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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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crosses over the yellow line and is directly in front of the van. broadside the church van hits the truck. the passenger side, it is believed the gas tank aboard the pickup burst into flames and that is why there were so many terrible injuries. as we said, the driver of this pickup truck killed almost instantly. in the van, three other people are killed including a 6-year-old child. a couple 75 and 76-year-old died in the van. there were a dozen other critical injuries. we had an opportunity to talk to granddaughter of the couple that was killed. she is, as you can imagine, devastated. >> for me, they were my parents. i grew up with them when i was 4 years old. they were my life.
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brad: now one of the things investigators want to find out is why that pickup truck did not stop down the road where the first accident happened. but why it continued to come on up the road. it may take an autopsy to see if something was wrong with the driver. when we come back at 5:00, we'll show you an emotional scene. it was a church van. the surviving members of the church gathered in prayer. we have that at 5:00. in hyattsville, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: you talk about the coroner's report as far as figuring out what happened with the autopsy. could it have been medical, having a heart attack, could have been on drugs, anything. brad: a lot of theories. there are questions whether it was a drunk driver. if it was a medical condition. if the first accident stunned him. we just don't know. jonathan: thank you. after hearing the impact of the crash, dozens rushed to
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the aid and do what they could until the paramedics and the firefighters got on scene. kevin lewis continues our team coverage. i'm sure the folks who rush to help saw images they will never be able to forget. kevin: absolutely, jonathan. the one i think that is sticking with so many of the eyewitnesses is the visual of badly burned and injured children lying on the ground, clearly in absolute horrible pain. a lot of people saw that. john todd is one of the people. we spoke with mr. todd, today. he said he was watching an nfl game when he heard what so many described as lud boom. mr. todd and his wife got to the crash scene and immediately dialing 911 telling the operators to send a lot more ambulances. today spoke with the neighborhood association president here and she told me although the exact cause of the crash is under investigation, speed along
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chillum road has been a long-standing problem. mr. todd agrees. mr. todd: just talking to some of the people, the general consensus is this was bound to happen. i mean we have had over the years so many accidents out here. it's people speeding. >> we'll see if we can make it better. we don't like to see anyone get hurt or die. it's painful, terrible. kevin: we have seen a number of people come out to the horrible crash site to get a better grasp of the situation and how it took place. there is no memorial. just a lot of used meld call debris and old car parts -- medical debris and old car parts. kevin lewis. alison: awful situation. thank you. stay with abc7 for updates to the story. we'll have much more on abc7 news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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you can receive updates even when you are awy from the tv. log on to and subscribe to breaking alerts. jonathan: let's turn to the weather. things changed dramatically from last week when it was warm and sunny. colder and wetter out there. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the showers and when it will clear. you could feel the difference in temperature change. doug: yeah. this is the first day it felt like and looked like november. even more so with the rain moving in. still cloudy. no rain outside the belfort furniture weather center. show you the radar. it's on the move from south and west. along interstate 81. heavier area of rain. zoom in and show the progression. it's clearly moving from southwest to northeast, from kulbir to d.c. that trend -- from culpeper to d.c. it will continue. the storm center is off the coast and it will keep us at a steady rain pattern for this evening, tonight and tomorrow. only tapering to showers later tomorrow afternoon.
