >> i don't think there's such a thing as pumpkin overload? >> no? maybe you're right. i got to try it out. >> bring some in tomorrow. >> lots of it. coming up, it's often a stressful time of year sending kids back to school. expert advice to make the end of summer a little easier for moms and dads and kids. >> also ahead, career mothers who feet guilty because they have got to go to work instead of staying home. it's a major debate among parents. a new approach. first the driver going wrong way and how a quick thinking cop
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in california, the driver of an suv slid off a rain-slick road and ended up in even more water. check that out. a swimming pool. the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle as she made a left turn, crashed through a fence and plunged into the pool. she was able to get out of the car. but it took several hours to get the car out of the pool. a bizarre and for a man who once jumped the white house fence. curtis smith was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy at a suburban philadelphia courthouse. officials say he had attacked another deputy there with a knife. an eye writness says he was shouting i'm going to get you. the motive still unknown. the 34-year-old smith was arrested at the white house back in march. now to a wild car chase on
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an interstate in utah. the driver weaving in and out of traffic. >> at one point even going the wrong way before the highway patrol took extreme measures to end the chase. kayna whitworth has the details. >> reporter: watch this wrong way driver in utah turning around nearly hitting the police car and weaving her way back through oncoming trafficking. >> she just passed me. 21st street northbound wrong way. >> ignoring police lights and sirens monday afternoon. >> still going the wrong way. traffic's all the way down to a standstill. >> reporter: police know they had no other choice. >> we have to get her stopped one way or another because the outcome is going to be tragic. >> you want me to try and ram her into the wall? >> reporter: cops rapping the car not once but twice. >> i rammed her. she's upside down. >> she got out of her vehicle on foot and tried to carjack a few other cars in the area, tried to
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escape our troopers. they took her into custody. >> reporter: the driver natalie peterson who they believe was driving under the influence was taken to the hospital. half of all accidents in the u.s. are caused by head-on impact. >> the best thing is to get as far as off to the side of the freeway you can and stop. >> kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> that was a great move. a life-saving move potentially. who knows how dangerous all of these police chases can be. >> could have been so much worse. >> absolutely. they said it took five troopers to subdue her. she only weighs 100 pounds. that's how out of it she was. they averted disaster. good job for them. coming up, dealing with back to school anxiety. >> parents looking to ease into the school year. look nothing further. our parenting coach joins us with helpful tips for your family. you're watching "world news now."
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>> start with some championshipi. add a splash of candice. spice it up with michele. sprinkle in some paula. make it sizzle with raven. and look who's back. >> hello. >> you're going to love this view. >> yes, we look good. >> the new season starts september 8th on abc. okay.
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so some of us can admit it. it's a relief for the grown-ups back to school often a stressful time for kids and parents alike. knowing techniques to ease the stress can make all the difference. joining us with megan leahy from positively parenting. welcome. >> how are you? >> so great to see you. we love having you on. what is the one thing that we kind of we're wrapping up the summer, done camps and vacation. what do we as parents kind of forget kicking off the new year? >> we need to remember i like to call it giving our kids some space and grace. which means don't assault them with your questions directly after school. right? what's your teacher like? did you make any friends? how was lunch. unless you have a very chatty kid and some of us may, that is a surefire way to shutdown conversation. >> i never thought of it that way. >> yeah, children tend to come out of school especially the younger children, sometimes the
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older ones too overstimulated. their sensory systems are kaput. and so even the most innocuous question from you a loving parent, will send them over the end. >> we're so curious. do you like your teacher. >> are you happy? is everything working out. we can't help ourselves. how do we deal with this? >> i know. so you give your child some protein. and some good carbs. right? that's after school or after daycare or after care. whenever you're seeing them. ask a question and feel the resistance. are they -- does they want to talk? do they just need a minute? and be willing as a parent to stay quiet. >> wow. that's hard sometimes. >> oh, my gosh, i have to bite down on a stick half the time. >> i feel better knowing i'm not the only one. even you feel that way. >> yeah. >> i've got ask you, we start off the new year and want to get the training back in order. is that always a good thing to do at the beginning of the year?
