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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 30, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: heavy weather making headlines in the country, storms hitting the southwest and florida. and no fewer than three major hurricanes are churning in the pacific. richard has the latest on the wicked weather. tampa, the remnants of tropical storm erika blows soaking rain over florida with more flooding. a.we are in zone richard: more than 15 inches of
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rain have fallen on florida. the churning surf concealing dangerous rip currents. >> the current is bad. it's pretty strong. richard: the rain will move north over the next 12 to 24 hours, carrying as much as five inches of rain into the carolinas and georgia. on the other side of the country, stormy weather with being waves into whitecaps in washington state. it's strong enough to down power lines in touch off fires. the elevators don't work. ignacio, oneicane of three hurricanes telling the pacific. its projected back takes it north of hawaii in the next few days. tropical storm watches are in for the big island and maui. kellye: he devoted much of his
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life to serving his country as a navy seal, but an accident at home to the life of a bethesda man friday morning. roz plater explains. spent years as a navy seal and a counterterrorism expert for the navy. his life and distinguished career came to a tragic end early friday morning. the avid cyclist was not far from home when he was struck and killed. >> he was my rock. a huge loss. roz: montgomery county police say he was heading east on massachusetts avenue when a car traveling in the same direction hit him. how and why is being investigated. it happened in front of this woman's home. >> we said a prayer for the person who was injured and the person hit him. we are heartbroken for the situation. had a second career as a high-tech executive. he was a chief strategy officer at a company.
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his coworker said, "we are devastated by the treatment is loss of this exemplary individual and national hero. we have lost a dear friend and valued colleague." but his family will miss him most. he is described as a devoted father and grandfather. jovial, funny, great to be around. and humble. to be a navy seal and be as humble as he was is just incredible. it's just terrible. a tragedy. roz: roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: the major crash reconstruction team will turn its findings over to the state to determine if charges will be filed. congress has until september 17 to put on the nuclear deal with iran. president obama has promised to veto any deal that derails the agreement. in exclusive interview with maureen bunyan, president obama says he is confident the deal will survive a voting covers. president obama: not as
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challenging as getting the affordable care act done. confidence,ite his a majority of americans either a deal or are highly skeptical of it, according to polls. montgomery county how can americans -- maureen: how can american stomach a deal with a country like that? president obama: it's precisely because iran has been so antagonistic to us and our friends like israel that we need to make sure they don't get a nuclear weapon. kellye: 31 democratic senators have come out in support of the deal. the president needs 34 votes to sustain any veto. entire interview with the president at we are less than a month away from francis' -- from pope francis' first visit to the u.s. suzanne kennedy shows us what's involved.
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suzanne: this is his freshman year as a parish priest. >> it was certainly a big decision. >> the church calls us this morning to witness a sacred action. he was: in june, ordained in the washington archdiocese. >> my job is to help people grow closer to god and bring god's gift to the people. his holy orders come when washington, d.c., is preparing for a visit from francis, he finds inspiring. >> there is something in the way that he speaks, when he writes. it's like him yeah, that's truly easy to understand. --o enjoy that about francis about pope francis, how accessible he is. suzanne: the number of priests in the usa sharking.
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according to georgetown university, there are 33% less priests than in 1975. >> hopefully what he is able to do is really inspire people to just live out their catholic faith. i think once that happens, that naturally opens the door as people are growing in faith to ask themselves what god is asking from me. accepts his new role with humility and joy in his heart. he says the papal visit is a blessing and a milestone. kellye: francis arrive september 22. his schedule begins the next they with a ceremony at the white house. the pope will also visit philadelphia and new york city. the u.s. supreme court can continue to ban tests immediately in front of the court. they say it does not violate testers constitutional law right
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-- does not violate protesters constitutional right to free speech. coming up, some remembrances of hurricane katrina. how local survivors are hoping -- coping 10 years after the storm for stop how much is your commute costing in terms of time and gas? devon: an arm and leg is my answer. we will track the rain moving in. the forecast coming up.
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kellye: a new study reinforces what we have known, our area has some of the worst traffic in the country. how bad is it? >> it has been terrible. bumper-to-bumper on the beltway, congestion on k street. for its constant tieups and traffic troubles. according to a report, d.c. has the worst gridlock in the country, beating new york and l.a. according to data collected by researchers at texas a&m and dated technology companies, these he drivers waste more fuel and time in traffic congestion. surprised -- not at all surprised. wasted 82 hours
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and 35 gallons of gas and slowdowns in 2013. a love more than $1800 per rush-hour commuter. the statistics are not surprising to people behind the wheel today. >> i have been working here 15 years. bumper-to-bumper. brianne: some drivers say their time in backups is getting out of control. what is behind it all? according to the report, the economy plays a role. more jobs means more people moving in, knitting more cars on the roads. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kellye: ahead, they live in the district but still consider new orleans home. what they think about the 10 year ann kellye: i was really hoping the
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sun would be shining the first day back to school. you're thinking about the clothing. that's a lot more laundry to wash. it will be light and spotty in nature, not a lot of rain. should not be sloppy. the morning commute, just wet roadways. those of you who do not have kids going to school. a little bit of light rain already falling in some cases.
