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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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confidence. that is a third of the department. this is after an all hands on deck weekend. still, though, they saw 13 people shot in the hat-trick. two people killed. d.c. bureau chief sam ford live in southwest d.c. with the finger on the pulse of the community there. sam, what are they saying about all this? sam: people are angry and frustrated. if you can imagine that you are sitting in front of a house, as the little girls were yesterday, three of them as it turns out, sitting in front of a house and along down the street comes a guy running. people shooting at him. the guy runs in front of where the girls are and into the house in front of where they are sitting. out the back door. meantime he is shot and one of the little girls. no one was killed in the incident but it has people in the community quite frustrated by what has happened. they only live a block from a police station. they are concerned about that. tonight the police have put in a portable surveillance
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outfitted so they can see what is going on here. there was nothing like that here last night. but again, a lot of frustration here in southwest washington. they wonder what is going on, why the police were not here. they are concerned, they are asking whether the police care about them in this neighborhood that in fact is their neighbor. the little girl is in the hospital. fortunately she is doing okay. >> she is doing good. she is up and talking. talking well. i talked to her earlier. sam: the older sister of 13-year-old. the girl was hit in leg yesterday as she sat in a neighbor's unit doing another child's hair when a man hit and fleeing a drive-by shooter ran by the girls and then in the front and out the backdoor of the neighbor's house. >> went in the front and out the back? >> yes. then she came to the side of the house and was bleeding as well. sam: this is blocks from first district police headquarters.
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>> this is telling me they don't give a damn about us, for real. they don't. sam: after an all hands on deck weekend but there were shootings anyway. over friday night and yesterday. >> when the shooting took place, i fell. i'm in bad health. sam: in southeast shooting two young men were killed to raise the homicide total to 105. the same of all of last year. four months to go this year. for many residents this is hard to fight back. >> i have actually been threatened at gunpoint. sam: she has witnessed drug dealing and violence. she called the police. >> someone said i will kill you if you keep reporting my boys. sam: she is not a martyr, she says, but someone has to stand up. over the weekend the police tweeted out pictures of guns they confiscated. they have a tough job.
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>> is this frighting? >> yes. yes. my momma is trying to move. going to help her. sam: you are hoping that somebody will help her get out of here? >> yes. sam: councilmember anita bonds who is an at-large councilmember called a meeting for this evening. at 1 judiciary square asking all the a.n.c. commissioners to come to the meeting. they want to discuss crime and the mayor's crime bill. anita bonds says she wants to know how the people are feeling before she takes an issue or a position on what the mayor is proposing. reporting live from southwest washington, sam ford, abc news. leon: thank you. for the no-confidence vote, the chief is not responding to it. mayor bowser isn't paying it much mind either saying she supports the chief. they planned another all hands
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on deck for weekend of october 2. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will remain tree while he appeals the corruption conviction. that is the word late this afternoon from the supreme court. prosecutors were seeking to have mcdonnell begin a two-year sentence immediately. he argued he could serve half the sentence before the appeals process is completed. the man accused in the cold-blooded killing of a texas deputy is held without bond. shannon miles accused of killing deputy darren goforth friday night as the father of two was gassing up the patrol car. miles sneaked up behind the demty, unloaded the -- ten a a -- unloaded the entire handgun into him. he was targeted because of his uniform. >> we heard "black lives matter." all lives matter. cops lives matter, too. drop the qualifier and just say all lives matter. he is listed as the 23rd officer killed in line of duty this year. day of celebrating for the life of adam ward.
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salem high school in southwestern virginia opened the doors to the community to honor the 2007 graduate of the school. ward and fellow wdbj alison parker were killed on live television. over the weekend the salem football players wore decals with ward's initials on the helmet. more drama for the redskins two weeks ahead of the season opener. it all centers around rgiii. coach gruden: kirk cousins will be the starter for 2015. he gives us the best chance to win. that is where we are going. kirk's team. leon: that is coach jay gruden today. adamant that kirk cousins is leading the team, and not because of rgiii's health but because of cousins's skills. it's been reported he would be the starter day one. it sent a shock wave to the community.
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diane: most of the fans said they are tired of of the disappointing performances year after year. others say they hope he can redeem himself but others say if cousins can get it done let him start. and others don't care who is in the position as long as the team wins more games in the future. >> he will make 2015 be better than 2014. >> i want to win. team spirit. all that stuff. >> i feel like rgiii should find another home. they are not blocking for him. they are not trying to block for him. it seems like they want kirk cousins to be the starting quarterback.
