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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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2016 team coverage tonight in alexandria, virginia. jeff? jeff: well, traffic is picking up here at the george washington middle school near old town. a lot of people trying to get in the vote before the 7:00 closing happens. a lot of people finishing up work. in alexandria the turn-out is 24 to 25%. the same situation in arlington. in fairfax county, the current turn-out at 32%. many of those voters had strong opinions on where this race stands. in a state that will be critical to pick the next president, virginia voters are well aware the primary votes matter, too. among the democrats recent polls shows hillary clinton with a commanding double-digit lead in the commonwealth. >> she seems like an honest person. jeff: but bernie sanders supporters are passionate and committed. >> we need strong effective change. jeff: on the republican side, donald trump is well ahead of marco
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despite loyal backing from their volters. >> i feel like we need someone to bring back strong american values. >> trump. >> why? >> i like him. jeff: some g.o.p. leaders are expressing serious doubts about trump including rigell from virginia beach in an open letter to republicans said this -- i reject trump as the nominee based on his judgment, temperament and character. all of which point to reckless, embarrassing and ultimately dangerous presidency. he has been the front runner for a while now. he has a great chance of winning virginia. >> the state republican party chair says the party is not focused on internal strife. but victory in november. >> we will support the nominee whoever it may be. that is our job. >> speaking today of the representtives of the clinton and the trump campaign in virginia. they both feel confident about where things stand. they are pleased with the enthusiasm and the turn-out at the rallies in virginia over the past week. they bo
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good night. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you, jeff. joining me now is the chief political correspondent scott thuman. you are looking at new numbers. scott: this is exit polling data from abc news now. it's interesting. they are saying in virginia half of the voters want someone with political experience rather than an outsider. that is the only state where they are seeing the numbers right now where someone is saying we are okay with an insider. it doesn't need to be a rogue or a random candidate. the other thing we are seeing out of virginia is that the fewer g.o.p. primary voters on the republican side in virginia than anywhere else want to ban non-u.s. muslims, deport immigrants or angry with the government. they are happier in virginia and not looking for a revolution in some respects and they want religious tolerance in virginia. those are numbers we don't see anywhere else. leon: virginia is a purple state. that is not completely red or ue
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about virginia nationally. how important is virginia this year do you think? scott: in the primaries not so much. we understand it will be a factor. but not a deciding factor. in the general election just like you alluded to, now that virginia is a purple state by all standards it is one of the states like ohio, or pennsylvania, or wisconsin that really can set the tone for the campaign. they will spend a ton of money here and do everything possible to win it. we saw the last three days. the main candidates were all here and they made multiple stops in november. leon: what do you think the take-away will be tonight? >> there will be a lot of delegates handed out. but because they are not winner-take-all states and they are proportional, you can lose a state and come in second or third and take away a couple of prizes to stay in the campaign longer. if they're winner take all states people would be bailing left and right. this gives you a little bit of a lifetime. march 15 everything changes. leon: biggest
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is on the republican or the democratic side? >> i think the republican side. democratic side if polling numbers are correct there is no big surprise out there. republican side is can someone take away a state from trump. texas, arkansas. leon: you can't say there are no surprises this year. everything has been a surprise. unpredictable. we will be here mon nowhering the super tuesday results. scott will be really busy tonight. he is hosting an election special at 9:00 on the sister station newschannel8. you can also watch that as well on you can't escape scott. he is everywhere. we have all the results tonight at 11:00. maureen: hundreds of people gathered in prince william county today to honor officer ashley guindon. she was shot and killed over the weekend responding to a domestic violence call in woodbridge. the day after she was sworn in the job. news chopper 7 captured amazing image of the large crowd of officer, family
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outside -- strangers gathered outside the church. stephen tschida has more on the emotional farewell. stephen: maureen, an emotional funeral here. thousands of people gathered. ashley guindon's mother, her family, fellow police officers and total strangers. these people from different areas but with a shared bond of grief. they descended on a chapel in woodbridge. in various uniforms and from different departments. they came to pay respects to a woman they considered one of their own. >> if that was me i would hope other people would come to pay respects to another brother. >> 28 years old and her first full day on the job. ashley guindon was fatally shot responding to a call about a domestic dispute. >> sworn in as a police officer, prince william county on february 26. killed february
