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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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victims of this double murder. we can show you video of this. neighbors here at the cheverly apartments, the cheverly station apartments heard arguing and then two sets of three gunshots. boom, boom, boom. boom, boom, boom. neighbors ran upstairs and they discovered that two women had been shot and killed. their names tarekka jones. you can see her in the facebook page, on her facebook photo. and her sister jalisa walls-harris. now what we have learned is tarekka jones was involved a relationship with kevin reynolds. there was a history of abuse. reynolds was arrested in the middle of february after he dragged jones around the parking lot here and then threatened her with a gun. he was locked up. but jones actually according to sources went to his bond review said she did not want to move ahead with the charges. his bond
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ago. now today we talk to friends of miss jones who came to the scene here today. they were in tears saying this was a young woman who wanted to make something of herself. >> she wanted to make something out of herself. 27 with three children or not. she still wanted to come out of poverty. she wanted to be the best mother she could be. it's sad because she doesn't get that chance. brad: when we come back at 6:00, we have more on the relationship. the violence that happened and how it was that mr. reynolds was out of jail now and able to commit allegedly these murders last night. again, the breaking news at this hour. that suspect found dead in virginia. in cheverly, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. tonight, also police have made an arrest in what is called a domestic violence murder in
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23-year-old daniel west accused of stabbing lazama to death early yesterday morning. they were romantically involved as well. that arrest as the lawmakers consider a new idea to help stop domestic violence. suzanne kennedy continues our team coverage live from landover tonight. suzanne? suzanne: of the 18 murders committed in prince george's county this year, seven have been domestic homicides. from a mother and her 2-year-old child gunned down allegedly by the baby's father to a fatal stabbing at the landover apartment complex. to two women gunned down overnight while a child watched. prince george's county state's attorney angela alsobrooks says the violence is horrific. today he she lobbied in annapols for legislation to expand the definition of abuse and harassment. >> we need everything possible at our disposal to hold individuals accountable, to reprove dangerous people from our street
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looking at when they see the cases. >> statewide last year, maryland saw a 22% drop in modestic homicides. look at -- in domestic homicides. look at prince george's county the number of domestic murders nearly tripled according to the network against domestic violence. advocates say everyone needs to get involved and get the victims some help. >> we believe if they get help, they will be at less risk of being killed or seriously injured. so that is what we are hoping for. >> in most cases of domestic homicide, the suspects are charged with second-degree murder. the maximum penalty for that here in the state of maryland is 30 years. state's attorney angela alsobrooks thinks the penalty should be stricter to serve as a greater deterrent. reporting live in landover, maryland, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: okay. there are warning signs for domestic violence beyond the threats
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violence. including your significant other being controlling of the household or constantly belittling and embarrassing you. if you are experiencing anything like that, call the national domestic abuse hotline. 1-800-799-safe. you can do that confidentially. search for the number on gives you a list of warning signs to look for and very importantly places to go to keep safe. alison? alison: all right, leon. in other news today. a maryland appeals court is ordering a baltimore police officer to testify in his colleague's trials surrounding freddie gray's death. william porter is one of six officers accused. his trial, you might remember ended in a hung jury and mistrial. he has refused to testify against the other officers because he is awaiting a retrial. he argued that being forced to testify violates his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. ahead of the 5:30, what the new ruling means for the other five trials put on hold
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freddie gray case. leon: one of the two prince william county police officers injured in the shooting that killed officer guindon is now home from the hospital. officer jesse hampton went home next week. the news comes as the police department chief opens up about the shooting that left a community in mourning. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us now live with one-on-one interview with the chief. jeff? >> we are here outside the headquarters. you can see the police cruiser covered in note and flowers honoring 28-year-old ashley guindon as the community responded to an outpouring of sympathy of support for the department. we sat down with the police chief steve hudson who says the support is critical to the grieving and the recovery process for the men and women of the department. yesterday he attended the funeral for ashley guindon in her home state of massachusetts. officer guindon 28 years old shot and killed responding to a domestic dispute in
