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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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breaking news tonight. a short time ago, the accused killer, hauled before the camera. after the deadly rampage in colorado. wearing a suicide prevention suit, facing charges for murdering three people at planned parenthood. what the judge told him late today. the major storm hitting tonight. dangerous driving. several states, up to a foot of snow, freezing ran, winds, and it's on the move tonight. and the rescue. the woman and her dog. donald trump talking about a reporter, saying he had no idea the reporter has a disability. tonight, trump taking our question. after the terror in paris, president obama and nearly 150 world leaders tonight in that city. they're there on climate change, but how do you keep the city safe? and, cyber monday. our business correspondent and the three eye-opening deals tonight. the apple laptop, $200 off? and the five-day cruise for
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$300? where are we going? good evening. and it's great to be back with you after the holiday. and we begin tonight with that deadly attack on a planned parenthood in colorado. just a short time ago, the accused gunman brought before the camera in jail. authorities say he killed three and injured nine. that vest, they tell us, to keep him from killing himself. he's now facing first degree murder charges. so many of you saw the images over the long weekend. the officers in battle gear. survivors fleeing the building. the terror on their faces. and tonight, right here, the victims. the mother who was there helping a friend. the beloved officer, the father and former champion ice skater. and the young veteran that ran in to save lives losing his own. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado, leading us off. >> can you hear me okay? >> yes. >> reporter: robert dear
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appeared in court for the first time by video link. >> do you have any questions? >> no questions. >> reporter: dressed in that suicide prevention vest, facing first degree murder charges for friday's planned parenthood attack that left three people dead. >> the minimum penalty is life in prison. and maximum of death. >> reporter: sources say the 57-year-old drove to planned parenthood in this silver pickup, carrying a duffle bag of ak-style rifles and handguns, opening fire. jennifer markovsky was there helping a friend, a mother of two originally from hawaii. officer garrett swasey was a former champion junior ice skater, once trained with his long-time friend, nancy kerrigan. >> you can't explain it. it's horrific, it's sad. >> reporter: ke'arre stewart, an iraq war vet, his last act was to warn others. >> he tried to get back inside and warn the others to take cover, military instinct, you know. >> reporter: dear appears to be a recluse with no serious
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criminal history, living in this colorado mobile home. law enforcement sources say after surrendering, he made rambling, hostile comments toward planned parenthood and president obama. is it safe to say he had some kind of grudge against planned parenthood? >> one would infer. >> reporter: planned parenthood has become a flash point issue in the presidential campaign. >> watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating. >> reporter: in the wake of friday's shooting, planned parenthood suggested a link against rhetoric against the organization and the deadly attack. several gop candidates disagreed. >> this is typical left wing tactics. >> you think the rhetoric got out of hand? >> no, i think he's a sick person. >> and clayton sandell live with us. we saw the images where we lived, with so few people around him. were there no warning signs? >> reporter: david, we talked to several of dear's neighbors who told us, he was a little strange but mostly kept to himself.
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in the meantime, sources tell us they are now working to trace all of those guns to make sure they were obtained legally. david? >> clayton sandell on this story for us tonight. thank you. we move on now to two major storms tonight. the first one deadly. at least 14 dead. and the new system hitting at this hour. then moving east. several states under winter storm alerts already. in kansas city, look at this. a treacherous ride home. pounds rain there. in omaha, cars spunning out. snowplows out in forc and ice storms snapping power lines in kansas. up to a foot of snow coming in some places. meteorologist rob marciano is in minneapolis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a white knuckle ride home in the upper midwest. in minneapolis, cars in ditches and jackknifed tractor trailers. in kansas, tree limbs crashing right through vehicles. this storm coming on the heels of an icy mess that killed at least 14 people. oklahoma's governor declaring a state of emergency in all 77 counties. >> oh, wow!
