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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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but the majority of it is just a waiting game. and in the morning most of it will be gone and we will see sunshine in the afternoon hours. the big question is how much? we think little from a trace of snow to occasional two inch amount on the grassy areas for most of the area. two to four lower southern maryland, especially in the northern neck where they have the winter storm warning. that is the latest from the weather center. we'll get back to you. michelle? michelle: stay connected with the stormwatch7 team through and the facebook and the twitter feed. download the app to your tablet or phone before the storm starts. the "good morning, washington" team will be up with you bright and early and they'll let you know how the roads look and if scale
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scoot: a number of schools in are lockdown for manassas. georgetown south area. police tell us someone shot at a car driving by and they are looking for the shooter. baldwin elementary school, dean middle school, mayfield, osborne high school are all the schools involved here. we will follow the story and bring you more information when we get it. >> no question the current system is as broken as the bridge behind me. michelle: that was last june when the national park service took abc7 along for an inspection under the memorial bridge. today the agency says it is getting ready to wrap up those repairs. but it may just be a temporary fix. brianne carter has the update. brianne: since 2010, the national park service has done a lot on this, a thoroughfare so many rely on crossing over the
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they spent $10 million for emergency band aid repairs. today, the park service saying it's just not enough to keep up with the deterioration. just last month, inspection showed the deterioration increased in the last year. the park service says they need $250 million to overhaul the entire historic bridge. if they don't get that money they may have to shut it down. the park service has already banned heavy trucks and the tour buses from using the bridge. the most important part is the section here. the depth where people drive every day. >> the deck should be 11 inches of concrete. solid concrete. when we pull that out right now it just crumbles to crock. that is the critical piece to get it to 2021. brianne: that portion alone of the part of the repairs that
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millions of dollars so that is why they need $250 million. the budget to deal with the transportation projects across 400 parks is just over $250 million. which is why they need to reach to outside agencies to come up with the money. in addition they say it is important to note to the drivers and the pedestrians right now this bridge is still safe. they are engineers keeping a close eye on it. we noticed a section of the railing on the side of the bridge damaged in 2013. that has not been fixed. scott: thank you. we're monitoring the developing story out of fairfax county where police are investigating the death of a teenager. they know she died of some sort of overdose but they do not know what kind of drug. "7 on your side" is fighting back investigator jennifer donelan spent much of last month telling you stories from the her
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from maryland to west virginia and down into virginia. she is live outside centreville high school with more on the investigation. >> we just met with the family. the two sisters, her two aunts and her mother. they are utterly devastated. the family of springer doesn't want her death to overshadow her 17 years of life. >> my baby sister, it kills me that people hear her name. it will be associated with drugs and heroin. she has never done it in her whole life. jennifer: springer homecoming princess taking classes to be a dental hygienist died tuesday morning of an apparent drug overdose and the circumstances are at the center of
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investigation. >> this was in a family's home. the parents were there. it happened in the basement, in the bathroom. jennifer: the family said she went to a party and they were told she was drinking. she was offered a powdered substance that she inhaled. she came home, texted back and forth with her boyfriend and never woke up. >> she had no idea. all she was doing was having fun with her friends. this was never supposed to happen. >> she was really close to me. i heard the news and i was shocked. jennifer: they have seen alarming jump of death of opioid and prescription pills. the police want to know the substance that she ingested and who gave it to her. >> people should be aware to watch the kids and know is
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any kid. you don't know what you are doing. if your friends are doing it, it's not a big deal. everybody is doing it and you do it and realize it's too much. jennifer: fairfax county police tell "7 on your side" they are asking any student who has any information in this case to step up. charges are pending. the outcome of the investigation. reporting live from centreville high school, i'm jennifer donelan, abc7 news. scott: thank you, jennifer. community gathered to remember three family members killed in bethesda car crash. the funeral services for michael, allesandra and michael were held this morning at the d.c. st. vincent depaul chapel at the catholic university of america. they were killed saturday night when the vehicle collided with another at the intersection of river and pyle road. the family's teenage daughter survived but she is in critical condition. michelle: first on 7, two men are behind bars after montgomery county police say they were rnn
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trafficking ring involving a teenage girl. as kevin lewis reports we now know one of the suspects of all things drove a school bus for prince george's county. kevin: police say the rockville red roof inn plus motel served as the backdrop for a teenage prostitution ring. the two allegedly hired a 16-year-old girl around christmas saying she would make $750 a night. the duo provided her with a cell phone and payment chart. $80 for 15 minutes. $350 for two hours. police say mcclam convinced the girl to have sex with him at the motel, claiming it was a quality control test. prince george's county school spokesperson tells abc7 mcclam worked as a bus driver for nine months until last month. still many questions remain including what bus route mcclam drove.