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those numbers you mentioned, the lower 50s. upper 40's. it's chilly. i will stay that way through the evening hours. by tomorrow, we won't change much. numbers are around 49 to 53 degrees. i will be raining for 2 morning commute. jonathan: we'll see the full forecast in a little bit. thank you for that. take doug and the entire weather team forecast on the go with you. just download the storm watch 7 app from google or apple store and get updates to your phone and tablet. alison: developing in alexandria right now, a murder investigation. a body found in beverly park this morning. the grisly find was near north and south overlook drive. our northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in alexandria and has more on the investigation. jeff? jeff: we just got news from a source in alexandria telling me at this point the investigators don't believe it was a random act. they believe this crime took
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place inside beverley park. let me show you what is going on inside the park. we have seen the investigators all day combing the park, looking for any sort of clues or investigation. they have been focusing the attention in the sand box area over there. we were told that the body was in the playground area over there. now in the last hour, alexandria police identified the victim as an hispanic male, 24 years old from alexandria. his name is not being released until family members are notified. that source also telling me the man suffered significant injury to the neck area. consistent with a slashing or a cutting. people living in the beverly hills neighborhood say this is disturbing considering that this park, beverley park known as "the pit" is known by families, children and dog-walkers practically every day. >> i'm really shocked. this is not the kind of neighborhood where you expect for this to happen. our kids play there.
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our kids ride their bikes on the street. it's that kind of neighborhood. very shocked an upset. jeff: that is what we have been hearing all day from people. you see the police investigators still around. this is called "the pit" because there are hills on all side going in the park. look at as fault area here. you can see all of the toys that are lift in this area of the park. it really does underscore the idea that this is a community gathering place. it really is a safe place for people in the neighborhood which is probably what makes it just so disturbing. now we spoke with that neighbor who saw the body when the investigators arrived here on the scene this morning. she called that moment surreal. we will hear from her coming up at 5:00. until then, live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. tonight we're learning more about the consequences facing a young man and an adult after an underage drinking party. this summer calvin lee and alex merck were killed in a crash. an adult was present at the
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party they attended with two others who survived the crash. he has been issued a summon for two counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor. the fine is $5,000. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" reaction to the punishment and the trouble ahead for the driver of the car. jonathan: checking news from around the nation this afternoon, police continue to search for a gunman in a deadly shooting outside of new york city busy penn station that happened this morning. police say a man was having a brief conversation with three other guys in a restaurant. then he waited for them to leave. they did. he followed them into the subway balance and that is when he pulled a gun and opened fire. one man was killed, two others rushed to the hospital. the mid-town manhattan station is one of the nation's busiest transit hubs. racial tensions on the college campus of the university of missouri. now the school's president is out. announcing his resignation late this morning. elizabeth hur takes a look at what is next for the state's flagship school. [applause]
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elizabeth: cheers and chants from students celebrating the resignation of the university of mispresident tim wolfe. >> is not just about tim wolfe re-signing. this is about getting equal rights. >> this makes me as a student glad i know i could affect something if i needed to. elizabeth: wolfe announcing he is stepping down. his decision following the student protests, faculty walk-outs and even football players and their coach refusing to take the field until wolfe re-signed. >> we got frustrated with each other. that is why i stand before you today. i take full responsibility for this frustration. i take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred. elizabeth: wolfe came under fire for alleged mishandling of a series of racial incidentsing on campus, including reports of a student being called an n-word and
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swastika on a wall. >> please use this res ignate to heal, not to hate. let's move forward to hate for a brighter tomorrow. elizabeth: in a statement, governor nixon said this was a necessary step toward healing. the football coach also announced his team will be resuming practice tomorrow. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. alison: no controversy this time. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington and meeting with the president. they have not met face to face in more than a year. well, today, they are discussing security in israel. president obama is condemning the recent palestinian attacks against israeli citizens. now "7 on your side" consumer alert. volkswagen is trying to repair its reputation by giving car owners cash. it's calling it a good will gesture. owners of the diesel powered cars will get $1,000 in gift
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card and vouchers. $500 to spend any way they want. another $500 voucher for any service they want. jonathan: coming up us here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- fall is back. we'll keep you updated on the showers now headed our way. alison: plus, how about the starbucks holiday coffee? it's what is missing on them is stirring up controversy. we're going to explain what is that and how you can weigh in on this. jonathan: you might have heard prices are shooting up when it comes to uber. how about parking in d.c.? we let you know how much a parking spot could soon cost you and when the new rules are going into effect. if you call 911 in d.c. for an emergency, will there be an ambulance there for you? i'm chris papst. be an ambulance there for you? i'm chris papst. coming up, how 911 u
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jonathan: last week we showed you the starbucks holiday cups that came out. now they are the subject of controversy. there is a former pastor that says starbucks hates jesus. because there is no christmas reference on the cup. he wants people to go to starbucks and give the name merry christmas so the barista will write it on the cup. are starbucks cups christmasy enough for you? chime in on twitter. i'm trying to do this with a
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straight face. we will share some of this later in the newscast. e.m.s. and fire are struggling to deal with surge in nonemergency 911 calls. alison: this is exhausting city resources. chris papst spent months digging into this. he join us now with what he found out. chris: some of the ailments and symptoms that people claim to have in the district when they call 911 asking for an ambulance to come and pick them up and take them to the hospital. rescue and emergency cries like the one here say this is a big problem and it's only getting worse. this is a story you will only see abc7.
