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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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urgency conveyed to the officers who checked on amanda jones' home. two times they were dismatched to the home. both simes they found nothing amiss and they return and moved on. now we know that the director, the associate director of the call center is saying it is apparent in an effort to be efficient when the call-taker relayed the information. vital words were left out. amanda jones was believed to have murdered monday night. her body was found the following day. tuesday morning by her daughter. december fite two calls asking police to check on jones' welfare. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: we are monitoring a developing situation out of alexandria where police are investigating an attempted rape this morning around 10:30 at an apartment complex on category way. not far from land mark mall. a 28-year-old woman was grabbed while walking in underground laundry room
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between two buildings. she fought off the attacker but the suspect is a black man in his 30's. long braided hair. facial hair on his chins and tattoos on his arm. anyone with information is asked to call police. alison: it was a scary scene on the bay bridge after an accident left this box truck up on the side of one of the jersey barriers right there. no one was hurt but it sends shivers down the spine of people who fear crossing the bridge in the first time. brad bell has details on what happened. it's scary, brad. brad: yeah, alison. tonight is a beautiful scene. look out here on the bay bridge. the traffic is flowing smoothly. you are right, if you are one of those people who rips the steering wheel -- grips the steering wheel tighter, the scene of the accident will make you pay attention. the truck stayed on the bay bridge.
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it had some commuters stuck in traffic thinking about their daily trip over the chesapeake. >> it's scary and frustrating to think i have may have been there. >> trucker produce terry admits to a fear of heights and decided to pull off highway rather than creep across in a single-bound line. >> i'm chilling, reading my bible and stuff. it's not bothering me right now. >> today's wreck involving a pickup and a small box truck belonging to a seafood company. the truck on its side. on the mall, mile from the western shore. nobody injured. when the eastbound bridge closed the commute was hurt. >> i'm trying to get down to georgetown. it wasn't a big truck. diesel fuel needs to be cleaned up by an environmental team. the bridge had to be checked by the engineers for damage.
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>> they reach, they were waiting there. it scares me. brad: the thought of creeping over the bridge at 10 miles per hour. it's frightening for her and other people. i was closed for three hours. but it took several more hours after that to clear the traffic jam. at the bay bridge, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: so you know this. maryland used to offer a service to help people scared to drive across the bridge. the program was cut several years ago for budget reasons. we did check with a private company that still offers the same service today. i tells us they get about 30 calls for escort help each day. >> they're sending help. they are sending help. we called them. it's a really bad accident. you are in the water. alison: wow! remember this? this accident today brings back memories of what happened july 2013 when morgan lakes' car was hit by a truck sending
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it and her off the bay bridge and into the water. the accident came on the bridge's other span. amazingly, she only had minor injuries. leon: i remember that story. crazy! moving on to vote 2016. the crowd in alexandria began to gather in old town this morning. senior political reporter scott thuman is there. joins us now live with an update on what clinton had to say in old town today. hi, scott. scott: hi, leon. she had a pep in her step today. people felt that because she has now gotten over pretty tough obstacles. not to say they are gone completely by any stretch. but because the first debate has now come and go joe biden is not running. the benghazi committee hearing testimony is complete at least for her so far. she has more energy.
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she didn't talk about the testimony. instead, she is focusing on the future. >> my promise is other candidates are insulting everyone, talking about what is wrong with america, wanting to divide us. i still believe there is nothing wrong with america. that can't be fixed by building on what is right with america. >> so while optimism in her tone certainly the day after that grilling on capitol hill. there were some questions still even from her supporters who know that just because she got through this stage of the campaign, it doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing necessarily. take listen. >> absolutely not. she has a long way to go. people will be coming for her for the next year and a half. i don't see her coasting. >> i think she has had a
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chance to come out publicly since the debate. scott: well, what does the g.o.p. have to say about it? they held across the street. we hear from them at 6:00. repoing live in alexandria, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: all right, thank you, scott. as you said it's been quite a week for clinton. she has only two other competitors for the democratic nomination. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee dropped out this morning. he struggled to raise money and gain support in the race. that means now that hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley are the three left standing and running. we have a lot of time before the presidential election. but the local election is coming up. tomorrow, it will be open for the in-person absentee ballot
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voting. alison: this sunday is the 40th year for marine corps marathon. a local man has been running it every time. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live with the story. hi, jeff. jeff: hi, alison. preparations still very much underway at the finish line in arlington. after the 30,000 marathoners and the 10,000 people taking part in the 10k. this is what they have been dreaming of. finishing here at the finishing line by iwo jima on sunday. of all the runners there is one man who practically stands alone. these days if anyone asks al about the marathon, he has one question on everyone's mind. how have you run the race every year for the past 40 years?
