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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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officers from varied and in particular-flung departments united in grief. >> it's out of respect. that is what we do. >> thousands who did not know the young woman gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute in woodbridge saturday came to her funeral. they mourned with those who knew ashley guindon. >> we stand here today to celebrate an amazing life. a life all too short but amazing nonetheless. stephen: guindon was remember ed for her drive and enthusiasm to help others. she was died responding to a call of a fatal shot to a woman. but a boy survived. >> she had a willingness for a an 11-year-old boy at home. >> among the crowd was the governor who consoled ashley's mother.
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tears as it made its place where ashley guindon planned start a new life. where it ended so soon. >> there will be another funeral and guindon will be buried in massachusetts. for the other two officers who were injured in the shooting they are expected to recover. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: the police turn-out for today's funeral was so great, state police and the officers from other counties were responding to calls in prince william county today. but police were far from the only people there paying tribute. amy aubert joins us from woodbridge where people lined up to pay respects. amy? amy: absolutely. people were sitting on guardrails and waving flags this afternoon. that wasn't the only place where people were gathering. they came out here and leaving messages at a memorial for officer
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>> they waited just outside and along the roadways. a community in mourning. >> if you have a chance to stop and watch, you should stop and take it in. >> tammy watched from afar with her two daughters. >> i have been talking to them how young she was and how she lost her life serving our county. we need our police officers. amy: families, neighbors and perfect strangers line the streets to pay their respects. >> we come together as a community. we are brothers and sisters. when something is tragic like this happens, show support to the family and the community at large. amy: new messages added to a growing memorial at the police station. way to pay tribute in the funeral for an officer they never got the chance to meet. makes us think more about the peace we bring to our own community and what we can do. >> flashing
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ashley guindon. a county coming out in force. both inside the funeral and across the roadways. watching and honoring the fallen officer. >> i can't stress the importance to show our support and thank them for the service they give to the community. amy: people continued to bring flowers out here to the evening. showing that officer ashley guindon will never be forgotten. live in prince william county amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: thank you, amy. a vigil will be held to honor crystal hamilton the wife of the gunman ronald hamilton and his first victim. the 29-year-old worked in the marine corps wounded warrior regimen. her family says they will remember her as a beloved mother to an 11-year-old son. richard reeve will be there at the site of the vigil at the family's woodbridge home. we will have it at 6:00 tonight. al
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evenly divided between democrats and the republicans. now, recent polls both hillary clinton and donald trump holding commanding double-digit leads in virginia. regardless of who wins the voters are happy to be here and part of the process. >> i hope there is great interest. i think it is important that every american comes to the polls and take advantage of the democratic rights. >> it's great that american people have interest. i wish it was less than an episode of "punked." quite a few voters say they wish the process it feels like an episode of the real estate tv than the process of picking the next leader to the free world. coming up at 6:00 we hear from the leader of the republican party of virginia to get his reaction to a comment from one of the congressional delegation representatives from virginia. talking about why he is surgin
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anybody but donald trump. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you. 1,610 delegates at stake. presidential candidates zigzagging their way/cross the country -- across the country to nab the laugh-minute votes ahead of the nomination. hillary clinton and donald trump poised to leap ahead of the competition. a poll showing that clinton would easily beat trump if they face off in november. the candidates are looking ahead to another big voting day. away on march 15.ial primary trump, hillary clinton and rubio are all campaigning tonight in florida. abc7 and newschannel8 will have you covered in the crucial vote. live updates at the top o
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every hour. news special report coming your way at 10:00% here. two will break down the return from scott thuman. also joining him is the former m.d. bob erlich and former virginia congressman jim moran. that is at 9:00 on newschannel8. alison: let's talk about the weather now. sunny, mild today. really about as good of a start to march as you could ask for. tomorrow, though, will be a different story. doug: the rain we have been forecasting coming through tonight overnight and be out of here by tomorrow. take a quick look at the capitol wheel in the national harbor. gorgeous afternoon. high clouds. temperatures around the area near 60. that is the reading at the reagan national. south winds at 15 turn west after the cold front goes through. then the winds will