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>> reporter: street lights exploding in el reno. more than 100,000 in the dark at the storm's height. in bethany, oklahoma, an 80 foot pecan tree landed on len kapparo's house. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better, because of the weight of the ice. >> reporter: a 300-foot power line covered in an ion ch of ice adding more than 750 pounds to those lines. and that leads to this. >> oh, it's coming down! hit record! hit record! >> it's recording. >> reporter: further south, what didn't freeze flooded. and tonight, a warning about thin ice. a 32-year-old woman lucky to be alive. she was chasing for one of her dogs when she fell through. >> i can't stand. >> here. grab her. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the rescue caught on an officer's body camera. >> glad to know she and the dogs
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all okay tonight. let's get right to rob in minneapolis. what is the track of this thing tonight? >> reporter: the snow is coming down already. a couple of inches here in minneapolis. slicking up the highways enough to slow down the evening commute. tomorrow morning going to be worse. advisories, winter storm warnings up. snowfall forecast, five to ten inches, but could see a foot or more near the sioux falls area. the snows increase overnight across minnesota. des moines, right on the rain/snow line. by tomorrow morning, all rain in chicago. and then, the warm sector and the rains punch into the northeast by tomorrow night. still snow at that time here. david, potentially, the biggest snow the twin cities has seen in nearly two years. >> wow. in two years. rob marciano tonight, thank you. now, to the developing headline out of chicago at this hour, after authorities pleaded for calm there after video was released of a deadly shooting. the officer charged in the shooting death of laquan mcdonald has now walked free,
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just a short time ago, after posting bond. the officer charged with first degree murder after this dash cam video showing laquan mcdonald holding a knife when officers moved in. authorities say 16 shots in a matter of seconds. abc's alex perez in chicago on the officer's release and the money now being raised for that officer's family as prosecutors demanded no bail at all. >> reporter: tonight, the chicago police officer accused of shooting laquan mcdonald, free on bond. he was back in court this afternoon, the judge viewing on a laptop that now infamous dash cam video where investigators say van dyke can be seen shooting mcdonald 16 times in 15 seconds. the judge then setting bond for van dyke at $1.5 million. van dyke's defense arguing he feared for his life when he fired his weapon. >> he is ready to move on and take this step by step. >> reporter: at the same time, in downtown chicago, more protests calling for the city's top brass to step down. at the university of chicago
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today, that arrest for that online threat that brought the campus to a standstill. federal investigators say 21-year-old jabari dean made that threat, posting on social media, "i will execute 16 white male students. this is not a joke." 16, the same number of times mcdonald was shot. and david, van dyke now preparing for a legal battle in court. go fund me last week shut down a page that had been created to raise money for him. the president of the police union is saying they are asking their members for donations to raise money for van dyke's defense. david? >> alex perez, thank you. now, to the race for 2016 tonight. donald trump is standing his ground this evening and taking our reporter's question. trump accused of mocking a journalist with a physical disability. he said he had no idea the reporter had a disability. just as another republican contender, chris christie, snags a major endorsement tonight, and clus tee now taking aim at trump. abc's tom llamas on the xaun
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trail again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump meeting with more than 100 black religious leaders, convincing some but not all to have faith in husband xaun. >> i saw love in that room. i see love everywhere i go. >> reporter: the meeting comes as trump finds himself in a fox hole, full defense mode after mocking "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski, who has a disability that limits flexibility in his arms. >> now, the poor guy, you got the see this guy, oh, i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember. >> reporter: trump unu.s. ises he doesn't remember kovaleski and had no idea he was disabled. but kovaleski says he's covered trump for years, that they'd met a dozen times and were on a first name basis. >> i don't know him, now he's going, well he knew me and we were on a first name basis. give me a break. give me a break. and the problem is, he's using what he's got to such a horrible degree. i think it's disgraceful. >> reporter: trump says kovaleski's reporting in the days after 9/11 supports his claim that thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrated when the twin towers fell. but that's not what kovaleski reported, and trump has been
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criticized for spreading a false story. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports and you're -- >> it did happen in new jersey. chuck, it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> reporter: and today, new jersey governor chris christie said, flat out, it never happened. >> it did not happen in nblg new jersey that day and it hasn't happened since. >> reporter: mr. trump, today, governor christie said that muslim muslims celebrated in new jersey on 9/11. today he said that never happened and you should stop talking about that. >> well he didn't say that the other day, he was very weak the other day, so the other day he said well, he doesn't know, and now i guess he feels a little been emboldened. he must be careful with what he says. >> reporter: this morning, trump tweeting in part, how is chris christie running the state of new jersey when he's spending all of his time in new hampshire? new jerseyais not happy. >> tom llamas, thank you. overseas tonight, to paris
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and that unprecedented climate change summit. president obama there, who said today, the united states deserves some of the blame for climate change. but there is also something else on the agenda. isis. president obama taking time to visit the bataclan where concert goers were gunned down in the attacks. and how do you keep a city safe just weeks after those attacks? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl traveling with the president. >> reporter: it's the biggest presidential photo-op in history. 150 world leaders crowding onto the stage in paris, vowing to combat climate change, a problem president obama said the u.s. helped cause as one of the world's top emitters of carbon pollution. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> reporter: but the climate agenda here has been overshadowed by the more immediate concern about terrorism. president obama laying a rose at
