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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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doppler radar picking up snow. the air is dry and it is evaporating. south of fredericksberg, we could see some of this fall in the form of snow or the light rain. beginning of the process. it's the beginning of the advance of the storm center to well west of the appalachians over kentucky and tennessee. swing southeastward through north carolina and back off the hatteras coast in morning. and most of the precipitation and the frozen stuff on the northern side. rely on the computer models to give you an idea of the timing and the distribution of the snow. who gets heavier and the lighter snow. we think the overnight hours from 10:30 until 6:00 at the latest. that is when the snow will come through and be over after that at 7:00 or 8:00. it is all done. how much? the question that people have. finish with that view. we are talking a trace, not much to two inches on the grassy inches for most of the area. heavier band well south. back with more of t
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the other part of the area coming up in a few minutes. >> okay. thank you. >> be the first to know if your child school delays or closes tomorrow. sign up on to get a text alert for the school district to your phone. one mistake cost a homecoming princess her life. now a family is speaking out after the shocking death of the teenage daughter. 17-year-old alexia springer died after attending a friend's party. police say the centreville high school junior overdosed. jennifer donelan spoke with the young girl's family a short time ago. what happened? jennifer: they are devastated and they don't not want the fact of the loved one's death to overshadow her life. jennifer: powell started to get call at work. the paramedics were at her house. >> they need to come home. i kne
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happened. jennifer: her middle daughter, 17-year-old alexia found dead in bedroom. >> it happened in the basement, in the bathroom. parents were upstairs. jennifer: springer, the junior was a homecoming princess studying to be a dental hygienist. monday evening she went to a small birthday party at a friend's home and they were told she was drinking and someone gave her a powder which she inhaled. >> she didn't know what she was taking. she wasn't that kind of girl. jennifer: springer came home and texted back and forth with her boyfriend. went to sleep but never woke up. >> she had no idea. she was having fun with her friends. family said they couldn't wait for the senior year. i can't imagine i can't touch her again. some guy giving her drugs.
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the overdoses and the deaths. the police work to find out who gave the drugs to her. >> people need to be aware. >> wake up from the terrible nightmare. it won't happen. jennifer: so much pain. the fairfax county police telling us they are asking students present at the birthday celebrate to step up and give them information they need in the case. reporting live i'm jennifer donelan. leon: thank you. we don't know what drug is responsible for her death but heroin is becoming an epidemic in the area.
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general did the flow of the dangerous drug. now it's known as the heroin highway. to learn about that and the resources for battling addiction on the search heroin highway. breaking news coming in now from manassas. neighborhood cordoned off after two men opened fire on a passing vehicle. this is taking place near the georgetown shopping center. the schools now are locked down. almost three hours now. the lockdown has been lifted. no report right now. we will keep you updated on the story and track it now on abc7. alison: one of the d.c. most
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risk of being shut down. brianne carter is live at the bridge. the bridge that is critical for crossing the potomac, can it be saved? brianne: you see how critical it is behind us here. if the lawmakers, the others can come up with $250 million to make repairs. imagine this. the bridge is supposed to be solid. like this. 11 inches down. but now the park service says that this is happening. it's starting to crumble. they say this is all happening despite $10 million in the emergency repairs that have been done since 2010. they call those emergency band aid repairs. much more work still needs to be done here. so now, they are looking for the $250 million. or they say they may have to close this bridge. that en
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people rely on every day. abc7 got a firsthand look at the problems eight months ago when the engineers points out all the core rose on the support beam for bridge. later this year the park service will spend $5 million to shore up the beams but only a temporary fix. meanwhile, what is supposed to be a temporary fix for a railing after a driver crashed through that railing on the bridge in 2013. still hasn't been permanently repaired. tonight we got answers from the park service on why it is taking so long. >> we have been looking for the right materials to repair that section of the bridge. so it is in the original form. that has been the challenge. we have been working to procure the right substances to do that fix. brianne: the temporary barrier is still in place. meanwhile, the park service says for the issues within the bridge they say it is still safe for drivers and pedestrians and
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bridge engineers are keeping a close eye on the bridge. coming up here tonight at 6:00, hear from people who use it every day. what they think if it has to close. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. fairfax county police say a man in franconia was armed with a starter's pistol when he fired shots at them. officers responded to a call at a home in the 1600 block of the larkspur court in franconia yesterday. when they arrived there they say 19-year-old fired at them and bare cadded himself inside the house. they are convinced to give up and the officers resorted to the nonlethal force when he refused to drop his gun. one was injured. he is now being held without bond. alison: turn to the race for the white house. it has transformed from democrats versus republicans to all the candidates against donald