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the air is cooling off. it's 69 in culpeper now. but tonight it will turn the winds to the west. rain late tonight and overnight. gusterly winds, falling temperatures. time you wake up in the morning the rain is out of here. alison: we will see you then. new drama surrounding the washington redskins quarterback to tell you about today. the team is now using this nonexclusive franchise tag on kirk cousins. this comes after a rough back-and-forth debate over what the team starting quarterback should be paid. abc7 sports reporter robert burton will break down what this means for the team later in the hour. leon: when you see him next time
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christmas. he hit the mother lode. he will get paid. just days after it appeared that the pepco-exelon merger would be a done deal a new wrinkle in the plan. d.c. mayor muriel bowser who once resurrected the entire deal now is opposing it. this is a story we broke first. sam ford joins us live with the explanation for the sudden shift. going from a done deal to a dead deal now? sam: what happened is last friday the public service commission held two votes. the first voigt rejected mayor bowser's proposal. >> the chair votes yes. sam: after the d.c. public service commission friday rejected the pepco-exelon deal, the mayor was upbeat. >> it's our hope
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>> i promised it would include protection for immigrant rate increases. i did. one that appears to be gutted to favor the corporation and the federal government. >> shortly before the mayor resignation the people's counsel who last friday seemed to like the deal -- >> those benefits are significant and tangible. sam: today issued a press release opposing it. under the deal passed friday the parties had 14 days to sign off on it. if any party objected the commission would have to reconsider the objections. so they are objecting so there is no deal.
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residents. sam: for pepco last week a spokesman said well, they were glad that the commission passed something. but now they are avoiding comment in a situation where a number of people in the company thought a eal was imminent. now it is not. leon: coming up at 5:00, just ahead. paying would-be criminals to not commit crimes. it's approved by the d.c. council and how much it will cost. alison: closing a chapter of american history. the next step for record-breaking astronaut scott kelly as he starts his return home from almost a year in space. leon: also ahead -- what is being done to smooth out local roadways that resemble the surface of the moon. alison: next a new voice calling for serious review of intersection where a crash killed three people. feet from a busy high school.
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alison: a maryland congressman joining calls for safety. he want the ier
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the river and pyle roads examined. this is near walt whitman high school. saturday three members of a family were killed. another was critically hurt in a crash at that intersection. residents complained about the intersection for a decade. a 2008 petition called for a traffic light to be added but it has not happened. leon: road crews are working to address concerns with the potholes. a lot of them. growing worse every day. and brad bell has the pothole blitz. he has a front row seat tonight. hey, brad. brad: leon, we are out cruising for craters. i have to tell the boss right now we are going to give mobiletrak7 suspension a little test. look at road we are on now. it is ah, we are low there on the camera.
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they are trying to fill the pothole blitz and fill as many as you can. if you value the tires, the rims and perhaps your teeth you likely hate potholes. this should be a happy sight. it's one of the pothole patching crews working today as part of the annual pothole blitz. the team specialized truck oozes hot asphalt in the mid-streak craters. the guys rake them smooth. then roll them flat. so this railroad crossing they are working on is typical of places across the county. pothole here, there, this one, this one. every one of them would wreck a tire. 800 have been called in. last year they fixed 10,000. >> moisture gets under the pavement. you have a lot of fr
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thawing out and that caused the pothole. >> 25 trucks and 75 workers are fanned out to strike while the weather is hot. >> we have a sustained effort throughout the year. but now the weather is warmer. we can get out here in full force. we want the community to know we are out here filling the potholes. >> well, back live you can see martin luther king jr. highway is where we are. it appears as most of the potholes have been filled. you can see by the bouncing camera, they are anything but perfectly smooth. the county stresses if you still are aware of any potholes in the area call 311 to report them. they will get one of the trucks out to fix it as soon as possible. mobiletrak7, abc7 news. leon: thank you. drive carefully. alison: okay. this day it just doesn't get any better than this. leon: great way to start off march. doug: first day of march. 60's, sunshine. so good. alison: how are we talking ab
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doug: this is the season of the year it's still wintertime. we get warmer days but the overall winter pattern hasn't broken up yet. we will get a throwback with the storm system coming through late thursday and friday morning to bring us snow and grassy areas. that is it. then we warm up next week. next week we are offering 70-degree temperatures on high. it goes on special next week. time lapse from frederick, maryland, from the earth and the space lab. clear sailings. we stayed with that most of the day. every now rand then high thin clouds overhead. not jet con trails. it's beautiful weather. temperatures in the 60's. at this hour, the 5:00 reading include 69 degrees. in stanton and shaftsville and culpeper. 63 in manassas and fredericksburg. cooler near the water. 60 in the capitol. 63 in frederick and hagerstown. looking farther north and west you can make out where the cold front is. pittsburgh is 64. charlottes 64.