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february 27. officers -- two other officers were soft and i juried. hamilton, a u.s. army staff sergeant is accuse's of shooting the officers as well as shooting and killing his wife, 29-year-old crystal hamilton. in this photo released today you see officer jesse hempton surrounded by friends and coworkers. he was released from the hospital last week. chief hudson says the entire department has been inspired by ashley guindon's mother sharon. >> her strength and fortitude has been amazing. she has been really pushing us forward to try to make sure that we are not mired down in survivor guilt for example or other things. jeff: the chief says certainly some men and women of the department are doing better than others but overall this is a resilient group. he is proud of how they
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situation. coming up at 6:00 we hear more from the chief and talk about the role that bullet resistant vests played in the shooting. leon: the officer killed in shooting ashley guindon was laid to rest yesterday. the honors continue to roll in. department affairs named her as the veteran of the day. she left the marine corps. they dedicated the race in her memory. alison: many residents were rescued off the balconies as smoke filled a three-story building. a 13-year-old girl saved her dibblings and
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>> we didn't have time to grab our stuff. we got out with no shoes. >> i ran to the next building and i started to dig in the doors. smoke fills up quickly. >> it destroyed two apartments and damaged several more. there is no word on the cause. the authorities say the fire appears to be accidental. leon: turn it into something more pleasant. the cherry blossom bloom is earlier than first anticipated. they are projecting the peak between march 18-23. originally the last few days of march and beginning of april was the peak. by the way, abc7 is the tv sponsor of the festival that runs from march 20 through april 17. the spring warmup is a factor in this. doug hill has a look at how warm it
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>> we'll be wormer tomorrow an thursday. the earlier than expected bloom. peak bloom between 18 and 23. over the past five years is bloomed later. 2015 and 2014. april 10 was peak bloom. march 29 in 2011. signs of spring for sure. what we are seeing in the next 10 to 15 days we'll cool off. above average. 79 earlier. it's still upper 70's across the area. 53 off the bay. tomorrow we climb to 80 in the afternoon. that is the latest. the seven-day outlook in a ltl
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thank you. this is a big race for the white house. mississippi is making the pick for the democratic and the republican ticket. the go voters are hitting the polls in hawaii and idaho. the biggest make or break moment so far will come in florida. a week from today. scott thuman is tracking the big stories in the race for the white house. scott: we chased the cam to into -- campaign to florida and you have better weather in d.c. tomorrow night the democratic debate. after the republican debate. leading to tuesday's vote. and the take all state of florida on the republican side. there are new poll n
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there could be a speed bump for donald trump in some of the momentum. right now it shows that donald trump is down three points from the last time they took the poll. ted cruz is up four points. closer race there. as a result, the republicans who are not named donald trump thinking there might be an avenue to gain ground to win states like marco rubio who is hyper focused in florida. or john kasich who is hoping he can deliver the home state of ohio. both of those would make the math more complicated for donald trump. now on the left, important to note that hillary clinton in the same polling numbers just 9 points above bernie sanders right now. she is keeping a close eye on that. both of them, both of the campaigns, trump and clinton are going to try to do the best to steady the waters so to speak in florida. when they have a debate tomorrow night and thursday night.
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all and take into account what happens with the four states voting tonight. all the analysis providing it to you live tomorrow throughout the evening and the week. back to you. alison: thank you. have a nice time. still to come a life-saving moment caught on camera. coming up we will hear from the people inside the plane when the parachute deployed to help them avoid a catastrophic crash. leon: the craziest thing you will see today. take a closer look at the effect a judge's ruling will have on the freddie gray case. alison: but first a complaint over university over sexual assault and the alleged attacker getting a slap on the wrist. leon: this is national consumer protection week. the "7 on your side" help center is open for business. we have the experts on hand to answer questions you may have about the possible fraud or deal that sounds too good to be true. call in to 703-236-9220.