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today the file gain the previous republican presidential nominee romney. megan hughes has the biting words and the trump response ahead of the g.o.p. debate. >> trump is a phony and a fraud. the promises is as worth lest as degree from trump university. >> trump responding mitt was a disaster as a candidate. he let us down. >> the two had a different relationship four years ago. >> it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> romney is not endorsing one candidate he suggests they back the remaining candidates which if successful would lead to nomination fight at the g.o.p. convention. >> the nomination has not been sewn up. these are the things that happen in a c
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>> house speaker paul ryan had dinner with romney last weekend and said he was unaware of the content of today's speech. at the debate in detroit, trump will face the opponents and fox moderator megyn kelly. on the democratic side the investigation over the use of the classified e-mails haunts hillary clinton's campaign. the clinton aide establish private server granted immunity by the f.b.i. while off the trail, bernie sanders in michigan hit her on jobs and trade. >> was she right to support nafta? she was very, very wrong. >> tonight's debate stage for the first time there will be only four g.o.p. candidates. dr. ben carson is expected to formally suspend the campaign tomorrow. megan hughes, abc7 news, washington. >> a fight over the so-called right to die is over at maryland general assembly. at least for now. the frederick county senator ron young withdrawn the measure. just last month people passionately were filing for this bill that would alo
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doctors to prescribe fatal drug cocktail to terminally ill parents but it didn't have the vote to advance. the senator will reintroduce it next year. leon: renewed urgency on the legislation requiring people to report suspicious actions on child abuse. this is after the child pornography case involving a prince george's county teacher's aide where some warnings were allegedly ignored. maryland bureau chief brad bell is now live in glenarden. he has a look at the new push to actually do something about this. >> we have been live a lot. reporting on the abuse alleged to occur in the swim center and at the glenarden city hall. the truth of the matter is these were the
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the truth of the matter is over the last several years crime against children in prince george's county are epidemic. a dozen children dying violently at the hands often cases of the people who knew them very well. that is the inspiration for the law discussed in the general assembly. it would require them to report abuse in 24 hours when they are aware of it. it's inspired by spoon when she killed her children. she told the hospital workers she was going to harm her children but she was let go and the police were not called. now we have a case of deonte carraway in glenarden where it is alleged that teachers were told by students that abuse was going on and they did nothing about it. the new law would require
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teachers and the health providers to report abuse to police and try to put a stop to the terrible crimes against children. testimony taken today by a house committee. we should tell you an attempt to pass this in the legislature last year failed. no idea how it will go this year. alison: thank you. coming up ahead at 5:00, a battleground in the league wrangling following freddie gray's deet. leon: plus, what life is like on earth after spending a year amongst the stars. >> when she called me she said i know you. i said diane, what do you mean? >> two sister esare uniting after decades get the shock of a lifetime. where they had spent months together before knowing they were related.
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>> in a matter of days tens of thousands of people will be blocking to r.f.k. stadium but they will be met with the dirty mountains of snow with the trash in it. we made phone calls and what officials said ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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alison: one of the lasting images of the blizzard. trucking in snow and building mountains out of it in the r.f.k. stadium parking lot. it has been six weeks. hard to believe. the mountains are still there. leon: how about that? scott: what does it mean heading to spring? jeanette reyes is live with what she has found. jeanette: this looks like pile of dirt or sand but believe it or not it is mountains of snow covered in dirt. it is from the blizzard 2016. you can see we found a bunch of trash including a christmas tree. there are several here. not only is this an eyesore but it is impacting two major events in a matter of days. this year record-breaking blizzard is behind us along with the headaches of shoveling feet of sn
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mounds of snow won't budge. >> i'm surprised there is as much there now as there. i figured we had a couple of warm days and i thought it would be gone. jeanette: the d.c. department of public works tells us the lot is the designated area for the snow. trucks came in dumping the snow and with it is the city trash. leaving a problem even mother nature can't fix. >> we are used to having the parking lot full of snow. it's not usually as grummy and dirty as this. >> on monday d.c. united told fans the lot seven would be home for the first home match and te vents d.c. is more than happy to help the city but it is forced to make last-minute changes to the two major events both happening next weekend. >> causing problems for the earlier event in the earlier spring. rock 'n' roll marathon which has the