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>> no. when you add back to school schedules with parents' work schedules and deadlines to leave in the morning, that equals stress. >> uh-huh. >> okay? so whenever you are trying to teach your child something and you have to be out the door at a certain time, that is -- that guarantees failure. so i recommend and i learned this from my buddies at the parent encouragement program in kensington, maryland, highly recommend them that you train your children on the weekends. when everyone is relaxed, there's no, no deadline. and you can having trial and error. >> and there's no pressure at that point. >> there's no pressure. >> that' such a great idea. >> if the child makes a great sandwich after dinner. >> yeah. >> it's ready for school the next day. >> what a great idea. >> i want to ask you, so many parents, they know what teacher they'd like their child to have and then you find in the mail it's not quite the teacher we were hoping for. how do you deal with that? you don't want your child to
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know it's not the teacher you were hoping for. you get off on the wrong foot. how do you make that connection with the teachers? >> give every teacher a chance. every teacher in their own way is doing the best job that they can by your child. they want to teach your child and have a great year. so i always encourage parents to reach out to the teachers and do like little questionnaires for instance, like what is the teacher's favorite food? the favorite color, where did they love to travel? how do who they like to take vacation and share this with your kids. especially young kids. it forms little bonds. it also humanizes the teacher for you, the parent. >> yeah. that is a great idea. megan, you always have the best tips. i feel like we should all know instinctively but never do. megan leahy, we love having you on. thanks for joining us. for more great advice, head to positively you're watching "world news
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to help keep your home healthier. ♪ well, it's something most working moms can relate to, mommy guilt, balancing family and career. as hard as it can ever be. and more young women are planning on putting jobs aside just to raise their kids. >> there are other lose say you can still have it all. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: they call it mommy guilt. >> i just feel like such a failure. >> reporter: take a look online and you'll find endless moms confessing the same nagging sense of inadequacy. >> i feel guilty because i couldn't be the classroom mom. >> reporter: moms like allison
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hon have full-time jobs. >> i got to work. i do feel that guilt, especially when i'm trying to get away from my children to get some work done where i feel like gosh, i wish i could just focus on my kids. >> reporter: and a growing number of professional women may be doing just that. in may, the harvard business school released a survey that showed 37% of millenial women plan to leave work for family. compared with 28% of again x women and 17% of baby boomers. so what happened to the dream of having it all? >> women with big jobs have much more balanced lives than people often think they do. >> reporter: laura vander camp says it's alive and kicking. for allison, there's no line dividing work and family time. so laura suggests setting clear boundaries by employing what she calls a split shift. >> if the kids know they have your full attention during
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certain times, then sometimes that gives them an okaying to have less attention at other times. >> she also suggests getting creative in scheduling quality time. >> maybe you can't do family dinner some night. but you manage to have family breakfast. >> reporter: and finally, set aside some me time to stay centered and calm. >> i feel optimistic. i feel like i have some tools that i might be able to try to use to make things better. >> i love you. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. such a tough thing. how do you do it? >> you know, i think a lot of people who work this shift know it's sometimes easier when you work weird hours but you can be home with the kids and it makes it worth it. if you're passionate about your work, make it even more worth it. >> what a great mom. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's angry confrontation. >> sit down. sit down. >> no -- >> go ahead. >> the tense exchange last night with a senior anchor of the country's number one spanish language network. the reporter thrown out of the room. >> courtroom drama just hours before james holmes is sentenced in the colorado theater shooting trial. his mother does something unexpected. her comments in court. health alert. women who sell their eggs who accept other women get pregnant could fast cash now lead to fertility problems later? and what a gourmet combination. during this national sandwich month, see who it is putting mac and cheese along with some tasty other ingredients between two slys of bread. we'll step it up in the insomniac kitchen on this


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