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alison: a sexual assault victim demanding accountability after she says the man who attacked her was given just a slap on th
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a.u. and three other universities. >> he got a year of disciplinary probation, which is a warning. reporter: we spoke via skype from a university student recovering after a foot injury. >> i feel i was taken advantage of as a survivor. >> she is among the students at four universities in the group in-campus rape filed title ix complaint with the u.s. department of education. in february ofast year she says she was at a sorority party and was sexual assaulted by a fraternity students. she waited two months before reporting it. she said at the hearing she had to sign confidential agreement. he pleaded guilty. she asked he be suspended but he is still on campus. the authorities told her he had been booted out of the fraternity and that didn't happen either. >> they will lie to your face. i can't trust anything they say. >> the university spokeswoman said they have not received the no
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a.u. does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct. the university is committed to stopping discriminatory behavior, preventing the recurrence and limiting the effects especially through support to the survivor. we strive to investigate complaints prompt and properly. among the a.u. alums. >> i don't like it. >> i don't like that it seems like the school is more concerned with their image and their reputation than -- >> protecting their students. >> in the statement the university noted an unrelated title ix complaint was filed against it last year and said it is fully cooperating with the u.s. department of education. reporting from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: "7 on your side" tonight with word of a large amount of drugs taken off the street but the people supplying them are still at large. d.c. police say a tip lead them to a large cash of drugs in the 1800 block of
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northeast. police went in there and seized the baggings of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and nearly two dozen morphine pills inside. they have not made arrests. alison: public of design hearings on i-66 tonight. they will outline plans inside the beltway for 66. tonight's hearing at eagle ridge middle school in ashburn. the session starts at 6:00 to last two hours. tomorrow's hearing is at the vdot office in fairfax. leon: as much a cherry blossom tradition as the parade and metro itself. metro suspending the track work in the cherry blossom festival. this is the final work for track work on the weekend until april 23. so five week of regular weekend service. cherry blossom festival is march 20 through april 17. the 16th is a big day for us -- alison: the parade. we will be there. leon: we'll be hosting. it sounds liket
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doug: everybody dreads the flood but they enjoy spring fever. i have a case of it. terrific out there. i showed this last thursday. it was snowing. this is 62. notice the melting starting to occur. to 5:00, still 73. still 75 at andrews. cooler breeze off the bay. even else in upper 70's. the great afternoon anytime today. josh knight is enjoying his assignment. on the waterfront in georgetown it's terrific out there. josh: it doesn't get better than that. you can tell by the number of the p
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let me step out of the way. soak up the scene. a lot of people in the restaurants. but of course this time of year something we have to talk about is the pollen count. while looking from here, a lot of the strees don't look too bad. they are getting in to the full action. maple, elm, cedar. if your allergies are starting to bother you, it's these guys making it a stuff time on the sneezezy side. a lot of folks out here, allergy sufferers or not, they have enjoying themselves. doug, the next seven days in the 80's. doug: forecast 80 tomorrow. main 82 for the day on thursday.
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winds out of the southwest are driving the temperatures up. that will move north and northeast. it won't bother us. we will deal with a cold front by the end of the week and the weekend. it will get cooler but it will be colder. the nasty storms. severe thunderstorm watches up. we will keep a close eye on that. the isolated tornadoes in a batch as well. so what is coming our way for the next couple of days is the high pressure off the coast. continuing to support southwesterly winds in the atmosphere. the southwest irly winds will continue to drive the temperatures higher and higher. when we look at the temperatures 79 degrees at 4:00. that is the average high temperature. we don't reach it until may 28. we are temperature wise for today about seven and a half weeks ahead of schedule. it will cool down and by friday and in the weekend the front will come through and tend to linger a bit. keeping the chance of the showers in. you will see that in the seven-day. 80 degrees tomorrow. bright sunshine. warmer across more of the area as th
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i should knock off the effect of the bay breeze. records tomorrow, 80. we could tie that. it's a possibility. could break it. 82 is the record forecast for dulles tomorrow. this is a reminder to turn your clocks ahead. alison: it never gets old. thank you. leon: now, just ahead. critical ruling in the freddie gray case. the effect that the ruling has against all six officers. who have been accused in gray's arrest and death. >> helping you with one of the biggest problems right now. i'm chris papst. coming up, the
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inspec service here. taking your calls.