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>> drive. jeff: it explains how al the arlington native and retired marine corps colonel is one of two people who run each of the marathon since it started in 1976. the group of the ground-pounders once totaled seven but now it's down to al and another retired marine colonel from north carolina. check out his stats. 76 years old. 50 marathon totals. countless 10k's, zero injuries. today at the national press club. he was honored as m.c.m. lifer, recalling what it was like way back in the day. >> there was a clock at the end. click that someone had crossed over. >> his best time was three hours and 50 seconds. now he just wants to finish in under six hours. he says he does it for the streak. he doesn't want it to end. people wonder how many more race does he have in him? >> i the not knowsh -- i do not know. one at a time.
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jeff: but he will be at the starting line come sunday. >> i'll be ready. jeff: he has to be here. you know he will. as you imagine putting the race together is no easy task. we spoke with somebody today who takes the job very seriously. also big news coming out of race organizers this afternoon. we'll have all the elements of the story coming up at 6:00. until then live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: all right. very exciting. plenty to prepare for this weekend. whether you are running the marathon or not. from the metro schedule to the road closures we have the information you need at leon: there is a lot of it, too. alison: a lot going on this weekend. sol the big question is what the weather like for the runners and everybody else out and about. leon: as you know, meteorologist steve rudin is saying good things about it every day this week. it's friday. see what the story is today. steve: it gets better as we move to the end of the weekend.
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once we get the cold front out of the way, it's beautiful out there. enjoy this while you can. we have the cooler temperatures on the way. 66 seems to be the lucky number. rockville, chevy chase, potomac. warmer in herndon. satellite and radar, hardly any clouds. further west and north you go we have a cold front. we have temperatures to fall through the 60's and the 40's. then we have the upper 30's in the suburban areas. we talk about the next seven days and the latest on hurricane patricia in a few minutes. alison: we will see you then, steve. thank you. we have the breaking news coming in the newsroom. let's get to jonathan elias. large synagogue fire. jonathan: a large historic synagogue burning in new brunswick, new jersey. this is a live picture coming
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in the newsroom. this is a huge fire. the building we understand is fully engulfed. a huge synagogue. we understand that the fire happened this afternoon. the fire crews have shown up and taken a defensive posture fighting the fire. the hoses ae shooting in. there is nobody inside. we have no reports of anyone injured or killed. no reports of how it got started. but this is a very active synagogue in the neighborhood. this is a large russian and ukrainian jewish population in the community. it's an active synagogue so that means something is going on every day. they had the services planned before sundown tonight. this looks like t's gutted. we are getting the latest from new brunswick and new jersey. as soon as we have more information on what caused it or if anyone is injured as a result of it we'll get it to the you. but right now we are doing what they request to put the fire out. they are not having luck with it at the moment. we'll stay on top of it and let you know if there are changes. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news.
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leon: terrible way to end the week there. coming up at 5:00. >> international experts consider this hurricane to be the most powerful hurricane ever on the planet. leon: that sounds hyperbolic but it's probably the truth. tracking the storm. we have the latest on hurricane patricia. alison: late every, desean jackson may be getting back on the field. but now there is an off-field problem. we'll have the latest on that home invasion that targeted his family. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. james madison university campus. this is the first time espn "college gameday" ever visited here. coming up find out how excited the fans are to be here. [cheering] mike: i'm mike carter-conneen. 15 stories below the surface of northwest washington. this is the first free tunnel. coming up, i have an update on the massive project and details on an incredible opportunity that the neighbors have this weekend
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vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics,
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deing access to cancer screenings and bast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. alison: right now crews are pouring concrete on a massive project to stop sewage flooding two d.c. neighborhoods. tomorrow, 100 bloomingdale and
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ladroit park residents will go underground to tour the first street tunnel themselves. mike carter-conneen tells us underground to see what is being done 15 stories below. mike: after two years of construction, d.c. water acknowledges the first street tunnel project is disrupted. crews are making progress building the infrastructure to prevent the flooding here. >> storm is coming down a pipe on north capitol and diverted into and filling up one of these that would take the storm flow that could flood the neighborhood. >> after gearing up and attending a safety class, they will pack in the elit haver and drop 150 -- elevator and drop 150 feet to access the tunnel. >> 20 feet. mike: the boring machine called "lucy" digs forward while building the tunnel wall. >> this is rubberized around
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us. >> can you tell me how fast this is? how far do you do in a day? >> we average 50 feet a day. that is what the strategy is. her name is lucy digs slow but she does it fast. mike: the engineers tell me lucy moved more than 700 feet. the project overall is 70% complete. they say the $157 million project is ahead of schedule. expected to be complete next spring. reporting 150 under northwest washington. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: all right. deep underground to high up in the air. look at the view of hurricane patricia. this is a shot from outer space.