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diane: the first regular season game is september 13 against the miami dolphins. live outside the stadium, diane cho, abc7 news. leon: of course, abc7 sports team is digging into what this means for the team. robert burton will be back here with that in 15 minutes. keep it tuned right here. much more ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- including the hillary clinton e-mail dump. how many of those released are considered classified. plus a 67-year-old woman is face-to-face with a carjacker. what she did when he pointed a gun at her. a warranting about a new attempt to get your money using ez pass. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture center. the final day of august is warm and humid. the first few days in september is warmer and more humid. we will talk about the next seven days in the forecast still to come right here on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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leon: best selling self-help guru wane dyer died over the weekend at 75. he was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago and he wrote 30 books and was a frequent guest on oprah. oprah, ellen degeneres and deepak chopra posted condolences for him on twitter. "7 on your side" consumer alert.
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new scam that claims easy pass holders owe money on the account. scammers are sending official looking e-mails to customers in the d.c. area. it directs them to click on a link to hand over personal and financial information. if you owe money, they will send you a letter through traditional mail. not e-mail, folks. florida woman recovering tonight after fighting off a carjacker in a trip to ohio. 67-year-old pamela lugers just got in the car when a man jumped her and pointed a gun at her. demanded that drive him to a nearby highway. >> we are tough. it turned out and i started to struggle. he was pointing a gun at me. i took the barrel of the gun. turned it so it wasn't pointed at me. leon: the police arrested the suspect a short time later. the investigators who did catch up to him said the gun
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he was using was just a toy. good for her. up next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- scott: the biggest batch yet. 7,000 pages of hillary clinton e-mails about to be released. what does it mean in the race for 2015? we have that coming up in a live report. leon: heat and the humidity are returning. how hot will it get. we will see storms as well. we'll have the
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leon: breaking news tonight in the hillary clinton e-mail saga. right now the state department is releasing thousands of e-mails that she has sent while secretary of state. our senior political reporter scott thuman joins us now with a look at what we know about the e-mails at this point. and how it could impact the race for president. what are you seeing or learning at this point? scott: leon, look, what is hurting hillary clinton the most is how long this is taking. so much goes into looking through the sensitive information. this was a prime example. this was supposed to be released in the day but got pushed back to 6:00. now they are saying 9:00
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tonight. hillary: i said repeatedly i did not send or receive classified material. scott: while hillary clinton tries to convince supporters and opponents she did nothing wrong, the former vice president is serving up fresh criticism. >> i think she should have known. >> do you think the russia and the chinese have her e-mail? >> they have my personnel records. how can they not have her e-mails? scott: slipping a bit in recent surveys clinton is still leading handily in most democratic polls but because the state department is releasing most of the 54,000 pages on a monthly basis, the controversy will have an extended shelf life. how long and how deeply could the e-mail server issue haunt hillary clinton? >> well, the searching of the me e-mails she supposedly has turned over will continue next year. scott: judicial watch says they will stick trickle out in january of 2016 when iowans
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are ready to caucus. that may seem like terrible timing for clinton of the probable democratic voters in iowa 61% say it's not important. in fact only 21% say it's even just somewhat important. that may change if they find more e-mails. >> there is still a catch me if you can game going on with mrs. clinton and the records. scott: the state department says at the time she was dealing with the e-mails they were not considered classified. they have been retro actively. in this batch alone 150 e-mails now call classified information. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: thank you. a lot of work ahead of you tonight. new at 6:00, president obama landed in alaska. for what promises to be an historic visit. he will focus on climate change. he will also rename mount mckinley to denali. that is the original name that
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natives used for the mountain for centuries. he will also live off the land a little bit in alaska. the president will be shooting an episode of "running wild" and that will include a trek through the wilderness with a survival expert and will air this fall. that should be fun to watch. this week will be the last to see a full reflecting pool on the national mall for nearly a year. starting september 8, the crews will drain a third of the pool to begin rehabilitation work that will focus on the eastern end of the pool. the end closest to the world warii memorial was dam was done in work there in 201 -- where damage was done during work there in 2013. we have a nice string of the good evenings to be out there. doug: a little warm and muggy. but looks like the first few days of september it is warmer. not unusual to have high heat and humidity. i will get cool. then it will be cold and then it will snow. that is how it works. let's get a look at the things around the area now.