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the growing memorial outside the bataclan theater, where 89 were killed in the deadliest of the attacks here on november 13th. and extraordinary security measures to prevent an attack on the summit. here's something you never see. paris with no cars on the street. but the government has shut down virtually every major roadway in the central part of the city. but you can still get around. with so many streets closed, the government has allowed everybody to ride the metro today for free. president obama ventured out to one of paris's top restaurants for dinner with france's president, discussing climate and, of course, the challenge of combatting isis. >> and jon karl with us now from paris. we all remember the last major climate change meeting in 2009. not much happened. what is different this time? >> reporter: the white house says that this time, 200 countries have come into this summit with their own plans to reduce carbon pollution, but remember, these are voluntary plans, nothing here is binding. >> voluntary plains. and this meeting comes right
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after the terror attacks there in paris. we saw president obama and president putin together. no images of their actual meetings, though, but have you learned what they talked about and is it possible they would team up to take on isis? >> reporter: they spoke for 30 minutes. president obama expressed regret for turkey's downing of that russian fighter jet. he is urging both russia and turkey to work with the united states to find a political pollution for syria, but david, no sign here of a breakthrough on that. >> all right, jon karl with us from paris tonight. jon, thank you. now, to the stunning new report out this evening, and it's your money. how your taxpayer dollars are being spent, and what some are calling major government overreach. from licenses for runaway llamas, to a gas station in afghanistan, one gas station, costing american taxpayers $43 million. abc's mary bruce, back at it tonight, chasing down answers on capitol hill and tracking your money. >> reporter: remember these guys? the lam mas on the loose that
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took over the internet? after their great escape, the federal government took time to tell the owners they needed permission from washington to showcase the animals. just one out of 100 examples of alleged federal overreach highlighted in a new report. it's the kind of federal pork that makes taxpayers squeal. $65,000 to study what happens to bugs when the lights go out? $2.6 million on a weight loss program for truck drivers. and $375,000 to study the dating habits of seniors. leaving the study's author, asking, government spending or we couldn't find any lawmakers coming to the defense of this spending. pennsylvania congressman joe pitts, who oversees some spending, is pointing the funger at the agencies spending the money. why are we seeing $2.6 million for weight loss programs for truckers? >> it's just mind boggling. i'm sure they'll come back with some kind of an excuse.
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>> reporter: james lankford, who compiled the list, is putting washington on notice. >> they get away with it because no one's watching, and that's the challenge. >> reporter: but david, wash dogs don't say, expect to see any of this change any time soon, despite the $105 billion identified in the study, its author tells us, he's confident he'll see more of this kind of government spending. >> keeping them honest tonight. mary bruce, thank you. now, to a fall from grace for the man once considered one of new york's most powerful politicians. former assembly speaker sheldon silver facing up to 130 years in prison now, found guilty today of federal corruption charges including bribery, extortion and money laundering. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. and on this cyber monday, the major retailer, its website crashing, and our business correspondent with three eye-opening deals tonight. $200 off an apple laptop? a cruise for just $300? we'll go down the list. and take a look at this
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next tonight here, cyber monday, and look at this. target's website crashing early on. many customers seeing this message to please hold tight. paypal catching, too, for a time. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis on the hunt for deals. >> reporter: tonight, a glimpse of the not too distant future. 30-minute delivery by drone, brought to you by amazon. >> lowers itself slowly to the ground, drops off the package and flies straight back up to altitude. >> reporter: the retail giant hoping today's sales will top last year's record. 500 items sold every second. retailers fighting for your attention. >> cyber monday's arriving at
6:49 pm >> reporter: target offering 15% off everything on its website. leading to that temporary crash. best buy offering a rare discount on some apple products, like $200 off this macbook air. plus, according to the number crunchers, now is one of the best times of the year to book that family vacation. up to 65% off hotels at libberry travel. and big discounts on cruises. like this one to the bahamas. five nights for as low as $309. 70% off on travel los david, if you afford to wait, try leaving that shopping cart for awhile. a number of retailers will actually e-mail you coupons for even greater savings, just to close the deal. david? >> great tip. reck be rebecca, thank you. when we come back here, cars lifted off the highway. the mystery solved tonight. and the important medical headline about time spent on the treadmill. and we showed you prince
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to the index tonight. some good news after thanksgiving. the new study about time on the treadmill. spending one extra minute on the treadmill starting at the age of 18 translates to a 12% decrease in heart problems later during middle age. that mystery in china solved. cars lifting off the street. turns out a cable became tangled in that street cleaner truck, acting like a trip wire. prince harry telling "vanity fair," quote, i'm much cooler than my older brother, adding he is a cool uncle who will give the kids candy. kate beats him at charades, as well. she's laughing right there.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. finally tonight here, that's right, this guy is holding a bald eagle there. and you're about to see two brothers to the rescue. >> hey david, michael here. i'm so happy neil and i were able to set that eagle free. >> reporter: tonight, one part of the duo now seen by so many helping to save that bald eagle. michael fletcher and his brother neil, hunting in ontario, canada, just across the border.
6:58 pm
in the woods, they find this, a bald eagle. one of its talons locked in a tune of claw trap meant for other mans. he tries to fly several times. there's about a foot of chain giving him several false starts. then michael with an idea. leverages a branch, he slowly, carefully opens the claw. neil then picks up the bald eagle, about to be freed. just before, though, it is 2015, they take a selfie. smiling and look at the bald eagle. and then, that moment. about four minutes after they found that eagle trapped, it was free. >> first thing we thought was, nobody is ever going to believe us. >> reporter: tonight, the proof flying away. four minutes and then freedom. thank you for watching here on a monday night. we hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family. i'm david muir. i hope to see you r
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