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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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decision is under review is because the way the little girl was transported to the hospital not because of the care that was provided. captain james kelly wouldn't change anything about the decision he made last month, responding to the 911 emergency. kelly, a firefighter with the volunteer fire department and a d.c. firefighter responded to a dal for an 18-month-old little girl who had a seizure. he got to the mcdonald's on ferry road he saw the child's father standing in the middle of the road with his daughter. >> i would day the same thing. i'm 100% confident in the decision i made. diane: he called dispatchers and was told the first medic unit was 12 to 15 miles away. another unit was closer but never got their exact location. he said he called for mutual aid from the city of fredericksburg. >> he said we were riding down the road. she vomited. she started to have convulsions. diane: he made the decision to put her in
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he said an ambulance could meet them on the way but it was out of the way and he denied the request. the fire chief says the ambulance was less than two miles away at the time. on the way to the hospital they placed the child on oxygen and she regained con cousness. later he found they were on leave because the fire engine is a non-transport unit. this we did the best with what we had. and we went with it. she is doing great. that is what matters. >> the fire chief says after completing the review the firefighters were returned to the operational status this afternoon. he also ads with the nonpunitive leave status they were under the volunteer firefighters did not face disciplinary action and is typical and commonplace under any review by the department. we are live in stafford county, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: thank you. up
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used by a previous today to describe if nightmare officer ashley guindon is now living. she was laid to rest today in massachusetts and shot to death in the line of duty in woodbridge. it was her first day on patrol. people are giving the gift of life today in memory of officer guindon. and in honor of the two other officers shot alongside her. fairfax is hosting a blood drive until 6:30. the two other alwaysers are said to -- officers are said to be recovering today. police are releasing little else about the conditions. leon: the officers were shot while responding to a domestic abuse call that turned out to be a murder. in the past 24 hours, prince george's county police responded to two separe
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one woman died in the attack and two others were hurt. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in landover tonight. this is a big problem that prince george's county has been fighting for some time now. >> it is a big problem. >> this is a big problem. you said it. three women stabbed this morning. police came to these apartments and found a terrible scene. >> seven hours later another woman is repeatedly stabbed a
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this house in you recaller marlboro and critically injured, clinging to life. officially police can only say this. >> we believe this is a random act. >> one morning three women stabbed, one killed. continuing a terrible outburst of domestic violence. >> it's crazy to me. i don't see why somebody would do that to two women. >> that is the reaction from the neighbors. there have been 15 homicides in prince george's county. five were domestic in nature. in landover, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: flags are at the half staff in honor of nancy reagan
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of 94. nancy reagan will lie in repose for public visitation at the reagan presidential library wednesday and thursday. friday's funeral service will be closed to the public. >> invitations for the funeral going out immediately and the next couple of days starting tomorrow we will notify the media, who is coming and part of the program, and who the paul bearers are. alison: the public can sign condolence book at 1450 pennsylvania avenue that will be available through the end of the month. the rep balance of nancy reagan extends to bethesda neighborhood because she once called the community home. suzanne kennedy is there with the reaction. >> tomorrower first lady left the impression in places but one place is here in the battery
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this is where she lived from 1925 to 1928. this is a home in the 7800 block where she was sent to live with her maternal aunt and the uncle after her parents got divorced. people didn't live here at the time but there were memes when she did come to visit. >> she told wonderful stories of the fourth o july parade that the children would organize in the neighborhood. she would take her doll carriage and decorate it. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, more stories when nancy reagan livered in the bethesda community. in battery park, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: talk about the weather. we're seeing signs we may be rid of winter for a little while. in place of the gray skies and the cold w
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sunshine. it will only get warmer. steve rudin has a look at how warm we will get. steve: this is the beginning. if you thought it was the cool side we will warm up big time. look outside. this is from the weather bug network. winter green hanging on to a little wenter with the snow on the ground. skiing looks rough. 53 degrees. winds out of the south/southwest around 9 miles per hour. middle 60's for fredericks, leesburg, reagan, manassas. wind speed five to 15 miles per hour. it will ease a little bit later tonight. there are cloudy skies. no rain to speak of. it will fall to the
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the early 40's in the morning. we talk about the potential for breaking records at the reagan national airport. and the pollen count, uh-oh. get ready. big changes are on the way. oh, boy. more in a few minutes. alison: that is what is going on. there are big sports stories today. one is happening here locally. it seemed unthinkable a couple of years ago but now not only unthinkable, it was expected. leon: yeah. heart-breaking to some degree as well for a lot of us. we are talking about the skins' decision to release rgiii today. erin hawksworth has a look at the big move generating buzz with the fans here and nationally as well. erin: peyton manning is overshadowing it a little bit but we were on the street talking to fans after the announcement was made that rgiii has been released. it has been an emotional day for the redskins fans. rgiii is a guy that some feel cou
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way. he came in here, he was a savior. a larger than life personality. he had an electrifying season where he won nfl offensive rookie of the year in 2012, 3200 yards, 20 touchdowns, five interceptions and 815 rushing yards. but then it all started to unravel. rgiii ultimately lost the job to cousins. this is the last image we have of him cleaning out the locker one final time. >> it was a bad deal from the jump. they drafted two quarterbacks in the same year. the intention was one was going anyway. >> it's about time.
