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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tonight is the night that changes everything. tuesday, multiple states voting. alison: the big winners, trump and clinton, both winning virginia. trump spoke a short time ago with chris christie at his side with a positive message for the gop. mr,. trump: we will be more unified and a much bigger party and i think we will win in november. leon: seven races are yet to be called. , theny recent years candidate who won super tuesday went on to win the nomination. is this a done deal? alison: we have team coverage of every angle, watching the situation across all voting states, counting delegates. we start in virginia. tom roussey is live at a republican watch party. tom? alison
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the party is winding down, but there were a lot of people here earlier. this video shows the high interest in the race, so many republicans coming up to watch tonight, although donald trump narrowly won the state of virginia. this was a rubio crowd, winning arlington and alexandria han dily, winning fairfax county and loudoun county. the reason donald trump won the of the restwon much of the stay, including small towns and rural areas. because weirginia need somebody strong on national security and immigration. we need to bring the culture back to america, which is not here anymore. >> i'm honestly not sure how he will do further in the race. i'm disappointed it was not a win, but i he
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the vote in virginia. we wanted to bring some images from the trump celebration party in northern virginia, but in an unusual move, they closed it to the press tonight. live in arlington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you very much. a weaker showing for the other gop candidates. ted cruz won his home state of texas, oklahoma, and he finished second to trump in most states. he is not backing down. we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and will beat donald trump. alison: ted cruz is asking candidates who have not wp
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--tate to preferably prayerfully back out. leon: on the other side of the asile, hillary getting big victories. she spoke a short time ago about the road to victory in november and her comments tonight jab against the man who could be her opponent this fall. mrs. clinton: we know we have work to do, but that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. leon: northern virginia bureau at a jeff goldberg is live watch party for hillary clinton supporters tonight, a who's of virginia politics tonight. jeff
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with this means for november? into encouragement going november. towns winding down in old alexandria, but still a lot of smiles. clinton supporters were very confident going into the primary today. when you look at these numbers come you understand why. hillary clinton trouncing bernie sanders in the virginia primary, 35%, a critical win in a swing state. taking theackers stage, terry mcauliffe, senators tim kaine and mark warner, and others. clinton was projected to be the winner right after the polls closed at 7:00. they got years later when clinton took the stage to give her victory speech in florida. supporters are confident this win
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virginia, which they argue will translate into way win in the general election. >> the other side, the insults and attacks, it's embarrassing. she is laying out a plan to help people. herhas done it all life. >> it's difficult for a republican to win the presidency if they cannot win virginia. if hillary can win virginia, we feel like we control our destiny. won virginiaobama in 2008 and 2012. it looks like clinton could follow the same path, win virginia, win the white house. walked bernie sanders away with a few victories tonight, taking home the delegates in his home state of vermont. he also got a victory in the state of oklahoma. tonight, he restated his message of u
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sanders: gay and straight, people who were born in america, our peopleng together, when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. leon: digging deeper with the bigger picture, how does this change the political landscape? alison: chief political correspondent scott thuman looks at all of this. what are the big takeaways tonight? scott: you have to look at the next step, specifically ted cruz. he can continue to brag he is the only candidate to beat donald trump. we will hear a lot about the next 36 hours moving forward because he wants everyone else to drop out. will they do that? not instantly, but he believes that means more momentum and possibly the one person who everybody
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an establishment candidate -- even though he says he is not establishment -- somebody who is , he says i'm that guy and put your support behind me. leon: what happened to the marco rubio momentum? so far it is disappointing. there are some states that he could still win. marco rubio should have had more second-places, not third-places after his strong debate performance thursday. he still has a lifeline, his home state of florida. --h 15 is the next big day march 15 is the next big day on the super tuesday calendar. 99 delegates up for grabs in his state. picks ups there, another state tonight like minnesota come you don't know, he will say he has momentum, get behind me, i am the anti-
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trump. it be interesting to see what happens with rubio and cruz going forward. leon: it has not been boring. the goal of all this is to rack up delegates. that is where things get complicated. joce sterman is standing by in the newsroom with a look at what is at stake with the delegates. give us an update. tool we have this cool from the associated press, the delegate tracker. this comes down to the number of delegates that you can secure. webber gets the most gets their party bus nomination for president -- whatever gets the most gets their party's nomination for president. at the moment, hillary clinton with four times as many as bernie sanders. or the republican side, they need 1237 delegates to win. trump 221.
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misleading because the ap council include the so-called superdelegates. they are free to back the candidate of their choice. they have until the convention to make their decision. the numbers counted here, they do have some superdelegates counted, they are the people who have already committed to the leastate of choice or at told the associated press that is who they will stand behind. these numbers could be more or less, they could skew. we do not know for several weeks. back upstairs to you. leon: just getting word that bernie sanders is projected by abc to take colorado and 79 delegates at stake there. a lot of states yet to vote. maryland's primary is in april and the district's is in june. alison: stay with abc 7 and
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leon: still ahead -- breaking news in prince george's county. new details about the teachers aide accused of child who mayphy and have been warned by it. alison: exploding e-cigarettes? we investigate. front is bringing rain to parts of fairfax, arlington, alexandria, inside the capital beltway. this is just the beginning is the cold front moves off to the east. the wind is really picking up, wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour and the chance of snow by the end of the week and a huge warm-up. the details coming up.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. teacher's aide already accused in a child pornography scandal.