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one of our morning producers several hours away, giving reports of sprinkles, steady rain, drizzle coming down in woodley park. clearly, widely scattered showers. more sensitive local stormwatch 7 doppler radar, southern maryland, charles county, st. mary's county, light drizzle. annapolis, severna park, could be light showers. virginia,range, west isolated heavier showers. that is the rain right now. we expect the light rain possible late tonight and through the morning rush-hour and the bus stop. these are real-time temperatures. national 80 at reagan at nearly midday, it is fairly humid. a wide look outside, the lincoln memorial, washington monument, a beautiful look.
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memorial, highs temperature comparison with washington and boston, not often they are warmer than we are. the heat and humidity to the south and plains. that will be in the main picture after we get past the rain monday. the little bit of rain because it will just be light showers, steady at best. a fading front that does not have an effect. cloud cover, light rain, spotty in nature. the next few days, rain potential tomorrow. tuesday.and humidity that will be one of the hottest days this week. restart, reset the forecast, go when close, the same outlook, just closer. through 8:00, futurecast showing the potential of spotty rain. it could be as early as 5:00 in the morning some of the latest data.
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upper 60's,ures, 70's. upper 60's and 70's will feel comfortable with the humidity. widely isolated storms, cloud cover a better part of the day holding temperatures under 90. just like sunday. tuesday, september 1, it will feel like august. really hot and humid, low to mid 90's, 93 the actual air 94 the next day, wednesday. heat wave continues into labor day weekend. the rain days right now, tomorrow morning, slight chance in the afternoon. wednesday, scattered storms because it is so hot. more likely labor day weekend, and a slight chance, 20% tuesday through sunday, but i did not want to muck up the seven-day.
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it is mostly about the heat and humidity. kellye: this past week was filled with events commemorating hurricane katrina, 10 years later. people were somber remembering the 1800, others were newbratory, marking how far orleans and the gulf have come. some spent the week far from a once calledwant home. sam: could you do happen tenured ago, but it is just like yesterday for viola. >> we had eight people in that small car. sam: this woman from ashburn, virginia. >> it was crowded with the whole family and. sam: and this person who was stuck on his new orleans street back then. >> everybody was trying to find out which way to go. was among those evacuated by fema to d.c., where
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they stayed at the d.c. armory. the women remember how kind people were along the highways. >> after he realized, saw the license plate, he gave us four brand-new tires, free, and the dollars. sam: for the man who was told there was no gasoline in town -- >> he saw my parents, so my kids, said, "take my car, i have a full tank of gas. whenever you can, return it." i was like, no, sir, i cannot do that. sam: murphy, who stayed in the superdome two weeks, remember the worst. females getting raped. sam: they never went back. they have worked in maryland. this woman got a job in virginia, met a man, and remarried. she is a grandmother now. he married a woman here, working in laurel.
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new orleans is still a big part of their lives. the art made from abandoned cars. and therdi gras, saints. and i called cell phones with the area code 504, new orleans. >> you can chase people out of new orleans, but you cannot take new orleans at of your heart. kellye: coming up, one of the most majestic stretches of road in our area.
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arlington county scrapped plans for a streetcar, residents are searching for other ways to ease congestion on columbia pike. ♪ it may look like an amusement park ride, but some say this could be the future of transportation on columbia pike in arlington. >> we did not get metro now, so it would a nice to have something. looking at there stability of adding this of the to be system of j-pods ease congestion. each is tailored to the rider so that you get to your destination without stops. >> you can have one person per pod. brianne: it would be operated
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with solar panels. echo pulled hundreds of pods, each traveling on most 40 miles per hour. while the risen no-cost estimate, the civic association says the project would not need public funding. >> it will be privatized, and the guy who builds it will charge people to fund it. some say they need to know more. this business owner says it looks like a good way to ease congestion. way inew up with age and europe and it is common and popular. brianne: brianne carter, abc 7 news. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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fine drizzle. steadier rain coming in. some of the lighter rain showers towards st. mary's county, charles county. i'm sure all the kids are in bed by now. kellye: they better be. commute, spotty showers. the afternoon and evening may have isolated heavy rain with a thunderstorm, very small chance. wake up right and early with "good morning washington." kellye: thank you for joining "good morning washington." kellye: thank you for joining us.
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sophia vfia veara's wedding secrets revealed right now on "extra." >> i feel like it will be a party. >> it will be insane. >> the wedding dress, could this be? behind the scenes with the bride to be and her man. >> how anxious are you? >> ava and ryan engaged? >> not a lot of sleep but for the best reason possible. >> the couple may be headed to the altar. >> and taylor and timberlake. lisa kudrow bringing back smelly cat. every star in the


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