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erin: nobody was surprised about it. we have an hour sports talk from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight for a chance for them to weigh in. young will not be with the team. a fan favorite and he will be calling in the show. chance to say goodbye to him. rgiii wasn't the only player. there were others. we will get to that story at 6:00. leon: double off. we are losing both of them. erin: he was one of our guys. we'll miss him. definitely. leon: wish them both the best. leon: we want rgiii to get a second chance. every fan has an opinion about rgiii.
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weigh in on twitter. alison: still to come not taking sick days. costing you more than you think. leon: new information on a shooting that left a person dead and another injured. how a church van is tied to it all. alison: metro's new general manager lays out the plans for a much-needed overhaul of the beleaguered transit agency. jeff goldberg and we have the story when we continue after
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alison: new fears that the angry retrick on the campaign trail is seeping in the lives of the children after group of third graders were taunting children in fairfax county saying they would be sent home in donald trump is elected. northern virginia chief jeff goldberg with live on how parents and the schools are responding to this. jeff? jeff: fairfax county public school says it
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create environment of inclusiveness and respect but a mother says it was not the case in the classroom last week and she is blaming the presidential candidate that everyone is talking about. >> we're going to have a lot of fun today. jeff: he is well known for the controversial words and proposals but according to a parent some of trump's bombastic tone is trickling down the kids. >> it's disturbing to me. >> i don't think it is appropriate. >> it relates to a facebook message posted friday morning by the mother of a third grade students at an elementary school in fairfax county? the woman also a teacher with the fairfax county public schools addresses anyone out there who thinks the racist rhetoric donald trump is spewing is harmless saying that her son's teacher told her that two classmates decided to point out the immigrants in the class who would be sent home when trump becomes president. she adds that the classmates were pointing and laughing at her son who would have to leave because of the color of his skin. the post rec
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thousands likes, dislikes commenteds. >> they got it from their parents. not the kids' fault. >> it might be bad parenting maybe. >> fairfax county school became aware of the post and in a statement today saying the teacher has spoken with the students and communicated with the parents of the class regarding appropriate classroom decorum. >> they are at the age learning by imitation. the woman in statement says she is shiatsusfied with the response of the teacher and the school district. alison: former new york city mayor michael
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running for president. we have learned he is backing off of the idea. leon: defining image of the baltimore riots. a cvs store set ablaze blocks from where freddie gray was arrested. it's now open for the first time since last april's riot. a soft reopening held yesterday. ahead of today's grand opening. the original store had to be taken down and rebuilt from the ground up. the reopening is a big step for the recovery. alison: "7 on your side" with health matters tonight. fewer americans have paid sick leave than at any other time in recent decades. one i
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paid medical leave. leon: folks might want to use the leave this week when we hit 70. steve: playing hookie! we have temperatures in the 60's now. it is dry. not humid. leon: we want to hear about the pollen. >> folks are sneezing and coughing. 62 degrees in rockville. let's go to where abc7's meteorologist josh knight is. he is enjoying the nice weather. it looks quiet. you brought a visit
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josh: it's getting chilly. we had beautiful weather. this is my visitor. dollar. he has been doing so well. now he is getting off a fountain. if you are not familiar this is a place that is dog friendly. a couple restaurants have outdoor water bowls for dogs on the walks. the pollen, we are now in the moderate category. elm and maple is out there. if you are extra sneezezy, it's thanks to the tree pollen. wi have nice weather this evening. no reason you can't do outdoor seating at home. thanks to the
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is not too cold, too quickly. it has been wonderful. it will only get better from here. steve: absolutely. a great night. the wind will ease 5 to 15 miles per hour out of the south. that is why we are warm. let's wind the view out. temperatures in the 60's. 70 in knoxville. 71 in nashville. it might even feel hot for some of you. we may hit records. tomorrow morning we will see partly to mostly cloudy
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wednesday and thursday are looking fantastic. we could look for breaking records on thursday. we could tie the record in dulles and tie or break a record at b.w.i. marshall. forecast tomorrow is 73 degrees. winds out of the south and the west. next seven days are upper 70's on thursday. upcoming weekend we have showers and we will lose an hour of cheap for the mild temperatures. daylight saving time in effect for early sunday. leon: worth the trade off.