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the last year has not been positive. public safety in the district has come in question. and at the center of the problem are people calling 911 for nonemergencyies. they dug into the numbers to look at how many people are using the ambulances like free taxis to get to the emergency room and get to the medical care that they need. joining me is ed smith. you deal with this every day. thousands of calls are coming in the district every month. you're responding to for the low-level calls not considered emergencies. could you explain what drain this has not only on the firefighters but the equipment. >> first and foremost, it's all about being available for the true emergency. we are in the business of saving lives. but you are correct. it's a drain on the rigs.
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there are stories about the apparatus, the rigs breaking down and being out of service because of the high usage. a drain on the personnel. they go in and out the door. sometimes they leave the fire house and they don't come back for 12 to 14 hours at a pop on the ambulances. this is a this is a huge -- this is a huge problem in the city. we are hoping to find solutions. chris: the calls come in, you are revved up. you get to this and this is minor. having that effect day after day after day, what effect does it have on you psychologically? >> it's a huge burn-out factor.
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complacency and drain. physically and emotionally. chris: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up at 11:00, we will tell you how the d.c. firefighters -- city and the local hospitals are working together to work with the problem so the ambulances are available. when call 911 and you need them. live in northwest d.c., chris papst, abc7 news. alison: we'll hear more from him throughout the evening to lead up to this. stay tuned here. after "dancing with the stars" and "castle" will have chris nonemergency 911 report. it's "7 on your side" investigation. this is an investigation you will only see tonight. jonathan: check on traffic. jamie sullivan has details. how is it moving? jamie: not great in tyson corner. take a look. the crash just happened in the past ten minutes. we have five cars involved. the issue is they just pulled up on scene. they have people outside of
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the cars so no one is moving behind them. this is intyson's corner at gallows road. so let's talk about the wet roads that we are seeing. it through 95 and dale city moving south. you are moving at a decent pace. be you can see that the roads are wet. road spray. you may see further in the afternoon, the traffic is starting to backup. so far in this stretch let's move to the map. traveling right now in the teens at 13 miles per hour. we move further north. we are still okay on 395. not seeing big issues through prince george's county. i want to focus in through the anondale area. if you travel through eastbound, all lanes are blocked because of a crash. the best alternate is columbia pike. back to you. alison: look at this. this is tough to beat the view of shenandoah valley this time of year. the pictures were taken in
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front royal, virginia. this is perfect. once the rain stopped it was nice to get out and enjoy the fall weather. if you capture any pictures like this we want to see them. if you see it, send it to us at maybe we will air them right here like we did that gorgeous picture. jonathan: the firs one with the color, it didn't look real. amazing color. doug: we have rain moving in tonight and tomrow and then it will get breezy here on wednesday. again on thursday and friday in the weekend. it's rany part of the area. give you a time lapse. this is from spotsylvania, virginia. notice the temperatures. 43 degrees. it's on the way to the metro area. closing in from the south and
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west. it will be period of rain and probably a steady rain through most of the night and at least through the morning commute. 52 in andrews. 55 in annapolis. there is a chill in the air. 53 at reagan national airport. there will be moderate at times and the rain could be be heavy. this is developing from the storm center. there are heavy thunderstorms offshore. we will get and that will be story tonight and tomorrow. there is a break on wednesday. let's look at things here
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going through the next seven days. 125% chance of rain tonight. don't get that forecast often. tomorrow, showers in the afternoon. sunny and breezy and 63 on thursday. friday, cooler and breezy and cool through the weekend. jonathan: okay. we'll take it. this is like the hottest place in the solar system. like the sun hot. nasa put the video out. these are the solar flares from this month. they are launching out there. thousands of miles. if you are looking at the sun, which we don't recommend you do that, this is the right-hand side of it. the eruptions happen a dozen times. these were considered minor events. if they're major that is when the electricity goes out. alison: another blunder involving the nationals. but the ballpark this time.
