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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 27, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," murdered on live television. >> the tv reporter and cameraman shot and killed. the unspeakable scenes playing out on tv and social media. and the grief at a virginia tv station. >> also the subject's manifesto faxed here to abc news. what was going on in his mind before shooting former co-workers before taking his own life? we're live in virginia. also ahead, trump's tirade. the demands for apologies after the confrontation with univision anchorman jorge ramos. the political spectacle. >> later confronting cyberbullies. could hateful online message be stopped with a smartphone app. it's the invention of a techie nerd you just have to see. it's thursday, august 27th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. just unspeakable tragedy in virginia. >> could never have imagined. we've heard about isis terrorism in the middle east. never spengting something to happen live on television. the shoot ter actually faxing to abc news a manifesto suicide note saying that he was a human powder keg just waiting to go boom. we're going to begin this half hour with the on air murder in central virginia. it's a story hitting particularly close to home with so many people in the industry. focusing on this. >> absolutely. we have all done stories in the field, and up till yesterday, we hadn't ever actually seen one that ended in deadly gunfire. abc's kenneth moton has the latest now live from moneta, virginia. kenneth. >> reporter: phillip and reena, right now state police are still watching over the scene behind me just outside of roanoke. i can tell you this morning we are learning more about the disturbing mind of the suspected
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shooter who made accusations of sexual harassment and racism against his former employees. also this community is remembering the victims. a parking lot full of law enforcement officers sifting through bags of potential evidence outside the shooter's apartment. searching for clues into what drove a man to gun down a reporter and her cameraman on live television. alison parker and her photographer adam ward were conducting a live interview on the morning news when vester flanagan, a former station reporter known on air as bryce williams walked up and opened fire. >> it did not register it was gunshots. it probably should have but she's doing a little feature story. >> when i walk around and would run into alison or adam, it was the high point of my day because they always made me smile. >> reporter: parker and ward died. the woman being interviewed was seriously interviewed. flanagan fled the scene but spotted driving on a local highway. he crashed and later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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>> at some point in his life, it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: a man identifying himself as flanagan faxed a suicide note to abc news hours after the shooting. in it, he writes why did i do it? the church shooting in charleston was the tipping point. i've been a human powder keg for a while, just waiting to go boom. his family issued a short statement focusing on the victims. >> our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victims' families. >> reporter: a similar sentiment playing out at prayer vigils in virginia. parker's boyfriend and chore tweeted the most radiant woman i ever net and for some reason she loved me backing >> i lost the love of my life. it was painful and immediate. >> reporter: flanagan also said in his manifesto that ward, that cameraman complained aboutim right before he was fired two years agoing from wbdj.
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he sued the station but that lawsuit was dismissed. . >> kenneth, obviously this is a very difficult time for the victims' family friends and co-workers there in virginia. what kind of support are they getting? >> reporter: oh, phillip, the support has been tremendous. from this community and across the globe. we know that according to the parent company of wwdbj, the station and the parent company of the station i should say the national association of broadcasters has set up a fund to help out the victims' families. also reporters and journalists from around the world have started to post pictures of themselves out doing what i'm doing right now in a live shot. and they've been posting that on twitter with the #we stand with wdbj. >> so many he americans not just journalists kenneth, feel that same sentiment. thank you so much. kenneth moton live in virginia. thanks again. investigators have been searching the gunman's apartment and the surrounding area trying
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to piece together what was a clearly troubled life. we know he was fired by tv stations at least twice because managers said he was causing problems with other employees. with more, here's abc's pierre thom thomas. >> reporter: he was known as local tv reporter are bryce williams. here he is holding a gun, a man slowly descending toward madness. >> some point in his life, it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: the former tv reporter targeted the crew when they were most vulnerable even using his skills to film the murderers. >> you have a journalist by trade who not only carried out a workplace attack but then used the tools of his trade to communicate about that attack. >> reporter: a man identifying himself as flanagan faxed what he called a suicide note to abc news at 8:26 nearly two hours after the shooting. it shows a deeply angry man
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laying out his grievances. flanagan's list of grievances was long. he knowed in a manifesto he had been fired from the station of the murdered television crew. he claimed the camera man complained about him to management, that he was a victim of racism and sexual harassment. he suggested that he was mistreated because he was a gay black man. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. >> reporter: in the suicide note, flanagan expresses admirationing for mass murderers, specifically the columbine killers and the virginia tech shooter whom he said he personally knew. in one of his final yes tours a man claiming to be flanagan called abc news in new york around 10:00 a.m. and said he shot two people. he hung up and we contacted the authorities. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and we want to remind you our coverage of the virginia shooting doesn't end here. later this half hour,' heart
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breaking look at the victims in our next half hour, we'll take you back to virginia for a live update. colorado movie theater killer james holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a jury has sentenced him to 12 life sentences, one for each of the people he killed three years ago. a judge added thousands of years for the attempted murders of dozens of other movie patrons. the maximum sentence allowed under colorado law. spectators applaud as it was announced. closing arguments begin today in the new hampshire prep school rape trial. former student owen labrie took the stand, the only witness his attorneys called and denied he raped a 15-year-old girl. he said he stopped short of having sex with her but admitted he deleted messages boasting falsely he had. the confrontation between donald trump and jorge ramos. trump refusing to back down said ramos was totally out of line at the conference. the head of univision calling the treatment of ramos beneath
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contempt. trump getting unsolicited advice from the white house. >> i'm not sure it's a successful media strategy to physically remove reporters asking tough questions. >> while campaigning in iowa, hillary clinton said trump is no different tan most of his republican rivals when it comes to immigration telling an audience most of the other republican candidates are just trump without thepy pizazz or hair. hillary clinton addressing a possible challenge from vice president joe biden. at a campaign event, clinton said biden must do what's right for him and his family. on a conference call with top democrats biden said he's still undecided about a run for the white house and said he's weighing whether he has the emotional fuel to endure a campaign according to sources familiar with the session telling abc news. american financial markets opened this morning in positive territory again. the dow surged more than 600 points. nearly 4% after a six-day selloff that was the biggest one-day point gain in seven years.