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mexico's western coast preparing for the largest, the strongest hurricane ever recorded. patricia view from a tropical storm to a category five hurricane in less than one day. amazing. the powerful storm is forcing thousands of people to evacuate the pacific coast. member of the u.s. air force reserve flew in the storm. to study it. >> the best description is a roller coaster. we left it and it was still intensifying. we made three passes through the eye and it kept getting stronger and stronger. >> meteorologist predict patricia could drop 20. is of rain in some part of mexico. residents in texas hope they don't see a repeat of the flooding in may. hurricane patricia is expected to bring heavy rain to the gulf coast. part of texas and oklahoma still recovering from the flooding that killed 20 people and prompted president obama
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to declare a major disaster there. alison: absolutely. steve is here to talk about this. this seems like it came out of nowhere. steve: it intensified quickly. if there is any good news we move and the 5:00 hour, last hour 200 miles per hour sustained winds. now down to 19. but 190/200 is not big of a difference. the eye is very tight. storm is going to make landfall in the next hour to two hours. we still have movement from the northeast at 14 miles per hour. wind gusts at 235 miles per hour. the wind speeds will diminish as the storm makes landfall. but a powerful storm. all of this will move off toward the north and the
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northeast. this is mountainous across central mexico. this will eventually reemerge over the gulf of mexico. warmer waters there and bring heavy rain to texas. talk about what is going on closer to home. this is a beautiful afternoon/evening in washington. 68 degrees. a lot of sunshine. 70 in manassas. we have cooler air that will arrive overnight. most of that air is well north of us. the high pressure north of us. cold front is south. the next big weather maker is north and west across the great lakes region. that will arrive here later tomorrow night to bring in the
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added cloud cover and a few showers. the showers may linger into early sunday morning. outdoor dining. no problems at all. low temperatures to the west of us. mart tinsburg and charlestown, 40 degrees or so. this temperatures will continue to drop moving through the overnight. once the cold front moves through on sunday, that will bring another shot of the cooler air. we will feel that next week. with the highs in the lower 650's.
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the day tomorrow is cool in the morning. the high is 68 degrees on sunday. we vehicle the morning showers out there. the marine corps marathon will continue to bring us the temperatures at the start of the race at just around 53-54 degrees. don't forget to sign up for the text alerts. alison: ready to see snow? leon: no. alison: i don't think anybody is yet. but we'll tell you where it's falling already. leon: we may not see any snow here yet. but the local crews want to be ready when it hits the roads. alison: first. >> the first year as a football player from the homecoming court. i had to walk out there in my pads and everything. th made it special.
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alison: double dose of pride for a father as his daughter makes a life-long dream come true. leon: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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alison: there was a cracked pie on the menu. did you see that leon: crack pie? alison: that is what it said! leon: what is that? alison: grow got me at december -- you got me at dessert. it sounds good to me. leon: check this out. all eyes or a lot of them aring on the harrisenburg, virginia. the heart of college football heading there. alison: the duke dogs will play the richmond spiders. a lot of the excitement is the "gameday" crew are coming to town. erin hawksworth has how the fans are getting ready. erin: the game isn't until tomorrow but there are thousands of students and the fans here to get ready with the creative side to get attention on espn. >> i just can't believe that it's here! >> one of the bigwins.