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who couldn't tell the difference between major league baseball oldest stadium? that is coming up. jonathan: supply and demand is how everything is priced. w you add parking spas to that. the new surge pricing plan and how much a spot will cost you. we will tell you a
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alison: well parking prices are about to go up. in one of the most popular
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areas in the district. jonathan: big-time, too. the surge pricing could cost you $8 a spot. john gonzalez takes a look at where and when the parking price change takes effect. john: $8 an hour where it looks like we have to dig for more change. supply and demand is what ddot is saying. we know what has happened in chinatown over the years. it's become the new downtown. if you use quarters to pay at the boxes or credit card for the park mobile app we are going to pay the peak prices in peak hours. for example, when the wizards and the capitals are playing at the verizon center we pay the peak prices even we are not at the game. the idea is to reduce traffic in the area. according to studies, 25% is just circling around looking for parking spaces. but critics including a.a.a. mid-atlantic say charging fees on demand prices out the low-income residents and discouraging people from parking in the city. >> i'm all for trying to
4:27 pm
reduce the driving as much as possible. and trying to reduce congestion. but sometimes people can't take the metro. >> i think if you are a busy owner downtown and you want turnover and new customers to come down to visit your location. i think overall it is, it could be a good program. >> with the new surge price plan, well, the bike shares might become more popular here downtown. city officials saying that if this pilot program is a success, it will spread throughout all of d.c. in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us a ballpark blunder of epic proportions. we will show you why nat fans are completely baffled at how bad this is. let's just say nats park is not pictured where it should be. alison: and metro modernizing. the agency is rolling out the new buses. how they are supposed to shorten the time you spend on the ride home. still ahead.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we continue to follow a developing story out of hyattsville. four people killed in a horrible crash involving a truck slamming into a church man. alison: 16 people were in that van. the driver of the truck and three in the van died. jonathan: 13 others in the van
4:31 pm
rushed to the hospital. some critically hurt. others recovering now. but one of the victims just 167 months old. we want you to stay with us on abc7 news for updates at 5:00 and 6:00. we are providing updates on facebook, twitter and the website at covering metro news. normal service resumed at the stadium armory stadium. orange and silver line trains began stopping there this morning. in september they had a fire, that damaged a substation that supplies electricity to the third rail in the area. after that fire only blue line trains stopped at the stadium armory in certain times of the day. so now all trains are back. alison: metro is also out with new buses today. brianne carter shows us how they will help commuters get around. brianne: this morning, metro put five new accordion style articulated buses in service along 16th street northwest. >> the new buss will be more reliable than the 12-year-old
4:32 pm
buses. brianne: at the end of the year, 21 will be on the roads including 16th street, georgia avenue and 14th street. route that carry combined 50,000 riders every weekday. >> it's critical. a very important line between 16 and georgia avenue. you have improvement. brianne: the new buses will improve reliability and fuel efficiency. the new buses added are diesel hybrid. they each have an added safety feature for the bus driver. part of this the new shield, plexyglass to protect the rider. it's the only way to improve the commute along the corridor. wmata and ddot are looking to bus lanes and the offboard payment options for buses.