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stephen: quinones remembered today for her love of fashion and accomplishments and the desire to help those in need. >> it is a much more tragic thing for us to reconcile and get our arms around. we want to be here for the family who is dealing with this in a much more difficult light. >> her mother drew comfort from her daughter's colleagues as quinones and fellow officers approached home in woodbridge the person inside opened fire on them. two other officers survived. today, who didn't know this young woman came to mourn her loss. >> have a chance to honor and stop and watch it, you should stop your schedule to take it in. >> now this chapel holds 3,500 people. overflow crowd. thousands more watched this funeral on live streaming capabilities. as for quinones's body, it is en route to massachusetts where she will be buried next
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tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. the other woman killed in the woodbridge shooting is also remembered tonight at a vigil. we will have a live report from there in a few minutes. maureen: what happened on the hill today when representatives of the f.b.i. and apple testified about the phone rights and protecting america. doug: skies are partly cloudy. cold front will bring rain tonight. i have timing and update you on possibility of the snow thursday and friday in spots. still to
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leon: f.b.i. director james comey and the apple top attorney took the stand today at a congressional hearing related to unlocking the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. comey said in response to questioning whatever the outcome of the case it will set a precedent looked at by the other courts and the law enforcement. comey defended the lawsuit against the tech giant. yesterday a federal judge ruled in new york apple doesn't have to help investigators unlock an iphone maureen: patient from mental health facility in fairfax county has been missing for 24 hours. leon: michael marshall ran away from the mental health institute in falls church and he is known to be violent. if you see this man in the picture here, don't approach him. call the police right away.
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maureen: montgomery county police investigating a shooting in rockville at 10:00. a man was shot in the leg and then was picked up and driven to the montgomery county rockville campus. the victim is not a student and hi is not being cooperative with the investigators. leon: still ahead -- >> people are arriving for a vigil for a young wife and mother tragically killed saturday on a day when two lives were lost. we have the latest in a live report coming up. maureen: why the mayor is now objecting to the new provisions in the pepco-exelon merger. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports kirk cousins is in the money. details on the franchise tag. the caps host the penguins and the player that
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maureen: she was a mother and worked with wounded warriors at walt evidence reed. in 45 minutes, crystal hamilton family and friends gather to honor and remember her. her husband is behind bar accused of killing he
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prince william police officer ashley guindon. richard reeve is live from the scene of the crime in woodbridge where the vigil will soon begin. richard: you can see the folks are gathering here. family members and the friends of crystal hamilton. balloons. people with the balloons arriving. joe, pan down to show folks the ever-growing memorial in front of hamilton's home here in woodbridge where she was found shot and killed inside a bedroom after she called 911. we have video of the folks arriving here. her husban ronald as you said is the accused gunman. as we know now three uofficers responded to that 911 call. tragically, prince william officer ashley guindon was fatally wounded. the other two alwaysers were shot and expected to survive. allegedly by ronald hamilton. the family really trying to deal with this, trying to understand and process all of this. there were no ou
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domestic trouble between hamilton and her huss and they say they are heart-broken. >> i guess weare still in disbelief. we're still trying to process everything that transpired here. it's not something that any of us expect to happen. to process the whole situation is tough. just tough. richard: as you mentioned crystal hamilton was tending to wounded warriors at walter reed army hospital. a lot of folks in the community are coming out from there. many neighbors and the friends here. the 11-year-old boy is with the father's family. we expect a lot of folks here tonight. woodbridge, richard reeve. leon: thank you. our hearts are with them. anne arundel county police offer a new reward for information into who killed a fort meade soldier. army private karlyn ramirez was killed in august shot multiple times. her then 5-month-old baby girl was unha
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mother's body. police are pleading for your help to find the killer and are offering $20,000 reward. >> it is enough to help with a new start. it is enough to move you away. >> the little girl live with the maternal grandmother in texas. they don't believe this is a random killing. maureen: two is two years since relisha rudd was last seen. she was 8 years old when she disappeared in 12014. she was last seen with tatum a janitor who worked at the homeless shelter where rudd lived with her family. they expect that tatum may have taken her. police say tatum killed his wife and himself a month after rudd's disappearance. rudd has never been found. maureen: d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she does not support the new revised pepco-exelon deal. last year the d.c. public service commission rejected it and passed an alternative dea