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here. normally in that parking lot, parking lot seven. we are looking to relocate them to another part of the campus to accommodate them. 30,000 runners that descend on washington, d.c. to take part in that event. >> the popular shamrock festival that draws 15 to 25,000 people will also be relocated. >> after the snow is gone we have to repave the parking lot because of the debris and the other things inside the snow. >> until the debris is removed some remain doubtful it will happen anytime soon. >> i had a difficult time with them getting my christmas tree. we will see if there is a clean-up crew and that ends up happening. jeanette: events d.c. did tell us they were in talks with the city about removing all the snow. they couldn't get a straight answer. we made a few phone calls and a few minute ago we heard back there the department of public works who tell us they will send out three contractors to fret out the snow and hopefully it will melt. they will rake awa
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thenthey said they will get it ready to be repaved. as far as the time frame or timeline we couldn't get the answer either. reporting live in southeast, i'm jeanette reyes for abc7 news. scott: pile new on top of the old. doug: there you go. alison: how much snow are we talking about? doug: in the big picture very little. the issue is the timing when it falls. the temperatures will be just above freezing so that will negate much of the effect on the major roadways. but grassy area, rooftop and the untreated places like the sidewalk could get slush overnight. for anything significant you have to get far south of washington and northern neck and middle pennsylvania, virginia. get you started to show you what we know and what we expect. start with three. a full, trifecta of the live shot on the weather bug network. at the rockville campus of the montgomery college. temperature is 36 degrees. skies are cloudy. no flakes reported there yet. i want to share other locations with your. most no
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area. that is in frostburg. it's not a blizzard 2016 but we could hit a couple of inches. if you want to see big snow, go to winter green, virginia. snowing heavily now. this isn't the snow guns. mother nature at work. this is the beginning area. well southwest of here in winter green where the leading edge of the snowfall on the way. so the weather service has us in a winter weather advisory all day and it starts at 10:00 tonight and runs through 10:00 in the morning with the winter storm warning issued over northern neck and the middle peninsula. the storm will pass south and west and southeast. we will be on the fringes of it. the temperatures are borderline. the upper 30's to 40 now. this isn't a prime setup to get a snowstorm in our area. the temperatures will get colder. but we'll wind up around 32 or 33
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major roadways, a lot of roadways are pretreated. roadway temperatures are warm. we are competent it's not a major disruption. with that said, early tomorrow morning 4:30, 5:00, 6:00, getting ready for friday. there will be areas that are snowing. visibility could be reduced due to the snow. to lar radar shows the area of the precipitation. most north and west. not reaching the ground. some area south of the fredericksburg we think of the snow starting to reach the ground as the air is moist. especially through later this evening and tonight. we think the air will be moist with the snowflakes moving in ahead of the storm system. out of tennessee and kentucky. we stay on the colder side of it here as the low pressure area will take a track southeast to wind up off the coast of hatteras. it will become intense rapidly to quickly shut down the snow early tomorrow morning. so what we g
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7:00 or 7:30 in the morning. as this intensifies there have been warnings given out for hurricane-force winds and 30-foot waves in the atlantic ocean. hope the, you know, the companies, the crews, the cruise ships are paying attention to that. a huge storm over the atlantic. as big as that gets it will clear us out rapidly tomorrow afternoon and it will be behind us. big thing people want to know how much do we get snow wise. most of it will happen overnight by 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. it will be well east. we will generally see a trace to two inches around the area. that is it. heavier farther south where there is the winter tomorrow warning. cooler weather to sunday. the big warmup begins next week. a couple of days around 72 tuesday or wednesday. alison: nice. i can't wait for that. that will be spring. doug: big changes. scott welcome. alison: amazing. wait until you hear this. a woman adopted as an only child got the shock of her life when she found her biological sister and
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knew. diane began looking for her real family as she started her own. 30 years later she received a letter from the state identifying her long lost sister and her sister was her favorite teacher in college. >> my heart skipped a beat and i was excited because i could tell by her voice and bubbly personality we would hit it off. >> it touched my heart now i'm an aunt. i have never been an aunt and i want to know the girls. that meant the world to me. alison: isn't that unbelievable? so now karen and diane say they hope their story will inspire other adoptees to find their roots. scott: producer ryan telling us their husbands bought their rings from the same jeweler. alison: really? scott: coincidences and probably learn something new every day. alison: meant to find each other again.