4:33 pm
there is a new payment system. we hope it will be the next move. brianne: they expect to have details on the improvement plan in the new year. in the northwest, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: d.c. newest mural is now on display. on 15th street in northwest. i spans six stories. so this is now the tallest mural in the city. it was painted by renowned artist who is also known for the fear of heights. he was hoisted 80 feet in the air to create the newest piece. the mural honors the senior residents. jonathan: afraid of heights. did a good job. alison: tackling his fears. jonathan: this is a weekend when you walk out and you say this is fall. alison: it feels like this. is it going to stay like this? doug: a little warmer wednesday or so but it will get cooler over the weekend.
4:34 pm
this is fall. you get and say this is west. let me show you the story. across the area, rain continues to advance toward the metro. covered up in rain. farther west a heavier downpour. that is the story heading through the evening hours. patches of rain, moderate to heavy. the entire region. with us now through the end of the rush, later tonight, overnight. this rain is with us because of the thunderstorms. we won't get that. we will get the patches of the occasional heavy rain. the temperatures will be the coldest in the western maryland. mid-40's. cloudy and seasonal temperatures. tropical storm in november.
4:35 pm
tropical storm kate over the bahamas. alison: well you know this. most of us know this. this is nationals park. jonathan: this makes no sense how you confuse this with fenway park. the green monster in left field. it's making sure the calendars recalled because they did that. they said nats park and then they showed fenway park. but sam ford shows us what actually happen and how it has the fans upset. sam: for the nationals fans 2015 was not the year for a championship game. maybe 2016. the producers with the calendar made an error. >> some of the fans could see it from a mile away. >> nationals park.
4:36 pm
fenway. >> it says nationals parable. why is that? sam: that is officials washington nationals calendar. >> that is the green among center there. sam: things associated with fenway park in boston on the official calendar of the washington nationals. we asked the nationals office their reaction as the spokeswoman said they have no reaction. this is a major league baseball issue with turner licensing that produces the calendars. >> somebody goofed. sam: the two ballparks look well, sort of similar. one fan didn't notice right away. >> that look like people on the sidelines. sam: the story is i won't keep you in suspense. this is fenway park. >> is it? yeah. it doesn't look like nats park does it? sam: this is a snafu that has to be fixed. major league baseball is expected to issue a statement soon. in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: very interesting. well, rumbling, shaking,
4:37 pm
cracks in the building. some residents in the lan apartment complex were evacuated. today inspectors were back to take a look. diane cho explains there is no timetable for a return home. >> it's not unusual to see cracks along the sidewalks. but imagine having them inside your apartment. some as wide as the cell phone. the entrance is at two apartment buildings were boarded up this weekend after the fire department forced everyone out. today they have been talking down from time to time so that the building inspectors could go inside and look at the damage. would be of the residents we talked to told us she felt her apartment building shaping here at the complex in lanum saturday night. after she called the fire department they noticed that the crack in her walls and the creeling with the other structural damage. and evacuated everyone from two apartment buildings until the inspectors could determine what was going on. one resident who did not want to be identified said she was in the process of moving out
4:38 pm
of one of the effected units. >> right now i can't even cook. the gas is turned off. it's very inconvenient for me. especially having a child. >> the department of permitting, inspections and enforcement says that a structural engineer will be here on wednesday to do soil boring tests. until that is done they won't know what caused it. coming up at 5:00, we tell you how long it might be before residents are allowed to return to their apartments. cho. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how a school is looking to improve education and how the efforts could shorten the children's summer break. alison: but first, result of the holiday twitter poll. is there enough holiday spirit in the starbucks cups? there's still time to weigh in.