5:27 pm
>> we are so hyped. everybody is out here. we have numbers. nobody is going to class. >> we have never had anything this big on our campus before. erin: espn "college gameday" visiting james madison university for the first time when they host rival richmond for the homecoming game on saturday. >> i know homecomeing is loud this year. it is going to strengthen us as a school. >> they usually visit the football megapowers and it's rare when a show makes a stop at a smaller program. >> i watch it every saturday if i can. to be part of it is special. cool thing. erin: when you talk about "college gameday" you can't forget about the signs. >> a lot of preparation. go to wal-mart. pick all of my stuff out. come up with the best sign. richmond sucks and we're going to win the game. erin: you heard the fans'
5:28 pm
perspective. later in sports hear from kirk herbstreit and desmond howard give their perspective on "college gameday." erin hawksworth, sports. alison: that will be fun for everybody there. you will get a kick out of this story in alabama. jodie's father is a head football coach. when she was ten years old she promised her dad she would kick a field goal in one of his games. last week she made good on that promise in the home coming game. where she was crowned homecoming queen. >> never have a son who said my daughter kicked in a game that was won. special. alison: she is hanging up her cleats and attending college
5:29 pm
next year. her dad is retiring at the end of the season. leon: when is the last time or the first time you have seen a football player score and jumps around with the pom-pom girls. alison: so cute. >> coming up at 5:00 -- sharing the wealth. what twitter is giving up for good of the employees. alison: later, stuck for hours. we send in the troubleshooter after a woman gets stranded after a new purchase. >> emaciated horses seized from a horse farm. i'm chris papst. why some are s
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leon: checking now with breaking news out of new jersey where an historic synagogue is on fire in new brunswick. we are seeing more smoke than flames as we saw a few moments ago. the congregation was built in 1923. added to the national register of historic places in 1995. right now we don't know if anyone was hurt or how the fire started but we will get you more information as it comes in to the newsroom. alison? alison: back at home. a virginia community is outraged after nearly 100 emaciated horses were seized from a horse rescue farm. working off a tip, they found dozen of animals near death. some already dead. chris papst has the story.
5:33 pm
chris: the pictures are hard to look at. dozen of horses starved and near death. essential monday the orange county sheriff office seized 81 malnourished horses. when the deputies arrived at the farm, seven were already dead. five more were euthanized. >> they are without any proper nutrition for extend period of time. it doesn't happen overnight. ten were sent to lisa. there is a long process to rehab the animals that has begun. >> they're so underweight. they are only fed small amount of alfalfa hay every two hours. chris: the owner of the non-profit farm was allowed to keep 20 horses. they are going to make
5:34 pm
multiple trips to monitor the health of the horses. >> it's just wrong. we felt they shouldn't allow her to have the animals anymore. since she is letting them die and neglecting them. >> charges have not been filed against the owner whom we did reach out to. but the phone calls were not returned. online petition has been created to remove all the horses from the property. it has already garnered 10,000 supporters. in orange county, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: the orange county sheriff just announced that a press conference will be held monday on this case. we'll let you know what happened. twitter ceo dorsey giving the employees $200 million piece of the ownership of the company. he is putting a third of the twitter share to an employee equity fund. he tweeted, "i would rather have a smaller part of something big than bigger part of something small." it comes weeks after he made the decision to lay off 336
5:35 pm
people or 8% of the twitter workforce. leon: looking like wenter in colorado. the storm brought four to eight inches of snow to the mountains. the snowy conditions shut down a major interstate for several hours and caused multiple crashes including one involving a snowplow of all things. the good news is that no injuries were recorded. cold weather on the way here. alison: it is inevitable. today the crews in d.c. made sure they are ready if and when the weather hits us. we look at the tools tested today. >> this is dry run day in the district of columbia for the department of public works and the department of transportation. you can see behind me there are new vehicles here. 14 heavy duty trucks. six light duty trucks.
5:36 pm
on the vehicle are new features to help them get the real-time information about where the streets need to be treated. muriel bowser said they hope to have service better than any other year. mayor bowser: the goal is make the district safe to navigate following a storm and get the city up and running as soon as possible. we believe the community has a role to play as well. suzanne: you are seeing 39,000 tons of salt at the ready. with another 2,000 in reserve for anything that comes during the winter season. alison: elephant at the maryland zoo in baltimore got a start to halloween. they took part in the pumpkin smash. there you go! the pumpkins are a special treat. only available this time of
5:37 pm
year. the elephants really enjoy them. it's part of the annual zoo boo halloween celebration. from the national zoo today. three cheetah cubs were born. the facility in front royal opened five years ago to help with the global efforts to conserve the species and train conservationists. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- cleaning the bay. the new plan to try and make the inner harbor with a different stream. alison: police in texas hope this video of emus on the loose hopes the owner will come corral them and get them home. but it's not winning the web tonight. find out what is exin. leon: ahead at 6:00, a metropolitan area transformed to a river. the pro
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias on what is winning the web today. wednesday was "back to the future" day. but still on youtube the number one downloaded video is this. when jimmy kimmel did a show and he was visited by marty mcfly and doc brown. when they came on to the show they were in character. they weren't impressed with 2015. watch. >> a lot of cultural achievements in this era.