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alison: we have cute pictures of the royal family. the children are in the snow on a key vacation. they released the picture today of the royals on a ski break. kate, william, and the children headed to the french alps. the babysitters have to be close by. to help. you know. they wouldn't looking happy if they weren't. leon: they look like pictures with the frame when you buy them. >> they always do. leon: what a curse, huh? all right. coming up, stop traffic in the tracks.
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a woman trips off her clothes. firefighters show up to help. see what happens. >> what a general manager had to
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alison: general manager for metro is going to propose changes. leon: but they won't be quick
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or cheap. alison: wiedefeld says he has to get to nuts and the bolts. that they need to focus on what is happening here. he has focused on the finances, the safety and the reliability. talking about the reliability it comes with what is happening on the trains. the cars. the tracks. also the operations. meaning the train operators and the station managers. this is taking a holistic approach, look liking at the aroundlying cause as well. for the safety within the system wiedefeld put more alwaysers in the stations and restructuring some employees' roles and training employees to bring new employees in to be the platform attendance and
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at the key stations in the rush hour. oh he will be transparent on what needs to be fixed and says they need to be accountable and one way is launching a new report card. it's a website that riders can check in on the progress of what is happening. take a listen for the new plan to look at and doing just that. >> one thing we are looking at is putting rail information out on the pylon and the street level. we have the electric there. something to figure out now and to tell people what is going on before they get down there. we are at the clarendon metro station.
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will get them where they need to go on time. another issue talked about is the safety and the crime on metro. what else is being done for that. leon: coming up you got a parking ticket. when you go to pay it you get riprolled? what that is and what the town is saying. alison: plus, we will tell you about the firefighters called to this. naked woman causing a traffic jam. what happens moments before the scene and how the firefighters were able to help. >> d.c. police have the s.u.v. used in a deadly drive-by shooting. get this. it belongs to a church. i'm stephen tschida.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like
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nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: it was a frightening scene. shattered glass in a bus shelter where two people were shot sunday. one later died. now we are learning of a church van tied to the crime. stephen tschida joins us live from the shattered bus stop with new information from
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what are they saying? stephen: first of all, this place is covered with the police right now. we have metro transit police out here. this is what we have learned. this is the area where the bullets flew yesterday. all the police work paying off. tonight investigators say they have recovered the vehicle used in the shooting. it belongs to a nearby church. the drive-by shooting in the middle of the day. commercial hub, and at a bus stop. left a woman dead, man wounded a third person slashed by flying glass. they believe to have the s.u.v. >> the vehicle was recovered. we are interested, more interested in who was operating the vehicle. stephen: investigators believe the vehicle belongs to a bap tis church. it's honda, odyssey gray
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they want to know who was at the wheel and who pulled the trigger. >> we interviewed the church that the vehicle comes back to. they were unknown after the whereabouts of the vehicle. >> back live. you can see the strong police presence. the d.c. police are trying to notify her next of kin. >> the case of erin andrews who was videotaped
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hotel room in 2008. she has sued that hotel saying they let the stalker in the room next to her without checking. she had no idea how he even ended up there. she sued sued the hotel owners. west end hotel partners and wind somewhere capital group that managed the hotel. a marriott in nashville. suing for $75 million. that case had been tried out last week. friday the jury got their hands on it and came back with a verdict. andrews will receive $55 million from the two companies that ran and managed that hotel. just a little back story. she had been stalked. her stalker was accused of going into the hotel asking for the room right next to erin andrews. he went in and apparently drilled a hole through the wall to put a camera and took pictures of her naked. they ended up on the internet. they have been seen 17 million times. her attorneys claimed she was suffering from post traumatic stress minus the post and she had been damaged. she is asking for
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the jury has come back to say she will be awarded $55 million. we'll have more on the story throughout the evening. keep it here. that is the latest from the breaking news desk. back to you. leon: a big development there. check the top stories. two vollen tire firefighters in stafford county reinstated after taking a sick child to the hospital in the fire truck. firefighters initially had been suspended because it is against department policy to transport someone in a fire engine and not an ambulance. toddler is doing fine. everybody involved says that is all that matters. nancy will lie in repose wednesday and thursday. friday's funeral will be closed to the public. leon: in a long expected and still somewhat stunning move the redskins released rgiii.