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administrators haven't told us whether or not they notified parents that the alleged pimp of a 16-year-old girl drove their children to and from school. court documents also reveal mcclam is a married man with three children. he recently managed to bond out of jail and is now awaiting trial. he faces up to 175 years in prison. kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: maryland court of appeals heard arguments in the freddie gray place and will determine whether officer william porter will have to testify against his colleagues as he awaits retrial. porter previously, his trial ended in a hung jury. a baltimore circuit judge initially ruled he must testify against two officers by not the other three. the six officers are charged in gray's death. today is 25 years since the rodney king beating. the video clip one of the first police brutality videos to go
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group of officers took him into custody in los angeles march 3, 1991. he was released two days later without being charged with anything. i led to a new conversation about race in america. scott: michelle, racial issues getting attention in vote 2016. a couple of hours ago more protesters were escorted out of a donald trump campaign vent. this time in portland, maine. republican front-runner appeared a few hours after getting slammed by 220 -- 2012 republican nominee. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as the nominee, the prospects for a safe and a prosperous future are greatly diminished. >> i'll address it quickly because it's irrelevant. mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. scott: tonight trump faces off with cruz nd
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kasich in a debate in detroit. michelle: you are the chief political correspondent so you have been spending time on the campaign trail examining the issues at hand here. first, there has been nothing like this before in terms of a wild campaign. but when you look at romney's remarks today and his critique, one is he the wrong messenger? and two, is it too little too late at this point? scott: you talk about never seeing anything like it before. we have seen past candidates wants to go after a potential nominee. michelle: right. scott: never so public discredit one, not in the recent history as we saw with mitt romney trying to discredit every single issue. it is too little too late? he is speaking to an audience that already made up their mind. there are very few people that are already supporters who hear mitt romney rem
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my mind. michelle: so romney strategy could backfire and get the base riled up. scott: he is seen as the establishn't in many eyes so if you on the border or already agree with trump you see romney as the other washington politicians you are not going to listen to. i think the divide is so strong it's already been made for romney, his remarks aren't going to do much in that favor. michelle: another day, another twist. we have to wait to see what tomorrow will bring us. trying to fill a seat in the white house. also trying to fill a seat in the supreme court. new cnn/orc poll finds 58% of americans want to see obama dominate someone to replace antonin scalia. compared to 41% who said they don't. the senate judiciary committee says it will not hold hearings on any nominee put forward by the president or vote on his choice. 66% of those polled disagree with
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scott: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a soccer star makes a commitment to help study what is becoming a common sports injury. michelle: not quite done yet. look at what astronaut scott kelly can expect as he continues the latest mission on earth. >> how do you want to hop on the metro rail at union station and arrive here in downtown frederick? one local politician thinks it's a good idea and he is looking for support. i'm brad
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scott: back now with a first look at the transportation center at the world trade center. i will connect all the subway lines in lower manhattan and set to open on saturday. new york commuters might tell you it's not a moment too soon. drivers from in and out of the big apple have the highest commute time in the country. they are sitting in traffic for an average of 35 minutes each way, each day. the drivers long island came in second with an average commute of 33 minutes. and washington, d.c. has dropped to third.
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minutes in traffic each way. in all, seven of the ten longest commutes are here on the east coast. michelle: one way folks avoid in traffic in our area is take metro. scott: true. now there is talk to extend the rail line to frederick. brad bell takes a closer look at the proposal. brad: metro is still working on the extension to dulles. but already two maryland lawmakers are pushing the bill to create a task force and study extending the metro system north from gaithersburg. proponents of the idea envision the day when you can get on a metro train in the system and arrive here in downtown frederick. the bill would give the task force two years to study where the extension to go, where to put the stations what it would cost and what it would mean to the economic
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>> at the existing and the quiet mark station we meet enthusiastic supporter who wouldn't share her name but hasn't owned a car in 35 years. >> i hate to be a buzz kill but don't expect to hear the door chimes anytime soon. an extension has never been on anybody's drawing board. the town has already serviced by marc rail and task force bill hasn't made it out of the legislature and grits the first hearing in a week and a half.