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look at laurel high school in northern prince george's county. temperatures are on the warm side. a lot to admit to. upper 80's at the 6:00 hour across the region. the almanac payment for the final day of august. 88 and 65 are the high and low. looking back over the hot summer, this is meteorological summer, june 1 to august 31, the fifth warmest summer on record. impressive. we had a total of 45 90-degree days. the hottest day of the summer was 98 at reagan international july 19. it's partly sunny and haze out there. southerly wind. dew point temperatures are higher and it is feeling like 88 degrees after 6:00. the showers have been per analysis tent and are jent -- persistent and gently drifting south. this cluster has been in the area for five hours. but it will rain itself out.
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that is it for the rain across the area. otherwise partly cloudy and muggy with the temperatures in the mid-80's. still 89 in fredericksburg. dew point from 60's to the 70's. that moisture in the late summer makes it feel muggy. that is why a week or so ago it was warm and dry. not so much now. the heat index values the way it feels now feels like 92 in fredericksburg. 90 at dulles and manassas. 88 in washington. 89 degrees in baltimore. the satellite shows the cloud cover moving out quickly. it goes away. a lot of sunshine. all the rain south and east moved offshore. that is that. we will set to the hot and the humid conditions. chance of shower and a storm wednesday to friday. tonight is partly cloudy and muggy. 67 to 74 degrees. tomorrow, partly cloudy, hot and humid. temperatures are 93 degrees. by the time we get to wednesday we introduce chance
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of shower and thunderstorm. 30% chance. 93, hot and humid. friday better chance of showers and storms with the front. if the front goes through the area as we suspect that is the entire labor day weekend will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-80's. i will take that. >> what a day with the redskins. "as the skins turn." robert: exactly. is this the end of rgiii in washington? jay gruden says it's not. is it beginning of a new era? i'm sure kirk cousins hopes so. a look at the new redskins starter ne
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robert: as recent as saturday, kirk cousins was the backup. less than 48 hours later cousins is the starter for 2015. but not because of rgiii's injury. according to jinny gudmendsen this was based -- according to jay gruden this is based on performance. he never said that rgiii wasn't good enough but told us that kirk cousins was best for the job. is it the end of rgiii on washington? here is jay gruden today. coach gruden: i think it is a combination of things but
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certainly trying to see the field better and recognize the defenses better and coverages, pressure, movement in the pocket. all of those things contribute to protecting the football. the longer i play the more reps i get, the more practice and the game experience i gain i will be a much better quarterback when it comes to protecting the football. leon: that is not jay gruden by the way. robert: that leaves kirk cousins. he came in camp understanding the role as the backup behind robert griffin iii. according to the depth chart cousins was number two. saturday, he put it in the bread basket for ravens terrell suggs so accuracy hasn't always been great. here is cousins on making that improvement. actually it's jay gruden. coach gruden: yeah, i do. shoot. like i said, nothing against robert. i like robert as a quarterback. no doubt about it. his future is with the redskins is what it is. i anticipate kirk taking the job and running with it. his job as a backup quarterback or third string quarterback, whatever it is, is to get himself ready to play.
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the door is not shut on rgiii. robert: i have to work on my accuracy. u.s. open, serena williams hoping to become the fourth woman to accomplish a calendar grand slam. for her sister venus she had a tough time with monica puig but she pulls it out. match point in the third set. the forehand winner. she is fired up, of course, after. that venus is the oldest woman in the singles field and she advances 6-4, 6-7, 6-3. final note the nats will play the best team in baseball tonight. cardinals. gio gonzalez will take the mound. first pitch is 8:150. that will be a tough one. mets play phillies. a leon: cards have had their number for a while. doug: tomorrow is first day of meteorological autumn. steve rudin at 111 :00 will tell you how long the hot weather will continue. leon: be her
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from the vatican. our exclusive visit with pope francis before his historic trip to america. tonight his message for americans back home before he arrives. and a first for american television, pope allowing us to connect to cities across the united states. he took questions and listened to stories of hardship, and what no one was expecting, the pope at times in english. and a surprise question for one american teen. also tonight, the dangerous heat wave from chicago to new york, just as millions of school children head back to class, and the massive flooding along the coast tonight. ambushed. new information the suspect charged with killing a sheriff's deputy in cold blood. we now learn he allegedly fired 15 shots. prosecutors, what they're now revealing. the dangerous game,


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