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franchise didn't start the season. he posted emotional goodbyes to the fans on facebook, twitter and instagram. alison: a crash near houston, texas, got weird. we mean ricky bobby weird. look at this. after an 18 wheeler collided with another vehicle. you know what happened? a woman undressed and climbed on top of the truck and began dancing. it's unsure if she was involved in the crash or not. and why she did this. they had to use a ladder truck to get her down. she is in police custody. leon: rock issue bobby was running around screaming he was on fire. alison: coming up at 5:00, a street
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makes houses shake. how "7 on your side" helping to get it fixed. >> deepties say he refuses to show up the
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josh: i'm meteorologist josh knight. people walking their dogs and i want to show you the seven-day forecast. we are in 70's. 73 tomorrow. 75 and 67 by the time we -- 65 and 77 by thursday. it's warming up. it will feel hot for thursday. then we look like off a
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we warm up a couple degrees on sunday and better chance for rain. watch out for that. the news continues after this.
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. this is the fighting back wall of justice. local fugitives land here. the hope is they will land in jail. that is what happened to these two. thompson who was wanted in assault and battery was arrested. so was berryman. stafford county deputies look for him on second degree murder charges. the cases are closed. they are adding this man to the wall after he strangled his wife and punched her. carter is wanted for promoting prostitution in spotsylvania county. prince william could they are looking for goodwin for malicious wounding and martin martinez for three count of robbery and the firearm charges. set the wall of justice in
5:42 pm
motion. the police need your help to find goodwin. he is homeless but still in the woodbridge area. he is accused of pulling out on a knife on another man when a war of words heated up. >> at some point the victim fell to the ground. >> he is 5'10" weighs 235 pounds. black hair and brown eyes. police want him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you see goodell, you are -- goodwin, you are asked to call the police. we'll see you next week with the fighting back wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. alison: coming up, getting scammed. is bad enough. getting scammed and rickrolled? we will tell you about that. that is horrible! that story just ahead. leon: talk about horrible, how about
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a r
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leon: a homeowner called a phone bank to look for help. joce sterman got them a fix. >> you can't always see the impact of the traffic on the 4900 block of south dakota avenue. but the people who live here say you can feel it. >> it feels in some cases like a minor earthquake. >> heavy trucks on the troubled bumpy block create loud bangs and damaging vibrations. keeping them from getting a solid night's sleep. >> didn't get anyone else to hear until he saw the "7 on your side" phone bank. >> i find it wow, give them a try.
5:47 pm
>> we showed up to see the damage. >> it's wavy. >> shining a line on the cracks that he and the numbers blame on a street they have tried to have repaverred. >> i have so many numbers i call to complain. >> garcia says the vibration outside set the ceiling inside to the living room floor last june. >> i had just come from downstairs going in the kitchen. boom it came down. >> despite calls and pictures they told the group there was no need for work. >> we have been innoged. we are sick of it joce: but not anymore. "7 on your side" started to call ddot is now planning a facelift for the street. they will mill and resurface the block in the spring. >> time for a check of the roadways wit
5:48 pm
on traffic watch. >> this is a rough one on the baltimore parkway. hour and 20 minutes ago they closed all lanes before the capital beltway. anyone you may expect for the d.c. area from baltimore it will take them from route 32 to capital beltway over an hour. traveling on 95 from route 32 to the beltway is 12 minutes. if you have anyone calling you tell them 95 is clear in maryland. that is the better option for you. along the capital beltway, we are in teens. getting from the tysons corner to maryland and wrapping around to heavy chase. single digit outbound 295 is north and national harbor. live look near temple hills. to show you on the wilson
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>> these have a code and when they go there, they are rickrolled. >> ♪ never going to let you down♪ never going to alison: if you haven't heard about this. this is a prank and internet meme that tricks people to click on a link of the rick ashley video. the city says it does not find the frank funniment not at all. >> aggravation and the frustration for the citizens. someone is doing it for a prank. >> the fine is $100. the officials only found about out it when they took it to
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leon: the music would make you angrier. alison: let's talk about the weather. steve: that is right up my alley. leon: really? steve: it's funny. it's 62 in fredericksburg. 642 in andrews. show you the forecast for the overnight lows. we fall in 40's. if you want to barbecue, do it all night long. tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. 73 for the highs.