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alison: we are in the midst of national consumer protection week. leon: "7 on your side" getting answers to questions you may have about your rights when it comes to potential fraud. chris papst in the abc7 help ce
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open for business. chris? chris: we have seen the stories for many years. people get e-mails and the phone calls. something just doesn't seem right. they all seem to end with somehow wanting someone to wire money or put the personal information online. often times they end up being scams. the men and women from the u.s. postal inspection service. it's here to take your call. it's your job to protect you from the scams and help you if you are involved one or you want to make sure you don't get involved in one. this gentleman right here, frank, postal inspector in the washington area. he receives the washington, maryland and virginia. thank you for coming in today. obviously a big issue. a lot of people dealing with this. especially those who are more vulnerable for falling from the scams. what calls are you taking? >> an older lady, her friend received a $5,000 check. was told they won
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clearinghouse sweepstakes. they hadn't entered. she was sharp enough to realize she hadn't won or they hadn't won. we gave her information where to send the check. we have a website so children of seeneros get involved -- seniors can get involved and seniors who may not realize they are targeted for this scam. they can find information on how to help the senior relatives. >> the scammers are getting good. as the years go on they get more and more believable. they are getting better. >> they practice every day. they call relentlessly. that is a red flag that we tell the relatives to look out for. if your relatives are receiving endless phone call from people who are
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they shouldn't receive that many calls. the phone shouldn't ring off the hook at their house. something might be wrong. >> be suspicious. thank you so much. you have plenty of calls coming in now. make sure you can get to it. give us a call. 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. i'm chris papst in the help center. give us a call. we will be here until 6:30. alison: okay, chris. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. a new discovery about lung cancer. which foods in your diet could be putting you at risk even if you don't smoke. leon: plus, we'll hear from the people on board that plane. don't you want to know what they were thinking when it hit the ground? it saved their lives. alison: amazing. up next, the critical rules in the freddie gray case. what it means and how it will affect the officers on trial. ♪
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alison: william porter must take the stand. it comes despite the fact that he is still facing a retrial of his own. we have more on what it means for all the accused officers here. joy: besides ge
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stand against the five fellow officers this court of appeals ruling gets the trials here in downtown baltimore back on track. the trials have been on hold up to this point. for two hours, they presented oral argument before the hayest court. at issue whether william porter should or should not be forced to testify against the five fellow officers. >> the only way to assure that the rights are protected is keep him off the stand when he has a pending case. >> he knows exactly what the state has with regard to proving the case against him. i think it is safe to say that if the state seeks to introduce anything other than that at his retrial,
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will challenge that. joy: the highest court ruled william porter could be ruled to take the stand against the fellow officers. i spoke to a defense attorney who told me while it seems to be a big win for the state it may hurt more than help the case. speaking with a prominent attorney in baltimore city. he says that porter will likely take the stand in his own trial and deny he told investigators that freddie gray told him he couldn't breathe and then share it with the officers.
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this could create reasonable doubt with the jurors. officer porter's trial ended in a mistrial after days of deliberations. this afternoon a hearing was held for officer brian rice's trial. he was scheduled to go to trial tomorrow but it has been postponed and rescheduled for april 13. no new date regarding the other cases involving the officers involved in freddie gray's death. that is the latest in downtown baltimore. leon: thank you, joy. u.s. senator is asking questions about the mysterious death of a virginia teen. senator chuck grassily of iowa is asking the baltimore police department and the f.b.i. to release details about the investigation in the 2008 death of annie mccan. the detectives say the 16-year-old killed herself drinking bacteen. but the family says the numerous experts say the amount i
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fatal. the baltimore police department says it will respond to the senator's request. alison: today marks two years since malaysia airline flight 370 disappeared. that plane and all 239 people on board vanished from a flight. it sparked the largest maritime search in history. last year a piece of the plane's wing was found on an island beach in the indian ocean. last week, a summited piece of wreckage was found on the coast of mozambique. a father and his teenage daughter are lucky to be alive after the small plane that the father was piloting suffered engine failure. look at the surveillance camera. it catches the aircraft crash landing from 2,000 feet in the air in long island. did you see that? they were coming back from visited colleges and never expected to get a crash course in survival. if it wasn't for the emergency parachute
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plane the crash would have been worse. >> never expected to have a problem like this. >> we should thank our lucky stars it appears the parachute feature of the plane saved the two individuals' lives. alison: in fact they survived with barely a scratch. the f.a.a. and the ntsb is now investigating what caused the engine to fail in the first place. leon: did you see how narrow the strip of grass is. they were super lucky. alison: it looked like a toy bouncing on the ground. leon: best advertisement ever for the plane. alison: the parachute part in particular. leon: for fantasy sports fans a dream come true. virginia's move that will open up two popular fantasy sports sites in the commonwealth. but it comes with a catch. alison: plus, popular foods tied to lung cancer? the ground-breaking new study that could help explain why the nonsmokers get lung cancer.