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and third biggest ever. the s&p and nasdaq were also up about 4%. the selloff was caused by worries about china. but this morning, asian had markets rebounding too. some of you have seen our mention last week of the fact that spain really loves its outrageous summer festivals. >> we showed you the human tower building festival and there's the running of the bulls. well yesterday was arguably the grand daddy of them all. the tomatina. >> more than 20,000 people packing the streets of the spanish town just to have a chance to throw tomatoes at other people and make a big red pullpy mess. for those counting 175 tons of tomatoes were used here. it was the festival's 70th anniversary. >> this would upset some people. these are going to waste. apparently the event was inspired by a food fight between local children in 1945 in the tomato producing region. looks like fun. >> it does look like fun. it's messy. kind of gross there. i guess if you're in it, it's
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better than running from bulls i think. a lot safer. >> don't wear white if you choose to do it. coming up "in the mix" what could a real-life charlotte's web probably be like? >> and also ahead, caught on camera. the latest eruption from this vol vein know and the new warning going out to anybody nearby be. >> confronting cyberbullies with a smartphone app. the innovative idea from a techie nerd. >> check out our behind the scenes picture on instagram. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through
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mexico's so-called fire volcano is erupting again, spewing clouds of ash into the air. hundreds of people have been evacuated and ordered to stay at least three miles away. the volcano is considered one of the most active and dangerous in central america. there have been several eruptions in the past month. the caribbean is bracing for tropical storm erika on track to approach near puerto rico and the virgin islands today. schools, airports and casinos are closing and shelters are preparing. air erika is expected to bring much needed rain to parts of the caribbean and at this point it could hit florida on monday. another louisiana police officer killed on the job. he was shot while responding to an emergency call at a house where three women had been stabbed. one of them died. the other two are hospitalized. the suspect then allegedly crashed his car into a
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convenience store and barricaded himself inside. he was eventually captured, police say he appeared to be high on drugs. and we return now to our top story. the deaths of those two young tv journalists in virginia. they were killed by a former colleague. >> and their station they were known as the a too many. alison and adam. their colleagues going back on the air this morning to honor them. here's more from linsey davis. >> reporter: this news station shake. >> and we're all in a state of shock. you can hear people behind us crying. >> reporter: allison parker and adam ward reporting together fwre day for wdbj. >> adam ward and i are putting the final touches on our special report. >> reporter: in the moments after the shooting, parker's boyfriend sending a series of tweets revealing they had just moved in together. he describes her as the most radiant woman i ever met. he says they wanted to get married. parker's family saying she was their bright shining light and it was cruelly extinguished by yet another crazy person with a gun.