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winds from the southwest at four to 8 miles per hour. the next seven days we are above average for the next seven. we could tie or break records on thursday. daylight saving time begins early sunday morning as we spring ahead. time to check the battery in the smoke detectors. erin: who did come up with that? that is hilarious. alison: funny. leon: what happened here is not hilarious but expected. erin: yeah. absolutely. the long awaited move we all expected and it's official. the redskins released rgiii. look at the rise and fall from 2012 to 2016. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. erin: part quarterback, part rock star, part savior. rgiii came to
5:52 pm
instantly. >> ♪ hail to the redskins erin: with flash and flair, rgiii took the league by storm. >> could this once in a generation player possibly exceed the hype? when he crumbled in playoff game fans had to wonder maybe it's too good to be true. griffin insisted he would come back better, faster and stronger. he was all in for week one of 2013 but the bold statements came questions. maybe there were issues with his relationship with coach shanahan. when jay gruden took over it was to repair his relationship with rgiii but it didn't happen. rgiii was benched t
5:53 pm
then came 2015. griffin was the starter heading in the season. >> for me i go out and i know i am the best quarterback on this team. i feel like i'm the best quarterback in the league. erin: then the coach pulled a reverse. kirk cousins named the surprise starter. rgiii's days in 2013 were over. this is as he cleaned out his locker one final time. sad. i home he gets another chance somewhere else. the rgiii discussion doesn't stop here. we have an hour-long special tonight on sports talk 8:30 to 9:30. young won't be back either. he will call in tonight. we want to hear from you. call in and tell us why you don't think rgiii worked out in washington. what you will remember about him.
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when it starts and the
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alison: private ambulances will soon hit the street in the district in part of a plan to boost response time. sam ford explains. sam: driver training day today at the d.c. fire e.m.s. academy for private ambulance amr, whose operators are about to hit the city streets. under the plan, 911 will send a d.c. ambulance first. if d.c. determined it's non-life threatening a.m.r. is called. >> one will be dispatched to complete the transport which will free up the d.c. fire and e.m.s. for more life threatening emergencies. sam: the colorado based a.m.r., american medical response new headquarters is still being set up this northwest d.c. managers and others gathered around folding tables. applications are there for is only of the 160 e.m.t.'s
5:58 pm
like mendoza. she underwent testing today for handling gurney. she took other tests. >> i just got out of e.m.t. basic school. i'm hoping to be an e.m.s. responder. i love d.c. i have grown up in northern virginia. i know d.c. well. >> may make $21 an hour. >> there will be 15 to 20 on the road around the specific time. sam: a.m.r. is set to do ambulance service on the street of d.c. at the end of the month. they have experience with a number of other cities already providing ambulance services, places like arlington, texas, miami, florida. reporting from southwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00" -- but right
5:59 pm
metro forward. and making it better. that is what the transit system general manager wants to do and he is announcing how he plans to do it. >> she came with a secret service entourage. property where she lived as a child. >> a visit to nancy reagan childhood home and it's in our area. firefighters saved a child's life after transporting her in their fire engine. but they were reprimand for it. the change of heart that has everyone cheering tonight. leon: after making a tough assessment of his own agency, metro general manager is laying out a grand slam to move the transit system forward and hopes to make metro the best system in country. maureen: but paul wiedefeld admits the system faces challenges more than he expected when he took over as the head late last night.
6:00 pm
the clarendon metro stop tonight with a look at wiedefeld's proposal. brianne: he is focused on safety, reliability and the finances of the system. he knows it will take an effort to get the transitm in on top. paul wiedefeld is speaking candidly today. >> it's expected and something we have been talking about. we have to clearly go right at the issues. >> the agency needs to be accountable but transparent and announced the launch of a new customer accountability website lifting actions and timelines for


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