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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 28, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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good morning. this morning on "world news now," inside the mind of a crazed gunman. >> who was the former tv news reporter who shot and killed two former co-workers? what virginia police found in his car and now the survivor of that shooting remembers what happened. demanding gun control. the father of that virginia journalist killed says enough is enough. the outcry after so many deaths. wilderness drama. a boulder traps a man on a hiking trip with his 13-year-old son trapping him in the middle of nowhere. what the brave boy did to save his add dad's life. later looking for love. the most unromantic book ever written about dating. why this expert says finding a soul mate is all a numbers game. it's friday, august 2th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good friday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. we made it to the end of the week. >> what a week. just so crushing for folks in roanoke. we're learning new details what v virginia police found inside the gunman's car. it's remarkable. three license plates, a wig, a shawl, sunglasses. 17 stamped letter, even a to-do list. just how calculate this had plan may have been and really getting a look at what his whole entire plan could have been so much more deb stating >> that's what we were all wondering, the investigation deepens and that's where we decide to begin this half hour where the community that's most closely affected by those on air tv murders in roanoke. >> hundreds of people from the area coming out last night for an anti-violence rally outside the station, wdbj. >> many of those attending says said they were watching wednesday morning when reporter
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allison parker and cameraman adam ward were killed while conduct aginterview. as the community mourns, we're learning more about the troubled gunman as abc's pie pierre thomas reports. >> reporter: vester flanagan committed suicide after killing his former colleagues. but newly discovered items in his getaway car suggests he may have wanted to evade authorities. police found a wig, sunglasses, a shawl, a black hat and three additional license plates, along with a nine millimeter glock pistol and six magazines of ammunition. >> bryce williams, wdbj 7. >> reporter: the former tv reporter who would kill his former co-workers in cold blood on live television, by his own accounts was a brooding, ticking time bomb. his broadcast career long marked by struggle, with flanagan repeatedly in the role of malcontent, often clashing with colleagues, claiming to be the victim. in 2014 flanagan filed a lawsuit against wdbj again claiming racial discrimination and sexual harassment, allegations the
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station denied. >> he said, i'm going to make you pay, i'm going to tell them that you sexually harassed me. i said you know that's a lie and i hung up the phone. >> reporter: in memos to the court, wdbj described flanagan as the problem. in a may 2012 memo, wdbj managers wrote, "you lost your temper and used verbal and body language that left co-workers feeling both threatened and extremely uncomfortable." the station ordered him to get counseling before eventually firing him. the anger was simmering. in a recent suicide note flanagan wrote of continued frustrations, that he gave up looking for a job because "i don't need to deal with workplace bullies anymore." >> it looks to me that he had a severe mental illness. i say that because he appears to be delusional at times. he's clearly paranoid. >> reporter: the tipping point, he said, was the racially motivated charleston church shooting, killing black parishioners.
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he put down a deposit on a pistol two days later. after charleston, flanagan said he wanted to kill to start a race war. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and we're hearing from the tourism official wounded in wednesday's attack for the first time. vicki gardener was shot in the back and told her husband the gunman's pistol misfired as he stood over her. she's out of a medically induced coma. tim gardener says his wife is surrounded by family and she's listed in good condition. the challenge for the cleegsz of allison parker and adam ward has been trying to work through the emotional ordeal while still doing their jobs. on the air yesterday morning, they joined hands as they head a moment of silence marking 24 hours since parker and ward were killed. parker's boyfriend speaking emotionally about the last contact he had with her. >> i texted her that i loved her and to have a good day and she said, good night, sweet boy. and that was the last that i
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never heard from her. >> memorial services are being planned for both allison parker and adam ward. the shopping plaza where the attack took place is set to reopen this morning. police removed all evidence of the shootings. the discussion of gun control is heating up since the shooting. as brandi hitt reports, allison parker's father says he's now ready to be an advocate for tighter firearms measures. >> i'm sorry that she's not going to be there. >> reporter: andy parker is turning his daughter's shooting death into a call for tougher gun laws. >> these people are crazy. i'm for the second amendment but there's got to be some common sense. >> reporter: the gunman behind the shooting live on wdbj had a history of anger and aggression. according to station management to fired him two years ago. it's believed he sent this suicide note to abc news. expressing admiration for the columbine kill kers and virginia tech shooter. parker's father says when you