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louisville is 45. i'm going to take a wild crazy guess that the cold front is right between the area. it is not a guess at all. it's obvious. with the colder temperatures behind the edge of the rain. secondary part of rainfall behind the front. area of low pressure rapidly moving east/northeast. couple of rumbles of thunder may be possible, south of town in virginia tonight. the front comes through midnight to shortly after. this is moving quickly through the area. as a result, the rain will come and go. by the time you wake up it will be in to the sunshine. future cast set around midnight tonight. shows the rain moving through the area. brief downpours. if you make white lines out. air flow and the airstreams. east of the metro out of the south. the winds will turn westerly after the front goes through. that will help power the clouds out of here. the winds will get gusty. you may hear them in the morning. wind gust at 35 miles per hour by tomorrow morning.
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day. we will have sunshine throughout the day on thursday. we get through thursday afternoon, the next system comes through. small one and a fast mover. that will move southeast thursday and friday. snow, d.c. area north. mix of the rain d.c. area to the south. we get through thursday evening here. get to 2:00 a.m. friday morning. see a separation north of d.c. snow. rain south. heavier showers off the coast of the carolinas. by 8:30 or 9:00, pretty much the whole thing is out of here. it may stay cloudy. clear out by friday afternoon. lot of changes but you like the seven-day and how it winds up. 46 in the morning. we could around noontime get to 50. that should be 12:00 p.m. not 12:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., that is 42 degrees. the temperatures will drop throughout the day. as we get through the next seven days we go down and up. 40% chance of snow. maybe dusting to an inch or two in the grassy areas.
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if that much. chilly saturday. milder sunday. same in monday. 70, 70 on tuesday. it might get warmer than by wednesday and thursday. alison: amazing. turning the corner. i love it. leon: thank you. doug: all right. alison: still ahead at 5:00, paid not to break law? the plan that gained approval in the district. the pay would be criminal. how much it will cost and why supporters say it is necessary. leon: plus, after nearly a year in space, an american astronaut is heading home. whirl wind trip he
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alison: the hatch is now closed on the soyuz capsule. that will soon undock from the international space station to begin the descent home. on board the capsule is astronaut scott kelly. he has spent 342 days in a ord-breaking science experiment. we explain what scientists hope to learn. reporter: astronaut scott kelly this morning tweeting photos of his last sunrise from space. after more than 10,000 sunrises and sunsets, he is headed back to earth today after 340 days orbiting earth on the international space station. kelly is now the american who has spent the most time in space. >> i'm ready to come home. not like i'm climbing the walls to get out of here. i recognize the import
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reporter: yesterday kelly handed over command of the i.s.s. to start the process of leaving. >> which of course is bitter-sweet. when you leaf this incredible place. >> said good night to earth one last time posting this photo on twitter. last year this soyuz rocket launched from kazakhstan beginning his journey. >> the year in space starts now. >> the point is to figure out if humans could survive a trip to mars that would require a year and a half in space. back here on earth, scott's twin brother retired astronaut mark kelly has been undergoing testing at the same time. scientists will compare the two men when scott returns. mark telling abc7 news last year -- >> i had the really easy part. reporter: after all this does scott think humans can make it to mars? >> from a subjective perspective, absolutely. >> kelly should touch down in kazakhstan tonight and then testing begins to understand how the long time
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before this only four humans spent a year or more in orbit on a single mission. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. leon: 144 million miles. is that amazing? alison: incredible. leon: crazy. so is this. super bright fire ball believed to be a meteor lit up the sky in scotland. a driver captured the scene. driving along. dashboard camera. it caused a loud boom as well. it was likely a piece of rock from outer space that crashed to earth. they confirm it was not weather4yv related. >> the footwear that made a statement setting off alarms at a local airport. alison: plus supreme court justice known for his silence speaks for a second day.
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worst opinion he ever saw. >> unanimous vote on a bill designed to stop crime. why some say it won't do that? i'm brianne cart
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda.