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scott: a lot of us have a fear of the future. they asked a.a.a. what they think of the self-driving cars? 75% of them say they wouldn't feel safe using them but 60% want a self-driving feature like self parking and automatic breaking. let us know your thoughts on the facebook page. we would like to hear if you feel comfortable out there on the beltway with the self-driving car. michelle: if you are stuck in traffic it's a good idea so you could multitask. scott: reading going on. michelle: yeah. have lunch. scott: nap. michelle: whatever the case may be. let's see how the roads are doing today right now. check in with jamie sullivan for a look at the traffic situation. jamie: we are seeing a few spots now. where we have slowing, begin in d.c. this is the traffic on the freeway. volume yes, crashes no. i haven't seen any crashes this afternoon. disabled vehicles but as you take a look in d.c. this is the fre
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of course northwest corner very heavy on the inner loop from virginia crossing the american legion bridge. getting closer toward bethesda. on 270, not bad at all heading north toward 370. but it's still going to be volume. it will take you 27 minutes from the beltway closer toward 121. i want to move to the waze map. this isn't what i was looking for so we will go back to the map. 66 is heavy now working your way toward the capital beltway. closer to falls church -- closer to fairfax i should say is where we have volume picking up. a look at traffic this afternoon. back to you. michelle: thank you. when you hear the word "snow" a lot of people panic. scott: not doug hill. doug: go like that. scott: no panic this guy. michelle: this one isn't to be that wound up about.
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doug: we take it caution and we notice in the morning there could be some sloppy, slush on roadways and it's not the major storm. michelle: good. doug: but that said it will cause issues, i'm sure. ople spaz out sometimes and go crazy. let's talk about what is happening. there is a chance they could get several inches. centreville cardinal ridge elementary school. it's a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. the clouds are expected to increase in the afternoon. right on target, on time. 38 degrees there now. pick up reports of a flurry in fairfax county. winter weather advisory across th
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10:00 in the morning. closer to the storm center and more significant snowfall. most of the area i don't think will see anything more than a trace to two inches on the grassy areas. it will get up to 31 and 32 degrees so a lot of it won't make it on the roadways, it will melt. a lot of roads are pretreated. farther south the heavier volume may be there. so it could take longer to melt. but well advised to put out the advisory. we are seeing the patches of snow. but a lot will evaporate before it hits the ground. it will moisten the air.
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late tonight we have patches of snow and pretty widespread. look how quickly out of the picture. by 7:00 it's off to the east. it will clear out and get gusty and then we are in good shape. it will be snowy in the overnight but many could awaken at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning to see no snow in the area. trace to most of the region. two to four inches south where there could be a heavier band. we'll be fine but give yourself extra time. michelle: for sure. we will. update breaking news for this hour. the lockdown at a number of schools in manassas was just lifted. minutes ago. baldwin elementary school, dean elementary school, mayfield intermediate, mets, middle and osborne high school were the schools involved. the lockdown has been
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teaming up, what google is doing with unicef to try to make a difference. michelle: but first, new development for a widow trying to get a local car shop owner to m
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michelle: big legal problems for a man "7 on your side" first introduced you to last fall. our troubleshooter horace holmes brought you the story of a fairfax widow locked in a five-year, $50,000 battle with tom lloyd, owner of bubba's east coast roz and customs. as horace holmes tells us the battle is over an antique car. the police stepped in. >> we find a rolling chassis for the car and get it put back together. horace: a promise that tom lloyd, the owner of the custom shop in fairfax made to us and jane taylor the owner of the 1966 pontiac g.t.o. she inherited from her husband. >> it was my husband's baby and something for his memory. horace: a promise lloyd made that is still unfulfilled. she says she paid him $50,000 five years ago and has been waiting for the car ever since and she called "7 on your side" last summer. we found lloyd at the new shop clearwater, florida. earlr
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police. lloyd was arrested on fugitive charges and is facing extradition to fairfax to be tried on a felony false pretense charge. according to police, taking money from clients and promising work he didn't perform. police wouldn't say how much of his clients filed complaints against him but said the investigation is open and more charges could be filed. michelle: let us know how 7 can be on your side. call us. or e-mail us at scott: prince william county school is going to be renamed after a firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. the school board announced that the school will be renamed kyle r. wilson elementary school. wilson died in 2007 searching for residents in a burning home. the first prince william county officer to lose his life in t
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michelle: "7 on your side" in health matters. coming up, a look at the steps soccer player brandi chastain is willing to take to try to fight a growing epidemic in sports. >> blizzard 2016 has come and gone. ever wonder where the snow went? it's taking up a lot at the r.f.k. stadium. that is not the biggest problem. why some are getting
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doug: the plows are probably not going to grit a lot of work tonight because the grassy areas will be the areas with most of the snow we think. the roads are pretreat and everything should melt. i don't think it will be a major problem but based on experience, early tomorrow morning there could be issues. you only need a few slick spots to give yourself problem. stay in touch with the weather center and we'll get through it. the winter storm number goes into effect in
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peninsula. the dew point is 16 degrees. the hair is dry. it's not reaching ground. it is drying up and evaporating on the way down. i will take a few hours to moisten a lot and see the snows. we have report of the flurries but it's later tonight like 10:30 or 11:00 tonight before we see anything reach the ground. appreciably across the area. this is a satellite image. it's moving east. core of the system is well west. i will make a move south and southeast of our area overnight. winding up near hatteras. it will deliver a trace or two inches. the most is finished by 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning. southern maryland and northern neck a better chance for accumulation on grassy areas. that is the very latest. back to you.