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jonathan: have you heard of a convertible survivor? jaguar and land rover are working on one for all of us. this was a concept vehicle but
4:42 pm
it will be rolled out next year. look at the trunk room. none! $50,000. the suv can go up to 30 miles per hour while you are opening or closing the roof. imagine if you went five miles over that and the roof tore off on you? alison: if i could put baby car seats in the back i would be good to go. is that you're just not going to do that. earlier we told you about the starbucks new holiday cup and the fact they didn't have enough "merry christmas" or didn't have the wording on the cup themselves. alison: this outraged some starbucks fan who celebrate the holiday and a former pastor is calling for customers to say their name is merry christmas so they will write it on the cup when they put the order in. the poll today on twitter. are they christmasy enough for you was the question? the overwhelming majority said yes. two-third of you who voted. jonathan: we have responses on facebook. we'll read a couple --
4:43 pm
alison: you can join the conversation and take the twitter poll. we are. @abc7news. like us on pump-fake. jonathan: -- like us on facebook. jonathan: the interesting part of this is the former pastor. alison: time on his hands. jonathan: apparently. still rehead for -- still ahead for us at 4:00 -- sinkhole or a trench opened up and swallowed 15 cars and trucks and s.u.v.'s. today we learn what might have caused it. that is after the break. kellye: i'm kellye lynn at raymond education campus in northwest. the first d.c. public school to extend the school year. i'll explain why coming
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taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. alison: so the typical school year is 180 days but this year it's ten days longer at a d.c. public school. in tonight's spotlight on education, kellye lynn says educators are hoping that
4:47 pm
extending the school year will improve academic achievement. >> how much will i have when i add together the quarter and the nickel? kellye: more than two months into the school year, students at raymond education campus in northwest are focused on learning. teachers hope it will continue well jobbed the start of summer. >> they will attend school for 190 days and will attend more than any other school in the school district. kellye: is goal is to reduce what is known as the summer slide when the students fall behind in math and reading in the summer months when school is out of session. last summer students at this school experienced 20% decline in reading scores! those with the extended school year do better. kellye: it will add ten days to the end of the school calendar this academic year with schools closing july 8. then another sten days will be add -- ten days will be added.
4:48 pm
>> the regular school year is fine. >> it will have a good impact. to have extended school year, more days and more learning. >> that is what the d.c. public school officials are hoping for. if the program demonstrates success it could be expanded to other schools schools in the district. >> we are hoping to close the gap. >> give an opportunity for children to have least down time as possible. give them an opportunity to expand their knowledge. >> expand the knowledge by expanding the school year. in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: go to your tv set. we're not doing that? the year long exhibits have 40 of the unique towers in the country. there are cool ones out there. it opens tomorrow at the u.s. air and space museum. we have an aviation history online at at the top of the page there is a link to watch the diverted t.w.a. flight 514,
4:49 pm
that is a plane that crashed on approach to dulles airport. in the exclusive documentary how the accident forever changed flight communications across the country and made aviation a safer deal. this is the video i was talk ing about. go to the tv and check it out. this is the real deal. it was mississippi, at an ihop. then the cars were pancaked. they flew a drone because no one wants to stand near it. they don't know how deep it can go. a dozen cars, s.u.v.s and trucks fell in saturday night. no one wa hurt. the sinkholes are caused when the underground aquaphors dry up. they will not move them until the surrounding area is stable. that has to be weird. looking out the window and then they're not there. alison: movie set. jonathan: turning tovote 2016. a successful saturday might for donald trump and nbc.
4:50 pm
he brought in the highest overnight ratings of s.n.l. since 2012. he hosted the show this weekend. alison: he had to veto some of the sketches to keep it more p.c. jonathan: did you watch it? alison: no. i saw clips. dancing clips. jonathan: i think he should have vetoed a few more. some of the ones weren't funny. alison: really? jonathan: not so much. alison: that is funny. jonathan: that is not bad. alison: well, california is in the midst of a record drought. but there is enough snow for ski resorts in the sierra mountains to open up. several had the best opening in years. they are hoping for a lot of snow this winter. generated by one of the strongest el ninos on record. jonathan: you want more money we have you covered with the "good morning washington" $700 every day give-away. this could put money in your pocket. alison: just watch and call in and win. that easy. so you link up and make money.