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on your side. alison: it is a controversial plan already used in some major cities. using tax money to pay would-be criminals not to commit crimes. leon: that is right. now d.c. council signed off on a similar plan to be used here but not a done deal yet. brianne carter is live in northwest washington with the cost and the opposition to the idea. brianne: this is part of a larger bill that passed through the d.c. council today aimed at preventing crime. some say it really gets to the heart of the causes of crime here in d.c. but others say there is still no plan and no money to pay for it. it is designed to prevent crime. but some aren't convinced bill passed unanimously by the d.c. council today will do anything to stop violence. >> do i have any confidence that the council bill or the mayor's original proposal will address violent crime in the district of columbia? no way. no way. reporter:
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will address the root causes for crime and create opportunity for those at the highest part of offending. one of the part of the bill is stipend program to pay people if they keep a clean record. they would identify 50 participants a year and if they follow guidelines and stay out of trouble they would get pay. >> anything like that, i think it would be a good idea. >> i don't agree with paying somebody to stay out of trouble. i mean, it should start at home with home values. brianne: there is still a question where the money will come from, from the program. the mayor who habit said she will put -- who hasn't said she will put money toward it in her budget has concerns. >> there is some assurances that i would need to be supportive of the bill with my signature. and in order to consider it for funding in my budget. they can always if you wanted it once they get our budget. brianne: the mayor still needs to sign off on it. then the question of funding getting through the budget. once that happens, they would
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director for the program. reporting live, brianne carter, news. alison: opening statements began in the frederick trial of a 20-year-old woman accused of fatally stabbing her grandmother. harris is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing 67-year-old lily morris in 2014. morris was found bleeding on the front lawn of her home. harris told police she saw a man in a ski mask running from the house but police found blood on harris' arm and clothes. the defense says they will use evidence to prove harris is hean tally ill if she is -- mentally ill if she is convicted. leon: family of antonin scalia still paying tribute to the late supreme court justice. they had a private memorial today at the mayflower hotel in northwest washington. he died february 13 in texas on a hunting trip. multiple supreme court justices today gave remarks at the memorial service including clarence thomas. >> on one occasion he commented that in typical
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fashion, that one of our opinions that had become an important precedent was and i quote, "just a horrible opinion. one of the worst ever." i thought briefly about what he said and whispered, "nino, you wrote it." [laughter] leon: scalia served on the supreme court for nearly 30 years. let's check today's top stories now. family and friends of an officer killed on her first day on the job joined by thousands of other officers as they came to honor her memory. ashley guindon was killed responding to a domestic dispute in woodbridge over the weekend. he is will be buried in west springfield, massachusetts. alison: it is super tuesday. of course major checkpoint in the race for the white house. voters in 13 states and one territory including virginia will make the pick on the republican or the democratic side of the ballot. polls close in the
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minutes. leon: the pepco-exelon deal promised approval if certain conditions were met now seems to be dead in the water. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the revisions made to the deal favor corporations and the federal government making it now a deal she says she can no longer support. alison: d.c. police need help locating a man in a sex assault case. a victim was approached friday in m street near thomas circle in northwest. the suspect is shown in surveillance video we'll show you. he is right here wearing a dark puffy coat. and a red hat. there is a hood on the coat. if you have any information on who this person is, you are asked to call police. leon: feel like saying if the shoe fits, wear it? it doesn't apply in this situation. check out the unique shoes and the bracelets. the traveler was delayed at the b.w.i. airport because of this. the shoes had
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stiletto heels and featured faux bullets on the platform and matching faux bullet bracelets. woman trying to bring this through t.s.a. checkpoint sunday afternoon. agency prohibits passengers carrying replica gun or imminution through checkpoint -- ammunition through checkpoints. duh! alison: next time you see her she will be on crutches. break my ankles with shoes like that. leon: what was she seeing? alison: coming up at 5:00, is it a teenage prank or something more serious? the investigation into who is shooting at cars in maryland. leon: also ahead tonight 59:00, the genetic origin of the unibrow. a study is that gets to the root of the problem. we'll tell you more about this. missing patient that escaped a local facility and why police say if you speed him stay away. that is ahead at 6:00.