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one as young as 9. tonight, word that one of the young victims may have tried to alert an adult. rights case has been filed, alleging there was a student who had a concern and actual came to an adult and -- claimedt adult this abuse. when they said this abuse had occurred, according to the lawsuit, this fourth grade teacher said, "i don't believe you. down." the lawsuit goes on to say the teacher never spoke to the student again about the allegation and never reported it to the student's mother. it is alleged the
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in sex acts with children in glenarden in videotaped children sex acts with each other. those are the allegations. the authorities allege these acts took place at the school during school hours and attic humidity center after hours. a lawsuit -- at the school during school hours and at a humidity center. deonte carraway remains jailed and faces multiple state and criminal charges. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: hay, thank you. --jay, thank you. thousands gathered in prince william county for the funeral of officer ashley guindon, who shot and killed over the weekend responding to a domestic call in woodbridge. funeral services were held after a two-hour public viewing. officers from all over were in attendance. killedyear-old was saturday. it was her first day on the job. leon: unbelievable.
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victim of that tragedy, crystal hamilton, who was shot to death before he opened fire on the responding officers. tonight she is being remembered as kind and loving. richard reeve has the tributes. richard: this was a night of prayer, embraces, and tears. >> just praying for everybody involved. richard: dozens gathered around crystal hamilton's home to remember and honor her. her sister says she has lost her other half. >> i did not get the opportunity to say goodbye to her. richard: saturday evening, hamilton called 911 from inside of her home. arriving officers were confronted by her husband, ronald, who opened fire, fatally wounding officer ashley guindon and injuring two
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other officers. family members say they had no clue the couple was having domestic issues. many are concerned about their son, who turned 11 last wednesday, now in the care of his father's family. >> he was here when it happened. thankfully, he did not witness the end of it. richard: an incredible gathering, but perhaps the saddest. rest in will be laid to charleston, s.c., her hometown. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: it happened as expected tonight, hillary clinton and donald trump walking away with big victories on super tuesday. they were the winners in the state of virginia. hillary clinton won six states, trump won five. there is still a long race ahead. oray with abc 7 f continuing coverage. leon: now we have rain racing in. steve:
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raindrops, and then the wind will really pick up full stop we are talking windchill factors. i promise everybody will be happy by the end of the seven day outlook. today,ees was the high the high yesterday, the high the day before. tomorrow, not so lucky. 63 degrees, the clouds are with us, and the temperatures are slowly falling across western maryland, garrett county. that is where the colder air is beginning to move further to the east. s&aá61 leesburg, 59 manassas, se and culpeper, 64 in fredericksburg. for this time of night and this is warm. even though we see sunshine come it will be blustery and cold tomorrow. the cold front advances to the east overnight.
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beltway, if you are watching and fairfax, tysons corner, light shower activity at this time. dale city. all of this moves off to the east and will continue to do that overnight. some of you may even hear rumbles of thunder. not expecting anything severe, but if you hear the rain and gusty wind, that is what you will hear. of rain will be out of here by about 5 a.m. the futurecast, early tomorrow morning, sunshine for the rush-hour commute, you will need the sunglasses. hat,u are walking the dog, gloves. because but bright. all day long.unny heading home tomorrow evening, sunglasses. the clouds roll in. a little break in the action thursday morning into thursday afternoon. fast forward, thursday evening, early friday morning, we could be looking at snow
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best chance of accumulations, hagerstown, western maryland. we could be looking at school delays early friday morning. 50 degrees is the early daytime high temperature. the temperatures will slowly fall through the afternoon. the seven day outlook, the temperatures will be near 45 degrees as we move into the day thursday. we stay chilly for the weekend. sunday, looking for temperatures near 50 degrees. 58 monday. look at tuesday. i told you there is something to look forward to. that is not a typo. it will be 70 degrees with a lot of sunshine. a lot can change between now and then, but i'm optimistic and hoping for the best. leon: don't play with our emotions. alison: thank you. explosionng up -- an triggered by an e-cigarette. alison: t
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i-team looks into the dangers lurking.
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alison: e-cigarettes are an alternative that people use to try to quit smoking, but some say there is an explosive da
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details. joce: convenience store cameras capture a stunning moment in kentucky. cigaretteion of an e- in a man's pocket. the explosion was scary but not unheard of. >> it was pure black. e-cigarette he was using exploded in his face. he spent three days in a coma scars on his face. he is suing the company that made it and the store that sold it. >> it's a device that we know is dangerous. joce: the injuries are nationwide. the i-team found victims from across the country who claim they have been hurt in e- cigarette explosions, yet there is still no government agency investigating. >> if the question of exploding cigarettes is
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fda will look at. joce: the fda is looking at nicotine content, not explosions. while there have been 25 cases in five years, there is still no official tracking. >> this is not a massive emergency. joce: the smoke free alternatives association says it is not needed. neither is regulation because of injuries. >> i don't want to be dismissive of anybody's injuries, that is not the point, but to advocate for a federal regulation on these products based on a small number of incidences is probably extreme. disagrees.person he wants more done, questioning why e-cigarettes do not have a warning about potential fire danger. >> these things are dangerous. joce: joce sterman, abc 7 news. leon: ♪
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back to theing campaign coverage, abc news is calling massachusetts for hillary clinton, making that seven states for her tonight. colorado was projected for bernie sanders. three states for him. leon:
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coming away with 34% of the vote. coming in second, marco rubio, ted cruz third. trump, six states tonight. in virginia for the democrats, 64%ary clinton taking home of the vote, bernie sanders 35%. for more coverage of super tuesday results on "good morning washington" tomorrow morning at 4:24.
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alison: rain moving in? overnighttime for the , and it will be out of here before the morning. it will happen between midnight temperaturee high happening overnight. thursday night we could be
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northern montgomery county, frederick county, western maryland. of here, is out tuesday of next week, near 70 degrees. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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