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the parties agree to the changes. the mayor is now objecting saying that the new deal does not revent a future rate increase for customers. >> we march toward spring, we have had a taste of it. doug it is going to start warking up next week. reagan national. 650 degrees. 14 above average high of 51. the morning low is 40. it has been warmer on this day. it was 80 degrees at the national airport. we have to get rid of winter to spring. 61 in hagerstown. 56 in andrew
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it is cooler because of the influence of the mild air over the by a waters. everyone else is comfortable. we are bringing in the warmer temperatures. it makes sense that it is warm. 65-degree air is crossing over 44-degree water. it's cooler on shore. it will warm up. the only thing to keep in mind is a cold front. 650 in pittsburgh now. 23 in chicago and detroit. there is a surge of the cold air behind the cold front. we have rapidly increasing cloudiness tonight. main showers moving in the area. once the rain moves through the gusty wind and falling temperatures. core of the cold air will prist through the northern ohio to new england. about midnight more or less is the consensus on the computer model
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the winds will switch west to become gusty and we could have wind gust by sunrise of 35 miles per hour or so. plenty of sunshine developing. with the strong northwesterly winds. we look ahead for things calming down thursday morning. a fast mover could come our way. the weekend we will turn around. it's partly sunny skies and falling temperature. >> developing thur night. maybe rain. but nothing substantial or meaningful accumulation. flurries on saturday. we start a warmup sunday, monday, tuesday. leon: thank you. good deal. robert: what is going on. fan favorite is not there tonight with the caps. leon: we will miss him. robert: it's rough. a good guy. caps hosting the penguins ni
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their minds in the matchup. we will talk about that. show kirk cousins the money. talk about a come-up. we will talk about the franchise tag ne
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. see how much you could save. announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: payday for kirk cousins for a season at least. the redskins placed nonexclusivfranchise tag on the qu
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last season cousins was making $660,000 a year. franchise tag is worth almost $20 million. cousins had a break-out season in 2015 and set the single season record for passing yards throwing for 29 touchdowns leading the redskins to the n.f.c. east crown. now here is what the nonexclusive tag is. the redskins lock down kirk for one year. they have until july 15 to work out a long-term deal. however, this gives another team the opportunity to sign cousins to a long-term deal. the skins have the right to match that offer. if they don't they will receive two first round draft picks instead. we'll see what happens. in hockey, caps hosting the penguins tonight. for first time in a long time the fan favorite brooks laich will not be there. laich was traded to the maple leafs. before that, he was the longest tenured cap on the team. players say he will be missed. >> in the city he is a big part of the community. weird to see him go. at the same time excited to see him get a shot t
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20, 30 goals. he still has the desire. i think we'll see that. robert: all right. some soccer for you this evening. second leg of the concacaf quarterfinals. d.c. united hosting the game at r.f.c. it's based on aggregate goals so d.c. united needs two goals in regulation to stay alive. that kicks off at 8:00 tonight. bobby boswell says anything is possible at r.f.k. >> they have a two-goal advantage. anything is possible. especially at r.f.k. i think the biggest thing is like you said, it's not giving up a goal especially early. then we have to take our chances. we have chances down there. it was unfortunate not to get one. but at the same time we know the goals are there. we have to take them when we get the chance. >> the final note, yankees closer chapman has been suspended 30 games because of the mlb new domestic violence policy. this is for his involvement in an alleged incident last october. leon: al
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you for the years. thank you for great times here. wish him luck. maureen: what is the latest? doug: rain tonight. gusty winds overnight. tomorrow will become partly sunny and windy with the falling temperatures. thursday knight and friday morning maybe snow, a little bit. clearing out friday afternoon. steve rudin has more to say about this with the next bout of winter weather and temperatures near 70 next week in the forecast at 11:00. maureen: something to look forward to. tomorrow we will find out when the cherry blossoms will be at peak bloom this year. the national park service will make the highly anticipated announcement at the museum. the festival runs from march 20 through april 17. abc7 is proud to be a sponsor of this year's cherry blossom festival. leon: that is right. matter of fact we will be hosting the national cherry blossom parade as well here. maureen: if you live in virginia, you have 30 minutes left to vote. leon: all right. super tuesday results and
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