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. tomorrow, falling temperatures in the early morning hours. i will become windy and maybe snow mix in with the rain. thursday night to friday morning with the temperatures only in the 40's. save the best for last here. the upcoming weekend is on the cool side but at least sunshine to enjoy later in the day on saturday. temperatures around 45 degrees. on sunday nice mix of the sun and clouds highs will be just around 50, abc7 news at 5:00 continues after this.
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leon: a popular smoking alternative is making headlines for the wrong reasons after one exploded in a man's pocket. no one is tracking how often it happens. "7 on your side" investigator joce sterman here now with a reason why they should. joce: videos like this are certainly a motivator. you see the guy right here in the video. that is an e-cigarette that exploded in his abouts pocket. we know events like this are rare but we discovered they happen across the country. we will show you the stunning injuries that have happened in pockets and while people were actually using the products. you are seeing a man there in a coma. it is an issue
5:40 pm
tracking. but some of course believe it is time they start. >> it is a device we know is dangerous, it is hurting people and it will kill someone soon. joce: tonight at 11:00, the i-team hears from a man we showed you before left in a coma for days after the e-cigarette exploded in his mouth. we will explain why the vaping advocates say there is no need to track the rare vents or to start regulating the product at all. joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. to some other health news now. scientists have uncovered the genes at the center of hair-raising conditions. in a paper published today in the nature communication journal, researchers revealed they found genes associated with the multiple hair traits. we are talking about gray hair, uni-brows, even beard thickness. there is a gene associated with gray hair. they found a join called pax-2. that is th
5:41 pm
uni-brow. identifying the genes could lead to important insight on how we age. what do you think? interesting. new study suggests what you do for a living is affecting your cardiovascular health. leon: okay. alison: new c.d.c. led survey investigating the relationship between the heart health and job. in americans 45 an older. the study found management and finance professionals have a healthy weight. but three-quarters of them do not have a good diet. police officers are the worst when it comes to blood pressure. no surprise there. 70% of the health officials had unhealthy cholesterol levels. leon: if you had to choose would you rather the job affect your weight or your uni-brow? alison: i knew you were going to say something about the uni-brow. you could wax there. there you go. leon: i guess so. alison: quick and painful. leon: all right. just ahead here at 5:00, kirk 'cuz scuzz about to make some
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is about to make serious bank. he got the franchise tag today. how much he will get paid next year. >> six cars shot at in a short spin of time on a rural country road. who police are questioning. what weapon was used. the story
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alison: this is a frightening thought. driving down a roadway when your car window explodes. this has happened to some drivers in mount arie after police say someone shot out their windows. kevin lewis is finding what they will do to stop it from happening again. >> shot fired at the vehicle. prison want to know who used the windy road as a shooting range? 5:30 monday evening u.p.s. driver reported hearing a pop. then watched as the young window cracked. another car reported being shot at, all driving along woodville road outside of mount arie.
5:46 pm
the shooter was hiding in the woods. >> they are roping people in the area. >> they are gathering additional evidence. >> has the individuals admitted to the involvement? >> no. >> while no one was injured police say the projectiles could have caused a crash or worse a death. they said the shooter had malicious intent and will press charges accordingly. >> new trouble for royal caribbean anthem of the seas cruise ship. for the second time in a month, extreme weather cut the trip short. the ship was damaged after being in hurricane-force winds and 30-foot we
5:47 pm
they are also battling a norovirus outbreak. >> you had to walk by a medical facility and it was jampacked standing room only. this is not good. >> it is expected to dock tomorrow. see how things are shaping up on the roads. jamie sullivan is watching this. >> this is 270. northbound we see red lights and just volume. no crashes through 270. this is gaithersburg. i want to talk about a crash on the g.w. parkway. we are not seeing delays behind it. outbound and inbound 395 near
5:48 pm
outbound you are on the brakes to duke street. on the freeway typical volume. congestion on 66. there was an earlier train malfunction. there was an earlier, i we had at bethesda. inbound trains bypass the medical center now. use the outbound train. that is a look at the traffic. busy afternoon. alison: muriel bowser joined blackboard in the grand opening of the headquarters in ward two. they moved the headquarters from massachusetts to 19th street northwest in december.