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jonathan: we have breaking news to tell you about. horace holmes in fairfax, virginia. we have a car in a house. what happened out there? horace: you can see this behind me. there is the car taken away by the wrecker right now. we are on walcott drive. the car came down the street, missed the turn here. went to the steps and crashed through the living room. no one was home at the time. the driver sustained minor injuries. nobody hurt here. reporting live, horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: thank you. let's talk about the weather now. we felt a change. steve: 80 degrees, 80 on friday. then everything went boom! if you are expecting anyone to use capitol beltway or 66, drive home tonight.
4:52 pm
slow go of it. especially because of the wet roadways. jamie sullivan will be here in a moment. let's talk about wednesday. a lot of folks have the day off. it's veterans day. we have a good deal of sunshine. temperatures will range from the lower 50's to early morning. 53ing3 degrees on sunday. sunday, 58 degrees. it's still on the cool side of things. the roadways will be wet. jamie: they will. we are seeing it on 95. focus in on 395. accident activity heading southbound. right at duke street. we had all of our h.o.v. lanes blocked and now we have the flashing lights on the shoulder. take a look at the backup. this is a big one. we are seeing this leaving
4:53 pm
d.c. bumper to bumper. northbound you have a crash. 95, where we are seeing wet spot. 10 miles per hour heading south. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one man was trying to care for his mother. but he ended up losing their home in the process. the warning and how you can care for your parents while keeping their home. care for your parents while keeping their home. that i
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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this is a sad story and something that everyone in the d.c. area with aging parents need to hear about. chris is about to be evicted from his childhood home.
4:57 pm
>> this used to be a living room. where he was his mother's care-taker. >> gave her access to the kitchenand the bathroom. >> despite the best efforts his mom is in a nursing home. and he may soon be homeless. >> i came home on wednesday evening and discovered the debit card was canceled. >> the house was in his mother's name after the death of his father. credit cards with her name, too. when medicaid takes over -- >> the state takes everything. i will be homeless and without a job because the six and a half years taking care of mom took up all the time. >> if you have aging parent there are ways to prevent it from happening but you have to my about it before the time comes. >> some of the arrangements could have been made earlier by his father when he moved in the house. but nobody was thinking about
4:58 pm
that. >> his attorney tells me in hindsight they should have transferred assets to him and had a bank account in his name. it's too late. >> chris is not a spouse. so the law does not protect him like it will protect a spouse. john: but not a child. chris may be out on the street in a few weeks. >> i have myself to blame. i was thinking with my heart, not my head. john: this is a lesson to everyone with aging parents. keep some money separate and talk to an attorney so you don't waste your money. john matarese. leon: tonight, a fiery tragedy continues to unfold. children kidnapped, tied up and told they would be burned alive. >> i don't know what to say about it. >> the suspects are children themselves. >> this is a place for her.
4:59 pm
>> the husband honored the love of his life. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. lee alison: right now investigators are combing through the sand box at a popular playground. after a body was found there this morning. it happened at beverley park in a playground known as "the pit." jeff goldberg is there live with what he found out about this developing story. >> we got news saying that the investigators don't believe this was a random act. this investigators have been inside the park all day combing for the evidence and the information about the crime.
5:00 pm
pile by pile the alexandria police investigators look through the leaves on north overlook, looking for any clue to a murder investigation in an unlikely place. >> is this is a safe neighborhood. jeff: a woman walking her dog discovered the body of a man in beverley park, later identified as 24-year-old male from alexandria. the man suffered dra trauma to the neck area. >> we didn't see or hear anything unusual. jeff: she saw the body after the investigators arrived on scene. >> unreal. a bad dream. >> all day the streets were blocked off around the beverley hills park as police searched for answers. >> we have detectiv
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