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scott: tomorrow marks six weeks since the blizzard 2016. michelle: sounds like a long time ago but there are still piles of snow at r.f.k. stadium. jeanette reyes live at the stadium with a look at what is left. michelle: most of it melted but a lot was brought to r.f.k. stadium. the problem is the junk in it. we found a christmas tree. yes, a christmas tree and other stuff. we found alcohol and comforters and hats. r.f.c.k. is usually the stockpile area in the snowstorm. there isn't any other wide open area or space to put it
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but after this year's monster blizzard it will take a lot of to work to get it taken out. >> it is an eyesore. it's not all. it's all the way back to lot seven and it is a mess. unacceptable and uncalled for. some officials are growing impatient. how this will impact events in a couple of weeks. and what the officials are asking the city to do about it. back to you. scott: thank you. once the snow starts falling please send us your pictures. see it and send it. we will share some of them on air and online. michelle: "7 on your side" health matters, tech powerhouse google donated $1 million to unic
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the zika virus. that money will go to the programs such as the public awareness and the vaccine development. some google engineers are also working to map the outbreak. brandi chastain wants to help unlock secrets to concussion research. scott: alison starling is here with a look at what the u.s. soccer star plans to do to help. alison: you remember brandi chastain. the hero in 1999 in the world cup. she had the penalty kick and that gave the u.s. the title. now she could prove the hero for the medical research community as well. she is 47 years old and when she dies, she will be donating her brain to the concussion legacy foundation. that is a joint project with the veteran affairs and the boston school of medicine and chastain wants to help the research on the c.t.e. that is a
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condition that caused by blows to the head. the kind of injuries soccer players, football players and the athletes suffer on the field. we heard a lot about c.t.e. recently. right now the brain bank has 301 brains. but just seven are from women and none of them have c.t.e. chastain is not sure if she has ever had a concussion but she suspect she has had a few. an interesting move on her part. it should be helpful. michelle: wi need research. so many kids pulling kids from sports. alison: especially young women. this is a big move. michelle: thank you. scott: today the nationals announce that the team is taking measures to keep the fans safe this weekend. the team plans to extend the netting behind home plate between the field and the stands. now the nets will reach beyond
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outfield. reaction to the plan as you can imagine is strong and mixed on social media. so it will us know what you think. michelle: one of the greatest discoveries in the history of card collecting. the family discovered seven idaho call ty cobb cards from printing period of 1909-1911. the cards are worth more than $1 million. the family wants to remain anonymous but found them in a paper bag. an old paper bag after a loved one died. only 15 ty cobb cards were known to exist prior to this discovery. can you imagine? scott: georgia peach. everyone right now looking in their attic to see if they have one, too. michelle: there has to be seven more. crazy. scott: coming up at "abc7 news at
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"7 on your side" before you pick up the phone so you don't waste your money. michelle: but first -- >> i knew he had the aptitude and we needed to own it. michelle: meet the 7-year-old border collie whose job is winning the web. scott: and "good morning washington" starts at 4:00 tomorrow to keep you posted on the snow activity. be sure to tune in and find out how you can win fretickets to ne
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scott: updating breaking news from manassas where news chopper 7 is live over the 9600 block of aspen place where the police responded to a call for two men shooting at a passing vehicle. several schools were locked down as a precaution but they have been lifted. no word if the suspects have been caught or arrested. we'll give you more information as soon as get it. michelle: new york city police horse is back in custody after breaking lose. gunny the horse was spooked by a loud noise. he bucked the mounted officer riding him and tie-tailed it through times square during rush hour. they found gunny at a nearby
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the officer who was riding gunny is hospitalized but expected to recover. scott: seattle startup giving people a chance to buy the beef off the farm to become a steak-holder if you forgive the pun. crowd using crowd sourcing technique to sell the meat. customers pick a cut of a specific cow from a specific rancher and wants all of the 50-plus shares of the cow is sold, it's bumpered, dry aged, packaged and mailed off. >> when you go to the grocery store it's typically mystery meat. you have no idea where it came from. we think it should be marketed and sold, experienced and explored like micro brews or wine. scott: theysy just like wine the cow breed the food, the ranchers and the environment play a role in how the beef taste. prices are comparable to what you would find at whole foods. michelle: like your whole paycheck. [laughter] scott:
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where your steak comes from? get online to pick out the cool? michelle: it's cool to know which cow and know it's not pieces mended together. scott: right. michelle: that is interesting. scott: custom order to say the least. michelle: interesting. who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? meet piper, the 7-year-old border collie who has become an internet sensation because of the job at the airport. his job is keep the runway clear by chasing the creatures off the tarmac. >> he is well equipped. obviously the specks to protect his eyes. they are sunglasses. the ear muffs for the sound when he is close to the aircraft and the vest so i can lift him up and do cool things with him. michelle: he says the sunglasses protective reasons but every other dog will want a pair. he doesn't get a paycheck he does get treats. that
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piper adventures the chronicle in the photo and the video on the cherry capital airport instagram page. isn't that cool? he looks like he is -- scott: yeah. michelle: as bad as can be. scott: and rules the runway. he is in charge. the big dog. michelle: the big dog. literally. exactly. scott: all right. time now to check in on the two favorite parents to be. we are talking about what you look at here. we first saw them they were snow covered and might be again tonight. pair of bald eagles laid eggs in this tree at the national arboretum earlier this month. the eggs should hatch in just a few weeks. you can watch the live feed whenever you want through michelle: you mentioned the snow. coming up at 4:00, the stormwatch7 team is keeping a close eye on the snow heading our way. we get the latest forecast for the winter weather alert. jamie: coming up, what it is
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year. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner at the national air and space museum as we learn what researchers hope to gather vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes
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it's an unbelievable feeling to be back here, back on earth to be back with my family and friends. scott: good to be on earth. scott kelly rived in houston at 340 days in space. he was welcomed as you see there by dr. jill biden who gave him apple pie and beer. the vice president's wife said she chose the items because there is nothing more american than that. his mission isn't over now that he is home. michelle: scientists plan to do a series of tests on him and his twin brother mark to get a better cage on the effects of the zero gravity on the human body. scott: cheryl conner went to the air and space museum to learn more. cheryl: it seems out of this world. but now it is a record. astronaut scott kelly spent almost a year in space. >> space has not had
4:49 pm
>> the twitter followers got a first hand look at the stay on the international space station. the colors out his window were magnificent. the journey was more than sightseeing. according to national air and space curator valerie neil. some call him a lab rat or guinea pig comparing him to the identical twin mark kelly who spent the last year on earth. >> did he suffer any genetic changes as a result of being out of the influence of gravity? >> the radiation can do anything. radiation from the sun can do anything to him. >> elementary school in anne arundel county is learning what astronauts endure. >> like they are jumping on a trampoline. >> the differences will help nasa on the mission to mars. the trip there long enough for us humans to have a baby. >> ideally. it would be done when the planets are aligned for the shortest
4:50 pm
that would mean nine months. :00 the national air and space museum are going to speak this summer and stand on this stage. we'll let you know if they accept the offer. in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: what is cool about that, i read somewhere he grew two inches but because of the gravitational pulls he will lose the two inches. scott: 340 days. that will do something to you. michelle: for sure. as cheryl mentioned scott kelly spent home some of the most spectacular photos ever from the time on the internet internet -- international space station. you can see them in the photo gallery we created. go to scott: steve rudin, are we going to see fantastic weather video or pictures? steve: for those expecting a lot of snow you will get this much snow. for kids watching saying will we have school tomorr
4:51 pm