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alison: a new battleground in the freddie gray case to tell you about today. the latest wrangling over an officer's future that play a role against cases of all officers charged. scott: plus, back in the usa. the next mission for the american astronaut who spent almost a year in
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scott: the man who spent more time in space than any other american is back in the u.s. astronaut scott kelly arrived this morning a day after he ended the record-breaking mission. lauren lister reports on what is next for kelly as he reaches a critical point in an historic experiment. reporter: astronaut scott kelly back home in houston by way of kazakhstan and outer space. >> it's an unbelievable feeling to be back on planet earth, back in our great country. reporter: he spent 340 days aboard the space station, the first american to spend so much time in the cosmos. now he is enjoying firsts since returning, the first hug with his children and girlfriend. >> i missed everyone very much. reporter: tweeting the first call from the president, the first sunset in norway, different view from the last in orbit. first flowers. contrasted from the ones he raised in space. first plunge
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reporter: after a year admiring bodies of water from afar. in that time he completed 5,500 orbit, 144 million miles equal to the moon and back 300 times. the mission is to test human endurance. key for potential future travel to mars. >> go to mars one day it will make things better on earth. i am happy to be part of that. >> scott will be compared to his identical twin mark. the next year is undergoing medical testing and providing data on earth. but first -- >> i brought you beer and apple pie. nothing is more american than that. >> on twitter, president obama told kelly he hopes gravity isn't a drag. even if it is, nasa saying the spine stretches in space so he likely came back two inches taller. scott: still ahead at 5:00, curing cancer with a weed. the promising new treatment using what many consider
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long nuisance. alison: the new issue in the freddie gray case. a court decides the issue that could affect all the officers charged. scott: the timing of the snow headed this way and what could be the difference between boom or bust.
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doug: by the time this exits, not far after sunrise, generally a trace to two inches of snow across the area. maybe some areas lower southern maryland, where they are the winter storm warning. it will be a quick mover. it could have an impact but it won't be a huge pile of snow. just snow at the wrong time of day. scott: thank you. the threat of snow has the storm watch weather team on alert. as you imagine, "good morning washington" will be with you early at 4:00 a.m. with live report on the road conditions and the latest school and the workplace closings and delays as we see them. alison: a maryland appeals court s
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could affect the entire freddie gray trial. at issue, whether an officer facing charges can be forced to testify against his colleagues. we are live in baltimore with arguments from the both sides. joy? joy: all along the state maintained that the officer william porter testimony is crucial. in the prosecution of at least two other officers. but then his trial ended in a mistrial. both sides are taking argument an effort to porter take the stand. joy: for two hours the attorneys presented oral argument before the highest court. at issue, whether officer william porter should or should no
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testify against five fellow officers. >> the only way to effectively ensure that the rights are protected is to keep him off the stand with a pending case. >> he knows exactly what the state has with regard to the case against him. i think it is safe to say that as the state seeks to introduce anything other than that at his retrial, that my friend on the other side will challenge that. he will claim it was not independent of the further testimony of the trial. that will be litigated. joy: at times in the proceeding the seven-judge panel put attorney on the spot. >> what is the harm to the officer porter? >> every time he gets up on the stand he subjects himself to perjury trial. >>at
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attorney. on the opposite side of the courtroom sat six officers. law professor was also there. >> it was an appropriate and a wise decision for the court of appeals to take the case from the immediate court. i "them to make a ruling shortly. >> all six trials are on hold tonight as the attorneys await word from maryland highest court. >> both sides left the courthouse without responding on how the court might rule. no word on when we might see ruling handed down alison: police are asking for the public help to identify two suspects in connection to a falls church homicide. they released video in the investigation of the death of this man found shot
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they don't believe it was an a random event. scott: up next at 5:00. >> improving den the health in the school day. i will tell you about the dental selllant program underway in maryland coming up in the spotlight on education. alison: could a weed help fight cancer? what garden nuisance could turn the tide in the battle against a deadly disease. scott: are you ready for an island vacation? the six u.s. airlines applying to fly you to cuba and how many flights they are competing over today on "abc7 news at 6:00". geico has sent me to old town, alexandria to ask folks some questions about the area. let's go. what common snack was first grown right here in virginia? grapes? peanuts! peanuts! fresh roasted peanuts!
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peanuts! did that surprise you? that was very surprising! you know what else might surprise you? geico is the number one auto insurer in the d.c. metropolitan area. call or click today to see how much you could save with geico.