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josh: good evening on a beautiful tule. i'm meteorologist josh knight lifer from the georgetown waterfront. step out of the way so you can soak in the scene. the sun is setting behind us and a lot of folks enjoying it. talk about the next three days. those are the best. we topped out to upper 70's. by tomorrow, 80. thursday 82 degrees. the unfortunate thing when we head too the weekend that is when it cools off and we bring back in the chance for rain. 68 friday. in weekend, we have 64 on saturday. both days we bring in chance for the on and off showers. at this point sunday will bring us a better chance for rain. news at 5:30 on abc7 continues after th
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alison: welcome back. we want to remind you that the "7 on your side" help center is open. helping consumers worried about fraud and outright scams. call to get your question answered. 703-236-9220. the phone lines will be open until 6:30 tonight. leon: this may cause you to ask questions.
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important health matters alert. it turns out that too many carbs may not be bad for the wasteline. a -- waistline. they show a link to lung cancer. they focus odden the glycemic index and how it will raise insulin level in the flood. study by researchers at the university of texas m.d. anderson cancer center found people high with the glycemic indexes were 45% more likely to develop lung cancer. not all of the participants ever even smoked. researchers said it doesn't necessarily prove that the indicts cause lung cancer but limiting the foods with the high glycemic index may lower the risk. alison: the world health organization says imported cases of the zika virus have been reported in every region of the world. sexual transmission is more common than previously thought. doctors say evidence suggests the virus can impact every stage of fetal development. th
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growing evidence of a link with a syndrome that can cause deadly paralysis. the agency last month said the outbreak in the americas now constitutes a global emergency. leon: today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser and howard university broke ground on a small business incubator. the goal of the innovation hub is to make sure that the minority businesses are part of the growing tech industry. luma lab will operate this on the campus that is expected to open up this fall. plus the major development for fantasy sports fans in virginia. we have to look at that coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00".
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leon: with legislation just signed by governor terry mcauliffe, virginia is the first state in the nation to legalize and regulate the fast-growing and the controversial fantasy sports industry. you have probably seen the commercials and sites for fan dual and draft kings. mike carter-conneen has more. microa new
5:46 pm
declares that betting on the website like fan dual and draft king is not illegal gambling. the sites must pay $50,000 registration free allow regular independent audits and verify that the users are at least 18 years old. >> the amount of people, and amount of guys doing that type of thing. i don't know. i don't have a problem with it. mike: but in other states law enforcement have a problem with it. attorneys general in new york, illinois and texas call the fantasy sports illegal games of chance. >> it's dungeons and dragons for failed athletes. >> website claim 1.2 million virginians play fantasy sports each year and offering them consumer protection. >> it won't hurt anybody. >> but opponents have concerns about the gambling addictions. there was a class action lawsuit
5:47 pm
they were later settled out of court. they call this a thoughtful and appropriate regulatory framework. >> we are hopeful that the other state will follow virginia's lead and we'll work active toy to replicate the success with the legislatures and we're excited to continue the effort. >> in d.c., attorney general says he is reviewing the maryland law. the attorney general is closely monitoring the sports bill in the general assembly. in the newsroom, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: mike, thank you. so a quarterback known for a hail mary and a drop-kick is about to put his footwork to the test. >> this man already has a heisman trophy under his belt. can he take home the trophy? >> come on out, doug flutie and his partner. >> doug flutie joined by
5:48 pm
celebrities. kim fields if "facts of life." it was for season 22 of the "dancing with the stars." season premier is march 21 right here on abc7. leon: before we get to that. how about this? coming up tonight at 6:00 -- a dangerous trend that is a new study out that shows why you should pay more attention walking the city streets. we take a look at that. plus the president wants billions to fight zika virus. but congress saying not so fast. the holdup on the capitol hill coming up tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00". in the meantime check on the roads. jamie sullivan standing by on traffic watch. jamie: a rough afternoon. it continues. you can see a few emergency crews on scene with an accident. in is eastbound. let's move to the map. you are in the single digi
5:49 pm
14 to 15-mile-per-hour backup. this is no joke. basically starting near the mixing bowl. crossing the wilson bridge. we are only in the teens. continuing to joint base andrews. the earlier accident involving a tractor trailer is now gone. the back sup the worst part of it all. 35 minutes from the wilson bridge to route 4. we had earlier issues. we are recovering heading northbound. south bound the anacostia freeway 11 miles per hour with the crash. all lanes is blocked to the off ramp for the n.r.l. it's a busy afternoon. good that the weather is nice. so while you're in traffic it's not bad for you outside. alison: there was a close call inside a dry cleaner's today. the car went over the curb and into the cleaners. the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries. no one