michelle: it would have been a three-day weekend. steve: i know. maybe delays across southern maryland tomorrow morning. worth hanging on for. this will be it for the snow for the season. we have a big barm up on the way. as we look at the national harbor. the clouds arrived. anything falling won't stick. start off with a wider view. you can see the moisture to the west of us. most of this moves to the south later tonight. we head a little bit closer around the capital beltway, a lot of this is not reaching the ground now. the atmosphere is so, so dry. we have a winter weather advisory that will go into effect for the overnight hours that include the counties around the capital beltway. all of southern maryland. i think the best likelihood for the accumulating snow will come across southern maryland and you may pick up an inch or two, mainly on the grassy areas. side roads may be slick. other than that, don't expect a lot. what does s
4:52 pm
the day tomorrow. 39 degrees in leesburg. 41 in manassas. 38 at andrews. two inches may be optimistic around the d.c. metro area. nice mix of the sun and clouds. we will end with a seven-day outlook and a huge warmup. temperatures from 70 to 72 degrees. jamie: this delay, brace yourself, is ten
4:53 pm
talk about why this is. there is a crash near 80 and urbana. you still have two lanes and two shoulders. everything is blocked except for the one left lane. this drops you down in the senior digits continuing toward the accident near route 80 is ten miles. traveling through germantown and gaithersburg, we are okay. a typical volume. not too much to worry about from bethesda to rockville. we focus in on the issue along the capital beltway. that is typical delays. we do not have any other crashes. the only one we are focused on. this is pretty the call now. back to -- typical now. michelle: thank you. scott: a new twist to common scam involving your debit card. the call you might get that
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4:56 pm
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john: millions of americans receiver phone calls about the debit card that claims it has been lost and you need to take action immediately. before you do anything here is what you need to know. jim and nancy downing got used to strange sales calls from people wanting their time. but they were rattled by an unexpected robo call from the bank. >> it came in from a female voice and basically said that my debit card wasn't activated. >> the recorded voice said if the downings did not >> the debit card number and the pen it would no longer work. jim hung up and confused decided to contact his branch. >> everything was fine with the account. >> it was a phishing scam. had he given his debit number and pin. >> it's frightening but to understand and know what could be going on. john: a few years ago the do not call list would block most unwanted call but the scammers don't pay attention to the list. you can't
4:58 pm
their real number. many are involving fifth third bank but bank of america, u.s. bank and chase have also been used. they are all fraudulent and spoofing local phone numbers to make it appear to be local and the scams are getting out of control. >> i believe nobody that calls anymore. check it out personally. john: whether it's the bank, i was or anyone else on the phone be skeptical. never give out personal info to callers and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight. winter all set for a return. some will feel the effects worse than the others. the stormwatch7 weather team has the timing and the snow totals. and the intense investigation into the death of a homecoming princess. >> this was in a family's home. the parents were there. the parents were upstairs. le
4:59 pm
virginia teen be another victim of a heroin epidemic? repairman working on d.c. icon declare we have done all we can. when the memorial bridge could be a memory itself. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: here it comes. snow! it could have just the right timing to throw a wrench in your friday plans. over the coming hours we and the school districts around here will be keeping a close eye on the skies and on the roads. our winter weather alert begins now with chief meteorologist doug hill with when we will see the first flakes. doug? >> it looks like we could see a flurry or two anytime between now and 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. we have had a couple of reports. the light snow not until 10:30 or 11:00. winter weather advisory from 10:00 until 10:00. warning that extends farther south and
5:00 pm
doppler radar picking up snow. the air is dry and it is evaporating. south of fredericksberg, we could see some of this fall in the form of snow or the light rain. beginning of the process. it's the beginning of the advance of the storm center to well west of the appalachians over kentucky and tennessee. swing southeastward through north carolina and back off the hatteras coast in morning. and most of the precipitation and the frozen stuff on the northern side. rely on the computer models to give you an idea of the timing and the distribution of the snow. who gets heavier and the lighter snow. we think the overnight hours from 10:30 until 6:00 at the latest. that is when the snow will come through and be over after that at 7:00 or 8:00. it is all done. how much? the question that people have. finish with that view. we are talking a trace, not much to two inches on the grassy inches for most of the area. heavier band well south. back with more of t


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