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steve: it will be 47 degrees on saturday. on sunday we are talking temperatures in the upper 40's to 50. i will take you out with a look at the next seven days. it only gets better. 60 on monday. near 70 on tuesday. lower 70's on wednesday. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job?
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choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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alison: "7 on your side" with health matters. common garden weed bringing hope in the fight against skin cancer. scientists say sap from the milk weed plant can stop skin cancer before it starts. a woman with a precancerous condition was treated with the gel from the weed and the gel might cause the irritation you are seeing there and the redness and pain. however, they say it is all worth it. >> you treat these lesions, the people, the skin will get very angry and it will be red and irritated, itchy and sometimes painful. when you see that person back two and three and four months down the road, their skin is like newborn skin again. it is really beautiful. alison: so that gel is applied once a day or two or three days to target areas such as the scalp, the top of the ears and the back of the hands. leon: across the state of maryla
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dental checkups without leaving their schools. kellye lynn shows us how the dental sealant program is giving children a good reason to smile. kellye: there is a bus parked outside the elementary school but not here to transport kids. this vehicle is dedicated to dental health. >> we visit public schools, providing sealant, exams, cleanings to children. >> don't worry, they are just going to clean your teeth. kellye: the dental sealant program offered through the maryland office of oral health provides free dental care for students in 13 counties across the state from kind irgarden across the sixth grade. instead of waiting for the student to visit the dentist, the dentist comes to the student. kellye: this is a bigger problem than most realize. according to the centers for disease control tooth decay is the most chronic
5:42 pm
children ages 10 to 11. they help reduce the tooth decay. >> the sealants actually seal the grooves and the pits and the fizz sures on the flat surfaces of the molars. >> healthy mouth increases a student's chance for success. >> it's tremendous. before we reach a child academically we have to meet their needs. if a child is hurting because of a tooth ache or hungry they are less likely to achieve in class. kellye: this 8-year-old-year-old blessing heads back to class with cleaner mouth and stickers. >> great job. here you go. kellye: in oxon hill, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: all right. great program. well, still ahead it's not every day you see dogs like this in numbers like these on the hill. coming up at 5:00, the reason why they were there. >> a bill that would require virginia schools to notify parents if the parents will read books with sexually explicit content
5:43 pm
the desk of governor terry mcauliffe. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up, details on the legislation and why opponents
5:44 pm
it's about taking a stand.
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they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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alison: in richmond today the house passed a vote to notify parents if the children are assigned books with sexually explicit content. the bill passed the senate this week. now as mike carter-conneen reports all eyes are on governor terry mcauliffe. mike: said to be the first of its kind in the country, a new virginia bill would force schools to report parents about sexually explicit books. this began a few years ago when a fairfax county mom raised questions about the book "beloved" that had scenes of rape and bestiality. some people say this is unnecessary. >> if there is objectionable material in the classroom. the school board rep is in the community and the parents can contact the rep. there is an easy chain of co
5:47 pm
first amendment groups, education and the library associations argue the bill is a backdoor to censorship, creating a burden for teachers to make it more difficult to introduce controversial text to the classroom. supporters including many parents say this isn't about son -- censorship. this is about transparency and giving parents a choice about what their kids are reading. >> when they are out of high school they are out of my jurisdiction but until then i should have say in that. >> supporters say nothing would prevent the teachers from still using the books in the classroom. opponents made the slippery slope argument on what is sexually explicit and who defines that line? the bill goes to terry mcauliffe's office. the spokesperson decline told say if he would sign or veto it. mike carter-conneen, abc7
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news. leon: metro. we have all been to a station where we were forced to take the stairs. but they listed how long the station's outages were between 2014 and september of 2015. tysons corner the best station for escalators. only out for 19 hours all year long there. branch avenue, the worst station was 205 days for renovations there. alison: all right. see how it is moving on the roadways now. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: is rough ride. we earlier reported how slow 270 was. it continues. the backup is growing. heading knotbound it's at the route 80 we have one lane getting by. there is only two lanes t
5:49 pm
and it drops you to 7 miles per hour. the backup is 13 miles long. from the beltway to clarksburg it will take you an hour. that is just to clarke. not even past that point. you can see a sea of red. bumper to bumper. closer to the accident activity. then as we take a look at father hurley boulevard. same thing. you see the red lights. 270 is a mess. moving to the map we get a better idea along the capital beltway. normal congestion and one crash on the outer loop near route 4. drops you to 20 miles per hour as you pass by joint base andrews. busy afternoon through montgomery county. back to you. leon: all right. got it.