5:50 pm
leon: weather didn't cause that. that is for sure. the weather today is as good as we have had it all year long. doug: it is cooler this weekend. take a look at the sun screen down the river at national harbor. it's spectacular. the temperatures in the 70's at this hour. 74 in martinsburg. 75 in culpeper. district is 73. 75 near andrews air force base. through the evening hours it's mostly clear. the mid-afternoon temperatures are equal to the average high temperatures late in the month of may. well ahead of schedule. tomorrow we start off mild. warm by midday. ar
5:51 pm
calling for a high of 80 in the nation's capital. the records for tomorrow are 80 degrees in washington. 84 at b.w.i. close to record and possibly tie or break. last time washington had 80-degree day was november 6 last year. the next seven days warm and warmer. then a sprinkle with the front coming through. weekend and next week a daily chance of the showers. notice cooler air is mid-to-upper 60's. that is sweet stuff. i'm supposed to remind you to turn your clocks ahead saturday night. leon: number two. alison: thank you, doug. leon: thanks, doug. a.c.c. tournament. erin: a big opportunity for the d.c. area. a lot of buzz and excitement. miami basketball coach jim larranega is back in town for the a.c.c. tournament. practicing at the old s
5:52 pm
he hopes the magic from a coach rubs off on the team. >> bizarre. crazy. >> jim larranega back at the stomping ground where he helped george mason to unimaginable height. >> it's nostalgic. you remember hey, this was the bench when we were coaching at george mason. >> they were the darling of the d.m.v. instant cinderella story around the nation. as an 11 seed in the ncaa tournament, george mason toppled michigan state, north carolina michigan state and uconn to advance to the final four. the feat was accomplished at the verizon center. changing the landscape of college basketball forever.
5:53 pm
>> it opened up eyes around the country. if george mason can do it, why not us? that became an express used in other sports. can they pull a george mason? erin: the final four run changed perception of the university from the local commuter school to education destination. >> a lot of people never heard of george mason before. >> we opened up the eyes. erin: despite being at a major conference school now with more money and resources the simple message has never changed so that is why he continues to be a huge success. >> it is not about winning. it's about enjoying playing. if you enjoy playing and have fun and play hard and well.
5:54 pm
itself. erin: a great message in all terms of life. you remember that, don't you? alison: definitely. leon: absolutely. erin: what a run. leon: that was so much fun. they were nowhere on the map. everybody here scared about georgetown and maryland. this little team came out of nowhere and captured the region. it was so much fun. could haven't happened to a nicer guy. alison: thanks. we'll be right back.
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leon: the "7 on your side" help center is open to help consumers worried about outright scams. 703-236-9220 is the number. phone lines are open until 6:30. alison: there are fall-out tonight from the tennis star maria sharapova's failed drug test at the australian open. nike has
5:58 pm
with her. the 28-year-old is now the seventh athlete in one month to test positive for the substance known as meldonium. a drug that she admits to have been taking at the advice of her followly doctor since she was 16. it was just banned this year january 1. hulk mow gan took the stand -- hulk hogan took the stand if his $100 million lawsuit against gawker who claim they secretly recorded a sex tape and they posted it to the website and it was an active betrayal by his then best friend. on the tape hogan is having sex with his friend's wife but says it was a ploy by the couple to get paid. >> the call came in. they told me that bubba was on the end of the tape, turning the camera off saying heather if we need to retire this is for our retirement.
5:59 pm
the privacy by posting it but the website argues the existence of the tape in the news made posting it newsworthy. the defense said the advertisers did not want the ads anywhere here that post. that will do it for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up it 56:00 -- >> domestic violence claims more lives in our area. what helpless children had to witness and the search for who did it. also a huge ruling in the freddie gray case. big night ahead. four states are voting tonight and what donald trump is calling ridiculous and terrible. the news of the 6:00 stalts now. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> we'll begin at 6:00 with
6:00 pm
domestic violence. two women were murdered while a child watched. maureen: brad bell has who the women were and what we learned about the suspect. brad? brad: breaking news is that the police announced that the suspect in this case has been found dead of what they believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was found in virginia. he was up here on the third floor. he murdered his girlfriend. her sister and that all of that happened in front of his girlfriend's small children. tarekka jones smiles her facebook picture but her friends knew the 27-year-old mother of three had been in an abuseive relationship. they knew what court documents alleged that weeks ago, boyfriend kevin beat her and pointed a gun at her. made threats. >> if she knew, she woul


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