5:42 pm
[applause] >> smile. [laughter] >> the other video doing well right now on youtube is this. pop sugar put this video out. this is his halloween costume. check it out. look at it for a second. on the hover board dressed as marty mcfly. a great costume. crazy thing if you look really closely you can see his legs back there. he is in black. you can't see it. those are the fake legs on the hover board. good pretending. getting a lot of people's attention on the internet. we thought we'd check out what is trending the winning the web for you. those are the two biggest ones for you. alison: a lot of fun. thanks jonathan. leon: thanks. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- after baltimore find out what the author of the harry potter series had to say about the wizard's next move. >> i'm horace. she needs to get around in a wheelchair. she has had it for three weeks. in three weeks she has been stuck trying to get it in the
5:43 pm
van five different times. she called 911 but also called
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5:46 pm
leon: a bethesda woman turned to "7 on your side" after spending four hours trapped trying to get her motorized wheelchair in her van. as troubleshooter horace holmes explains you won't believe how many times it has happened to her. she needs help to it doesn't happen again. horace: she depends on a wheelchair. to take her where her legs no longer can. when she got herself up in the van and squeezed after trying. come on in. but when she got it up inside the van, what happened? you got stuck right here? >> i was stuck in the chair. the armrest wouldn't let me out. horace: she stayed trapped there for more than four hours. >> i was sitting in the van. i hear a knock on the van
5:47 pm
door. it was the e.m.t.'s, rescue one. >> i'm very concerned about her. horace: her pastor has come to her aid in the chair every time she has been stuck. >> she needs a chair that works for her. horace: that is not it. >> that is not it. horace: she said she told the wheelchair company what she needed before she bought the chair. >> first, it has to fit my van. then you have to fit it to me. because if it can't get in and out of the van, there is no point. horace: the wheelchair company she says told her this is the only model chair that can fit her size and is narrow enough to get in her van. but clearly it's not working for her, she says. sharon needs a new chair or a new van and she can't afford either. horace: can you get back in and try it again? sharon: i get nervous. horace: she has to get around and no choice but to try again. horace: in bethesda, horace holmes, abc7 news. leon: sharon sweezey says the
5:48 pm
wheelchair company promised to take a look at her chair but she doesn't believe there is anything to be done to solve the problem so for now she is not sure what she will do. we'll make sure he stays on top of it and let you know if anything develops. call the "7 on your side" team. or e-mail us at alison: time for a check on the roadways with joy pons on traffic watch tonight. hi, joy. joy: i'm watching a lot of traffic that you have summed up. beltway warriors still out there. it's friday and let's go live to the camera there to look at the beltway. good luck road. that is a joke because there is not good luck. you are not moving. the end of the dulles stole road we saw a video. still struggling. tough there. the toll road seeing delays as well around the woodrow wilson bridge. looking live. georgetown pike and beltway. what a mess! if you wait it out, please
5:49 pm
wait it out. westbound 66 still tough. looking live at 50. we will see the delays beltway toward manassas. no better on southbound 95. now back to you. alison: joy, thank you very much. well, new details released today about the new highly anticipated harry potter play. producers say that harry potter and the cure child will be a magical sequel. it will start off with a seventh book left off and will center on adult fairy and his son alvis severus. it will meant on two parts and meant to be seen the same day or consecutive days and opens july 30 at the london palace theater. leon: right now there is a hurricane that is destructive out there. alison: exactly. this is patricia and really something, steve. steve: it is a huge, huge storm. it's going to continue to brew as we move through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. it will be a big news maker. the good news with this, the
5:50 pm
winds are beginning to diminish as it makes landfall. it will eventually make landfall the next hour or two. this is just the beginning of what you will hear about it. maximum winds at 190 miles per hour. with the dusts now at 235. it will make landfall and weaken and then rain, heavy rain. becomes a big, big problem for central mexico. then into texas as we move to early next week. in our area, we will see the rain from this heading to thursday and thursday of next week. temperature right now at reagan national airport. 68 degrees. 64 in leesburg. the same in winchester. i will show you the radar and the satellite it's quiet and dry across the midatlantic. focus to the left-hand side of the screen. that is the next big weather maker. that is a cold front that will arrive late tomorrow night and early sunday morning. for tonight, mainly clear. the temperatures will range in the upper 30's. middle 40's inside the capitol beltway. the future cast looks like
5:51 pm
this tomorrow. a nice day. waking up in the orning. going to soccer practice or the football practice. maybe getting ready for a football game. high school or colleges. look for clouds to increase by the dinner time hour. a few showers western maryland. moving through the overnight hours sunday morning, everything is out of here. robert has sports. robert: disturbing news to report. desean jackson's hamstring injury could be the least of his worries at the moment. according to the police department, his los angeles home was broken into wednesday. a group of four or five people armed with guns stormed in the house. one person inside the home was allegedly pistol whipped and suffered minor injuries before the intruders fled the scene. jackson was not at home at the time. coach grude gruden commented on the report -- coach jay gruden commented on the report and said he will get to the bottom of it, meaning desean and the police and we'll go from there. they don't do this that often.