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add newtown, connecticut, and colorado's theater massacre, it's finally time to enact stronger mental health screenings for gun owners. >> the politicians that kick the can down the road, they're in the nra's pocket. >> reporter: the issue a long time hot toe pay the toe is now front and center on the campaign trail. >> if guns were not so readily available, if we had universal background checks. >> reporter: just before the shooting walmart announced it's no longer selling high powered assault rifles because consumer demand is down. it was a handgun that was used in virginia. and police say it was purchased legally. an online petition has also started to cancel a gun show in roanoke, virginia, this weekend. it has a few hundred supporters. as of now, that show will go on as scheduled. >> brandi, thank you. michigan police say there may be a sniper targeting
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freeway drivers. they're investigating after at least five motorists reported being shot at on two major reads roads between the end of july and last week. there may have been others. no one has been injured. three years ago the area was at target i've sniper with more than 2 shootings. the governor of washington says the largest wildfire on record in his state is not just a local fire. he's calling it a statewide slow motion disaster. governor jayincely joined are firefighters on the lines as they battled the fire. a spokesman says all the lines are holding. red flag warnings were posted. cooler wet weather is on the way. rescue crews are fanning out across the caribbean island of dominica after tropical storm erika's deadly rampage. it washed away cars and buildings. an elderly blind man and two children were killed when a mudslide crashed into their
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home. at least one other person was killed and more than hey dozen are still unan accounted for. erika could become the first hurricane to hit florida in the past ten years. residents are getting ready just in case. florida power and light has spent millions of dollars upgrading its electrical poles. paul williams is tracking erika at accuweather. >> appreciate it, reena, phillip. eric california expected to curve up towards florida by the time monday rols around. think of this big storm as a big snowball and it's rolling uphill as it goes through the disruptive wind. as soon as it comes over the edge with more favorable conditions here, it's going to get big are, as it will ros downhill just lining a snowball possibly developing into a category one. >> after one of the wildest weeks on wall street, financial markets are opening up this
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morning. they soared for the second day in a row. but there was some drama. the dow was up nearly 400 points. then there was a surge of 369 points at the close an increases in oil prices and encouraging economic news entstocks up. mcdonned's and its supplier tyson foods cut ties with a farmer accused of animal cruelty after a group released hidden camera video. they came it shows workers abusing chickens. the farmer provided chicken for chicken mug nuggets and other items. >> a crazy scene to show you from rhode island where they know how to pick places to sun bathe. >> take a close look at the top of this wind turbine. there's a guy up there catching rays. i done seem to be too pleased with him being seen up there. we believe, yes, he flipped the
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drone off. >> how did he get up there. >> that's a great question. >> we don't know who he is or how he got up there. let's presume he had some sort of permission to be up there. no matter what the scenery. >> reporter: pretty incredible. >> maybe that's why he flipped off drone. he's upset. >> he's got his shoes on. almost looks naked there. >> he's upset because they've exposed his private place. >> his private what? >> to hang out and sun bathe. that's what i meant. now people are going to know where to hang out. >> i hope the spf was at least 50 proof there. that could have been that. coming up "the mix," we've seen many foul balls in baseball. this summer, one fan's catch making a splash. >> getting advice from a really romantic guy who says it's a numbers game. >> the fastest man in the world
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can run past about anything till something unexpected happened. we'll show. >> you find us on facebook on and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and breathe happy. watch this. from the world track and filed championships in china. sprinting legend usain bolt had just won the 200 meters when that happened. he was hit from behind by a cameraman on a two-chiled
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scooter. seems the fastest man in the world was no match for this guy who couldn't control his ride. he laughed it off, bolt it, saying the guy he had just beat in the 200 paid the cameraman to take him down. >> it could have been dangerous. he got hit in the head with the camera. >> those legs. i'm sure he has them insured. >> you think? >> he must. that's his money maker. >> it sure is. >> i don't think's referred to usain bolt. >> his legs or his moneymaker? that's dangerous business there. sad news to tell you about. a passing note from the world of sports. darryl dawkins has died. his slam-dunks earned hip the nickname of chocolate thunder. they brought about the creation of breakaway rims because he could do things like that, shatter the rim. amazing talent. he was the first player ever to go from high school straight to the first round of the nba draft. will be missed. >> was he the first one to
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shatter a rim? >> i don't think so. he did it with such regularity they had to reconsider how they were doing it because it was dangerous for the other players. there waslass shattered from because how powerful he was when he would bring down the rim. intimidating guy. great player. his family says he died after a heart attack in pennsylvania and was only 58 years old. a 13-year-old boy who says he remembered an important rule from boy scouts. don't panic. >> his father badly injured in the wilderness and he used his survival skills to earn the ultimate merit badge. >> reporter: charlie was camping and climbing with his dad in a part of idaho with the name river of no return wilderness when it happens happened. a boulder broke loose hitting 582-year-old david and sending him careening 30 feet down the mountain, knocking him unconscious, breaking his back, left arm and heel with the nearest ranger 13 miles away, it