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cameraman adam ward known as one of the stations go-to guys was engaged to the morning producer. the two were planning their wedding. allison and adam began their careers at the station as interns forming a strong bond both on and off camera. linsey davis, abc news, new york. so tragic. and it's estimated 40,000 people were watching the live feed as it was coming down that moment yesterday morning. >> yeah, there are so many levels of how disturbing all this was. one because of that. people weren't expecting that, they weren't at a crime scene or anything. they were talking to a chamber of commerce person, an official and then something like that happens and people were confused not only the anchorwoman in the studio but the viewers as you mentioned. they weren't sure what happened. but you knew something went terribly wrong. you heard the gunshots. you saw the camera fall. and just completely disturbing. from our end, like we mentioned earlier, we have all been out in the field and had our backs
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turned not sure what's going on. and that's the last thing you expect though. >> you're absolutely right. we want to remind viewers to stay with abc news as we cover these developments overnight. we'll take you live to virginia in our next half hour. >> also ahead in our next half hour, a major lawsuit involving car ignitions. the new keyless technology linked to accidental deaths but who should be held accountable when drivers forget their car is still running. first fighting bullying the smart way with a smartphone. the app designed to prevent cyberbullying before it starts. meet the teen who designed the app and why it seems to be working. you're watching "world news now." "world news n
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♪ well as generations of kids grow up with new technology,
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bullying has spread into cyberspace as a serious issue. >> is teens hear about it from parents and teachers but one of the greatest tools in cutting down on the bullying has been developed by a teenager. alex perez has more. >> reporter: for tricia, being a high school science nerd is actually kind of cool. she's traveled the world sharing her ideas even a headliner at ted talks about the problem of cyberbullying. >> i'm passionate to stop it at the source before the damage is done. >> reporter: now she's got an app for that. over the past two years, the 15-year-old has been developing rethink, an app to make cyber bullies think twice before sending a hurtful text or tweet. >> rethink is able to detect when someone tries to post something offensive on social media and alert that person and go whoa, hold on. are you really sure you want to post that message? it could be offensive. >> reporter: the alert a pop-up window on the screen. >> we're giving them a chance to rethink their decision at which point they can either hit you
3:20 am
know clear maybe i do want to think about this or they can go ahead and decide they want to post the message. >> reporter: the app built with a growing database of trigger words and phrases that could be offensive. and the sophisticated program is intuitive. >> rethink is able to understand the difference between i hate chicago's weather and i hate you because those are two different scenarios. >> reporter: her parents are both in computer science and she started coding at age 10. the idea for rethink was born when she learned about rebecca sedwick who committed suicide after alleged by being sip cyberbullying by two classmates. it led her to medical studies on the teenage brain which shows the part of the brain that regular lays impulse control is not developed in teenagers. >> the adolescent brain is likened to a car with no brakes. we don't think about what we're doing when she post something. >> they tested on students last year with eye opening results
3:21 am
what happens when they get an alert from rethink. >> the overall willingness drops to 4%. >> winning her a coveted spot as a google finalist. >> anything we can do to reinforce you the bullyies to check themselves we're moving forward. >> she has no plans to profit from rethink. >> no one should have to pay to be safe on the internet. >> reporter: she says the app which is already available for android users will release an ios version in the next few weeks. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> what a brilliant idea. >> so well spoken and smart too at the same time. there are other apps, go go stat which you can set up words and age of people that you don't want your child to be in contact with or geographic locations. there are lots of apps. hers sounds pretty remarkable. >> coming up, a real-life charlotte's web.
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all right, reena, have you said you are not into the using emojis or lols or they have those things. >> i'm an old fashioned girl. i prefer words. >> there is a spider out there who does not agree with you. check this out. lol on a spider web. >> what? >> weaving that. >> is this legit? comes on. >> it looks cool. who knows why it's there. that's what people are wondering, is it real, is it not. real life charlotte's web. it could be mocking its prey. it could be laughing at us for believing it's real. it's pretty cool to look at at. >> charlotte did a great job there. our next one miles davis. i love a little miles davis. so influential. remember this one?
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this is his bitches brew. take a listen. ♪ >> you like how he gives it that little errr? here is a garage door's take on miles davis. [ squeaking ] >> isn't that pretty remarkable? >> pretty good. >> the chicago man hon kind of encountered this musical door in a parking garage decided to upload it and it was posted in 2012 but it's going viral now. it sounds so much like bitchea brew, right? >> it's sad when a door has more musical talent than me or anyone else. it's done in a way where that does sound exactly like miles davis. >> it's right on the money there. >> good call there. so we recently showed you a cool video of this high school
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softball player doing a trick. that's it right there. >> she was great. >> look how cool that is. this thing went viral. so there's a guy who calls himself the bat tricker. he got jealous of all the attention she was getting. he's like watch what i can do. he posted this video which does have a few more maneuvers there. bang. >> wow. >> well done. very cool. however, i mean, he did jump in after the fact. you know? >> but i want to remind our viewers and everybody at home, anything he can do, a woman can do better. >> she does have more tricks up her sleeve on her social media account. >> our producer was telling us she's got a lot more tricks on her page. watch these crazy guys from russia. 40-story building. it's going to make your knees freak out here. they do these tricks off the top of a building. why people do this, i don't know. >> oh, my
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this morning on "world news now," heartbreak in virginia. the murderers on live tv. a reporter and cameraman. the gunman, a former co-worker who took his own life. the overnight developments live from virginia. frightening flight. the airline jet with mechanical problems so severe, it could have crashed as it was trying to take off. new details from investigators. new this half hour, sniffing outs evidence for police. >> the specially trained dog that helped find hidden computer evidence in the jared fogel investigation. the canine getting attention. later in "the skinny," the drastic decision by former reality tv star josh duggar caught up in scandal after scandal. he's taking his embarrassment in a new direction. it's thursday, august 27th. from abc news, thises it "worl


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