5:52 pm
but this is happening tomorrow. espn's "college gameday" at james madison. erin hawksworth is in harrisenburg with more. erin: espn's "college gameday" is visiting james madison university for the very first time. >> i think our show has been really well received over the years when we have gone to shows that are away from the traditional gameday. >> it's the autumn colors and a wonderful campus. erin: what is it like for you to see the he grow and evolve over the years? >> that is a great question. i started in 1996. this is my 20th year doing it. this group of people was about the gameday when we started. to see it now. erin: but the trip to j.m.u. is more than espn shining light on a smaller football program. it's also the alma mater of long-time producer who graduated from j.m.u. in 1996. did you have anything to do
5:53 pm
with coming here? >> a little bit. >> come on, he put it on a tee. erin: this is the bus that the crew arrived in. they tell me judging by the fans already here ready to greet them, tomorrow will be special. >> here for eight minutes. it will be awesome. erin: at james madison university, erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. leon: off the hook. robert: gameday at james madison. alison: fun. robert: we're excited. leon: good deal. we have breaking news following here. want to tell you about the situation in brandywine where a school bus and a truck has been found each other in an accident there. news chopper 7 over the scene. crane highway another dieson road. no word if any students were on the bus at the time. or if there are injuries. stay on top of it to keep you updated here. moving on to the chesapeake bay that could impact the entire region. bay that could impact the entire region. when we come back, an effort
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leon: taking a look here on lake mercer. fall foliage. folks if you have stuff like this that you want to share, send it and see it and send it to us here. we'll share the picture and video of the weather and breaking news and the stuff you send on-air and online. maureen: just chilling. beautiful view there. alison:le in baltimore, a trash inceptor water wheel keeping the harbor clean. we report how millions of baby oysters will play a part. >> this is one of about 200 of these growing around the inner harbor now. up to 800 baby oysters. >> for thousands of baby oysters harvested in the harbor for hundreds of volunteers go a long way to
5:58 pm
filter the water in the chesapeake bay. >> they are baby oysters. today we'll go out to port carroll. >> they will have 100,000 oysters this afternoon alone. that is the amount it took for a year to plant. in the great baltimore oyster partnership began in 2012. >> a wheel on the front here. in a symmetrical fashion. >> there are enough oysters in the bay to filter all the water in the by a every three days. the existing population takes a year to filter. >> they will have 4 million oysters for bay foundation.
5:59 pm
>> it will result in a healthy harbor. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but we are following breaking news at 6:00. after a synagogue interrupts in flames. what we know about the effort to contain the flames and the buildings itself. oh, and a nightmare on the bay bridge today. a truck went over the barrier. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: well, let's update you on the breaking newell of the historic synagogue that is burning in new brunswick, new jersey. video from earlier showed the building engulfed in flames as you see there. the congregation has a long history in the community with
6:00 pm
the synagogue. in fact, added to the national register of the historic places 20 years ago. keep an eye on the situation now and seeing more smoke than flames coming out of the building. so far no word on injuries or whether anyone was inside when the fire broke. maureen? maureen: well, you know, it was a good week for secretary clinton. those words from former rhode island governor lincoln chafee as he ended his bid for the democratic presidential nomination. his decision came after vice president joe biden announced on wednesday he would not run for the white house. yesterday, secretary clinton came away unscatheed from a marathon congressional hearing on the benghazi attack. she followed that today with a campaign rally in alexandria, virginia. scott thuman was there to cover it for us. scott? scott: that is why people are saying they saw a reenergized hillary clinton today in light of the 11 hours of testimony before the be


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