5:50 pm
way. ready? are we ready for this? leon: no. actually, believe it or not i still have snow in the neighborhood. on the ground. alison: there will be more to add to it. right, doug? doug: i don't think a lot but the grassy area the best place for the snow to accumulate. we have been tracking patches of snow on radar. most is not reaching the ground. it's evaporating. we have report of flurries but not much more than that. we think at 10:00 or 11:00 and you will see the light snow move in. the temperatures are cold but not cold enough to freeze the ground. we have been in the 60's for the past four days. so, you know, ground is warm. but there will be potential of the untreated areas and maybe
5:51 pm
there. by and large, most of the accumulation will be on the grassy areas. the future cast shows snow overspreading the area by 10:30 tonight. continuing especially southeast of town through the overnight hours. but look by 5:30 in the morning. the future cast says most of it is gone. we think by the midday the sun will be coming back out. as far as the amounts what you need to know the most, pick a community closest to you. from a trace to next to something to two inches of the grassy area. two to four there, as they will be closer to the storm center as it heads off the coast of cape hatteras tomorrow morning. for now that is everything we know about the snow. we will get any new information at 670. meanwhile, back to you. alison: okay. leon: good deal. erin is talking about everything that has nothing to do with snow. talking about spring training. nats looking good today. erin: taking on the mettles of
5:52 pm
it was nice. if ace max scherzer was on the mound. there he is. facing the mets. remember scherzer no-hit new york in his final start last season. i asked him what are you doing for an encore? >> the no-hitters are fluky. it takess a to lot to throw them. in 2016 i intend to be a better pitcher. erin: what are your goals at a team? are you thinking world series? can you throw it around? >> every team is thinking world series. but wh
5:53 pm
and to get in playoffs to give you a best shot you have to win the division. there are great teams in the division with miami and new york. specifically. and those teams will be really good this year. it will take the best effort. erin: tiger woods opened up a golf course outside of houston and an 11-year-old hit a hole in one. taylor crozier got to miss school and it paid off. on the green. spun in the hole. through the first ace to be recorded at the playground. came on the first shot. it all happened in front of you know who! tiger woods! the kid, kept his cool. got a big hug from tiger. the crowd was loving it, too.
5:54 pm
leon: how do you do it? alison: tiger couldn't believe it. erin: exactly. what a day for him. go back to school. guess what i did? leon: all right. thanks.
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>> well, capitol hill went to the dogs today. not really. but a number of k9 and officers were there and diane cho explain why. >> we have the passengers coming through the checkpoint here. detecting guns and explosives throughout the airport and the train stations. >> it focused on the k9 programs. passenger training k9 are looking for detectives on persons whereas others are trained to find it on
5:58 pm
>> but they require ten additional weeks of training for the job. >> it also carried out one of the search exercises with the conventional teams. it suggests that it might be as effective as the k9 to detect explosives under some snare -- some scenarios. >> jennifer grover, the director of the homeland security says t.s.a. made improvement to the k9 program but noted it recommended d.t.a. conduct more test to see if the costs are warranted for the training. >> the t.s.o. officials told us they didn't plan to carry out the assessment citing concern of temperament of the conventionally trained k9 and liability risk to
5:59 pm
the t.s.a. sent a statement saying we evaluate the k9s to determine which are suitable for passenger screening. for those suitable we will have and continue to provide training to certify in the passenger screening procedures. that is it for 5:00. coming up at 6:00, a winter weather alert. also it is a d.c. icon and one of the few ways to cross over to virginia from d.c. we will let you know why the memorial bridge could shut down for good. >> watch how he responds to my speech today. alison: what a day in politics. baiting donald trump. mitt romney on the attack. we have the rebuttal coming up at 6:00. >> this is a sto
6:00 pm
winter weather alert. maureen: a last fast-moving weather system arrives this everything. how much could it bring and the impact on the morning commute. >> find out. doug hill is standing by now with the latest on the forecast for tomorrow. >> snow. it's not a major event but the temperatures around freezing we could have extra time for the morning driver to worth. a winter storm warning in effect. doppler radar continues to pickup echoes and the returns of snow. but the surface report say a lot of it is not reaching the ground yet. that is typical when the snow falls in the dry air. in time later tonight the snow will reach the ground. we see mois


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