5:49 pm
that offers office relocation for new jobs. >> blackboard you have a big fan in me. >> i hope d.c. is on your list recruiting the employees about how good it is to be there to grow. leon: folks from blackboard or any other country were visiting and every day was today would be a no-brainer. be here every time. alison: this is so nice. >> we'll bounce back and next week is nicer than this. this is just up the river at
5:50 pm
southeasterly wind at 15. breezy and mild and breezy. at the moment warm temperatures in the western zone. 46 in cumberland. the clouds will increase. by 6:00 we think the sun will be back and the temperatures will fall. this cold front is not wasting time. check this out. how quickly through west virginia. this is going to come and go. the future cast gives us timing. we get through the evening to midnight light rain. by 3:00, the heavier
5:51 pm
and gusty winds. then in the morning we are in good shape. we could see snow and dusting to an inch or two. 70 degree temperatures are in sight. alison: sounds good. leon: captain kirk hit it big. robert: he doesn't have to drive the astro van anymore. aston martin money now. kirk cousins in the money for a season. they lock down kirk for one year and have until july 15 to work out long-term deal. another team could offer him a long-term deal and the skins could match the offer. how
5:52 pm
last season cousins made $660,000 a year. the franchise tag is worth $20 million for next season. almost 3,000% raise. kirk likes that. leon: you like that? rabbit yes! stepping a -- robert: yes. stepping away from football. scott abraham will introduce to us a high school gymnast that will have you flip out. >> 5'4", 135 pounds of strength and power. 17-year-old mikayla robinson is a gymnast on a mission. >> i love that. not many people can do it. a demanding sport. >> she travels an hour to get there every day. >> she is not even on her freedom high
5:53 pm
instead she competes on the club team. >> i only did high school the freshman year. >> she is graduating a year early from high school. she might be young but she has what it takes to make a difference. >> to be in as many line-ups as i can. >> her older sister is also a gymnast. >> she motivated me to stay with the sport to get better. >> good luck to her. >> kirk doesn't need luck anymore. >> amazing. >> he earned it. they got
5:54 pm
>> one way to put it. >> now he can afford more than steak and shake.
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alison: the question to legalize marijuana is being debated by the lawmakers. >> recreation of marijuana legal in four states as well as d.c. montgomery county delegate david moon says why not in maryland. >> if the politicians have a problem discussing the issue, let's let the voters decide. >> get out of the way. take politics out of it and put it to the voters on the ballot. >> after all, it wa
5:58 pm
voters who four years ago approved the expanded gambling in maryland and a new casino at national harbor. but it will likely take a battle because it would require three-fifth majority vote in the house and the senate. >> last year a bill to legalize pot never came up for a vote in committee. >> there are enough people they elected in the state legislature that do not want to legalize marijuana. >> delegate kathy says having voters decide whether to legalize pot is passing the buck. >> let every delegate decide if we should legalize marijuana and put the vote up there for the constituents to know. >> we are probably at a place in maryland where a majority of voter support marijuana legalization. >> so delegate moon says he is willing to cast his vote on a constitutional amendment.
5:59 pm
alison: that is all for us at 5:00. but at 6:00, we are following two big stories tonight. emotional goodbye to a fallen officer. killed on a call the day after she was sworn in on the police department. see who came to pay respects. it's super tuesday. what voters are saying tonight. plus the harsh words a virginia congressman had to say about donald trump. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: in one hour the polls will close in virginia on super tuesday. maureen: as you know this is considered a huge day in the presidential race. by tonight we could have a clearer picture of who the presidential nominees might be. leon: virginia as always is an important state for the candidates to win. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg b
6:00 pm
2016 team coverage tonight in alexandria, virginia. jeff? jeff: well, traffic is picking up here at the george washington middle school near old town. a lot of people trying to get in the vote before the 7:00 closing happens. a lot of people finishing up work. in alexandria the turn-out is 24 to 25%. the same situation in arlington. in fairfax county, the current turn-out at 32%. many of those voters had strong opinions on where this race stands. in a state that will be critical to pick the next president, virginia voters are well aware the primary votes matter, too. among the democrats recent polls shows hillary clinton with a commanding double-digit lead in the commonwealth. >> she seems like an honest person. jeff: but bernie sanders supporters are passionate and committed. >> we need strong effective change. jeff: on the republican side, donald trump is well ahead of marco


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