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was all up to 13-year-old charlie to save his dad into charlie was right on top of things. he got me lowered down to the ground and got the first aid kid lowered to me. >> for 2 1/2 days, the experienced boy could you tell kept his dad calm and hydrated dressing his wounds caring for him. desperate, his dad finally sent him for help with this note telling how to find him. charlie says leaving his dad and setting off on the journey alone was the hardest part. >> reporter: he found help miles away. while his father is home recovering, he's perfecting another skill that seems to come easy to it modesty. >> make sure you're staying calm. >> reporter: neal karlinksky, abc news in, seattle. >> attaboy. >> so brave. very impressive. coming up, looking for love. the real reason why you may have trouble finding a date and why you might need a change of
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venue. also ahead, a major retailer says it's time to break out the mistletoe and put up the lights. you're watching
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> >> for single women viewers out there, a word of reinsurance. it is not just your imagination. there are fewer eligible men out there. >> cooing to the least romantic book ever written about dating. abc's linsey davis has details. >> i'm just supposed to run from every guy who doesn't like me? >> yeah. >> there's not going to be anybody left. >> reporter: contrary to the movie "he's just not that into you," john berger who we met up with at new york city's dakota be bar suggests the problem for
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women trying to find mr. right isn't so much about interest as it is numbers. >> it's not their fault. it's demographics. >> reporter: in his new book data mom nicks he says he's cracked the code to why young women had finding the one can be so elusive. >> i have everything in my life that i want. the only thing missing is the right guy. according to burger her first problem is she lives in a city like new york where there are 38% more female grads under 25 than men who have a college degree. the educated man deficit is even worse in raleigh, north carolina where the gap is 49% and it's 86% in miami. >> men are more likely to play the field, to delay marriage when women are in oversupply. >> reporter: while nationwide among young college grads there are four women for every three men, women will have more luck
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in san francisco and columbus, ohio. as a result of this imbalance, he says in the future we'll see more of what he calls mixed color marriages. >> i think we all need to be more open minded who we're willing to date. >> something this 31-year-old says she would consider. >> i would definitely be open to dating somebody who doesn't come from the same educational background as me but they would have to be intellectually curious. >> reporter: instead of the old it's not you, it's me mantra, more women should understand it's not you, it's the ratio. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> are you surprised? >> no, not really. not really. i mean, as far as the education thing when they said you've got to be interested in someone hon maybe doesn't have an education, as long as they're ambitious. in case you want to know, san jose, california, if you're a woman looking for a man, that's the best place. men looking for women, fort lauderdale. miami area.
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all right. time for "the mix" and we've seen a lot of fun situations at the ballpark when a foul ball comes and fans catch it. we've seen babies holding baby nz holding beers. check this out from a minor league game. he's holding a beer but he doesn't use his other hand. he decides to use the cup with the beer in it. >> wow. he caught it. >> there it is. there it is. now it dropped. how impressive is that. he gets it and chugs the beer. that's the move right there. one more time. the fly ball goes up. the guys tracking it the whole time with his beer in his hand. >> already in the cup here but not yet. >> he picked it up late and caught it. everyone's looking at him. what are you going to do but chug it like the worm at the end of the tequila bottle. there's lots of them.
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saki bomb with leather. >> you're getting ready for the weekend. >> kudos for you. >> have you ever heard about a mar mut. a large squirrel. they're afraid of nothing. take a look. >> what? >> we don't know what's going on here. in whistler, british columbia, he's either calling for help or trying to scare away humans. frightening. polka up next. m politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the world news polka. ♪ a summer romance may be fun but here comes labor day and some guys won't take a hint trump is here to stay ♪ hillary was doing great up till server gate that's her
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this morning on "world news now," killer storm. tropical storm erika's rampage through the caribbean. today's preparations along the southeast coast as the storm is expected to get even more powerful. new details from virginia after two journalists were killed on live tv. new details about the dead gunman, what the shooting survivor is saying and the community in grief. >> caught on camera, a bus driver under attack. >> the disturbing surveillance video, the driver's injuries and what the attacker has to say. and later in the skinny, justin believe ser back. his new video just leaked and big news about sunday's music video awards. it's friday, august 2th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this friday. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm reena ninan.


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